Ben Lamb Chops Up the Competition on Latest Episode of High Stakes Poker

On the latest High Stakes Poker show on PokerGO, which aired Tuesday night, Ben Lamb and Daniel Negreanu dominated the action.

There weren’t any changes at the table for Episode 16 of Season 10 compared to last week’s game. The seven players included the already mentioned duo, along with Bill Klein, Stanley Choi, Charles Yu, Eric Hicks, and Eric Persson. Here’s a look at the early stack sizes shown on PokerGO:

Player Stack
Erick Persson $727,000
Ben Lamb $336,800
Charles Yu $300,000
Bill Klein $154,700
Eric Hicks $150,400
Stanley Choi $144,500
Daniel Negreanu $111,600

Lamb Attempts a River Bluff After Missing Flush Draw

ben lamb poker
Ben Lamb

On the first hand of the show, Lamb went to work with KJ, raising it up to $3,000 before calling a three-bet to $13,000 from Choi, who had AK.

The monotone flop came out 456, and both players had one hidden heart. After Lamb checked, Choi went for a continuation bet of $7,000 with his superior flush draw. A call was made and then a board-pairing 5 appeared on the turn.

This time it went check-check to the 8 river. Both players missed their flush draws and were sitting on nothing but high cards. Lamb led for $19,500 and was able to get the bluff through. On the next hand, he hit trip aces and won a $150,000 pot against Persson and Choi.

The three-time near World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion was off and running in what was a profitable session for the high-stakes poker pro.

“Kid Poker” on a Heater

daniel negreanu high stakes poker
Daniel Negreanu

During the old days of High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network, no one ran worse than Negreanu. But “Kid Poker” is all grown up now and the results on the legendary poker show have been much better for him. On Episode 16, the deck was rather kind to the Poker Hall of Famer.

With $13,000 in the pot heading to the flop, which came out 864, Persson bet out $3,000 with 44 for bottom set. Negreanu made the call with 107, chasing a double-gutter. Back in the day, there was absolutely no way the straight would come in, and the K turn was no help. Persson dark bet $9,000 and received a call only to have his set cracked by the 5 on the river.

The aggressive Persson bet $30,000 before having his bet raised to $75,000. Persson showed his cards as he pondered his move, and then Negreanu exposed the 10, which confused his opponent. After some thought, the Maverick Gaming owner made the wise decision to fold and cut his losses short.

One hand later, Lamb got back in on the action and pulled off another successful bluff with bottom pair, getting Hicks off a straight draw and Klein off a higher pair to take down a $27,000 pot. Moments later, Lamb would river trips to crack Persson’s top pair and got maximum value when he raised a $6,000 bet to $31,000 and received a call.

It was then Negreanu’s turn to suck-out. Klein had KK and three-bet preflop, but fell way behind Negreanu’s 99 when the flop came Q109. “DNegs” bet $6,000 and was called before the 8 scare card appeared on the turn, bringing four cards to a straight and three to a flush on the board. Both players checked, and the river 8 paired the board, a perfect card for Negreanu and an awful one for Klein.

An unfazed Klein led out for $10,000 but was put in a tough spot with an over pair when a raise to $60,000 was announced. The wealthy businessman couldn’t find a fold and then found out the bad news after his opponent turned over a full house.

Negreanu’s good fortune would continue in another hand against Persson when he turned the nut straight and Persson rivered an inferior straight. The pot had ballooned to $101,000 and the casino owner this time was able to sense his hand was beat when he folded to a massive raise on the river.

Once again, it was Lamb’s turn to hit a monster when he flopped a set of aces against Yu’s pocket jacks, and took down a pot of more than $110,000.

Negreanu and Persson Can’t Get Enough of Each Other

Klein Goes for the Bluff

bill klein high stakes
Bill Klein

Klein, a regular on the high-stakes poker scene, has an ABC poker reputation. But his image doesn’t always reflect his play. Take, for example, the epic bluff he pulled off with ace-high on Hustler Casino Live earlier this year.

On Episode 16 of High Stakes Poker, the high roller took a stab at another bluff against Hicks in what turned out to be a sizable pot. Hicks had raised to $1,200 from an early position with QJ. Klein made the call from late position with Q3. The flop of 9J2 was quite favorable to the preflop raiser.

Hicks bet out $2,000 with top pair and received a call from queen-high. The turn was the 5, no use to either player, and Hicks again bet, this time for $6,000. Klein then began to tell the story that he had a monster hand and raised it to $15,000. His opponent, confused at the play for a brief moment, made the call.

When the 10 came on the river, again helping neither player, Hicks checked it over to Klein, who fired one last bullet — $35,000. The bluff got through and Klein proudly turned his cards over so that everyone could see his tight image isn’t always accurate.

Next week’s episode will be the last of Season 10. PokerGO has already filmed Season 11’s sessions, which will air post-WSOP at a date undetermined.

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