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Konstanz Casino – General Info & Shorty History

📛 Name: Casino Konstanz
📍 Address: Seestraße 21, 78464 Konstanz, Germany
🏨 Foundation: June 1951
🔑 Owner: Baden-Württembergische Spielbank GmbH & Co KG
🛏️ Accommodation: No
🎰 Games: Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker
➕ Amenities: Restaurant, Bars
☎️ Phone: +49753181570
ℹ️ Website:

There are many old casinos in Europe, some dating from the Renaissance. Konstanz Casino is not that old, but its opening was in late 1949 or early 1950. The place opened its doors as a gaming hall in June 1951. The famous Jewish family of Rothschild owned the estate, but later on, it was sold to the city of Constance and accounted to the Baden Wuerttemberg region. After the state acquired it, it was refurbished and expanded significantly. This was when the beautiful terrace with a fantastic view over the lake was built.

Due to the Konstanz region’s beautiful nature and the city’s perfect location, the Konstanz Casino was preferred by many Swiss citizens. After all, it is on just a few hours from the border. Indeed, back in the day, over 60% of the clientele was Swiss. It is interesting to mention that at that time, the citizens of Constance were forbidden from entering and playing at the casino. Of course, that didn’t last long, and later on, Konstanz Casino became available to everybody.

We won’t share any details about the games offered on the casino floor yet, because this is a subject for later on. Now we can tell you more about its history and achievements. It is essential to know that nowadays, the establishment is managed and controlled by a government-owned enterprise called Spielbank GmbH & Co KG. Some of you might be surprised, but the state owns many great land-based casinos like Baden Baden Casino or Kurhaus Wiesbaden.

This only proves that Germany’s gambling culture is well-developed, and that’s not considered a bad thing. If you look at the latest statistics of Casino Konstanz, you will see that it has been generating nearly 20 million euros each year in the last decade, while 90% of the gross game result goes to the tax office. The local municipality gets a piece of the pie yearly, which usually varies between 3 to 4 million euros. This money is used for regional development and infrastructure.

The presence of over 50 land-based and legal online casinos gives German society a vast choice of places to gamble. In this article, the focus falls on the Konstanz casino and generally land-based operators. Still, if you are interested in the best online casinos in Germany, we have a lot to tell you.

Now is the time to pay more attention to the Casino in Konstanz and the amenities and games offered there. Because the place does not provide accommodation,
we have gathered the names of the most suitable hotels nearby. Still, it will be after you get familiar with the more important subject – indoor service, starting with the food and beverages.

 Friends are Having Dinner Together in a Restaurant

Casino Konstanz Restaurant & Bars

On the premises of Casino Konstanz, you will find one explicit restaurant and two bars. We will now examine them separately, starting with the restaurant. Its name is Villagio, and it offers fine cuisine. There could be a Casino Konstanz dress code for gamblers, especially in the restaurant, where skilled and recommended chefs prepare the dishes. Still, you can also find traditional means like pizza in a stone oven.

The restaurant’s menu is prepared daily, meaning you will find only fresh foods there. If you decide to make a reservation, you can do it through the Konstanz Casino webpage. It is interesting to mention that the team of professionals offers pasta courses where you can learn from the best. Now, take a few minutes to explore where to grab a drink. You have two choices, the first is the casino bar, while the second is the fancy Twenty One Bar.

The casino bar lounge is a very cosy place where you can buy expensive beverages, but the area is not quite big. This is also where you can order classic cocktails prepared by experienced bartenders. The Twenty One Cocktail Bar and Lounge is where you can have more fun because it is part of the Konstanz nightlife. It is a luxury place where you can gamble and have fun simultaneously.

 Old Casino Roulette Wheel

Konstanz Casino Games & Tournaments

This casino in Konstanz is known for its fancy atmosphere and outstanding service quality. This is not a vast casino because there are only six live tables, over nearly 120 slot machines, and several more video table games. The betting ranges on those games usually vary between one cent and one euro, but this is not a casino you visit to play slots. There are excellent live croupiers, which most players appreciate at Casino Konstanz.

The roulette is in the American style, and all rules and so do the other game details. If you like cards, you should step to the blackjack table, but be careful because this game could quickly deplete your cash. The blackjack betting limits vary between €5 and €1000. Remember that the table games are available only after 5 PM. If you are a more competitive person that likes to play against other players, you will be happy to find out that there is a Texas Hold ’em table.

 Excellent Hotel Rooms Design

The table is available only on Tuesdays after 7 PM and during tournaments. There is a Sunday Casino Konstanz poker tournament every week, so if you like playing poker all day, that’s the perfect time and place. Sometimes you will encounter tournaments as special events that will be previously announced on the Casino Konstanz webpage. We can gladly say that the website is very well made, so you will find everything from the first look.

If you are all about poker tournaments and willing to travel, you might consider visiting the Feuchtwangen Casino, which is situated in the heart of the country. It is an example of another great option among the top-rated German casinos. However, let’s not distract ourselves with side subjects and continue with the top 5 hotels near Casino Konstanz.

Top 5 Best Hotels Near Konstanz Casino

Since this casino in Konstanz doesn’t offer any accommodation, you should look for suitable options., but first you need to know your budget because there are fantastic places around, which can cost a small fortune. For your convenience, we have gathered the closest well-rated hotels you can pick, and we have listed them based on quality and pricing. Still, you can read the most relevant details right away, plus how far from the Konstanz Casino each hotel is.

The first two places are super luxury hotels with fantastic views over lake Bodensee, exclusive designs, accommodations, amenities, and high-class cuisine. The third hotel has the best view over the lake, and the pricing is not too steep. We highly recommend it because it offers the best quality for your money. The last two options are not much cheaper than the third one, but they have better locations if you want to visit the city and explore it.

Boat Tour Around the City of Konstanz 

Places to Visit Near Casino Konstanz

Konstanz region has been populated since ancient times. Archaeologists claim that there are signs that the land around the lake was inhabited by Celtic tribes in 200 BC. However, the first mention of Constantia dates to the year 525, so you can now imagine how cultural and rich of historical sights the city really is. We have gathered some of the most preferred tourist places you should visit while not in Casino Konstanz.

  • Rosgarten Museum Konstanz
  • Fasnachtsmuseum Konstanz
  • Psychiatriemuseum im ZfP Reichenau
  • Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg
  • Hausmuseum Kloster Kreuzlingen

If you are a history geek and want to see the whole city and get familiar with its history and culture, you might want to sign up for one of the many city tours you can find online or when you are on-site. Because there are many tours and the town has such a broad history, we recommend doing a little research on your own so you pinpoint the locations you want to visit. Konstanz is a city where you can spend several days exploring its cultural riches.

If you are willing to go on a casino road trip, we can suggest visiting the Casino Bad Wiessee, which is situated less than 300km east of Konstanz. Still, the road is smooth, and this region of Germany is known for its breathtaking nature, so the road-tripping will be joyful.


We mentioned many details, so it’s okay to feel a bit lost after such a load of information. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Casino Konstanz to refresh your memory. Each answer has a link button that will lead you to one more extensive version of it. Use it if you want to get into details again.

1️⃣ When was Casino Konstanz founded?

The establishment opened its doors as a gaming hall in 1951. From the Casino Konstanz’s general information, you will discover that the famous Jewish family of Rothschild built it, but later on, it was sold and acquired by the state, and it has been like that ever since.

2️⃣ Are there any restaurants at Konstanz Casino?

Yes, a restaurant called Villagio offers top-notch services and fine food. Sometimes you may encounter a special Casino Konstanz dress code for both the casino and the restaurant. You can get familiar with the Konstanz Casino food and beverages more closely because the place offers excellent bars too.

3️⃣ What games are available at Casino Konstanz?

On the premises of this Casino in Konstanz, you will find nearly 120 slot machines with many games, plus several more video table games, but people visit that place for the good live dealers. The available Casino Konstanz games of that type are roulette, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em Poker. Know that there are Casino Konstanz poker tournaments every Sunday.

4️⃣ Is there accommodation at Casino Konstanz?

No, Casino Konstanz does not offer any accommodation. For your convenience, we have gathered the top 5 hotels near casino Konstanz, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. We have listed hotels of all types and classes, so don’t worry, you will find a place for you.

5️⃣ What are the best places to visit near Konstanz Casino?

The city of Konstanz has a vibrant history that dates since the early 500s, so there are many cultural and historical places that you can visit. In that sense, there are many best-rated places to visit near Konstanz Casino. Some of the most popular ones are the Rosgarten Museum Konstanz and the Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg.

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