Grab a Healthy Slice of $7,500 Everyday on PokerStars with Spin & Go Races

If you’re a fan of poker and love the thrill of competition, you’re in for a treat. Until July 9, Spin & Go Races are back with a bang on PokerStars, offering players the chance to win a share of over $7,500 in prizes every day. The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the rewards are generous. It’s time to rev your engines and get in on the action.

How Do Sit & Go Races Work?

Firstly, you need to opt-in to the Spin & Go Races offer. This can be done via the Spin & Go Lobby, the Leaderboard Lobby, or at the Spin & Go tables. Once you’re in, you’re ready to start playing

The objective of Spin & Go Races is to earn as many points as possible by playing Spin & Go games. Each attempt consists of 10 Spin & Go games, and you can have up to five attempts at each leaderboard buy-in level (which ranges from $1 to $25). The lower the multiplier in your Spin & Go, the more points you’ll earn.

As you play, you’ll need to keep an eye on your fuel level. Winning a Spin & Go game will earn you more fuel, whereas placing second or third will result in a 20% loss of fuel. If you run out of fuel, your attempt will be over. It’s crucial to pace yourself and save your fuel for when you really need it.

Throughout the offer, you’ll be able to track your progress in real-time. You can see how you’re doing at the tables or in the Spin & Go lobby. The more points you earn, the higher you’ll climb up the leaderboard.

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Get a Slice of $7,500 Everyday

Now, let’s talk about the prizes. The top players on the leaderboard will receive a share of over $7,500 in prizes every day. The prize money will be credited inside a Chest, which you can open to reveal your reward. The higher you rank on the leaderboard, the better your prize will be.

But here’s the best part: you can play in more than one leaderboard. That means you have up to five chances to win prizes every day. So why not try your luck at different buy-in levels and see where you stand?

Whether you’re a seasoned poker pro or a newbie looking to test your skills, Spin & Go Races are the perfect opportunity to put your poker face to the test. With guaranteed prizes every day, you never know when you might strike it lucky.

How Do You Earn Spin & Go Races Leaderboard Points?

Spin & Go Races Leaderboard points are awarded based on your finishing position in Spin & Go tournaments and the prize pool multiplier. For example, win a Spin & Go with a 2x multiplier, and you receive 25 points. Finish second in one with a 5x or higher multiplier, and four points are all yours.

Make sure you opt-in via the Spin & Go Leaderboard lobby or at a Spin & Go table otherwise, you will not earn any previous points.

Multiplier Value 1st Place Points 2nd Place Points 3rd Place Points
2x 25 18 15
3x 12 10 8
5x+ 6 4 2

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Spin & Go Races Prizes

Up to 100 places are paid each week, with prizes ranging from a couple of $1 right up to $300 in cold, hard cash. Please note: all prizes will be paid out within 48 hours of the end of each day, with no restrictions or earning requirements.

  $1 $2 $5 $10 $25
1st $35 $60 $100 $200 $300
2nd $30 $50 $90 $180 $250
3rd $25 $40 $80 $160 $200
4th $20 $35 $70 $140 $150
5th $15 $30 $60 $120 $100
6th to 10th $10 $20 $50 $100 $50
11th to 20th $5 $10 $25 $50 $25
21st to 50th $2.50 $5 $10 $20 $25
51st to 100th $1 $2 $5 $10  

Only Spin & Go tournaments with a buy-in of at least $1 are eligible for the Spin & Go Races. In addition, Spin & Go Flash games count towards your total, but Max and qualifiers do not. Any Spin & Go with a buy-in different to those listed in the payout table above are also not eligible for the promotion.

Race Off With a Welcome Bonus as You Hit the Spin & Go Games

New depositing PokerStars customers can claim a welcome bonus worth up to $400. Download PokerStars via PokerNews, create your free account, and decide how much you want to deposit. Your deposit is matched 100% up to $400 in the form of a bonus. In fact, your first three deposits in the first 60-days after making your first deposit are matched up to a combined total of $400.

The bonus releases into your playable balance in $10 increments each time you generate 180 redemption points, which in turn are earned at a rate of five per $1 contributed to the cash game rake or spent on tournament fees (6.5 points per £1, 5.5 points per €1, and four points per CAD$).


  • Opt-in to the Spin & Go Races offer via the Spin & Go Lobby, the Leaderboard Lobby, or at the Spin & Go tables

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