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TransUnion, a company that is global information and insights provider, confirmed the launch of a new leading solution catering to the gaming sector. The company said Thursday it introduced Open Banking for Gaming, a solution that leverages its market-leading categorization engine that was built with more than a billion transactions.

Thanks to the new solution, gaming operators will be able to benefit from 330 different categories and sub-categories. Those options will enable gambling operators to make informed decisions about their growing customer base and at the same time promote safer gambling.

TransUnion’s Open Banking for Gaming dashboard enables operators to gain insights into a player’s affordability, with transaction categories and filtering options, to make considered player risk decisions using consented data,

explains a statement released by TransUnion

Using TransUnion’s Open Banking for Gaming tool, gaming companies will be able to gain unique insights into a player’s affordability. This is achieved via leveraging consented data which helps filter and categorize players’ affordability.

Such information can include employment data, bank statements, warning flags and other data that can help gaming operators determine the affordability of their players. At the same time, this solution helps with compliance as it also may deliver information regarding the source of funds. The whole process, according to TransUnion, is completed “in a matter of minutes.”

The Solution Helps Operators Make Informed Decisions

The latest announcement comes on the heels of a strategic investment made by TransUnion announced late in January. The company invested in the leading Open Banking and data intelligence firm Bud Financial Limited, in an effort to strengthen its Open Banking offering and boost the growth of its solutions.

We’ve created this new bespoke solution for the gaming sector by drawing on our expertise in affordability assessments.

Adam Hancox, director of gaming at TransUnion in the UK

Adam Hancox, TransUnion’s director of gaming in the UK, shared his excitement saying that the company leveraged its extensive experience to create this new solution that will help companies within the gaming vertical. According to him, the new solution will help operators make responsible and informed decisions for their customers. Finally, Hancox said that besides strengthening the trust in operators, the new solution helps by bringing an enhanced digital experience for the players.

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