Potawatomi Taps Kambi for Milwaukee and Carter WI Sportsbooks

The properties, which are tribal-owned, will benefit from Kambi Group’s advanced sports betting solutions that offer a multi-channel technology, empowering consumers to enjoy a 360-degree experience on the premises.

The Potawatomi Casinos & Hotel operates in both Milwaukee and Carter in the state and will now be able to strengthen the experience for sports fans who visit the properties in person and explore them in their entirety in the company of advanced sports betting solutions readily available for them to use.

The properties attract millions of visitors annually. Potawatomi Casinos & hotels CEO and general manager Dominic Ortiz welcomed the opportunity to see Kambi power the properties and noted that the company is pleased to partner with what is clearly a leader in the vertical. Ortiz added:

Kambi’s proven track record will be beneficial as we introduce this new gaming amenity to our millions of annual visitors from throughout the region.

Potawatomi CEO and general manager Dominic Ortiz

Speaking of, Kambi will power 20 self-service kiosks in Milwaukee and more self-serving kiosks at the location at Carter Hotel & Casino, deploying along with that solution a range of other enhancements to ensure a bonafide sports gambling experience to even the fussiest bettors.

Customers will benefit from the high-performance sports betting technology that the company leverages to make sure that sports fans are getting the experience they deserve while the Potawatomi Casinos & Hotels properties raise their own profiles as purveyors of stellar entertainment options.  

The Full Range of Technological Solutions

The company is launching on-site retail betting which will be topped off with an on-premises mobile launch, featuring live odds and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options. Kambi CEO and co-founder Kristian Nylén was similarly pleased to see this partnership take place.

Nylén noted that the company was very proud to be strengthening its relationship with tribal casino operators and further expanding its footprint in the regulated US sports betting market.

“Potawatomi Casinos & Hotels has some of the premier entertainment destinations in the Midwest, and we look forward to bringing them and their customers our award-winning sports betting technology,” he concluded. This is the 22nd market that Kambi has entered in the United States, as the company continues to offer its services to various sports betting businesses in the country.

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