World Cup – a Lucrative Event for Bookies, City Bet Club Says

City Bet Club, a service tipping punters on the shrewdest sports betting selections on the market, believes that the now-concluded World Cup tournament has been one of the most favorable events for gaming operators ever. According to the club, some of the surprising outcomes of the event provided bookmakers with significant margin-win.

The Event Was Favorable to Bookmakers, City Bet Club Believes

City Bet Club said that the World Cup in Qatar has been one of the most profitable events for sports betting operators. The club noted that bookmakers consistently got higher revenues than expected, which it attributed to some surprising results, such as Japan’s victory over Germany, Tunisia’s upset of France and Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina, the eventual winners of the event.

In addition, many matches during the knockout stages went into extra time after the 90-minute mark, which further benefitted operators. City Bet Club expects operators to report significant revenues following the professional soccer event.

Despite its favorable expectations, City Bet Club emphasized that turnover in the knockout stages of the tournament may be lower. The club explained that this prediction is based on the surprises in the earlier stages of the tournament and the high number of lost bets which must have impacted customers’ finances.

David Brown Spoke about the Event

David Brown, City Bet Club’s co-founder, elaborated on the club’s views on bookmakers’ performance. He noted that the aforementioned reflections are based on the expertise of the club’s team and his personal familiarity with the industry.

Taking my personal industry experience of every tournament since Argentina 1978 into account, this is by far the most bookie-friendly competition in terms of results that I’ve ever known.

David Brown, co-founder, City Bet Club

Brown noted that some analysts believe that “like for like” turnover has declined from the levels recorded in the 2018’s event in Russia. He noted that this metric may have been affected by the results and timing of various matches. In addition, it will likely affect compliance hoops bookies and gamblers must go through, Brown said.

City Bet Club’s founder concluded that the next big soccer event is the Premier League. He appealed to sports fans who wish to make the most out of their bets, prompting them to use City Bet Club’s services. According to Brown, the club is the pro punter insight players need to have an edge over their peers.

We complete this research so that our members don’t have to, and we can’t wait to keep fueling a high level of sports betting engagement in the new year.

David Brown, co-founder, City Bet Club

Speaking about operators and World Cup bets, bet365 just posted some insightful data about punters who cashed in on certain betting markets.

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