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Volunteer of the Month for April – James Considine!


The word “can’t” is not in Jim’s dictionary.  Any job that needs doing, Jim is there to do it.  Most of us are just glad that he likes to run the tractor.  Jim knows how to make a tough job easier.  (Let’s just dump the manure into the tractor bucket and drive it to the pile.  Why lug it in a wheel barrow?)  We so appreciate his great attitude:  always a smile on his face.  Jim helps out in subtle ways around the barn.  During a shift a clean bag of shaving will appear outside a stall being cleaned.  No thanks needed, it is just part of the teamwork that Jim had perfected.   Jim has been a dedicated volunteer for several years now.  He adopted “Nick of Time”, one of our Premarin foals last year.  Nick joined Jim’s other horses, “lawn ornaments” as he affectionately calls them and they have all gotten along famously. 


We are also pleased to announce that Jim has recently been promoted to Team Leader.  Among other talents, a Team Leader has qualified to run a shift:  often a logistical challenge as we continue to rotate horses to various paddocks and stalls.  Jim, E.P.O.N.A volunteers can always count on you to guide them.  You took the extra time recently to work with the City Year volunteer group.  These extra duties have not gone unnoticed!  We recognize Jim for his teamwork and dependability at the barn.  Come by Tuesday or Friday mornings and meet Jim.  He’ll be the one directing the guys from Log Home to stack the hay just right!

Our hats off to you Jim for all that you do !!!!!!


Volunteer of the Month for May – Anne Surman!


Whether it's cleaning stalls in the bitter cold, changing blankets in the pouring rain, or rounding up "the boys"  on that perfect Spring day when they're "not quite ready to come in",  Anne's positive attitude and upbeat approach towards everything we do makes it all something to look forward to.  


As a team leader and a volunteer coordinator Anne has helped our newest volunteers by setting an example for us all to follow.


Her dedication to the horses (and of course the cats) is obvious in the endless hours she volunteers each week.  From her time at the barn or weekend fundraisers getting covered in glitter, her belief in E.P.O.N.A and its mission is infectious.  A great big Thank You for all you do for E.P.O.N.A. and the horses!




Upcoming Events: 




Be sure to let us know if you would like to attend or participate in any of the events listed below.  We can always use extra people to talk about the mission of E.P.O.N.A!


  • July 14th thru the 16th - E.P.O.N.A. has been invited to attend and participate in a Regional Quarter Horse event in Skowhegan Maine.  It is a three day event and we will be bringing horses for presentation as well our booth to create greater awareness for horse rescue and the programs here at E.P.O.N.A. We should have two people per day.  We are looking into getting overnight accommodations donated for those able to attend.  Please let your Team Leader know if you are interested and they can put you in touch with a Board or committee member.


Fundraising Programs: 


Fund raising programs/Membership: 

E.P.O.N.A. still needs to raise money to maintain our programs and the care of the horses here.  Please consider passing on information about our E.P.O.N.A. membership.  We are also on the verge of announcing the date in which we will begin our Therapeutic Riding Program. Corporate Sponsors are also needed for that as well. For more information please check with a Team Leader who will put in contact with one of the Board or Committee Members.


New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association has once again selected E.P.O.N.A. as the benefit for their fall trail ride in October at Bear Brook State Park.  The date will be announced later this month. They will be coming to visit E.P.O.N.A. in the next few weeks.



News from the Barn: Spring Foals!  Colt healthy as a horse after a rough start; filly catches us napping!


Ms. Joelle and her new son, Justin born on May 2, 2005 gave us quite a scare during Justin’s first 24 hours of life.  Quick action by Ron and other volunteers saved Justin as he struggled with a rare allergic reaction to Joelle’s colostrums, an antibody contained in his mare’s milk.   After a week at Rochester Equine Clinic mare and foal were back to the grateful fans at EPONA.  Thanks to all of you who donated time and money to help Justin.  We still need to raise an additional $800.00 to cover the balance of his medical care. Thanks to all those that have already contributed.


Little Justin from this to ……………………………………........This in a few weeks!  :)


A week or so later, Ron checked in on Violet at midnight and there were no indications showing that within hours of his leaving the barn, Violet, on her own would give birth to a new filly:  E.P.O.N.A.’s first Premarin filly to date! And what a filly she is as indicated in the photo below.  She was born healthy and now is kicking her little hooves up all over the front paddock.


Is she Divine or what ? 


Come by and see all four of them!  They are quite a site to behold:  foals racing around their moms and the paddock!  The mares are just as pleased to have some time to roll around and relax a bit before their babies decide it’s time to have lunch!



There’s No Place Like Home… 


One of the objectives at E.P.O.N.A. is to find loving appropriate homes for the horses entrusted to our care.  This is usually a busy time of year for adoptions and this year is no exception. Joelle, Violet and the little filly are all in the process of being adopted. Because of the weaning process they will be with us for a few more months so we will have the opportunity to continue to watch them grow for a while longer anyway.


There has also been some interest in BP, soon to be renamed Figure (the name of the Justin Morgan horse in the original Walt Disney Movie).  



Note From the Director… 


The Beach Ride was a great success, despite the threat of inclement weather the day turned out to be a great beach day.  Although participating riders and walkers were down the amount of money raised exceeded last year’s amount and that is great news.  If the ride or walk was not your thing than you surely would have enjoyed the food meticulously and deliciously prepared and presented by the Fay family.  Thanks to everyone else who made the day such a great success.


On another note we want to thank the “other group” that sacrificed a day at the beach to do an E.P.O.N.A. presentation at Pohema Acres. We go there every year for their spring open house.  Anne, Leah and Camlin and his adopters Mary Beth and Wendy represented E.P.O.N.A. in fine fashion and managed to raise quite a bit of money as well. Thanks to all of you for your efforts as well.


Of course it is equally important to thank all of the volunteers that stayed behind and took care of the daily responsibilities of caring for the horses.  Thanks to all of you as well. It really takes a strong team effort to accomplish what we do.  Thanks again to everyone involved on all fronts.   (Watch for photos in the next Newsletter).


Due to budgetary restraints, Jazz will be returning to the E.P.O.N.A.  Barn she will eventually return to Inspiration Farm when space and funds are available.  We advise everyone to please use caution and follow the instructions of your team leaders with regard to the care and handling of Jazz.


In closing just wanted to express heart felt gratitude for all the hard work, dedication and effort that everyone gives so willingly of themselves to provide for the horses here.  I am sure that they appreciate it as do I and a great many others.


Most sincerely,







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