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 E.P.O.N.A. Awards Volunteer of the Year


Pictured: Stephanie Sturzo and her Premarin Mare Faith



 Stephanie Sturzo 

     All of us here at E.P.O.N.A. are pleased to acknowledge and announce our deserving Volunteer of the Year.

     Stephanie is also our Volunteer Coordinator and has been with E.P.O.N.A for a few years. There are no words that can express the gratitude that we feel for the tireless efforts that Stephanie exhibits. The endless hours that she puts in and the burdens that she bears when volunteers are unable to make their shifts. She is there at the drop of a hat to provide for the horses and the other volunteers.

     Stephanie, there are no words to express our gratitude, but thank you for the example that you set and for the efforts that you take.


     Congratulations to all those in our Volunteers of the Month Club!  The following volunteers have been chosen as our volunteer of the month for their exemplary service and dedication that they have exhibited to our cause. Thank you to them, and to the many other volunteers who we greatly appreciate and rely on as well.











Gail Scalzo

 Pictured here doing what she does best: “spoiling” 

     Gail is notorious for doing those special little things for not only the horses but people as well.  Gail may be a fairly new volunteer but she has jumped in with both feet.  She is diligent about her schedule and has gotten donations of hay, shavings, blankets etc. etc.  Thank you, Gail, for making the horses lives and we the care providers that much more “spoiled." 









Julie Keller (Picture to come!)


     Julie has been a dedicated volunteer!  With her daily visits (and not just to see Ruby!) all the volunteers can count on Julie to be there when ever we need her!  Her organized and methodical approach to the barn shift at the barn sets a standard for excellence.  She has successfully brought in Iceman and has assisted others to do it.


     Julie brings her bright smile and quiet sense of humor to the shifts.  Certainly, the Friday afternoon crew has been telling great stories of her “can-do” attitude and perseverance with any challenges.  Thank you Julie for all the “extras” you do.  Valentines and homemade treats for each horse did not go unnoticed by the barn crews. 



Leah Doyle

Leah poses with Destiny in the above picture

     Leah discovered E.P.O.N.A when a friend of hers was interested in adopting of the E.P.O.N.A. horses. At the same time we had gotten Destiny in from New York.  Leah was drawn to her and ultimately did adopt Destiny last summer.  Leah showed up so often checking on Destiny’s progress, that half of us just assumed she was a volunteer!


     After the adoption went through Ron asked Leah if she would like to volunteer once in a while.  From that day on, Leah became a fixture on Friday afternoons.  Leah’s knowledge and “no fear” approach have built confidence in others who work with her.


     Leah’s life is around horses and dogs so she brings to the other volunteers the courage to do more and to notice the changes in the horses.  Was that cut there yesterday?   Why is Lately more lame than usual?   That courage is contagious.  We are doing more and feeling great about it!


     Leah is not one to sit around!  If there is an extra 30 minutes, let’s reorganize the groom’s stall!  Or how about those brushes and curry combs?  Let’s clean them for the spring and summer months.


Thank you, Leah for your knowledge, dedication and inspiration!












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