Phil Taylor – World’s Greatest Darts Player

A Big Golden Yellow Cup

The world champion Phil Taylor has proven that the skill of playing darts has no limits. Read along to learn all about Phil Taylor’s success, and feel free to use the navigation bar below to jump to a relevant section in the blog post.

Phil Taylor’s Early Life – The Rise of a Champion

Before Phil Douglas Taylor became a world champion in darts, he was living with his family in the small town of Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, leaving school at just 16 years of age. He spent most of his early years making ceramic toilet roll handles, earning just £52 a week.

He always had an interest in sports, specifically the game of darts. He loved playing it casually, and eventually, he was able to move to a house in Burslem that was very close to the Crafty Cockney pub, owned by Eric Bristow.

He was gifted a set of darts for his birthday in 1986 by his wife Yvonne, and that’s when he started taking this hobby of his seriously. Eventually, he started playing the game at Bristow’s pub, and everyone saw he was way ahead of his opponents. Bristow saw potential in Phil and would later become his mentor.

Eric started sponsoring Taylor and loaned him £10,000 to help kick-start his career as a professional darts player. This loan also helped Phil Taylor support his family. He then stopped working in the ceramic industry and spawned the start of an immensely successful professional career in darts, beginning in 1987.

Phil got his iconic nickname ‘The Power’ and ended up dominating the game, winning 85 titles and records in 16 World Championships. As he is now retired, people can’t bet on him on the best darts betting sites in the UK anymore, but he will truly be remembered as a champion.

The Beginning of Phil’s Success

Phil’s initial career years had a rough start, but he was able to pull through. Taylor and Bristow travelled to Las Vegas in 1987, and this marked the beginning of Phil Taylor’s darts career.

Phil was beaten in the first round in the North American Open, showing that he needed some time to earn recognition. But his first career title didn’t take too long. He won the Canadian Open in 1988, where he defeated the then-world champion Bob Anderson in the final.

Moving on to his next event, the British Open and the semi-final of the Winmau World Masters in 1989, Taylor would earn his first World Champion qualification. His participation in the Open events gave him a head start, but his win in 1990, as a 125-1 unseeded outsider, made him stand out.

From there, Taylor would win several more events up until 1993, when he became the landlord at the Cricketers Army in Newcastle-under-Lyme. From 1994 onwards, Phil Taylor’s darts career would move to the PDC and BDO World Championships, which we’ll discuss next in the blog post.

BDO and PDC – Phil Taylor’s Professional Ascent

The only available professional darts body at the time of Phil’s career start was the BDO World Championship. This was the time when Taylor beat his mentor Eric Bristow in 1990. We mentioned the Open Tournaments that followed, and we’ll delve into the following events of Phil Taylor’s darts career.

Up until 1993, the rising star Phil played in competitions organised by the BDO, along with other founding players of the then-called WDC in the well-documented split in professional darts. Then, in 1994, Phil lost the final to Priestley in the PDC, marking the first and last loss for Taylor in the darts’ premier competition.

From 2004 up until 2006, Phil Taylor’s world titles only grew in numbers, but this was the time when he met his real challenger, Raymond van Barneveld. However, this did not stop Phil, as he gave a stunning performance, beating him in 2007.

2008 was the year Taylor failed to claim the PDC World Championship, and then in 2009, he was able to regain it. The list below will give you a timeline of some of the Phil Taylor darts wins in the BDO and PDC:

BDO Major Finals:

  • 1990 – Winner – World Darts Championship vs. Eric Bristow
  • 1990 – Winner – Winmau World Masters vs. Jocky Wilson
  • 1992 – Winner – World Darts Championship vs. Mike Gregory
  • 2006 – Winner – World Darts Trophy vs. Martin Adams

PDC Major Finals:

  • 1995 – Winner – World Darts Championship vs. Dennis Priestley
  • 1997 – Winner – World Darts Championship vs. Dennis Priestley
  • 2000 – Winner – World Matchplay vs. Alan Warriner-Little
  • 2005 – Winner – Las Vegas Desert Classic vs. Wayne Mardle
  • 2008 – Winner – World Matchplay vs. James Wade
  • 2012 – Winner – Premier League vs. Simon Whitlock
  • 2016 – Winner – World Matchplay vs. Michael Van Gerwen
  • 2018 – Runner-up – PDC World Darts Championship vs. Rob Cross

These are just some of the Phil Taylor darts wins. As you can see from the data above, the darts champion was very active throughout his time and has proven to be worthy of the Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor nickname.

Phil Taylor’s World Titles, Achievements and Winnings

In total, Phil has won over 85 tournaments and many awards. The champion truly proved he’s the best. In total, Phil Taylor’s career earnings sum up to £7.1 million, which is a staggering amount.

It’s hard to pick which win is the one that stands out the most, but we can surely say that Phil is arguably the best darts player of all time. Nevertheless, as seen in the markets and advertisements of the best betting sites for UK players, other legendary players also deserve recognition.

Phil has aired on national British television multiple times, having over 10 televised appearances. By the end of his career in 2018, he had won matches against the world’s most skilled rivals – Dennis Priestley, John Part, Raymond Van Barneveld, and many more.

Phil Taylor’s Net Worth and Current Life

Phil Taylor’s net worth totals up to over £8,000,000. This has been accumulated throughout his very active darts career. For the time period of 1995 to 2002, Phil won eight consecutive World Championships and many more afterwards. The table below will give you insight into his progress.

Phil Taylor’s Hall of Fame Awards
PDC Player of the Year 2006, 2008-2012
PDC Fans’ Player of the Year 2007-2011
Best PDC Pro Tour Player/Floor Player 2008, 2009
PDPA Players’ Player of the Year 2008, 2009
Best Televised Performance of the Year: 2016
PDC Hall of Fame 2011
BBC Sports Personality of the Year (Runner-up) 2010

It goes without saying that Phil succeeded in cementing himself in darts’ history. In our opinion, his accumulated net worth is entirely deserved. After the 2018 World Championship, Taylor announced his retirement.

In 2022, he made a comeback and participated in the 2022 World Series Darts Championship, but he lost in the quarter-finals. We don’t know if we will ever see him again play professional darts, but any appearance of him in the future will surely be inspiring to all people who love the game of darts.

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – The Retirement of a King

It’s time to give you our thoughts on Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, the ultimate world darts champion. Starting as a regular English worker, Taylor climbed up the ranks with pure skill and talent. He will most definitely be remembered as the greatest darts player of all time, and with good reason.

Three Darts Hitting the Board

To say he nailed the darts game would be an understatement. Winning over 85 tournaments and setting several World Championship records, he deserves his iconic nickname. Even though Phil retired, we will never forget his immeasurable success. The darts industry moves forward, awaiting its next rising star.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below, you’ll find quick answers to the segments discussed in the blog. We covered a lot, and the most common inquiries are below – you can click on the links that will take you to the relevant section of the blog post.

1️⃣ Who is Phil Taylor?

Phil Taylor is a former darts champion, starting his career in 1986. He had a tough early life, struggling financially. He needed to support his family and was able to do so by beginning to play darts professionally. He is now regarded as the best darts player of all time.

2️⃣ How did Phil Taylor’s darts career begin?

Phil has always had an interest in darts, as he frequently played the game casually. In 1986, he received a game of darts as a gift from his wife. After that, he started going to Eric Bristow’s pub. Eric saw potential in Taylor, sponsored him, and kick-started the career of a darts world champion.

3️⃣ What championships did Phil Taylor participate in?

Phil’ The Power’ Taylor’s main career started in the BDO World Championship. He beat his mentor Eric Bristow, and proceeded to climb up the ranks in the PDC World Championships. From 1987 to 2018, the darts champion accumulated many wins, cementing his title of the greatest darts player of all time.

4️⃣ What are Phil Taylor’s greatest achievements?

Phil Taylor has won many titles and awards throughout his career as a professional darts player. In total, he has won over 85 tournaments, and Phil Taylor’s career earnings total over £8,000,000. He became PDC Player of the Year, and he cemented himself in the PDC Hall of Fame.

5️⃣ What is Phil Taylor’s net worth?

Throughout his active years, Phil Taylor’s net worth totals up to over £8,000,000. This is an impressive amount, and it is completely deserved. The champion proved that he is the best in the field and has won many awards as well. He retired in 2018 but made a comeback in 2022.

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Ontario’s Pro Athletes Ad Ban

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

On Tuesday August 29th 2023, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) formally announced that it “…has updated the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming to prohibit the use of athletes in internet gaming (igaming) advertising and marketing in Ontario.”

The statement outlined other expected changes as well, citing “…the standards have also been strengthened to restrict the use of celebrities who would likely be expected to appeal to minors.”

In fact, the AGCO has also extended this ruling to cartoon figures, celebrities, entertainers, role models, social media influencers, and other symbols. The rules also apply to ads for online casinos in Ontario.

How will these changes affect sports fans? Read on to learn more about what this could mean for everyone who enjoys watching sports.

When Will These Changes Take Effect and How Did They Come To Be?

As of now, the new restrictions are tentatively set to begin on Wednesday February 28th, 2024. But how did these restrictions successfully transpire?

Throughout April 2023, the AGCO consulted with multiple stakeholders regarding its proposal for the ban including gaming experts and mental-health groups. This came exactly one year after the official launch of single-event sports betting (April 4th, 2022).

The initial charge was led by a number of concerned parties including politicians, parents of minors, and a group called ‘The Campaign to Ban Gambling Advertising’. The latter group is led by former Toronto mayor John Sewell and Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) board member Karl Subban.

Subban’s experience with both sports and children make him the perfect leader for this initiative. “A lot of the marketing is focusing on grabbing the attention of the most vulnerable, the youngest of our population,” Subban explained during an interview with CBC Toronto. As a school principal and a hockey coach with three sons who all went on to become professional hockey players, his words carry weight.

On the other side of the ledger, one of the biggest political advocates for these changes is Canadian senator Martha (‘Marty’) Deacon. On Tuesday June 20th, 2023, Deacon introduced Bill S-269 in the Senate in hopes to forming a national framework surrounding the regulation of sports betting advertising.

In an interview with CBC, Deacon stated very similar reasoning to Subban in regards to the dangers of sports betting ads without limits. She re-iterated that sports betting ads are often “very attractive, and addictive, and sensational.” Vivid colour schemes, coupled with famous faces, are a deadly combination when it comes to enticing the young and vulnerable.

Movement on Bill S-269 has been slow since June’s first chamber sitting. That being said, things are still moving in a positive direction as the first reading is complete and the second reading is in progress.

First Reading Completed June 20th, 2023
Second Reading In Progress
Third Reading Not Reached
House of Commons
First Reading Not Reached
Second Reading Not Reached
Consideration in Committee Not Reached
Report Stage Not Reached
Third Reading Not Reached

Who Are These Ads Hurting the Most?

As touched on above, sports betting ads are most effective on young and vulnerable people – such as gambling addicts and children. “They catch the attention of young people,” Subban told CBC Toronto during an interview. “It’s a powerful way of marketing to them, which we know can have a harmful effect on young people.”

Unsurprisingly, Subban is far from the only concerned parent. In fact, Deacon has heard from several parents around the province who are worried sick about their children. “I have parents who are sending me distressing messages.” Deacon stated during an interview with CBC.

Sports betting operators will actually still be allowed to use celebrities during ads under one condition: for the exclusive purpose of advocating for responsible gambling practices. Millions of dollars are spent on sports betting advertisements each year, and the Canadian betting sites themselves must also take some social responsibility.

Canada already has laws in place limiting alcohol and tobacco ads. Passing legislation for sports betting ads can be done in a very similar way, and should have a very positive effect on curbing the appeal and mitigating those who are at-risk.

What Does This Means for Sports Betting Ads in Ontario Going Forward?

In short, some of the most well-known and frequently played sports betting ads will have to be gone by Wednesday February 28th, 2024.

Examples of this include popular BetMGM commercials featuring the likes of hockey superstars Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid. Other famous athletes and celebrities such as Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews as well as actors Aaron Paul and Mike Smith have made frequent appearances in ads of this nature.

These upcoming restrictions are a step in the right direction, but far from the end. In addition to Deacon and Subban, several others are calling for even more action including a national ban on sports betting ads altogether.

Shortly after the AGCO announcement, the Ontario NDP released a statement citing that “Health professionals have been sounding the alarm about the impact that online gambling advertising is having on people, especially on youth. Today’s news is welcome — now we need to follow the advice of experts and keep pushing for more.”

With so many supporters advocating for change, the sky’s the limit in terms of future sports betting ad bans.


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Ronnie O’Sullivan – Biography, Net Worth & Recent News

Snooker Arena Before the Arrival of the Players

Before we dive into the subject and examine Ronnie O’Sullivan’s livelihood, we decided it would be a good idea to give you a chance to choose what you want to read first.

Below is a navigation that will help you jump to the preferred part of the article. If you decide to read it all, know that we will start with a short Ronnie O’Sullivan bio and continue with its snooker achievements.

Then we will give you more info on the latest snooker news about Ronnie O’Sullivan and his next matches. The best is yet to come, so keep reading to reveal it all.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Bio – Long Story Short

📛 Full name: Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan
🚀 Nickname: The Rocket
📅 Date of Birth: 5/12/1975
👴🏻 Age: 47
🌍 Nationality: English
💲 Net Worth: £30+ Million
🏆 World Championship Wins: 7
⭐ All Titles: 39

We shall start with some bits of his personal life and childhood so you get familiar with his background and what formed him into who he is today. The truth is that Ronnie O’Sullivan`s life has been a rollercoaster.

He was born on December 5th, 1975, in the Midlands of England – Wordsley near Birmingham. He is a result of the love between the Englishman Ronald John and the Italian lady Maria Catalano.

In his childhood, he spent a lot of time in Sicily with his relatives from his mother’s side while his father was taking care of a sex shop in the heart of London.

As you can guess, at a young age, he moved to Chigwell, an area on London’s outskirts. His first touch with snooker was thanks to his cousin from his mother’s side – Maria. She is a known English snooker player at that time.

The tribulations in his life began in his teenage years when his father was sent to prison for murder in 1992. Four years late r, in 1996, his mother was sentenced to a year in jail for tax evasion.

This was when his life went sideways because, at 21, Ronnie was supposed to care for his little sister when he was eight years old. On top of that, his first daughter, Taylor-Ann, came into this world in that period.

The good about that time is that he was already a rising star, but after we summarise Ronnie O’Sullivan’s personal life, we will get to his amateur and pro snooker career.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Early Life

For now, we can only tell you that he is one of the youngest players in the sport’s history.

It is not a secret that Ronnie O’Sullivan had a drug-related issue due to the difficulties in his life and troublesome childhood.

The truth is that those issues didn’t obstruct him from becoming one of the best players in the world. His relationship with Jo Langley is considered a turning point for him in a positive way.

  • 2006-2007 – They met in the Narcotics Anonymous rehab centre while fighting their addictions. Later on, in 2006 and 2007, their two children, Lilly and Ronnie Jr., were born.
  • 2012-2013 – Unfortunately, a few years later, they separated, and in 2012, he started dating the famous actress Laila Rouass. One year later, in 2013, they got engaged, but a decade later, in 2022 ended their relationship. The period of their marriage is one the best and most productive ones in the life of Ronnie O’Sullivan. Apart from being a number one snooker player, he released several crime novels, two autobiographies and even a health and fitness book.
  • 2016-2018 – We can’t miss mentioning that in 2016 , he became a part of the Order of the British Empire > by taking the title OBE. 2018, he became a grandfather after his first daughter Taylon-Ann gave birth. This was also when Ronnie O’Sullivan’s net worth went beyond £25 million and continued increasing in the following years. When you complete reading his career story, you will discover his worth today.

This was pretty much everything most important from the Ronnie O’Sullivan bio of his personal life that you should know about.

In the following headings, we will turn more attention to his professional career and achievements, which are many.

Please keep reading to find out why his odds at the best snooker betting sites are always great and why people and other professional players call him an “ambassador of snooker”.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Pro Snooker Career & Achievements

Ronnie O’Sullivan is considered a legend in the snooker sport not only because he is a brilliant player with a stunning winning score but also because he is the youngest and currently the oldest world champion in snooker history.

He started playing the game at 7, while two years later, at 9, he was already participating in amateur tournaments. At the age of 13, he was already a champion in the British Under 16 championship.

Two years later, in 1991, in the English Amateur Championship, Ronnie O’Sullivan became the youngest player that made a maximum break in the tournament. The same year he won another two competitions – IBFS Under-21 and the Junnior pot Black.

All this made him famous before he even started his pro snooker career. In 1992, he finally moved to the professional leagues, and he won 74 of 76 matches that year, and by doing this, he was qualified for the World Championship in 1993.

He lost the game, but it was still a significant achievement for a player under 20 years old. The following year, a few days before his 18th birthday Ronnie O’Sullivan won the 1993 UK Championship.

With this win, Ronnie O’Sullivan set another record for the youngest winner in a ranking event, but this is far from everything. In 1995, he became the youngest winner of Masters.

In the following years, he set up several more personal and global records for diverse things.

At the World Championship in 1997, he achieved his first maximum break in a pro league.

It was completed in less than six minutes, which up to this date stays as a Guinness World Record for the fastest maximum break. Also, in 1997, he won his second UK Championship title.

Scandals were not missing either. In 1996, he attacked a press officer, which cost him a fine of €20,000 and two-year ban from participating in the World Championship.

Another inconvenience happened in 1998 when he was stripped of his Irish Master first-place title due to a positive drug test. However, that was unsurprising because Ronnie O’Sullivan was an honest alcohol and drug abuser.

Nearly a decade after his professional debut, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s cue was still hot. He won his first World Championship in 2001. Still, despite being the first title of this type, it raised him to second place in the world snooker ranking.

That was not for long, because Ronnie O’Sullivan finally became the world’s number one player the following year by winning the UK Championship for a third time. After that, he started working with the famous champion and current trainer Ray Reardon.

Yellow and Red Snooker Balls Touching Next to a Pocket

This is how he secured a second World Championship in 2004. In 2005, he won his second Masters title. Unfortunately, the following two years after that were troublesome for him.

He suddenly shaved his head during the World Championship tournament, which showed his struggle.

The following year, in 2006, at the UK Championship, he left the arena during his match with Stephan Henry, which cost him a fine of £20k.

In Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next match at the UK Championship in 2007, he once again proved that nothing can stop him when he is concentrated. That was not all. Apart from winning the UK Championship for a fourth time, he also took his third Masters title.

The following years were nothing short of success for him. In 2008, he won his third world title by defeating Ali Carter. In 2009, a fourth Masters title became a fact, again putting him first in the global chart of best snooker players.

Ronnies couldn’t keep the same pace in the following two years, but in 2012 he defeated Carted and took the world title for a fourth time. In the next 2013, he defended that title against Barry Hawkins.

The following year, he was defeated in the final round of the World Championship, but he won the Masters title for the fifth time by defeating Ricky Walden. He set a new record for most points without reply in that match.

This is not all. Apart from the Master’s title, in 2014, he took first place at the UK Championship for a fifth time. 2015 was not that successful, but 2016 and 2017 again proved that he is a legend in the sport.

In both years, he got first place at the Master’s Championship, while in 2017 and 2018, he won the UK Championships, which made his total number of top-tier titles 19, more than any other player in our recent history.

In the following period until 2020, he couldn’t win any Masters, World, or UK Championships, but he won the Players, and Tour Championships and made his 1000th century break. He is the first person in history that reached that goal.

In 2020, he triumphed in the World Championship after defeating Kyren Wilson. 2021 was not that successful, but in 2022 he returned to get the world title again.

Latest Achievements

Ronnie O’Sullivan was 46 years old in 2022, which made him the most senior champion in history of snooker. Don’t forget that he was also the youngest player in history, which is impressive.

We missed mentioning that in 2022, he won the Hong Kong Master tournament, which over 9000 spectators observed. Up to this date, this is considered the biggest audience for a snooker match in history.

It is a fact that Ronnie O’Sullivan has spoken of retirement since 2012, but we believe that he is not yet ready to do it and that he has way more to give to the sport.

We assume that in the following years, he will win more titles simply because he is one of the best, or maybe even the best snooker player in the world nowadays.

Only the fact that he owns seven titles of each of the three most reputable tournaments in the world: the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the Master’s Championship is enough to call him e legend.

There isn’t another player like Ronnie, and we don’t even see the chance of someone reaching his achievements in the sport soon. We are thrilled to see what more his potential will reveal until the end of his career.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Net Worth Today

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s net worth nowadays goes above £30 million, more than any other player in the sport of snooker. If he continues to win so rapidly different titles, we expect that sum to grow exponentially.

Net Worth £30+ Million
Sponsorships Earnings £2+ Million
Biggest Season Cash Prizes £922,000 – 2018-2019
Biggest Tournament Prize £500,000 in 2022
Total Cash Prizes £13+ Million

Enough about his past. It is time to discuss what is expected from the future because every next Ronnie O’Sullivan match is an event you shouldn’t miss. Look at the most recent news about the legend in the following heading.

Ronnie O’Sullivan News & Next Matches

We will split this subject into several separate ones, starting with some more relevant Ronnie O’Sullivan news, then moving on to the events he is expected to participate in the nearest feature.

Barry Hearn on Ronnie O’Sullivan Contribution

A Man Preparing to Use Make a Hit

Before we tell you about O’Sullivan’s next matches, we want to share a recent statement from one of the former chairman of the World Snooker Tour – Barry Hearn.

In an interview, he said that he considers Ronnie O’Sullivan, Alex Higgins and Jimmy White as the three players that contributed most to the sport of snooker and its global popularity.

He called Ronnie an ambassador of snooker, but he also mentioned that he could be difficult at times, causing slight issues due to his criticism towards the organisation of the events and the sport in general.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Retirement Plan

Being over 25 years in the game is challenging but still very satisfying for Ronnie O’Sullivan. Those are his words. In one of his recent interviews with “The Mirror”, he said that he probably has not more than a couple of more years before he finally retires from the sport.

But don’t forget that he mentioned retirement in 2012, and he is still in the game, so always expect the unexpected. There is genuinely nothing to prove because, at the moment, there isn’t a player with similar score.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Rivalry with Luca Brecel Could Emerge Again

We hope to see a titans clash in the following Shanghai Masters tournament this September. Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next match is against Ali Carter, which will be an exciting game to watch.

Yes, but Luca Brecel is also participating in the event, which may end up in them both playing against each other for a 24th time. The current score is 13 wins for Ronnie O’Sullivan and 10 for Luca Brecel.

We hope that to happen because it will be a super exciting game, where the number of spectators could exceed the Japanese record of 9000 from 2022. Observing a match between players with such high ranks is always a pleasure.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Next Mathes

In the summer and fall of 2023, Ronnie O’Sullivan is expected to participate in three of the major tournaments across the globe. You can see the dates and his first opponents below.

Tournament: Date: Opponent:
European Masters Qual Tue 22nd August 20:00 Andy Hicks
Shanghai Masters Tue 12th September 13:30 Ali Carter
British Open Qual Mon 25th September Jimmy Robertson

Knowing the fast rate at which Ronnie O’Sullivan’s cue can pot , we expect him to continue playing matches in the future. Maybe he will win his 40th professional title this year.

You can easily track all the recent Ronnie O’Sullivan news online or on our page because we promise to keep you posted about all relevant developments in his career and the sport of snooker.


If you are looking for the most frequently asked questions about Ronnie O’Sullivan and all aspects of his life, you will be glad to hear that we have gathered them for you in the section below. Еach answer leads back to relevant parts of the article, where you will find more info on the subject.

1️⃣ How old is Ronnie O’Sullivan?

If you look at Ronnie O’Sullivan’s bio, you will see that he was born on December 5th 1975, which makes him 47y old in September of 2023. That makes him the oldest World Championship winner in history., but we believe that he will continue to play for at least five more years.

2️⃣ Where does Ronnie O’Sullivan live?

If you study the personal life of Ronnie O’Sullivan, you will find out that he and his entire family moved to Chigwell, located in the London suburbs, in the 90s and up to this date, he is still a resident of the same area.

3️⃣ How much is Ronnie O’Sullivan worth?

You must get familiar with the snooker career to find out Ronnie O’Sullivan’s net worth goes above £30 million, more than any other player in the sport, but remember that it is increasing yearly. He holds over 39 professional titles and many world records in the sport.

4️⃣ When will Ronnie O’Sullivan retire?

It is impossible to tell. Ronnie O’Sullivan spoke of retirement in the distant 2012, but that didn’t stop him from achieving much more after that and still being active over ten years later. In one of his latest interviews, he stated that his retirement plan is to quit the game in the next five years.

5️⃣ When is Ronnie O’Sullivan playing next?

The information on record tells us that Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next match is in mid-summer 2023 at the European Masters Qual. Nearly a month later, in September, he will play in the Shanghai Masters and British Open Qual tournaments. We hope we can see a match between him and Luca Brecel in the further stages of the Shanghai Masters.

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Examining the Holiday Spirit in Canada: Surprising Insights

How Canada feels about the holiday season?

Our research unveiled some interesting trends regarding how Canadians from different provinces and cities feel about Christmas. Let’s take a look.

Holiday Anticipation Across Canada

In a surprise twist, New Brunswickers—largely regarded as the friendliest, cheeriest Canadians—are actually the bah humbuggiest. How much do they look forward to Christmas, on a scale from 1 to 10? Around 6.3, on average. The Canada-wide average is significantly higher, coming in at 7.4.

Prince Edward Island is the third Sroogiest province during the holiday season, scoring an average of 7.0 on the excitement scale. You might think that an east vs. west trend is emerging, but Quebec breaks that pattern since it’s the province that looks forward to Christmas the most, with an average anticipation score of 8.8.

Ontario is the most polarized province when it comes to looking forward to the holidays. Residents of Windsor, Ontario, can’t wait for Christmas, responding with an average of 9.2, but people from Vaughan dread the holidays, judging by the 4.6 average ranking its residents respond with.

Western Canadians show similarly diverse feelings about the holidays. Residents of Richmond, British Columbia, report a level of excitement of 9.0, while people from Burnaby, BC, say they feel more like 6.3 towards Christmas, on average. Guess Santa won’t be getting the GOOD cookies this when he touches down in Burnaby…

The Provinces LEAST Excited for Christmas, Ranked

  1. New Brunswick
  2. Manitoba
  3. Prince Edward Island
  4. Northwest Territories
  5. Alberta
  6. British Columbia
  7. Nunavut
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador
  9. Nova Scotia
  10. Saskatchewan
  11. Yukon
  12. Ontario
  13. Quebec

The 15 Canadian Cities LEAST Excited for Christmas, Ranked

  1. Vaughan, Ontario
  2. London, Ontario
  3. Burnaby, British Columbia
  4. Brampton, Ontario
  5. Burlington, Ontario
  6. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  7. Calgary, Alberta
  8. Kitchener, Ontario
  9. Quebec City, Quebec
  10. Vancouver, British Columbia
  11. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  12. Regina, Saskatchewan
  13. Edmonton, Alberta
  14. Toronto, Ontario
  15. Ottawa, Ontario

Where are You, Christmas?

Only 62% of survey respondents say they feel joy and excitement towards the Christmas season.

Canada's Christmas Spirit

We don’t want to bum you out, but that means a whopping 38% agree with Cindy Lou Who and can’t find joy around the holidays. If that’s not a dagger to the heart, we don’t know what is.

A sizable 15% of Canadians say they’re indifferent toward the holidays, while 13% say it stresses them out. We’re not sure if feeling indifferent is better or worse than feeling stressed, but together, feeling lackadaisical and anxious are the most frequent emotions felt by Canadians at Christmas after joy.

Loneliness was the fourth most common emotion, making up 5.3% of responses. And that just breaks our heart. Come down from Mount Crumpit and share some roast beast with us.

So what gives? What is it, exactly, that’s robbing Canadians of their holiday cheer? The answer, according to our data, is not the Grinch; it’s money.

Nearly three-quarters—71%—of Canadians say that the economic pressure of the holiday season limits their ability to enjoy Christmas. Additionally, 61% of responders report that family obligations negatively affect their mood around the holidays, and 73% say that social obligations—work parties, gatherings with friends, etc.—put a damper on their holiday spirit.

Perhaps surprisingly, only 32% said that they feel more stressed about work during the Christmas season. That means that finances—and NOT the fact that you have to see your annoying Aunt Edna or deal with Greg from accounting at the holiday party—are far and away the greatest source of holiday stress for the vast majority of Canadians.

That’s What Christmas Means to Me

Think about the word “Christmas”. Christ is right there in the name, and yet only 12.5% of Canadians say they attend religious services during the holiday season. Canadians are overwhelmingly more likely to participate in gift-giving—79%—or decorating—63.4%—than they are in religious events.

It’s reasonable to assume that as religions continue to lose followers every year, replacing the holiday season’s previous focus on community with pressure to buy more things may be contributing to the increasing number of people who feel fa-la-la-la-lost during the holidays.

We’re not experts or anything, but something about standing in line all night at Best Buy, waiting to stampede through the store and wrestle someone for a big-screen TV, might make people feel a little less fond of the holidays.

The data loosely supports this hypothesis: 54% of the people we surveyed report that the representation of Christmas in the media and advertisements doesn’t align with their personal experience of the holiday.

While that’s not a dramatic difference, the fact that more than half of responders feel that Christmas is misrepresented in popular culture is a smoking gun, in our opinion. Perhaps a Red Ryder carbine-action 200 range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time.

Wrapping Up: Tying a Bow on Canada’s Christmas Feelings

When Michael Bublé comes out of hibernation, only 62% of Canadians feel excited about it. It’s not overbearing family members, work stress, or too much on the holiday calendar that stresses people out. According to our data, it’s financial pressure.

An overwhelming 71% of Canadians say they feel increased financial pressure during the holiday season, and 54% say they don’t feel like Christmas is represented appropriately in media and advertising. It’s almost like co-opting a time traditionally meant for spending time with friends and family and turning it into a way to boost revenue is bad for people’s mental health. Almost.


We surveyed 3,000 Canadians in November 2023 to learn how they really feel about the holiday season. The survey participants were 52% women, 47% men, and 1% nonbinary/other, with a median age of 32. Our survey included questions about their primary feeling toward the holiday season and how social obligations affect their mood around Christmas.

Fair Use

Our content and visuals can be shared for any non-commercial purpose. If you share our content, please link back to this page to acknowledge our original research, writing, and image production.

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Roger Federer Net Worth – Tennis Achievements & Earnings

Tennis Court

The sportsmanship and elegance on the court have placed Roger Federer among the most influential figures worldwide. Now, we’ll follow the tennis maestro’s life and career that extend far beyond his Grand Slam titles.

During the time of his active years on the court, Federer’s matches ranked among the most popular sports events in the world, followed by millions of fans, placing bets on the top ten tennis betting sites in the UK.

The navigation below will help you jump to the preferred section of this article. Starting with a short overview of Roger Federer’s biography, we’ll continue with his career, achievements, and net worth.

Furthermore, we’ll give you more details on his record rankings, business ventures, and post-retirement activities. All of these have turned Roger Federer into one of the most influential sports personalities in the world.

Roger Federer Biography – Born to Win

Great people have great personalities, so let’s have a look at Roger Federer’s early life to see what formed his personality. As we go deeper, we’ll learn more about the challenges he’s faced and his determination to succeed.

📛 Full name: Roger Federer
👑 Nickname: King Roger, The Swiss Maestro, The Mighty Federer
📅 Date of Birth: 8/08/1981
👴🏻 Age: 42
🌍 Nationality: Swiss
💲 Net Worth: £432 Million
🏆 Grand Slam Titles: 20
⭐ All Titles: 103

Bor n on August 8, 1981, in Basel, Switzerland, Federer’s journey to tennis greatness began at an early age. His parents recognised his interest in sports at once and encouraged him to explore his passion.

Federer’s introduction to tennis came at the age of eight when he picked up a racket for the first time. He was immediately captivated by the game, and his talent became evident as he started honing his skills on the local courts.

As a junior player, he earned a reputation for his precise strokes, fluid movement, and innate understanding of the game. These attributes laid the foundation for what would become an illustrious professional career.

Blessed with hand-eye coordination and an innate feel for the ball, young Roger Federer was already displaying the potential that would eventually make him a global tennis sensation.

Recognising his talent, Federer’s parents enrolled him at the Swiss National Tennis Center in Ecublens, where he received formal training. He began working with coaches who saw his potential and helped refine his technique.

Peter Carter was the man who played a pivotal role in shaping Federer’s game, instilling in him the importance of discipline, hard work, and dedication to the sport.

Of course, Roger met many challenges on the road to the top. His transition from junior tennis to the professional circuit was marked by his decision to leave school at the age of 16 and focus on his tennis career.

This bold step underscored his commitment to realisi ng his dream of becoming a top-level tennis player. By 1998, he was already competing in international tournaments and earning recognition for his impressive performances.

Tennis Racket

As you can see, Roger Federer’s early years were as interesting as his professional career. In the next sections of our article, we’ll tell you more about his achievements, titles, and net worth for 2023.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn how Federer’s hard efforts and unconditional love for the sport set the stage for a remarkable career that would forever change the landscape of tennis.

Roger Federer Career & Achievements

Roger Federer’s professional career is a saga of excellence, determination, and sportsmanship. His journey from a young talent to a tennis icon has captivated the world and redefined the parameters of success in the sport.

His transition from junior player to international tennis sensation began in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Federer’s fluid playing style, combined with remarkable shot-making ability, caught the attention of fans and experts alike.

After an array of achievements as a junior player, the tennis legend’s breakthrough moment came at Wimbledon in 2003, when he claimed his first Grand Slam title, marking the beginning of an era of dominance.

Federer’s impeccable technique has earned him a record-breaking 20 Grand Slam titles. From his success at Wimbledon to his triumphs at the Australian Open, French Open, and US Open, Federer’s versatility is a testament to his tennis prowess.

Tennis Ball

Federer’s career has been marked by intense rivalries with other tennis greats, most notably Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. These rivalries have produced some of the sport’s most memorable and iconic matches, captivating audiences worldwide.

The battles on the court raised questions about arguably the best tennis player in the world, and the sportsman’s resilience on all surfaces has showcased the essence of competitive tennis at its finest.

As a testament to his greatness, Roger Federer has consistently shattered records and held the world No. 1 ranking for a record 310 weeks, showcasing his sustained brilliance and dominance over an extended period.

Despite his remarkable success, Federer faced multiple injury setbacks that tested his physical and mental resilience. However, his determination to the game let him make one of the greatest tennis comebacks in history.

Tennis Rackets and Balls

Together with the other remarkable records, Roger Federer’s achievements include holding the most Wimbledon titles in history, along with countless other national and international records that underline his legacy.

As Federer’s career was entering its twilight years, his impact on tennis transcended statistics.

His grace, sportsmanship, and charisma have earned him the admiration of fans and fellow athletes worldwide.

In 2022, after 24 years of competition and challenges, Roger Federer decided to retire from tennis. His victories not only earned him fame but also substantial prize money, contributing to his business and net worth.

Roger Federer – Net Worth in Recent Years

Federer’s on-court success was complemented by a series of lucrative endorsement deals with some of the world’s most f amous brands. His association with companies like Nike, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, and Credit Suisse brought him substantial earnings.

Alongside the huge contribution to Roger Federer’s net worth, these partnerships solidified his status as a global brand ambassador. Coupled with his charisma and universal appeal, they have translated into an impressive financial portfolio.

Beyond the endorsement deals, Federer’s business acumen has played a pivotal role in his financial success. In 2013, he founded his own company, “Team8,” focused on athlete management, talent representation, and sports marketing.

This venture has further diversified his income streams and allowed him to invest in various opportunities beyond tennis. Among them was the Roger Federer Foundation, which made a significant difference in underprivileged children’s lives.

According to knowledgeable sources, in September 2021, Roger Federer’s net worth was estimated to be around £354 million. However, it’s important to note that this figure has changed due to various financial endeavou rs in the next years.

Net Worth for 2021 $354 million
Net Worth for 2022 $435 million
Net Worth for 2023 $550 million

Meanwhile, Federer extended his partnership with many popular brands, which solidified his wealth. According to the prestigious magazine Forbes, Roger Federer’s net worth for 2022 exceeded £435 million, which is twice Nadal and Djokovic’s earnings.

As we already mentioned above, one of the most significant factors contributing to Roger Federer’s net worth is his business acumen. The tennis star has made shrewd investments in various ventures.

These include a co-ownership of the tennis tournament in his hometown of Basel, and a partnership with the Swiss running shoe company On. These strategic investments showcase Federer’s ability to capitalise on his brand and extend it into diverse industries.

Roger Federer Investments

However, like any financial journey, Roger Federer’s path to wealth hasn’t been without obstacles. The injuries he’s suffered during the years have affected not only his on-court performance but also his overall income.

Nevertheless, that was not enough to dethrone the tennis legend from the list of the richest sportsmen in the world.

Post-retirement, Roger Federer’s net worth for 2023 exceeded £475 million, making him one of the most influential sports figures.

His net worth is an undeniable testament to his prowess not only in tennis but also in strategic financial planning. From the courts to the boardrooms, he has demonstrated an ability to excel and innovate.

Although he’s retired from professional tennis, his net worth is likely to continue evolving, shaped by his investments and philanthropic endeavours. Regardless of the numbers, Federer’s legacy extends beyond his financials, encapsulating the essence of dedication, passion, and success.

Roger Federer Latest News

After going through Roger Federer’s career earnings, we will reveal the latest news about the tennis legend. With 24 years on the court and over £863 million total prize money won by Roger Federer, he hardly needs to work. However, the maestro keeps making headlines.

Together with the multiple advertising contracts with world-famous companies, Federer continues the work with his foundation, helping unprivileged children in the third world. Additionally, he participates in many charity events and campaigns and gains admiration off-court.

Make the World Better

In the ever-evolving landscape of tennis, Roger Federer’s name remains a constant source of excitement and inspiration.

His journey, marked by remarkable achievements and personal resilience, captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

As we eagerly followed his life and career, one thing is certain: whether he’s holding a tennis racket or making a difference off the court, Roger Federer’s influence on the world of sports will endure for generations to come.


In the last section of our article, we included the most frequently asked questions about Roger Federer’s life and career earnings. So, if you need particular answers, follow the jump links below and they will take you to the right topic.

1️⃣ What is Roger Federer’s net worth?

According to the world-famous magazine Forbes, Roger Federer’s net worth, in 2022, the year of his retirement as a professional tennis player, exceeded £435 million. This is twice as much as other world-famous tennis players, like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

2️⃣ What are the main achievements in Roger Federer’s career?

After we analysed Roger Federer’s career as a professional tennis player, it’s easy to say that his achievements on court are sensational. During his active years, the Maestro has won 103 ATP titles, and 20 of these were Grand Slams.

3️⃣ How old is Roger Federer?

A s we pointed out in our overview of the main details of Roger Federer’s biography, the tennis legend from Switzerland was born on August 8th, 1981, which makes him 42 years old. Federer retired from tennis at the age of 41.

4️⃣ What are the main challenges in Roger Federer’s career?

Having analysed the 24-year career of Roger Federer, we noticed that the main challenges he faced since he started playing tennis, were leaving high school at 16, and the multiple injuries and setbacks he has suffered during his professional career.

5️⃣ What does Roger Federer do after his retirement from tennis?

Although he has retired from tennis, Roger Federer continues to make the headlines. The Swiss legend keeps advertising some of the most popular brands worldwide, works with his foundation, runs a company of his own, and participates in charity events.

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5 Reasons Online Casinos Appeal to Players

online casino

online casino


The casino business has been around long before any of us were born with the very first known gambling house established in Italy in 1638 and since then there have been no signs of any slowing down.

The exact date of the first gambling-house is unknown, although it’s expected that every major civilization has had some form of wagering in its history. But it’s not exactly a secret that its come on leaps and bounds in its relatively recent history with countless advancements redefining the way we play.

The brick-and-mortar casino seems to have hit its peak, with so many options and locations to choose from. There’s the development of the fabulous Las Vegas strip, the introduction of Atlantic City and most recently, the creation of the gambling capital of the world in Macau, China. 

But none of these are anywhere near as impactful as the launch, and subsequent domination, of the first online casino in 1994 (trust me, the numbers don’t die). Cut to 2019 and we’ve got countless online casinos, arcades and bingo houses to sit and play at from anywhere in the world – providing we’ve got a smartphone and an internet connection.  

With such an impact coming from the development of the online casino, it makes you wonder, why exactly are online casino sites so appealing to players?


They’re convenient and they’re comfortable

online casino


One of the big reasons that the masses opt for their own home over the flash casino is plainly and simply the comfort and convenience.

There are no rules in your own home, no-one to tell you that you need to change to come in and you’ll never feel underdressed walking around your kitchen. Instead of the suit and tie or fancy frock that you’d be expected to wear at the Bellagio or the MGM Grand, you can rock sweats, pajamas or jeans when it comes to the online equivalent. 

Similarly, if you’re in the mood for 10-15 minutes of slots after work, with your lunch or just before bed – you’re somewhat snookered if you’re having to visit the casino. With the online alternative, you won’t have to worry, just log in and get going – you’ll be on in seconds, not hours. 

It might not have the same level of class, but it’s definitely more enjoyable, especially if you’re up late in a high stakes poker game or fancy playing blackjack in the bath…


They’re available 24/7

online casino

The strange thing about some casinos is that they actually shut when you reach the early hours of the morning – if you’re a night owl like me, that just won’t cut it. 

If you’re looking to play when it suits you, not them, there’s no better way to get your gaming in than by playing online. There are no rules in your own home, or if you’re particularly cheeky, on the night shift, so you’re free to play what you like when you like. 

You won’t be kicked out, you won’t be barred (providing you’re adhering the general rules) and you won’t be over the alcohol limit. Come as you are, whenever you like. 

After all, there’s nothing better than waking up at 5 AM and trying your luck at blackjack with your breakfast, amirite?


There’s plenty of bonuses and loyalty schemes

online casino

If there’s one thing that the online casino has the brick-and-mortars beat on it’s the new player bonuses and loyalty schemes. 

Walk into any traditional casino and ask them to match your deposit and you’ll be laughed right out the front door. When it comes to the online equivalent, you’ll be encouraged to spend your matched bonus, use your free spins and maximize rewards with their loyalty schemes. 

You can even change between sister sites, opting for different casinos with different benefits, and keep your loyalty scheme on the go. It’s by far the best way to get up to your platinum levels in your favorite casinos. 

That’s some serious benefits and serious service, it’s nice to be treated for your time – a little bit of thanks goes a long way.


There’s no need to queue 

If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it’s waiting around. I won’t even go to the post office if there’s a car parked outside, so it’s no surprise that I much prefer jumping straight into an online game. 

I’m not alone either, there’s plenty of people who can’t stand crowds, hate waiting and would rather be into a game (or be playing multiple at once) instead of standing, looking at the back of a stranger’s head. 

It’s a huge benefit when playing online and an even better one for keeping players cool and off tilt. There’s nothing worse than gaming in anger, not if you quite like looking at a bankroll with more than one zero in it. 

No queues, no people – just nice and peaceful gaming. Bliss.


They’re unrivaled for the sheer number of games

online casino

No matter which casino in the world you visit, there’s not a single one that can match the number of games available that an online casino can.

If slots are your game, you’d be mad not to play from the comfort of your own home, not with the thousands of different games that are available on the web. Choose between favorites such as ‘Starburst’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or opt for something a little bit different in the dark depths of page 14 on any casino – the choice is yours. 

Shop around and you’ll even find exclusive-to-online game modes, you won’t find that in the Golden Nugget. There’s even the option to play cooperative games with the development of online casinos in recent years. 

Pool your money with a friend or go head-to-head to maximize jackpots and have a friendly bit of competition in slots. Play with friends around the globe in your favorite card games or even engage in virtual reality games to get the very best fully immersive experience. 

The choice is well and truly yours. 

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How to Play Slot Machines: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Play Slot Machines

How to Play Slot Machines

The blinking lights … the animations … the beeps and chimes …whirrs and clunks … slots dominate any casino, both land-based or online. They are easily the most popular casino attraction in history, accounting for 60%-70% of casino revenue.

Like multi-colored parking spaces, they form aisles and alleyways through the maze of a land-based casino, many with wide-eyed players pumping chips into them, immersed in their noisy, thrilling gameplay.

It’s notable that online casinos boasting hundreds of game offerings typically only offer a few table or bingo games, while the rest of that portfolio is frequently stacked with page after page of unique slots. And there’s a reason behind that; people of all ages simply love slots, for the variety, the nostalgia, and the complexity-free fun that slots deliver. With themes from ancient Egypt to popular reality TV shows, and with choices such as 3-reel, 5-reel and progressives (with colossal jackpots), there’s a slot game for every taste.

On the surface, slot games might seem simple; you deposit money, pull a lever (or nowadays push a button). The reels spin and the machine tells you if you won or not.

There’s more to this classic casino game than meets the eye, however. If you don’t arm yourself with the basics of slot gameplay, you could feel lost playing the slots–even if you’re a winner.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about how to play slot machines, including slot machine terminology, gameplay, and betting strategies to get you spinning those reels like the slots pro you can be.


Slot Machines: What You Need to Know

Stittman & Pitt, a New York-based company, designed the first slot machine in 1891 as a tavern game. Its five drums featured playing card icons. Bar patrons could play for a nickel, pull a lever to spin the drums, and win automatic payouts if the cards lined up to a winning poker hand.

Of course, because this was a casino game, 10 and Jack, two of the most useful poker cards, were removed from the deck to make it harder to land on a winning hand, thus increasing the “house edge.”

We have come a long way since these first simple machines, with slot themes having since expanded to encompass every genre imaginable.

However, whether mechanical or video-based, physical machines or computer programs, slot games have a few basic aspects in common–and you need to understand them if you want to learn how to play slot machines.


It’s All about Paylines 

Pay Lines

A “payline” is an outcome of a slot spin that entitles the player to winnings. The signifier of the outcome is usually a specific arrangement of the symbols on the reels.

Old-school mechanical slot machines, especially the three-reel pub games and “fruit machines” (slots with fruit icons, popular in the UK) had only one payline—that is, one winning alignment of the reels. These one-payline machines are called “straight slots.” You can still find them on the casino floor, and they’re favored by old-school players who love tradition.

Modern slot machines, with five reels and digital interfaces that rely on random number generators, often have multiple paylines—in fact, up to 100 or more. Some slot games have as many as 243 winning combinations; these sure have come a long way past a row of lemons!

Since the five reels usually display stacks of three or more symbols, these arrangements can be straight lines, or can zig-zag up and down the rows.

Most paylines have in common a requirement that there be two identical symbols in a row in the winning combination, with the first symbol in the first reel. Variations do exist, however.

Some slot machines only offer fixed paylines. There is a set amount of money you can bet on the slot, with any payline resulting in a win.

Other slots offer adjustable paylines. On these machines, you can pick which paylines you want to bet on. The more paylines you select for your bet, the more “coins” (the unit of slot betting currency) you will need to wager.



In slot games, the term “coin” refers to the minimum unit of wagering available on that machine. Depending on the game, a coin can be worth anywhere from $0.01 (“penny slots”) to $5 (or other unit of local tender).

The number of units a player bets are referred to as “coin in.” How much the player receives on a winning play is referred to as “coin out.”


Max Bet

Max Bet

The “maximum bet” or max bet is the most coin you can bet on a spin. Usually, it involves the highest coin bet on all paylines. In some slot games, particularly online slots, the max bet can stretch into hundreds of dollars.

Modern slot games often include a “Bet Max” button, which allows a player to wager the max bet with one click. It’s understandable why casinos would want to make this function easy!

Many slot games, especially progressive slots, only offer players a chance at the top jackpot if they wager the max bet.


Bet Level

The “bet level” corresponds to how many coins you have bet, and how many have the potential to win.

If you bet fewer coins, you establish a bet level that entitles you to a smaller payout if you achieve a winning payline.

If you bet many coins, your bet level entitles you to a larger payout if you achieve a winning payline. The higher the stakes of the selected machine, the bigger the windfall if you establish a high bet level.


Return-to-Player Percentage

The “return to player percentage,” or RTP for short, refers to the amount a player might expect to “win,” or at least retrieve from the game, the more wagers (s)he places.

Most slot games, including land-based and online slots, publish their RTP. Never expect that number to exceed 100%. If it did, the house would lose money on that game, and the house would never field a game like that on a casino floor. They’re in it to make money, which makes sense. You have to admire them for publicly announcing how much money you are likely to lose.

Here’s how RTP works—if a slot game publishes an RTP of 90%, that means that for every $1 you bet, you are likely to take $0.90 home once your gaming session is over. If you bet $100 total, the most likely outcome is for you to take home $90.

Of course, the more bets you place, the more likely your return is to approach this total. If you bet $100 on one spin, you’re actually not too likely to take home $90 on a 90% RTP game. In this scenario, you have a small chance of winning a very large payout … and a high chance of losing every dime of that $100, since you’re betting it on one spin.

On the contrary, if you bet $1 on 100 spins, rather than $100 on one spin, you are much more likely to walk away with the $90 indicated by the 90% RTP. You will lose many of your bets, and multiply your money on a few of the bets. If you bet that $100 in 10,000 one-penny increments, you are even more likely to have your “winnings” approach -10%.

Of course, you could always get lucky with an early win and wind up with more coins in your bankroll than you started with. Some players consider it wise to walk away from the slot machine when they run into this circumstance—known as ”quitting while you’re ahead,” in other words. Due to that 90% RTP, successive wins are very unlikely. You are more likely to lose enough bets to erase your winnings and pull you closer to that RTP of 90%.

House Edge

The “house edge” is the difference between the RTP percentage and 100%. For example, if a slot game has an RTP of 90%, the house edge is 10%.

The house edge is the reason why games of chance are so unpredictable for the player … and such a predictably good bet for the casino. Any one player can end up ahead at any time—at least temporarily.

What makes the casino business profitable is the fact that, despite the potential for a handful of players to win, or even to win big, the casino will get its 10% over the course of every spin made by every player on that machine.


Progressive Slots


Many slots games offer a fixed jackpot—a substantial payout that players have a small chance of winning, usually if they make the max bet.

A “progressive slots” game, by contrast, functions more like a state lottery. The more bets are made on a progressive slots game, the higher the jackpot grows. Progressive slot jackpots can get huge indeed, accruing into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Of course, the house doesn’t apply every dime of the bets to the progressive jackpot. It keeps a percentage—sometimes a large percentage—of each bet for itself, as part of its “house edge.”

Progressive slots come in three varieties:


  • Standalone Progressives. The first progressive slots were all “standalone progressives.” Only bets made on that specific slot machine fed the jackpot. Standalone progressive slots are uncommon today and typically feature a jackpot below $10,000.


  • Local Progressives. The “local” in local progressives refers to the whole casino. A casino may link all of its progressive slots so that every bet made in one of the linked machines feeds into the progressive jackpot. There will be fewer winners, but the jackpot will be bigger. Usually the jackpot is under $100,000, and almost always under $1 million.


  • Wide Area Network Progressives. Everyone loves a wide area network progressive slot. Bets from slot machines in multiple locations throughout the state feed into the jackpot. Jackpots can exceed $1 million or even tip the scales at $10 million or more. The most popular wide area network progressive slot game is the Megabucks slot produced by IGT.



Most people can conjure in their minds an image of a slot machine, with three-to-five vertical rows of symbols that spin and (hopefully) align into a payline.

Each of those spinning vertical rows is called a “reel.” Most modern digital and mechanical slot machines have five reels.

While the first slot machines had five reels decorated with playing card symbols, the most popular early mechanical slot machines featured three reels. These machines are sometimes referred to as “three-reel classics.” You can still find three-reel classics in land-based and online casinos, either in digital reproductions or, occasionally, a classic machine.

These machines typically paid out only on a single payline or a perfect alignment of three identical symbols (fruit icons, in the most classic iteration).

Regardless, it is typically easier to achieve a win on a three-reel classic, because the two extra reels in a modern five-reel machine create exponentially more potential winning combinations, despite a modest increase in the number of paylines. Players could bet between one and three coins.


Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are similar to wild cards in poker, which can substitute for any other card in the deck if the player needs it to.

A wild symbol can take the place of any symbol in the machine, enabling a player to create a winning payline where otherwise none would have existed.

Different slot games offer different varieties of wild symbols, including:


  • Random Wild Symbols. Most wild symbols appear at random.


  • Expanding Wild Symbols. An “expanding” wild symbol lands in its position on the reel, then expands to encompass a whole row of five reels, making it much more likely for the spin to result in a payline.


  • Stacked Wild Symbols. Some spins unlock “stacked” wild symbols, or a whole reel of wild symbols. Naturally, it is much easier to form a winning payline with a whole reel of wild symbols.


  • Sticky Wild Symbols. “Sticky” wild symbols remain in position on the reel for multiple successive spins if a player is fortunate enough to unlock one. A sticky wild makes a player more likely to achieve multiple paylines in a row.


  • Moving Wild Symbols. “Moving” wild symbols are similar to sticky wild symbols, but they bounce between reels. It’s still more likely to create a winning payline or even multiple winning paylines, but a moving wild symbol adds an extra element of chance into the equation.


  • Straight Wild Symbols. A “straight” wild symbol appears on the middle reel.


  • Diagonal Wild Symbols. “Diagonal” wild symbols appear on reels 2 and 4. Exciting combinations can occur with a straight and a diagonal wild symbol appearing on the same spin.


Scatter Symbols

Not every slot game features a scatter symbol, but many video slots do. You might need one more symbol in a particular position to achieve a payline. If it appears as a scatter symbol in any other position, you might still win because the machine registers it as “scattering” to the right position.

Scatter symbols also commonly unlock bonus rounds and free spins. They typically only appear in video slots, but sometimes also in fruit machines and mechanical arcade slots.

Bonus Rounds

When you play video slots, pushing a button and spinning reels is not the only game you get to play. Video slot designers add extra excitement to the gameplay by offering “bonus rounds,” little games-within-the-game that may offer additional opportunities to become a winner.

Players who bet on enough spins of the reels may unlock a variety of bonus rounds. The sky’s the limit in terms of bonus gameplay, but examples of popular bonus rounds include:


  • Bonus Games. Certain alignments of symbols may trigger a bonus game, usually aligned with the theme of the slot game. The game may offer the player opportunities to add to their winnings.


  • Cascades. If a winning spin triggers a cascade, several symbols “explode,” causing the symbols above it to fall into their place and creating more chances to achieve a payline. If the cascade results in a second payline, another cascade may be triggered, with more symbols exploding and falling into place. Cascades present the exciting opportunity for players to achieve multiple paylines on the same spin.


  • Free-For-Alls. A free-for-all bonus round allows the player to choose multiple mystery bonuses during a specified time limit. Bonuses can include free spins, extra winnings, and multipliers. Beware, though—one of the hidden bonuses may end the free-for-all round before the timer runs out.


  • Hold ‘n’ Spin. A hold ‘n’ spin round gives the player an opportunity to control the spin of the reels in some way. It might allow them to pick a reel that doesn’t spin at all, or spin a reel faster or slower. As you become a better slot player, you can judiciously manipulate the reels during a hold ‘n’ spin round to give yourself a greater chance of winning the spin.


  • Multi-Level. Players who win one bonus round may unlock the opportunity to play another, or a higher level of the same bonus round. If you keep winning, the same bonus round can get better and better.


  • Pick-a-Box. Similar to a free-for-all, “pick-a-box” bonus rounds offer players the chance to pick one of a selection of mystery boxes to unlock prizes and surprises. Some slot games offer multi-level pick-a-box rounds.


  • Pick ‘Em. If a player wins a certain number of coins or if a certain bonus symbol or arrangement occurs, a game of Pick ‘Em might be triggered. This is a kind of video board game, where players advance a piece around the board with the virtual roll of two dice or spin of a virtual wheel. The further along the board the player moves, the more prizes and bonuses get unlocked.


  • Scratch Card. Like a video version of a lottery scratcher, a scratch card bonus round offers players the chance to scratch boxes on a virtual card and unlock more winnings, multipliers, and other prizes.


  • Slider. A slider icon is a symbol that, when unlocked, can be moved from its landing position to a different one. A slider can help a player immensely in achieving a winning payline.


  • Spin-The-Wheel. A “spin-the-wheel” bonus round allows a player to spin a virtual “wheel of fortune” to win extra prizes and bonuses.


  • X of Y. An “X of Y” bonus round instructs the player to take a specific action, like picking a box, for the chance to either win a prize or get a penalty.

Free Spins

Free spins are simply free plays on a slot machine, with a chance to win on some or all of the paylines without betting any coins. Taking advantage of free spins is a great way to learn how to play slot machines.

Many online casinos offer free spins on certain video slot games as part of a sign-up bonus or promotion. Free spins can also be unlocked as prizes during bonus rounds or after achieving a high enough balance of coins.


How to Choose a Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Learning how to play slot machines can help you choose which slot to play. Whether you walk into a land-based casino or sign up for an online casino, the selection of slot games may be overwhelming at first. With so many options, how do you choose one?

As long as you’re having fun, there is no wrong way to pick a slot machine. Here are some guidelines you can use to make your selection …


Most slots publish their “return to player” (RTP) percentage. If your goal is to have the longest gameplay session, as well as the best chance of coming out ahead, you might want to pick the slot game with the highest RTP. Most slot machines publish their RTP, either with the machine or somewhere online. If all else fails, try a Google search.

Most slot machines have an RTP between 92% and 97%, but they can be even higher. Ugga Bugga, a video slot designed by playtech, has a whopping 99.1% RTP!

By contrast, other slots have a particularly low RTP. Mega Moolah slots tend to have an RTP in the 88% range.

Consider the minimum coin size. If you have money to burn, go with $1 or $5 coins. If you have a small bankroll or just want it to last, penny slots may be the way to go.


RTP isn’t everything, though. If you particularly like the graphics, audio, animation, and gameplay of a slot machine, or just like the view from its position within the casino, that’s reason enough to choose it.

Maybe a slot is branded with your favorite movie or musician. Branded slots tend to have lower RTP, but who cares? Remember, slots are supposed to be fun!

Microgaming’s Dark Knight slot game has an RTP below 90%. However, if you are a Batman fanatic (or a Heath Ledger fanatic), why not treat yourself to a spin? With a smart betting strategy, you can extend your gaming session and give yourself a chance to win big, even on slot games with a low RTP.


Jackpot Size 


Maybe you don’t think it’s worth your time pumping coins into reel spins without the chance of a big payout. If the presence and size of the jackpot matters to you, make sure to check before you sit down to play.

Some slot games have no jackpot at all. Others have jackpots in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Progressive jackpots, as mentioned, can have jackpots ranging in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

Bear in mind that big jackpots typically mean a lower RTP. That’s just how the math works out for the casino to maintain its house edge.



Check websites that review casino games and see what other players have to say about a slot machine you are considering. You may find slot machines to favor, slot machines to avoid, and possibly even tips to get the most out of the gameplay of a particular slot machine.



One thing to look for in slot machine reviews is the game’s volatility. A slot machine may pay out its RTP over time, but it could swing wildly between being generous and stingy. Even with a public RTP, casinos and game designers won’t necessarily be upfront about the machine’s volatility.

If you catch a volatile machine at a bad moment, you could lose on every spin. If you catch the slot game at a good moment, you could wind up winning again and again.

It’s up to each player to determine their comfort level with a volatile slot machine. Some players prefer consistency; others love the chance to catch a “hot streak.” Regardless, playing a volatile slot machine requires patience and a bankroll big enough to absorb downswings in hopes of catching an upswing.


Promotions and Bonuses

You might want to favor a particular slot machine that is offering a promotion or bonus. Many casinos offer free spins as a sign-up bonus or as part of a promotion, but the bonus or promotion may be tied to a particular slot machine the casino wants to promote. Want the free spins? There’s your selection—play the game that offers them!

You can discover a machine’s volatility in the free-spin phase if you take advantage of a bonus or promotion. If the wins are rare and big, that’s usually the sign of a volatile game. If the wins are frequent and small, that’s a sign of a minimally volatile game.


Before You Start Playing: Here’s What to Do

Slot machines

If all of this sounds complicated, that is understandable. The best way to learn how to play slot machines is to get your hands dirty by playing.

Of course, that can be expensive. Rookie mistakes can be costly when you’re learning to play slots. To sit down at the machine with the odds in your favor, here’s what you should do beforehand.


Study the Rules

Yes, if you wanted to read a book, you would have gone to the library and not the casino. Still, it pays to prepare. Read and understand the game’s guide so you know which paylines you want to bet on. Walk through any video slot tutorials so you know what to expect.


Limit your Losses

Planning a visit to a casino should always include a plan to limit losses. This is a key component of responsible gambling.

The first rule of responsible gambling is that when it comes to games of chance, the best motivation to play is the fun of the game and the thrill of the spin.

Don’t treat the casino like a business opportunity. If your night is a failure if you lose money, the casino isn’t the place for you. Win or lose, you should gamble because you enjoy it, not because you think you can beat the house. The house has slugged the odds too heavily in its favor. Whether you lose it all or quit while you’re ahead, in the end the house always wins.

Responsible gambling starts with bankroll management. Two key tactics of bankroll management are betting maximums and loss limits.


Betting Maximum

A betting maximum is the maximum amount of money you could lose and sleep soundly that night. However much you are willing to lose, only bet that much.

One way to enforce a personal betting maximum is the “two pocket method.” Fill one pocket with your betting money (again, the maximum you are willing to lose). Whatever money comes out of your bets, put that in a different pocket.

Once your betting pocket is empty, the gaming session is over. If your winnings pocket is fuller than your betting pocket was initially, good for you! If it’s less, oh well. If it’s empty, hey—you only lost what you decided you were willing to lose.

The principle of the two-pocket method is that you don’t place bets with your winnings, only your initial bankroll. If you bet with winnings and your luck turns, you could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Loss Limit

A loss limit is a dollar value of losses that triggers the end of the gaming session. At the beginning of the night, you could simply say “If I am down $100 or more, I cut my losses and go.”

A disadvantage of loss limits compared to the “two-pocket method” is that you have little or no chance of ending the night ahead—by definition, the night is over when you are behind.


Take Advantage of Free Play

Nothing teaches you how to play slot machines like playing slot machines. Use free spins or (if available) a demo mode to get acclimated with the game and practice different betting strategies.

The disadvantage here is that you might hit a “win” on a demo bet and kick yourself for not having bet money. Remember a key principle of responsible gaming—don’t chase wins. Don’t chase losses either. Just play to have fun!


Ready to Play: The Best Betting Strategies

Betting Strategies

It bears repeating—slots are about as close as possible to a pure game of chance. You can avoid errors by learning the game well, but there’s no real “strategy” you can employ to guarantee a slot machine win. Don’t listen to any snake oil salesman telling you they have a secret strategy to “beat the machine.”

What you can control is your betting strategy. Certain established betting strategies give your gameplay some direction, extend your gameplay sessions, and give you the best possible chance to win. We discuss betting strategies for slots below.

Betting strategies fall into two broad categories:

Positive Progressive Betting Strategies

Positive progressive betting strategies hinge on increasing your bet after a win. The advantage of these strategies is that they limit your losses and only keep you moving forward when you win.

Examples of progressive betting strategies include:


  • The Paroli System. Choose a unit of betting (one coin, five coins, etc.) and bet that amount after every loss. Double your bet after every win so you can take advantage of winning streaks, but return to the original bet after a loss.


  • One Half Up. Less aggressive than the Paroli system, One Half Up involves increasing your bet by half, and only after every two wins.

Negative Progressive Betting Strategies

Negative progressive betting strategies hinge on increasing your bet after a loss. The advantage of these strategies is the opportunity to recoup losses with a big win once it comes along.

Of course, the risk is that you lose more often than you win at most casino games, so your bets will get bigger and bigger in search of a win—a great way to go broke.

Examples of regressive betting strategies include:


  • The Martingale System. This system involves doubling your bet after every loss. The math of this aggressive system works out such that you come out ahead even if you only hit one win after multiple losses. The disadvantage is that you could wind up hitting the max bet for the slot machine. This system is considered very risky.


  • The Labouchere System. Less aggressive and more popular than the Martingale system, the Labouchere system involves making a list of sequential numbers. Say it’s “1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” You always bet the last number in the sequence. Your first bet will be five coins. If you win, remove the first and last number from the sequence. Now the sequence is “2, 3, 4” and your next bet is 4. If you lose, add a number to the sequence: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.” Your next bet will be 6. Do this until every number on the list is eliminated, or until you reach your loss limit or your betting maximum. Make sure to set the last number in the sequence well below the max bet for the slot machine, or you won’t last long in this system.

When Should You Bet the Maximum?

Casinos would love it if you bet the maximum—that’s why most video slots have a one-click “max bet” button. Of course, that’s a quick way to go broke. If you’re tempted to bet the maximum, consider choosing a slot game with a higher maximum.

Betting the maximum on every payline can give you more chances to win, but your winnings will be smaller. Meanwhile, the potential losses will be greater.

The main reason to bet the maximum bet is if you are going for the jackpot. Jackpots are typically only available to players who wager the max bet.


What Happens When You Win on a Slot Machine?

slot machine win

Learning how to play slot machines may whet your appetite for a big win. So what happens when you do win on one?

Winning on any given payline you bet on typically results in a return of your coin bet, plus some multiple of the coins bet.

How many coins you get back on a win depends on the payline, with different winning results paying better than others.

In a classic fruit machine, for example, a single cherry might pay back two coins for every one coin bet. Three single bars might pay back thirty coins for each coin bet. Three triple bars might pay back 120 coins for each coin bet.

With multi-reel video slots, the system gets more complicated but it’s still the same in theory—each payline has a set return on your bet if you win. Bonus rounds can add winnings or even multiply winnings.

The coins are usually added to your digital bankroll if you play video slots. Mechanical slots may pay out bets in chips, coins, tokens, or whatever currency the casino uses.

If you win a jackpot, lights or sirens typically announce it, and a casino attendant or employee may come to verify the legitimacy of the win. If you win a huge jackpot (hundreds of thousands or more), a technician may be summoned to make sure that the machine wasn’t rigged to produce the outcome.

Jackpots can be paid out at the cage by cash or check, though larger jackpots may require a check. Jackpot wins online may be deposited to your online gaming account bankroll.

Huge jackpots may incur a 90 day waiting period for payout, as well as the option to accept the winnings as annuity payments.

The annuity may be an attractive option.  Gambling winnings are taxable and hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in winnings may incur a huge tax liability.


Slot Tournaments: How They Work

Sometimes, you will see a section of the casino roped off, with every machine behind the ropes occupied by players betting with furious concentration. You may have just encountered a slot tournament.

Players can enter a tournament by paying a fee, though some tournaments are invitation-only. The rules are usually pretty simple—the casino gives each player a set bankroll, and the player plays it for a set amount of time. This could be as little as twenty minutes, or as long as a month in the case of a few hardcore tourneys.

At the end of the playing period, the competitor with the biggest bankroll takes home the grand prize.

This deceptively simple format belies the strategy it takes to win. Do you bet big in hopes of establishing an early but insurmountable lead? Play the slow-and-steady game in hopes that other competitors will wipe out? There’s no right answer—as is frequently the case in a game of chance!


What if a Slot Machine Malfunctions?

Slot Machine Malfunction

No machine is perfect. Malfunctioning slot machines are rare in this age of sophisticated technology, but occasionally both mechanical slots and video slots malfunction. The slot machine may fail when you have money in play—you may even be up!

No player wants a mechanical failure to put their winnings at risk. So what should you do in the rare event of a slot machine malfunction?

Unfortunately, the Terms and Conditions of most online casinos include a clause that the casino is not responsible for winnings lost due to software malfunctions. In most cases, you can’t recover these winnings. You could try filing a claim with the casino licensing authority, but if you agreed to the Terms and Conditions, you probably don’t have much of a case.

If a mechanical or video slot game malfunctions in a casino, a technician may be summoned to review the error. There is a chance a record of your winnings could be recovered and reclaimed, but this is unlikely. Money paid into mechanical slots that malfunction is usually lost.

As frustrating as this is, remember that it is par for the course. Remember, whether you win or lose, “the house always wins.”



Slot machines used to be depressing parking spaces for lost souls, mechanically inserting money and pulling levers in hopes of striking it rich. You could forget about VIP treatment for slot players.

The boom in video slots, as well as a revival of classic slot gameplay, have turned this reputation 180 degrees. From animations to marquee themes to bonus rounds, slot machines have exploded in popularity. Casinos can’t afford to dump slots. Now, you can find promotions, tournaments, and VIP treatment extended to top slot players, with popular slot machines commanding a position of respect in the casino.

Learn the ropes, set a strategy, and get down to spinning. Just remember—slot machines are pure games of chance. Once you learn how to play slot machines, you’re in the hands of Lady Luck! But she sure knows how to have fun, and so will you.

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WEB LETTER | Understanding How Problem Gambling Fits Into the Fraud Triangle

WEB LETTER | Understanding How Problem Gambling Fits Into the Fraud Triangle

WEB LETTER | Understanding How Problem Gambling Fits Into the Fraud Triangle

November 12th to the 18th is International Fraud Awareness Week. This is an important topic for anyone who is experiencing or knows someone who is suffering from compulsive gambling. Problem gambling is a progressive disorder. Without seeking recovery, it gets worse over time. When a disordered gambler gets to the point of being out of control and out of money, he or she may resort to committing illegal acts in order to finance continued gambling and feed the addiction.

Download our November 2023 Web Letter to learn more!

Tags: #AddictionAwareness, #GamblingAddiction, #ProblemGambling, #ProblemGamblingAwareness

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Stelario Casino Review 2023 ✔️ AU$4200 bonus!


Stelario Casino Review



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Stelario Casino pros & cons

  • Positives:

  • A massive collection of video slots and table games
  • Slots are split into collections by theme and feature
  • A three-tiered welcome pack
  • Regular slot tournaments
  • Unusual loyalty program
  • Negatives:

  • Pretty low cashout limits per day and month
  • Table games are not counted towards WR
  • Progressive jackpots are hard to locate
Overall rating 5


Stelario Casino games

♣️ Casino type: Casino, Live Casino, Scratch Cards, Action Games
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Stelario Casino banking

💳 Max withdrawal limit: AU$400 per transaction / AU$400 per day / AU$10,000 per month
💸 Min withdrawal limit: AU$30
🤑 Min deposit limit: AU$9
💲 Currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, NOK, NZD
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DozenSpins Casino Review 2023 ✔️ AU$590 bonus!


DozenSpins Casino Review



Updated: 12.11.2023

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📅 Established: 2020
ℹ️ License: Curacao
📌 Owner: Altacore N.V.
🌎 Languages: English, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian
Aruba Bonaire Curacao Dutch West Indies
France Latvia Moldova Netherlands
Saba Singapore Sint Eustatius Sint Maarten
Statia Ukraine United Kingdom United States of America

DozenSpins Casino pros & cons

  • Positives:

  • Impressive suite of game providers
  • Many fiat and crypto payment options
  • Fast cashout system
  • Broad selection of regular bonuses
  • Negatives:

  • Welcome bonus could be bigger
  • Below average cashout limits
  • Only slots (but not all of them) count towards WR
Overall rating 5


DozenSpins Casino games

♣️ Casino type: Casino, Live Casino, Sport Betting, Scratch Cards, Action Games
🎲 Games: Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Craps, Baccarat, Video Poker
🎰 Total slots: 6500+
📱 Mobile platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, other mobile platforms
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  • Welcome Package

    Get up to AU$590 on two initial deposits!
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DozenSpins Casino interface

DozenSpins Casino expert review

Lisa C.
Written & published:
12.11.2023 By author
Lisa C.

Richard B.
Reviewed & updated:
12.11.2023 By gambling expert
Richard B.


DozenSpins Casino banking

💳 Max withdrawal limit: AU$400 per transaction / AU$400 per day / AU$10,000 per month
💸 Min withdrawal limit: AU$30
🤑 Min deposit limit: AU$9
💲 Currencies: AUD, BRL, CAD, EUR, NOK, NZD, PLN
⌛ Payout speed: 24 hours

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