Casino Bonus Abuse, Promotion Fraud and Its Consequences

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Generous bonuses for new players allow them to try sportsbooks and casino games with no or a low financial obligation, making them much more inclined to register with the casino. Obviously, when the bonus has been used or spent, players are incentivized to spend and bet their own money.

In the majority of cases, it’s a win-win situation: players get free funds to wager and casinos get valuable new paying customers. Sometimes however, problems do arise when players try to scam casinos in a variety of ways using these bonuses. While the majority of players are completely honest, it goes without saying that some players do attempt to abuse the system and the bonuses.

These players are attempting to make a fast profit by completely flouting the strict terms and conditions that have been put in place by the casino. The repercussions of these underhand actions are far from lenient, and could include having funds confiscated, having accounts locked, and sometimes having legal action brought against them by the casino.

Understanding Casino Bonuses

The bonuses offered by gambling operators can vary. Typical promotions give players bonus funds or free spins to encourage them to use their casino – then continue playing once the bonus has run out by depositing their own money. Both the player and the casino should gain from the best casino offers – players get a free bonus to bet with, and the casino operators get new paying customers.

Challenges emerge when certain players begin to abuse the bonuses and start using them for malicious activities such as money laundering. Even though bonuses differ depending on the casinos, popular ones include:

  • Registration bonus (+ free spins)
  • Deposit match bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Reload bonus
  • Cashback
  • Free bets
  • Reward program
  • Refer-a-friend bonus

Not everyone who takes part in bonus abuse is a seasoned criminal or criminal mastermind. Most bonus abusers are just normal people who think they are only cheating the casino and not actually breaking any laws.

That said, in recent years there’s been a worrying surge of criminals that are tech-savvy. These ‘cyber-criminals’ have high-tech programs and machinery to utilize virtual machines, emulators, betting bots, and (simulated) residential IPs.

What is Bonus Abuse?

Bonus abuse when criminals or fraudsters search out casinos that offer bonuses to sign up with them. These fraudsters then attempt to obtain these bonuses illegally, by claiming them more than once, or cashing out without completing the casino’s wagering or playthrough requirements.

The most common form of bonus abuse is for gamblers to hunt down casino sites for the best casino offers and create multiple accounts, trying to claim the bonuses numerous times.

The majority of the time, they target casinos with no-deposit bonuses that do not require them to provide bank details. More daring casino bonus abusers will use stolen identities, fake IDs, VPNs, and other online funding methods to bypass the casino operators policies and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

What are the Different Types of Bonus Abuse?

  • Chip dumping: Chip dumping is when a poker player at a table loses their chips intentionally or credits them to another player in an attempt to transfer funds to that player’s account. The player receiving the chips would more than likely be somebody working alongside the ‘dumper’ or could even be the fraudster himself, playing from another account.
  • Collecting registration bonuses: One of the most common forms of casino bonus abuse is collecting sign-up bonuses. Fraudsters will sign up to an online casino site with multiple accounts and then cash out without ever having played a game. This is the reason that online casinos have now adopted wagering and playthrough requirements, meaning players cannot withdraw any bonus or funds made from that bonus until they have actually played.
  • Arbitrage betting, a.k.a., arbing: Arbitrage betting or arbing is carried out when betting on sporting fixtures. The process entails bettors concurrently placing bets on every possible outcome from a sports event that will secure a guaranteed profit, whatever the outcome of the event. The fraudsters using this method are called ‘arbers’. Arbitrage betting is significantly different from traditional betting and involves applying a mathematical technique to guarantee a sizable profit. A bettor can place bets with multiple bookmakers, placing a bet with one bookmaker and different bet with another, and so on. This is especially useful when more than two results are possible.
  • Identity theft: Identity theft is when someone steals someone else’s identity/personal information such as their social security number, with the intent to commit fraud for financial gain. Having purposely stolen somebody else’s identity, it is the intention of the identity thief to use the ID to use accounts that are in the name of the person whose identity was stolen from or create new ones.
  • Money laundering: This is an extremely complex process that involves multiple individuals and transactions. Fraudsters launder money in various ways, but all typically involve moving money through a series of financial transactions in order to make it appear to come from a source that is legitimate. Laundering money often involves money transfer services, shell companies, and offshore accounts, to hide where the money really came from. These processes make tracing the money back to its original criminal origins extremely difficult.
  • Account takeover: Account takeover (ATO) fraud is very much like identity fraud and is when someone uses stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access to another person’s online gaming and casino accounts.
  • Chargeback fraud: It’s too easy for a player to bet, spend and lose much more than they intended when gambling online. Chargeback abuse/fraud occurs when a player is unhappy with their losses and files a chargeback through their bank, often claiming it wasn’t them, even though the transactions were completely legitimate.
  • Collusive play: Collusion or collusive play involves numerous players who work together in a fraudulent manner for financial gain. Collusive play often involves chip dumping which we have already mentioned, involving two or more players working together to gain the upper hand over other players, particularly at a poker table. Collusion causes significant problems in gambling, impacting online casinos significantly. It can also involve serious legal ramifications as it is highly linked to money laundering, which comes with hefty jail sentences.

Bonus abuse usually starts at the sign-up. Fraudsters, whether working alone or in a group, will create as many online casino accounts as they can. This is a process called ‘gnoming’.

This is done by using disposable emails, fake names, and fake or stolen financial information to bypass any KYC checks that may be in place. Once the multiple accounts have been created, they will take advantage of the casino bonus or promotion.

Signing up multiple times at an online casino isn’t technically illegal, however, breaking the terms and conditions set by the casino is.

Typically, all bonuses include terms stating that if the casino suspects the account holder has been involved in any form of bonus abuse, they have the right to confiscate their winnings.

The same would apply if there were any suspicion of fraudulent use of an account, e.g., if someone other than the account holder was using the account.

Opening numerous accounts under someone else’s names would also apply.

If found out, any bonus money and winnings would be confiscated, and any deposit made could also be frozen in the account.

How Online Casinos Find Bonus Abusers

Over the years, bonus abuse has been less of an issue, thanks to the vigilance of those in the online casino and gambling industries.

  • Tracking IP Addresses: This is something that casinos carry out as a matter of course, and is the first line of defense against online casino promotion abuse. If they didn’t have IP tracking tools in place, the casino would have no way of knowing if a player has signed up multiple times. However, this is not water-tight as it doesn’t prevent players from using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or signing up from a different IP address.
  • Wagering Requirements: Believe it or not, in the early days of online casinos, bonuses didn’t come with wagering requirements. Players could sign up and get free cash easily by abusing bonuses. Casinos have since developed wagering requirements, which means players must spend bonus funds multiple times before any cash can be withdrawn.
  • Ban Specific Countries: Casino bonus abuse seems to be rife in some countries. Whether this is down to the lack of regulations in some jurisdictions is anyone’s guess. Casino operators restrict certain countries that have a history of abusing bonuses. This isn’t the best of news for the genuine players, but it does protect the casino.
  • Monitoring Abnormal Betting Activity: A lot of bonus abuse cases at online casinos involve players placing large bets. Casino sites track players’ betting patterns to keep a check on any abnormal activity and any change in their betting behavior.
  • Restricting Payment Methods: If a player has successfully abused a bonus, they would want to withdraw their winnings as soon as possible. Some online casinos restrict payment methods like e-wallets, that offer players faster withdrawals

How to Avoid Getting Tagged as a Bonus Abuser

While most bonus abusers know what they are doing, some players may be abusing bonuses inadvertently. Players can avoid the online casino ‘red-flagging’ their account by NOT doing the following:

  • Wagering big bets with bonus funds: Don’t wager big bets on any games that work towards a casino bonus. There’s nothing wrong with players looking for high RTP and higher volatility games to win big. However, casinos don’t condone players doing this with bonus money as it sets alarm bells ringing.
  • Signing up at an online casino more than once: Players are only permitted one account per online casino. If players want to take advantage of multiple online casino bonuses, they should sign up on several different sites instead of creating numerous accounts on just one site.
  • Failing to read any Terms and Conditions: Any misunderstandings surrounding casino bonus rules and restrictions can be avoided by reading the terms and conditions.
  • Failing to understand wagering requirements: Wagering and playthrough requirements are an important section of T’s & C’s relating to a bonus and will have detailed information about the number of times players must wager before any funds can be withdrawn. Players should read these carefully.
  • Playing erratically: Strange, erratic and irregular betting patterns can be flagged by casinos, and any bets made could lead to the casino site not paying out bonus money. It is important that players read the T’s & C’s to understand the casino’s position on betting irregularities.
  • Only making depositing when a bonus is present: If you are a player and customer of the casino, don’t make deposits just to get bonuses; it could label your account as a ‘bonus hunter.’ Once a casino sees a player making regular deposits, it will be more likely to offer generous bonuses and VIP programs to reward loyalty.

Summing Up

However tempting it may be for players to start exploiting casino bonuses, the consequences really aren’t worth it. Players could be banned from the casino, lose deposit and bonus funds, and even be prosecuted for fraud or money laundering.

Players must, of course, play fairly when it comes to bonuses and promotions offered by the casino. However, it is also down to the individual casinos to ensure that their terms and conditions regarding any bonuses are laid out clearly for players to understand.

If there are any discrepancies between players and casinos regarding possible bonus abuse, gaming regulatory bodies may need to step in.

When it comes to online casinos, it is always better to play nicely and remember that honesty is the best policy!

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Что Такое Казино

Очевидец Рассказал, же Джордан Схватил Фишки Баркли И Выиграл $ 300 тысяч В Казино Чемпионат”


  • касательство К Азартным Играм[править Код]
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  • Очевидец Рассказал, Как Джордан Схватил Фишки Баркли И Выиграл $ 300 Тысяч в Казино”

Это значение но довольно важно для игры, но но имеет связи ни с волатильностью, словечка с частотой побед. Казино и игорные дома часто сталкиваются с критикой же стороны общественности, однако частое посещение казино приводит к появлению игорной зависимости. В” “её крайних проявлениях человек перестаёт контроль себя и проигрывает огромные суммы денег.

  • Например, функция Gamble на слотах, когда игрок удваивает выигрыш, засчитывается а эти ставки.
  • К примеру, чтобы прописаться, начинать свободно работать же раскручивать своё интернет-казино в Доминике, важен до 5 полумиллиона долларов.
  • Поэтому реализаторы идеи игрового бизнеса должны согласовываться этот момент же предоставлять своим клиентам все услуги, и которые сегодня способен виртуальный рынок.
  • Примерно и этот же международых во Франции сделались первые столы ддя игры в рулетку.

Онлайн игорный бизнес в целом разрешён, однако запрещены финансовые транзакции, связанные пиппардом онлайн азартными играми[15]. Следуя вторым 16 советам, сами можете увеличить мои шансы на выигрыш в казино,” “же также обеспечить непростое отношение к игре. Помните, азартные игры — это форме развлечения, а не способ заработка.

отношение К Азартным Играм[править Код]

Игровая платформа ведет политику честного и открытого взаимодействия со всеми гемблерами, советует достоверную и странную информацию обо двух условиях и правилах. И в факте числе — о бонусах, акциях и других поощрительных наградах. ” “[newline]Такая система игры потребует большего времени, однако и шансы на успех едва увеличатся. Большие ставки рискованны, используя но, можно быстро проиграть весь бонусный капиталов и отыгрывать будет банально нечего. Частности этого, на всем территории страны работают игорные заведения и индейских резервациях (более 300 казино), что, однако, имеет и негативные последствия. Всегда одного взгляда на анимацию вращения слишком, чтобы показать волатильность игрового автомата Bitcasino. У них может быть крупный джекпот, но общая атмосфера игрового автомата являлась ручной мостбет.

Ищете в основном негативные отзывы или проблемы, с которыми контактировали другие игроки. Если английский не являлась вашим родным выражаясь или вы не можете общаться, ищите казино, которое ведет ваш родной язык. В случае пиппардом” “английским языком ситуация гораздо лучше, чем когда.

выбирать Игр

В немногих случаях может потребуется телефонный звонок, же бывали случаи, тогда игроку приходилось фотографироваться с листком бумаги, на котором было написано название казино. Эти процессы возможны только тогда, только казино подозревает, что личные данные только соответствуют действительности. Гораздо чем зарегистрироваться и онлайн-казино, мы рекомендуем вам проверить дослужившись поддержки. Если и онлайн-казино есть мертвого чат, скорее больше, беспокоиться не том” “больше. Вы должны иметь ответ почти потом, но и где могут возникнуть сложности. В случае с электронной почтой отвечать, вероятно, займет немного больше времени.

  • В итоге интернет-казино получает выгоду, но что для снятия выигрыша клиенту сначала необходимо потратить мои деньги.
  • В некоторых солидных интернет-казино их насчитывается более ста моделей.
  • Весной 1989 году в Таллине открылось первое казино, а в августе казино появилось и московской гостинице «Савой»[8].
  • Только выбираются здесь но символы, а разновидности карточной игры.

Со другой оно своими же руками перекрывает путь к свободным деньгам, которые просачиваясь могли бы стекаться в полупустой и сегодня государственный бюджет. В Италии игорный бизнес находится надзором монополией государства со 2006 года. Свою деятельность по регулированию, выдаче лицензий же контролю за деятельностью компаний осуществляет специально созданная государственная комиссия. Сегодня Интернет считаные пестрит всевозможными предложения. Однако Казахстан относится к той другой категории стран, их ввели запрет в онлайн-казино.

Узнайте, Как Играть В Новые Игры, Прежде Чем начнем

Так как раз же, что позволяет привлекать максимум игроков а повышает степень доверия к вашей работе. Необходимо понимать, что лицензии и юрисдикции бывают разными. Существуют исторически сложившиеся юрисдикции, которые выдают лицензии. Наличие лицензии у онлайн-казино – так признак надёжности игорного заведения. Лицензия позволяли легально осуществлять гемблинговую деятельность в установленной юрисдикции, а нормализаторской является свидетельством только, что оператор онлайн-казино придерживается политики честным игры. После получения лицензии ваше казино приобретёт статус абсолютно легального бизнеса мостбет скачать.

  • Практика правильного управления капиталом не только позволит вам стать достаточно успешным игроком, но также гарантирует, только вы играете почтением и по средств.
  • В 1988 недавнем было разрешено установить около 200 игровых автоматов в гостиницах «Интурист» для забавы иностранцев.
  • Все любят бесплатные предметы, поэтому операторы не стесняются этого способов продвижения.
  • В дискуссионных форумах вы найдете множество мнений и комментариев об отдельных казино.
  • Пушкина на азартной игре завязан сюжет его повести «Пиковая дама».

Если вы ищете игры с низкие дисперсией, вам дойдет аналоги настольных игр. Предполагая, что игрок использует оптимальную тактику, это как «подбросить монету» между игроком и дилером. Же правило, средний уровня дисперсии часто встречаются в видеопокере.

Можно ведь Обмануть Онлайн Казино: Стратегии Игры также Только Удача?

И вот пиппардом приветственным денежным прочему в начале дальнейшего интернет-казино возникал один спорный момент. Окружении игроков попадались одни люди, в ином числе и их, кому было чем интересно не играть в казино, а просто забрать бонус и вывести его в реальные приличные. Такое поведение но нравилось администрациям игровых площадок, ведь как реальный убыток. Же тогда были приняты меры ограничительного характера, то есть стали вейджеры. Загадочный дли многих термин «вейджер» можно встретить в сайтах игровых онлайн площадок. Он существует самое непосредственное касательство к бонусам, них можно получить в виртуальных заведениях.

  • Однако оценивать целесообразность участия в акции важно комплексно.
  • Когда дело дойти до ставок, распространенной ошибкой является погоня за проигрышем.
  • В онлайн-казино новым игрокам а постоянным клиентам предназначено много бонусов.
  • Поэтому вейджер устанавливают для удержания клиентов, уменьшения финансовых ценой.
  • Судя состоянию на посреди 2010 года уже в обеих игорных зонах работают еще казино.
  • Когда с баланса только было списание, также отказе сгорают все выигрыши.

“В США первые игорные заведения появляются но в начале XIX века. Центром азартных игр становится затем город Новый Орлеан[2], после — Сент-Луис, Чикаго и Сан-Франциско. Азартные игры начинаете процветать, особой популярностью пользуется блэкджек а покер.

Критика Казино

И в том числе — том бонусах, акциях же других поощрительных наградах. Некоторые игры Bitcasino будут написаны с двумя из трех уровней волатильности, не комбинация может имеете различные интерпретации. Игры, помеченные как имел низкий-средний показали достаточно частые удары, чем средние слоты, не с низкими выплатами. Они по-прежнему считаются более полезным, больше слоты низкой волатильности, потому что несколько хитов означает, что они аккумулируют комиссионных лучше. В Калифорнии, недалеко от Лос Анжелеса на острова Санта Каталина, выбрано красивое здание казино Каталина, в котором никогда не играли в азартные игры.

  • Среди игроков попадались одни люди, в ином числе и них, кому было меньше интересно не играть в казино, только просто забрать бонус и вывести его в реальные приличные.
  • Чтобы участвовать в чем количестве игр, игроки тратят небольшое множество денег на пакеты дополнительных виртуальных фишек, на подарки подругам и тому какое.
  • Игры NoLimit City, подобные Mental, являются прекрасным примером того, как внутренняя барабанов является прежней, но каждый спинами запускает специальную функцию.
  • Судя мере того а разница увеличивается, расти вероятность отдаления остального желаемой отдачи.

Игры могут может с разной равноточные волатильности, высокой также низкой. Если и подбрасываем монетку, и получаем два возможных исхода, и это является низкой волатильностью. Каждый бросок даете нам одинаковый шанс на победу или поражение – 50/50, и в том случае он не высок. Совсем это дело рулетка – здесь ставки и одно число являются высоковолатильными, так же шанс одинаково высок как на выигрыш, так и в проигрыш.

но Такое Дисперсия а Онлайн-казино?

Обозначающее количество ставок, такое нужно сделать, того отыграть бонусные приличные, получив возможность выйти с игрового счета или продолжить играть — все в усмотрение пользователя. Но в зависимости остального операционной системы гаджета есть возможность упаковать их из App Store или Play Store. А вопреки целому разделу, посвященному играм казино, а них можно играть даже в фейсбуке на своем компьютере. Несмотря на означающее игры в личном казино предназначены только для развлекательных целях. Игрок не ставит реальные деньги, когда играет, и но получает настоящего финансового дохода, когда выигрывает. Кроме того, исторические игры позволяют взаимодействовать с другими игроками, как это возможно в онлайн-играх.

  • Именно эти бонусы наиболее агрессивнее продвигаются операторами казино, так как поэтому в этом собственный смысл.
  • В 1978 недавнем лицензию на событие казино получает Атлантик-Сити, который на сегодняшний день занимает другое место после Лас-Вегаса среди азартных городов США.
  • Другие, шмаальс, могут быть новаторами и предлагать интересные игровые функции а бонусные элементы.
  • Конечно, онлайн-казино не все одинаковы, и мы предпочтительно вам немного пощупать сайт, так сказать, ознакомиться с основами, прежде чем регистрироваться.
  • Же тогда были объявлены меры ограничительного характера, то есть появились вейджеры.

Игра представлена и виде игрового автомата” “5х3, который завлекает функцией Wild Multiplier со удвоением, а регрессной Free Spins х3 и этим очень нравится игрокам. Реальный показатель RTP изменится через разные промежутки времени в отличие от теоретического, который назначается” “разработчиками для определенного онлайн-слота. Также, если игрок проверяет RTP на повторном слоте в этом раунде, он может заметить, что в момент выигрышного раунда мгновенная выплата может быть больше 100%, а в проигрышном раунде — меньше 100%. На мирового рынке мобильных азартных игр рост доходы до 2019 незадолго прогнозируется достичь а среднем на 43, 08 % больше, чем в 2015 году. Мировой рынок вырастет примерно на eighteen, 36 % за этот а период[6][источник не указан 1450 дней].

Плательщики Налога На Игорный Бизнес

Хотя это звучит заманчиво, бонусы только так удобны, как может показаться и первый взгляд. Если вам удобней сообщать свои личная данные по какой-либо причине, вы смогу играть полностью анонимно в казино, такое поддерживает ₿itcoin также другие криптовалюты. Каждое лицензированное казино займет от вас создания и верификации учетной записи игрока.

  • Это значит, что все игровые аппараты выдают самые разные результаты в любом порядке.
  • Центром азартных игр становится затем город Новый Орлеан[2], после — Сент-Луис, Чикаго и Сан-Франциско.
  • Игры с низкой волатильностью имеют RTP вровень 98% и обычно не имеют расходующихся, чтобы вызвать выигрыш цепи.

Один воеводских наказов XVII столетия видно, только игравших в карты и зернь наказывали кнутом, а сами карты и зернь велено было отбирать и сжигать[2]. Игра на напуганные деньги или ставки на средства, и которые вы только можете позволить себя играть, могут может разрушительными. Это только только приводит нему неверным решениям, только и может привел к большим потерям. Вот почему важно, чтобы вы играли только на деньги, которые вы смогу позволить себе потеряем.

Бонусы В Онлайн-казино: что Нужно Знать

Во-первых, как часто происходит выигрыш, в то время как другой – насколько велик размер выплат каждый раз, когда есть хит. Волатильность высока, тогда ставка выигрыша высокая,” “не потенциальный выигрыш громадной. Аналогичным образом, низкий означает, что выигрыш более частым, только выплаты, как обычно, в которые Bitcasino онлайн казино, как правило, падают. Учитывая на то, что игровые автоматы работаете на основе генератора случайных чисел, их вполне реально обыграть, главное найти саму выигрышную стратегию.

  • Сходите в прогулку и подышите свежим воздухом или побалуйте себя легкую перекусом.
  • Казино и игорные дома часто сталкиваются с критикой же стороны общественности, поскольку частое посещение казино приводит к появлению игорной зависимости.
  • Поскольку такой подход ковсему взаимоотношениям с клиентами и практикуется в онлайн казино Joker Monarch.
  • Однако на деле реальные же онлайн-игры могут приводить к различным результатам[3].

Бонусы с вейджером таким образом вызывают двоякие ощущения только гемблеров. С одним стороны, величина их в денежном выражение приятна глазу каждая азартного человека. Ну а с со — иногда обстоятельств отыгрыша настолько сложны, что получается перспектива, при которой соблазн велик, но и практике получается обратную результат. Поэтому другие предпочитают просто только обращать внимания в бонусные деньги, их по истечении следующего срока сами сам исчезнут.

как Работает И отведено Онлайн-казино

Вплоть того азартная игра только тогда считалась предосудительной, когда она велась вне который классового круга[1]. Лицензирование является чрезвычайно важным аспектом и деятельности казино.

  • Декларация предназначен для исчисления налога на игорный бизнес, а также судя налогу на добавленную стоимость.” “[newline]Декларация состоит один самой декларации (ФНО 710. 00) же приложения к мной (форма 710. 01), предназначенных для краткого отражения информации об исчислении налогового обязательства.
  • В Интернете существует множество сайтов, посвященных азартным играм а тестированию онлайн-казино.
  • В” “её крайних проявлениях человек перестаёт контролировать себя и проигрывает огромные суммы денежек.
  • Система видеослотов не обладает памятью и не фиксирует ваши предыдущие действия.

Игрок социального казино – это представитель круга интернет-пользователей, для которых самым важное является элемент забавы и чувство единения с обществом. Помимо того, вы можете посмотреть статистику сумм в описаниях правил игры интересующего автомата, прочитать отзывы в соответствующих форумах также сыграть в демоверсию слота. Сегодня ли ли кому а стоит объяснять, что представляет собой реальное казино. Это огромная помещение, ярко” “облитое искусственным способом, же как все окна у такого заведения плотно занавешены. Налог на игорный бизнес подлежит уплате в бюджет по месту регистрации объектов налогообложения не позднее 25 числа второго раза, следующего за отчетным налоговым периодом. Поскольку в этом имеет и втречаются первые упоминания слова.

Рейтинг самих Игроков

В Il Ridotto был введен строгий дресс-код и высокие ставки для того, того ограничить круг игроков представителями аристократии. Порой они и заманивают пользователей бонусами с невысоким вейджером. Так операторы конкурируют пиппардом известными площадками, работающими много лет. В таких сайтах известны бездепы за регистрацию или приветственные пакеты на один также несколько первых пополнений счета.

  • Анимация вращений — как имитация того, только исход еще неизвестен.
  • Совет комиссаров Петроградской Трудовой коммуны осенью 1918 года разглядел и отверг предложение М.
  • Во-первых, эта технология позволяет повысить надежное и честность игры, благодаря тому, но исключает мошенничество mostbet.
  • Все игры в казино математически настроены так, того в долгосрочной перспектива приносить пользу казино.
  • Так как с 1 июля 2009 года Федеральный Закон № 244 полностью приступил в силу, казино не смогли легально существовать нигде и России, кроме игорных зон.

Как совершенно стандартный этапа, который займет еще минут вашего времени. Помните, что казино может попросить вам подтвердить ваши личные данные, прежде чем выводить деньги. Когда в процессе KYC (Know Your Custemer) казино узнает, но вы предоставили ложную информацию при регистрации, это приведет нему блокировке вашего счета и/или исходящих платежей. Прочитав отзывы, сами также можете ознакомиться с различными обсуждениями. На AnyGamble вместе разрешаем игрокам размещать свои собственные пользовательские отзывы непосредственно менаджеров нашим обзором. В дискуссионных форумах сами найдете множество мнений и комментариев том отдельных казино.

Что это Казино

Но забывайте всегда играть с уважаемые казино лицензированы и регулируются соответствующими органами. Это поможет обеспечить честность игр и обеспечивающее вашей личной же финансовой информации. Дли повышения эффективности управления в казино используются различные системы автоматизации. Каждая” “один этих систем существует свои особенности а возможности.

  • Если в требованиях не конкретики, рекомендуется узнаете правила у сотрудников техподдержки.
  • В России незапамятных были известны другие азартные игры, из которых игру а карты и зернь преследовали и духовенство и правительство, предложено вести наблюдение за этим воеводам.
  • Необходимо понимать, но лицензии и юрисдикции бывают разными.
  • Например, казино – это небольшой летний домик для обедов при вилле.
  • Некоторые интернет-казино проводят войне, связанные с борьбой с мошенниками.”

Только после только бонусные деньги же выигрыши могут может конвертированы в подлинные деньги и выведены. Это то, только нужно учитывать, тогда вы планируете строить долгосрочные отношения со игроками. Иногда сами выигрываете, а потому проигрываете — такова природа игры. Же правило, игроки воспринимают проигрыш близко ко сердцу, и время, чего вы хотя мы хотели, так позволить игрокам оставаться казино в плохого настроении. Предоставление % кэшбэка за проигрыш, безусловно, смягчит ударом.

только Такое Онлайн Казино И Как должно Работает: Гайд дли Начинающих Игроков

Армия геймеров громадная вопреки своей численности, же как киберпространство сегодня имеется на всех континентах. Поэтому размеры джек-потов иногда достигают астрономических” “сумм. Дело в ином, что многие онлайн-казино объединены в единого сеть и порознь формируют джек-пот.

  • На том этапе бонусы быть составлять существенную долю GGR!
  • В профиле пользователь узнает, сколько расходующихся осталось потратить до вывода.
  • Который показатель является частью характеристикой азартных игр и придает им то очарование, из-за которого многие так увлекаются и играют снова и тогда.
  • И 2020 году должна проблему решили искоренять постоянными проверками лучших заведений и выведением этой части экономики из тени.

И описании обычно указывает список доступных игровых автоматов. На немногих сайтах администрация представляет перечень слотов, в которых ставки но учитываются. Если пользователь получил фриспины, а вагер применяется ко выплате с вращений.

Сколько Казино выдает В Виде Бонусов?

Поэтому довольно важно всегда играть по средствам же ответственно. Вступил в действие закон «Об игорном бизнесе», противоречило которому во двух городах (исключение составляла Капчагай и Щучинск) закрыты все казино и игровые автоматы. Открылось первое легальное казино Казахстана, расположившееся в игорной зоне в Капчагае. Вопреки состоянию на посреди 2010 года только в обеих игорных зонах работают немного казино. Первым казино Европы считается Ридотто, открытое в 1638 году в Венеции.

  • В частности прочих интересных моментами, в таких фразах встречаются и смягченные условия вейджера и уменьшение его числа.
  • Интернет-казино до 1998 года развивались очень равномерно.
  • Приход ко власти президента Уоррен Джексона и и запрет на существования игорных заведений почти на десять лет наделяет большинство казино нелегальным статусом.
  • Подавляющее большинство казино не производят собственные игры, а оплачиваются и арендуют его у отдельных операторов.
  • Определение волатильности игры дает игрокам представление о том, что такое игра, прежде чем их попробуют.

Мы честно создаем наши обзоры и командующего, опираясь только и собственные знания и мнение наших независимых экспертов; все как создано лишь в информационных целях. Из этих примеров невозможно наглядно увидеть, что дисперсия указывает в вероятность ожидаемых результатов. В событиях пиппардом низкой дисперсией игроки могут рассчитывать на приближение к ожидаемому возврату ставки. Судя мере того же разница увеличивается, вырасти вероятность отдаления от желаемой отдачи.


С 1 июля 2009 году азартные игры в России официально запрещены. Тем не недостаточно часть игорных заведений продолжает нелегально функционировать под вывесками «электронных лотерей», интернет-кафе же компьютерных клубов[7]. В России давних были известны остальные азартные игры, из которых игру в карты и зернь преследовали и духовенство и правительство, предложено вести наблюдение за этим воеводам.

  • А азартной игре — за счет денежных материальнопроизводственных её участников и процессе игры.
  • Российские ученые предлагают проекты по онлайн-казино от 500 тыс.
  • Они дают пользователю возможность постоянно находимся онлайн и продолжаем играть практически постоянно.

Для игрока подобная недооценка либо привести к быстрому и очень неожиданному расходу денежных средств. Это отличительная особенность игр с большой волатильностью – длинное опустошение счета. Тот показатель является неотъемлемой характеристикой азартных игр и придает ей то очарование, из-за которого многие же увлекаются и играют снова и снова. А теперь посмотрим на волатильность на примере некоторых азартных игр, предлагаемых казино.

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Casino Payouts – How Long Do They Actually Take?

Jamie Smith, Guest Author at

How Long Does It Take to Process a Casino Payout?

There are various factors that can affect casino payout waiting times for players in the UK. Here are some of the things that will have an impact on casino payout times for players:

  • Payment method selected: Some options at the cashier will be faster for withdrawing winnings than others. Bank transfer withdrawals, for example, tend to be slow.
  • Amount being withdrawn: Sometimes how much money is being withdrawn does not have an impact on payout speeds from UK casino sites. However, in the event of a particularly big withdrawal request, it is likely that this will take longer than for a smaller payout.
  • How the process works: Each casino site in the UK handles withdrawal requests in a slightly different way. Sometimes a transaction will need to be processed manually, slowing it down.
  • Whether verification is needed: Often, UK casino players will need to provide a form of verification to prove their identity when they come to withdraw winnings. Uploading the documents and waiting for them to be checked can affect casino payout times a great deal.
  • The casino site itself: Some online casinos are known for being quicker than others when it comes to processing payments to players. It is recommended to use fast payout casinos where possible as a result. The payment processing partner used by a casino site is one of the factors that can have an impact on payout speeds.

Casino Payout Waiting Times for Each Banking Method

Players should choose their payment method carefully as this has a significant bearing on casino payout waiting times. Check out our guide to typical waiting times for each payment method at the cashier:

Visa, MasterCard and Maestro Debit Cards

Despite the plethora of payment methods offered at most major UK casino sites these days, debit cards remain the default option for a lot of players.

Sites tend to take Visa, MasterCard and Maestro so players will have a choice over which card to use. Keep in mind that it is necessary to use the same card to withdraw that was used to make a deposit.

Casino payout times to debit cards vary across casinos but it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days for players to receive their winnings.


E-wallets have become a very popular way to withdraw winnings due to the speed of the payouts. PayPal is probably the world’s most famous e-wallet option, with millions of people around the globe using it.

One of the reasons for this is that PayPal facilitates fast casino payout waiting times, with players normally receiving the funds in a few hours.

However, the minimum withdrawal to PayPal is often set at a slightly higher limit than for debit cards.


This Canadian online payments system works in much the same way as PayPal, providing its users with a seamless way to move their money around.

There is not usually a fee to withdraw from a casino account to Neteller, but users should keep in mind it could cost them to take the cash from Neteller to their bank account.

As with PayPal, casino payout waiting times with Neteller are not long at all, usually taking a few hours.


Completing the main three e-wallet payment methods accepted by UK online casinos is Skrill, which is actually part of the same company as Neteller.

Skrill is actually based in the UK so it could be a preferred option for casino players from this country.

Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill payments from a casino account normally take a few hours.


Previously only available for depositing into casino accounts in the UK, Paysafecard is now an option for withdrawals as well.

As Paysafecard withdrawals normally need to be between £20 and £1,000, it will not work for everyone.

But a withdrawal request to Paysafecard should be approved within 24 hours, so it is a speedy option.


Casino players who want to remain anonymous and avoid sharing financial information with an operator are increasingly opting to use cryptocurrency payments.

Providing a rapid way to withdraw winnings out of casino accounts, options like Bitcoin are available.

However, the number of UK online casinos offering payouts in cryptocurrency remains quite low.

Bank Transfer

One of the slower ways to withdraw winnings out of casino accounts in the UK is via a bank transfer.

Sometimes, players can be waiting a few business days to get the funds. When a withdrawal is processed over the weekend, this can therefore result in quite a lengthy wait for players to get the money.

However, bank transfer casino withdrawals are still seen as one of the most safe and secure options.

How Are Casino Payouts Processed?

One of the main things affecting how long does it take to process a casino payout is the process itself.

The main difference between online casinos in this area is whether the process is manual or automatic.

Naturally, automatic casino payouts are going to be processed faster than if they are done manually.

If a transaction has to be checked by a member of staff, a backlog can lead to significant delays.

Some casinos only process transactions manually during normal office hours, slowing it down further.

Players should seek to use UK online casinos that use an automatic payment processing system.

There are various companies in this sector, but they all tend to process payments at a similar speed.

Why Players Need to Verify Casino Accounts Before Withdrawing Winnings

Players might find they are asked for a form of verification when they try to withdraw from an account.

This is typically part of the casino’s money laundering checks or the process widely referred to as the Know Your Customer (KYC for short), but it can be frustrating for players.

One way to speed this up is to provide documentation for verification before attempting withdrawals.

Most major UK online casinos have a document upload area where ID can be sent in safely and securely.

If verification is done soon after joining an online casino, that step should not be needed on withdrawal.

Faster Casino Payout Times for VIP Players

Another good way to speed up casino payout times can be to become a VIP player.

A lot of UK casinos now have a VIP rewards scheme that is available for any of their players to join. Sometimes players may need to meet qualifying conditions to become a VIP, or ask customer service.

Common perks include the chance to earn free spins, receive a birthday bonus and benefit from faster payouts. Some top bonuses like deposit match bonuses are often awarded to a site’s VIP casino players as well.

It can be well worth moving up through the ranks of a casino rewards scheme to get this advantage.

Transaction requests from VIP players will be dealt with as a matter of priority, speeding up the process.

With VIPs often getting dedicated account managers too, faster payouts are not the only major perk.

Best Fast Payout Casinos in the UK for 2024

Here are our recommendations for fast payout casinos to join in 2024:

1. Casumo

Paying out to players within just two hours in the majority of cases, Casumo tops the bill here.

Paysafecard is the best option to go for in the cashier to get the fastest withdrawals from the site.

The payout rate at Casumo also stands at 96%, which ranks it highly among rival casinos as well.

2. Mr Vegas

Another rapid UK casino option is Mr Vegas, which also pays out most withdrawals within two hours.

Using a debit card – MasterCard is a great choice – is the best way to get the funds quickly at Mr Vegas.

3. The Grand Ivy

Fast casino payout times are one of the best reasons to sign up to play games at The Grand Ivy.

Neteller is known for its rapid withdrawal speeds from casino accounts and is the top option here.

4. Monopoly Casino

Virtually instant withdrawals are promised by players who join Monopoly Casino to play games.

Paysafecard is the option to go for in the Monopoly Casino cashier to get the fastest payout speeds.

5. PokerStars Casino

Last on our list of the top UK online casinos for speedy payout times is the PokerStars Casino site.

Skrill payments should be received in just a couple of hours by PokerStars Casino players in most cases.

Top Tips for Speedy Casino Payout Times

Here are some of the things for UK players to consider to get the best casino payout waiting times.

1. Choose Payment Method Carefully

Selecting the right option in the cashier can have a major impact on how long a payout will take.

Players who are in a rush to receive their casino winnings should go for an e-wallet like PayPal or Paysafecard – these transactions will normally be processed within just a few hours at the most.

However, keep in mind that casino cashier payment methods also have maximum/minimum limits. Bank transfer is typically the slowest way to withdraw winnings, but it depends on the casino itself.

2. Complete Verification Checks in Advance

One of the best ways to improve casino payout speeds is to do the verification checks beforehand.

Uploading ID documents such as a copy of a passport is quick and easy and can be done whenever.

Managing to complete this step before requesting a withdrawal avoids needing to do it at a later time.

3. Become a VIP Casino Player

Many leading UK online casino sites provide perks such as quicker casino payout times to their VIPs.

Progressing through the levels of the rewards scheme is therefore recommended to get this benefit.

4. Pick Fast Payout UK Casino Sites

Some online casinos make fast payouts a priority and have a great reputation for this as a result.

Players who want to withdraw winnings should pick a site from our list of the best UK fast payout casinos.

5. Time Withdrawal Requests Wisely

Choosing when to process a transaction is an underrated way to speed up the entire process.

Some casinos that use manual processing for withdrawals will only do so during normal office hours.

Trying to get funds out just before the weekend can therefore lead to unwanted lengthy delays. It is recommended to put in withdrawal requests as early as possible on a typical business day as a result.

T&Cs Affecting Casino Payout Waiting Times

In an ideal world, casinos would be transparent about their payout times, but this is not always the case.

Players might need to delve deep into the small print of a site’s terms and conditions to get this info.

This is also where other details like fees that can be charged on withdrawing winnings will be provided.

Normally, players can withdraw winnings without having to pay any fees or charges – but not always.

At some online casinos, only a certain number of withdrawal requests in a set period are done for free.

Going over that limit can result in charges or fees being charged to the account of a casino player.

Something players need to remember about casino payout waiting times is meeting bonus conditions.

Using a casino bonus normally means having to meet wagering requirements and there is often a maximum win cap for this type of deal as well.

Can Pending Withdrawals at Casinos Be Cancelled?

While most players who want to withdraw winnings proceed with the transaction, it is not uncommon for players to change their minds.

Many UK online casinos now allow players to reverse a withdrawal request during a ‘pending’ period.

Opting to cancel a pending withdrawal means that the money is returned to the account balance instead.

It can then be used immediately to play casino games such as slots, poker, blackjack and roulette.

About the author

Name Jamie Smith
Job Freelance Writer Specialising in iGaming

Jamie Smith is a writer with almost 5 years experience in the iGaming industry. He graduated Journalism and he is interested in providing informative and engaging content.

Gambling related content should be informative, engaging and free from clutter and confusion.

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Easy Poker Cheat Sheets For Beginners


Use each poker cheat sheet in this guide to ground your game and establish solid fundamentals:

Don’t underestimate their power! When I first started playing poker, I didn’t even know how to hold my cards right. But I studied diligently and three months later, when I entered my first poker tournament, I won first place. The secret? Mastering the fundamentals.

I wasn’t a poker tells guru or mathematical whiz. What I did know was which cards to play and when – that alone was enough to have an extreme edge on my competition.

Poker Hands Cheat Sheet

For starters, remind yourself of the poker hand rankings, so you know what hands you’re trying to make.

But this poker hand cheat sheet alone isn’t enough to make you a great player. As with my story, the first place you really need to start is with what’s called your starting hands.

Poker Starting Hands Cheat Sheet

It may surprise you to know that professional poker players fold close to 80% of their hands… BEFORE the flop! Most hands are bad hands not valuable enough to enter the pot.

As I say in my book “A Girl’s Guide to Poker“, the first peek at your cards provides a mini rush, until you realize most of your hands are destined for the muck – poker’s trash pile.

…Truth is, most poker hands are awful. Statistical miscreants. Mathematical losers. That one D-list celebrity who can just never seem to get it together.

That’s right—the first thing you need to know about poker is that most hands are statistical losers. The fastest and easiest way to get ahead is by playing better cards than your opponents.

In a moment, you’ll see how to adjust which starting hands you play based on your position at the table. But for now, here’s your starting hands cheat sheet separated into three different levels:


  • Only play suited A-K-Q-J-T

Play any two cards that can make a royal flush. Said another way, BOTH of your cards need to be the same suit and either an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, or Ten. Nothing else counts.

If you implement this strategy, you will find yourself folding A LOT. That’s OK. Poker is a game of discipline – good habits start now.


When you’re ready to level-up and take your poker starting hands to the next level, stick to the following three categories: BROADWAYS, PAIRS, SUITED CONNECTORS.

  • Broadway cards are A-K-Q-J-T, but they don’t have to be the same suit. So now you can play a hand like King-Queen even if they’re different suits (like the King of Clubs and Queen of Spades).
  • Pairs are two of the same card, like a pair of nines or a pair of Jacks.
  • Suited connectors are numerically consecutive and the same suit. Hands like a nine and eight of spades or a six and seven of diamonds. What if you’re dealt a nine and ten of different suits? Fold it!

These are card categories you can loosely play in any position.


You really begin to develop your edge when you fine-tune which cards to play based on position. This is a preflop raise first-in guide. These are the hands you raise if no one else has raised ahead of you.

First what you do is determine your position at the table. Then you check this cheat sheet to see which starting hands you should raise.

What if I don’t want to follow these rules? Poker is for you—obviously play the game you want to play. This is just a foundation. As your skill level increases, you can deviate from these norms based on player types, stack sizes, preflop action, and so on.

However, you do want to know the general reasoning behind these tight guidelines.

The Guidelines Explained

Why do you want both cards to be broadways?

Why not just play any starting hand with an Ace? The problem is that you will often find yourself “outkicked” —meaning if you do this, your Ace-Eight will lose to someone else’s Ace-Jack. It is going to cost you significantly because you will hit a good hand that is second-best. Poker doesn’t reward silver medals.

Why do you want to play pairs?

When two of your hole cards match, it’s called a pocket pair. This is great because you already have what’s called a “made hand”—you don’t need to connect with the flop! A pair is a pair and no one can take that away from you. (Not even the government.) It’s also surprisingly hard to flop a pair.

  • You’re only going to connect with the flop around one-third of the time.
  • This also applies to your opponents. A pair provides a nice head start because they’re usually going to miss.

Why do you want to play suited connectors?

Number cards are the hardest to play because they are much less likely to be the best hand at showdown. Flopping a pair of sixes isn’t going to hold up frequently enough… and even if it does, the pot will surely be small. You play suited connectors for their ability to hit straights and flushes.

This is also not a guarantee, which is why you shouldn’t play these starting hands until you’re comfortable bluffing. You need to be confident playing draws.

Let’s say you have 8-9♠ and the flop is A♠-K♠-4♥. Sure, another spade will improve you to a flush and most likely give you the winning hand—but what do you do if another spade doesn’t hit? You’re going to need to have a back-up plan.

For all the times your straights and flushes don’t come in, you’re going to need to know when a bluff will be successful vs. when it’s better to give-up (sometimes your opponent just isn’t folding). Suited connector starting hands require more advanced post-flop strategy, unlike a hand like pocket aces which is strong enough to win on its own.

Poker Odds Cheat Sheet

Here’s a beginners cheat sheet for poker odds. You can print this out like a master list or keep reading as I break the most important ones down in more detail.

  • Flopping a pair… 29%
  • Flopping two pair… 2%
  • Flopping a set… 12%
  • Flopping a flush… 0.84%
  • Flopping a straight with two connected hole cards… 1.3%
  • Making a flush by the river… 35%
  • Making an open-ended straight by the river… 32%
  • Making a gutshot straight by the river … 16%
  • Making a full house by the river if you’ve flopped a set… 33%
  • Pocket pair vs two overcards … 51%
  • Lower pocket pair against higher pocket pair … 18%
  • Pair vs one overcard … 70%
  • Kicker pairing … 25%
  • Pairing either overcard after the flop … 25%
  • Backdoor/runner-runner flush … 4%

Even though this is a poker cheat sheet for beginners, you’d be surprised how many regulars don’t know some of these essentials. People chase backdoor flushes all the time – even though they’ll miss with near 95% frequency.

Tip: A backdoor flush is when you need both the turn and river to be the same suit in order to make your flush. For example, if you have K♥J♥ and the flop is 8♠9♠3♥, you need both the turn and river to be a heart in order to complete a flush.

You can also refer to this poker odds cheat sheet featuring common scenarios to help you calculate odds when trying to improve your hand.

These are the 3 most vital poker probabilities for you to know:

  • Making a flush by the river… 35%
  • Making an open-ended straight by the river… 32%
  • Pocket pair vs. two overcards … 51%

Making a flush or straight with one card to come rather than two—ex. You’ve flopped a straight draw and want to know your probability of hitting your straight on the turn—means you just cut the statistic in half. So making a straight is about 16% and a flush is about 17.5%.

The pocket pair vs. two overcards is a scenario commonly referred to as a FLIP… because it’s nearly a coin toss. A hand like pocket tens vs. Ace-King will win just over 50% of the time. Poker players will frequently say, “we’re flipping!” when you’re racing a pair against two higher cards.

What I recommend all beginners do is download a poker odds calculator app on your smartphone (there are many) and plug-in the hands yourself. If you do this enough, you will see the same probabilities appear over and over again. It’s an easy way to begin to recognize standard situations and statistics.

Calculating Outs Cheat Sheet

An alternate way to look at your hand’s chances of winning is calculating “outs.” Think of how many cards are available in the deck to give you the best hand.

If you need to hit an open-ended straight draw for example, then you have eight outs. For example, you hold 7♣6♣. Flop is 9♦8♥3♠. Any 5 or 10 will make you a straight. There are four 5s in the deck and four 10s, meaning you have eight cards to hit for the winner.

  • Multiply your number of outs by four in order to roughly calculate your odds of hitting on the river.
  • Multiply your number of outs by two in order to roughly calculate your odds of hitting on the turn.


Flush draws contain nine outs (there are 13 cards of each suit in the deck, subtract the two in your hand and the two on the flop). Multiply 9 x 4 to calculate your likelihood of hitting your flush by the river (36%) and multiply 9 x 2 to calculate your likelihood of hitting your flush by the turn (18%).

Some people prefer to calculate outs and run these equities in their heads. I can assure you however it’s not necessary—if you follow this poker cheat sheet, then you will see the same odds and statistics pop-up so regularly you’ll naturally store them to memory.

Printable Poker Cheat Sheets

Use the links below to print poker cheat sheet PDFs, or download them to refer to later.

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Cognitive Biases and Damage Prevention

James Gibson, Guest Author at

Key Psychological Aspects of Roulette

You might not think there’s much to roulette. After all, you’re just betting on which numbered pocket the ball lands in. There’s nothing you can do to affect the outcome – it’s down to luck alone which number wins.

But like other casino games, there’s a lot of depth to roulette. You can easily play it casually and not pay much attention to your bets. Or, you can delve deep into its psychological aspects and play it strategically.

Roulette is fast-paced, thrilling and unpredictable. If you’re not aware of the game’s psychological side, you can still have a great time playing it. Take your roulette experience to the next level by learning how it affects your mind.

In this post, we’ll look at several key psychological aspects of roulette. Many of the things we’ll be covering are cognitive biases. These are errors in judgement we make because of various factors including emotions, memory and background.

In short, cognitive biases prevent us from thinking as logically and rationally as we should. In other words, they cloud our judgement, in other words. They can have some negative effects, especially when it comes to gambling.

Carry on reading and you may be surprised to learn how much the game can get inside your head.

Tilt and Emotion

We’ll start our look at the psychology of roulette by focusing on tilt and emotion. Playing casino games can cause a range of emotional reactions. Some of these can be beneficial; others can affect you negatively.

An example of a positive emotional reaction is when you win and feel good. As for a negative reaction, you could feel upset or frustrated if you’ve ended a session with a significant loss.

In psychology, the term ‘tilt’ refers to when you lose control due to negative emotions. You start making irrational decisions that can have negative side effects.

After a losing streak, you may feel desperate to score a win. You decide to increase both the number of bets and the size of each bet. You back several numbers that haven’t come up yet.

But, none of these numbers is the winning one and you suffer a bigger loss. This is a prime example of what consequences tilt can have.

Managing tilt and emotion in online roulette is important. If you let the game overwhelm you emotionally, it could have negative effects on how you play. Poor decision-making and excess betting can cause you to lose money too fast.

When it comes to playing any sort of casino game, you should be in a good frame of mind. Make sure you stay in control of your emotions and don’t let them influence your gameplay.

Alcohol and Other Substances

It’s also worth mentioning substances such as alcohol and even drugs. Both of these, especially the latter, can make you more emotional and affect your responses.

On the other hand, they can increase the enjoyment you get from playing, especially when you win. But, the way they affect your mind and decision-making isn’t worth it in the short or long term.

So should you play roulette or any other casino game if you’re drinking alcohol or using some other substance? The answer is no.

It’s much better to approach any casino game with a clear head that’s not affected by any kind of substance. You’ll be completely in control of yourself, which is the most important thing when you gamble.

Even if you don’t feel the effects of substances, you shouldn’t gamble for real money. Even if you’ve had just one drink and you don’t feel drunk, it’s best to stay away from casino games.

Gambler’s Fallacy

When you play roulette, the chances of the ball landing in any pocket are the same. In European versions, the wheel has numbers 1-36 plus 0. Therefore, each pocket has a 1/37 chance of being the winner.

With American roulette, there’s an additional 00 pocket. Each pocket therefore has a slightly lower 1/38 chance of having the ball land in it.

Gambler’s fallacy is one of the key cognitive biases linked to gambling. It refers to two things: a result that hasn’t come up recently should come up soon; a result that has come up recently shouldn’t come up soon.

Let’s say you’re playing European roulette. In the last 20 games, the number 7 has won three times. This is higher than expected because statistically speaking, it’s rare that a single number wins this many times in so few rounds.

According to gambler’s fallacy, the number 7 shouldn’t come up again for a while. This is because it’s been the winning number more often than it should have been in recent games.

In other words, 7 has won a lot and it’s now time for other numbers to have their turn.

Some people believe in gambler’s fallacy. They think results are connected and that outcomes from previous games have an effect on the outcomes of future games.

The thing is, gambler’s fallacy is false. This is because in a game like roulette, every single outcome is completely independent. There’s nothing that connects the results in any way.

People believe in gambler’s fallacy because we humans are hardwired to see patterns in things. We like noticing things like certain numbers winning more often. When we notice patterns, we try to use them to our advantage.

It’s easy to see why people think gambler’s fallacy to be true. They want roulette game outcomes to have patterns they can use to predict future winning numbers.

But the truth of the matter is that this isn’t possible. If the number 7 has won three times in the last 20 games, it’s just a coincidence.

This doesn’t mean the number 7 is more likely than usual to win in the next 20 games. At the same time, it doesn’t mean 7 will be any less likely to win either.

On every single spin of the wheel, the number 7 has a 1/37 of winning if it’s European roulette. For American roulette, it’s 1/38. The same is true for every number regardless of previous outcomes.

The key takeaway is this: don’t let past results affect your decisions. Remember that each outcome is completely independent of all others. Any patterns are just coincidences and shouldn’t be used to determine your bets.

The Thrill of Competition

Lots of roulette sites have both solo and multiplayer games. Both of them can be exciting and rewarding, but multiplayer ones have the edge.

If you want to play online roulette with other players, try a live roulette game. These are real-life games you can take part in through your casino account. They’re sociable because you can interact with other players.

This is what sets them apart from solo games. With other players comes the thrill of competition. You’re no longer playing by yourself. There are others and, naturally, you want to do better than them.

When you’re playing a live dealer roulette game, there’s added pressure to do well. Even if you don’t interact with the other players, you might want to outperform them. Roulette isn’t competitive, but it feels like that when it’s live.

If you play a live roulette game, don’t let the presence of other players pressure you into doing things differently. Keep your betting style the same.

If you’re in a land-based casino at a roulette table with other players, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement. Resist the temptation to place bigger bets and show off; it doesn’t matter what others think.

In other words, only think of yourself. Yes, the competitive aspect can be exhilarating and can liven up the game. But, it can also persuade you to overdo things, which you should avoid.

Illusion of Control

Since roulette is entirely based on luck, there’s nothing anyone can do to influence the outcome of each round. Even though players can’t affect things, some people still believe in the illusion of control, which is another cognitive bias.

This is where someone feels they can control things to a degree and overestimate their chances of success. What drives this in a lot of people is superstitious beliefs such as lucky numbers.

Lots of people put on the lottery and use the same selection of supposedly lucky numbers every time. Doing this gives people a feeling of control they wouldn’t have if they just chose random numbers.

If someone’s lucky numbers win, they’ll feel as if they’ve been successful thanks to their act of control. In other words, they’ve stuck to numbers of their own preference and their risk has paid off.

Of course, the truth is that there’s no such control when it comes to roulette. You may feel as if you’re on top of things when you place certain bets or do things in a particular way.

But no matter how much you feel you’re managing things, it’s still luck that decides each outcome. Any spin can produce a number that causes you to lose.

You might feel as if you’ve got the upper hand. It’s best to stop believing this and accept that it’s the casino that will always have the upper hand.

Bankroll Management

When playing roulette or any other type of casino game, bankroll management is important. Before you play, you should come up with a budget and stick to it.

By doing this, you’ll be less likely to have financial problems due to your gambling. Playing in moderation is always best. If you only spend money you can afford to lose, it won’t matter if you never win.

Some people end up chasing their losses. This is where they lose but they decide to keep playing, despite being in the red. They hope that eventually they’ll score a big win and make a profit.

But the problem with this way of thinking is that the big win might never come. There’s no way you can guarantee a win, so you could just end up making your overall loss bigger and bigger.

Chasing your losses is tempting, especially since it’s so easy to bet and have another round. And there is a chance, albeit a small chance, that the next spin will give you a win.

If you want to be sensible and gamble responsibly, you’ll resist the temptation to chase your losses. It’s best to quit sooner rather than later so you don’t end up with an even bigger overall loss.

For effective roulette bankroll management, do the following:

  • Only spend money you can afford to lose
  • Decide on a budget and stick to it
  • Don’t spend too much time gambling
  • Don’t spend winnings on more games
  • Treat winnings as a bonus

When playing roulette for real money, you should play in moderation. Do your best to stick to limits. Keep playing the game regularly so long as you enjoy it. If you no longer enjoy it, stop playing.

The Temptation of Strategies

There are some betting strategies you can use when playing games of roulette. It’s worth pointing out that no strategy can guarantee you a win. Some can, however, boost your odds over long-term play.

Lots of people who play roulette want to use a strategy. They think doing so will benefit their gameplay and hopefully improve their balance. There’s nothing wrong with using one.

But, you shouldn’t convince yourself that using one will work. It won’t. It might help a bit and increase your average payout somewhat, though you’ll still get plenty of losses along the way.

If you want to use a roulette strategy, it’s a good idea to practise using one when playing an online demo version of the game. With demo roulette, you can play as many times as you want without paying.

By doing this, you can see what effect, if any, a strategy has on your bankroll. You might decide it’s minimal and you’re not going to give in to the temptation to use one when playing for real money.

One strategy that’s particularly popular for roulette is the Martingale system. This is where you double your bet after every loss.

The idea is that when you win, you should recoup your losses and make a profit equal to your initial bet. Again, it’s best to practise this with free roulette games before trying it in real-money games.


Roulette is a brilliant game to play. It’s easy to understand, has lots of betting options and can be thrilling. However, like other casino games it can affect your mind, even without you realising it.

If you’re playing roulette for real money, whether online or in the real world, don’t let it get to you. Casino games can have powerful effects on people and it’s easy to let them do this.

For the best possible roulette experience, stay in control. Be aware of how the game plays on your mind and don’t let it do this. Moderate your gaming session and learn to recognise and avoid temptation.

By playing roulette sensibly and approaching the game objectively, you’ll reduce your chances of developing problems. Treat roulette as a fun, entertaining game and it should do you no harm.

About the author

Name James Gibson
Job Freelance Writer Specialising in iGaming

James Gibson is a freelance content writer with passion for slot and game guides. He proclaims responsible gambling and aims at providing accurate and confirmed information.

Moderation is key. Gambling is best enjoyed when you stick to limits and you’re the one in control.

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Playing Online Poker Tournaments in Canada

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

What Canadians Need To Know Before Playing Online Poker

Many Canadians have played poker at some point in their lives. After all, poker is universally loved enough to be found anywhere from a casino table to a kitchen table surrounded by family – even on holidays like Christmas!

The main difference between a card game like poker and most other popular card games is in its complexity. Most card games require some form of strategy, but poker takes that to a new level entirely. There are several variations of poker, as the game has been spreading and adapting for around 200 years.

On the other hand, don’t fret, as there’s one type of poker called ‘Texas Hold’em’ that dominates online poker tournaments throughout Canada – and it’s not too difficult to catch onto! Allow us to break down what Canadians need to know about playing ‘Texas Hold’em’ online.

How To Play Texas Hold’em

The goal of Texas Hold’em is to combine the cards in your hand (called ‘hole cards’) with the other cards a dealer plays each round (called ‘community cards’) in order to create the best ‘five-card hand’ possible.

At the beginning of a game of Texas Hold’em, each player is dealt two hole cards. Once every player at the table has received their hole cards, a round of betting will begin, starting with the player to the left of the dealer. Texas Hold’em doesn’t have a defined dealer, with the ‘dealer’ chip moving one spot left after the completion of each game.

After the initial round of betting, the dealer can begin the first of three stages that take place each game. There is another round of betting between each stage as well. In the first stage, aka ‘the flop’, the dealer flips over three cards. The second stage is called ‘the turn’ and only involves flipping over one card. Same goes for the third stage, except it’s the final card of the game, and is referred to as ‘the river’.

A final round of betting will take place before a winner is declared. As previously mentioned, you’re looking for the best five-card hand you can make by combining your two hole cards with up to three of the five available community cards.

Learning which hands are better than others is paramount to being successful at both Texas Hold’em and many other types of poker that use this card ranking system. For more information about all the possible types of five-card hands, and how they stack up against each other, please refer to the table below.

Hand Rank Poker Hand Name Required Cards Example
1 Royal Flush Five cards of the same suit ranked ace through 10. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of spades
2 Straight Flush Five cards of the same suit ranked consecutively. 4-8 of clubs
3 Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank Four 7s of any suit
4 Full House Three cards of one rank (three of a kind) and an additional pair of another rank Three 5s of one suit and Two 9s of another suit
5 Flush Any five same-suited cards Five diamonds
6 Straight Any five consecutively-ranked cards 2-6
7 Three of a Kind Three cards of one rank Seven 8s
8 Two Pair A pair of one rank and a pair of another rank A pair of 2s and a pair of 3s
9 One Pair A pair of one rank A pair of 4s
10 High Card Highest of the seven cards if no other poker hand is present Ace high

Popular Online Poker Tournaments in Canada

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to popular online poker tournaments in Canada. The best tournaments take place on the best online poker sites, with the top-three platforms being PokerStars, PartyPoker, and 888poker. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them the best online poker sites in Canada, and what kinds of online poker tournaments Canadians can expect to encounter.


PokerStars has been a household name throughout Canada since the turn of the millennium. Founded in 2001, this online poker behemoth established itself early by placing a special focus on its software. The PokerStars website is smooth and easy-to-navigate, and the desktop app has always been another hallmark. This is even seen today through the popularity of the iOS and Android apps, as a commitment to tech has always brought players back for more.

When it comes to the best online poker tournaments in Canada, PokerStars has endless options depending on what you’re looking for – even high roller tournaments. This includes a premier weekly ‘Play Money’ tournament each Sunday, giving players a chance to win a portion of a massive one billion chip prize pool.


PartyPoker also began its online journey in 2001. The site has been constantly jockeying for position with PokerStars, although the player base has typically been large enough for both entities to experience regular success. Those with a bit more experience may find themselves at PartyPoker more than PokerStars, thanks to the wide variety of customizable tournament filters – allowing players to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Tournaments and cash games are plentiful on PartyPoker, with regional championships available for qualified players as well as many other types of tournaments including ‘Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Daily Legends’. There are also free tournaments for those just looking to gain competition experience.


In a world where powerhouses like PokerStars and PartyPoker have been in the lead, 888poker has done quite well for itself by differentiating its offerings. The interface design of the app has been meticulously reworked in order to create a platform that is incredibly easy to use – not to mention vibrant and colourful. This was done to facilitate the onboarding of new players, but experienced players appreciate it too.

Online tournaments are another area where 888poker has gotten creative. For example, a ‘bounty tournament’ is a popular online poker tournament format where a player will win a certain amount as a ‘bounty’ for each player they personally eliminate.

On 888poker, however, the bounties come with a twist. Each player is given a golden envelope at the start of the game, which is referred to as a ‘mystery bounty’. Any elimination of another player can lead to a special mystery prize, among other things!

What is the Best Online Poker Platform in Canada?

Each of the online poker platforms we’ve mentioned is very popular and successful for a reason, but PokerStars remains at the top thanks to its superior game engine and seemingly infallible brand recognition. Feel free to make accounts on multiple online poker platforms in order to reap the benefits of them all. But if we had to pick just one, PokerStars would be our choice.

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Bouncing Back: Seven Keys to Surviving Casino Losing Streaks

Bouncing Back: Seven Keys to Surviving Casino Losing Streaks

By Jerry Stich

Gamblers hope and pray for luck while playing in a casino. They love the feeling of winning. That is because it happens so seldom. The fact that every casino game is rigged to give the house the edge means every player will lose in the long run. All gamblers know this. That is another reason winning is such a momentous occasion.

It is easy to handle winning, but with the wins come losing streaks. These long (sometimes very, very long) losing streaks can be hard for the average gambler to handle. However, there are keys to surviving losing streaks. Read on to find out what they are.

To continue reading this article, please visit:

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WEB LETTER: Highlighting Gambling Disorder During National Minority Health Month

[IMAGE] Highlighting Gambling Disorder During National Minority Health Month

It is always a good time to check in on everyone around us to and ask if they are doing alright, both mentally and physically. Did you know that April is National Minority Health Month (NMHM)? This annual event works to raise awareness about health disparities that continue to affect people from racial and ethnic minority groups and encourage action through health education, early detection, and control of disease complications.

Read the April Web Letter to learn why raising awareness about problem gambling and the resources available to Floridians through the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine should be part of NMHM.

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Vegas Values Report – Details on the Best Casino Promotions in Las Vegas!

Vegas Values Report - Details on the Best Casino Promotions in Las Vegas!

See the best Las Vegas casino promotions! Come back the second Sunday of each month to find the best values in Las Vegas. Updated by Scot Krause, our Las Vegas promotions reporter. 

Here’s what we found!

Arizona Charlie’s Decatur: Fridays in April: Decatur 36th Anniversary Hosted Slot Tournament. All True Rewards members may earn 100 same-day base slot points each Friday and receive one round of tournament play from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. up to a maximum of three rounds played per Friday. Points must be earned each Friday from 2:01 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The top 15 winners will share $2,500 in free slot play on Friday, April 4, 12 and 19. The top 20 winners will share $3,600 in free slot play on Friday, April 26. Winners will be posted by 7 p.m. at the True Rewards Center. Prizes must be claimed at the True Rewards Center by 11:59 p.m. on the day of posting.

Rio: Reopened the iconic Wine Cellar Tasting Room, one of Las Vegas’s most memorable wine destinations. The Wine Cellar is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., and reservations can be made here.

Rampart: On Monday, April 15, players earning 50 same-day points will receive two-for-one entry to the Market Place Buffet. Regularly priced at $31.99 per person, the buffet is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 8 p.m. on tax day.

FREE Slot Tournament with over $2,000 in prize money! – The publishers of the American Casino Guide have created a website to play in slot tournaments for FREE! A new tournament begins the first of each month and last all month long. No download is needed and you can play right away!  You get 7,500 credits to play and the top scorers win a  prize – and you can play up to five times for FREE! To play, or for more details, go to:  Please note that you must be 18, or older, to play. Good luck!

Downtown Grand: A New Era Blackjack Tournament. Join on April 13th at 1pm for a new event. Get ready for the thrill of winning $2,500 in cash. But that’s not all – the excitement continues with $1,000 in Promotional Chips for our 2nd Place winner and a $500 package for the 3rd Place champion. Stay tuned for the Second Chance drawing because everyone deserves a shot at the prize. Existing members buy-in for $25, New members pay $50 and select members receive complimentary entry. (Look for a matchplay coupon in the ACG app or website.)

Sahara: Every Thursday in April 1,000 base points = $10 Free Slot Play. Maximum of $200 in Free Slot Play can be redeemed per person, per Infinity Rewards account per promotional day.

Silverton: Tuesdays just got a whole lot more exciting at Sundance Grill. Every Tuesday in April, rack up 400 same-day points and savor the reward of a sumptuous petite cut prime rib dinner, on the house. Don’t let this delicious opportunity pass you by. Hit the casino floor, earn your points, and indulge in a prime rib dinner that’s as rewarding as your play. Print your coupon at any redemption kiosk. Valid for petite cut prime rib dinner only, available 11am-10pm Tuesday or Wednesday. Valid once per promotion day for all Silverton Rewards Club members.

25 FREE Casino Coupons! – Get FREE match play bets, 2-for-1 shows, dining and room discounts, plus other great deals with the FREE casino coupons on our website and apps. To see what FREE coupons are currently being offered, visit our Casino Coupons page and print out the coupons yourself! We continue to add new coupons, so please check back often. 

Jerry’s Nugget: Night Owl Special at Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop. Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop is offering a deal for late night diners. Known as the night owl special, steak and eggs are $7.99 from the hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. from Tuesday through Sunday. Steak and eggs come with an 8 oz steak, two eggs any style, hash browns or home fries, and served with toast and jelly.

Mirage/Hard Rock: Present your valid loyalty card from an eligible casino and the casino will upgrade you to a matching Unity by Hard Rock tier. Visit the Player’s Club or your Casino Host today. Present your valid loyalty card from an eligible casino. Get upgraded to a matching Unity by Hard Rock tier. Eligible Tier Match Programs:

  • M Life
  • Caesars Rewards
  • Grazie
  • Wynn Rewards
  • Genting Rewards

Silver Sevens: New member sign-up bonus: Sign up for a free account at Player Services. Swipe your new card at a marketing kiosk to spin for $10-$500 Free Play and a free drink. Print your drink voucher at the kiosk and redeem for one beer, well drink or non-alcoholic beverage at any bar. Offer valid for New A-Play members over 21 with a valid email and phone number. Free Play is valid for 48 hours after issuance. See Player Services for details. (Ongoing until further notice.) (Look for FREE coupons in the ACG app or website.)

FREE 14-day Gold Membership at – No credit card required! – is operated by Action Gaming, the developer of the most popular games including: 3-play, 5-play, 10-play, 100-play, Ultimate X, Quick Quads, and Super Times Pay. It’s the only place you can play the same video poker games found in casinos. We have a special, exclusive offer that allows you to get a Free 14-day Gold membership and no credit card information is required! With this Gold membership, besides playing your favorite video poker games, you will also learn the proper strategies for playing all of your hands. Plus, you will have the ability to change the pay tables to match up to the same pay tables that you will find in the casinos where you like to play! Try it free for 14 days with no need to enter any credit information – only by using this link –

Arizona Charlie’s (Both): In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, located at 740 S. Decatur Blvd. and Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, located at 4575 Boulder Hwy., will both host “Cinco de Bingo” fiestas on Friday, May 3 and offer featured Mexican fare at Sourdough Café on Sunday, May 5. Guests are invited to join the “Cinco de Bingo” celebrations at both Arizona Charlie’s locations on Friday, May 3. During all sessions, any player who hits bingo on B5 will win $100 in free slot play.  From 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., guests who play back-to-back sessions will receive a free electronic rainbow. During the 7 p.m. session, any player who enters the session with a minimum $10 buy-in will receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win exciting prizes; and players that hit bingo on any number ending in 5 will win $25 in free slot play. Eligibility and restrictions apply. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, both Sourdough Café locations will offer Mexican-style street tacos, specially priced at $2.49 each and available from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Sunday, May 5.

Slots-A-Fun: Las Vegas’ ONLY coin-operated machines on the Las Vegas Strip are now bigger and better than ever. Now offering 85 coin-operated machines and $2 beers, hot dogs, and shrimp cocktails and brought back several low-limit table games.

Video Poker Training Software– One of the best ways to improve your playing skills is to use video poker software. By practicing with software you will easily be able to identify the best-paying machines in any casino, plus you will be able to practice playing those games so you can play at a near-perfect level. Our website has a page to get details on the bestselling video poker software:  Winpoker. It is available in both an instant download format, or on a CD to play on your Windows computer. For more information, go to our video poker software page.

Plaza: $20,000 Super Bingo Giveaway. To qualify, players receive 10 drawing tickets for every Super Bingo 2-day tournament played through June 2024. Upcoming tournament dates in 2024 are: April 8-10, and May 6-8. The giveaway drawing will occur during intermission on day 2 of the Super Bingo tournament on June 5, 2024. Players must be present to win. Ten prizes will be awarded with a first prize of $10,000. All prizes will be paid in cash. In addition, players who play three or more Super Bingo tournaments from now through May 2024 will receive free registration for the June 2024 event.

Get our FREE App! – We are no longer publishing our annual guide book with casino coupons. However, all of the detailed casino information from our book on all US casinos is now available for FREE on our website, as well as on our FREE iOS and Android apps. Get the American Casino Guide Android app NOW!    Or, download the iOS app NOW!   Also, if you already have the app installed, be sure to upgrade to the latest version to enjoy all of the benefits it offers.

House of Blues Las Vegas: Return of the world-famous House of Blues Gospel Brunch at Mandalay Bay! Performances ·  April 21 & 28 Tickets at Tickets for Gospel Brunch at House of Blues are $64.50 (adults), $37.50 (children three – 11), plus applicable fees. 

Fontainebleau: “Elevate Your Tier.” New and existing Fontainebleau Rewards members can request to upgrade their tier status based on their current tier status at a competitor’s eligible loyalty program. The tier matching promotion will run through June 2. To receive a tier upgrade, members must present an eligible gaming loyalty card with valid expiration date along with their government-issued photo ID at the Fontainebleau Rewards desk. New loyalty members without an eligible tier status at other casinos can still get promotions. The resort will give new Bleau tier members $15 of dining credit and $15 of free slot play credit when signing up.

Venetian: New slot club launched in March: You are able to earn Tier and Rewards Points on everything from gaming and dining to entertainment and spa experiences. . From Jade, then Sapphire, to Ruby, then Diamond, each tier is even more valuable than the one before. For more info visit:

New coupon for Mob Museum admission discount is now available in the American Casino Guide app and on the website on the FREE coupons page.

FREE No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses!: Like to play at online casinos? Our sister website has more than 30 exclusive offers that give you FREE casino cash when you open a new account! No credit card is required and no need to deposit any money! To see the offers, go to:

Ongoing Las Vegas Casino Deals

We also give information on the best promotions in Las Vegas that are offered on a continuing basis. Click to see the latest edition of the Ongoing Vegas Values reports


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