Gambling in Amsterdam ᗎ Best Casinos in Amsterdam

A luminescent Casino Sign on the Building Sidewall

This guide will introduce you to legal gambling opportunities in Amsterdam. We will tell you more about the best casinos in Amsterdam that offer the most attractive games of chance.

Land-based gambling activities in the Netherlands are currently legal. The Netherlands gambling laws are strict, though. Of course, the gambling scene in the country has endured changes over the years until the landscape has been settled the way it is today. The governing authorities control the gambling activities in the licensed and authorised gaming estаblishments.

The Dutch Gaming Authority is the major regulatory organisation that controls all gaming activities in the country. Of course, all casinos and other gaming rooms in Amsterdam are also controlled by this organisation.

The Dutch Gaming Authority is under the hat of the Dutch Government. The main piece of legislation that has been in force to control gaming activities is the Dutch Gambling Act of 1964. All licences to gambling operators in the Netherland are issued according to this law.

In 2021, the Dutch government also passed a new law allowing all forms of online gaming activities as well – the Remote Gambling Act. Now, it is the major law that regulates online gaming activities in the territory of the country, and players can access the best Dutch casino sites and enjoy their quality services.

All gambling operators – both land-based and online, need to obtain a special licence to be able to offer their services legally in the Netherlands. Thus, the governing authorities aim at establishing a better and more secure gambling environment both for the business and for the customers. This is possible thanks to their collaboration with leading NL responsible gambling organisations.

Best Casinos in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the major city and the most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is also home to several attractive land-based casinos that attract many visitors throughout the whole year. Gambling in Amsterdam is a popular activity for many players who live in the city as well as for gamblers who visit this historical destination.

In Amsterdam, visitors will be able to find lots of smaller gaming rooms that offer different types of games on chance. However, several bigger casinos have gained a huge reputation among gamblers. These casinos offer the most attractive gambling games and attract players with a sophisticated atmosphere. Here are the top casinos in Amsterdam:

In the following paragraphs, we will explore the best casinos in Amsterdam. They rank in top positions when it comes to the number of casino games, diversity of gambling opportunities and overall quality of their services.

Holland Casino Amsterdam

Holland Casino is located in the centre of Amsterdam. Therefore, it is one of the most popular gambling establishments in the city. This is a big casino complex that offers lots of games that gamblers can choose from. Holland Casino’s address is Max Euweplein 62, 1017 MB Amsterdam, which is exactly in the heart of the city, not far away from the State Museum.

🏛️ Casino Name Holland Casino Amsterdam
🕹️ Number of Games 500+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Roulette, Blackjack, Poker
📍 Location Max Euweplein 62, 1017 MB Amsterdam
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Holland Casino is ranked among the best Amsterdam casinos because it offers a wide variety of games. Here, players can enjoy many of the most beloved roulette and blackjack games. There are also various poker games, and the casino also offers bingo. The number of slot machines at Holland Casino is also enough to meet the expectations of the majority of players.

Jack’s Casino Amsterdam

On Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 38-42, 1017 RC Amsterdam is located another prominent casino in the city – Jack’s Casino Amsterdam. This land-based establishment is easily accessible because it is also situated in a central part of the city where lots of tourists are visiting the nearby fancy restaurants.

The casino is open every day. Its working hours from Monday to Saturday are from 10 AM To 12.00 AM the next day. Only on Sunday the casino works from 1 PM to 12.00 AM.

🏛️ Casino Name Jack’s Casino Amsterdam
🕹️ Number of Games 380+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Roulette, Blackjack, Poker
📍 Location Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 38-42, 1017 RC Amsterdam
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Jack’s Casino Amsterdam can impress its visitors with top-ranked casino games, including lots of slot machines. Here, you can find classic fruit machines with excellent quality as well as some of the newest and most attractive slot games. Electronic roulette and bingo games are also available at Jack’s.

The casino is operated by JVH Gaming Group. The gaming establishment organises interesting events regularly, thus making the experience for its customers even better. All guests of the casino are served free snacks and drinks.

Merkur Casino Amsterdam

If you are walking around the city centre and you are visiting some of the popular museums in Amsterdam, then know that you might not be far away from another top casino. The Merkur Casino Amsterdam is located on Reguliersbreestraat 31-33, 1017, which is an 8-minute walk from Rembrandt’s house museum.

🏛️ Casino Name Merkur Casino Amsterdam
🕹️ Number of Games 200+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Video Poker, Roulette
📍 Location Reguliersbreestraat 31-33, 1017
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Slot machines, electronic roulette and video poker are the major types of gambling games that you will be able to enjoy at Merkur Casino. Besides, you can also play poker at Merkur. Many players rate it as the best casino in Amsterdam because it has bars with sophisticated drinks. The casino accepts cash deposits as well as payments with Visa and Mastercard.

Casino City

Casino City is also among the best casinos in Amsterdam, with the perfect location in the heart of this tourist destination. Its address is Reguliersbreestraat 47, 1017, and the gambling establishment is accessible from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 12 AM. Visitors can get to Casino City via bus, train and metro, which makes it a convenient destination for gambling in Amsterdam.

🏛️ Casino Name Casino City
🕹️ Number of Games 90+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Poker, Roulette
📍 Location Reguliersbreestraat 47, 1017
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

At Casino City, visitors can play some of the most popular slot machines. There are various types of slot games that gamblers can choose from. Different roulette games are also available at Casino City. It is among the preferred casinos in Amsterdam, where you can enjoy nice cocktails from the bar.

Lucky Flipper

Lucky Flipper is yet another central casino in Amsterdam with a good reputation among gamblers in the city. The gambling house offers mainly slots and other types of gambling machines. It works from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 AM to 12.00 AM and on Sunday from 1.00 PM to 12.00 AM.

🏛️ Casino Name Lucky Flipper
🕹️ Number of Games 75+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Roulette
📍 Location Nieuwendijk 63 1012 MB Amsterdam
🍗 Restaurant No
🍹 Bars Yes

Ever wondered – is gambling legal in Amsterdam? Then you can visit Lucky Flipper and see that the answer is “Yes ”. The gambling room is often full of players who are enjoying many of the top-ranked slot machines that the casino offers. There is also a bar and visitors can order drinks and enjoy their time while playing.

Lucky Jack

Lucky Jack is the last gambling room in our list of the best Amsterdam casinos. However, this doesn’t mean that it is less attractive. Just the opposite, Lucky Jack can also impress its visitors with some of the most attractive slot machines. Unlike in some other casinos in Amsterdam, the entry age at Lucky Jack is 21 years.

🏛️ Casino Name Lucky Jack
🕹️ Number of Games 60+
🎰 Slots Yes
🎲 Table Games Poker, Roulette
📍 Location Reguliersbreestraat 39, 1017
🍗 Restaurant Yes
🍹 Bars Yes

Lucky Jack has a rather long history on the gambling scene in Amsterdam. It was the first casino, opened in 1998. Over the years, the business has expanded, and today, there are several Lucky Jack gambling rooms across Amsterdam. The major one is located on Reguliersbreestraat 39, 1017. However, the other gaming rooms are also situated in key locations around the city centre.

Now, as you know the answer to the question “Is gambling legal in Amsterdam”, you may assume that Dutch players have many opportunities to enjoy the top games. The Dutch gambling market is regulated, and this helps for the better organisation of the business in NL. Amsterdam is among the thriving gambling destinations in the Netherlands, and the top casino games are popular among players in the city.

  • Slot machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat

Slot machines tend to be the most popular type of gambling game in Amsterdam. Most Amsterdam casinos offer a wide variety of slots in their gaming rooms. However, table games also rank in top positions and are often picked by many visitors of every best casino in Amsterdam. Poker is also among the top casino games that you can enjoy in the city.

Online Casinos NL

Recently online gambling in the Netherlands has been officially legalised with the Remote Gambling Act. Dutch players can access the best online casinos in NL and find an extremely plentiful variety of online casino games to choose from. This is a new stage in the overall gambling situation in the country. Online gambling offers lots of extra opportunities that many Dutch players are also eager to benefit from.

 People Looking at a Laptop Screen

Nowadays, the Dutch online gambling market is thriving. The best online casinos can be accessed 24/7 by players in Amsterdam and other locations around the country. However, online operators need to be licensed by the official gambling regulatory organisations in the country. Thus, finding a reputable NL casino site is not so difficult.

FAQ About the Amsterdam Casinos

To be sure that you have received the necessary information about gambling in Amsterdam, we have prepared a brief FAQ section. Here, you can find even more details about the best casinos in Amsterdam. Check the answers that we have provided to find more useful gambling facts and stats about the Amsterdam casinos.

1️⃣ Which are the best casinos in Amsterdam?

This city is an extremely popular tourist destination and gambling in Amsterdam is well-developed. There are lots of gambling rooms that you can visit. However, the best casinos in Amsterdam tend to be Holland Casino, Jack’s Casino, Merkur Casino as well as Casino City, Lucky Flipper and Lucky Jack.

2️⃣ What is the minimum age for gambling in Amsterdam?

Gambling in Amsterdam is legal. However, the top Amsterdam casinos can not be accessed unless you have the minimum gambling age. In most cases, 18 years is the minimum gambling age for playing in land-based casinos. However, in some casinos, such as Lucky Jack, the minimum age for gambling is 21 years.

3️⃣ Can I win real money in the Amsterdam casinos?

Yes, you can, especially if you pick the right games. If you know the game rules well, and you are aware of the specific features, you will have a chance to secure some good winnings. Some land-based casinos such as Holland Casino in Amsterdam are famous for their generous promotions as well.

4️⃣ Is gambling legal in Amsterdam?

Yes, it is. Gambling in Amsterdam is legal. What you need to know is that gambling is regulated by the official institutions in the Netherlands. This means that every best casino in Amsterdam needs to have a valid licence from the respective authorities. Online casinos in NL also need to be licensed to provide their services legally.

5️⃣ What games can I play at the best casino in Amsterdam?

Keep in mind that most Amsterdam casinos offer some of the most popular gambling games to choose from. Slot machines are among the most popular games and many land-based casinos offer them. However, players can also enjoy table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker.

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Game Providers’ Crypto Slots Fail to Attract Players

Crypto Themed Slot Games

How can crypto-themed slots effectively get the attention of crypto players and tap the growing crypto gambling community? Here are 4 mistakes to avoid.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular even in iGaming, and a proof of this is the increasing number of crypto-themed slots.

Although there is only a handful of these in online casinos to date, it will not be long enough before other game providers will follow the steps of Endorphina, Rakki, MrSlotty, and True Flip. These four already have in their portfolio crypto-themed slots that are regarded as among the most popular titles in its category.

Crypto-themed slots

While these slots receive warm reception in selected regions, it is a completely different story when it comes to crypto players. Why? Endorphina’s Satoshi’s Secret, Rakki’s SatoshiSlot, MrSlotty’s CryptoMatrix, and True Flip’s Mining Factory all have different features that may have hit or missed the right elements crypto players look for.

Games are not provably fair.

The primary feature that sets crypto slots and crypto-themed slots apart is provable fairness. Crypto slots allow players to manually verify the authenticity of the result of every spin. This very feature, unfortunately, is missing in Satoshi’s Secret and CryptoMatrix.

Whether it is roulette, blackjack, or slots, crypto players look for the provably fair feature as this ensures them that the game does not cheat them. From this alone, it is clear that Endorphina and MrSlotty both target fiat-money players and therefore fail to reach out to crypto-paying players.

SatoshiSlot Game

On the other hand, SatoshiSlot is a provably fair crypto-themed slot. Players can conveniently check the fairness of every spin and not worry whether or not the game is rigged.

Making online slots provably fair, however, is not rocket science nor impossible. In fact, BGaming, which is the game content arm of SoftSwiss, produces provably fair online slots that crypto-friendly casinos can add to their game library.


3 New Provably Fair Crypto Games from CasinoWebScripts

Games are designed for fiat-money gaming.

Following Endorphina’s and MrSlotty’s approach to the creation of their online slots, it can be deduced that some game providers simply do not create games for crypto players. A reason for this is that catering to the crypto casino community may simply not be part of their marketing strategy.

But for game providers to effectively target crypto players, they should create slots that are also designed for, well, crypto gambling. This means that developers will program their games to accept fiat currencies like USD and EUR, as well as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Mining Factory Slot

With this set-up, game content creators can sell their crypto-themed games to either a fiat-only casino or a crypto-friendly casino, with the crypto version having the ability to support cryptocurrency bets.

Rakki’s SatoshiSlot and True Flip’s Mining Factory both accept crypto bets, making them the perfect crypto-themed slots for those who want to play using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


All Lotteries Are Rigged? Let True Flip’s Blockchain-Based Draws Change Your Mind

Games are missing in crypto-friendly casinos.

Of course, game developers will need to reach out to crypto-friendly casinos if they want their slots to catch the attention of crypto players. While crypto players may also spin the reels in other casinos using fiat money, it is always better for third-party game content providers to bring their slots closer to their target market.

Satoshi's Secret Slot

Fortunately, Endorphina and MrSlotty games are available in the game library of several online casinos, many of which accept Bitcoin and other coins for payments. Some of these casinos, however, convert crypto deposits to either USD or EUR, which technically strips players off of the option to play using cryptocurrency. Still, having their crypto-themed slots Satoshi’s Secret and CryptoMatrix in these casinos is a step forward in making an impression on crypto players.

True Flip’s Mining Factory and Rakki’s SatoshiSlot, meanwhile, are available in crypto-accepting casinos. In fact, True Flip is a blockchain casino that also produces its own games.

Games have no free spins or exciting features.

Finally, like fiat-money players, crypto players also look for innovative gameplay and exciting features. This means that crypto-themed slots will still fail to get the nod of crypto players even if the games are provably fair, accept crypto bets, and can be found in crypto-friendly casinos.

CryptoMatrix Slot

Of the four slots, CryptoMatrix is the most interesting as it has a 3-1-3-1-3 layout. Satoshi’s Secret also stands out because of its 6×3 grid structure. In terms of paylines, however, they are all unimpressive. Mining Factory has the most with 27, and this figure will be easily overshadowed by online slots with 1000+ paylines. But when it comes to return-to-player, SatoshiSlot’s 97.40% is enough for most slot enthusiasts.

* * * *

While these slots are decent, game providers planning to release their own crypto-themed slots should be more innovative and creative. This way, they can be sure that their slots’ gameplay and features – paired with the three other factors – will help them succeed in effectively attracting crypto players and tap the growing crypto gambling community.


10 Best Online Gaming Hubs That Accept Your EOS Tokens

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Vegas Values Report – Details on the Best Casino Promotions in Las Vegas!

Vegas Values Report - Details on the Best Casino Promotions in Las Vegas!

See the best Las Vegas casino promotions! Come back the second Sunday of each month to find the best values in Las Vegas. Updated by Scot Krause, our Las Vegas promotions reporter. The Vegas Values report is also available as a RSS feed. Copy this URL- and paste it into your RSS reader, or Subscribe to Vegas Values by Email

Here’s what we found!

Rampart: Gear Up Television Giveaway. Promotion runs through Nov. 30. Select slots on the casino floor will feature a random prize award where one lucky winner will win a 55” or 65” 4k Smart TV. When the prize hits, other players playing at that same time will win $20 in free slot play.

Silver Sevens: 77-cent Bottled Beer (Bud, Bud Light or Michelob Ultra) available during all NFL games. $7.77 Game Day Special: Two Hot Dogs, Two Bags of Chips & 22oz. Bud, Bud Light or Michelob Ultra. 

Rampart: Guests who place a Parlay Card Wager at Rampart Casino’s Race & Sporks Book for $50 (wagers can be combined during a single trip to the window) or more will receive a coupon for free Chicken Fingers, Hamburgers, or Hot Dog, all served with a side of fries. Or guests can choose a coupon for $5 off brunch at Market Place Buffet. Offer valid through the end of the football season.

Two FREE Slot Tournament with over $2,400 in prize money! – The publishers of the American Casino Guide have created a website to play in slot tournaments for FREE! New tournaments begin the first of each month and last all month long. No download is needed and you can play right away!  You get 7,500 credits to play and the top scorers win a  prize – and you can play up to five times for FREE! To play, or for more details, go to:  Please note that you must be 18, or older, to play. Good luck!

Westgate: Superbook bet $100 get $100 with a new mobile app account. Visit WOW Casino Rewards for official rules and details.

Sahara: October 70th Anniversary Casino Promotion: $70 On Us. Upon signing up for an Infinity Rewards account, new members will receive $70 in free slot play if they lose $70 in a day on slots or video poker. New Infinity Rewards members may choose to participate in either this promotion or SAHARA’s New Member Kicker.

El Cortez: Cash is King Drawing Oct. 8 at 3 pm. Players receive an entry ticket for every 1,000 slot points earned on their Club Cortez card. Double earning period October 1 – 8. Play during this time earns tickets in both October 8 and December 10 Cash is King drawings. 1st Prize: $5,000; 2nd Prize: $3,000; 3rd Prize: $2,000; plus thirty $500 Prizes

Plaza: Pick Your Pumpkin Kiosk Game every Monday in October. Earn 50 base points on Monday for the month of October for a chance to win up to $1,000 prior to swiping at the Kiosk to participate. 

Skyline: Monday Night Football: FREE Hotdogs, $1 draft beers, & cash prize giveaways.

Longhorn/Bighorn: Earn scratch cards in October for cash ($5-50 freeplay) or gas gift cards ($25-50.)

Plaza: $20,000 Boo-Tastic Blackjack Tournament October 28-30. Top Prize takes $10,000. During the qualification period guest will need to accumulate 4 hours’ worth of play on a live Blackjack table for one 24-hour period (not split throughout the qualifying days.) Complimentary entries will be determined by a Casino Host. Qualification Period 12am on 10/23 thru 11:59PM on 10/28.

Get FREE casino coupons on our website and our apps. To see what FREE coupons are currently being offered, visit our Las Vegas Casino Coupons page  We periodically add new coupons, so please check back often. New coupons last added to that page on 9/1/22.

Arizona Charlie’s: Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, located at 740 S. Decatur Blvd., Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, located at 4575 Boulder Hwy. and Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino, located at 681 S Hwy. 160 and Lakeside Casino & RV Park, located at 5870 Homestead Rd., have announced the Bigger Bingo Coverall, a new side game now available to play. Arizona Charlie’s, Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino and Lakeside Casino & RV Park have debuted the Bigger Bingo Coverall, a progressive jackpot shared between the properties. Bingo players will have the chance to spin the bingo coverall wheel to determine their prize percentage. Players can win up to 100% of the progressive jackpot, which begins at $10,000, in 55 numbers or less.

Jerry’s Nugget: On October 31, receive a slim line charger with Jerry’s Nugget photo background with $40 minimum bingo buy-in. While supplies last.

Plaza: Super Bingo Event: Oct 11-12. Entry fee $160. All players receive: One (1) 6-on paper pack for both days of Super Bingo; 2 Daubers; Free Drinks all sessions; Boxed lunch both sessions; $10 in Free Slot Play after 1st Day session.

South Point: Gift Giveaway. Monday through Thursday in October, guests who earn up to 1,800 points on slots, video reels or video poker will receive a weekly gift and keep their points. Earn and redeem all four weekly gifts and receive a bonus gift of $100 free play. Oct. 3—6: South Point unisex full zip jacket. Oct. 10—13: South Point 400 men’s or women’s polo shirt. Oct. 17—20: South Point 400 folding chair. Oct. 24—27: South Point men’s or women’s ¼ zip pullover.

Plaza: New Member Promotion: New Plaza Rewards members receive: $10 Match Play for blackjack, roulette or craps tables plus up to $50 Free Slot Play. See Plaza Rewards for details.

Video Poker Training Software– One of the best ways to improve your playing skills is to use video poker software. By practicing with software you will easily be able to identify the best-paying machines in any casino, plus you will be able to practice playing those games so you can play at a near-perfect level. Our website has a page to get details on the bestselling video poker software:  Winpoker. It is available in both an instant download format, or on a CD to play on your Windows computer. For more information, go to our video poker software page.

Rampart: Rampart-y Super Slot Progressive •Play more than 400 “Must Win Progressive” games in the casino and win up to $2,022 in free slot play 
•All other players with their players card inserted will also win $22 when the progressive hits (ongoing until further notice)

Binion’s: Daily free slot tournament if you earn 100 points for a chance to win up to $100 in free slot play. All low scores are guaranteed a free T-shirt or cap.

Silverton: Las Vegas Football Suite Giveaway through December 29. Win two Stadium Suite tickets to a Las Vegas football home game. 200 Points = 1 Entry
Thursday, October 13 – Houston on 10/23
Thursday, November 3 – Indianapolis on 11/13
Thursday, November 24 – Los Angeles on 12/4
Thursday, December 8 – New England on 12/18
Thursday, December 22 – San Francisco on 1/1
Thursday, December 29 – Kansas City on 1/8
See Silverton Rewards Club for rules and details. Earn drawing entries starting September 1. Entries will roll over until the final drawing. Winners are posted by 5pm on each drawing date. Must be 21 years of age or older.

Get our FREE App! – We are no longer publishing our annual guide book with casino coupons. However, all of the detailed casino information from our book on all US casinos is now available for FREE on our website, as well as on our FREE iOS and Android apps. Get the American Casino Guide Android app NOW!    Or, download the iOS app NOW!   Also, if you already have the app installed, be sure to upgrade to the latest version to enjoy all of the benefits it offers.

Silverton: Has launched special perks for hospitality employees who power the city’s tourism industry throughout the Las Vegas valley. As part of the new Hospitality Employee Salute Tuesdays program, Las Vegas hospitality employees are given special perks every Tuesday, including discounts at Silverton restaurants, special happy hour rates at casino lounges, and even free “Swipe and Win” promotions in the casino. The program salutes a broad list of employees who work in the hospitality industry, including casinos, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, and shows. It also includes employees who support the hospitality industry, like cab drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers and airline employees. This new program is in addition to the casino’s popular FAB50+ Senior Salute Mondays and Military and Veteran Salute Wednesdays, which offer similar perks to those communities.

Rampart: Spiedini Fiamma Italian Bistro Opens October 5. Spiedini Fiamma is the newest addition to the culinary line up at Rampart Casino and JW Marriott Las Vegas. Featuring a robust menu of Italian coastal cuisine that give the feeling of dining in an Italian neighborhood cafe. $5 Happy Hour beginning Oct. 23 in the bar area from 4-6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Select items starting at $5. Open daily from 5-9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 5-10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday

FREE 14-day Gold Membership at – No credit card required! – is operated by Action Gaming, the developer of the most popular games including: 3-play, 5-play, 10-play, 100-play, Ultimate X, Quick Quads, and Super Times Pay. It’s the only place you can play the same video poker games found in casinos. We have a special, exclusive offer that allows you to get a Free 14-day Gold membership and no credit card information is required! With this Gold membership, besides playing your favorite video poker games, you will also learn the proper strategies for playing all of your hands. Plus, you will have the ability to change the pay tables to match up to the same pay tables that you will find in the casinos where you like to play! Try it free for 14 days with no need to enter any credit information – only by using this link –

Circa/D Las Vegas/Golden Gate: Club One Player’s Club members can earn entries all year long at Circa Resort & Casino, the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. Be one of three winners in monthly qualifying drawings and advance your entry into the grand prize drawing barrel. The grand prize drawing will be held on November 19, 2022.

Sahara: NFL football watch parties held at AZILO Ultra Pool every Sunday, featuring a 240-foot LED video wall, live DJ performances and food and beverage specials. In addition to broadcasting live football games, visitors are also invited to check out AZILO’s Tailgate Zone featuring brand activation stations as well as poolside tailgate games and prizes, including corn hole, giant Jenga, beer pong and more. Attendees can also order from the specialty tailgate BBQ menu featuring char-grilled ribeye steaks, Italian sausages, burgers and chicken. Specialty football-themed cocktails, including Casamigos Blanco Tequila Black & Silver Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Orange Crush and Purple People Eater, will also be available. Lastly, foodies are invited to partake in SAHARA Las Vegas’s Ultimate Tailgate Eating Challenge. To complete the challenge, participants must purchase the Ultimate Tailgate Eating Challenge platter for $85 and eat the following in one hour or less: two grilled cheese sandwiches, three hamburger patties with cheddar cheese, six bacon slices, six chicken tenders, onion rings and French fries served with melted cheese. Anyone that finishes their platter within the hour will win an authentic football jersey.

FREE No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses!: Like to play at online casinos? The American Casino Guide’s sister website has more than 30 exclusive offers that give you FREE casino cash when you open a new account! No credit card information is required and there is no need to deposit any money. To see those offers, go to:

Ongoing Las Vegas Casino Deals

We also give information on the best promotions in Las Vegas that are offered on a continuing basis. Click to see the latest edition of the Ongoing Vegas Values reports



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BitSpin Casino Review 2022 ✔️ AU$4200 bonus!


BitSpin Casino Review



Updated: 20.10.2022

Play now!

Redeem up to AU$4200 on your first three deposits!

🔗 URL:
📅 Established: 2015
ℹ️ License: Curacao
📌 Owner: Dama N.V.
🌎 Languages: English, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Albania Angola Barbados Belgium
Burkina Faso Cayman Islands Central African Republic Congo
Costa Rica Cuba Curacao Côte d’Ivoire
Democratic Republic of the Congo Dutch West Indies Eritrea Ethiopia
France French Guiana French Polynesia Gibraltar
Greece Guadeloupe Haiti Iran
Iraq Israel Jamaica Jersey
Lebanon Liberia Libya Lithuania
Mali Martinique Mauritius Mayotte
Myanmar Netherlands New Caledonia Nicaragua
North Korea Pakistan Panama Rwanda
Réunion Sierra Leone Somalia South Sudan
Spain St. Martin Sudan Syria
Uganda United Kingdom United States of America Wallis and Futuna
Yemen Zimbabwe

BitSpin pros & cons

  • Positives:

  • Created by a reputable corporation
  • No max limit on crypto deposit
  • Very fast payouts
  • Sizeable welcome package
  • Negatives:

  • Many slots are excluded from bonus wagering
  • Fees apply on some fiat deposit options
  • Monthly withdrawal limits could be greater
  • No telephone Support
Overall rating 5


BitSpin games

♣️ Casino type: Casino, Live Casino, Scratch Cards
🎲 Games: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Video Poker
🎰 Total slots: 1500+
📱 Mobile platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, other mobile platforms
🖥️ Software:

Show more

BitSpin bonuses

  • Welcome Package
    Redeem up to AU$4200 on your first three deposits!
    Get this bonus!
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Other promotions
    50% Tuesday reload up to AU$300. 150 Friday free spins.
    Get this bonus!

BitSpin screenshots

BitSpin casino review

BitSpin banking

💳 Max withdrawal limit: $7500 per week / $15,000 per month
💸 Min withdrawal limit: $10
🤑 Min deposit limit: $10
⌛ Payout speed: 60 mins

BitSpin support


2015-2022 ©

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Wild and Wacky NFL Betting Season Continues as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers Fall Again

Tom Brady

NFL betting numbers miss their mark

The NFL season has not gone the way that most people expected. At least that’s what the betting numbers say.

Three of the four teams that advanced to last year’s championship games are a combined 8-14 against the spread (40%). Meanwhile, the four odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl on September 6 — the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Green Bay Packers — are 11-15-1 ATS, and Buffalo is the only one above .500.

one of the wildest seasons in recent history

There have been truly unpredictable results throughout the season. Whether it be Geno Smith entering the MVP fray, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady all looking ready for retirement, or the New York Jets challenging for the AFC East title, this has truly been one of the wildest seasons in recent history. And the madness has only just begun.

Startling results

The wackiest result of the weekend was undoubtedly the 13-point underdog Carolina Panthers defeating the visiting Bucs 21-3. It was also just Brady’s ninth loss as a double-digit favorite in 22 professional seasons.

According to PointsBet, 96% of the money wagered on the Panthers-Buccaneers game came in favor of Tampa Bay. A sportsbook director for BetMGM also told the Vegas Sports and Information Network that only five bets were placed on the Panthers at +13.

one of the biggest parlay-killers of the season”

“With games like these, many [bettors] use it to fill their Sunday parlays as a banker pick, so this went down as one of the biggest parlay-killers of the season,” Kevin Lawler, head of trading for PointsBet, told ESPN.

Brady finished the game 32-49 with 290 yards, but was unable to crack the end zone. Carolina fill-in QB P.J. Walker tossed 177 yards and two touchdowns as new starting running back D’Onta Foreman rumbled for 118 yards.

Meanwhile, Brady’s compatriot in Green Bay is also struggling. That man is, of course, Aaron Rodgers, and he lost to the lowly Washington Commanders Sunday despite entering as favorites. The Packers have now lost three straight and are 3-4 on the year.

The Packers and Buccaneers were Vegas’ favorites to match up in the NFC Championship game this season. However, their Super Bowl odds have moved from +1100 and +725 to +2800 and +1800, respectively.

In a season of surprises, the only constant has been unpredictability. That rule extends beyond the blue-blood franchises, too.

What’s changed?

At the time of writing, 13 teams in the NFL are above .500. Of those, six were absent from last year’s playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, and Jets had a combined winning percentage of 33.8%. This season, that number has improved to 74.1%. 

The effects have also been felt in spread betting, where 57.3% of underdogs have covered thus far, according to Covers. Even stranger, away dogs are more successful than home dogs, despite the lack of home-field advantage.

The over/under market has also produced lopsided results, with the under hitting nearly 60% of the time.

So, what can explain all of the problems that sports gamblers are facing?

regular contenders are playing poorly

Perhaps the biggest reason for the resounding failure in the market is the public’s tendency to rely on reputation. Many of the teams that have been around for a while and are regular contenders are playing poorly. 

Another possible explanation is that the league is in a stage of transition from a player perspective. Only two of the top eight MVP candidates have won the award before, and the two that have (Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes) are 26 years old on average.

Whatever the explanation, beware of the next batch of potentially devastating odds. Lines for Week eight are already out, and three teams are listed as 10.5-point underdogs: the Chicago Bears at the Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Packers at the Bills.

The post Wild and Wacky NFL Betting Season Continues as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers Fall Again appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Eponarescue – Gambler’s Den – Best Gambling, Poker, Slot Casino Resources

Eponarescue - Gambler's Den - Best Gambling, Poker, Slot Casino Resources

How big a business? Sports Betting generated 490 billion US dollars in revenue during 2019, and this is forecast to rise to 770 billion dollars by 2025. However, it is generally held that this amount is eclipsed by the amount of money wagered on the illegal market.

Due to its unregulated nature, estimating the amount of illegal sports bets wagered each year is tricky. However a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Report recently estimated that 1.7 trillion dollars is wagered on illegal sports betting markets each year.

In other words, the value of the illegal sports betting market is over three times that of the regulated market. As the UNODC Report notes, organised crime’s involvement in illegal betting is equivalent in value to its involvement in drug, human, or arms trafficking.

Of course, the FAPL wants nothing to do with the illegal betting market, or its connections to criminality. But as we approach the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic, clubs are increasingly desperate for revenue. As such, many could be forgiven for being hypnotised by dollar signs.

Rule J.5 of the FAPL Handbook requires its clubs to notify the league about betting partnerships, but the League doesn’t regulate such partnerships. It also doesn’t regulate which betting companies can advertise at its grounds. This is a concern, as the dividing lines between legal and illegal betting are becoming increasingly blurred.

Jingle Balls

Twenty six sports betting websites appeared at the 20 FAPL stadiums over the Christmas period. Nine of these 23 betting companies advertised at more than one FAPL game, resulting in 63 separate sports betting company adverts on LED perimeter boards during the 20 game period. 

As most LED boards feature a rolling display involving under 15 companies, at some games this involved an almost constant display of gambling advertising during the 90 minutes of on-field play. Some games featured doubly-stacked LED boards equivalent to the height of a player on the TV screen.

At Aston Villa versus Chelsea on Boxing Day, five gambling companies advertised on perimeter LED boards in a near constant parade. In addition, OB Sports received extra coverage as Villa’s Sleeve Sponsor and Parimatch received match day branding due to its partnership with the club.

The level of betting company advertising during FAPL games makes a mockery of a ‘whistle to whistle’ TV ban voluntarily agreed by betting companies in 2019, and hailed as a success by the Betting and Gaming Council. It also calls in to question whether proposed UK Government crackdowns on betting sponsorship in football will be effective, unless they include LED perimeter boards.

Blurred lines

As well as appearing in English, OB Sport’s perimeter advertising at Villa Park also advertised in Mandarin. The advertised link redirects to, which is entirely in Mandarin. Online gambling is illegal in China, however it is possible that the site may targeting Mandarin speakers in other countries.

According to a Mandarin disclaimer at the bottom of its homepage, – or – is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). According to the disclaimer, the brand is owned by Opel Entertainment. 

A search through the MGA and PAGCOR internet sites doesn’t reveal any licences granted to or Opel Entertainment. None of the domains are listed on the MGA’s list of licensees. This raises questions as to whether the site is licensed at all.

Information about Opel Entertainment is hard to come by. However a popular Chinese singer, Jeff Chang, was recently forced to defend himself after it was reported that he had agreed a contract to promote a sports betting company. In a 30 December post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Chang clarified that he had terminated the contract in March 2021, which was limited to local use in The Philippines.

The sports betting company concerned with Chang’s faux pas? Opel Entertainment. The company also owns, again in Mandarin, which has exactly the same site layout as and proudly displays its sponsorship deal with Aston Villa at the bottom of the page. 

Accessing this website outside of Asia isn’t easy. Once registered using a Chinese mobile phone number, allows users to create a virtual wallet, which can be recharged using crypto currencies, many of which[1] also advertised at FAPL grounds over the Christmas period. Once this is done, a betting window appears which allows users to both watch, and bet on, live sporting events. 

As perviously mentioned, online gambling is illegal in China. It would therefore appear that in this particular case, FAPL perimeter LED boards have been used to advertise an application that allows Chinese residents to illegally place online wagers on sporting events.

Opel Entertainment isn’t the only company advertising sports betting to Asian audiences. is Crystal Palace’s betting partner, and also appeared on the LED perimeter boards at Crystal Palace vs. Norwich and Leicester City vs. Liverpool on 28 December. 12bet also appeared on the LED perimeter boards during Palace’s game against Watford on 28 December, advertising in both English and Mandarin. 

At Wolves’ foggy 19 December game against Chelsea, was advertised in Mandarin in doubly-stacked LED boards, with static advertising boards promoting gambling companies appearing above this. The site appears to be inaccessible from the UK, where it redirects to 

The reason for advertising the .vip domain in Mandarin is unclear. However in September 2020, the British Gambling Commission warned that it would consider banning ‘VIP customer’ schemes seeking to attract high value customers, as operators were failing to protect them from overspending. 

ManBetx is owned by Vivaro, which operates a number of domains including Lovebet, which advertised at the Leicester City vs. Liverpool game on 28 December. Could be seeking VIP Asian customers through advertising at FAPL grounds? The company failed to respond to questions.

The licence roulette wheel

So how are companies such as Opel Entertainment allowed to advertise their sports betting brand in Great Britain if they aren’t licensed there? For nine of the 23 betting brands advertised over the Christmas period, the answer lies with a company based on the Isle of Man.’s UK-facing site,, mentioned that it is ‘powered by’ TGP Europe, which is regulated by Great Britain’s Gambling Commission. The same is true for;;;;;;; and

TGP stands for The Gaming Platform (TGP), its internet site reveals. TGP Europe is not a gambling company, but a technology company that builds websites for clients. Its client page doesn’t mention its involvement with HTHBet, LeyuBet, or i8Bet, however its Gambling Commission licence page does.

This lists 31 domains, 14 of which are afforded ‘White Label’ status. This includes the nine betting operators powered by TGP Europe that advertised at Premier League grounds over the Christmas period. ‘White Label’ status allows a company licensed by the Gambling Commission to contract provisions of its licensed activities to third parties.

Under Article 1.1.2 of the Gambling Commission’s Licensing Conditions and Code of Practice, licensees are responsible for ensuring that third parties are ‘bound by the same licence conditions and subject to the same codes of practice as the licensee’. TGP Europe may have done this for the UK-facing domains listed on the Gambling Commission site, however not all sites connected to the nine TGP Europe brands are UK facing.

As previously mentioned there are questions about whether OB Sports’ Mandarin site, which featured on FAPL LED perimeter boards over the Christmas period, is licensed at all. At Everton’s game against Brighton on 2 January, i8Bet advertised in English, Thai, and Mandarin. Its UK site has yet to launch, but it was able to promote the Thai version of its site, which mentions that it is based in Costa Rica.

Online gambling is illegal in Thailand. Yet as the screenshot on the right shows, the Thai language version of its internet site offers odds on FAPL games, including on events such as corners and bookings. A disclaimer on its internet site mentions that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that gambling is legal at their location. Of course like, another brand in the TGP Europe stable, i8Bet may just be advertising to speakers of Mandarin and Thai. is another gambling brand powered by TGP Europe. However at Leicester vs. Liverpool on 28 December and at Manchester United vs. Burnley on 30 December, also advertised in Mandarin. The site now redirects to but at the time of the match, redirected to a Mandarin version of the site that features the same interface as the Mandarin version of OB Sport’s site[Picture HTH2].

The internet site is geoblocked in the UK, however it mentions that HTH is the Global Official Partner of Manchester United; the Official Partner of Leicester City; the Official Regional Partner of AC Milan; the Official Regional Partner of Wolfsburg; and the Official Asian Sponsor of Lille. An ‘About Us’ section of the website mentions that the site is owned by a company called China Experience Technology (华体会). Its corporate website lists its address as RCBC Plaza, Tower 2, Manila, Philippines. The building confirmed that it doesn’t have China Experience Technology, 华体会, or HTH registered as holding offices in any of its buildings.

Like, mentions that it is licensed by the MGA, PAGCOR, and the BVI Financial Services Commission. Like, a search through the MGA and PAGCOR internet sites doesn’t reveal any licences granted to China Experience Technology or HGH. None of the HTH domains are listed on the MGA’s list of licensees.

Fun88 is another gambling brand powered by TGP Europe. At Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace on Boxing Day it advertised, which redirects to, the international basketball federation’s (FIBA) new betting partner. As previously reported, there are serious questions about whether this site is licensed at all.

However at Chelsea’s victory over Tottenham in the Carabao EFL Cup semi-final on 12 January, the Mandarin advertised Fun88 domain had changed to This links to a Mandarin sports betting application listing Fun88’s shirt sponsorship with Newcastle United and an Asian betting partnership with Tottenham. 

In November, Tottenham renewed its partnership with Fun88. We asked the club if it was aware that adverts at its Stadium were used to promote

Ghost chasing

TGP Europe’s registered address is a small office above a betting shop on the Isle of Man. Google maps reveals that this is an address for a bookmaker.

From such a small base, can TGP Europe be expected to have effective oversight of all the gambling brands promoted by its partners at FAPL grounds? It doesn’t even appear to have effective oversight of its partners. 

Yabo Sports, a TGP Europe client, boasts Manchester United; Hertha Berlin, AS Monaco, Leicester City and Bayern Munich amongst its partners, which also include the Argentina national team; Italy’s Serie A; and the Copa América. It appears that its site has now been rebranded as, another site ‘powered by’ TGP Europe, after questions were raised about the identity of executives that appeared at sponsorship launches.

There appears to be no mention of Yabo Sports on Manchester United’s internet site or on Serie A’s list of partners. However, Hertha Berlin lists on its partner list, which is geoblocked from UK access. A media statement mentions that YaYu is a ‘leading provider of online sports entertainment services’. however the site can be accessed through Google Translate which shows that it is a gambling site that has connections to OB Sports, which appears to offer sports betting opportunities.

Another new arrival on the scene is Midnight Gaming, whose W88 brand is Crystal Palace’s sleeve sponsor. As mentioned, it appeared on LED perimeter boards at the London club’s 28 December game against Norwich City; and at Leicester City’s game against Liverpool on the same day.

The Gambling Commission lists an address in Poole, Dorset, as the company’s head office. This is also the address of another company licensed by the Gambling Commission to supply remote gambling software, AliQuantam Gaming Limited. The same Poole address is also listed as an office by gambling payment platform Hexopay.

A search on Google Maps reveals that AliQuantam Gaming is the only company registered at this address. AliQuantam’s internet site reveals that it is a gaming platform provider, similar to TGP Europe. However, the UK government’s Companies House lists AliQuantam Gaming as dissolved in 2010.

Companies House lists Midnight Gaming as owned by AliQuantam and a previous company name, Sporting Black Limited. It also shows that Midnight Gaming transferred its address from London to Poole in September 2020. It also confirms that the main company Director is Alan Hilliard Ehrlich.

Analysis of Companies House documents reveals that Ehrlich resides in Israel and in 2013, was Head of Poker Networks at PartyGaming. In 2011, PartyGaming merged with Bwin, and is now operated by Entain. 

A ‘Hilly Ehrlich’ was mentioned as the Business Development Manager of by Wolverhampton Wanderers, when it announced its partnership with the betting brand in 2018. This interview confirms that ‘Hilly Ehrlich’ was also Head of Poker Networks at PartyGaming.

In addition, AliQuantam Gaming appears to be behind an old website linked to both W88 and BR88. Again, the Poole address of AliQuantam Gaming is listed. BR88 was confirmed as Villa’s sleeve sponsor in 2019. Hilly Ehrlich was also mentioned when the club agreed a separate deal with W88 in June 2019.

AliQuantam’s internet site mentions that it is licensed in Malta. However a search of the MGA’s internet site for either AliQuantam, Midnight Gaming, or BR88 again yields no results. An internet search suggests that W88 may be owned by Marquee Holdings, whose shareholders are listed in the Panama Papers. 

W88 isn’t the only company connected to FAPL advertising mentioned in the Panama Papers. Vivaro, which operates ManBetX and LoveBet, is also listed. Of course, being listed in the Panama Papers only shows that companies hold offshore bank accounts and doesn’t suggest any criminal activity. 

The analysis above is designed to show the difficulty that FAPL clubs have in establishing who is behind the betting brands that advertise on their shirts and at their grounds. And if top FAPL clubs have difficulty, it can be assumed that the problem is likely to be worse further down the football pyramid. So what do the FAPL and the Gambling Commission have to say about the situation?

Not my job

The FAPL only regulates the visual aspects of LED perimeter boards, and advised The Sports Integrity Initiative that it is up to clubs to ensure that they remain within the law. There are no restrictions on use of double LED boards, as utilised for Wolves vs. Chelsea through the home club’s partnership with ADI. The FAPL said it doesn’t permit use of virtual technology to replace advertising featured on LED boards with other brands in non-UK TV markets, although this appears to be contradicted by observers.

LED boards are not sold centrally, but some FAPL clubs use third party agencies[2] to sell aggregated minutes via multi-club packages. This perhaps explains why LED perimeter advertising at some stadiums appears to be very similar. 

‘Online gambling operators are required to hold a Gambling Commission licence to transact with British based consumers’, read a reply from a Gambling Commission spokesperson to a series of questions. ‘If we find an unlicensed operator acting illegally we will take action. A sports body engaging in sponsorship arrangements with an unlicensed remote operator may be liable for the offence of advertising unlawful gambling if the remote gambling activity isn’t blocked to consumers in Great Britain and that this is clear to consumers. 

We’re of the view that the best way for sports bodies to protect themselves against this risk is to ensure that they only promote gambling operators licensed by us. It is for the owner of the advertising space to satisfy themselves that they are not committing the offence of advertising unlawful gambling.’

Most of the betting brands that featured at FAPL stadiums over the Christmas period have a UK-facing site, often licensed through a White Label agreement with a third party. However as shown above, many of these also have overseas facing websites and mobile applications.

Who is responsible for ensuring that all of these overseas facing websites, often advertised in languages other than English, are legitimate? According to the FAPL, the Gambling Commission is responsible. According to the Gambling Commission, the FAPL clubs are responsible. 

The opaque situation that surrounds White Label domains perhaps explains why the UK Government is reviewing their status as part of its Gambling Review. Concerned about gambling’s relationship with sport and football in particular, UK Gambling Minister Chris Philp will meet with sporting bodies next week. England’s Football Association has already prohibited betting companies from streaming FA Cup games after’s current deal expires at the end of the 2024/5 season.

Of course, it’s perfectly legitimate for FAPL clubs to have legal, regulated Asian betting partners. However this article demonstrates the difficulty that clubs face in assessing who is behind such companies, and in ensuring that such partners are not advertising illegal services in foreign languages. And until the FAPL and British Gambling Commission reassert control over this area, draconian restrictions are a real possibility.

1. AstroPay, which advertises in a video on its gaming page that it is an expert in ‘hard to reach’ markets such as Brazil and India, advertises on FAPL LED boards. BitCi also advertises on FAPL LED boards, as did at Crystal Palace’s 28 December game against Norwich, despite a 22 December Advertising Standards Authority ruling that an Arsenal advert for the company breached its Social Responsibility Code. Kyber Network, Alchemy Markets, CorPay and other cryptocurrency products also featured on FAPL LED perimeter boards.

2. We could only find one third party agency used to sell LED perimeter boards at FAPL grounds – Project11.

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Roulette Corner Bet ᗎ Odds, Payouts, Rules & How-To’s

Four Corner Bets on an European Roulette Betting Table

This inside bet has many similarities with other types of inside bets, and even with some outside bets. However, it has many characteristics that set it apart from any other bet on the roulette table. It comes down to the unique combination of payouts and odds, which can be achieved with a small number of betting chips.

High rollers who want to cover almost the entire betting table can save a lot of time by using a corner bet in roulette. Yet, that’s only a hint of its characteristics and advantages. In the links below, you will find the main topics of this blog post about the roulette corner bet.

Of course, you can use corner bets when playing at online roulette sites or in land-based casinos, as well as on all types of table layouts. The basic rules are that the roulette corner bet includes four numbers at once. There are other alternative ways (betting types) to achieve such a combination, but the corner bet is the most typical one. Find out more about its characteristics in the next paragraph.

Characteristics of a Corner Bet in Roulette

As you can see from the table below, there are not many differences in the corner bet rules between the three main roulette table layouts – European, French, and American. A roulette corner bet allows you to select a maximum of six corners on the table, for a total of 24 numbers, which makes four numbers per corner bet. This is a similar table coverage as many outside roulette bets.

You need to place only one chip on the corner between four numbers to count as a corner bet. It is important to place the chip in such a way that it is in the middle (crosshair) of the lines surrounding four numbers. Any other placement would count as another bet, such as a street, split, or six-way bet.

❎ Table Layout 📜 Rules 🎲 Odds 💰 Payouts
Corner Bet in European Roulette Place a chip on the corner of four adjacent numbers on the table. 10.8% 8 to 1
Corner Bet in French Roulette Same rules as in the European roulette table. 10.8% 8 to 1
Corner Bet in American Roulette Same rules as in European roulette, except that the house edge is a little higher. 10.5% 8 to 1

Another main characteristic of this bet is that the payout is the same on all the roulette table types – 8:1. This sets it among the most rewarding roulette inside bets. The odds levels are also the same, although the American roulette table offers slightly lower odds due to the additional double zero sector. Shortly put, you can easily and quickly cover a lot of sectors on the table by using corner bets in roulette.

Payout Ratio of Corner Bets in Roulette

Now, let’s focus on the corner bet payout in roulette, as it is one of its greatest advantages. It comes down to an 8:1 payout if the ball lands on a winning number. For instance, if you bet £10 on a corner bet including numbers 7, 8, 10, and 11, and the ball lands on number 7 – you will win £80. Here are more highlights about the corner bet payout in roulette:

  • The corner bet payout in roulette is recommended for experienced players.
  • You can achieve higher payouts with fewer chips on the roulette betting table.
  • The betting time is shorter, and the betting process is easier.
  • High rollers can easily combine a corner bet with other high payout bets.
  • Playing high-stakes roulette at high-limit tables is more convenient for corner bets.

In comparison to other less risky bets, such as Odds/Evens or Black/Red that pay out 1:1, the corner bets in roulette are much more rewarding. However, they cannot be compared to the highest paying bets with a ratio of 35:1, for example, for a straight-up bet. That’s why the corner bet payout in roulette is considered somewhere in the middle.

Odds Levels of the Roulette Corner Bet

With the high payout rate comes the low odds of winning. Let’s face it – there are 37 sectors on the European Roulette wheel, and hitting one of four numbers is rather unlikely. The American version of the game even has an additional, double-zero sector. However, the option to bet on four numbers at once allows you to ramp up your betting sectors quite efficiently.

If you use the maximum of six corner bets on the roulette table, you will select basically 24 numbers out of 37. That’s why you have such high odds of winning if you use all six corner bets at once. In the next table, you can see a comparison of the corner bet with other similar roulette betting types.

↗️ Comparison with Similar Bets 🎲 Odds of Winning ✔️ Pros ❌ Cons
Basket Bet 10.8% Same payout as the Corner bet; can be used for betting on the zero sector. A higher house edge on American roulette; can be mistaken for a Straight Up Bet on number 4.
Six-Way Bet 15.8% Allows you to bet on six numbers at once. Higher odds of winning. A payout rate of 5 to 1; can be easily mistaken for a Street bet.
Voisins du Zéro 37.8% Significantly greater odds of winning. Smaller payouts; available only on a table with Announced bets/Racetrack.
Tiers Du Cylindre 32.4% Covers the equivalent of three corner bets at once. Available only on roulette tables with a Racetrack.

The roulette corner bet has many significant advantages over other similar bets. For instance, European Roulette gives an average hit rate of 70% if all the six corner bets are used at once. You should also keep in mind that the odds of winning decrease in the long term if you don’t change your betting types.

It is important to point out that the top line bet (also known as the basket) is basically the same as the four number bet (also known as Transversale de Quatre), which offers the same odds levels as the corner bet. However, they can’t stack in multiple bets throughout the betting table.

Roulette Corner Bet Strategy Tips

Some of the greatest benefits of corner bets are that you can use them in a wide variety of roulette betting strategies. However, some strategies are more suitable for corner bets than others. For example, the Martingale roulette betting strategy is very convenient, as it is a progressive strategy requiring you to double your bets on every loss. Here are some other great betting strategies and bits of advice.

  1. Make sure that the corners don’t overlap in adjacent corner bets.
  2. Use betting progression (double your bets) on every losing round.
  3. Play with corner bets on roulette tables with live dealers.
  4. Avoid using corner bets in roulette in the long term.
  5. Lower your profit/loss stop thresholds upon using roulette corner bets.
  6. Follow the betting history and the hot/cold number statistics.
  7. Use corner bets in a combination with other riskier bets.

Another top roulette corner bet strategy is to follow the hot/cold number statistics. When you see a number that has a greater chance of winning – you should include it in a corner bet with three adjacent numbers. Of course, you should also always remember that roulette is a game of chance, and the outcome of the game depends almost entirely on how lucky you get.

Corner Bet As a Part of Other Bets in Roulette

If you didn’t know that you can use any roulette corner bet strategy as a part of other bet types, then you will learn something new. It comes down to a mixed betting strategy that can potentially help improve the total winning odds of your bets, as well as the overall payout ratio. After all, combining bets is one of the greatest benefits of playing roulette.

For example, you can add the roulette corner bet in a Martingale strategy, but also by placing an additional basket bet. Therefore, you can turn one of the corner bet downsides into an advantage. You cannot include the zero number in a typical corner bet, but in combination with a basket bet, you can (including numbers 0, 1, 2, 3). For example, many live games or NetEnt online roulette tables offer you the chance to try this specific betting approach.

Another great tip is to include corner bets in roulette while placing a voisins du zero bet on the racetrack. You don’t even need to make a separate corner bet, as the numbers 25, 26, 28 and 29 are already featured in the voisins du zero bet.

Roulette Corner Bet Q&A

If you would like to find out more about the corner bet payout in roulette or how to use it in a Martingale strategy, for example, please read the following questions and answers. This FAQ section includes the most important things you need to know about the roulette corner bet.

1️⃣ What is a corner bet in roulette?

A corner bet in roulette is a unique opportunity to place a wager on four different numbers, at once. This is one of the main characteristics of the roulette corner bet, as it also offers great payout rates with great odds against winning.

2️⃣ What is the corner bet payout in roulette?

When you play roulette, you can use a wide variety of betting types, and each of them has different odds levels with the same payout rates. The corner bet payout in roulette has a rate of 8 to 1. This is somewhere in the middle when compared to other bet types.

3️⃣ What are the odds against winning a corner bet in roulette?

The odds of the corner bets in roulette are pretty high. They are almost the same in European, French and American Roulette. You should keep in mind that with a corner bet, you can simultaneously bet on four numbers out of 37, so the odds of hitting a winning number are, simply put, decent.

4️⃣ How to use corner bets in roulette?

There are many ways in which you can use this type of bet. For instance, some of the top roulette corner bet strategy tips include a combination with other betting types, such as a street or a six-way bet. Also, you can remember that a roulette corner bet is suitable for any progressive betting strategy.

5️⃣ Is corner bet better than Red/Black bets in roulette?

Yes, it is better, as the corner bet payout in roulette is 8 to 1, while the payout of a Black/Red bet is 1 to 1. Of course, there are other reasons, but you can also use similar bets to the corner bet in the roulette with great payouts and odds against winning. Examples include the Full Completes bet.

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Halloween Slots for Crypto Players

Halloween Slots

Looking for new Halloween slots to play? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve listed here four new online slots that are perfect for all kinds of players. After all, blood-sucking vampires, cute pumpkins, and howling werewolves never get old.

#1 The Wolf’s Bane Slot (NetEnt)

  • Paylines: 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Jackpot: 50,000 coins
  • RTP: 96.74%
  • Minimum/Maximum Bet: 0.1/10

The Wolf's Bane Slot Screenshot 1

Some of you may be wondering how this game is related to The Wolf’s Night, which was earlier promoted by NetEnt. Well, these two games are the same. Just before launching it, the Swiss-based game provider made a last-minute change. It dropped “Night” from the original name and replaced it with “Bane.” Although with a new name, The Wolf’s Bane has the same game specifications and features.

You will enjoy this game, especially with its free spins, Wild substitutions, and Pick-and-Click feature. The sounds and effects will also surely send chills to your spine. Want to try this game? Play The Wolf’s Bane slot here for free.


3 Halloween Slots That Will Keep You Awake with Huge Wins

#2 Vampire Desire Slot (SG Digital)

  • Paylines: 50-100
  • Reels: 5
  • Jackpot: 250,000 coins
  • RTP: 96%
  • Minimum/Maximum Bet: 0.1/500

Vampire Desire Screenshot 1

Barcrest has once again created an online slot for SG Digital. Vampire Desire slot is not to be outdone by other Vampire-themed games as it boars a 5×3 structure with paylines ranging from 50 to 100! Unlocking the Mighty Reels mode opens the gates for you to access another set of five reels that give away double rewards. Vamp It Up Bonus and Lock It Link Bonus make this new game all the more exciting and rewarding. Check out our Vampire Desire slot review here.

#3 Hot Hot Halloween Slot (Habanero)

  • Paylines: 50-100
  • Reels: 5
  • Jackpot: 250,000 coins
  • RTP: 96.70%
  • Minimum/Maximum Bet: 0.01/25

Hot Hot Halloween Screenshot 1

Whoever said Halloween can never be cute is wrong. Habanero just proves this with its new online slot. But Hot Hot Halloween is no ordinary game. You’ll win only if same symbols land on a horizontal line and adjacent to one another, with each reel having its own multiplier. Its “Hot Hot” feature instantly doubles your wins as all symbols can be counted as two. It also offers six to 12 free games for more chances of winning in every spin. Try your luck with Hot Hot Halloween slot here.


Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with 3 Online Slots Made for the Occasion

#4 Vampire Hunters Slot (1x2gaming)

  • Paylines: 25
  • Reels: 5
  • Jackpot: 170,000 coins
  • RTP: 96%
  • Minimum/Maximum Bet: 0.25/100

Vampire Hunters Screenshot 1

1x2gaming renews its offerings in time for the Halloween, with its own take of a Vampire-themed slot. Vampire Hunters, which has 5×4 layout, gives as many as 18 free spins through Scatter symbols. You can also unlock bigger rewards by triggering the Bonus Games. View our Vampire Hunters review here.

Meanwhile, those who love to play zombie slots will also enjoy the mobile-first game called 1 Left Alive slot by 4ThePlayer Commercial & Marketing Director Henry McLean told that 1 Left Alive slot is among the popular games distributed to its partner casinos.

All these four new Halloween slots are now available in leading fiat money and crypto casinos. Which one of them are you most excited to play? Check out our game reviews on and follow us on Twitter and Telegram for new and relevant updates on online blockchain and crypto gaming.


Celebrate Frankenstein Friday with These 3 Slot Games

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Lastly, we have a treat for slot fans!  Joshua O’Connell, from, has written an A-Z guide on slot machine terminology exclusively for us. More details below.

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The Ultimate Slot Machine Dictionary

From accumulator to weighted reels, there are so many slot machine terms your head will spin.

In this article, written exclusively for us, slot expert Joshua O’Connell explains various slot machine terminology and breaks it all down into the simplest of terms.   

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Australia Games Casino Review



Updated: 20.10.2022

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Claim up to AU$2000 cashback on your first deposit!

🔗 URL:
📅 Established: 2020
ℹ️ License:
📌 Owner: SBGC S.R.L.
🌎 Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Afghanistan Barbados Belarus Burundi
Cambodia Central African Republic Cuba Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ghana Guinea-Bissau Haiti Iran
Iraq Japan Kyrgyzstan Lebanon
Libya Myanmar Nicaragua North Korea
Pakistan Palestine State Panama Somalia
South Sudan Syria Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia
Turkmenistan United States of America Venezuela Yemen
Zimbabwe Games pros & cons

  • Positives:

  • Exclusive games
  • Unlimited max withdrawals
  • Instant cashouts
  • Provably Fair games
  • Network tournaments
  • Negatives:

  • Limited number of games
  • No regular bonuses
  • No license information
Overall rating 5

LoaderLoading… Games games

♣️ Casino type: Casino, Scratch Cards
🎲 Games: Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Craps, Baccarat, Video Poker
🎰 Total slots: 500+
📱 Mobile platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, other mobile platforms
🖥️ Software: Games bonuses

  • Welcome Package
    Claim up to AU$2000 cashback on your first deposit!
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  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Other promotions
    Wazdan cash drop with prize pull of AU$50,000. AU$120k Friday Cash Flash tourney.
    Get this bonus! Games screenshots Games casino review Games banking

💳 Max withdrawal limit: unlim
💸 Min withdrawal limit: 0.0001 BTC
🤑 Min deposit limit: 0.0001 BTC
💲 Currencies: BCH, BTC
⌛ Payout speed: 6 mins
  • Bitcoin payment optionBitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash payment optionBitcoin Cash Games support


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