When to Surrender in Blackjack?

When to surrender in Blackjack

Ever found yourself in a tight spot while playing Blackjack, wondering if there’s a magic exit button? Well, you’re in luck! There’s a nifty trick up your sleeve called “early blackjack surrender.”

In this article, we’ve got the lowdown on everything about early surrender in blackjack. We’ll spill the beans on the basic rules and, most importantly, when to whip out this ace from your sleeve. Whether you’re rocking the Blackjack table at your favorite online casino or hitting up the real deal at a land-based joint, this strategy’s got your back.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also dive into which types of blackjack games are down with the surrender vibe because, truth be told, not all casinos are surrender-friendly.

Is the blackjack surrender rule a secret?

Is the blackjack surrender rule a secret

Nope, it’s not some clandestine info, even though many blackjack players might not be clued in on the surrender rules. See, the early surrender rule isn’t your only escape hatch when you’re in the online blackjack arena.

You’ve also got the option to bust out the late surrender rules while you’re at the blackjack table. But hold your horses; we’ll spill the beans on that in a bit. Just remember, it’s a big deal from a casino player’s perspective to have the chance for both early and late surrenders.

The dealer is crucial!

Playing blackjack isn’t always a race to hit 21 and emerge victorious. Sometimes, it’s all about strategy and making the right moves. The house edge looms, lousy hands crop up, and the odds can flip at any moment. But remember, it’s all about staying cool at the table!

Before diving deeper into surrender strategy, ensure you know all basic blackjack rules. If you need a quick reminder, check out our previous blog on how to play blackjack.

How Does the Rule of Surrender Help Me Win?

The surrender strategy may be your golden ticket to winning big at blackjack, whether you’re at the tables or kickin’ it at your favorite Bitcoin casino. It’s a strategy that’s got a special place in the hearts of many players.

Now, what’s this surrender thing all about? It’s like a shortcut to making blackjack a tad less complicated. There are moments when saying “I’m out” and surrendering is the savvy move. Sometimes, it’s not about scoring big wins; it’s more about dodging the bullet and saying, “Nah, I’ll pass this round.” That’s the name of the game – the basic strategy that can save your bacon.

The Blackjack Surrender Rule 101

The rule of blackjack surrender

The blackjack surrender rules aren’t exactly common knowledge among most folks. You’ll typically find it as an option when you dive into the blackjack surrender variation at various online casinos.

However, it’s worth noting that not all casinos play by these rules, which might nix your surrender option. But when you do get to deploy this strategy, here’s the scoop: it’s your escape route when things get dicey.

By folding your hand before it goes head-to-head with the dealer’s, you can salvage half of your bet. So, even when surrendering, you’ll only part with 50% of your wager, and the other half goes to the house. It’s your way out of a tight spot!

When to Use The Early Surrender Option

Picture this: you’re sitting at the blackjack table, just about to kick off the game. You’ve got your initial hand, and the dealer’s showing their up card. It’s at this precise moment, before you make any moves or draw any additional cards, that you can consider the early surrender option.

Now, if you decide to take this route, your hand becomes a goner. You’re pretty much conceding the current round, which might feel like a bummer, but here’s the kicker: it often saves you from an even bigger loss. You sacrifice a bit to hang onto half your bet, and that, my friend, can be a lifeline.

So, surrendering in blackjack isn’t always a bad move; it can set you up for a stronger play in the next round.

The time to surrender in Blackjack

The time to surrender in Blackjack

Timing is everything, even in the world of blackjack. When you’re at the casino table, the decision of whether to surrender early or late can be crucial.

Here’s a little tip: Consider how many decks are in play. If there are four or more decks, surrender becomes a valuable option. There are two types of surrender in blackjack – the late surrender and the early one. Understanding when to use each can make a big difference in your game.

Early Surrender

Surrendering can be a lifesaver in blackjack, where you only lose half your bet. But remember, not all tables offer this option.

To make the most of early surrender, you’ve got to act fast, giving up your hand right after receiving your initial two cards but before the dealer checks for blackjack.

Early surrender can really turn the tide in your favor when the dealer holds a powerful hand, like an ace or a ten. Here are some scenarios where early surrender is your friend:

  • When the dealer has an ace and you’re sitting on a pair of 3s, 6s, 7s, or 8s.
  • When the dealer has an ace and you’re staring at a hard 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17.
  • When the dealer’s packing an ace and you’ve got a risky 5, 6, or 7.
  • When the dealer boasts a 10 and you’re grappling with a tough 14, 15, or 16.
  • When the dealer rocks a 10 and you’re holding a pair of 7s or 8s.

These tactics work like a charm in multi-deck blackjack games. But if you’re playing with only one deck, don’t surrender when facing a dealer’s 10, unless you’re holding precisely a 10+4 or 9+5. In other situations, stick to the regular blackjack game plan.

Late surrender blackjack

Late surrender blackjack

Late surrender is a more common option in blackjack, and it kicks in after the dealer checks for blackjack.

Here’s when it’s a good idea to wave the white flag with a late surrender:

  • If you’re holding a 14, 15, 16, or 17, it’s often wise to surrender, especially if it’s your only option at the table.

Now, let’s dive into some specific scenarios:

  • If you’ve got a 14 in single deck blackjack and the dealer flaunts a 10, surrender.
  • When you’re dealt a pair of 7s against the dealer’s ace, and the dealer hits a soft 17, it’s a surrender moment.

Moving on to 15:

  • If you’ve got a 15 and the dealer shows an ace while hitting a soft 17, surrender with a 9+6 or 10+5. And whenever you’re staring down a dealer’s 10, surrender with a 9+6 or 10+5, no matter the deck count (4 to 8 decks).

Now, if you’re handed a 16:

  • In single or double deck blackjack, surrender when the dealer holds any 10 or an ace. But in a game with four or more decks, surrender when the dealer shows a 9, 10, or an ace.

Lastly, if you find yourself with a 17:

  • In single deck blackjack, surrender with a 10+7 if the dealer reveals an ace and hits soft 17. The same goes for any blackjack game when the dealer has an ace and hits soft 17.

If you are ready to hit the game, we suggest you pick one of the selected Bitcoin blackjack casinos and test your skill.

How to Surrender At The Casino Table?

How to surrender at the casino table

When you’re ready to surrender in blackjack, there’s a hand signal to get the message across. Use your index finger to draw a little line on your hole card, making it visible to everyone at the table.

These surrender rules work in your favor as a player. While there’s still a house edge to consider, it’s not too hefty. You’ll lose just half of your bet, and that’s a fair deal to take.

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Most 180s in a Match ✔️ Highest Darts Scores & Best Players

Three Darts 180 Score

Below you can find the main sections of this blog post. We not only explained why 180 is the most important score in darts but also listed professional players’ achievements, like who scored the most 180s in a match ever, who made the highest points score, and more.

By the end of the blog post, you will know the best professional darts players and what makes them fans favourite. We also added several darts records listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and answered several interesting questions regarding the game.

What Is 180 in Darts?

Every darts player dreams of getting the most 180s in a match, in a tournament, and even to break a world record. The coveted 180 score is the maximum possible with 3 darts. It provides players with quickest route to victory. Here are the different versions of the highest possible scores:

Scores Combinations to Get the Highest Darts Scores
Top 180 3x Triple 20
Score 171 3x Tripple 19
Score 167 3x Triple 20 (60), 3x Triple 19 (57), and Bullseye (50)
Score 150 3x Bullseye
Score 141 Triple 20 (60) + Triple 19 (57) + Double 12 (24)
Triple 20 (60) + Triple 15 (45) + Double 18 (36)
Triple 17 (51) + Triple 18 (54) + Double 18 (36)

All those combinations of the highest possible scores can be seen in real games. Fans of this sport even bet on it at the best darts betting sites for 2023. If you are lucky, you will see with your eyes how a player scores the most 180s in a match ever with no more than nine throws.

180 Score Records in Darts History (So Far)

The current technologies and the TV broadcasted darts tournaments allow many game fans to witness how players make history and break records. Seeing a player scores the most 180 in a darts match ever is a chance of a lifetime, but here are a few other 180 scores to be admired:

  • Most 180s in a Match: between December 2022 – January 2023 PDC World Darts Championship’s highest number of 180s scored by Michael Smith and Michael Van Gerwen is 901. This achievement is so great that it is also the most 180s in a match ever in the history of darts. It also breaks the record for the most 180s in a world championship match.
  • Most 180 in a Darts Match Ever: in the 2016 PDC World Championship, Adrian Lewis and Gary Anderson scored 34 x 180s.
  • Most 180s in a Match by One Player: in 2022, Michael Smith scored 180s a full 83 times in a single tournament.
  • Most Combined 180s in a Match: in the 2017 PDC World Championship finals, the finalists scored a total of 42 180s – Gary Anderson had 22, and Michael van Gerwen had 20.
  • Most 180s Scored in a Professional Darts Corporation Final: 22 times by Gary Anderson vs Michael van Gerwen in 2017.
  • What’s the Most 180s in a Darts Match: 24 in 2022 during the Peter Wright vs Michael Smith match.
  • Most 180s in a 7-Set Match: 31 180s total in the PDC World Darts Championship (December 2022) scored by Ross (19) and Dirk van Duijenbode (12 and a last-leg decider)
  • Most 180s Scored by a Player in a PDC World Championship: 64 by Gary Anderson between December 2014 to 4th January 2015.
  • Most 180s in a Premier League Darts Match: three matches with the same score of 11 – Gary Anderson vs Simon Whitlock (April 2011), José de Sousa vs Nathan Aspinall (April 2021), and Joe Cullen vs Jonny Clayton (June 2022).

The dozens of sports channels allow us all to see who scores most 180s in a world championship match this year or in the previous competitions. If you like wagering, you can even place a bet on a match winner, score or even tournament champion at the best UK sports betting sites.

Records Broken by Registered & Pro Darts Players

Different Darts in Dartboard

It is challenging to rank all achievements without mentioning the same name multiple times because, in most cases, the categories overlap. For example, scoring the most 180 in a darts match ever was a personal achievement for the players.

Highest Scores and Greatest Achievements

The registered darts players break many individual records, like the record for most 180s in a match. Besides the winning factor, many personal achievements enhance a player’s fame. In the name of fair play, we listed the players in alphabetical order:

  • Corrie Hammond: most darts to win a leg – 43 darts at BDO women WPDC
  • Fallon Sherrock: first woman scoring a nine-dart leg (PDC event)
  • James Wade: most bullseyes hit in 1 min – 15 bullseye (23rd September 2016)
  • John Lowe: scored the ‘perfect’ leg – 6 x Treble 20, Treble 17, Treble 18, and Double 18 in October 1984
  • Matthew Prouse: bullseye hit from furthest distance – 6 meters (30th April 2017)
  • Michael van Gerwen: longest streak of 100+ averages – a total of 19 matches between 2016–2019.
  • Paul Lim: first PDC World Championship nine-dart finish in a match vs Jack McKenna on 9th January 1990.
  • Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor: most darts World Championship wins – 16 titles – 2 with the WDO and 14 with the PDC.

As you can see, the competitions offer more excitement than just observing how the score shows who gets the most 180s in a world championship match or the most 180s in a match by one player. Great attention is placed on players’ age and personality because sometimes they are essential to victory.

Darts Players’ Age & Longevity Achievements

Black Board Hundred Percent

So far, there are 660+ WDF and 680+ PDPA registered players who appear at domestic and international championships covered by the top online casino and sports betting sites. They all draw attention with skills, personal life, and character.

  • Beau Greave: was 18 years and 91 days old when he won WDF World Championship in 2022
  • Billy O’Brien: international darts player with the longest career, spanning 34 years (September 1968 to June 2002)
  • Deta Hedman: at 61 years and 35 days (in 2020) is the first black woman and the oldest woman to debut at the PDC World Darts Championship. At that time, she already had 215 titles to her name
  • George Harness: at 98 years and 346 days (in 2016) is the oldest competitive darts player
  • Jelle Klassen: at 21 years and 121 days (2006) becoming the youngest BDO Darts World Champion
  • Michael van Gerwen: became the youngest winner of the PDC World Championship in 2014 at the age of 24 and 255 days.
  • Nick Stoekenbroek: a 12-year-old boy was the youngest player in a 2002 Dutch darts tournament
  • Paul Lim: at the age of 67 in 2022, he was also the oldest player in BDO and PDC World Championship.

It is clear that all those darts players have left their mark, and many of them still write history. Remember, this is a short list, so don’t worry if you can’t see your favourite player’s name.

Darts in the Guinness Book of World Records

Possible Impossible Street Signs

Since darts also falls into the ‘bar game’ and ‘friendly games’ categories, it is often played over a pint of beer. You may even see a listing of local players’ most 180s in a match’ listing hanging on the wall of the local pub or hear stories about funny bets.

The social side and availability of the game are reasons why there are darts entries in the Guinness Book of World Records organised by the Guinness Beer. We picked a few of the most interesting darts records you can try to beat:

  • Highest Darts Score in 24 Hours by a Pair: Oliver Ladbrooke-Davies and Daniel Thomas reached 417,765 on 21-22 January 2022, which became the first successful attempt of this record.
  • Highest Darts Score in 24 Hours by One Player: Kenny Fellowes scored 567,145 on 28-29 September 1996.
  • Highest Darts Score in 1 Minute by One Player: Michael Van Gerwen scored 644 on 18 November 2020.
  • Furthest Distance to Throw a Bullseye in Darts: Paul Webber scored 7.0104 m (23 ft.) away from the dartboard on 17th July 2021.
  • Longest Marathon Darts Playing Singles: Kevin Bryan and James Hoult played for 58 hr 48 min 18 sec from 3 to 5th July 2019
  • Longest Marathon Darts Playing Doubles: Kevin Bryan, James Hoult, Dave Sloan, and Bradley Cave played for 60 hours from 15 to 17th June 2022.

Many people, not only professional darts players, put daily efforts into breaking darts-related records. Anyone can participate in the Guinness World Records competitions and be the next to score the most 180s in a match ever. We might see your name if you are good at hitting the target.

Everyone else can keep playing darts in bars with friends. The game allows wagering and playing for fun, but be careful because the competitive spirit may push you to the extreme. Avoid worst lost bets and throw the darts for fun and pride.


If you ever wished to learn who scored the 180s in a match, this is the right spot. We picked some of the popular questions about 180 scores in darts and answered them. If the brief information is insufficient, follow the links to the relevant parts of the blog post.

*️⃣ What is 180 in a darts match?

Darts players and fans of the game already know this answer, but everyone else wondering what is 180 in a darts match should know that this is the highest possible score with three darts. Knowing that curiosity may push you to learn who got the most 180s in a match, when it happened, if this is a record, and more.

*️⃣ What is the most 180s in a darts match?

The historical moment written in the records with 180s in a darts match occurred during a match between Michael Smith and Michael Van Gerwen, where they scored 180s a total of 901 times. The most 180 in a match ever was held between December 2022 – January 2023 during the PDC World Darts Championship.

*️⃣ Who had scored the most 180 in a darts match?

Getting the most 180 in a darts match ever means that this high peak will enter darts player’s achievements and scores. An excellent example of a professional darts player scoring the most 180s in a match happened in 2022. Back then, Michael Smith’s darts hit 180 83 times during the tournament.

*️⃣ Is a 180 score in darts worthy of the Guinness World Records?

Since this game is popular entertainment in pubs, people try to leave their marks in history. There are many darts records in the Guinness Book of World Records, like Michael Van Gerwen’s highest score of 644 made in one minute. The most 180s in a world championship match also often enter the book.

*️⃣ What is the most amount of 180s in a darts match?

Explore the highest darts scores and most 180s in the history of the game, and you will discover Gary Anderson’s achievement of scoring 64 times 180s in a PDC World Championship. This is the record for the most 180s in a match by one player and was achieved between December 2014 to 4th January 2015.

*️⃣ Which are the best darts players who scored 180?

Just like in every other sport, the darts players’ age and personality also affects viewers. Many excellent players have scored 180 multiple times during their careers. Names like Phil Taylor, Corrie Hammond, Gary Anderson, Michael Van Gerwen, are the first to come to mind.

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Blackjack Odds & Probability Explained

Blackjack odds

How much chance of winning do you have in a Blackjack game? That’s where the odds come in. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Blackjack odds. By the end of this guide, you should have more than enough information to understand how odds work and why they are essential.

Blackjack Odds vs. Blackjack House Edge?

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight. Blackjack odds and Blackjack house edge ARE NOT THE SAME THING. They are closely related, but they aren’t the same thing.

Odds in Blackjack predict your chance of winning or busting based on your hand or the dealer’s face-up card.

The house edge predicts how much of an advantage the Casino has over you and how much you are expected to lose during each bet/overall. The house edge exists in all Bitcoin casino games, but Blackjack has the lowest house edge.

Naturally, the house edge is based on the odds, but it is merely there to give you an optimal approximation of how much of an advantage the casino has over you. If you want to know more about the house edge, read our guide on Blackjack House Edge.

For now, let’s talk about the odds.

What kind of odds do I have in Blackjack?

odds in Blackjack

When you play blackjack, two odds matter the most: The odds of winning and the odds of busting if we take a hit.

The odds of winning Blackjack

Let’s cut to the chase.

  • Your overall odds of winning a hand of Blackjack are: 42,22%
  • The odds of the dealer winning a hand of Blackjack are: 49,10%
  • The odds of a hand ending in a draw are: 8,48%

Many things can change the odds slightly, but this is what your odds will look like during most blackjack games, especially online ones. For example, Atlantic City Blackjack (an online casino game) has similar odds to the one we mentioned.

These odds assume that you understand the basic rules of playing blackjack, that you hit and stay according to the cheat sheet, and that you can double down and split your hand. They apply for winning a basic blackjack bet (without any side bets) with a blackjack payout of 3:2

The odds of the player busting at Blackjack

Now we are going to talk about the odds of busting. Busting in Blackjack means going over the limit (over 21), which means you lose automatically. Unlike the odds of winning, these are your odds of losing a hand if you take a hit. In other words, you don’t want this percentage to be high.

  • Player Hand Value – 11 or lower – 0%
  • Player Hand Value – 12 or lower – 31%
  • Player Hand Value – 13 or lower – 39%
  • Player Hand Value – 14 or lower – 56%
  • Player Hand Value – 15 or lower – 58%
  • Player Hand Value – 16 or lower – 62%
  • Player Hand Value – 17 or lower – 69%
  • Player Hand Value – 18 or lower – 77%
  • Player Hand Value – 19 or lower – 85%
  • Player Hand Value – 20 or lower – 92%
  • Player Hand Value – 21 or lower – 100%

When the two of your cards are at a specific value, you should consider your odds before asking for another card.

The odds of the dealer busting at Blackjack

The odds of the player busting at Blackjack

Just because our hand looks good doesn’t mean we will win. The dealer’s hand plays a pivotal role (not to mention that the dealer has the house edge), and it is in our interest to know which cards he/she might get. Here is the blackjack odds table for the dealer busting:

  • Dealer’s up card – 2 – Bust rate: 35.30%
  • Dealer’s up card – 3 – Bust rate: 37.56%
  • Dealer’s up card – 4 – Bust rate: 40.28%
  • Dealer’s up card – 5 – Bust rate: 42.87%
  • Dealer’s up card – 6 – Bust rate: 42.08%
  • Dealer’s up card – 7 – Bust rate: 25.99%
  • Dealer’s up card – 8 – Bust rate: 23.86%
  • Dealer’s up card – 9 – Bust rate: 23.34%
  • Dealer’s up card – 10 – Bust rate: 21.43%
  • Dealer’s up card – A – Bust rate: 11.65%

Again, don’t forget that some blackjack tables (especially if you play blackjack online) can improve blackjack house odds. So ensure you know the game’s rules before playing for real money. Most online casinos will let you play their games in demo mode without spending any money, so you should play a few games this way before playing for real.

Can you improve your odds of winning Blackjack?

Can you improve your odds of winning Blackjack

Yes, you can! Here’s how:

You need to find the right blackjack table. This is easier said than done, unfortunately.

First, if you play blackjack online, you’re out of luck. Most online blackjack games follow the same rules, automatically shuffle cards after each hand, and many don’t let you surrender or allow many other rules.

Now, if you find a land-based casino that allows all of the things we mentioned above, your odds are already improved. Having the ability to surrender, having the dealer stay on a 17, and not having the cards shuffle after every deal dramatically improves your odds.

This brings us to the best and most controversial method of improving your odds: card counting.

Can you have better odds than the casino?

You actually can, but only at certain land-based casinos. You can do this by card counting. However, before you get too excited, know that it’s not possible in most casinos. Because most casinos don’t want you to reduce the house edge even further, they implement automatic card shufflers or simply have their dealers shuffle the cards after every game.

Card counting can only be done inside casinos that don’t shuffle cards after every hand and implement all the rules in the player’s favor. If you understand the game, know the most optimal way to play the cards you are dealt with, and know how to count cards, you can have an edge over the casino.

You can check out our card counting guide for a guide on how to count cards.

However, remember that card counting isn’t illegal; it can get you banned from the casino should you get caught. And seeing how it’s ultimately up to the casino to decide if you count cards, they can throw you out anytime.

If you’re itching to play, check out our list of selected online Bitcoin Blackjack sites! Pick your favorite and start playing today!

Should you play Blackjack?

Absolutely. Even without using the basic Blackjack strategy for playing optimally, this game is still delightful and lucrative because of the blackjack payouts. If you play your cards right (no pun intended), play responsibly, and don’t overspend, you’re looking at one of the best casino games. Just don’t forget that you won’t be able to use most of our tips and tricks if you are playing online blackjack.

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Roger and Lara Griffiths Lottery Winners ✔️ Full Story

An Aerial Photo of a Futuristic City with Highways

In this informative post, we will do a detailed exploration of everything that happened to Roger and Lara Griffith. Who are they, how their lives changed after winning the lottery, and we will see how quickly Lara and Roger lost everything. Feel free to use the panel below to quickly jump to a relevant section in the post.

Roger and Lara Griffith and Their Backstory

Before Roger and Lara won the lottery, they lived an ordinary life in England. Roger was an IT manager, earning £38,000, and living happily with Lara. She was an art teacher, and both supported each other. They lived in a four-bedroom ex-council house in Boston Spa and always paid their mortgage.

Lara and Roger had a happy life and always hoped to win the lottery. Roger regularly played with hopes of winning one day. Generally, life was going well for the Griffiths, but all that would change in 2005 when Roger pulled a winning lottery ticket and won £1.83 million from the National Lottery. He bought the ticket from a land-based location, as back in 2005, there wasn’t such a huge diversity of lottery sites in the UK.

Suddenly, Roger and Lara were millionaires. The result was that both quit their jobs soon after they won. An understandable decision, considering they were now millionaires. They were living the dream as one of the very few lucky winners of such a huge jackpot. We will cover what happens next further on in the post, as well as how things took a turn for the worst.

What Did the Couple Invest Their Money In?

The moment lottery winners Roger and Lara Griffth received the news that they were the lucky winners of the National Lottery in 2005, their whole lives would make a huge turn.

All in all, they spent over £15,000 in only ten days. They decided to buy an £800,000 barn conversion in the village of Waterbury, West Yorkshire. This was a huge barn, one that only millionaires could afford, and was their dream come true. Roger Griffiths, the lottery winner, soon bought a £28,000 Porsche Carrera to fill up one of the two garage spots, while Lara purchased a £24,700 Lexus 4×4. Later, they also purchased more vehicles, including a £18,000 soft-top Audi.

Both Lara and Roger went on many holiday vacation destinations like Dubai, New York, and Monaco, staying in five-star hotel suites. These vacations weren’t the only ones they attended, as they also visited numerous other top destinations to enjoy their millionaire lifestyle.

Obviously, every person has the right to spend their fortune in the way they wish to. Some make unreasonable purchases, while others spend wisely and invest. If you’d like to see another point of view and read another story, check out the lottery winner Jane Park article.

Lara Griffiths, the lottery winner, really liked shopping, so she bought handbags and many other luxurious items. A regular Saturday night that was an ordinary enjoyment of a movie plus a few beers turned into spending over £300 per night at One Aldwych. Roger had his teeth whitened and often bought very expensive designer clothes to represent his wealth.

As Roger loved rock, he decided to invest in his university rock band. They hired a publicist that cost him £1,000 per month and ended up recording only one single that sold 600 copies, costing him over £25,000. It was this way due to the rehearsals taking place in London. Even though the band had no success and didn’t meet Roger’s expectations, Lara was proud of him.

The couple bought even more properties in Wetherby, and one in Harrogate for over £200,000, with plans to sell them for a profit. However, the housing crash plummeted their investments. In only three years, their expenses surpassed over a million pounds.

And this is where things started to fall off. The once proud Lara accused Roger of overspending, and he accused her of doing the same. We will see where things took a turn for the worst in the next section.

Where It All Went Wrong

Here is the story of how Lara and Roger lost everything. Both realised that they were overspending and that in less than four years, Roger and Lara squandered their money. Over €1,1 million were lost, and the arguments and accusations started.

Lara blamed everything on Roger, as she claimed he was the one that wasted the fortune they had won. Everything started with a house fire on their main property in Wetherby, when a boiler ruptured and caused huge damages to their barn.

A City with Skyscrapers and Busy Traffic

Over €120,000 worth of repairs needed to be carried out, and the couple realised their money would soon be gone. This, according to Roger, was “the final straw of our marriage”. Roger said he was so overwhelmed and overly excited about becoming a millionaire that it took him over six months to get used to it. At that time, he has not realised that everything would fall apart and did not make any plans for smart investments. He thought, since he had that much, he didn’t need a job and that he and Lara were set for life.

The Couple’s Breakup, Accusations, and Blame

Another event occurred soon after when Roger and Lara’s relationship ended. She had found out that Roger was emailing another woman and soon accused him of being unfaithful. This was a claim that Roger dismissed, but it was the boiling point of their dying marriage.

Lara and Roger were not divorced yet, but that would follow soon after because both of them started constant arguments about their poor investment decisions. Lara was angry that Roger bought all these properties and cars and was disappointed about the large amount of money that went into his unsuccessful rock band.

She also claimed they had completely forgotten about their children, who were initially sent to very expensive private schools. They were worried they could not support them anymore, so the children were again moved back to their original public establishments. This, coupled with the crumbling of their planned investments to sell the properties because of the financial crisis, was when Roger and Lara’s relationship ended.

Two People Hugging in the Sunset

To his defence, Roger said that Lara was also overspending. Her art saloon needed to be sold as it was also not thriving, and he claims that she was needlessly organising trips to first-world countries and cities that were very expensive, with little thought put into the financial hit this would cause to them.

All in all, it turned out that being a lottery winner isn’t all good. They had a lovely life, never failed to pay their mortgage, and were able to support their children. Their jobs weren’t low paid, but the jackpot completely changed their lifestyle. Winning the lottery will do that, and many people do not feel sympathy for the Griffiths.

The couple had undergone many interviews by the media. After all, they were the popular winners of the National Lottery. Everybody knew about the Griffiths, and when news broke out that their life had fallen apart, the public’s opinion was negative. Roger and Lara did not work for this money – they got it by a lucky lottery win, and due to poor financial decisions, they lost it all.

What are Roger and Lara Doing Now?

What happened next is that the Griffiths took a devastating blow to a previously happy family. Lara currently still lives in the Wetherby barn conversion, and Roger still insists he pays for the mortgage, though this is not confirmed.

The Porsche was returned, and the many properties that they bought had to be sold at a loss. Although people did not feel much sympathy towards the Griffiths, it’s hard not to feel some for Roger. He did cause harm to the family with all this overspending, but he was left broken after their marriage fell apart and all the accusations Lara put on him. See the below list for a quick timeline of how the issues occurred:

  • ✔️ Roger won the lottery in 2005
  • 🔥 Roger spent £25,000 on his rock band
  • ✅ Lara and Roger started arguing
  • ☀️ Their children were moved to public schools
  • 👉 Lara blamed Roger for everything
  • ➡️ In 2011, Roger was left with just £7

Roger was in a thought circle of where it all went wrong and how he did not intend for any of this to happen. He stated that “the one thing that I did not want to do was to spend and squander all that money”, yet this is exactly what he did, along with Lara’s expensive purchases and vacations too.

Roger did not regret the years he had after the lottery win. He said that they were living the dream, the millionaire’s dream. Few experience such a luxurious lifestyle, and he thinks that every lottery winner should be able to experience it.

All in all, things did turn out to be bad for the Griffiths, as they could have spent their winnings in a much better way. This is the main reason the couple wasn’t well received by the public. If they had been smarter with their investments, been wary of the financial crisis, and put more thought into saving what they could, this could have been prevented.

Other Lottery Winners in the UK

Let’s have a look at some other lucky lottery winners in the UK. One of the most recent and biggest wins was in 2022 when Joe and Jess Thwaite claimed £184 million on a lottery draw that took place on the 10th of May. They wanted to stay anonymous, however, they finally revealed their identity during a press conference.

We must also mention the popular lottery winner Callie Rogers, who, back in 2003, had an ordinary life, living on only £3.60 per hour. Her life took a drastic turn when she won the Lotto Jackpot, earning a total of £1.87 million. We’ve compiled data of the top lottery winners in the UK below.

Biggest Lotto Wins in the UK
Name Sum
Joe and Jess Thwaite £184,262,899
Colin and Chris Weir £161,653,000
Adrian and Gillian Bayford £190,000,000
France Connolly and Patrick £114,969,775
‘Matt’ Matthew £500,000

These are our picks for the top lottery winners. No matter who you are, winning the lottery is surely a dream come true. As long as you keep track of your spending, of course. And for a detailed look at more lottery winners in recent times, see our page for the latest lottery winners around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below, you’ll find quick answers to the segments discussed in the blog. We’ve covered the whole life after the lottery win of the Griffiths, and the most common inquiries are below. Use the links to quickly go to the relevant section of the blog post.

1️⃣ Who are Roger and Lara Griffiths?

The Roger and Lara Griffiths lottery winners used to live an ordinary life with stable jobs and two daughters. They were a happy family that owned a four-bedroom ex-council house in England, but all changed after they won the lottery in 2005. Roger and Lara quit their jobs and started living the lives of millionaires.

2️⃣ What did the couple do with the money?

The lottery winners, Roger and Lara Griffiths, were quick to start their spending spree. Among the many huge purchases, they bought a barn, several cars, and invested in even more properties. All in all, they could have made smarter investments.

3️⃣ How did the Griffiths lose everything?

Soon, the Griffiths realised that they were overspending. Roger was buying way too many properties and investing in an unsuccessful rock band, while Lara was constantly shopping and suggesting expensive vacations. They eventually got into many arguments, and their marriage broke up. Soon after, Roger and Lara’s relationship ended.

4️⃣ When did Lara and Roger Griffith win the lottery?

The year when everything changed for the Griffiths was 2005. They were living ordinary lives until that happy moment when Roger pulled the winning ticket. As we all know, they should have been more careful with their spending, and today, they are a good example for other lottery winners for how not to spend your winnings.

5️⃣ What are the Griffiths’ lives like now?

Roger and Lara had to say goodbye to their millionaire luxurious lifestyle. After many poor financial decisions, Lara had to move to the barn they initially bought, while Roger lives in a small cottage, with little to no money. Had the couple made smart financial decisions and not quit their jobs, things would have been different.

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Casino de Genting ▶️ Excellent Game Selection & Luxury Amenities

Casino de Genting Amenities

Located in Resorts World Genting, Casino de Genting is perched on the peak of the Titiwangsa Mountains, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding area.

Alongside its first-class gambling facility, the Genting Highlands resort features six hotels, plenty of restaurants, shopping malls, and a theme park, making it a complete hub for visitors of all ages. Read on to learn more about Casino de Genting’s exciting games, dress code, working hours, etc.

Everything You Need to Know About Casino de Genting

Founded in 1971 by Genting Group, Casino de Genting is the only gaming resort in Malaysia. The casino floor spans over 200,000 sq. ft., boasting an extensive selection of slots, table games, and electronic gaming machines.

From classic favourites like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette to modern games like EGT Blackjack, the venue offers endless possibilities for thrill seekers. Here are the main facts about Casino de Genting in Malaysia:

🏢 Foundation 1971
🗺️ Location Genting Hotel, Genting Grand, Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
☎️ Phone Number +60 3-6101 1118
🎲 Games Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat
🏨️ Accommodation Genting Grand Hotel
🛏 Rooms 745 Rooms, Including Premier Suite, Club Suite, Grand Premier
🧖 Spa Yes
🍴 Restaurants Awana Garden, Burger & Lobster, Cha Chaan Teng, Empire, and more.
🍸 Bars 360 Bar (Genting Club)
🛍️ Shops Shopping Malls, Souvenir Shops, Boutiques, etc.
📅 Events Shows, Events, Cinema, Live Entertainment
🎢 Theme Park Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park
ℹ️ Official Website https://www.rwgenting.com/en/casino/genting-casino.html

In recent years, Casino de Genting in Malaysia has undergone significant expansion and renovation to further enhance the overall guest experience. The addition of new gaming areas, the upgraded facilities, and the introduction of innovative technologies ensures that the property remains at the forefront of the industry, offering the latest in gaming trends and entertainment experiences.

Perched on the peak of Titiwangsa Mountains, Casino de Genting offers a picturesque backdrop that adds to its allure. As the only legal gambling venue in the country, the facility is part of the larger Genting Highlands Resort, known as a hilltop wonderland, that serves as an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

As Malaysia’s premier gambling destination, Genting Highland Casino attracts visitors from across the globe, seeking the perfect blend of excitement and luxury. Beyond the variety of gaming options, the first-class casino resort features several hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and a theme park, combined with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Alongside the breathtaking views, luxury amenities, and exquisite dining options, the casino’s high-tech facilities ensure a seamless and immersive gaming experience, while the professional and friendly staff are always on hand to assist and create a warm atmosphere for visitors.

These unique features and the superb variety of games make Casino de Genting a strong competitor of the best online casinos for Malaysians.

Overview of the Amenities at Casino de Genting

Malaysia’s Genting Highland Casino is famous for its first-class amenities and sophisticated atmosphere. The magnificent facility offers its customers a wide range of gambling options that cater to every player’s skill and preference. Like every premier gambling venue, the place provides players with some of the most popular Asian gambling games.

Casino de Genting Games Selection

As we already mentioned above, Casino de Genting is famous for its exquisite facility and premium games. The gambling venue offers more than 3000 slot machines, 400 types of electronic table games, and 30 table games. Additionally, players can enjoy classic favourites like Blackjack, Baccarat, Three-Card Poker, Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker, and various roulette versions.

Casino Game Hall

Alongside the wide range of slot machines, electronic table games, and all-time favourites, customers at Casino de Genting in Malaysia can take advantage of the ETG Blackjack (Blackjack at electronic tables), which offers up to three hands in one game and accepts a low minimum bet starting from only RM10.

For those seeking high-stakes gaming, the International Room at Casino de Genting provides an elite and private gaming experience. With its luxurious ambience and personalised services, the International Room caters to discerning players who crave the utmost privacy and exclusivity. There, they can enjoy baccarat, roulette, and blackjack versions, all played with professional dealers.

Together with the numerous gambling options and the huge potential of gaming and casino industry growth in Malaysia, Genting Highland Casino fully supports responsible gambling and cooperates with various organisations, providing adequate help to prayers with gambling-related issues. Furthermore, the operator strictly follows the gambling laws and regulations in the country.

Casino de Genting Dress Code

The Genting Highland Casino dress code is smart casual. Visitors are asked to be decently dressed before entering the gambling venue. Please note that players are prohibited from wearing flip-flops, beachwear, sunglasses, hats, or face masks on the casino’s premises. Backpacks, knives, firearms, and any type of electronic gadgets are not allowed.

Casino de Genting Entrance

Casino de Genting Roulette

To have the right to gamble at the Malaysia Genting Highland Casino, you must be at or above 21 years old and a non-Malaysian Muslim. Keep in mind that before entering the gambling venue, you will be asked for a valid ID or a driver’s licence to confirm your age and identity. Visitors wearing T-shirts with offensive or political slogans will not be allowed to enter the casino.

Genting Rewards

One of the highlights of Genting Highland Casino is its exclusive Genting Rewards programme. By signing up for membership, players can enjoy a range of benefits and privileges, including discounts on dining, accommodation, and entertainment.

The loyalty programme also offers members the chance to earn points while playing their favourite games, which can be redeemed for exciting rewards and experiences within the resort.

Accommodation & Entertainment

Genting Grand Hotel

Beyond the gaming floor, Casino de Genting offers exquisite accommodation and a wealth of entertainment options. After a thrilling gaming night, guests of the gambling venue can book a room at the Genting Grand Hotel, which guarantees them a luxurious and comfortable stay.

The property offers elegant and classy amenities, which have stood the test of time. All you need to do is choose the type of room that suits you most and book it in advance.

When it comes to dining, the hotel provides its visitors with several options. While at the property, you can enjoy the Lobby Lounge, the Seasons Restaurant, or The Bakery, which will certainly cater to your taste and preferences. Additionally, the Casino de Genting resort offers plenty of other dining options, including a wide range of culinary delights.

As we already mentioned, alongside the diverse culinary selection, the iconic Genting resort offers many entertainment options. The place hosts live performances by internationally acclaimed artists, ranging from concerts and theatrical productions to comedy shows and dance performances.

Additionally, visitors can explore the attractions within the resort complex, such as the Genting Highlands Theme Park, featuring exhilarating rides and family-friendly entertainment.

Things to do in the Area

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is a captivating hill resort just an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Fondly known as the “City of Entertainment”, Genting Highlands is a popular destination not only for gamblers but also for anyone seeking respite from the sweltering heat of the lowlands.

With its cool climate, breathtaking views, and a plethora of attractions, this mountain retreat offers an unforgettable escape for locals and tourists of all ages. Let’s delve into the top things to do in the area.

  • Genting Highlands Theme Park – Formerly known as Genting Outdoor Theme Park, it has recently undergone significant redevelopment and now boasts the Genting SkyWorlds, a state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor theme park. Packed with thrilling rides, attractions, and themed zones, SkyWorlds promises an exhilarating experience for both kids and adults.
  • Skytropolis Funland – Located within the First World Plaza, the place is an indoor amusement park that guarantees fun for all ages. With over 20 exciting rides and attractions, including a massive indoor roller coaster, bumper cars, and arcade games, this climate-controlled wonderland ensures that visitors can enjoy themselves regardless of the weather outside.
  • Awana Skyway – For awe-inspiring views and a memorable cable car experience, hop on the Awana Skyway. This gondola lift system connects the resort to the Awana Transport Hub and offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains and forests. Whether you’re travelling during the day or in the evening, the ride is a must-do for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.
  • Chin Swee Caves Temple – Venture beyond the glitz of the resort to find solace at the Chin Swee Caves Temple. Nested on a hill overlooking Genting Highlands, this serene and ornate temple is a palace of tranquillity and spirituality. Marvel at the giant Buddha statue, intricate architecture, and lush gardens while enjoying the cool mountain breeze.
  • Highline Rooftop Market – If you’re a foodie or enjoy shopping for unique souvenirs, head to the Highline Rooftop Market in SkyAvenue. This vibrant market offers a wide range of international and local cuisines, as well as a variety of stalls selling handicrafts, clothing, and other trinkets. It’s an excellent place to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the resort.
  • Hiking and Nature Walks – Genting Highlands offers several hiking trails and nature walks. The Genting Trail, which starts near the Chin Swee Caves Temple, is a popular choice for a leisurely hike amidst lush greenery and cooling temperatures. The more adventurous visitors can take the challenging hike to Gunung Ulu Kali, a nearby peak that offers stunning vistas.

Genting Highlands offers a mix of entertainment, adventure, and natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking an exciting gambling experience, thrilling rides, serene landscapes, or simply a relaxing getaway, this mountain retreat is a destination that caters to all preferences. Meanwhile, if you want to explore more gambling destinations, check out the top casinos in Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of our Casino de Genting review, we included a bonus section with the most frequently asked questions by the gambling venue customers. It includes helpful information about the games, amenities, dress code, and the surrounding area, which has been attracting visitors since the Genting Highland Casino opening.

Who owns Casino de Genting in Malaysia?

Casino de Genting in Malaysia is owned by Genting Group. The gambling venue is part of the famous Resorts World Genting, which is among the most popular entertainment destinations in Malaysia. Due to its beautiful amenities and variety of games, the Genting Highland Casino is a favourite spot for every passionate gambler.

What games does Casino de Genting offer?

Malaysia Genting Highland Casino offers a great selection of games, featuring over 3000 slots, 400 types of electronic table games, and 30 table games. Furthermore, gamblers can play all-time favourites like Baccarat, Blackjack, Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker, Three-Card Poker, and plenty of popular roulette versions.

What type of amenities does Casino de Genting offer?

The Genting Highland Casino offers luxury and sophisticated amenities, which cater to every visitor’s taste and preferences. Located in the iconic Genting Grand Hotel, the gambling venue provides players with a wide range of casino games, first-class premises, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Does Genting Casino in Malaysia have a dress code?

Casino de Genting in Malaysia doesn’t require a formal dress code. The staff advises customers to wear smart casual clothes at the gambling venue, excluding beachwear, flip-flops, as well as hats and glasses that cover the face. Furthermore, backpacks, knives, guns, and shooting devices on the casino’s territory are prohibited.

Does Casino de Genting offer accommodation?

Yes, it does. The Genting Highland Casino in Malaysia offers its customers a first-class accommodation. Since the venue is located in the iconic Genting Grand Hotel, visitors can take advantage of the luxury rooms, restaurants, and spa centre. Additionally, the guests will get an opportunity to enjoy the variety of dining options at the property.


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6 Most Popular Baccarat Variations

Baccarat Variations

Ever noticed how baccarat seems to be everywhere in the casino world, online or offline? It’s no surprise, given its easy-to-grasp rules, making it perfect for both pros and beginners. Plus, with a lower house edge than most casino games, it’s a top choice for many. Ready to dive deep into baccarat variations? Let’s go!

How many versions of Baccarat are there?

There are quite a few versions. In most cases, we have three main versions. These are:

  • Punto Banco – The default Baccarat game that most Baccarat tables use.
  • Chemin de Fer – Players take turns as the Banker, also known as European Roulette.
  • Baccarat Banque – The Banker is chosen at the start of every turn, and there are two Baccarat tables.
  • Mini Baccarat – A simplified version of the classic casino card game Baccarat, played with lower betting limits and a faster pace.
  • European Baccarat – Players bet on whether the player or the banker will have a higher hand total, aiming for a total closest to 9.
  • Dragon Tiger – A fast-paced card game where players bet on which hand, Dragon or Tiger, will have the higher card, with a possibility of a Tie bet as well.

There are many other game versions, but we’ll mainly focus on the three above since they are the most popular. You’ll likely see more different versions of Baccarat, but, for the most part, they won’t differ much from these three.

Punto Banco

Punto banco table

Punto Banco is among the most popular baccarat variations, resembling Classic Baccarat. Played with six standard 52-card decks, players can bet on either the Banker or the Player, or predict a Tie, meaning both hands will have equal value. After placing bets, cards are dealt and values are calculated.

Tip: You can’t change your mind once a bet is placed! So choose wisely!

In Punto Banco, the banker deals a card to both the player and the bank twice in the initial round. After these cards are dealt, their combined value determines if a third card is needed. It’s worth noting that betting on the Banker gives you the best odds, as the house advantage is lowest there. Conversely, betting on a Tie isn’t recommended due to the significantly higher house edge.

To ensure you’re on the same page with Baccarat rules, we suggest reviewing our comprehensive blog on how to play Baccarat before continuing with this guide.

Chemin de Fer

Baccarat variation Chemin de Fer

The original Baccarat game. Chemin de Fer (Chemmy) originated in France and slightly differs from Punto Banco. The Biggest difference between the two games is that players can take on the role of Banker. When a match starts, the Banker is chosen, and that player remains as the Banker until he or she loses a game. Moreover, the Banker deals with all the winnings and losses during the round, which is precisely why the role changes after each Banker’s loss.

Other players can only bet on the Player. When a round begins, everyone shuffles the cards in order starting from the dealer. Once the dealer shuffles the cards, he/she passes them to the player on the right, who does the same thing. This continues until everyone has shuffled the cards.

Chemin de Fer is a bit more involved than Punto Banco but nowhere near as involved as other casino table games like Blackjack. A game of Chemmy doesn’t take long but is significantly slower than Punto Banco, which is probably why the latter is more popular. Still, the rules are mostly the same, and the best have the same payout, odds, and house edge.

Chemin de Fer is played on an oval-shaped table so players can always face each other while the dealer can quickly deal the cards for everyone to see.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is an excellent combination of Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco. Players take turns begging the Banker, but the Banker doesn’t have to cover the other players’ winnings. Also, the role of the Banker changes after every turn.

Players can place either a Player or a Banker bet which is great, but winning Banker bets still require a 5% commission. The Baccarat Banque table is remarkably similar to the Punto Banco table.


Mini Baccarat

This is essentially Punto Banco, apart from two key differences. The first one is that the Mini-Baccarat table can seat fewer players. The second difference is that the minimum wager is usually much lower than regular Punto Banco tables.

Because of the lower bets, many casual players enjoy spending time at Mini-Baccarat tables. However, because mini-baccarat is similar to Punto Banco, many don’t even bother changing the name and just call it Punto Banco with low minimum wagering.

European Baccarat

Chemin de Fer may be mistaken for European Baccarat, and there’s a good reason why. The games play the same, except for one key difference. The Banker and the Player(s) can decide whether or not they want to stay or hit during the third card.

Usually, there are rules that everyone has to follow during the drawing of the third card, but in European Baccarat, players get the ability to choose. Also, at some European Baccarat games, Banker Bets pay 1 to 1 without the 5% commission, also known as EZ Baccarat.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a streamlined version of baccarat, offering a fast-paced gaming experience. In this game, two sides – Dragon and Tiger – are dealt one card each. Players must predict which side will receive the higher card value. If both the Dragon and Tiger are dealt cards of the same value, the round results in a tie. In such cases, the house claims half of the players’ bets.

Key betting options include:

  • Dragon: Betting on the Dragon side to have the higher card.
  • Tiger: Betting on the Tiger side to have the higher card.
  • Tie: Predicting that both sides will have cards of equal value. It’s essential to note that while the tie bet can be tempting, it has a high house edge of 32.7%, making it a riskier choice.

Additional betting variations:

  • Big: This bet wins if the selected side (Dragon or Tiger) receives a card value over 7.
  • Small: Wins if the chosen side gets a card value under 7. The bet loses if the card dealt is precisely 7 for both Big and Small bets. These bets come with a house edge of 13.98%.

Depending on the specific Dragon Tiger game variation, players can explore other side bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, and more. However, players should approach side bets cautiously, as they often favor the casino more. The standard Dragon/Tiger bet is advisable for those seeking the best odds, offering a lower house edge of 3.73%.

Which version of Baccarat should you play?

You can’t go wrong with any of the versions mentioned above. No matter which Baccarat variation you choose, this is still the same old, straightforward, and relaxing game.

  • If you like to shuffle cards, go for Chemmy (Chemin de Fer)
  • If you want to keep it casual, try Mini Baccarat.
  • If you want the best of both worlds, check out Baccarat Banque.

Most of the time, especially if you are playing at online casinos, you will end up with Punto Banco because it is the most preferred way to play the classic Baccarat game. If you are ready to hit the game, check out our list of Bitcoin Baccarat sites and choose your favorite.

Regardless of your chosen version, remember that Baccarat is all about luck, not skill. Bet on the Banker, find a betting strategy and enjoy this classic Casino game.

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Vegas Values Report – Details on the Best Casino Promotions in Las Vegas!

Vegas Values Report - Details on the Best Casino Promotions in Las Vegas!

See the best Las Vegas casino promotions! Come back the second Sunday of each month to find the best values in Las Vegas. Updated by Scot Krause, our Las Vegas promotions reporter. 

Here’s what we found!

M Resort: September Gift Days. On select days throughout the month, guests who play and earn 100 same-day Tier Points will receive a complimentary gift, available from 11 a.m. through 7 p.m. at the Promotions Center. Same day tier points must be earned on the gift day between 4 a.m. – 6:59 p.m.

  • 9/6 – New Amsterdam Vodka
  • 9/10 – 40oz M Resort Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • 9/13 – Reactive Round Baking Dish
  • 9/17 – 9” Cast Iron Round Griddle with Handle
  • 9/20 – 4-pack Red Bull energy drinks
  • 9/24 – Steam Iron
  • 9/27 – Set of 4 Football Pint Glass

Sahara: Every Day In September earn 1,500 Base Points or 1,500 Tier Credits for a pair of Sahara Headphones.

Plaza: Is introducing a $20,000 Super Bingo Giveaway. To qualify for the $20,000 Super Bingo Giveaway, players receive 10 drawing tickets for every Super Bingo 2-day tournament played from now until June 2024. Upcoming tournament dates in 2023 are: Sept. 11-13, Oct. 9-11, and Nov. 27-29, and in 2024: Jan. 5-7, Feb. 5-7, March 4-6, April 8-10, and May 6-8. The giveaway drawing will occur during intermission on day 2 of the Super Bingo tournament on June 5, 2024. Players must be present to win. Ten prizes will be awarded with a first prize of $10,000. All prizes will be paid in cash. In addition, players who play three or more Super Bingo tournaments from now through May 2024 will receive free registration for the June 2024 event.

FREE Casino Coupons – Get a FREE $50 match play bet, plus other great deals with the FREE casino coupons on our website and apps. To see what FREE coupons are currently being offered, visit our Las Vegas Casino Coupons page  There are 16 coupons that you can print out yourself and we continue to add new coupons, so please check back often. 

Rampart Casino: Market Place Buffet Labor Day Dining Special. On Monday, Sept. 4 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., guests are invited to enjoy 50% off all-day entry to the Market Place Buffet (regularly priced at $30.99 per person). To redeem this offer, visitors must earn 50 same-day points.

Plaza: Scratch N Win Kiosk Game every Sunday in September. Earn 25 base points on Sundays for the month of September for a chance to win up to $1,000 prior to swiping at the Kiosk to participate.

Aristocrat Gaming: Began distribution of the highly-anticipated NFL Super Bowl Jackpots slot machines to casino floors across the country. No matter where casino players choose to play, they can select their favorite team from the 32 clubs. Timed to the start of the season, the distribution of games marks the first time the public will be able to play the NFL-themed slot machines. NFL Super Bowl Jackpots, the first in a series of new games, will initially be distributed in select casino locations in Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Arizona. The new game will expand deployment across the U.S. in the coming months, and players can find locations carrying Super Bowl Jackpots by visiting aristocratgaming.com/us/play/nfl-slots

FREE 14-day Gold Membership at videopoker.com – No credit card required! – videopoker.com is operated by Action Gaming, the developer of the most popular games including: 3-play, 5-play, 10-play, 100-play, Ultimate X, Quick Quads, and Super Times Pay. It’s the only place you can play the same video poker games found in casinos. We have a special, exclusive offer that allows you to get a Free 14-day Gold membership and no credit card information is required! With this Gold membership, besides playing your favorite video poker games, you will also learn the proper strategies for playing all of your hands. Plus, you will have the ability to change the pay tables to match up to the same pay tables that you will find in the casinos where you like to play! Try it free for 14 days with no need to enter any credit information – only by using this link – www.videopoker.com/acg

Ellis Island: All Passport Players Club Members receive Free Play when visiting on the day of their Birthday. (Free Play available on kiosks). (Ongoing promotion until further notice.)

Binion’s: Million Dollar Display is now back after a three-year absence. The updated display now features a new background and automated process that lets you send the souvenir photo to your email address or phone. Located near the club booth. (Editor’s note: Look for FREE coupons on the American Casino Guide Book app or website.)

Arizona Charlie’s (Both): Jackpot Win It Again Jackpot Campaign. Guests that hit a jackpot of $1,200 or more and sign a publicity agreement will be entered into Arizona Charlie’s “win it again” drawing that will be held in December. Guests can begin earning drawing tickets daily and the promotion will last until Wednesday, Nov. 1.

FREE Slot Tournament with over $2,000 in prize money! – The publishers of the American Casino Guide have created a website to play in slot tournaments for FREE! A new tournament begins the first of each month and last all month long. No download is needed and you can play right away!  You get 7,500 credits to play and the top scorers win a  prize – and you can play up to five times for FREE! To play, or for more details, go to: https://www.freeslottournaments.com/  Please note that you must be 18, or older, to play. Good luck!

Palms: Win up to $1,000 in Free Slot Play for your birthday. Swipe your Club Serrano Card at any Club Serrano Kiosk once during your birthday month to receive Free Slot Play.

Silverton: Pass the Pigskin Mondays & Thursdays September 7 — December 28 at the Flare Bar, Mermaid Lounge and Shady Grove Bar. Win up to $200 Free Slot Play. Natural 4-of-a-kinds (on max bet) receive the “pigskin” and entry into the end-of-season drawing. At the end of each quarter, the guest with the “pigskin” will receive $50 free slot play. End-of-Season Drawing Thursday, December 28. Win 2 suite tickets to the Las Vegas vs. Denver game on January 7. See Silverton Rewards Club for complete rules and details.

Tuscany: Tuesdays: $2,500 Weekly Slot Tournaments : Open to the Public, must be a DaVinci Rewards member, Weekly $2500 Patriotic Slot Tournaments, 25 winners each week, all prizes paid in free slot play ▪ Earn 100 same day base points for each entry – earn up to 3 entries each week ▪ Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize.

Video Poker Training Software– One of the best ways to improve your playing skills is to use video poker software. By practicing with software you will easily be able to identify the best-paying machines in any casino, plus you will be able to practice playing those games so you can play at a near-perfect level. Our website has a page to get details on the bestselling video poker software:  Winpoker. It is available in both an instant download format, or on a CD to play on your Windows computer. For more information, go to our video poker software page.

Silverton: Cider Fest at Silverton Casino. With several unique types of hard cider available on tap, this event is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the flavors of the season. Cider Fest debuts at Shady Grove Lounge on Sept. 1 and runs through Oct. 31, 2023. Visitors can treat themselves to a flight of hard ciders, expertly curated to offer a range of tastes and styles or sip on their favorite cider on tap while relaxing in the lounge. Cider Fest will include a menu of “festival favorites,” including fresh State Fair Mini Doughnuts, a made-to-order sweet treat that perfectly complements the cider offerings. Other choices include the Apple Cider Puff Pastry, made with ACE hard cider-infused apples, and topped with pastry crumbs, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. Savory selections feature Disco Fries, topped with gravy, melted mozzarella cheese, cheese sauce, and shredded beef short ribs; cheese curds; and giant soft pretzels.

Silver Sevens: 16″ single-topping large pizza and a bucket of Miller High Life (4 bottles) for $21. Available Friday–Sunday at the City Café. (Note: coupon available in the app.)

MGM/Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan will join MGM Resorts International Rewards loyalty program on Feb. 1, 2024.

Paradox Museum Las Vegas: Announces an exclusive ticket bundle with Minus5º ICEBAR at The LINQ Promenade. Guests of all ages are invited to two unmissable immersive experiences both in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Available for $42 per person, the bundle includes entry to Paradox Museum Las Vegas as well as entry to Minus5º ICEBAR, gloves and the use of a parka to stay warm in the chilly ice lounge. Guests can purchase the ticket bundle on the Paradox Museum website at https://www.paradoxmuseumlasvegas.com/buy-tickets-online/

Skyline Casino: All You Can Eat BBQ Pork Ribs with sides and more are only $13.95. Served daily after 11 am. Ham Steak and Eggs $5.95, available from open til close. (Ongoing until further notice.)

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Bellagio: The Vault new hideaway is positioned behind the resort’s casino cage, offering specialty drinks, stylish decor and small bites.

Ongoing Las Vegas Casino Deals

We also give information on the best promotions in Las Vegas that are offered on a continuing basis. Click to see the latest edition of the Ongoing Vegas Values reports


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Top 10 Race Tracks in the World ᗎ Uncover the Top Spots to Burn Rubber

Cars Lined Up in the Pit Lane

Thanks to the many sports streaming channels and some top sports betting sites, motorsport fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to watching the top racing action taking place around the world.

Everyone will have one or two favourites, but some circuits are more exhilarating and exciting than others. Hence the reason for this list of the best race tracks in the world.

What Types of Motorsports Are There to Watch?

Humans have always loved to compete, and we’ve been racing all types of vehicles almost since the beginning of time. The invention of engines and motors has merely helped to make the racing experience faster and more exciting.

Over the years, many different motorsports have evolved for our entertainment, from air racing motorsports, track, and off-road to water-based. Before we introduce you to the top 10 best race tracks in the world, let’s take a quick look at some of the different events you might find there.

  • NASCAR – The cars in this type of racing resemble street cars but have been modified for additional power. Races take place in the USA, and the most famous track is the Daytona 500.
  • Formula One (F1) – This is an international racing format in which car manufacturers compete in a series of races on tracks around the world. F1 cars are open-wheeled and are developed specifically for this type of racing.
  • MotoGP – This is the motorcycle motorsport equivalent of F1 racing. Motorbikes are custom-built for this type of racing. MotoGP races take place on tracks around the world.
  • Motocross – Motocross is dirt bike racing. Off-road motorcycles are raced around a dirt track that often includes obstacles such as mud pools, jumps, ruts, corrugations, and tight turns.
  • Rally – Rallies are off-road racing events that can last a single day or more than a week. Multiple classes of cars and motorcycles take part.
  • Drag Racing – Drag racing is run over a ¼ mile or 402m straight track. Two drivers race their high-octane vehicles side-by-side in a straight sprint to the finish line.
  • Oval Track Racing – Common oval track racing events include sprint car racing, dirt track motorcycle racing, stock car racing, and NASCAR racing.
  • Touring Car Racing – Touring cars look like everyday cars, but they’ve been heavily modified for racing.

Top 10 Best Race Tracks in the World

Whether you enjoy betting on motorsports, taking part, or watching the racing spectacle live, buckle up, lights out, and away we go with our list of the top 10 race tracks in the world.

Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany

This legendary circuit is possibly one of the most recognisable motorsports race tracks for motorsport lovers. It’s earned itself the nickname of the ‘Green Hell’.

The current layout covers 13 miles, some sections of which are public roads. There are also around 150 corners, each one of which tests even the most skilled drivers.

Germany's Famous Nurburg Racetrack

Many events are held at this famous German racetrack, including the 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters). Car manufacturers also regularly use the track for testing their cars.

However, the best and most interesting aspect of this racing circuit is that it’s open to the public almost all year round. Gearheads regularly flock there for their adrenaline fix and to see if they can beat the lap record.

The Suzuka International Racing Course, Japan

This is Japan’s first full-scale international racing course, and prominent events held there include the Japanese motorcycle Grand Prix and Formula One races. It started out as a test track for Honda in 1962.

Formula One Racing at Suzuka in Japan

One of its outstanding features is the unique ‘figure-eight’ layout. Only one other FIA Grade 1 licensed track has this layout. It’s also considered one of the best racing tracks in the world because of its challenging configurations. These include the crossover layout, the high-speed 130R corner, and the multi-apex Spoon Curve.

Circuit de la Sarthe, France

The Circuit de la Sarthe is considered to be one of the most famous race tracks because of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is held there every year. It also happens to be one of the oldest active racing locations and has hosted the 24-hour race since 1923, when it first opened.

24 Hour Le Mans Racetrack

The racetrack comprises some public road sections along with some private routes. The current length of the track is 8.5 miles long, which makes it one of the longest racetracks in the world.

Other features that stand out include its long straights, such as the Mulsanne Straight, which was a 3.7-mile stretch that could be enjoyed at flat-out speed. Chicanes were introduced because of safety concerns, but if you’re seeking the ultimate adrenaline high, don’t miss the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Laguna Seca, California, USA

Laguna Seca is a racetrack in Northern California that features 11 corners. One of the most famous ones is the “Corkscrew’ chicane”. It’s considered to be one of motorsport’s most challenging turns because of its uphill approach, blind apex, and dramatic downhill drop.

From entering the corner to exiting it, drivers drop the equivalent of five and a half storeys in just 130 metres. There is a further ten storeys drop between the exit of the Corkscrew and the following Rainey Curve.

Circuit de Monaco, Principality of Monaco

At number five in our list of the best race tracks in the world is a street track that winds itself around the Principality of Monaco. It debuted on the F1 calendar in 1950 and has always been a difficult circuit to master.

Monte Carlo's Racetrack

As well as some of the quickest corners, such as the Piscine, there are also tight hairpins and barriers that surround the circuit, which means there’s little margin for error. As one of the world’s narrowest F1 tracks, overtaking can also be challenging.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

Monza, in Italy, is the third-oldest motor racing circuit in the world. It was built in 1922 and offers a challenging mix of fast corners and long straights. Every year, it plays host to some of the most memorable F1 races, with the Formula One cars racing along at full throttle for around 80% of each lap.

With the cars capable of reaching peak speeds of around 320kph, that makes for quite an exhilarating race. On the track in 2020, seven-time F1 Championship Lewis Hamilton set a record for the fastest-ever lap in F1 history at Monza. He clocked a time of 1:18.887 for the lap and achieved an average speed of 264.362 kph.

Silverstone, UK

Silverstone is one of the UK’s most popular racing tracks and considered to be the ‘Home of British Motorsport’. The first-ever World Championship Grand Prix was held at this iconic racetrack in 1950, and these are all very valid reasons for it to be included in any list of the best car race tracks in the world.

Silverstone Racetrack From the Air

This UK racing track is best known for the breakneck speeds drivers can reach. The flat-out corners are also memorable, particularly for spectators, as the slightest miscalculation in the corner can have some dire consequences.

The most prominent event is the F1 Grand Prix, but the track is also used for various other races, such as the British motorcycle Grand Prix and the British GT Championship.

Daytona International Speedway, Florida, USA

This is one of America’s most iconic tracks, and several immortalised events are held here, including the 24 Hours of Daytona and the Daytona 500 (NASCAR’s most famous event). It’s an exciting track because of the multiple layouts, the most iconic of which is the 2.5-mile high-speed tri-oval with 31-degree banking at the wide sweeping turns.

The speedway is not just popular for racing events. It’s one of the largest outdoor stadiums in the US and has several track layouts, 11 social areas, and plenty of recreational facilities.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a motor racing circuit and oval speedway complex located in Speedway, Indianapolis. The Indianapolis 500 has been held there since 1911, and the United States Grand Prix from 2000 to 2007.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track

Inside the complex, there is also the 37,500 square-foot Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, a must-visit for IndyCar and general automobile history fans. Indianapolis itself is considered by many to be the racing capital of the world.

This is because thousands of racing fans from around the world make pilgrimage to the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway every year. Another famous race that takes place here is the Verizon 200.

Brands Hatch Circuit, UK

Time for the final contender in our list of the top 10 race tracks in the world. We’re heading back to the UK to introduce Brands Hatch. It’s not really one of the most famous, but it’s definitely one of the more exciting, particularly for touring car fans.

Brands Hatch is best known for its changes in elevation and steep cambers, and also for being an extremely technical circuit. Each of the bends flows into the next, which makes the choice of line crucial.

The track is regularly resurfaced, making grip levels superb. There are also some reasonable run-off areas allowing for the odd-off track excursion. This popular UK racing track currently host many British and International racing events.

What is it About Motorsports That Makes Them So Appealing?

If you’ve never been much of a motorsport fan, you might be wondering why so many people go out of their way to watch the sport. There are many reasons why people sometimes stand for hours watching a bunch of drivers going round and round a track.

F1 Fans Watching From the Grand Stand

Motorsports events tend to have an electrifying atmosphere which is why some people are willing to travel thousands of miles to experience events live and up close. There’s also the adrenaline rush from witnessing high-performance vehicles racing each other.

Let’s not forget the social aspect of being part of a large crowd of fans and the motorsport personalities who give people more to love about a sport.

In recent years, motorsport has become more popular and technological advancements make it possible for fans to watch more sporting events. Fans can also keep up with the latest news on social media, sports betting platforms, and with the help of constant internet updates.

Is it Legal to Bet on Motorsports in the UK?

You’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to bet on motorsports in the UK, and the answer is yes. Much like horse race betting, you can pick from many motorsport betting sites streaming events from the best racing tracks in the world.

Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Features that make a track classic include a grippy, smooth racing surface that winds its way around the landscape. It should have twists and turns, ups and downs, and well as long straights. However, don’t stress because we can help you select the right races and tracks.


At Best Casino Sites, we aim to answer any questions you might have as concisely as possible. With so many people interested in motorsports now, we thought we’d answer some of the more common questions that pop up relating to this blog topic.

1️⃣ What is the longest race track in the world?

Motor racing tracks come in many shapes and sizes and range in length from just a couple of kilometres to more than 20. The longest race track in the world in currently the Pescara F1 Circuit in Italy (25.8 km), followed by the Nürburgring in Germany. This German track covers 20.7 km and includes public roads as well as race track.

2️⃣ What race tracks are used to auto and motorcycle racing?

There are very few race tracks in the world that are solely for automobile racing. Most are multiple-purpose.Silverstone in the UK has been the venue for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, the Monster Energy British Grand Prix MotoGP, and the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship.

3️⃣ Which city is the racing capital of the world?

The title of the racing capital of the world goes to Indianapolis. It is deserving of this accolade because it is home to the oldest continually operating racetrack as well as the world’s largest sports seating facility. In addition, it also hosts the largest single-day sports event, the Indy 500.

4️⃣ What is the narrowest F1 race track in the world?

The narrowest Formula 1 track in the world is Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan. It is just 7.6 metres wide. However, a close contender must be the Circuit de Monaco. This street circuit located in the principality of Monaco is also the shortest F1 track as it is just 3.337 kilometres long.

5️⃣ Is motorsport betting legal in the UK?

Yes, betting on motorsport is allowed wherever betting is legal. However, you should only place bets at sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Motorsport betting is growing in popularity and more online sports betting sites will be offering a range of markets and betting types.

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How to play Blackjack – Guide for Beginners

How to play Blackjack

Are you ready to learn the rules of the most profitable casino game? Well, sit back and enjoy this guide.

Before we start, let us reassure you: Blackjack isn’t hard to learn. It’s really simple. You should be good to go if you understand the risks and know the rules.

 In this guide, we will go over all the basic Blackjack rules. We will only cover the rules, not tips and tricks on getting good at the game. So, if you are just starting the game (if it’s your first time playing), you’re in the right place. Otherwise, feel free to check out some of our advanced Blackjack guides.

Short game introdution

Blackjack is a game where players play against the dealer. The cards are given to the player, and the player decides whether or not they want a new card or are happy with what they have. The game’s object is to have a card sum that’s as close to 21 without exceeding it.

Every number card is worth its number value, while Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 (each is called a “ten-value card”). An Ace is either worth 11 or 1.

A Game of Blackjack is typically played using six to eight decks of cards.

The Blackjack Table

Blackjack table

A blackjack table looks like a half-circle. The dealer stands in front of the area of the chip from where he/she deals the cards and handles winnings and losses. If you play online blackjack, you won’t see the dealer, as the AI will do everything.

Around the curved edge of the table is where players join. Depending on the blackjack table, several players may be seated. When you join a blackjack table, you take one of the empty spots and place your bet (the minimum bet for most blackjack tables is about $5).

The dealer will circle and deal one card face up to each player, including him/herself. Then the dealer will deal a second card to all players, face down. However, the dealer’s second card (the dealer’s hole card) is always face down (to build suspense).

A player can request to be “hit” by receiving additional cards from the dealer. When the player is satisfied with their total sum, they can stay. The dealer will then move on to the next player (if any are present).

Finally, once all the players have received their cards, the dealer’s face-down card will be shown the winner(s) will be announced. Like in all casino games, there is a house edge over the player.

If you are willing to try online blackjack, we suggest you pick a casino from our list of the best Bitcoin Blackjack sites.

How to Win at Blackjack

To win at Blackjack, you need to beat the dealer. If your hand is better than the dealer’s hand, you win with a payout of 1:1 (double your bet).

When you get dealt your two cards, you need to decide whether you want to take another card (take a “hit”) or they can stay on the number they currently are (“stay”).

If a player gets a face card (Jack, Queen, King, or a 10) and an Ace, that is considered a natural. A natural winner receives a payout of 3:2 (150% of their wager). However, if the dealer also manages to get a natural, it is considered a tie between that player and the dealer.

Know When to Hit and When to Stay

Knowing when to stay is one of the most extensive beginner traps new players face. While it’s true that getting 21 is the ideal scenario, statistically, it rarely happens. You must realize that hitting close to 21 is legitimate to avoid this trap.

For example, many new players may think that having an 18 isn’t that great and may just draw another card. In most cases, such players will probably draw a high card that will send them over 21 and make them lose their bet. So, don’t always take a hit. Learn when to stay. Heck, staying on a 15 is sometimes a good idea.

There is a solution if you are just starting and aren’t sure when the right time to hit or stay is.

Doubling Down

An exciting rule in Blackjack is doubling down. Doubling down means that you are very confident in the two cards you are dealt that you want to double your bet and, hopefully, get even more from your winnings. Doubling down usually occurs when you draw an Ace along with another card.


A split is more advanced and isn’t recommended for brand-new players. A split is when you get two perfect cards and turn them into two separate hands. For example, if you draw two Aces, instead of waiting for more cards, you may want to treat them as two separate hands and, hopefully, get two wins instead of just one.

Unfortunately, a split also means you have to place another bet for your other hand, but if you are lucky, you’ll walk away with two wins instead of just one. While players should always split aces, other good cards should also be split.


First, surrendering in Blackjack may not be allowed in all casinos/online casino games. Surrendering in Blackjack is when you choose to forfeit your hand. When you do this, you can get back half of your wager. While that may not sound like a lot, the alternative is losing it all, so it’s a great deal if you think about it.

If you feel like neither taking a hit nor staying is a good option, you can always choose to surrender (if it is allowed).

Many players consider surrendering in Blackjack to be against the “spirit of the game” however, many also claim that this is the best rule in blackjack as it, ultimately, helps you play for longer.

The Blackjack Cheat Sheet

Blackjack cheat sheet

Before you get intimidated by the look of the table above, let us assure you that you don’t have to memorize anything. Many brick-and-mortar casinos will allow you to use the cheat sheet while sitting at the table. You aren’t using notes during a test, you are just reading the standard rules.

The cheat sheet above can help you know when it’s usually a good idea to hit, stay, double down, or split. When you see the dealer’s face-up card and receive both of your cards, simply look at the cheat sheet and do what it says.

Please note: Just because this is a cheat sheet doesn’t mean it will win you every Blackjack hand. It won’t. The cheat sheet is a general rule of thumb that most Blackjack players make when receiving certain cards. While it can’t win you all games, the cheat sheet can help you look like a competent player during your blackjack game. A player who uses a cheat sheet is considered a basic strategy player.

Side Bets

Before we end this guide, we’d like to mention side bets briefly. Side bets in Blackjack are additional bets that players can place when placing the original bet (unless it’s an insurance bet). Unlike Doubling down (when you have a good idea of what you might get), side bets are entirely luck dependent.

New players should avoid side bets and should only be used by those bored of playing Blackjack the same old way and want to spice things up. Side bets are all about predicting the cards that you will get. They can be of the same suit same value of a specific combination of cards.

You can even lose a hand but still win a side bet. Specific side bets can even give you a payout of 1000:1. We will cover Blackjack side bets in a different guide, but for now, you should know that side bets can be fun ways to earn money even during a losing game and earn a bit more if you are feeling lucky.

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PayMaya to GCash Philippines ✔️ Maya to GCash Transfers for Filipinos

Mobile Banking

Use the table below to navigate through this blog post. We start with Maya to GCash transfers, then explain the reverse procedure. Then, we will give more details on both payment methods and end the article with answers to interesting questions.

How to Send Money from Maya to GCash in the Philippines?

First, we must clarify that ‘PayMaya to GCash’ and ‘Maya to GCash’ refer to the same transfer. That is so because PayMaya was recently renamed to Maya, and you can find more details on the topic further down the blog post.

It is not news that every player of the best online casinos in the Philippines for 2023 searches for fast, safe, and low-fee payment methods. We explored all options and now would like to share with you how to transfer money from PayMaya to GCash:

  • 📱 Have the Apps: download, install, and log in to Maya and GCash apps.
  • 🏦 Bank Transfer: open the Maya app, select ‘Bank Transfer’, and find GCash.
  • 💸 GCash Details: fill in the required information on the screen and press ‘Continue’.
  • 🆗 Confirm Transfer: check the transaction summary, tap ‘Send’, and enter the one-time PIN you received through SMS.
  • ✔️ Reference ID: once the PayMaya to GCash transfer is complete, you will receive a Reference ID you can save through a screenshot.

As you can see, the process is quite simple and can be completed within minutes. The money transfer is instant between the eWallets and the online casino. The transfer limits vary, so check the Maya Wallet and app overview.

There is a PHP15 Maya to GCash fee per transaction for Filipino players. Long-term users of the app will notice that this was also the PayMaya to GCash transfer fee. This is one of the good sides of the app that remained after the rebranding.

How to Transfer Money from GCash to PayMaya?

Learning how to make a Maya to GCash transfer in PH is a step towards the endless world of online banking. We will show you how to perform the reverse transfer – from GCash to PayMaya with fast, fuss-free, and easy-to-follow process.

This option can also help you fund fyour gaming account in one of the best real money online casinos in the Philippines and join the real money play with or without a bonus. Here is how to make a
GCash to PayMaya transfer:

  • 📱 Log Into the Apps: log into bot GCash and Maya apps.
  • 💰 GCash Balance: ensure that you have enough money in the GCash account.
  • 👀 Find Maya: tap ‘Transfer’ in the main menu, press the three dots, and choose ‘Maya Philippines Inc/Maya Wallet’.
  • 💸 Transfer Money: fill in the details required on the screen and confirm the transfer.
  • 🆗 Verification: check the transfer details, enter the 6-digit code received via SMS, and confirm the transaction again.

You may remember that the PayMaya to GCash money transfers are instant for the Philippines. The GCash transactions are real-time via InstaPay; the funds appear immediately, whether you send money to Maya or your account in a Philippines online casino.

In terms of fees, there is no surprise that Filipinos are charged a small amount. There is a GCash to PayMaya fee of PHP15 for all transactions in the Philippines, whether to gambling sites, other eWallets, banks, etc.

Even though eWallets are modern and offer multiple convenient services, there is still a limit to the maximum transactions. The maximum amount of PHP50,000 applies to a single transfer from GCash to Maya Wallet.

The only limitation to money transactions from GCash to Maya for the Philippines is that it can’t be initiated via the GCash website. Those money transfers are now possible only via the GCash mobile app.

Maya (PayMaya) – All-in-One Money App for Filipinos

The Philippines’ Maya to GCash money transactions are the hottest trend as one of Maya Bank’s services. The rebranding of the digital services platform PayMaya grants Filipinos improved banking services and eWallet.

Online casino players used to make PayMaya to GCash transfers and then to fund their accounts at the best mobile casinos in the Philippines can still do so via the Maya all-in-one money app.

Maya Wallet Information

You can research the new Maya app and banking platform details on the website. Filipino players eager to fund their online casino accounts with this payment method can check the summarized Maya app information below:

💯 Payment Method Maya (formal PayMaya)
👔 Company Maya Philippines, Inc. & Maya Bank, Inc.
⚖️ Regulation Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)
📅 Founded 2013
🏦 Products Maya, Maya Bank, Maya Center, Maya Business, Maya Savings Account, Maya Credit
🎂 Registration 18+ Years Old Filipinos – Two Types of ID Verification

7-17 Years Old Filipinos – Child & Parent/Guardian ID Verification

Foreigners – Valid Passport

💱 Currencies PHP, Cryptocurrencies
💳 Card Maya Card
🛍️ Payment Types Online, QR, @UseYourName, and Maya Card
🤑 Services Banking, Transfers, Payment, Credits, Savings, Cryptocurrency Trade
💰 Cash In Limit Up to PHP500,000 for Super Users
💸 Cash In Fee Free up to PHP8000 per month

2% over PHP8000 per month

👀 Transfer Limits PHP50,000 per Transaction (Maximum of 35 Transactions per Day)
🎁 Bonuses Sign-up Bonus, Cashbacks, Gift Cards, Discounts at 70+ Partner Merchants, Material Prizes, Real Money Prizes
📱 App Download Google Play, App Store, AppGallery
#️⃣ Social Networks Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube
🗺️ Address 6F Launchpad Building, Sheridan Corner Reliance St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines
☎️ Phone (+632) 8845-7788
📧 Email [email protected]

The improved money platform allows Filipinos to manage money faster than before. Despite the innovations, user-favorite options like transactions from PayMaya to GCash remain active.

Maya Wallet’s Fees for Filipino Users

If you intend to top up your account at the best high roller online casinos in the Philippines via connection with Maya or GCash, keep in mind that there might be a transfer fee. For example, Maya to GCash transfer fee is PHP15 for every transfer, regardless of the amount.

One of the great Maya improvements is the free Maya Card for Filipinos. It is perfect for using Maya to GCash transfers for gaming, online purchases, and cash withdrawals from a BancNet ATM. Request the card via the app after depositing and spending at least PHP250.

GCash Wallet in the Philippines

Global Online Payments

Philippines’ online casino players have access to a lengthy list of payment options, and the GCash mobile wallet is one of the preferred options. This money transfer channel is so popular that there are many online casinos using GCash in the Philippines.

The GCash platform allows its players to take advantage of various financial transactions. Filipinos who download the app can transfer money, make payments, and purchase goods and services.

A fast transaction many online casino players in the Philippines transaction method is the Maya to GCash wallet transfers. The money flow can go the other way around, and the GCash to PayMaya transfer fee remains the same.

To learn more about this payment method, check the GCash website or download the app. If you are in a hurry, you can learn how to transfer from GCash to PayMaya by reading the information in this blog post.


Knowing how to transfer cash from PayMaya to GCash in the Philippines is useful to online casino players. If you don’t have time to read lengthy descriptions, check the answers to frequently asked questions below and follow the links to the relevant sections of the article.

How to transfer money from PayMaya to GCash in the Philippines?

Once you register at both money apps, you can transfer money between them. Money transfers from PayMaya to GCash for Filipinos follow a simple procedure, and the funds are available instantly. There is a small transfer fee and certain amount limits, so check the T&Cs of the payment methods.

How to make GCash to PayMaya transfer in the Philippines?

After you learn how Filipinos make Maya to GCash transactions, it is logical to know if GCash to PayMaya transfers are just as easy. If you are playing at Philippines online casinos using GCash, withdraw your winnings to a GCash account, and instantly send money from GCash to Maya.

Is Maya a new Philippine payment method?

Online casino players in the Philippines use PayMaya to GCash transfers when feeding their accounts. They can continue with instant low-fee transfers because PayMaya rebranded to Maya in 2022. You can find more details about the Maya wallet app improvements and innovations in online banking services.

Is GCash good for Filipinos?

Many Filipinos have already tested the GCash wallet for online payments, purchases, and money transfers. This is one of the popular payment options available at the Philippines’ online casinos because of the instant money transfers, low fees, high transaction limits, and more. Learn more about the wallet by installing the GCash app and testing it.

What Filipinos must know about the Maya app?

A few essential things must be learned to ease the Maya to GCash transfer and every other transaction. The Maya app info shows us that this is an all-in-one money app for the Philippines available to all users for over 7 years. Instant transfers let users see their payments and fast-processed purchases.

Does Maya have transfer fees for Filipino players?

Even though many things about the Maya app are free, there are still some Maya Wallet fees for the Philippines to be considered. The standard fee per transaction is good compared to other eWallets, with high transaction limits. The Maya to GCash transfer fees for Filipinos are fixed regardless of the amount.

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