Matthew Gray Captures WSOPC UK Main Event Title for First Ring & £100,000

Matthew Gray Captures WSOPC UK Main Event Title for First Ring & £100,000

Matthew Gray

The World Series of Poker International Circuit returned to the United Kingdom for the first time in four years earlier this month and has now wrapped up proceedings following two weeks of poker action at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham.

The final event to play out was the WSOPC UK £1,100 Main Event and after several days of play, Matthew Gray pulled off a final table comeback to claim the title, the WSOP ring and £100,000 set aside for the winner.

The Main Event had a £500,000 prize pool as it saw 439 entries across Day 1a and Day 1d, and only 140 of those made it through to Day 2. The top 63 finishers made the money, with the min-cahs being set at £2,000. Following the second day of action, just 16 players returned to the felt for the final day.

Jonathan McCann started the day as chip leader, but could not go all the way as he fell in third place for £45,500.

By the time the final table started, Hong Pham had taken the lead and continued to add to her stack as the final table progressed. She made impressive bluffs and steals before losing several all-ins that reduced her stack for the heads-up battle. Pham finished in second for £64,500.

Final Table Results WSOPC UK £1,100 Main Event

Place Player Country Prize
1st Matthew Gray United Kingdom £100,000
2nd Pham Hong Vietnam £64,500
3rd Jonathan McCann United Kingdom £45,500
4th Paul Hizer United Kingdom £34,500
5th Steven Warburton United Kingdom £26,500
6th Gary Miller United Kingdom £20,000
7th Jamie O’Connor United Kingdom £15,000
8th John Adderley United Kingdom £11,500
9th Lee French United Kingdom £9,000

Action on the Final Day

The eliminations came thick and fast during the first couple of hours of play. Gerald Mcinally, Fabio Miranda, and Ryan Otto all hit the rail before the first break. Two of those three were eliminated by Pham, as was Jack Allen in 12th and Jiaze Li in 10th.

Lee French was the first player to exit the final table after his pocket queens were bested following a flip with Steve Warburton. John Adderley followed French to the payout desk after his pocket sixes could not leapfrog Gray’s pair of nines.

Jamie O’Connor became Gray’s second final-table elimination after the latter paired up on the flop to move ahead of the pocket nines held by O’Connor

Warburton then downed British grinder Gary Miller in sixth place after his ace-jack held out against Miller’s king-ten. However, Warburton was the next player to hit the rail after Pham’s pocket eights remained best against his ace-five.

Hong Pham
Hong Pham

Players across the floor and viewers on the live stream wondered who Pham was and why she looked so comfortable under the spotlights playing against some of the top regulars in the country. Despite only having a handful of recorded live tournament cashes, she made moves suggesting she could mix it up, including a bluff that would stun her opposition if they watched it back on the stream.

At one point, she was so far out in front that it seemed like nobody would catch her. That was until a huge three-way all-in completely changed the dynamics on the final table. Paul Hizer bowed out in fourth place after he shoved, Pham isolated, and Gray woke up with aces. He held up to bring his stack much closer to Pham’s, later calling off her bluff to pull almost level.

McCann had maintained a decent stack to the business end of the tournament but crashed out in third place after shoving and getting called by Gray’s ace-king. This further increased Gray’s stack, so he went into the heads-up battle as chip leader over Pham.

Matthew Gray

After around 20 minutes of heads-up play, it all came down to a simple all-in and call, as it often does. Gray shoved, Pham called, and Gray’s jack-ten paired up to win the tournament.

Name Surname
Matt Warburton

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America’s Best and Worst Sleepers

America’s Best and Worst Sleepers

Science has proven that a good night’s sleep is fundamental for long-term health, with the National Institute of Health recommending between 7 and 9 hours per night. But how realistic is this for the average American, and is location a factor? We wanted to find out. 

To get to the bottom of things, we asked 2,000 US residents about their sleeping habits. The results revealed which cities get the most rest, and which could use an extra trip through the Starbucks’s drive-thru.

Average Hours of Sleep Per Night in 50 Major Cities

It turns out, America’s best sleepers hail from Fort Lauderdale. Respondents living in this city just north of Miami reported a healthy average of 8 hours of sleep per night. Not far behind, Portland, all the way on the other side of the country, came in second at 7.5 hours of slumber each night.

A further fifteen cities, including St. Louis, Fort Worth, San Diego, Kansas City, and Las Vegas, enjoy more than 7 or more hours of sleep nightly; placing them comfortably over the minimum recommendation from the National Institute of Health. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan be damned, Seattle residents aren’t so sleepless, averaging 7.1 hours of nightly shut-eye.

At the other end of the spectrum, America’s most sleep-deprived city is Virginia Beach, where residents report sleeping just 5.3 hours each night. Other cities suffering from  too little sleep include Jackson, Tulsa, Richmond, and Newark. 

State Overview

Looking at the average night’s sleep per state gives us a bigger picture, and a clearer indication of whether geographical location impacts rest. Some of the cities reporting the highest amounts of sleep don’t perform as well on a state-level. Despite Fort Lauderdale landing in first position in the city rankings, Florida is only in 19th for the amount of sleep on average per state. 

Oregon and Utah share the spoils at the top of the state overview, both with an average of 7.5 hours of sleep per night. Other honorable mentions include Kansas, Maine, Idaho, and Kentucky, all with over 7 hours. States falling below the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night include New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada and New York.

At the very bottom (bunk) of the state rankings is Mississippi, reporting only 5.6 hours of sleep on average per night. Iowa, West Virginia, Hawaii and Delaware all also landed among the bottom five states.

Reported Causes For Lack of Sleep

We went on to ask those who reported the lowest levels of sleep what they think the cause is. Of those asked, 54% said stress is the main reason they don’t sleep well. 

Work (12%), poor sleeping environment (11%), and children (7%) were other popular reasons for lack of sleep across survey respondents. Of all 5,000 people surveyed, 74% said they wish they got more sleep. 


In March 2023, we surveyed 2,000 Americans across the country. We asked them which city they lived in, and how many hours of sleep they get per night. We were able to use this data to calculate sleep averages across US cities and states.

Fair Use Policy

You are welcome to use this study in your own content, but please be sure to link back to this page and use as your source.

Media enquiries: [email protected]

Photo credit: Gregory Pappas via Unsplash

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NHL Names Veikkaus Official Sportsbook for Finland

NHL Names Veikkaus Official Sportsbook for Finland

The professional ice hockey league in North America, The National Hockey League (NHL), announced a new partnership with the Finnish government-owned gambling monopoly, Veikkaus. Details of the new collaboration emerged Monday and see the gambling operator become an Official Sportsbook of the NHL in Finland.

The 2022-23 NHL season kicked off in October and is expected to run through June 2023. Under the terms of the new deal, the NHL designated Veikkaus as an Official Sportsbook partner in the country for the current season, as well as the upcoming 2023-24 season.

Thanks to the collaboration, hockey fans in Finland will be able to gain access to unique experiences, as well as hockey content. Per the new deal, Veikkaus is expected to bring “tailored hockey content designed to provide each customer an enhanced and authentic experience,” a statement released on the topic reveals.

The Deal Will Deliver Engaging Experiences for Hockey Fans

Not unexpectedly, the deal will see Veikkaus tap into NHL content that will enable it to deliver engaging experiences. To further strengthen the bond between the duo, the NHL will integrate Veikkaus into content that will be designed for Finnish audiences via its digital channels.

Hockey fans will be able to enjoy live broadcasts of the regular and post-season games via VeikkausTV. Additionally, sports fans will be able to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs as well.

We are thrilled to partner with Veikkaus to deliver premium NHL content that hockey fans in Finland crave.

Joseph Stravato, director, business development at the NHL

Joseph Stravato, NHL’s director, business development , said that the League is delighted to forge a deal with Veikkaus and deliver engaging content for hockey fans in Finland. According to him, the new deal further complements NHL’s goal to reach new audiences and grow its international presence.

The NHL is one of Veikkaus Betting’s most popular offerings. By officially partnering with the NHL, we will be able to bring more content from the world’s highest-level hockey league to our channels in the future.

Tuomo Torkkola, relationship manager at Veikkaus

Tuomo Torkkola, Veikkaus’ relationship manager, added that there are a lot of bettors interested in the NHL. He said that the new partnership will enable Veikkaus to deliver new content for hockey fans in the country. Torkkola added: “Ice hockey is a very important sport for Veikkaus, and this collaboration expands our comprehensive ice hockey offerings even further.” Finally, he predicted that the content delivered thanks to the new deal will be well-received by the company’s customers.

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Coolers and Bad Beats: The Festival Kicks Off in Spectacular Style at 888poker

Coolers and Bad Beats: The Festival Kicks Off in Spectacular Style at 888poker

888poker guaranteed that it will award at least $1 million in prize money by the time the latest The Festival Online Series crowns its champion, and it should have no problem in achieving that goal if they opening three events are anything to go by. Why? Because all three tournaments smashed their advertised guarantees.

What better way to kick The Festival Online Series off in style than by running a $109 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Opening Event? That’s exactly what 888poker did, and it proved to be a massive hit, with 1,072 entries creating a $107,200 prize pool.

The biggest winner from this remarkable tournament was not the champion, despite them turning $109 into $9,423. That is because “Trendki11,” who fell in 21st place for $291.72, managed to pull out the whopping $10,000 mystery bounty before they crashed out of the event. Add into the mix a couple of other bounty payments, and Trendki11 took home a tournament-best $10,515, even though they busted with three tables remaining! That is the beauty of mystery bounty tournaments.

Everyone at the nine-handed final table saw more than $1,000 land in their 888poker accounts. Here is how that final table went down.

$100,000 The Festival Online Mystery Bounty Opening Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total prize
1 emperor_H Morocco $568 $8,854 $9,423
2 katekajie Montenegro $1,634 $6,457 $8,092
3 CurrD United Kingdom $84 $4,747 $4,831
4 AvadoKedavra Costa Rica $2,292 $3,517 $5,810
5 YamaaKK Brazil $42 $2,602 $2,644
6 Fumapalheiro Brazil $808 $1,944 $2,753
7 kaua. Brazil $662 $1,464 $2,126
8 Andrew_flash Germany $1,898 $1,109 $3,008
9 Tom “sheeeeeeeet” Hall United Kingdom $210 $846 $1,057

Tom “sheeeeeeeet” Hall sat down at the final table with 35 big blinds at his disposal, but he was the first finalists heading for the exits. Nothing went right for Hall during the opening half hour of the final table, and his exit hand was typical of his final day. “katekajie” min-raised from under the gun with ten-eight of diamonds, two players folded before “kaua.” three-bet all-in for 12.3 big blinds with pocket tens. From the cutoff, Hall called off his 10.3 big blind stack with ace-queen, and the initial raiser ducked out of the way. No ace or queen appeared on the board, and Hall was gone.

Snowmen Refuse to Melt; Crack Aces

Germany’s “andrew_flash” had managed to improve their chip stack substantially, but they busted in cruel circumstances. The German looked down at pocket aces and min-raised from under the gun. “emperor_H” three-bet to six big blinds from the next seat along with a pair of eights in the hole, and andrew_flash jammed for a shade over 29.5 big blinds in total. Surprisingly, emperor_H called. An eight on the flop gifted emperor_H a set of eights, which held to reduce the play count by one.

The final seven became six when the first of three Brazilians crashed out. Down to only 4.4 big blinds, kaua. open-shoved from the button with jack-ten, and “AvadoKedavra” called in the big blinds with ace-nine. Neither player paired any of the hole cards, and ace-high was good enough to send kaua. to the showers.

kaua.’s fellow Brazilians “Fumapalheiro” and “YamaaKK” were the next Samba stars heading for the exits. Fumapaleiro commited their last to big blinds with ace-five, with the ace of clubs, on an all-club flop only to lose to the red kings of “CurrD.” YamaaKK lasted a few more hands before three-betting all-in for 18 big blinds from the small blind with ace-trey of spades, only for emperor_H to call with pocket rockets. The board failed to come to the rescue of the all-in player, and only four players remained in contention for the title.

888poker Casts The Wizard’s Spell and Gives Away $300,000

It Didn’t Come Seven

AvadoKedvara lost a chunk of their stack in a battle of the blinds against CurrD, when CurrD’s short-stack shove with queens was paid off by the sevens of AvadoKedvara, leaving them with 11 big blinds in their arsenal. AvadoKedvara found pocket sevens again and jammed for 5.8 big blinds on the button, only for katekajie to call with queen-ten in the big blind. A queen on the flop proved enough to send AvadoKedvara to the sidelines.

Heads-up was set when CurrD crashed out in third at the hands of katekajie. CurrD min-raised on the button with eight-seven of spades, and katekajie called in the big blind with jack-four of spades. A nine-seven-five rainbow flop saw both players check, leading to the ten of spades landing on the turn. katekajie bet 2.2 big blinds into the 4.9 big blind pot, and CurrD called. The ace of spades on the river gave both players a spade flush, and it was curtains for CurrD. katekajie checked, CurrD bet 3.1 big blinds, katekajie shoved, CurrD couldn’t find a fold, and they busted in third place for $4,831.

Emperor_H held a 55.9 to 44.6 big blind chip advantage, and they stayed in control for most of the one-on-one encounter. The final hand started with a min-raise with ace-seven from emperor_H, and a three-bet to 8.2 big blinds with pocket nines by katekajie. emperor_H shoved all-in, and katekajie called off the 21.4 big blinds they had behind. The board double-paired with kings and tens, counterfeiting katekadjie’s hand, eliminating them in second-place in the cruellest of ways.

Keeping a Bounty in Play in a Knockout Tournament at 888poker

Other The Festival Opening Event Results

Two other The Festival Online Series events ran alongside the $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty. The first was a $22 buy-in $25,000 guaranteed affair that saw 1,373 players create a $27,460 prize pool. “PAPA_VINCENT” took that down for $2,556, with 21st place finishers “cinostyler” capturing the top $2,500 mystery bounty.

One-hundred-and-four high rollers paid $525 for the chance to become the $40,000 Mystery Bounty High Roller champion, and “DirtyPig” outlasted them all. The victory came with a total prize worth $11,796, with fifth-place finisher “Browne118” reeling in a $4,000 bounty as part of their $5,620 mystery bounty haul.

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Livespins to Stream Wazdan Games

Livespins to Stream Wazdan Games

Wazdan, a developer of big action iGaming titles, has agreed to provide the socially-charged betting platform Livespins with its games. As a result, players can now enjoy a more social Wazdan experience.

Livespins adds a social element to slots by streaming the spins live to the audience, with a streamer or brand ambassador taking the role of a host. Bettors can directly take part in the action and be directly involved in the spins while commenting on the developments in a chat. The chat is further spiced up with a rich variety of emojis and reactions players can use to better convey their emotions.

While Livespins offers a shared experience, players are still able to choose their own bet value and number of spins.

The Livespins experience includes content from many top-tier studios, such as Yggdrasil, Relax Gaming and iSoftBet. This lineup will be further reinforced with the addition of Wazdan’s thrilling games.

The integration notably includes some of Wazdan’s top performers, such as 9 Coins, Power of Sun: Svarog, Hot Slot: 777 Rubies, Magic Spins and Burning Sun.

Players Will See Wazdan’s Games in a New Light

Wazdan’s chief commercial officer, Andrzej Hyla, commented on the agreement. Hyla believes that streaming is already an integral part of contemporary culture, which is why it should be embraced. The CCO said that Livespins has found a way to leverage the popularity of streaming while providing exciting gaming experiences to its players in a responsible and sustainable way.

Hyla noted that Livespins’ approach to gambling is very appealing to modern audiences and said that he is looking forward to seeing streamers spin Wazdan’s titles.

Michael Pedersen, Livespins’ chief commercial officer, also commented on the matter. He noted that almost all iGaming enthusiasts would have heard of Wazdan and its incredible slots. Because of that, Pedersen believes that the current deal is one of his company’s most important integrations yet.

He added that players will now be able to enjoy the studio’s thrilling titles in a new and more social way.

This is what makes Livespins unique and why developers such as Wazdan want to be part of our innovative product. It really is changing the game by providing an entirely new way to experience online casino.

Michael Pedersen, CCO, Livespins

Livespins has been steadily expanding its portfolio of streamed slots by penning agreements with notable developers. In January, the company secured iGaming content from Gamzix. It also formed strategic alliances with Yolo Group, EveryMatrix and M88.

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GambleAware Uncovers Minority-Related Gambling Harm Disparities

GambleAware Uncovers Minority-Related Gambling Harm Disparities

Gambling harm-focused UK charity GambleAware released the findings of new research comparing gambling experiences and gambling harms in Great Britain, concluding that minorities are twice as likely to develop gambling harm compared to white British majority people.

Increased Vulnerabilities for Minorities

The report named “Minority Communities & Gambling Harms: Quantitative Report – Lived Experience, Racism, Discrimination and Stigma,” surveyed 1,220 minority and 1,779 white British majority adults over the age of 18 from England, Wales, and Scotland as part of a GambleAware grant awarded to Ipsos, the University of Manchester and ClearView Research.

Commenting on the report, Niamh McGarry, director of Impact at ClearView Research, outlined that the results point to “increased vulnerabilities” for gamblers from minority communities, as well as a heightened risk for them of experiencing gambling harm.

McGarry then called for new services in which the voice of the minorities is key to be designed, pointing to the research as proof “that specific attention and specialized support is needed to effectively address these inequalities.”

The research found that gamblers from minority groups are facing a much higher risk of experiencing gambling harms (42%) than their counterparts from the majority white British people (20%), urging further research to identify the drivers behind this occurrence.

Further Investigation Needed

Also commenting, the chief executive officer of GambleAware, Zoë Osmond, reiterated the charity’s commitment to “building knowledge about the lived experience of minority communities and gambling harms,” in particular, the drivers of gambling harms experienced by people from these communities.

“The higher prevalence of gambling harms amongst minority groups, coupled with the fact they are less likely to access specialist gambling services, is alarming and demonstrates the clear need for further investigation and tailored solutions,” she added, urging everyone involved to help “break down the barriers to accessing support, and challenge the stigma and discrimination faced by these communities.”

The research also found that 18% of minority gambling adults are likely to use gambling as a coping mechanism to look away from challenges and difficulties in their lives, whereas only 6% of white British gamblers are likely to lean into gambling in response to life challenges.

Minority gamblers are more inclined to say that they would limit their gambling but then find it difficult to achieve that and the disparity with white British gamblers on this is even higher – 9% vs. 1%. Minority people are also more likely to report their intention to reduce their gambling, 28%, compared to only 14% for white British people.

On the question of seeking formal support, 58% of minority gamblers are likely to feel comfortable doing so as compared to 61% of their white British counterparts, mainly due to fear of judgment and stigma.

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Showstar Boxing ᗎ When Influencers Meet on the Ring

Fighter Arm on Boxing Ring Rope

This sports promotion company is a leading one when it comes to bringing together the entertainment industry from the internet and professional boxing events. In this guide, you will learn more about Showstar boxing, what it is famous for and what boxing matches it can offer you the chance to watch.

What is Showstar Boxing – Brief Overview

Showstar Boxing is one of the leading promotion companies in boxing that specialises in organising interesting types of matches. In the Showstar boxing events, popular influencers face each other in the ring. In other words, Showstar brings together the world of boxing and social media. All this provokes great interest among many fans of the leading influencers nowadays.

Showstar Entertainment Ltd is a company based in London. The main event of the promotional company takes place at the OVO Arena Wembley in London. The main event offers extremely anticipated matches where influencers from the USA and the UK step into the ring for real face-to-face boxing rounds.

What is most interesting about Showstar boxing is that it comes as the main entertaining media for young people who want to see their idols from the world of social media. This is another form of boxing entertainment that aims at keeping the interest of millions of fans and, at the same time, popularising social media stars even more.

The boxing events of Showstar are held almost just like professional boxing matches. The contendents are announced at a specific time before the main events. Then, there is the weigh-in before the match. The matches follow the official rules accepted by the professional boxing series. The only difference is that there are only six rounds instead of twelve, and the contendents are not professional boxers but influencers and other popular figures from social media.

Showstar Boxing Event – Entertainment is the Name of the Game

To be attractive enough to a wider audience, the Showstar boxing events need to be interesting and engaging. They target a younger audience and a huge fan base. This is the reason why those who organise the Showstar boxing events are trying to provide viewers with the best entertainment possible.

Things go just like promoting a top-ranked professional boxing match with the biggest stars in boxing. The events are scheduled, and a massive marketing campaign takes place. They are advertised on official TV channels, sponsoring channels, etc. Showstar TV is the major source of streaming the events live. There are also dedicated mobile apps of Showstar boxing that fans can download to watch the most anticipated events on their mobile devices.

The matches are organised by priority. There is the main event and the co-main event, where the participants tend to be most popular and, therefore, the viewer interest is much bigger. However, the programme also includes the undercard and the prelims events that, at the same time, also provoke great interest among lots of viewers.

Showstar Boxing Card – UK vs US

One of Showstar boxing’s main events was the UK vs US. Here, as you may assume, the contendents that face each other are from the United Kingdom and the United States. The event offered social media fans the chance to enjoy a match that will determine which social media personality tends to be the better fighter. And, as you may assume, the Showstar boxing UK vs US results were highly anticipated.

Thanks to Showstar boxing and this main event, influencer boxing has become extremely popular and attractive in recent years. Fans could enjoy an event that brings one of the most popular social media representatives that fight to earn the sympathies of their biggest fans. The event has been featured on many of the best betting sites as well. Below, you can check the separate events and the main fighters for each category.

🔔 Round ⚔️ Fighters
Main Event Deji vs Alex Wassabi
Co-Main Event King Kenny vs FaZe Temperrr
Undercard Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly
Armz Korleone vs Minikon
Ryan Tayler vs DK Money
Ashley Cain vs Andreas Eskander
Prelims Stromedy vs Austin Sprinz
Salt Papi vs Halal Ham

The UK vs US event enjoyed huge interest, and it was available on the official Showstar boxing website. The event was pay-per-view and cost only $9.99. Along with the option for a Showstar boxing PPV, tickets for the official matches that took place at SSE Arena in Wembley, London, could also be purchased in advance. Without a doubt, watching Showstar boxing live brings greater emotions.

And if you are interested to find out more about the separate matches and the contendents, then you can check the following paragraphs. You will find out a bit more about the social media stars that fought against each other. Thus, you may understand exactly why Showstar boxing is appreciated by so many viewers around the globe.

Showstar Boxing Main Event

The main Showstar boxing event that provoked great interest in 2022 had two extremely popular influencers fight against each other. The top fighters from the main Showstar boxing card were Deji and Alex Wassabi. Deji is the brother of KSI – a famous YouTuber and rapper. Deji is also known as ComedyShortsGamer and is known for uploading lots of games on his channel.

🥊 Fighter 📇 Details
Deji YouTube vlogger and ComeDyShortsGamer
Alex Wassabi YouTuber and Instagrammer

On the other hand, the other opponent – Alex Wassabi, doesn’t step back in popularity. He is another recognised YouTuber known for his challenge videos and amusing vlogs. In this highly anticipated match from the main event, Deji lost to Wassabi, who won by a split decision. The judges’ scores were 50-46, 49-47 and 48-47 in favour of Wassabi, whose real name is Alex Burriss.

Showstar Boxing – Co-Main Event

The co-main event of the UK vs the US also provoked great interest among the viewers. This is because two other popular social media figures fought against each other. These were King Kenny vs FaZe Temperrr. This boxing match had five rounds, and every fighter gave everything to knock out or outscore his opponent.

🥊 Fighter 📇 Details
King Kenny British Youtuber and Internet Star
FaZe Temperrr YouTuber, influencer, and co-owner of FaZe Clan

And if you haven’t heard about the two competitors and want to know a bit more about them, here are some brief details. King Kenny is an English prankster. He is known mainly for his channel “KingKennyTv”. He is also known for his various social media comments.

FaZe Temperrr, on the other hand, is a member of the popular FaZe clan, which is a professional eSports and entertaining organisation. He has won many of the top tournaments playing the best eSports games with his crew.

The Undercard of the Event

The undercard was yet another exciting event because it included several matches between other influencers who have decided to test their strengths in the ring. The first match was between Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly. Mind that TikTok and YouTube boxing betting is a trend that has become extremely popular nowadays.

This match provoked great interest among viewers because Kristen is one of the UK’s most prominent YouTubers and TikTokers and has been involved in the entertainment business for a long time. His opponent – Vitaly, is a US-based Russian YouTube personality.

🥊 Fighter 📇 Details
Kristen Hanby YouTuber, TikToker, and social media celebrity
Vitaly US-based Russian YouTube personality, content creator and website owner
Armz Korleone Social media star and RAP artist
Minikon Content creator and influencer
Ryan Tayler British Boxer, Youtuber and professional BMX rider
DK Money American amateur boxer, social media personality, and entrepreneur
Ashley Cain former Coventry City footballer and reality TV star
Andreas Eskander A content creator who has gained popularity for his self-titled YouTube channel with pranks

The other match from the undercard had Armz Korleone and Minikon fight against each other in a fierce battle. Armz is an Instagram superstar and bodybuilder, while Minikon is a content creator and influencer. The other fight featured Ryan Tayler and DK Money, who are both prominent social media personalities and have also been professional boxers.

The last but not least interesting event from the undercard offered viewers the chance to watch Ashley Cain fight against Andreas Eskander. Cain was a former footballer and is currently a reality TV star. Eskander, on the other hand, is known for his self-titled YouTube channel for pranks.

Prelims – Other Highly Anticipated Matches

The last event from the Showstar boxing fights series was the Prelims. Here, the viewers had the chance to watch two major fights. The first one was between Stromedy vs Austin Sprinz. The other one had Salt Papi vs Halal Ham fighting against each other in a severe competition.

🥊 Fighter 📇 Details
Stromedy A rising YouTube with over 3 million subscribers
Austin Sprinz American YouTuber, social media influencer, and TikToker
Salt Papi British boxer, video creator and social media star
Halal Ham A popular social media star and YouTuber from Scunthorpe, England

Stromedy is an extremely popular YouTuber whose real name is Kyle Godfrey. Austin Sprinz is an American YouTuber, social media influencer, and TikToker. Salt Papi’s real name is Busta Breezie, and he is known for his comedy videos on TikTok. Furthermore, Halal Ham is a popular UK social media star and YouTuber.

The Showstar Boxing App

Showstar boxing offers extremely attractive entertainment to the audience because the promotion company targets people who are interested in social media personalities and influencers. Besides, influencer boxing has become a big trend nowadays. After all, entertainment is the name of the game.

Along with the live stream of the events available on Showstar TV, viewers can also benefit from the dedicated Showstar app. Users can download it either on their Android or iOS devices and follow the boxing matches anywhere at any time. All this offers great convenience to fans who don’t want to miss watching their favourite influencers fight in the ring.

Showstar Boxing Betting

As you may assume, the great popularity of influencer boxing offers online betting sites the chance to provide gamblers with even more options to place wagers. Many betting sites now offer celebrity boxing betting as this trend tends to become more and more popular nowadays. Besides, players can also find tips about Boxing vs MMA and make their gambling session even more exciting.

The most exciting thing is that many online gambling sites offer extremely convenient betting markets and attractive Showstar boxing odds for the top celebrity matches. Besides, the odds for many of the events also tend to be attractive to many fans who are eager to place bets on their favourite stars. Thus, Showstar boxing betting also ranks among the most preferred activities for many gamblers.


We hope that the topic about Showstar boxing was interesting to you. To be sure that you know everything you need to know, we have also prepared a short section where you can find answers to some of the most popular questions related to Showstar boxing fights.

1️⃣ What is Showstar boxing?

Showstar is a promotional company that manages boxing matches between the most popular influencers and internet personalities. The Showstar boxing event takes place in the OVO Arena Wembley in London. The Showstar boxing even provokes great interest among viewers who are fans of modern-internet idols.

2️⃣ How to watch Showstar boxing?

Fans can watch the Showstar boxing fights directly on Showstar TV. It costs only $9.99 to subscribe to the channel and follow the main events. However, viewers can also use the Showstar app which can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to watch the matches through your mobile device no matter where you would be.

3️⃣ Who owns Showstar boxing?

The founding director of Showstar boxing is Kay Shah. The name of the company is Showstar Boxing Limited and it is registered at the address 125 Campden Houses, Peel Street, Peel Street, London, United Kingdom, W8 7PJ. Thanks to the extremely attractive events that it organises, the Showstar boxing promotion company has gained huge popularity.

4️⃣ Is Showstar boxing free?

No, to be able to watch the main Showstar boxing event, you need to subscribe to the official TV channel and pay a small tax of $9.99. The Showstar boxing fights are extremely attractive to many fans who want to see their idols compete against each other in severe boxing matches to determine who is better.

5️⃣ Is Showstar boxing professional?

The Showstar boxing event is well-organised exactly like a professional boxing match. It follows the rules of professional boxing. The Showstar boxing main event offers great entertainment to the wider audience. The only difference is that the matches are up to 5 or six rounds, unlike professional boxing, where there are 12 rounds.

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Connecticut Wants to Ban Gambling Ads Targeting Students

Playtech Looking for English Court Ruling Regarding Caliplay Dispute

Connecticut was one of the states that legalized sports betting a few years ago. This became possible thanks to the US Supreme Court that struck down PASPA back in 2018. Not much later, in September and October 2021, Connecticut launched retail and online sports betting respectively. Since the introduction of the activity, the state has become a major sports betting market.

Now, a new proposal seeks to protect students from gambling harm, by banning the promotion of sports betting to students from universities. The proposal, which is gaining traction currently has the support of six co-sponsors. Five of the co-sponsors of House Bill 5232 (HB 5232) are Democrats, while one is Republican.

Ultimately, HB 5232 seeks to restrict universities from engaging with sports betting companies with the intent to promote wagering to students. The bill calls to restrict universities from disclosing student data such as e-mail, telephone or mailing address for the purpose of advertising sports betting services.

Besides contacting students via different digital channels, the new proposal seeks to restrict in-person communications, as well as “any other means for the purpose of including such person to make a transaction.” In other words, HB 5232 seeks to eliminate any options for universities to join forces with sports wagering companies with the intent to advertise or promote their activities to students.

Still, it’s important to mention that universities may ink sponsorship agreements, but the new bill restricts the promotion or advertising to students in particular.

The Bill Seeks to Protect the Students

The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Amy Morrin Bello, a Democrat, calls for the new rules to come into effect as of July 1, 2023. Bello was recently interviewed by CT Insider on the topic and explained that the idea about HB 5232 came after she saw a worrying article that depicted schools profiting from advertising sports wagering services to students.

She said: “After I read the article, I was really shocked to see that schools are profiting off this practice.” Bello was referring to a report released from the New York Times, that featured a few examples where universities profited from promoting of sports wagering to students. The Democrat noted that she wants to ensure that this doesn’t happen in Connecticut, which is why she introduced the proposal. Acknowledging that there are a lot of bills up during this session, Bello said she would be glad to see the proposal gain further traction.

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Scientific Games Promotes Key Leaders to Boost Digital Growth

Scientific Games Promotes Key Leaders to Boost Digital Growth

Scientific Games, a leading provider of lottery products, technology, and services to government-sponsored lottery programs globally, is expanding its digital and sports betting teams to continue serving its digital lottery and lottery sports betting customers worldwide. 

Scientific Games offers digital lottery games, player loyalty clubs, mobile apps, CRM, and iLottery solutions to more than 20 US and 30 international lotteries, with lottery sports betting customers in the US, Canada, and Europe. The company is renowned for its innovative products, and in the past year, it has launched many exciting programs, including a new mobile app for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, a new second-chance program for the Georgia Lottery, and 60 new eInstant games for its global customer base.

As part of the re-alignment of its leadership team, Scientific Games has made several key promotions, with Amy Bergette being promoted to senior vice president of digital solutions, Kira Summers to vice president of operations and planning for digital, and Merv Huber to vice president of digital growth. These promotions reflect the company’s focus on enhancing its digital and sports offerings, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of industry innovation.

Just last week Scientific Games also announced the appointment of Nick Negro as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Negro is now responsible for the financial strategy, operations, and planning of the company, and reports directly to CEO Barry Cottle. 

Negro has over 20 years of experience in financial leadership roles, including at MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment. His expertise in financial planning and analysis, corporate finance, and strategic planning is a valuable asset to Scientific Games as the company continues to grow and expand in the gaming and lottery industries. 

Scientific Games Hiring for Various Digital and Sports Roles as It Advances Lottery Industry Solutions

According to Steve Beason, the president of digital and sports, Scientific Games is allocating resources towards individuals, products, and technology platforms that enable lotteries to interact with their players through various channels. 

They have reevaluated their strategic priorities and development routes to establish Scientific Games as the foremost digital and sports provider on a global scale. Their aim is to aid their clients in generating revenue for their beneficiary programs in a responsible manner.

The company is also hiring for several roles related to its digital and sports business, including a head of digital business development, iLottery technical operations manager, senior technological operations engineer, senior web developer, senior web engineer, and senior UI/UX designer. 

Scientific Games has a long history of innovation and is renowned for its pioneering role in digital and sports betting solutions for lotteries since 2004. The company provides retail and digital games, technologies, analytics, and services to 130 lotteries in 50 countries. Its focus on enhancing its digital and sports offerings will ensure that it remains a leader in the industry, delivering innovative products and services that engage players across all channels.

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Maryland Wants Non-Violent Convicts to Get Jobs at Casinos

Maryland’s November Wagering Bottom Line Impacted by Promotions

A new bill backed by Maryland lawmaker Nick Charles will seek to make it possible for released prisoners who have not committed violent crimes to find jobs at casino floors and get back to their normal lives.

Maryland Wants to Offer Ex-Convicts a Fighting Chance

The bill will still single out some crimes and consider them non-eligible for holding a job in the industry. Presently, the proposal is being moved through the House of Representatives, but there hasn’t been a floor vote just yet.

The bill also seeks to amend the current Maryland law that effectively prevents people on parole, probation or conviction to apply for jobs at a lottery or gambling venue for a period of at least seven years starting from the date of the offense.

However, this new law would do away with some of the needless restrictions and make it so that people who are willing to reintegrate into society have places to find employment. Essentially, offenders whose crimes aren’t linked to gambling will have the opportunity to now apply for a job at any of the six Maryland casinos.

Charles is confident that this is the way forward for the industry and the penal justice system. Reintegration is a key part of making sure that people do not slide into bad habits or return back to prison. “The goal is for everybody to be re-acclimated in society and be productive citizens,” the lawmaker told

He is confident that people who are battling various addictions that led to their crimes would now be able to get a proper job and sustain themselves while turning their lives around. Charles meant specifically substances-abuse, such as alcohol, when he spoke about addictions.

“So this is a great opportunity for them to get that second chance,” the lawmaker assured, while casinos will also have a larger pool of employees to pick from.

Maryland Has Been Trying for Many Years Now

But the issue is not new. Attempts to open the gambling job market to ex-convicts have been going on for many years since 2013 at the very least.

Back then, a bill made it out of the General Assembly, but it didn’t really clear anything past that. Meanwhile, law enforcement and judicial experts and people with criminal records have affirmed that being cut off from the gambling market has made people more likely to go back to their bad habits.

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