Stakelogic Signs Betty to Increase Presence in Ontario

Stakelogic Signs Betty to Increase Presence in Ontario

Stakelogic, an innovative content supplier to the iGaming industry, has partnered with popular operator Betty to extend its foothold in the Ontario market. The partnership will make Stakelogic’s extensive library of online slots and live casino content available for the Canadian operator. In return, the exceptionally popular operator expects to benefit from the cutting-edge content now included in its portfolio to elevate the quality of Betty’s offerings in the region.

Stepping Stone:

The content supply deals comes as an extension of a string of Stakelogic’s partnerships in the region to testify about the provider’s commitment to enhancing its visibility in the lucrative market. At the same time, Betty operates its online casino platform exclusively in the province to secure the best content for local players at all times. The latest deal seemingly represents the stepping stone for both partners to reach the Ontario player pool using the carefully forged content. The deal anticipating an extensive delivery package will include new titles like Wild Wild Bass 3, Wild Hogs, and Pigeon Hut, as well as Stakelogic’s classic fruit-style games.

Betty will therefore be able to access the provider’s casino slot library featuring an immersive live casino content that will transport players to a high-end studio with games like blackjack and roulette, featuring professional dealers and the latest audio and video streaming developments. Betty players will have a chance to take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and features including the Super Wheel experience capable of delivering furious bonus action and massive prizes.

Targeting Leading Positions:

Stakelogic seems determined to use its resources to set standards in the industry and target leading positions across world markets. The latest partnership with the renowned Ontario operator Betty is a testimony of the provider’s determination to play an increasingly important role in this regulated market. At the same time, Betty will use the deal to reinforce its leading position in the online casino gaming market of the Canadian province.

Neil Tanti, Senior Sales Manager at Stakelogic reportedly said: “Betty is an operator that really understands what Ontarians want from their online casino experience. By focusing its operations on Ontario, it is in a unique position to fully grasp the market’s demands, making it a fantastic partner to work with as we continue to grow in the region. We are absolutely thrilled to add another top-tier operator to our list of partners in Ontario, and we are excited to see where this partnership takes us. “

Paraskeva Smirnova, Casino Operations Manager at Bett said: “At Betty, our singular vision is to provide the players of Ontario with the most daring and exciting gaming content on the market. Adding Stakelogic to our slots and live casino lobbies is a move that further highlights our commitment to this goal. Stakelogic is an internationally recognised developer that brings a wealth of quality and experience to the table. Entering into this partnership and allowing our players to access their portfolio will only strengthen our position as one of Ontario’s top online casinos.”

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Mike Postle and the Dung Beetle: Alleged Cheater Speaks Out on X Space

Mike Postle

Dung Beetle

Like lots of people, I’m obsessed with nature documentaries and, last week, I watched a terrific show all about Scarabaeoidea, specifically scarab dung beetles. Most dung beetles search for dung using their keen sense of smell but some members of this particular variety prefer to steal the dung from other beetles. If they are caught, the scarab dung beetles make hasty getaways, after which they roll themselves in the dung. 

It was less an interview and more a soapy tit-w*nk

In unrelated news… Mike Postle is back, making a surprise appearance on an X Space, formerly known as a Twitter Space. Host ‘Omar of The OTC’ began his conversation with the alleged cheater on Monday night by throwing a couple of softballs before unleashing an onslaught of sponge balls and ping pong balls. It was less an interview and more a soapy tit-w*nk. 

Postle was given ample room to plead his innocence, saying: “Don’t believe everything you hear, just because someone said it on the internet or YouTube.” The cheating accusations against Postle have never been proven in a court of law but compelling evidence of guilt was compiled during a Joe Ingram-led on-air crowd-sourced investigation by the community who combed through all Postle’s televised hands. 

Notes on a scandal 

In October 2019, Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, California cancelled its livestream poker games pending an investigation into cheating allegations made against Postle. The initial public accusation of wrong doing was made by poker commentator Veronica Brill with whom Postle insisted last night that he would like to “debate one-on-one.” 

On October 9, 2019, 24 poker players filed a $30m class-action lawsuit against Postle, Stones Gambling Hall, and its poker and livestream manager Justin Kuraitis. However, in June 2020, that lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, citing an arcane California gambling law which states: “Quintessential gambling losses … are barred for recovery by California public policy.”

In September 2020, King’s Casino LLC which owns Stones Gambling Hall offered a settlement which was accepted by some but not all of the plaintiffs. A few weeks later, Postle filed a $330m defamation lawsuit against ESPN, Pokernews, Upswing Poker, Run It Once, Crush Live Poker, Solve For Why, and Poker Coaching, as well as some of the most outspoken members of the poker community, including Ingram, Brill, Phil Galfond, Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Little, Matt Berkey, and Todd Witteles. 

Witteles and Brill filed anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss Postle’s lawsuit

In December 2020 and January 2021, Witteles and Brill filed anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss Postle’s lawsuit, both winning their respective cases in the Summer of 2021. In April 2021, Postle dropped his defamation lawsuit and in September 2021, he filed a motion to avoid involuntary bankruptcy. On January 7, 2022, a line was drawn under the scandal when an involuntary bankruptcy petition was voluntarily dismissed and a confidential settlement was reached in exchange for Brill and Witteles dropping their petition against Postle. 

An easy ride

Given how it was left, it is strange that Postle is re-appearing now and stranger still that his chosen medium is an X Space. Perhaps he realized the easy ride he would get from the host who seemed unprepared and uninformed as to the details of the saga. 

Postle was allowed to ramble on for hours, controlling the space with virtually no pushback. On numerous occasions he denied the allegations and, at one point, he rebuffed the claims about his specific win-rate in the Stones games. “When the time is right, I’ll be able to prove it,” he claimed. 

dangled the possibility of a heads-up interview with Brill

Postle said that the poker community had an “obsession with cheating scandals” and in the same breath alluded to offers that he had received to appear in a documentary about the allegations against him. He then fired some wayward shots at Matt Berkey, moaned about how his life was ruined and dangled the possibility of a heads-up interview with Brill, insisting: “What I want from that is no editing.”

The kleptoparasite

The evidence against Postle may not have satisfied the California courts who lacked the mechanism with which to proceed in the case against him but, regardless, he suffered an abject defeat in the court of public opinion. Predictably then, the community’s response to this interview was scathing for a man who is viewed as a pariah.

Understandably too, Postle being platformed in such a weak way has drawn the ire of the community, not least from Brill herself.  

Last week, I learned that the scarab dung beetle is what’s known as a kleptoparasite. Deliberately stealing food from another within its own species is actually its feeding strategy and even when there is an abundance of dung, it still prefers to thieve from another. It can also bury dung 250 times its own mass in one night. 

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A Complete Guide to Canadian Gambling Laws for 2024

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

Many Canadian provinces still have a long way to go when it comes to offering the full gamut of lotto, casino, and sports betting gambling options. That said, gambling has taken big strides in recent years throughout both Canada and to the south in the United States – especially online.

Read on to learn more about key information surrounding the history and current state of gambling laws in Canada.

The Evolution of Canadian Gambling Laws Throughout History

For centuries, Canadians have enjoyed games of chance. In fact, stick gambling and dice games have been played by indigenous people dating as far back as 1497.

It was then that famous Italian explorer John Cabot observed these types of games being played by several indigenous populations in Canada. For the indigenous, this form of gambling was not simply recreational. It was often used as an arbitrary way to pay debts and to settle other disputes.

When European settlers began arriving in Canada in the 1600s, they brought cards and early iterations of blackjack and other chance games that became a large part of Canadian gambling culture. By the 19th century, gambling was quite regulatory throughout Canada and the government began to take notice.

Canada Passes First-Ever Gambling Regulations

The first-ever gambling regulations came about with the creation of the Canadian Criminal Code in 1892. At that point, games of chance including dice games and card games were being played at homes and taverns all over the country.

The Canadian government viewed gambling as a problem on par with alcohol, smuggling, and cock fighting. In fact, these initial gambling restrictions coincided with the time period of the Canadian prohibition. As such, many people in Canada perceived these historical events to be connected. In many ways, they are.

Canadian Government Continues To Amend Gambling Laws During 1900s

In 1910, an amendment was made to the code in order to allow profitable games of chance by charitable or religious organizations – for the purpose of fundraising. The change also legalized a type of gambling that is known as ‘pari-mutuel’ betting (derived from ‘Paris mutuel’). Paris itself did not make this type of betting legal until 1894.

To this day, pari-mutuel betting is a staple of horse racing betting. Essentially, all bets on a given race create a pool of reward money, which is then equally divided amongst all the winners. For example, if $50,000 is cumulatively wagered on a given horse race and 100 people bet on the winning horse, the prize money pool is split accordingly.

The law changed once again in 1925 to allow gambling at public events such as state fairs and other town exhibitions. From there, no significant modifications were made until certain lottery games were legalized in 1969. This move ended up having a domino effect as just a year later, in 1970, gambling was legalized at a federal level.

Canada’s Perception of Gambling Begins To Change

Once the legal stigma was lessened, Canadians became even more interested in gambling than before. The first official lottery was held in 1974 in an attempt to fundraise for the 1974 Winter Olympics – which Montreal was hosting.

Pari-mutuel racetrack betting was all the rage around this time period as well, with a reported $1.64 billion being cumulatively spent at racetracks across the country in 1984. Parlay betting was also gaining traction, becoming legal in 1985.

Another significant milestone was the grand opening of a casino in Winnipeg during 1989 – the first commercial land-based casino in Canadian history. Casinos had previously existed in Canada before, however they were often in members-only clubs exclusively reserved for the wealthy.

The success of this casino snowballed into another location being opened in Montreal just four years later. As the 90s progressed, the internet became prevalent and with it came a strong interest in online gambling.

The State of Canadian Gambling Laws Today

Modern-day Canadian gambling laws allow for a lot when compared to history, however there’s still a long way to go. One of the biggest hot-button issues is the presence of online commercial sportsbooks and casinos throughout Canada.

August 27th, 2021 was an important day for gambling laws in Canada as single-event betting was formally legalized at a federal level. Since then, large commercial sportsbooks and casinos such as DraftKings and FanDuel have been trying to enter the Canadian market.

To date, commercial gambling operators have only entered Ontario – which became a reality on April 4th, 2022. Other provinces do not have access to most online commercial sportsbooks, with the exception being offshore books that have been regulated by foreign gaming commissions such as bet365 and BetVictor.

Key Facts About Gambling Laws in Canada by Province

Each Canadian province has unique gambling laws that are decided upon by the gaming commission in charge. Here are some key facts about each Canadian province and which types of gambling are permitted in each:

Province Legal Gambling Age Gaming Regulator Online Commercial Sportsbooks? Online Non-Commercial Sportsbooks? Number of Land-Based Casinos
Alberta 18 Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission Yes (Offshore) Yes 24
British Columbia 19 British Columbia Lottery Corporation Yes (Offshore) Yes 18
Manitoba 19 Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba Yes (Offshore) Yes 8
New Brunswick 19 New Brunswick Lotteries & Gaming Corporation Yes (Offshore) Yes 2
Newfoundland & Labrador 19 Province of Newfoundland & Labrador (Atlantic Lottery Corp.) Yes (Offshore) Yes 0
Nova Scotia 19 Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation Yes (Offshore) Yes 11
Ontario 19 iGaming Ontario Yes Yes 25
PEI 19 Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission Yes (Offshore) Yes 8
Quebec 18 Loto-Québec Yes (Offshore) Yes 6
Saskatchewan 19 Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority Yes (Offshore) Yes 8


Many Canadian provinces are, at minimum, attempting to progress towards the legalization and launch of online commercial gambling – with Ontario setting precedent as the first to have done so. Western provinces including Alberta and British Columbia are beginning to come around to the idea, with government books still being the only available option that’s regulated by a local governing body.

Offshore books are permitted to operate in many parts of Canada and are not technically illegal despite not being regulated. With offshore books comes offshore profits, which is certainly enough incentive for provincial Canadian governments to eventually find a way to keep that handle within country lines.


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Gary Neville Blasts Chelsea as Odds of Mauricio Pochettino Getting Fired Grow

Mauricio Pochettino

Blue bottle jobs

Following Gary Neville’s “bottle job” comments, sportsbooks believe manager Mauricio Pochettino is on an increasingly hot seat at Chelsea.

The Argentine oversaw a 1-0 loss to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup Final on Sunday, a match that his side seemed totally in charge of at the end of the 90 minutes, but were then dominated in during the added half-hour before falling to Virgil van Dijk in the 118th minutes.

oddsmakers have Pochettino at +500 to be the next manager fired

With just 13 matches left to prove himself in the Premier League, oddsmakers have Pochettino at +500 to be the next manager fired, second only to Burnley’s Vincent Kompany.

Pochettino odds for the sack

Chelsea’s lavish spending spree on young talents has been well documented since Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital took over in West London. But the results expected of a billion-dollar-plus cash splash have not coalesced—not in any way.

Sunday was a gentle reminder of the instability that the Blues are battling. After seizing control from a tired Liverpool that had three teenagers on the pitch at the end of extra time, Pochettino made the costly decision to play for penalties (which he admitted after the match).

Klopp’s kids against the blue billion-pound bottle jobs.”

Sky Sports’ and former Manchester United defender Gary Neville summed up the match by saying “[It was Jurgen] Klopp’s kids against the blue billion-pound bottle jobs.”

Although Chelsea still finished the match with a younger squad on average, it also was a far more expensive amalgamation of players. 

The loss meant that Chelsea still has not won a trophy since Roman Abramovich left the club. They are also just 11th in the table, three points ahead of Fulham and one behind West Ham. 

European qualification was supposedly a “must” for Pocehttino this season, both for the reputation of the club and to balance a budget that is glowing red, but according to FanDuel Sportsbook, Chelsea is -390 to miss out on the top six for the second straight season.

What’s in store?

Short of a miracle turnaround in form, Chelsea’s last chance to qualify for Europe could come in the FA Cup. They face a fifth-round tie with rivals Leeds on Wednesday in what could be decisive times for Chelsea’s fifth manager of the past year and a half.

A loss would almost assuredly put Pochettino even closer to Kompany (+300 next manager to be sacked) in odds. However, a future without the 51-year-old may not be as bright as many supporters would hope.

Every manager will be in trouble with this team.”

According to the Daily Telegraph’s Matt Law, an associate of an anonymous top coach supposedly linked with succeeding Pochettino at Chelsea commented: “Every manager will be in trouble with this team.”

Hansi Flick (+100), the former German national coach, is the favorite to take the reins at Chelsea if Pochettino is dismissed. Girona (third in LaLiga) manager Michel Sanchez (+140) is next, followed by club legend Jose Mourinho (+200), Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi (+450), and Barcelona’s Xavi Hernandez (+500).

Chelsea is a -220 favorite to defeat Leeds in the FA Cup on Wednesday. A draw to determine their potential opponent in the quarterfinal will take place shortly before the match. 

Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United are still alive in the competition and could await the Blues.

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Nevada Regulator Approves New Reporting Process for High Roller Agents

Well-dressed group of gamblers at casino

The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) gave the green light to change how casinos report their relationships with agents who bring high rollers to their properties. These independent individuals direct big spenders to certain resorts in return for compensation. They can often offer credit to their clients as an incentive.

The NGC did not spend much time on the matter before unanimously voting in favor of the proposal during its meeting on Thursday. Casinos will no longer have to submit an annual report to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Properties must maintain these records for five years.

They now only have to maintain these records and show them to board officials when there is an inspection. The reports include the full name and location of the agent, as well as how much compensation they receive from the casinos. Properties must maintain these records for five years.

The idea behind this change is to lower the level of regulatory paperwork that businesses have to deal with. About 300 agents currently are registered in Nevada and some of them work for multiple properties.

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Some Insight on Positive and Negative Wagering Progressions

Some Insight on Positive and Negative Wagering Progressions

By Frank Scoblete

I am guessing that almost all casino players have a method of betting, even those few who just throw out their money willy-nilly wishing and hoping for some blind luck from the non-existent gods and goddesses of such luck. That’s a system, although an uninformed one.

Sadly, those divine beings of luck departed long ago and they included the Greek and Roman civilizations whose many citizens hoped there was something more to existence than just the plain-old existence they experienced in their daily lives.

Most other players will play some aspect of a set method or several methods of them. They too probably think that somehow or other these methods will lead to long-term wins and not just simply good luck tonight. Hope is eternal. Players want their hopeful anticipation to be realized. Some players still don’t know how the casinos get their edges over these hopeful players and they think everything is luck, luck that can be (at times) counted upon.

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Sláinte! Get Paid to Drink Guinness This St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and here at VegasSlotsOnline we’re looking for one lucky Guinness lover to become our professional Irish stout taster ahead of the big day! 

That’s right, we want to pay you to test out your favourite Irish tipple. But, if beer isn’t your thing, not to worry! You can swap frothy pints for delicious shots of Baby Guinness instead.

we’ve also revealed where you can find the most and least expensive pints of Guinness

To help Brits decide where they might like to celebrate on March 17, we’ve also revealed where you can find the most and least expensive pints of Guinness across the UK. We looked at 30 of the biggest cities in the UK and analysed the cost of Guinness at four of the most popular UK pub chains. And yes, we’ve found the cheapest places for Baby Guinness shots too. 

Get paid £200 to be a Guinness (or Baby Guinness) taste tester this St. Patrick’s Day! 

Think the luck of the Irish could be with you this March? As we said, we’re offering one very lucky beer-lover the chance to be paid £200 ($254) to taste multiple pints of Guinness (or shots of Baby Guinness) this St. Patrick’s Day. 

And the reason why is simple. We want to reveal once and for all which popular UK pub chains pour the best pint of Guinness. So, if you share our love of the Irish stout — and live in the UK — we want to hear from you! 

What exactly is required, you ask? First, we’ll send you £25 ($32) to cover all of your Guinness-sipping expenses. All you then need to do is purchase one pint of Guinness at three of the leading pub chains in your local area (we’ll let you know which ones closer to the time). 

Bonus points if the bartender pours your Guinness with a shamrock in the froth!

Then, we need you to drink them (obviously), and review them based on the quality of the pour, the aroma, appearance, flavour, and mouthfeel of each pint. Bonus points if the bartender pours your Guinness with a shamrock in the froth! 

Once you’ve sent us your thoughts (and photographic evidence of each pint or shot) we’ll send the remaining £175 ($222) over to you as a reward for all your hard work.  

It really is as simple as that. So, if you think you’re up to the job, fill out the form below and let us know why you’re the perfect person for this extremely tasty role. 

Please fill out the form here.

Where in the UK can you get the cheapest pint of Guinness?

Even if you don’t land the job, it doesn’t mean you can’t do your own Guinness tasting this St. Patrick’s Day. But, where in the UK is home to the cheapest pint of Guinness? 

Taking the crown as the most affordable place in the UK for enjoying a pint of Guinness is Bradford. Pints of the black stuff cost as little as £3.85 ($4.88), on average, across the northern city. 

Coastal cities Southend-on-Sea and Swansea come in joint second, with residents able to pick up a Guinness for £4.03 ($5.11). Plymouth rounds off the top three cheapest places in the UK for Guinness, with one pint averaging £4.12 ($5.22). 

Top 10 cheapest UK cities for a pint of Guinness:

Rank City Price of pint of Guinness
1 Bradford £3.85
2 Southend-on-Sea £4.03
3 Swansea £4.03
4 Plymouth £4.12
5 Newport £4.15
6 Sunderland £4.17
7 Coventry £4.17
8 Preston £4.23
9 Wolverhampton £4.23
10 Kingston upon Hull £4.27

On the other end of the spectrum, London is home to the most expensive Guinness (surprise, surprise). A pint of the stout will set drinkers back a whopping £6.30 ($7.99) — nearly double the price of the frothy beverage in Bradford. 

This is followed by Edinburgh, with Guinness averaging £5.27 ($6.68) per pint across some of the most popular pub chains in the city. Birmingham is in third, though pints are a little more affordable here, at £4.87 ($6.17). 

Top 10 most expensive UK cities for a pint of Guinness:

Rank City Price of pint of Guinness
1 London £6.30
2 Edinburgh £5.27
3 Birmingham £4.87
4 Bristol £4.83
5 Manchester £4.78
6 Leeds £4.75
7 Reading £4.70
8 Blackpool £4.63
9 Cardiff £4.59
10 Nottingham £4.57

Which city is home to the cheapest price for a Baby Guinness shot?

If pints aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll be enjoying a few Baby Guinness shots this St. Paddy’s Day instead. If you don’t know what we mean by that, it’s a delicious concoction of coffee liquor (usually Kahlua or Tia Maria) topped with a layer of Irish cream (aka Baileys). There’s no actual Guinness in sight here, but it looks just like a mini version of the real thing!

Glasgow is in third, offering Baby Guinness shooters for £3.11 ($3.94)

Nottingham is the best place in the UK to head for a Baby Guiness, as the shot costs as little as £3.03 ($3.84) across the city. In second place is Swansea, with one shot costing around £3.09 ($3.92). Glasgow is in third, offering Baby Guinness shooters for £3.11 ($3.94). 

Top 10 cheapest UK cities for a shot of Baby Guinness:

Rank City Price for shot of Baby Guinness
1 Nottingham £3.03
2 Swansea £3.09
3 Glasgow £3.11
4 Coventry £3.20
5 Liverpool £3.21
6 Sheffield £3.21
7 Bristol £3.24
8 Newport £3.26
9 Leicester £3.28
10 Southampton £3.28

We’ve also looked at which cities might pull the purse strings a little tighter if you’re ordering shots this St. Paddy’s Day. 

Not only is London the most expensive city for a pint of Guinness, it also claims the top spot for the most expensive Baby Guinness, with one shot averaging £4.48 ($5.68) in the capital. Leeds is in second at £4.08 ($5.17), and Edinburgh also ranks on both lists, with Baby Guinness costing around £4.05 ($5.13) in the Scottish city. 

Top 10 most expensive UK cities for a shot of Baby Guinness:

Rank City Price for shot of Baby Guinness
1 London £4.48
2 Leeds £4.08
3 Edinburgh £4.05
4 Belfast £4.02
5 Preston £3.89
6 Cardiff £3.88
7 Birmingham £3.75
8 Southend-on-Sea £3.68
9 Milton Keynes £3.68
10 Derby £3.55

How to apply for the role and the T&Cs

  • All applications for the Guinness taste tester job must be submitted by the March 15. Any entries made after this date will not be counted.
  • Applicants may only submit one application and subsequent applications will not count.
  • Applications are open to UK residents only and they must be over 18. Applicants will be reminded to drink responsibly. 
  • The first instalment paid to the winner will be a total of £25 ($31.69). With this budget, the winner will be instructed to purchase one pint of Guinness at three leading pub chains in their local area. 
  • The winner must provide photographic evidence and fill out a form providing their review. The pint of Guinness will be rated on a number of different factors such as quality of pour, aroma, appearance, flavour and mouthfeel.
  • The remaining amount of £175 ($222) will only be transferred to the winner once the three reviews and photographs are submitted.
  • This is not an offer of full-time employment.
  • If the selected winner does not respond within 24 hours of winning, the job will be forfeited and given to another entrant.

Sources & Methodology 

VegasSlotsOnline pulled together a seedlist of the 30 most populated cities in the UK. For each city, the research then calculated the cost of a pint of Guinness and a shot of baby Guinness advertised on four of the UK’s leading pub chains mobile apps. The pub apps included in the study were:

  • O’Neills
  • Wetherspoon
  • Greene King
  • My Pub

The average cost of a pint of Guinness and a shot of Baby Guinness in each city was then calculated, and the cities were ranked from most to least expensive.

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Treasure Island Opens The Cove Bar and Arcade

Treasure Island casino

Treasure Island has opened a new venue, bringing non-gambling games to its patrons who want something different from its casino offerings.

The Cove Bar and Arcade, which opened in early February, gives customers access to 27 arcade games, air hockey, shuffleboard, a duck pin bowling alley, and a state-of-the-art golf simulator.

fresh and entertaining options for guests to explore”

Robert Owens, executive director of front services at Treasure Island, said The Cove Bar and Arcade is the ideal location “for anyone looking to game in an exciting, high-energy environment.”

Owens added: “Our goal is to continue to elevate our guest experience, offering fresh and entertaining options for guests to explore…”

Prices for arcade game cards start at $20 for 30 minutes. The new venue is open from 11am to 1am Sunday through Thursday, and 11am to 2am Friday and Saturday.

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The Story of Archie Karas Blog

here is an old saying in poker: “A chip and a chair.” That’s all it takes for someone to turn their fortunes around and win big. For Archie Karas, that’s essentially what it came down to. He went to Las Vegas with $50 in his pocket and built a gambling dynasty.

After winning $40 million as one of the top sports bettors in the United States, he fell as quickly as he rose. His story is like few others and Karas has carved out a niche as a legendary gambler for better or for worse.

Gambling in His Blood

Long before you could play conveniently at an online casino, Anargyros Karavourniotis was just a kid getting started in gambling. He would shoot marbles in an effort to win enough to keep himself fed, having grown up the son of a poor construction worker.

He would invent his own games and quickly won good pocket money. Rather than following in his dad’s footsteps, he came to America to chase a dream. He started as a successful pool shark before moving on to his true calling.

The Up-and-Down Life of Archie Karas

Though many of today’s gamblers get started with online blackjack or poker, Karas sat down at the poker table in person. He was fearless at the table, winning $2 million seemingly overnight. All of it was gone by December 1992.

It would lead him to what some would call a “come to Jesus” moment. While most gamblers would pack it in after those huge losses, the experience took Karas on the journey to become a millionaire once again.

$50 into $40 million

Karas moved to Vegas with $50 in his pocket. He ultimately found a friend to loan him $10,000 with a whopping 50% interest. He started out in razz and tripled his money inside of three hours. He paid the friend back and kept going from there.

He went on a streak that could only be called “The Run.” By the 1995 rolled around, he had managed to earn $40 million. He became a feared name in both Razz and poker, even scaring off some of the big names.

Then the casinos came after him. He was arrested five times for perpetrating alleged casino scams. It all caught up to him when he was put in the infamous “black book,” marking the end of his gambling career in 2015. He still lives in Las Vegas but will never be able to achieve his previous heights in gambling while there.


Few went on the kind of journey that Karas did. Though his huge wins were often gone before he knew it, no one had the kind of experiences that he managed. When we think of movies about gamblers, Karas lived that life to a tee.

The post The Story of Archie Karas appeared first on Blog.

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Famous Print Studio Releases New Slot Game Tarasque

Famous Print Studio Releases New Slot Game Tarasque

Print Studio, a popular casino game studio highly regarded for its carefully crafted games with exciting themes, has released a new slot game, Tarasque.

Thrilling gameplay and amazing win potential:

The new title leads players to Tarragon, a mysterious town that is about to celebrate the holiday of St. Martha. But once the festivities begin, the villagers will realize that nothing is what they expected and they will be drawn into the adventure of their lives.

Tarasque combines fantastic, captivating gameplay and unique features. What makes this new online slot stand out from other titles in the market is humor, which adds a different tone to the whole gameplay.

The game has a return to player (RTP) of 96.32%, which can be increased to 96.46-97.02% through Bonus Buy options. The volatility is rated 4 out of 5

Apart from fantastic gameplay, the slot also has a huge win potential of 20,000x the bet and is set on an 8×8 grid.

To win a prize, the player must create a cluster. But the real fun begins once the Morph feature is triggered. Whenever a spin occurs, one symbol will help replace the whole cluster with one symbol, which helps in creating a win and causes more symbols to drop to the grid, causing a chain reaction and increasing the win potential of the game.

Once the first progressive feature is activated, the Tarasque begins. Tarasque symbol is simultaneously Wild, and it collects all winning symbols that surround it. However, when the Wild is full, it returns the collected symbols to the grid, causing massive wins to occur and further increasing the win potential

Captivating Progressive Features:

The game doesn’t have regular bonus rounds, but players can enjoy a range of Progressive Features. Whenever a win is achieved, the feature meter gets filled. The meter has five stages, and each stage can unlock fantastic features. Every level of the meter consists of four features, and once it’s unlocked, one of them is triggered. The features become better and more powerful as the level increases.

If the Wild Spikes feature is activated, 24 Wilds appear on the grid, and it’s much easier for the player to form a win. There’s also a Blazing Gaze feature, which removes all low-paying symbols from the grid, resulting in a cascade, and increases the win potential, allowing only high-paying symbols to be a part of the win.

Mage’s Morph feature adds up to 45 powerful morphing symbols to the grid.

Print Studio is a Maltese-based studio that became well-known for its captivating slots with edgy themes and fantastic features. Among them is a hit release Darkness, which was released back in October 2023, and rapidly became a hit among players all over the world.

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