Jungleman surprised a waitress with an EV tip!

Jungleman surprised a waitress with an EV tip!

The waitress could receive a $20 tip or play a flip for a $200 one.

Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and Lynne Ji had lunch a few days ago. The two professional poker players tested the waitress to see if she made the right decision regarding the expected value of her tip.

Jungleman offered two options. The waitress could choose a $20 tip or take a gamble and flip for a $200 tip, meaning she had a 50% chance of winning $200, but there was also a 50% chance she would get nothing.

The waitress chose the second option, which represented the higher expected value. However, the waitress had to settle for a $100 EV tip as he lost the flip.


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Unibet is on the spot

Unibet is on the spot

Getting familiar with one of the most reliable poker rooms out there!

Unibet was founded in 1997 by Anders Störm of Sweden. Nowadays it has more than 10 million customers all over the world and became one of the biggest gambling site in Europe. It offers a wide variety of opportunities in online gambling, betting and poker. Since 1998, it has a licence issued by a Maltain authority. Eventually Unibet built up a strong reliability among its customers with the quality opportunities.

Unibet is able to individually compete with competitors such as 888, partypoker and WPN.

1. Available

games If you wanna play poker at Unibet you can certainly choose from a lot. Either you can play cash games, MTTs or SNGs. There is also a unique format, HexaPro to play with. In case you would like to try, you can play online tournaments as well.

(a) Cash game

You can find almost any time a table up to NL400. During rush hours it is especially easy to find a table that matches with your preferences. Since the sport-betting limb of Unibet is pretty good, it lures many recreational players to play poker which means that you can play against relatively weak opponents at this poker room.

(b) Tournaments

In case you are comfortable playing poker tournaments, you are at the right spot. Unibet offers you plenty of tournaments you can choose from. For instance, probably the most common tournament played out in freezout format in which is you plays until you win (or lose all your chips). There are plenty of freeroll tournaments as well which have no fees to be paid in order to enter. Unibet provides freeroll tournaments hourly. Moreover, there are also guaranteed tournaments (GTD) to play, meaning that the prize pool is being guaranteed even if the amount of the buy-ins does not reach the guaranteed prize pool by itself, the organizer (Unibet) will cover the missing amount.

(c) HexaPro

Under the name HexaPro, Unibet offers you the Spin-type games:

HexaPro is a fast-paced, Sit & Go game up to €100 that has only 3 hands. Each HexaPro has a random prize pool, the extent of which ranges between 1.5 to 1,000 times your buy-in.

Hexapro is really easy to handle, you should only navigate to the HexaPro tab and select the given amount of buy-in (€1; €2; €5; €10; €25; €50; €100) and how many games you want to play.

(d) SNG

If you are an SNG-type player you should definitely check the SNG tables provided by Unibet. The platform itself is really handy and easy to use. There are two types of SNG tournaments the 2-handed and the 5-handed. The tables fill up pretty fast so you can play lot of hands whilst the opponents you play against are deemed to be not so strong. There is also a pretty good bonus in the amount of € 200.

2. Unibet PokerLoyalty System

In order to lure more players, earlier in 2020, Unibet reviewed its loyalty system and launched its revised, new loyalty system in Q4 2021. According to the official website, the new system had been launched in October. According to the new loyalty system there will be 7 different stages where with the lowest level you will be entitled to a 10% rakeback if you paid at least EUR 5 per quarter.

The per centage of rakeback may rise up to 49.5% if you have EUR 43,655 rake during a quarter. It is important that you can have rake by playing real money poker through cash tables, tournaments or HexaPro.

By collecting points, you will increase your level which will lead you to higher rakeback.

Here you can find a summarizing table of the new loyalty system:

3. Rakeback

Since playing poker is evolving rapidly among players it is crucial for poker sites to offer rakeback and try to have as many players (meaning as much money) as possible. Unibet is no exception. 

Other than that if you had registered to Unibet via rakerace.com, you will participate in an exclusive race held monthly by which an €3,000 prize pool is offered where the average rakeback was around 10-15% based on the previous data.

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Sickest hand at the WSOP Main Event final table

Sickest hand at the WSOP Main Event final table

Experts will analyze this hand for a long time.

German high-roller player, Koray Aldemir was the biggest name at the final table in the WSOP 2021 Main Event, he also started the game as the chip leader. Only George Holmes seemed to potentially be a threat to him, as all of the other participants had significantly smaller stacks.

Shortly after the game started, Chase Bianchi, a WSOP champion of 2016, and Jareth East were eliminated.

We had to wait until the 61st hand (37th blind level 500K/1M-1M) for the most interesting and important hand in the final table. PokerStars Ambassador Alejandro Lococo – a non-professional player, an Argentina musician known as Papo Mc – was right behind Koray Aldemir, in 2nd place on the chip count, so the two biggest stacks have clashed in the below hand:

If you are one of them who loves poker, you should check the best rakeback deals to make your poker career much more profitable.

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Book Review: The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

Book Review: The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History was published by Huntington Press in October 2021. It is a short, easy-to-digest, and entertaining book about poker history.

Instead of a long, continuous narrative about how the world’s favorite card game developed, it’s giving you 50 short stories all about poker. These stories are fascinating snapshots of poker’s history. The chapters are in chronological order, so by the end of this new poker history book, you will have a comprehensive look at how poker got from its earliest stages to the global industry that it is today.

The Chapters in the 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

The earliest story is all the way back from 1836. It is about an American soldier serving in the ‘Dragoon Regiment“ of the US Army. He’s trying to organize an evening of “rational enjoyment” with his fellow men. However, there is just one problem – his Major “just lost some cool hundreds last night at poker”, and thus he is not in a forbearing mood.

You’ll also read about Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States (and the only one having to resign from the office), building enough of a bankroll from playing poker in the US Navy to help fund his first campaign for the House of Representatives. You’ll read about the “most dubious” heads-up match between the first-ever WSOP Main Event winner Johnny Moss and Nick “the Greek” Dandolos; as well as a call with 10-high on the river by the legendary Stu Ungar that is forever cemented into poker history.

There are plenty of stories from the modern era as well. The book has a chapter about the long and arduous internet feud between two poker greats, Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. It started with a rake increase by PokerStars and ended in a fierce, $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em heads-up challenge – as well as new-found respect for each other for the two former nemeses. The stories also include the one about Instagram “bad boy” Dan Bilzerian, and whether or not he got his much-flaunted wealth from poker as he claims. They also include the most infamous cheating scandals the game of poker has ever seen. Those are the stories of “potripper” on the now defunct online poker site Absolute Poker, and Mike Postle’s case at Stones Gambling Hall.

On top of all that, you’ll also read about the biggest loser in online poker history, the biggest online tournament winner in poker history, and the biggest buy-in tournament ever in poker history.

How to Buy The 50 Greatest Stories in Poker History

You can buy this fun, new poker history book directly from the publisher by clicking here; or order it from Amazon by clicking here. Shipment is free of charge for United States residents if you place your order on either site.

Pick up your copy now.

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Poker funs most beloved destination: Paradise Island

Poker funs most beloved destination: Paradise Island

Below you can find out some helpful info on playing poker on Paradise Island.

If you really would like to play poker and spend some time in a fascinating atmosphere you should definitely try and go to Paradise Island, in the Bahamas. If it happens that you should stay at home don’t worry you can choose from the best rakeback options.

1. How to get there

There are direct flights from London to Nassau from a reasonable price which is the easiest way to get there. However if you are not much of that person, instead of flying, you can also get to the Bahamas by boat as well. British Airways offers direct flights from London, however its prcing is rather high around $2,000. It is a cost-friendly way if you go from Frankfurt Germany, while you can go there around $650 – $700.

2. Accommodation

There are many opportunities to stay in Paradise Island. There are plenty of great hotels in Paradise Island the quality of the service and the pleasure of which surely meet the expectations. The most well-known hotels in Paradise Island are Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and Atlantis. The average price per night in such hotels starts around $300 – $350, however the more expensive suites can go up to around $2,500 per night.

3. Other activities worth to try

Everybody needs to get to the Bahamas and the Carribbean once in their life. It is the destination of fun. A boat ride on the Carribbean sea is an absolutely great pleasure having a wonderful view of the sea and the island. Moreover, the Carribbean also offers you a lot of options to pleasure. There are beautiful beaches and coasts in the island.

Furthermore you can go bone fishing, visit the Forts of Nassau or the Pirates Museum as well. It is a really good choice of having a great pleasure with your friends. In the case you would like to have some nice cigars you can jump out to Cuba which is 90 min far from the Bahamas by plane.

4. Cost of poker

Probably the most famous poker event in the Bahamas is the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). The venue of the PCA series used to be the The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort & Casino except the year of 2004. It was continuously held in 15 consecutive year until 2019.

At PCA the buy-ins ranged from $330 up to the $25,000. The event with the most buzz was always the $10,300 Main Event that would draw hundreds of players. Therefore, the ultimate winner would usually take home 7-figures. Poker legend such as Gus Hansen has also claimed the PCA Main Event title.

Fortunately, PokerStars has officially confirmed that the PCA will go ahead from January 22–February 3, 2023. Moreover, PokerStars also confirmed the return of PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) which will go simultaneously with PCA from January 30–February 3 2023. The buy-in for the PSPC will be $25,000, mirroring that of the first instalment.

The Bahamas are pretty expensive not just in terms of poker but in terms of vacation as well. In terms of food and drinks, you should expect that there will be 20-25% higher prices compared to the prices in the US.

On average out of $600 per day you can make a quite good time playing poker in Bahamas. Needless to say that there are much more expensive places. To sum up the expenses of travel, accommodation and poker it will cost around $4,500 – 5,000 to stay and enjoy playing poker in Paradise Island for a weekend.

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WSOP 2022: The largest poker series ever

WSOP 2022: The largest poker series ever

The WSOP 2022 series has just ended with enormous figures. Below you can find the most interesting ones of it.

1. The event

The live WSOP 2022 series was held between May 31 and July 20. The first interesting thing is that it was held in a new venue called Bally’s Lass Vegas Casino, which was rebranded and renovated for the WSOP 2022 series this spring. The hotel changed its name to a brand new one – Horseshoe Casino.

2. The figures

We can definitely say that this year of the WSOP series will be one of the best in terms of figures for sure.

In terms of prize money this 53rd Annual World Series of Poker awarded a monstrous $333,362,004 in prize money that is beating the previous record which was attained in 2019 by nearly $50 million (!). This jaw-dropping figure was reached in 88 live bracelet events.

Regarding the live bracelet this is a really huge number thereof however, it was introduced by the organizers that besides the live bracelet events there were held 13 more online bracelet event, However, it shall be noted that to these online bracelet events only players from New Jersey and Nevada were eligible to access. Therefore, of course, the prize pool and the entrants were not so high as in the live event however, there were still really good figures in both respect ($13,017,963 in prize money and 15,767 of entrants).

The series drew 182,662 entrants — that is over 50% more than the previous 2021 series which was hit by the COVID pandemic. Moreover, the WSOP 2022 Main Event – itself – pulled in 8,663 entrants for a prize pool of $80,782,475 in total.

In terms of buy-ins this year represents a high-end with an average amount of $11,000.

According to one of the chief official of World Series of Poker this 2022 year was a historic one for the series and was a real specialty for the poker community as well.

Below you can find the raw numbers of the WSOP 2022:

WSOP 2022 Live Series Stats

  • Live Bracelets: 88
  • Prize Pool Awarded: $333,362,004
  • Avg Prize Pool: $3,788,205
  • Total Entries: 182,662
  • Avg Entries: 2076
  • Avg Buy-in: $11,156
  • Fees Collected: $31,543,560

Furthermore, there are some more interesting figures that makes this year WSOP really special:

  • this was the first time that the total prize pool surpassed $300,000,000;
  • 25 players became millionaires during this series in 2022; and
  • 71 out of the 88 live bracelet events produced a prize pools of at least $1 million.

3. Winner

Probably the last thing what remains is who is the lucky (and pro) enough to be the winner of this magnificent event. This poker player is Espen Jorstad of Norway who won the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event. On the way of doing so, he defeated Australia’s Adrian Attenborough duelling the heads-up of the series. By being the winner, Jorstad took home a prize of $10 million. To reach that monumental achievement he needed to outlast 8,662 (!) other player.

All the above are true examples that this event will (or probably already) have a page in the history book of poker.

If you like to participate in the WSOP event, you do not have to wait a year. The WSOP online series will be held at GGPoker from the 14th of August to the 27th of September with a 33 bracelet event. If you do not have a GGPoker account, you can create one via rakerace.com.

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