CEP Main Shatters Records as PokerStars EPT Barcelona Kicks Off

CEP Main Shatters Records as PokerStars EPT Barcelona Kicks Off


With a groundbreaking turnout of nearly 2000 contenders, the CEP Main Event has shattered records and ignited excitement.

The conclusion of the PokerStars-sponsored Campeonato España de Poker (CEP) tour in Barcelona marked a significant milestone, with the CEP Main Event drawing an astounding crowd of nearly 2000 entries. This unprecedented turnout has set the stage for the upcoming prestigious European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona, while tax-related concerns loom and expectations of record-breaking participation abound.

The CEP Main Event, which featured a €550 buy-in, attracted a record-breaking 1960 players. This accomplishment solidified the Main Event’s position as the largest in CEP history, surpassing the previous record set four years prior with 1773 registrations. The surge in participation reflects an impressive growth of nearly 50% compared to the previous year’s event.

Held at Casino Barcelona from August 11, the 2023 CEP Barcelona stop experienced strong turnouts, despite uncertainties stemming from recent tax changes in Spain.

The trend of robust participation was evident from the outset of the CEP, with various events reporting exceptional attendance. The opening event, with a €330 entry fee, witnessed 822 entries—almost double the attendance of the previous year’s edition. Similarly, the Mini Main Event, featuring a €200 buy-in, saw 786 participants, marking a significant 30% increase compared to the previous year.

The culmination of this enthusiasm was the Main Event’s remarkable achievement, resulting in a total prize pool of €854,560 across its five Day 1s.

The CEP festival aligns with a broader global trend of increased interest in live poker events. From the World Series of Poker (WSOP) to regional events in Europe and Asia, record-breaking attendance is becoming the norm, underscoring the undeniable demand for live poker experiences.

With the CEP chapter coming to a close, attention now shifts to the highly anticipated European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona.

Commencing on August 21, the PokerStars LIVE Estrellas Poker Tour (ESPT) commenced, serving as an integral part of the main EPT festival.

EPT Barcelona, a cornerstone of PokerStars’ European destinations, is renowned for attracting substantial crowds. The city’s rich poker history dates back to 2004, hosting significant stops of the European Poker Tour. Last year, both the ESPT and EPT Main Events set attendance records, with the €5300 EPT Main Event becoming the largest-ever in EPT history, drawing 2294 players.

However, this year’s EPT Barcelona faces a unique challenge due to recent tax changes in Spain. These alterations impose taxes on poker players’ winnings, affecting both local and international participants, irrespective of their professional or recreational status.

While European Union players face a 19% tax rate, non-EU players contend with a higher 24% rate. This change in tax classification has raised concerns and uncertainty among players about the sustainability of EPT Barcelona’s historically impressive turnouts.

Nevertheless, the record-breaking attendance during the CEP festival provides assurance, suggesting another prosperous EPT Barcelona edition on the horizon.

Running from August 21, the EPT Barcelona series features the prestigious €5300 EPT Main Event scheduled from August 27 to September 3. Online satellites on the PokerStars platform have already begun, with buy-ins starting as low as €5.50.



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Poker Pro’s Luxury Yacht Engulfed in Flames in Mediterranean

Poker Pro's Luxury Yacht Engulfed in Flames in Mediterranean

An 88-foot luxury yacht, purportedly belonging to Spanish poker pro Diego Gomez Gonzalez, turned into a blazing inferno amidst the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean.


A distressing incident unfolded as an 88-foot luxury yacht, allegedly owned by Spanish poker professional Diego Gomez Gonzalez, caught fire in the Mediterranean waters. The dramatic scene was captured on video by The Daily Mail.

The yacht, reportedly belonging to Gonzalez, who boasts an impressive $500,000 in live tournament earnings according to The Hendon Mob database, was the center of a harrowing event. While it remains uncertain whether Gonzalez was present on the yacht during the incident, reports confirm that all 17 individuals on board at the time managed to escape the flames. The group consisted of five crew members and twelve passengers, with only one crew member sustaining minor burns and requiring medical attention.

The video footage obtained by MailOnline depicts the luxury yacht engulfed in a massive blaze. However, the exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined and has not been publicly disclosed. The alarming occurrence unfolded around 6 p.m. on a Saturday near the island of Formentera in the Mediterranean. Prompt action from nearby boaters played a pivotal role in assisting the passengers.

The footage also shows onlookers at a seaside restaurant observing the inferno from a distance of around a couple of hundred feet, capturing the fiery spectacle in photographs.

Gonzalez’s yacht, constructed in 1995, is designed to accommodate up to 20 people comfortably. It boasts luxurious amenities such as a deck jacuzzi, well-appointed cabins, and easy access for various water-based activities. The yacht is anchored in Ibiza, an island located off the southeastern coast of Spain. While Gonzalez frequently charters the vessel, it’s likely that he wasn’t on board during the fire incident. Chartering the yacht during the peak summer season costs upwards of £45,000.

A seasoned poker pro hailing from Madrid, Gonzalez achieved his highest live tournament earnings of $256,000 with a fifth-place finish at the 2012 European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague Main Event. Additionally, he’s secured five cashes in World Series of Poker (WSOP) online bracelet events on GGPoker in 2020 and 2021.

Gonzalez’s colorful personality earned him the nickname “The Lion” after he sported a lion costume during the aforementioned EPT Main Event in Prague.

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Meet GGPoker’s New Ambassador: Influencer True Geordie

Meet GGPoker’s New Ambassador: Influencer True Geordie

GGPoker recently signed a new poker ambassador, the controversial influencer True Geordie. We look at the brand’s ambassadors and their histories in poker.

The online poker world is full of competition, not just between players but also between different poker rooms. GGPoker is establishing its position as one of the top dogs, even over PokerStars, which for years was regarded as the best poker brand globally. As such, it should be no surprise that GGPoker signed Briand “True Geordie” Davis, an influencer previously affiliated with PokerStars, onto their team.

True Geordie, a popular poker YouTuber and podcast celebrity interviewer, will now act as the face of the brand’s online poker room, whether in the online or live spheres. This partnership promises more media coverage and an increased presence on social media for GGPoker, which is only beneficial for their journey to the top.


GGPoker has announced that part of the deal is that UK and Irish players can participate in a weekly freeroll event on Thursdays. Davis will participate in these tournaments, and players can win $1,000 prize pools and claim the bounty on Davis’ head. Davis will also have a meet and greet for his fans at the WSOP Circuit in London, where he’ll wear the GGPoker patch for the first time. 

Davis’ Influence and Controversy

Davis originally partnered with PokerStars in 2020, but after two years, the brand terminated the contract due to Islamophobic slurs Davis made against Andrew Tate. However, Davis has since apologized stating that he “never for one second, though someone would take offense to something so silly.” In terms of the word silly Davis said that he meant the statement he made, while acknowledging it was in bad taste, was something he considered so ridiculous it could never be true.


GGPoker Grows Ever Bigger


As GGPoker increases its media presence and client base, it has always been bold in using the best resources possible, even if those resources partnered with other poker brands previously. GGPoker has never shied away from collaborating with controversial figures, so it’s no surprise they are often successful in recruiting ambassadors from other poker rooms.


The History of GGPoker’s Ambassadors


Below, we list the GGPoker ambassadors that have previously represented other poker rooms.


How to Play the Best Poker

If you wish to try out GGPoker and play with its new ambassador, then RakeRace.com is a good option for finding exclusive monthly poker deals. Besides the excellent rake races and chases you can participate in, you can also now play online and live poker games with True Geordie at GGPoker.

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2023 WSOP Breaks 2022 Event Record in the First Two Weeks

2023 WSOP Breaks 2022 Event Record in the First Two Weeks

The WSOP tournament is among the most significant annual poker tournaments. The 2023 event is set to break records, and we are looking into how it’s doing.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is off to a fantastic start this year, breaking records left and right. While many thought the 2022 tournament would culminate in being the top dog, the 2023 event set them straight. With the WSOP still ongoing and ending on the 18th of July, we look at how it’s progressing so far.

2023 vs 2022

The 2022 WSOP delivered a $350 million prize pool, with over 197k participating in the tournament. However, if
you thought it couldn’t get any better, then the 2023 tournament is set to blow you out of the water. So far, participation in this event is up by more than 10% in individual tournaments compared to last year. 


While it can’t yet be seen whether the 2023 edition will break the 197k participants record, it seems to be heading that way. With only two dozen bracelets claimed, the series recorded over 70k participants, with around $75 million in prize money already distributed. That gives it an astonishing $2.8 million per tournament, and approximately 78% of the tournaments generated $1 million in prize pools.

Five Largest WSOP Turnouts

Below we look at some of the most significant WSOP poker events’ participation numbers:

  1. 2019 – Big 50 Event with 28,371 entrees
  2. 2023 – Gladiators of Poker with 23,088 entrees
  3. 2015 – Colossus with 22,374 entrees
  4. 2016 – Colossus with 21,613 entrees
  5. 2020 – The Housewarming NLH with 20,080 entrees

WSOP Events

We examine the significant events and how they did in 2023 compared to 2022. Multiple events show an increase in participants:

  • NLH Casino Employees – 22% more entrees.
  • Dealers Choice – 6% more entrees.
  • Seven Card Stud – 10% more entrees.
  • $600/$800 NLH Deepstack – 6.5%/17% more entrees.
  • NLH Freezeout – 51% more entrees.

Gladiators of Poker

So far, the most significant highlight of the WSOP is an event that debuted this year, the Gladiators of Poker. Despite being a new event, it boasts the highest number of participants, with 23,088 players pushing the guaranteed prize pool of $3 million to a whopping $5.6 million. With a $300 buy-in, it’s also the cheapest bracelet event in this series.

Mystery Millions

Meanwhile, Mystery Mystery breaks the record as the largest-ever event with a $1,000 buy-in. Around 18,188 players boosted the prize pool to $16.1 million, which means not one but two $1 million top bounties became available. This event showed a 30% increase in entries.

No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

The $10,000 Main Event is the NLH World Championship, which will break the 2006 record of most participants at 8,773 players. This year the Main Event is thought to have well over 9,000 participants, breaking another record.

Participate in Poker Events Online

While not all events saw an increase, like the $5k Mixed Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha and $5k NLH Freezeout events, which decreased by 28% and 3%, an overall 10% increase is recorded. However, you don’t need to be at the Las Vegas Strip to enjoy excellent poker events. RakeRace.com always offers exceptional promotions, like their partypoker $12k rake race and hase/”>5% to 15% chase. Join using RakeRace.com and experience more rewards and poker promotions.

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The Exciting Era of Poker SNG Tables – Is it Over or Not?

The Exciting Era of Poker SNG Tables - Is it Over or Not?

We look at how poker Sit and Go tables have fared over the last few years. An iconic game for many poker players, but it might be on its last legs. Or is it?

Poker is a popular game, and various styles emerged over the years. Sit and Go poker, shortened to SNG, is one of those styles that took the online poker world by storm. However, the days of SNG tournaments could be over as notable poker brands start discontinuing the game. Join us as we look at the history of SNGs and how they fare.

What are SNGs?

Sit and Go tournaments are fast-paced poker games that start when a requisite number of players join the table. The number of players required can vary from single-player tables to 10-player tables. Single-table SNGs were the most traditional type and a favorite among players. 

This popularity was because, unlike scheduled tournaments, you could play anytime and enjoy the same live poker stakes as in bigger games. You could start playing as soon as the preset number of people joined the table. These games have been around for more than two decades and have enjoyed a significant fan base. 

Sit and Go Tables Today

SNGs began to fall out of favor with poker players. These days, many new and exciting poker varieties and tournaments are available. New bonus features, formats, and prizes become available, seemingly making traditional games like Sit and Go tables a thing of the past. Below, we look at where this game is today.


Waning Interest

The most significant indicator of the waning interest in SNGs is that 888poker recently removed this traditional game format from their offering. The reason for this was a lack of interest in the game from players, and it wasn’t worth it to keep it available anymore.


Current Types Available

However, not everything points towards this game becoming defunct. Instead, like many traditional poker games, it is evolving. GGPoker offers their iconic Spin and Gold tables, where you can turn $1 into $100,000, featuring the new 6-Max style. The buy-in ranges from $0.25 up to $200 and remains a popular addition to the site.

Another example is partypoker’s Daily SPINS leaderboard, where you can play SPINS or SPINS Ultra to receive points and climb the leaderboard. Both offers might not follow the traditional SNG format, but it’s based on it, which implies the game’s era isn’t over; it’s simply evolving.

Exclusive Offers

A significant reason the interest in these games has waned is that many brands have charged a high rake on low buy-ins. However, lottery-style SNGs are becoming more popular with their thrillingly fast gameplay. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these games. For example, RakeRace.com offers an $8,000 rake race for players who sign up at GGPoker through them.

If you prefer partypoker, then no worries because an incredible $12,000 rake race awaits you in the room. Besides that, Rakerace.com frequently provide exclusive rake races and chases, so try out their SNG-style games and see whether you believe the era is over or changing.

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Exhilarating At-Sea Events in 2024 – WPT Voyage is Back

Exhilarating At-Sea Events in 2024 - WPT Voyage is Back

Learn about the exciting WPT Voyage in 2024 and what it offers. We look at the events, destinations, and packages you can purchase for this at-sea event.

Exhilarating At-Sea Events in 2024 – The WPT Voyage is Back

The World Poker Tour (WPT) does a complete cruise ship takeover to provide an unforgettable journey in the Spring of 2024. This iconic tournament goes back to sea with Virgin Voyages, as it offers exhilarating games on the Valiant Lady, an 18+ luxury cruise ship. Read further to find out what this magical journey entails.

The Voyage

The WPT Voyage starts on the 31st of March 2024 and runs until the 6th of April, with three full days at sea and two exciting destinations in the Bahamas. The Valiant Lady sets sail from Miami, Florida, and returns a week later.

Cayman Islands

The first stop is the Cayman Islands, where you can golf, snorkel, and check out what these beautiful islands have to offer. You can explore the seven-mile beach, Stingray City, Cayman Crysta Caves, and more. The Valiant Lady will be docked at the Cayman Islands from 9 am the morning to 6 pm the evening, so it gives you an entire day to enjoy the gorgeous locale. 


The second stop is Bimini, which is a chain of islands located in the westernmost district of the Bahamas. 

Here you can enjoy another day of water activities or just explore more beautiful islands. Once again you have plenty of time, as the boat is docked from 8 am to 8 pm. Places of note you can experience in Bimini are the Dolphin House Museum, Radio Beach, Rainbow Reef, and more.

What’s Included?

Packages for the WPT Voyage will consist of food, with 20+ fine dining establishments and some even feature Micheline star chefs. Your drinks, Wi-Fi, shows, group fitness classes, and other forms of entertainment are included. Overall, you’ll want for nothing on this voyage, and the WPT family even covers your gratuity to the ship’s staff! 

The Events

However, we all know the main events of this cruise, and that’s the poker events. Over 80 poker tables are available on this 1400-cabin cruise ship, delivering many opportunities to test your skill against other players on the open sea.

Main Events

There are three events we’d look out for while on this journey. The first is the $1,100 buy-in Prime, with a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. The second is the $5,000 Main Tour, which awards up to $1 million in guarantees! The last is the $25,000 High Roller event, with all these tables being No-Limit Hold ’em games.

Other Events 

There are also lower buy-in events, like the $125 Freeze Out NL Hold ’em and the $200 Ladies NL Hold ’em. Overall, you can enjoy various tournaments and buy-in levels, with the total guarantee for this WPT tournament being $1.5 million.

Prepare for the Voyage of a Lifetime

There’s still almost a year to prepare for this trip at sea, which promises to be one to remember. It’s the first voyage WPT takes again after an extended break, which already heightens the excitement of participating players. You can sail through the Caribbean while testing your skills and exploring beautiful locations. Have a look at the official WPT Voyage website for more information on the itinerary, and embark on the voyage of a lifetime. 



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We Say Farewell to Poker Legend Doyle Brunson

We Say Farewell to Poker Legend Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson was The Godfather of Poker who has done much for the poker world. Join us as we say farewell and remember his many accomplishments.

We say farewell to Doyle Brunson, The Godfather of Poker and an exceptional player. At age 89, this iconic figure sadly passed away on May 14. 

His family released a statement, reading: 


It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of our father, Doyle Brunson. He was a beloved Christian man, husband, father and grandfather. We’ll have more to say over the coming days as we honor his legacy. Please keep Doyle and our family in your prayers. May he rest in peace.” 

Top Wins

Brunson was a regular at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) since 1970. Having played the game for years before starting his career in Las Vegas, it’s no surprise that this man became a legend all players strive to follow. He won 10 WSOP bracelets and more than $3 million over his career.

First WSOP Bracelet – 1976

While Brunson finished third in 1973’s Main Event, it wasn’t until 1976 that he won the Main Event and his first WSOP bracelet, bringing home $220,000 in prize money.

A Big Win in 1977

In 1977, Brunson won another World Championship title and bracelet, with prize money of $340,000. He won the title with a full house thanks to his starting hand of 10-2, which is now known as The Doyle Brunson.

No-Limit Hold’em in 1991

Doyle won his seventh bracelet in 1991, taking home a No-Limit Hold-em title with a prize pool of $208,000.

Beats Critics and Wins Almost $1.2 Million in 2004

Brunson won almost $1.2 million in 2004 at the Legends of Poker WPT event. While critics claimed he was too old, Doyle showed them that his title as The Godfather wasn’t for nothing.

Biggest WSOP Win in 2005

This legend’s largest WSOP win happened in 2005. He placed first in a short-handed No-Limit Hold’em Main Event, winning $367,800.

European Poker Tour 2011

Brunson’s only time scoring an EPT money finish was in 2011. He won £9,000 in this tournament and placed 77th in the £5,000 Main Event.

Top stories

Where did the nickname “Texas Dolly” come from?

It originated from a miscommunication. Jimmy Snyder, famously known for his show “The NFL Today,” used to write about gambling for the Las Vegas Sun. He was great friends with Doyle Brunson, who was from Texas, where gambling was frowned upon. Brunson asked Snyder not to use his real name in his articles, so Snyder referred to him as “Texas Doyle.” An Associated Press journalist overheard Snyder referencing him as “Texas Dolly” instead and misquoted the nickname in an article. It has stayed with him ever since.

T2 – the Doyle Brunson hand

Brunson dominated the ’76 WSOP Main Event with T2 cards. He held a commanding chip lead against his amateur opponent when the fateful flop came to A-J-T. Brunson bet all-in, and his rival called with two pairs. Disaster awaited, though, as a two arrived on the turn, giving Brunson two pairs. The ten on the river made him a full house for the win.


His luck with the same hand didn’t end there. A year later, he was again heads-up now with a professional player, Gary Berland. Brunson had T-2 and Berland 85. The flop was 8-5-T, Berland bet, Brunson called. The turn gave Brunson a two-pair, and he pushed all in. Berland called. A ten on the river sealed the deal for Brunson.

The $230 million mistake

Doyle Brunson missed out on a $230m offer for his online poker room and later lost it when the FBI raided it for violating US gambling laws. He had been warned of the risks of operating in a grey area but the offer was too good to refuse. He regretted his decision for years and ended his relationship with the Doyles Room after the incident.

Doyle Brunson and the Fort Worth times

Doyle Brunson often told tales from his early days as a poker player, recalling that the greatest challenge wasn’t in winning money, but in getting it out of town unscathed. 


Fort Worth, Texas was one of his haziest memories; an area well-known by locals for its dangerous illegal poker games. There were no guarantees that one would leave a table alive; a menacing threat of which Brunson could personally attest. 


“I had been a pro for a year when one night I was playing a game of pool in a hall, and the player next to me suddenly had his brains splattered all over the wall after someone walked in and shot him in the head,” Brunson recalled.

He beat cancer six times

Texas Dolly was diagnosed with cancer in 1962 when he was 29 years old. Doctors found a tumor in his neck and metastases. Five doctors declared the prognosis to be poor, and gave him only a few months to live. However, after surgery, there was no trace of cancer cells. Miraculously, Dolly has beaten various forms of cancer a total of six times since then, including squamous cell carcinoma in 2016. 

His Impact on Poker

Doyle Brunson isn’t just a poker legend; he also taught the industry much about the game. He wrote “Super System,” regarded as this game’s bible, along with a number of other books, and he made various television appearances over his career. 


Thanks to this revered figure, poker has continued to develop even further, and platforms like RakeRace.com can offer exclusive races and chases that players enjoy. We salute this legendary figure and thank him for all he’s done, knowing he’ll always be in our memories.

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GGPoker’s New Features: Prop Bets and Voice Messages

GGPoker’s New Features: Prop Bets and Voice Messages

Try out GGPoker’s new features, available after a recent software update. Prop bets and voice messages are now available – read more to see how they work.

GGPoker has been one of the leading poker brands for years. But despite its considerable following and fame, the brand constantly strives to deliver better features and events to players. 

A case in point is the recent software update, which provides players with innovative features they can enjoy to the fullest and new policies to protect their online poker experience.


Recent Software Upgrade


The latest software update brought players both new features and new policies.


New Policies


There is now a multi-tabling policy in place, where the operator restricts the number of tables a player can join at each blind level. The new restriction is nine tables per game type or blind level, while some games, like Rush & Cash, are restricted to four tables.


Another new policy is the No Turn, No Show policy, which means the operator reveals hole cards to players only when it’s their turn to play. While the brand is just testing it with Five Card PLO for now, the goal is to implement it in most poker games eventually.


Also, GGPoker introduced new buy-in levels for Spin & Gold six-handed games, with $5 and $20 buy-ins now available.


Voice Messages


While voice chat is not a unique innovation at online poker brands, it’s still not common. Thanks to this new upgrade, players can now record a brief audio message that can be sent to the table. 


GGPoker implemented this feature to provide a more authentic gaming experience, but you can mute such notifications if it’s not something that interests you.


Prop Bets


GGPoker has also introduced new prop bets to its tables, allowing you to bet on a broader range of possibilities within each game. Prop bets that are available include betting which player will last the longest, what cards will be in the flop, or a number of other bets that aren’t directly related to the match’s outcome.


Players can also participate in the Last Longer bet, where two or more players bet directly against one another to see who’ll last the longest at a table. While it’s the only prop bet currently available, GGPoker is expected to introduce more formats later. 


The Last Longer bets can range from 10% to 200% of the event’s buy-in. It is currently available in almost all of the brand’s games and tournaments.


Other Innovations


GGPoker provides a number of other innovative features at its tables, some even unique to other online poker brands. It’s an integrated staking platform and provides a built-in HUD and multiple tools you can use. 


Some of the most popular tools are PokerCraft, a game-tracking tool, and Ask Fedor, an integrated coaching tool. Players can also use features like SnapCam, Smart Betting, Dance Emotes, Card Squeeze, and more.


Join RakeRace’s $8,000 Race


You can experience the wonders of GGPoker’s new features yourself and win more using RakeRace.com exclusive $8,000 rake race

To sign up for this exclusive rake race, you must create a GGPoker account and link it to your RakeRace.com profile. Then you can enjoy your time playing on the platform. It runs for the entirety of May, and we offer our players frequent offers and rake races.

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Jungleman surprised a waitress with an EV tip!

Jungleman surprised a waitress with an EV tip!

The waitress could receive a $20 tip or play a flip for a $200 one.

Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and Lynne Ji had lunch a few days ago. The two professional poker players tested the waitress to see if she made the right decision regarding the expected value of her tip.

Jungleman offered two options. The waitress could choose a $20 tip or take a gamble and flip for a $200 tip, meaning she had a 50% chance of winning $200, but there was also a 50% chance she would get nothing.

The waitress chose the second option, which represented the higher expected value. However, the waitress had to settle for a $100 EV tip as he lost the flip.


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Unibet is on the spot

Unibet is on the spot

Getting familiar with one of the most reliable poker rooms out there!

Unibet was founded in 1997 by Anders Störm of Sweden. Nowadays it has more than 10 million customers all over the world and became one of the biggest gambling site in Europe. It offers a wide variety of opportunities in online gambling, betting and poker. Since 1998, it has a licence issued by a Maltain authority. Eventually Unibet built up a strong reliability among its customers with the quality opportunities.

Unibet is able to individually compete with competitors such as 888, partypoker and WPN.

1. Available

games If you wanna play poker at Unibet you can certainly choose from a lot. Either you can play cash games, MTTs or SNGs. There is also a unique format, HexaPro to play with. In case you would like to try, you can play online tournaments as well.

(a) Cash game

You can find almost any time a table up to NL400. During rush hours it is especially easy to find a table that matches with your preferences. Since the sport-betting limb of Unibet is pretty good, it lures many recreational players to play poker which means that you can play against relatively weak opponents at this poker room.

(b) Tournaments

In case you are comfortable playing poker tournaments, you are at the right spot. Unibet offers you plenty of tournaments you can choose from. For instance, probably the most common tournament played out in freezout format in which is you plays until you win (or lose all your chips). There are plenty of freeroll tournaments as well which have no fees to be paid in order to enter. Unibet provides freeroll tournaments hourly. Moreover, there are also guaranteed tournaments (GTD) to play, meaning that the prize pool is being guaranteed even if the amount of the buy-ins does not reach the guaranteed prize pool by itself, the organizer (Unibet) will cover the missing amount.

(c) HexaPro

Under the name HexaPro, Unibet offers you the Spin-type games:

HexaPro is a fast-paced, Sit & Go game up to €100 that has only 3 hands. Each HexaPro has a random prize pool, the extent of which ranges between 1.5 to 1,000 times your buy-in.

Hexapro is really easy to handle, you should only navigate to the HexaPro tab and select the given amount of buy-in (€1; €2; €5; €10; €25; €50; €100) and how many games you want to play.

(d) SNG

If you are an SNG-type player you should definitely check the SNG tables provided by Unibet. The platform itself is really handy and easy to use. There are two types of SNG tournaments the 2-handed and the 5-handed. The tables fill up pretty fast so you can play lot of hands whilst the opponents you play against are deemed to be not so strong. There is also a pretty good bonus in the amount of € 200.

2. Unibet PokerLoyalty System

In order to lure more players, earlier in 2020, Unibet reviewed its loyalty system and launched its revised, new loyalty system in Q4 2021. According to the official website, the new system had been launched in October. According to the new loyalty system there will be 7 different stages where with the lowest level you will be entitled to a 10% rakeback if you paid at least EUR 5 per quarter.

The per centage of rakeback may rise up to 49.5% if you have EUR 43,655 rake during a quarter. It is important that you can have rake by playing real money poker through cash tables, tournaments or HexaPro.

By collecting points, you will increase your level which will lead you to higher rakeback.

Here you can find a summarizing table of the new loyalty system:

3. Rakeback

Since playing poker is evolving rapidly among players it is crucial for poker sites to offer rakeback and try to have as many players (meaning as much money) as possible. Unibet is no exception. 

Other than that if you had registered to Unibet via rakerace.com, you will participate in an exclusive race held monthly by which an €3,000 prize pool is offered where the average rakeback was around 10-15% based on the previous data.

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