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Here are 10 online casinos where you can play rounds of poker, blackjack, baccarat, dice, crash, or online slot games using your EOS tokens.

Using cryptocurrencies to play in online casinos is becoming a popular trend among bettors nowadays. Not only are crypto transactions fast, but they are also secured by cryptography and blockchain technology.

One crypto favored by many players is EOS (EOS), a digital token used primarily on the smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) platform of the same name. And to cater to these customers, a number of online gaming hubs have started adding EOS as an acceptable payment method.

If you do not have EOS tokens yet, then get them on many crypto exchanges available. If you own EOS, then consider playing them on 10 of the best EOS online casinos.

#1 EOSBet

eosbetWith your EOS tokens, you can play on some of the best dice sites in the space.

The most popular of them is EOSBet. Once an Ethereum dApp, EOSBet migrated to the EOS blockchain to serve its customers better. You can play on this top-performing EOS dApp dice and crash games. Meanwhile, you can expect baccarat to come soon.

EOSBet is the first EOS crypto gaming hub to receive a license from Curacao eGaming, so you can be sure that every game you play is legal and regulated.


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#2 Luckygames

LuckygamesAnother online gaming site you can visit for your dice needs is Luckygames. Wager your EOS tokens on quick and fun rounds of this site’s dice game. You can try your luck as well on some of Luckygames’ other novelty titles, which include Balls, Roulette, Cells, and Hacker.

Meanwhile, you can interact with your fellow bettors on the site’s usually active Chat.

#3 Dice

DiceAs its name suggests, Dice is a site where you can play dice games with your EOS tokens. However, this is not just your ordinary dice site as Dice has more titles you can enjoy on. Baccarat, sic bo, blackjack, roulette, lottery, and lucky draws are all available for you to bet on and to potentially win more EOS tokens.

There is also an exchange function where you can replenish your EOS funds by trading other cryptos.


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#4 FarmEOS

FarmeosFarmEOS brings you to a different world because of the site’s futuristic theme. The dice game is still the same, but the game’s layout is more organized and well-spaced compared with other gaming hubs.

Meanwhile, try out other FarmEOS that you will like, including the rock-paper-scissors game R-S-P and the classic Minefield. Some staples are here as well, like roulette, blackjack, and crash.

#5 EOS Poker

EospokerIf cards are what thrill you, then you are in luck as many poker rooms and hubs with card games accept EOS as well. Take a shot at EOS Poker, another popular gaming dApp. Here, you can bet your EOS tokens and play an exciting round of either Blackjack or Three Card.


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#6 EOSJacks

eosjacksAnother blackjack casino you can wager your EOS tokens on is EOSJacks. Not only can you play the enjoyable card game on this decentralized gaming platform, but you can also bet on dice here. EOS Jacks also has two variations of Ladder Races you can check out.

#7 Ya Poker

Ya PokerYou can also use your EOS tokens on many traditional online card rooms, now that these gaming hubs accept cryptos apart from fiat money. One of these online casinos is Ya Poker, a Curacao-licensed hub with card games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, and 32 Card Draw.

Do not be bothered if Ya Poker is initially in Spanish as you can change the language into English.

#8 Americas Cardroom

AmericascardroomAnother traditional online casino you can visit, which is in English, is Americas Cardroom. As the name suggests, even poker players from the United States are welcome to wager here.

Use your EOS tokens to enter different online tournaments on Americas Cardroom. Some of these tourneys include jackpots of up to US$5 million.


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#9 Royal Online Vegas

Royal Online Vegas

Royal Online Vegas, also known as ROVegas runs on the EOS blockchain network. It features five instant game plays — Jacks or Better, Black Jack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Poker Dice, and Poker Master. All these games function with smart contracts.

This EOS casino offers MEV tokens that players can own. Everyone who has MEV tokens practically has a share of Royal Online Vegas. This means that token holders will share among themselves 70% of all EOS house profits.

#10 EOSTiger

EostigerStep outside of your comfort zone and try something new, like the Niu-Niu card game on EOSTiger. In this popular Chinese card game, the hand that has three cards adding up to 10 usually wins. For every round, the first of the five cards are revealed for each hand.

If you still do not understand the game, then EOSTiger will explain it to you in simple terms on the site’s FAQ. This way, you can enjoy placing EOS wagers on Niu-Niu.


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