2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Profile: Daniel Holzner

Final Table Profile: Daniel Holzner

Seat: 3
Chip Count: 31,900,000
Big Blinds: 27
Age: 30
Hometown: Italy

Daniel Holzner’s Main Event Story

Daniel Holzner is an Italian poker player with $39,517 in recorded live tournament earnings.

His first tournament score came in 2012, and he has since added 12 more recorded cashes to his resume.

Most of his scores have come in small-stakes events in Austria, with a couple coming from Czechia. At the 2023 World Series of Poker, he secured his first-ever WSOP cash in the Millionaire Maker. He came in 652nd for $4,070.

Also, at the 2023 WSOP, he made the final table of the Main Event. It was his first time playing poker’s World Championship event, which could mark the start of a Cinderella story.

Based in the very North of Italy, Holzner’s exploits on the felt are a far cry away from his usual routine.

“I am a farmer. I work with my dad, who is over there. And yeah, we have apple trees, we work there, and this is my work besides poker,” he told PokerNews.

Holzner’s Run to the Final Table

Daniel Holzner

Holzner’s journey to the Main Event table has not been painless, with him being one of the shortest stacks over the last few days. His journey was nearly cut short on several occasions, but Holzner always found a way to survive.

Since Day 6, he has propped up much of the pack and does the same when play resumes.

With ten players left, he had less than a handful of big blinds and was all in and at risk on the first hand of the unofficial final table. He got in with ace-queen and was up against the ace-ten held by Juan Maceiras. A ten on the flop had him with one foot out of the door, but a queen on the river kept him in contention for poker’s most sought-after prize.

“It’s crazy,” Holzner said when reliving the hand. “I mean, if I would have passed with that hand, that would have hurt a lot. I mean, he’s dominated. The ten on the flop did not look that good, but I called for my one time before the queen came in.”

Holzner scored another double through Daniel Weinman before play concluded which saw him bag and tag 31,900,000, which is good for 27 big blinds.

Interestingly, Holzner received entry into the Main Event after his family and friends pooled together the buy-in as a present for his 30th birthday.

“It’s nice to be out here on the final table. I guess I have to make a really big, big, big party for them, all of them.”

Can the possibility of a raucous Italian rail spur Holzner to victory, and can he go one stop further than compatriot Dario Sammartino, who finished as the runner-up in poker’s World Championship in 2019?

How Holzner Got to the Final Table

Day Chips Rank
Day 1d 52,300 2,151/3,205
Day 2d 267,500 266/1,663
Day 3 507,000 429/1,518
Day 4 2,255,000 72/441
Day 5 2,735,000 98/149
Day 6 2,050,000 47/49
Day 7 14,750,000 12/15
Day 8 31,900,000 8/9
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2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Seating

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Steven Jones United States 90,300,000 75
2 Juan Maceiras Spain 68,000,000 57
3 Daniel Holzner Italy 31,900,000 27
4 Adam Walton United States 143,800,000 120
5 Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 50,700,000 42
6 Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 41,700,000 35
7 Toby Lewis United Kingdom 19,800,000 17
8 Daniel Weinman United States 81,700,000 68
9 Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 74,600,000 62

2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1st $12,100,000
2nd $6,500,000
3rd $4,000,000
4th $3,000,000
5th $2,400,000
6th $1,850,000
7th $1,425,000
8th $1,250,000
9th $900,000

2023 Main Event Final Table Player Stats

Player Country First Cash WSOP Cashes Career Earnings Biggest Cash
Adam Walton United States 2009 20 $989,037 $283,072
Steven Jones United States 2016 23 $245,346 $57,425
Daniel Weinman United States 2010 69 $3,757,357 $892,433
Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 2003 17 $1,907,632 $661,000
Juan Maceiras Spain 2006 2 $1,126,121 $467,532
Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 2009 1 $461,758 $104,637
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 2010 9 $723,865 $154,000
Daniel Holzner Italy 2012 1 $39,517 $14,000
Toby Lewis United Kingdom 2009 48 $8,213,474 $1,235,204

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