2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Profile: Juan Maceiras

Final Table Profile: Juan Maceiras

Seat: 2
Chip Count: 68,000,000
Big Blinds: 68
Age: 39
Hometown: La Coruna, Spain

Juan Maceiras’s Main Event Story

Juan Maceiras, the son of legendary online poker player Juan Antonio “Vietcong01” Maceiras, hails from Spain and has a deep passion for the game of poker. The 39-year-old can almost exactly double his career live tournament cashes with an eighth-place finish. But given his current stack — 68 big blinds — he’ll be hoping for an even better finish.

Maceiras currently has $1.12 million career earnings in tournament play, according to the Hendon Mob (plus his final cash in the WSOP Main Event). He is no stranger to a massive score as he won $467,532 in 2011 for fifth place in a European Poker Tour (EPT) event in his native land.

“It’s amazing. The final table of the Main Event … There’s no word to explain the feelings. The only thing I can say is that I’m so proud of myself for the way I’ve been playing the whole tournament. And it’s time to finish the job I just started,” Maceiras told PokerNews upon reaching the final table.

Maceiras is a former PokerStars ambassador and left the Red Spade back in 2011. Now, 12 years later, he finds himself back in the spotlights wielding a sizable stack at the WSOP Main Event final table.

Maceiras’ Run to the Final Table

Juan Maceiras
Juan Maceiras

Maceiras had a fairly smooth run to the final table, although there were some bumps along the way. After Day 2d, he was well above the average stack and the same followed on Day 3.

On day 4, Maceiras made his big move, increasing his stack from just over 1 million chips to under 4 million at the end of the day, putting him in sixth place. But it was Day 6 where he put himself in position to reach the final table, building a stack up to 40,500,00, good for second place out of 49 remaining players.

“The ten-handed was a little bit complicated, but it happens. I’ve been playing the same way I’ve been playing the whole tournament, but this time those pots didn’t go well. And there’s nothing to regret; I’m just thinking I’m in the final nine. I’ve got more than 50 blinds,” Maceiras said.

On Day 7, the Spaniard bagged the chip lead and then would increase his stack to over 140,000,000 for quite some time on Day 8. He would, however, run into some misfortune on the final pre-final table session and lost about half his stack by the end of the day.

Still, he’ll enter the final table with 68 big blinds and is in a great position to win the Main Event.

How Maceiras Got to the Final Table

Day Chips Rank
Day 2d 372,000 85/1,663
Day 3 1,004,000 88/1,518
Day 4 3,985,000 6/441
Day 5 4,790,000 48/149
Day 6 40,500,000 2/49
Day 7 108,000,000 1/9
Day 8 68,000,000 5/9
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2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Seating

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Steven Jones United States 90,300,000 75
2 Juan Maceiras Spain 68,000,000 57
3 Daniel Holzner Italy 31,900,000 27
4 Adam Walton United States 143,800,000 120
5 Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 50,700,000 42
6 Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 41,700,000 35
7 Toby Lewis United Kingdom 19,800,000 17
8 Daniel Weinman United States 81,700,000 68
9 Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 74,600,000 62

2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1st $12,100,000
2nd $6,500,000
3rd $4,000,000
4th $3,000,000
5th $2,400,000
6th $1,850,000
7th $1,425,000
8th $1,250,000
9th $900,000

2023 Main Event Final Table Player Stats

Player Country First Cash WSOP Cashes Career Earnings Biggest Cash
Adam Walton United States 2009 20 $989,037 $283,072
Steven Jones United States 2016 23 $245,346 $57,425
Daniel Weinman United States 2010 69 $3,757,357 $892,433
Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 2003 17 $1,907,632 $661,000
Juan Maceiras Spain 2006 2 $1,126,121 $467,532
Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 2009 1 $461,758 $104,637
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 2010 9 $723,865 $154,000
Daniel Holzner Italy 2012 1 $25,517 $5,944
Toby Lewis United Kingdom 2009 48 $8,213,474 $1,235,204

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