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online casino


The casino business has been around long before any of us were born with the very first known gambling house established in Italy in 1638 and since then there have been no signs of any slowing down.

The exact date of the first gambling-house is unknown, although it’s expected that every major civilization has had some form of wagering in its history. But it’s not exactly a secret that its come on leaps and bounds in its relatively recent history with countless advancements redefining the way we play.

The brick-and-mortar casino seems to have hit its peak, with so many options and locations to choose from. There’s the development of the fabulous Las Vegas strip, the introduction of Atlantic City and most recently, the creation of the gambling capital of the world in Macau, China. 

But none of these are anywhere near as impactful as the launch, and subsequent domination, of the first online casino in 1994 (trust me, the numbers don’t die). Cut to 2019 and we’ve got countless online casinos, arcades and bingo houses to sit and play at from anywhere in the world – providing we’ve got a smartphone and an internet connection.  

With such an impact coming from the development of the online casino, it makes you wonder, why exactly are online casino sites so appealing to players?


They’re convenient and they’re comfortable

online casino


One of the big reasons that the masses opt for their own home over the flash casino is plainly and simply the comfort and convenience.

There are no rules in your own home, no-one to tell you that you need to change to come in and you’ll never feel underdressed walking around your kitchen. Instead of the suit and tie or fancy frock that you’d be expected to wear at the Bellagio or the MGM Grand, you can rock sweats, pajamas or jeans when it comes to the online equivalent. 

Similarly, if you’re in the mood for 10-15 minutes of slots after work, with your lunch or just before bed – you’re somewhat snookered if you’re having to visit the casino. With the online alternative, you won’t have to worry, just log in and get going – you’ll be on in seconds, not hours. 

It might not have the same level of class, but it’s definitely more enjoyable, especially if you’re up late in a high stakes poker game or fancy playing blackjack in the bath…


They’re available 24/7

online casino

The strange thing about some casinos is that they actually shut when you reach the early hours of the morning – if you’re a night owl like me, that just won’t cut it. 

If you’re looking to play when it suits you, not them, there’s no better way to get your gaming in than by playing online. There are no rules in your own home, or if you’re particularly cheeky, on the night shift, so you’re free to play what you like when you like. 

You won’t be kicked out, you won’t be barred (providing you’re adhering the general rules) and you won’t be over the alcohol limit. Come as you are, whenever you like. 

After all, there’s nothing better than waking up at 5 AM and trying your luck at blackjack with your breakfast, amirite?


There’s plenty of bonuses and loyalty schemes

online casino

If there’s one thing that the online casino has the brick-and-mortars beat on it’s the new player bonuses and loyalty schemes. 

Walk into any traditional casino and ask them to match your deposit and you’ll be laughed right out the front door. When it comes to the online equivalent, you’ll be encouraged to spend your matched bonus, use your free spins and maximize rewards with their loyalty schemes. 

You can even change between sister sites, opting for different casinos with different benefits, and keep your loyalty scheme on the go. It’s by far the best way to get up to your platinum levels in your favorite casinos. 

That’s some serious benefits and serious service, it’s nice to be treated for your time – a little bit of thanks goes a long way.


There’s no need to queue 

If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it’s waiting around. I won’t even go to the post office if there’s a car parked outside, so it’s no surprise that I much prefer jumping straight into an online game. 

I’m not alone either, there’s plenty of people who can’t stand crowds, hate waiting and would rather be into a game (or be playing multiple at once) instead of standing, looking at the back of a stranger’s head. 

It’s a huge benefit when playing online and an even better one for keeping players cool and off tilt. There’s nothing worse than gaming in anger, not if you quite like looking at a bankroll with more than one zero in it. 

No queues, no people – just nice and peaceful gaming. Bliss.


They’re unrivaled for the sheer number of games

online casino

No matter which casino in the world you visit, there’s not a single one that can match the number of games available that an online casino can.

If slots are your game, you’d be mad not to play from the comfort of your own home, not with the thousands of different games that are available on the web. Choose between favorites such as ‘Starburst’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or opt for something a little bit different in the dark depths of page 14 on any casino – the choice is yours. 

Shop around and you’ll even find exclusive-to-online game modes, you won’t find that in the Golden Nugget. There’s even the option to play cooperative games with the development of online casinos in recent years. 

Pool your money with a friend or go head-to-head to maximize jackpots and have a friendly bit of competition in slots. Play with friends around the globe in your favorite card games or even engage in virtual reality games to get the very best fully immersive experience. 

The choice is well and truly yours. 

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