Can You Beat The Champion's Circuit on WSOP?

Through the many locations, from New Orleans to Dubai, use your skill and knowledge of Texas Hold’em poker to beat the other players and become champion!

Collect rings, earn more coins, and level up to become one of the top 100 leaders on the leaderboard, so, how far can you travel on WSOP?

What is the Champion’s Circuit?

Across the various locations which you’re able to explore and travel through the different levels of progress, this is what the champion’s circuit consists of.

Progressing worldwide through various locations, starting with 750,000 chips, the prizes you’re able to progress can win you billions of chips.

Game Locations of the WSOP

Starting in New Orleans, travel around the world and progress throughout the champion’s circuit.

This is another opportunity to be able to gain more experience points and chips enabling you to progress to more locations and even bigger games.

Among the games of Texas Hold’em, you can utilize your skills and knowledge to see how far you’re able to make it through the different locations!

New Orleans

In the first location, starting in New Orleans, this is where you join four other players in a game of Texas Hold’em.

With the buy-in at 250,000 chips, the big blinds start at 10,000 chips and a small blind of 5,000 chips. Across this game, for the five players in action, the blinds are raised every minute and the stack starts at 800,000 chips.

In addition, if you play within the New Orleans tournaments, once you reach four wins, this is when you’re able to gain the New Orleans Champion ring, in addition to a 510,000-chip bonus!

For the bonus, this is in addition to the 750,000 chips which you will win for the first prize in the game of Texas Hold’em to be able to reach the next location.

New Orleans WSOP

Los Angeles

As you travel forwards to Los Angeles, continue playing Texas Hold’em, however growing the number of players which you’re able to play with. Instead of playing with 5 players, this is increased by a total of 9 players.

Similarly, to the New Orleans tournament, once you reach the four wins, you’re able to win the Los Angeles ring, in addition to a 4.1 million and x3 XP bonus which you’re able to achieve.

Los Angeles WSOP

For the first prize, within the Los Angeles location, in addition to the bonuses you’re able to win, you can also gain 15 million chips to help you progress even further!

However, if you’re not able to become the first prize winner, for second and third you’re still able to gain prizes. For 2nd prize is at 3 million chips, and the 3rd prize is at 900,000 chips.

With a starting stack of 2,000,000 chips, the blinds start at 10K/20K, through this game of Texas Hold’em, the blinds are raised every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Champion's Circuit LA WSOP


Throughout the tropical forests and beaches, as you reach Rio, this is where you can indulge in another game of Texas Hold’em through 5 players.

In comparison to Los Angeles, for the prizes within the competition, there is one first prize, however, this is a huge prize to win. Through the prize of 60 million chips, this is what is up for grabs!

Rio Rules & Prizes

With the blinds raising every 1 minute and 30 seconds, the blinds also start with a small blind of 50,000 chips and a big blind of 100,000 chips.

With the start starting at 10 million chips, you are able to get involved in this game through the buy-in of 20 million chips.

As mentioned above, there is a prize of 60 million chips. However, in addition to that prize, through the 4 wins of the Rio tournament, you can gain 26 million chips as a ring bonus!

Rio WSOP Prizes


Reintroducing the 9-player game of Texas Hold’em, this is where you can explore the factors in the tournament of Macau.

When you’re wanting to join this tournament in Macau, you’ll be able to join with a 120 million chip buy-in. For the blinds, the small blind starts at 250,000 chips, and the big blind starts at 500,000 chips – this is in addition to the blinds being raised every 1 minute 30 seconds.

In this game, the stack starts at 50 million chips, so have you what it takes to win?

If you have got what it takes and you come out on top, for the 3rd prize, you’ll receive 36 million chips and for the 2nd prize, you’ll be awarded 120 million chips.

Macau Rules & Prizes Circuit WSOP

However, if you truly have what it takes and reach the top, this is where you’ll receive the top prize. For first place, you’ll be awarded 600 million chips – enabling you to indulge yourself to even more games!

If you enjoy playing the Macau tournament, and if you reach four wins within this game, you will gain the tournament ring and the ring bonus of 110,000,000 chips!

WSOP Macau Prize


Among the Texas Hold’em game of 5 players, you can be one of those players, and join the party with the buy-in for 625 million chips.

Being raised every 1 minute and 30 seconds, the blinds start with the small blind at 5 million chips and the big blind at 10 million chips – this is in addition to the stack starting at 1 billion chips!

Monaco Rules & Prizes

However, if you’re able to beat the other locations so far and reach Monaco and beat this place as well, this is where you’ll gain the 1st prize of 1.8 billion chips!

As you show off your expertise, if you’re able to beat Monaco four times, this is where you’ll gain the bonus! With the winnings of the tournament ring, you’ll also gain 640 million with the ring bonus.

Monaco WSOP Champion's Circuit


As you reach the final destination, this is where you reach the biggest buy-ins, which come with equally large prizes to be won! Ensuring that your skills, knowledge, and experience are at the forefront of this large game is crucial.

Joining within a 5-player game of Texas Hold’em, continuously experienced from the other locations in the circuit, this is where it all comes down to play.

Through the blinds, they start with the small blind at 50 million chips and the big blind at 100 million chips with them being raised every minute and a half.

Dubai WSOP Rules & Prizes

If you have the skill and ability to make it all the way through the end of the locations in the many games of Texas Hold’em, this is where you’ll reach the best games to be able to level up.

Through gaining 1st prize, this is where you’ll gain 4.5 billion chips enabling you to continue your competition through different events and many more times.

In addition, if you can beat the circuit in Dubai four times, you’ll receive 1.3 billion chips, so why not see if you can reach the leaderboard?

Dubai WSOP

Where Can You Play the Champion’s Circuit?

As you travel around the world within this Champion’s Circuit, one of the positives is that you don’t need to travel to interact with these games on the WSOP.

When wanting to join these games, you can get a bonus of 1,000,000 chips when registering on WSOP via PokerNews.

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