gambling tattoos

gambling tattoos

Gambling tattoos come in many forms but they all have one thing in common: the love of the game. Designs range from the demonstration of luck and representing their favorite game to showing off their biggest win at the tables. Common examples include 21 from blackjack and a lucky number on the roulette wheel.

People with gambling tattoos show that they are not afraid to take risks and that they love to seek thrills that many others stay away from.

Other people get gambling tattoos to try and tempt Lady Luck to take their side in other aspects of their lives, such as their relationships and careers. They may even look to their tattoo as a source of inspiration during times when they need it the most.

While onlookers may see a gambling tattoo and think it’s bad news, those that really understand will know that gambling is part of their lives.

When you’re on a heater, gambling can be one of the most exciting experiences. There’s nothing quite like having to make a decision that can make you a hero or go home empty-handed.

But while gambling can give people a way to achieve financial freedom beyond their wildest dreams, for some, it can be a source of pain. Gambling tattoos for these people serve as a reminder that they made it through some dark times, using them as inspiration that they can overcome anything that comes their way.

Here are a selection of awesome gambling tattoos that will make you want to get one for yourself.

the royal flush

Let’s start with something of a classic – the royal flush. It’s the best hand in poker and makes for a great gambling tattoo. Notice that the suits are spades too. The ace of spades is the most famous card in the deck, making this gambling tattoo even more profound. The artist has also gone out of their way to bring the design to life, with the rose made of high-value notes adding a touch of glamor. It also represents the love that this person has for gambling, with the dice underneath showing that he isn’t afraid to take chances in life.

The Joker

While the main theme of the tattoo is not linked directly to gambling, the design is still something to behold. The Joker is synonymous with taking big risks in order to get what he wants. He strikes fear into everyone he comes up against. The three aces at the wrist is also a well-known symbol of gambling, being a very strong hand in a number of games. Again, you can tell the wearer is a fan of spades, with this suit at the front of the other cards. You can tell that the designer spent a lot of time with this gambling tattoo and the end product was well worth the wait!

woman’s face

This gambling tattoo shows that the wearer is a big fan of the industry. We love how the roulette wheel blends into the woman’s face, indicating that it’s become a part of her identity. If you look closely, you can make out a mask around her face too. It shows that she takes the games seriously, preventing her from showing tells to her opponents. The way that the woman is holding the hand shows confidence. This tells us that the wearer is proud of their gambling ways and will probably not let anyone tell them otherwise. It’s another fantastic job by a very talented artist.

king of hearts

The first thing that meets the eye with this gambling tattoo is the vibrant colors. The way the artist blends the red into the design is amazing and it really brings the whole tattoo to life, particularly on the king of hearts. The subtle details are remarkable so deserves high praise for the job they have done. While some of the numbers on the roulette wheel are not true to industry standards, it still looks great and will serve as an awesome topic of conversation. We are sure that the person lucky enough to wear this gambling tattoo has a number of stories to share.

Sin City

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the home of gambling. The welcome sign is world famous, welcoming millions of players every year to the city. This gambling tattoo pays homage to Sin City with this amazing design. The wearer clearly wants to show that he loves it and has spent a lot of time in the parlor to show it. But we are sure he is more than happy with his investment! There are a number of classic Vegas and gambling sections, such as 777 from the slots and Lucky 15 on the roulette wheel. The artist cleverly uses shading to show to the different colors of the numbers on the wheel too, making this gambling tattoo one of our favorites.

gamble for fun

This gambling tattoo is a little bit different to those already on this list. While the others are more serious, the design has a cartoon feel to it, showing that the wearer likes to gamble for fun rather than taking it too seriously. Pocket aces make an appearance here, but interestingly without the ace of spades, showing that he doesn’t care too much about the details. As long as he’s having a good time, he isn’t too bothered. Nevertheless, the artist makes the wheel, in particular, look awesome and the dice are a nice touch too.

Las Vegas

There’s an awful lot to break down in this tattoo – and that’s why we love it! The seductive woman at the top of this gambling tattoo shows that the wearer enjoys the social side to Las Vegas more than the actual gambling. The welcome sign makes another appearance in this design, acting as a barrier between the wearer and the woman. Perhaps this is the challenge that he enjoys the most? Further down and we see the four aces as well as the word ‘paradise’ circling around the arm. The artist has done a fantastic job with this gambling tattoo, with few splashes of color here and there to make it even more spectacular.

best gambling tattoos

This gambling tattoo must have taken ages to get done! The intricacy makes it one of the best gambling tattoos we have ever seen. The tiger on the chest shows that this gambler is fierce and not afraid to lay it all on the line. Next to the wheel is a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, a drink very much connected with the gambling world. There are also two unorthodox cards on show, namely the 3 of hearts and the 8 of diamonds, which must have a special meaning to the wearer. Even the fire blazing on the forearm has been designed very well. This design has got pretty much everything you would want from a gambling tattoo.

deeper meaning

Here’s an example of a gambling tattoo that has a deeper meaning than just how much they love the game. The wearer shows he has had a past with gambling, with the relationship perhaps not being the greatest. They have definitely gone through something and the artist has shown it with real class. With an ode to the future, the shows that they have got through their troubles, wearing them on their sleeve with pride. The watch is a touch of genius, showing that time heals all wounds, with the rose made from money as a touching tribute to the game.

classic gambling tattoo

The person that wanted this gambling tattoo to be simple, effective, bold and to the point. In our opinion, the artist has nailed it. With the ball in the roulette wheel falling into the 13 pocket, the wearer must have an attachment to this number. Perhaps they won big or something memorable happened when they hit the magic number? 13 is unlucky for some but obviously not for this person. And with the welcome to Las Vegas sign combined with the ace king of spades, this serves as an instant classic gambling tattoo.

 the glitz and glam of Las Vegas

This gambling tattoo is the first on this list that isn’t centred around one particular object. Instead, the artist has taken inspiration from the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. The multiple stars across the arm emphasise the awe and wonder of gambling and how it can make you feel on top of the world. No matter if it’s with cards or dice, there is money to be made and a great experience to enjoy. There is a mixture of different suits mixed into the patterned stars, detailing the variety possible. This is a gambling tattoo worthy of a place on this list for this aspect alone.

queen of hearts

The majority of this gambling tattoo is made up of the queen of hearts herself – although if you look closely, you can see that she isn’t too friendly though. Her majesty is aiming a gun right into the middle of your forehead, showing that the wearer of this tattoo isn’t playing around when it comes to gambling. They are playing to win, with the queen showing little to no emotion on her face. On the wrist, lucky 7 wins again, but perhaps the location has another meaning. The wrist is where people wear a watch, so perhaps it is a sign that the timing of the win was significant? If not, it still looks awesome!

contrasting elements

Here is another gambling tattoo that makes the most of the colors available. The red dice and chips brighten up the design, emphasising the outlines of the key items. There are contrasting elements on this design to show both sides of gambling. The rolled up $100 bills show the potential for success, while the skull near the top of the tattoo shows that sometimes, it can do more harm than good. Depending on how the dice fall, anyone can experience either one. Overall, it’s a great gambling tattoo. We are sure the person wearing it is proud to carry it with them wherever they go.

one hell of a ride

The theme of this gambling tattoo follows on from the previous example. Again, there are elements showing how gambling can impact your life. The woman shows that the gambling life is sexy, glamorous and one hell of a ride, while at the same time linked to the cause of pain for so many, highlighted by the skull intertwined with the woman. And of course, the roulette table is the reason behind both. Sometimes the ball will land in your favor and sometimes it won’t. The artist has blended both together very well, not to mention how precise their work with color.

the eye

Here is an original gambling tattoo well worth talking about. Let’s start with the most obvious talking point: the eye. By the looks of things, it belongs to a woman and its expression shows that she is wary of how the roll of the dice can impact someone’s fortunes. You can really feel the emotion here. There is a handwritten caption above and underneath the dice that could, perhaps, have a personal meaning but it’s too hard to tell. One thing is for sure: this tattoo has a purpose. The artist has captured the wearer’s feelings towards gambling incredibly well.

 thrill of the roulette wheel

We think the person wearing this gambling tattoo must either enjoy the thrill of the roulette wheel or they had a big winning session. The artist has set the wheel on fire as it spins, indicating that they must have been on a heater. But looking at the wheel itself, the actual design is spectacular. While there may not be any numbers with each pocket, his work more than makes up for it, with the grooves and shading looking incredible. Towards the bottom are the ace of spades, dice and a stack of chips, showing that they enjoy other games too but considering the size of the roulette wheel, this is their favorite game.

Queen of hearts

Here’s another really cool gambling tattoo. It features another queen of hearts, but compared to the design of another on this list, she seems a lot more welcoming. She seems to have a hint of a smile breaking through her pouty lips, indicating that the person wearing the tattoo likes to flirt with the edge between winning and losing. It’s also likely that the wearer’s favorite suit is hearts, due to the fact that there are hearts covering the queen’s eyes, as well as the statement ace of hearts card she holds. There is a lot to like about this gambling tattoo and the artist deserves a lot of credit.

love to gamble

This gambling tattoo ticks pretty much every box. Roulette wheel? Check. Dice? Check. 777? Check. A stack of chips? Check. What else do you really need? For this person, clearly not anything else. They don’t need a tattoo that tells a story. They just want something that shows they love to gamble and try out any game that comes their way. The artist is showing that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose. With the stack of chips being the largest element of the tattoo, as long as they have money to play, they’ll be ok.

overseeing eye

Here’s another gambling tattoo with the focus being on an overseeing eye. It looks like it has seen many things and has become sad. The cards and dice underneath, it suggests that this person has had issues with gambling in the past and no longer feels the same way about it as they once had. As the candle burns, it shows that there is only a certain amount of time before your luck runs out and you lose. This is always the risk that comes with gambling and the artist has done very well to capture this image. There’s nothing more that needs to be said.

Win some, lose some

Does any other gambling tattoo sum up the whole experience more than this? ‘Win some, lose some’. Truer words were never spoken. But it’s this thrill that keeps people coming back for more, time and time again, with the hope of coming away with rolls of money tucked away in the back pocket. The text is interesting too. The word ‘Win’ is bigger than the word ‘Lose’ so this suggests that this person looks at gambling with a more positive outlook. Maybe the amount of money rolled up is how much they have won in the past? Either way, it looks fantastic.


This gambling tattoo gives the impression that it is dark and not to be taken lightly. The outreaching hand from the darkness indicates something sinister, with the alcohol and burning cigar adding to the chilling experience. Pocket aces are the best starting poker hand but even they can lose from time to time. And in a game with people you don’t want to be on the wrong side of, the thought of losing is enough to shy away from the action. The artist has done a great job at showing the power that gambling can have over people if not treated with care and managed properly.

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