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Sweepstakes sites and social gaming apps have gained traction among US players in the past decade, fueling a $6.8 billion industry. That’s especially true during and in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sweepstakes sites and apps use an ingenious route to circumvent gambling laws. They offer dual currency systems that allow them to offer legal social gaming to US bettors in most states, except for Washington. The majority use a virtual currency like Gold Coin, which bettors can purchase using credit cards, online banking, and even PayPal, but cannot be withdrawn.

Instead, sweepstakes-based casinos run contests and raffle tickets in which players can earn another form of virtual coin that can be redeemed for cash prizes. In essence, bettors can cash out their prizes as gift cards, if not into their bank accounts, e-wallets, or Bitcoin wallets.

Lucky Devil Slots is one such app. It’s a mobile app that promises players the chance to win cashable prizes by playing social slots. However, much evidence suggests that Lucky Devil Slots is a scam and does not actually pay out its players. 

First up – A Quick Look at Lucky Devil Slots

Lucky Devil Slots

The name Lucky Devil Slot is familiar to most fans of online casino games. Top-tier software providers like Microgaming and Cozy Games have slot titles by the same name. In either case, the title refers to a video slot that plays out on a 5×3 grid with 20 pay lines and special features, such as free spins, stacked wilds, and rolling scatters.

Lucky Devil Slots has no connection to both Cozy Games and Microgaming. It is a sweepstakes-based social gaming app that became popular around mid-2022. With a gnarly ‘horned devil’ logo, the app features a classic bingo slot game for Android and iOS devices. The users can buy Gold Coins and cash out via Cash App, PayPal, and several other payment gateways.

With flashy graphics and promises of big wins, it’s easy to see the appeal. However, a growing number of players claim to have issues receiving payouts from the developer despite “winning” large sums. The brand behind the app is Conflictfo Games Technology Co., Ltd, with a skimpy website and vague operational background.

Widespread Complaints of Non-Payment

Lucky Devil Slots

There are many customer complaints online from people who say that they have never received their winnings from Lucky Devil Slots. A quick online search reveals numerous complaints from disgruntled Lucky Devil Slots users. 

On forums like, Reddit threads, and Google Play reviews, the same frustrations emerge again and again. Players win big but never receive the money owed to them. Some players have even reported that they have been waiting months for their payouts, and the company has stopped responding to their emails.

Complaints on ComplaintsBoard.Com

Complaints features long threads of complaints of non-payment by the operator of Lucky Devil Slots. A disheartening complaint left on the platform by PMorr of Long Beach, US, clearly captures the pain and frustration of players. The May 2nd feedback notes that user Pmorr had played Lucky Devil Slots and other games by the same developer over the past four months.

The reviewer stated that winnings totaling over $10,000 had been “pending in the queue payable” to their Cash App and PayPal accounts but had since “mysteriously disappeared.”When PMorr reportedly tried emailing the company for over a week to inquire about the missing funds, no response was received.

The disgruntled Long Beach resident further noted that they had contacted PayPal, who confirmed having “no pending payments in the queue” for the user’s account. What’s worse, PMorr pointed out the company does not provide a customer service number. The total amount owed cited by PMorr was over $10,000.

Fellow verified users Victor Sobrado, Tammy Stiemke, Kenny Pope, and Mike Siglin sided with PMorr. They also recounted their horrifying experiences while trying to get their payouts processed by Lucky Devil Slots.

Mike Siglin claimed Lucky Devil Slots owed them nearly $30k. He consoled PMorr, noting that $23,000 of the $30,000 owed to him should have hit his account. Mike lamented that $4,603 is still pending in the queue at 54th place.

This complaint raises serious concerns about the integrity and reliability of Lucky Devil’s payment systems and processes. The lack of response to inquiries about missing substantial winnings fits a worrying pattern of other allegations of non-payment against the company.

Feedback and Complaints on Reddit

Reddit is another key forum where avid slot players have gone to air their frustrations with Lucky Devil Slots. In a September 2023 Reddit post, a user commented, “I’ve been waiting over two months for my payout, and Lucky Devilots is not responding to my emails. I’m starting to think that this is a scam.”

In the same thread, another user wrote, “I’ve deposited hundreds of dollars into Lucky Devil Slots, but I’ve never been able to withdraw any of my winnings. I’m convinced that this game is rigged.”

Elsewhere on Reddit in 2023, a commenter alleged, “Lucky Devil Slots is a complete scam. I won a large jackpot, but the company refused to pay me out. They said I had violated their terms of service, but they wouldn’t specify what I did wrong.”

Google Support and Feedback

Google Support

A Google Support thread also reveals the non-payment complaints leveled against Lucky Devil Slots. In a forum titled “Has anyone been paid playing this game?” a would-be player asked about the legitimacy of payouts from Lucky Devil Slots.

In response, another Diamond Product Expert, ByteGuy, stated that “they are all fake” and encouraged reporting the app to Google using the process outlined here. The responder added that, while some may find such games fun, players should not expect to get paid big money. The user also cited Google’s Play Store terms, which indicate Alphabet is not responsible for content from third parties. 

Other Evidence That Lucky Devil Slots Is a Scam

Lucky Devil Slots

In addition to the customer complaints, there are other red flags that suggest that Lucky Devil Slots is a scam.

Red Flag #1 – Operator has Unpublished the Lucky Devil Slots App from Most Platforms Upon Complaints

Changelog on leading app stores, including Google Play, AppBrain, and Aptoide, shows that the operator delisted the app in late May. That is when a rush of complaints from users started flooding forums like Reddit, Google, and This is a telltale sign that Lucky Devil Slots doesn’t act in good faith. It never had plans to play real money to winning bettors.

Red Flag #2 – The Operator Isn’t Licensed

operator license

Although sweepstakes-based sites and apps don’t need to get licensing from state regulators, validation from a trusted body can ascertain their legitimacy. Unfortunately, the operator behind Lucky Devil Slots – Conflictfo Games Technology Co., Ltd – looks like a shady company that works in the shadows to rip off players.

The company doesn’t hold a license from any of the common jurisdictions like Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), or Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), let alone lenient gaming authorities, such as Curaçao Gaming Control Board.

The app and slot game have not been tested, validated, or certified to be fair, transparent, or secure by any third-party testing labs. Discerning players know that fair games offered by trustworthy operators have a seal of approval from top-shelf independent audit firms like eCOGRA, TST, or NMi. Lucky Devil Slots has none.

However you look at it, neither the company nor the Lucky Devil Slots app does have a license from any reputable gambling regulator. This means there is no oversight of the company’s operations, and it is not held accountable to any regulatory body.

Red Flag #3 – Players Poorly Rate Lucky Devil Slots Game

Players Poorly Rate

A slot bingo game poorly rated by real players should have been a major red flag for many in and of itself. The Lucky Devil Slots game has an incredibly poor reputation online and sinfully low player ratings. There are many websites and forums where people are warning others not to play the game.

On, for instance, the social slot game has a paltry 1.4 out of 5-star rating after scores of reviews that clearly point to its scam tendencies. The app is rated below two stars for website usability, product quality, customer support, and even privacy and security. Most players use bluntly negative tags like ‘false hope’, ‘complete lies’, ‘fake’, and ‘don’t pay winnings.’

One particularly critical review on screams “no rewards received” on the title. The user says they fulfilled all the gameplay requirements, yet the operator has not paid the bettor’s winnings. 

The disgruntled player goes on to note that there’s no viable way to get in touch with the company, saying that contacting them by email or phone is a ‘total waste of time.’ The reviewer recommends, “Don’t play their games.”

In another June 2023 review, a user identifying as Gemma Massey claimed to have won a total of £63,912.02 across 35 games on Lucky Devil Slots over several weeks. However, the user stated that the games have been stuck on “1 day left” for a payout for the past five weeks, with no money received. 

Massey accused the company of “lying on your advertisements” and warned that if the winnings were not paid out, further action would be taken, saying, “I will get you done for this and take it further.” The user cautioned others, concluding, “Do it at your own risk.”

Dawneva Y, another reviewer on, claimed to have cashed out winnings from Lucky Devil Slots after playing for a few days. The player noted that according to the app’s information, payouts were stated to take 3-15 business days. However, Dawneva Y stated, “It’s been almost six months, and I still have not been paid.”

When Dawneva Y reportedly contacted Lucky Devil Slots customer service about the delayed payout, she was simply told to “be patient.” The reviewer cautioned others by concluding, “Do not waste your time…You will never get paid.”

This complaint mirrors many alleging that Lucky Devil Slots fails to deliver payouts within the stated timeframes despite users meeting cashout requirements. The apparent inability or unwillingness to resolve substantial payment delays further erodes trust in the developer’s business practices.

All negative reviews on include screenshots of payouts sitting in first place for processing for months on end. Some users have attached email correspondence between them and Lucky Devil Slots’ customer service.

These reviews, and ratings echo many others alleging extremely long wait times for payouts from Lucky Devil Slots despite apparent wins. Even after significant periods, the lack of resolution for substantial reported wins raises further questions about the developer’s payment practices and ability to deliver on the promise of real money gambling implied by their marketing.

Red Flag #4 – Suspicious Website and Contact Information

Suspicious Website

Most reputable companies and gaming regulators provide a branded support email, along with a physical address. These small details might seem trivial, but they speak volumes about the operator’s legitimacy. Unfortunately, Lucky Devil Slots listed [email protected], a sketchy email for support. 

The operator’s website ( is not secured with HTTPS and other encryption technologies. If the company doesn’t care about the security and privacy of its website content and data, there’s a good chance that it won’t pay players.

Red Flag #5 – Fake Payout Queue

fake payout

Although most players show their payouts are on top of the pile, they have yet to be paid by Lucky Devil Slots. Clearly, the payout queue is fake and meant to dupe players that they shouldn’t complain because they are next on the pay list.


Based on the evidence available, it is clear that Lucky Devil Slots is not a legitimate gambling app. The company does not pay out its players and does not have a license from any reputable gambling regulator. Players who deposit money into Lucky Devil Slots risk losing their money.

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