Ignacio Moron Clinches Latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

Mexico’s Ignacio Moron is the latest in a long line of players to take down the $10,300 Super MILLION$ online at GGPoker. Moron was one of 171 entrants that fought it out for the lion’s share of the $1,710,000 prize pool, and was the last player standing once the dust had settled. Moron’s reward? Glory, bragging rights, and the not-so-small matter of $347,576 in prize money.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ignacio Moron Mexico $347,576
2 LJoseph62 Canada $272,528
3 Rodrigo Sirichuk Brazil $213,685
4 Jack Salter Mexico $167,547
5 Wiktor Malinowski Macau $131,371
6 Samuel “vivaegipto” Bernabeu Mexico $103,006
7 Aleks “JustaMortal” Dimitrov Macedonia $80,765
8 Andrei “Mr-Doberman” Nikonorov Russia $63,326
9 Zhao Zi Long Hong Kong $49,653

The first player busted 15 minutes into the final table’s action. With blinds of 20,000/40,000/5,000a, Moron min-raised to 80,000 under the gun, Zhao Zi Long three-bet to 260,000 in the cutoff, only for “LJoseph62” to four-bet to 520,000 from the big blind. Moron folded, Long shoved for 1,208,080, and LJoseph62 snap-called. It was pocket queens for Long, which were up against ace-king. A king on the flop sent Long to the rail.

Russia’s Andrei “Mr-Doberman” Nikonorov was the next player heading to the showers. Rodrigo Sirichuk min-raised to 100,000 from under the gun before instantly calling when Nikonorov three-bet all-in for 754,680 from a couple of seats across. Sirichuk showed pocket kings, which were crushing his opponent’s pocket nines. The kings remained true, and the final table was now down to seven players.

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Those seven became six with the elimination of Aleks “JustaMortal” Dimitrov, who had let his stack dwindle to a shade over four big blinds. That super short stack went into the middle with ace-deuce under the gun, and Moron called from the small blind with pocket tens. The five community cards provided no drama, and the field was cut ever shorter.

Samuel “vivaegipto” Bernabeu busted in sixth and collected the tournament’s first six-figure haul. Bernabeu shoved for only three big blinds with what turned out to be ace-six, and Moron called in the big blind with queen-four. The door card was an ace, but the board ran with four cards to a Broadway straight, gifting Moron the pot and sending Bernabeu home.

The other finalists breathed a sigh of relief when Wiktor Malinowski fell by the wayside. LJoseph62 min-raised to 160,000 with pocket nines before calling the 803,312 shove from the dangerous Malinowski in the big blind. Malinowski turned over a pair of sevens, both players flopped a boat, but that was no good for Malinowski.

Jack Salter
Jack Salter

A huge hand went down immediately after Malinowski busted. It started with a raise to 215,000 from Jack Salter and a three-bet to 550,000 from LJoseph62. Salter responded with a four-bet jam worth 3,117,786, and LJoseph62 called after a little deliberation. Salter held ace-jack and needed to improve against the ace-king of LJoseph62. Salter did not improve and he headed for the rail while LJoseph62 claimed a narrow chip lead.

Third place went to Brazilian star Sirichuk, who busted at the hands of Moron when he could not let go of his pocket aces. Moron raised to 420,000 from the small blind with ace-queen, and Sirichuk decided to lay a trap and simply flat-call with pocket aces. Sirichuk’s plans backfired when the flop came down with two queens, gifting Moron trips. Moron led for 221,250, and Sirichuk called. The king of hearts turn put two hearts on the board, and Moron bet 331,875. Again, Sirichuk called. The jack of hearts completed the board, putting a possible straight and flush out there. Moron bet 1,680,000, and Sirichuk called off the 1,503,391 he had behind, only to realise he had the worst hand by some distance.

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That last hand gave Moron an 11,307,899 to 5,792,101 chip advantage over LJoseph62, and Moron had one hand on the huge top prize. LJoseph62 turned the tables on his opponent before Moron fought back and reclaimed the lead. Neither player could shake the other off until LJoseph62 raised to 368,000 at the 80,000/160,000/20,000a level with nine-seven of diamonds, and Moron called with king-deuce of clubs. A four-three-three rainbow flop saw Moron check-call LJoseph62’s 248,320 bet. The king of diamonds turn gave LJoseph62 a flush draw, but Moron top pair. LJoseph62 over-bet the pot to the tune of 1,500,000, but Moron was going nowhere and he check-called. The river was an offsuit ace, and LJoseph62 continued his triple-barrel bluff when checked to with another overbet, one worth 5,129,244, which left him only 160,000 chips behind. Moron called and it was essentially game over.

The very next hand, LJoseph62 was all-in with queen-deuce against jack-five. A queen on the flop looked to have secured a double for LJoseph62, but running cards improved Moron to an unlikely wheel straight! LJoseph62 finished in second place only two weeks after finishing third; they are edging closer to a victory. Second place came with $213,685, while Moron banked $347,576 for his impressive victory.

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