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Read along to learn everything about these two platforms. We will cover their most fundamental aspects, ways of operation, and most importantly – how you can use them to manage your funds around the globe. Feel free to use the navigation panel below to jump to a relevant section in the blog.

Similarities between STICPAY and GCash

Both STICPAY and GCash are popular e-wallets across Filipinos, especially when it comes to depositing money for gambling at online casinos. The main similarity between the two is that both are e-wallets. If you were to transfer funds from one to the other, there may be an incurring fee.

STICPAY isn’t local to the country like GCash. It has many branches all around the globe, including the Philippines. Thankfully, both of these platforms allow for easy money transfers, and you can use them at the best online casinos for real money in the Philippines.

When it comes to e-wallets, it is standard practice for you to have the ability to directly transfer funds across two platforms – in this case, STICPAY to GCash. But not every platform has a partnership with the other, and this includes the ones we will be covering here. Still, we will present you with the best ways you can use to accomplish the transfers.

To play at the best online casinos in the Philippines, you will need a method to deposit funds. E-wallets, bank, and wire transfers are only some of the many options.

The main difference between STICPAY and GCash, even though they’re both e-wallets, is that you cannot transfer funds between them without an additional platform in between. There will also be a STICPAY to GCash transfer fee. Read along to find out why that is and what you can do in this situation.

STICPAY – Instant, Secure and Global

STICPAY is a global e-wallet service that has branches all around the world, including the Philippines. It is used to transfer funds from one STICPAY user to another, regardless of their location. This process will have minimal fees, but there will be some when you initially deposit funds to your e-wallet from a bank.

If you’d like to use STICPAY to deposit funds to your account, keep in mind that a local wire bank transfer in the Philippines will have a fee of ₱130 + 1.5%. The timeframe for the deposit to appear in your wallet will be 1-2 business days.
Here are some details regarding STICPAY and their managing company.

✨ Name STIC Financial LTD. (STICPAY)
📟 Founded September 2018
📅 Founder Sean Park
📍 Countries: 190+
🏢 Number of Branches/Locations 433 Registered Merchants in 160 Countries
ℹ️ Website

As you can see, the company has over 433 registered merchants, which is a lot considering their founding date. STIC Financial has also won the Best Trading Service in the Philippines by Trader Fair Awards, and it is well deserved, as the company is a global leader in the industry.

GCash – Reliable, Popular and Easy to Use

GCash is a widely used mobile payment service, local to the Philippines. As of the time of writing this post, it has over 81 million active users, making it a very popular choice to deposit funds at online casinos for Filipino gamblers. See some interesting details regarding the company below.

✨ Type of Product Mobile Payments, E-Wallet
📟 Founded October 2004
📅 Owner Globe Fintech Innovations Inc.
🏢 Country Philippines
ℹ️ Website

Launched in 2004 and allowing for prepaid phone credits, GCash is widely used in the Philippines as a leading e-wallet and payment service. It isn’t a surprise, as the reliability, convenience and provided services are of outstanding quality.

You’ll be able to shop at numerous nationwide stores using the intuitive and convenient mobile app. Understandably, this e-wallet is the most popular option among gamblers at online casinos in the Philippines using GCash.

How to Transfer Money from STICPAY to GCash

We briefly mentioned that the way to transfer funds from STICPAY to GCash in the Philippines isn’t as straightforward as it seems. This is because most e-wallets allow money transfers between their respective platforms with minimal fees. With STICPAY and GCash, you’ll need a service such as a local bank to accomplish the transaction.

The steps below will show you how to transfer money from STICPAY to GCash.

  1. Create a STICPAY account by visiting their website and clicking Sign Up.
  2. Add funds to your STICPAY account via the available methods.
  3. You’ll need a local bank linked between STICPAY and GCash.
  4. If you deposit the funds from STICPAY to the local bank, they can be withdrawn from GCash.

A local bank linked between the two platforms is needed because some e-wallets like the ones we’re covering here do not have a direct partnership link. Neteller and GCash, for example, do allow direct transactions between each other.

Another way to transfer money from STICPAY to GCash in the Philippines would be to use a platform like ChangeBuz, which serves as a middleman. You can first deposit funds to STICPAY and then use ChangeBuzz to transfer those funds to GCash.

Popularity Among Filipino Gamblers

Both STICPAY and GCash are widely used across the best online gambling sites in the Philippines. Filipinos can use any of the two platforms to deposit funds and play at their favorite casino. The process is simple, as both STICPAY and GCash have provided their users with a seamless way to accomplish their transactions.

The e-wallet must be listed as available for use in the respective casino, so make sure to verify this beforehand. Many casinos in the Philippines will accept both GCash and STICPAY, as they are popular among users in the country.

Our Final Thoughts

It is time to conclude our informative post and provide you with our final thoughts and remarks. We believe that both STICPAY and GCash are very reliable payment methods and are widely used by Filipino gamblers. Both platforms are secure and allow you to seamlessly manage your funds.

It is important to mention that the process of transferring money from STICPAY to GCash in the Philippines isn’t as straightforward as it would have been with other e-wallets. In this case, you will need a local bank or another service provider to accomplish the process.

However, despite the abovementioned con, once you know how the process works, you’ll easily be able to transfer and manage your funds between the two e-wallets and proceed to use them at your favorite casino in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below, you will find quick answers to the segments discussed in our post. We covered a lot, and the most common inquiries are below – you can click on the links that will take you to the relevant section of the blog post.

How are STICPAY and GCash similar?

In the Philippines, STICPAY and GCash are two of the most popular, widely used e-wallets. They allow Filipino users to easily transfer and manage funds across many different use-case scenarios, including depositing money in online casinos with minimal fees.

What is GCash?

This is one of the most popular payment methods in the Philippines. The GCash e-wallet allows Filippino users to easily manage their funds and deposit at their favorite online casino. It is a reliable and secure platform to store, send and manage your money.

What is STICPAY?

With many branches all around the globe, STICPAY is a leading world-class e-wallet that provides its users with an easy way to manage and transfer their funds. STICPAY allows you to send money to another user of the platform or a local bank.

How to transfer money from STICPAY to GCash?

We will be honest, the way to transfer money from STICPAY to GCash isn’t as straightforward as one might think. As these two e-wallets don’t have a direct link, you will need to use a local bank or another service in between to accomplish the transaction.

Are STICPAY and GCash popular in the Philippines?

Yes, we can confidently say that STICPAY and GCash are two of the most popular payment methods across casinos in the Philippines. The transfer fees are small, and many operators accept these e-wallets, as they are secure, safe, and easy to use for Filipino gamblers.

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