The Highs, The Lows, and The Pros

Introducing the album, towards the progress of unlocking 200 cards through a variety of albums. Through each album, this is your way of introducing millions of chips into your collection.

With the many different ways of gaining more chips and cards towards the collection, looking through The Highs, The Lows, and The Pros album is the way to do this!

In this article, you’ll find out more information about the album, how to achieve more chips and cards for the album and where you can get involved!

What is ‘The Highs, The Lows, and The Pros?’

Across the 200 cards which are able to be collected, The Highs, The Lows and The Pros is an album which you’re able to collect.

With more than 2.48 billion chips to achieve and grow with, this will enable you to indulge into the other elements of the WSOP social app.

Bringing a new story and achievement for each card in the pack. Starting with the first set being worth 2.3 million chips, this ranges up to billions of chips which you have access to win.

How to Gain More Chips & Cards Towards the Album?

Throughout the different sets which plays into the whole album, this means that you’re able to earn billions of chips.

As you progress through the different sets ranging from 2.3 million chips to the highest set to achieve which involved limited cards – so these are rarer to achieve, with the ability to win 324 million chips.

Towards the total amount of more than 2.48 billion chips, these are the ways to gain more chips:

Playing Texas Hold’em / Omaha

When playing on the WSOP social app, through playing Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker, with your skills of either one of these poker games, this presents one of the ways which you can gain even more chips.

In addition, there are special events which you’re able to indulge yourself into which gives you more chances to gain even more chips.

Through the winnings of the poker games and events, there are chances of gaining cards which go towards the sets and enable you to be able to complete the sets and gain billions of chips.

As you play Texas holdem and Omaha poker, you can enable more chances to build your sets and complete the set with the legend chip.

Completing Sets WSOP

Spinning The Slot

If you want to spin for even more chips, now you can do so. Through the classic-styled slot machine, this where you can win a range of prizes. Depending on the amount of your total bet, this will vary the number of chips you have the chance of winning.

Whilst you’re immersing yourself into the slot, this brings you to the pay table which shows you the potential winnings you can gain.

WSOP Slots Paylines

Through your potential winnings which you’re able to receive, this will bring you steps closer to winning challenges and quests to win cards.

When you start winning these cards, you’ll be that step closer to completing the variety of sets and winning billions of chips.

Range of Quests

Each day, whilst exploring through the WSOP social app, you are presented with multiple quests and challenges to be able to complete for a range of different prizes.

With the first prize being 31.2K chips and it progresses from here for each quest completed. However, when you complete the quests, in addition to other prizes you’ll receive cards to go towards your different sets.

Depending on the quests which you complete, this will determine which level of starred card that you will receive. Being effective in completing these daily quests will also enable you to grow throughout the season.

Quests for set cards WSOP

As you progress from the daily challenges to the seasonal challenges, this is where you’ll gain the REAL prizes.

Through completing the games, slots, and the range of daily quests, as you progress this is where the chip prizes and other gifts grows even larger.

Gifts / Bonuses

Through the discovery of within your inbox, you will find the two areas which could be beneficial to you. With the gift chips and bonuses, this is where you’ll find additional prizes, which may include cards to belong apart of your sets.

When you log in each day, check your inbox and this is where you’ll be able to find any bonuses which you have.

Depending on your level and playing with your friends, you have the chance of being gifted these prizes which can include chips and cards towards your sets!

Inbox for Gifts & Bonuses

How to Get Started and Continue Your Journey?

If you’re wanting to start unlocking billions of chips throughout the different sets which you need to unlock, this is where you’re able to get started through the WSOP social app.

In addition to this quest, sign up via PokerNews to be able to gain a free 1,000,000 chips to continue your journey on WSOP.

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