Too Out of It to Play? Casino Gambling Trips Gone Wrong

By Michael Kaplan

Everybody loves to get casino freebies. Gamble for high enough stakes and you wind up with a hotel suite and dinner at the joint’s fanciest restaurant. Really fire it up, and the casino covers your airfare and may even send a private jet.

At rock bottom, though, anyone in action gets offered free alcoholic beverages. Sit at a casino bar, drop $20 into a video poker machine mounted on the bar’s surface and the drinks will flow your way as long as you keep playing.

High rollers may get bottles of Louis XIV cognac and tumblers of fine single-malt scotch while the rest of us content ourselves with well drinks of vodka and tonic. And if we get drunk with $20 at risk in a game of chance that we’re unlikely to win anyway, who cares?

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