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Ever since the first series launched in 2011, Black Mirror’s often thought-provoking and topical episodes have dominated our screens. Following the release of the sixth series of the hit show last month, we set out on a nationwide hunt to find the biggest Black Mirror superfan, and employ them as our first professional Black Mirror Binge-Watcher.

Hired to binge-watch all 27 episodes of the popular dystopian drama series and the 2018 film, Bandersnatch, the Binge-Watcher has since been working with our professional odds experts, analyzing every storyline as we set out to predict the likelihood of them happening in real life. Giving each episode an inevitability score out of 100, where 100 denotes an episode theme that has either already happened in real life or is certain to, we can now reveal our bespoke Black Mirror Inevitability Index!

half (50%) of Black Mirror episodes are likely to come true in the future

While Black Mirror episodes are works of fiction and may seem unbelievable, it quickly became apparent that many of the depicted technologies aren’t all that far removed from our current reality, and we can reveal that half (50%) of Black Mirror episodes are likely to come true in the future, as just three episodes were found to have a zero chance of becoming true.

Check out the full Black Mirror Inevitability Index below.

Black Mirror Inevitability Index

Every Black Mirror episode, ranked most to least inevitable:

Every Black Mirror series, ranked most to least inevitable

Series Inevitability Rating
Series 5 84
Series 1 64
Series 2 61
Series 3 49
Series 4 41
Series 6 25

Analyzing the 2018 Black Mirror film Bandersnatch, the experts could not determine an inevitability score. Set in the 1980s, the plot of the film didn’t contain any technology which doesn’t already exist, however, due to the interactive form of the film, viewers had the option to determine multiple different endings, so one individual inevitability score could not be given.

We’ve enjoyed conducting this study alongside our professional binge-watcher, and while our findings may be a little nightmarish to many, we hope that our Inevitability Index will prove interesting to any Black Mirror fans.

I wonder what episode we’ll see play out in real life first?

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