2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Profile: Steven Jones

Final Table Profile: Steven Jones

Seat: 1
Chip Count: 90,300,000
Big Blinds: 75
Age: 35
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Steven Jones’ Main Event Story

Steven Jones is an American poker player and real estate broker that resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Prior to his run to the WSOP Main Event final table in 2023, Jones had $245,346 in live tournament cashes. The biggest of these was $57,425 for a 9th place finish in 2018’s WSOP Event #07: $565 No Limit Hold’em Colossus. Jones also had a deep run to eighth place in the 2021 Tag Team event with his partner Zachary Erdwurm.

‘This has been a life goal of mine since I was a kid.”

“There’s nothing that is going to beat this I don’t think. This has been a life goal of mine since I was a kid. It really hasn’t sunk in yet all the way but I’m going to try to be present in the moment and enjoy every second.”

Jones’ Run to the Final Table

Steven Jones
Steven Jones

Jones was in early form on Day 1c when he nearly finished in the top 200 in a field of 3,080. From there, he maintained the pace with top-200 finishes on Day 2abc and Day 3, but he fell to the bottom quarter of the pack on Day 4 with only 29 big blinds in the bag for a field of 441 returning on Day 5.

Jones stayed in the back of the pack on Day 5, turning in a 96th-best bag of 2,770,000 in a returning field of 149. Day 6 was much of the same with a bag of 6,250,000 for Day 7, good for 36th of the returning 49.

It was on Day 7 that Jones won over 60,000,000 chips and found himself in the fourth spot on the leaderboard with 15 players coming back on Day 8 for their shot at final table glory.

Jones secured his spot on Day 8 with another remarkable run that included a gutsy call with ace-high to catch the bluff of Adam Walton. Jones will sit down in Seat 1 at the 2023 Main Event final table with the second-most chips at the start of the day.

“It’s the craziest thing. I don’t even feel like I’ve accomplished anything yet. I’m not even looking at the money. I haven’t looked at pay jumps since there were 20 people left. My goal is the first place.”

How Jones Got to the Final Table

Day Chips Rank
1c 148,500 204/2,326
2abc 336,000 167/1877
3 808,000 163/1,518
4 720,000 309/441
5 2,770,000 96/149
6 6,250,000 36/49
7 67,900,000 4/15
8 90,300,000 2/9
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2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Seating

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Steven Jones United States 90,300,000 75
2 Juan Maceiras Spain 68,000,000 57
3 Daniel Holzner Italy 31,900,000 27
4 Adam Walton United States 143,800,000 120
5 Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 50,700,000 42
6 Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 41,700,000 35
7 Toby Lewis United Kingdom 19,800,000 17
8 Daniel Weinman United States 81,700,000 68
9 Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 74,600,000 62

2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1st $12,100,000
2nd $6,500,000
3rd $4,000,000
4th $3,000,000
5th $2,400,000
6th $1,850,000
7th $1,425,000
8th $1,250,000
9th $900,000

2023 Main Event Final Table Player Stats

Player Country First Cash WSOP Cashes Career Earnings Biggest Cash
Adam Walton United States 2009 20 $989,037 $283,072
Steven Jones United States 2016 23 $245,346 $57,425
Daniel Weinman United States 2010 69 $3,757,357 $892,433
Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 2003 17 $1,907,632 $661,000
Juan Maceiras Spain 2006 2 $1,126,121 $467,532
Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 2009 1 $461,758 $104,637
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 2010 9 $723,865 $154,000
Daniel Holzner Italy 2012 1 $25,517 $5,944
Toby Lewis United Kingdom 2009 48 $8,213,474 $1,235,204

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The 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event returns on Sunday, July 16. You can follow the Main Event Final Table via the PokerNews Live Reporting Blog where we’ll cover all of the action in our exclusive WSOP Main Event Live Updates.


  • Get to know Steven Jones from Scottsdale, AZ, who starts the 2023 Main Event final table second in chips.

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