2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Profile: Daniel Weinman

Final Table Profile: Daniel Weinman

Seat: 8
Chip Count: 81,700,000
Big Blinds: 68
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Twitter: @notontilt09

Daniel Weinman’s Main Event Story

Daniel Weinman is an American poker player from Atlanta, Georgia. He is both a WPT Champions Club member and a WSOP bracelet winner.

The 35-year-old got into poker thanks to the Moneymaker boom while he was at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He decided to get out of college and used poker to make his living, which he still does today.

With over $3.7 million in career earnings, Weinman has career cashes dating back to 2010. Having won titles in Spain and Australia during the early 2010s, Weinman won the 2015 WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main Event for over $280,000.

Two years later, he joined the WPT Champions Club with victory in the 2017 WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open for $892,433.

He would go on to the be the eventual victor of the WPT Tournament of Champions for $381,500.

In 2022, he added a WSOP bracelet to his collection. He won Event #30: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha for $255,359.

Weinman’s Run to the Final Table

Daniel Weinman
Daniel Weinman

Weinman sat down on Day 8 of the 2023 WSOP Main Event tenth in chips from the 15 returning players. The mixed game specialist secured the second elimination of the day which saw him soar to the upper echelons of the chip counts.

Weinman was involved in the biggest pots of the day, which was also the most dramatic. He found himself on the wrong the side of a preflop cooler in a three-way all-in against Joshua Payne and Jose Aguilera.

Weinman was all in and at risk with pocket jacks and was up against kings and queens. He had one foot out of the door until he spiked a jack on the turn to win the 60,000,000+ pot.

Daniel Weinman Spikes J to Stay Alive vs QQ, KK
Daniel Weinman spikes a jack to stay alive versus QQ & KK

Weinman then took chips off Juan Maceiras in two pots before play closed to cement his place as one of the top three chip stacks heading into the final table.

Weinman chipped up with jack-four as he made a six-high straight and further dented the Spaniard’s stack after he rivered a full house.

On the Kings versus queens versus jacks hand, Weinman said, “As soon as Josh [Payne] went with his hand, I knew I was dead there, but at least I had Josh covered. Once Aguiera called, I knew my hand was completely dead.”

“And now you’re like it [the Main Event] was a fun run, and it’s over now. But everyone talks about their one time, and I’ve never really used my one time, so I kind of internally had a little feeling that something might happen.”

And despite being almost two decades into the game, making the WSOP final table is still a dream come true despite his accomplished career.

“As a poker player, this is the event. I’ve played it for 16 years now and you never think you’re gonna get there,” Weinman told PokerNews.

“It’s like you see it every year on TV, you know, see all these guys on the final table. And you think it’d be so cool to have a chance once. To make it feels so surreal.”

Weinman will also have a star-studded rail with the likes of six-time bracelet winners Shaun Deeb and Josh Arieh in his corner. His girlfriend is also making the trip to Las Vegas to cheer on from the spectator side of the rail.

How Weinman Got to the Final Table

Day Chips Rank
Day 1d 80,000 1,304/3,202
Day 2d 362,000 90/1,661
Day 3 863,000 137/1,518
Day 4 2,850,000 36/441
Day 5 5,340,000 40/49
Day 6 24,375,000 3/49
Day 7 21,750,000 10/15
Day 8 81,700,000 3/9
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2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Seating

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Steven Jones United States 90,300,000 75
2 Juan Maceiras Spain 68,000,000 57
3 Daniel Holzner Italy 31,900,000 27
4 Adam Walton United States 143,800,000 120
5 Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 50,700,000 42
6 Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 41,700,000 35
7 Toby Lewis United Kingdom 19,800,000 17
8 Daniel Weinman United States 81,700,000 68
9 Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 74,600,000 62

2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1st $12,100,000
2nd $6,500,000
3rd $4,000,000
4th $3,000,000
5th $2,400,000
6th $1,850,000
7th $1,425,000
8th $1,250,000
9th $900,000

2023 Main Event Final Table Player Stats

Player Country First Cash WSOP Cashes Career Earnings Biggest Cash
Adam Walton United States 2009 20 $989,037 $283,072
Steven Jones United States 2016 23 $245,346 $57,425
Daniel Weinman United States 2010 69 $3,757,357 $892,433
Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 2003 17 $1,907,632 $661,000
Juan Maceiras Spain 2006 2 $1,126,121 $467,532
Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 2009 1 $461,758 $104,637
Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 2010 9 $723,865 $154,000
Daniel Holzner Italy 2012 1 $25,517 $5,944
Toby Lewis United Kingdom 2009 48 $8,213,474 $1,235,204

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