RTA Debate Rages On as Poker Training Tool Removes 20-Second Delay

RTA Debate Rages On as Poker Training Tool Removes 20-Second Delay

As the threat of real-time assistance (RTA) to online poker continues to permeate, who is responsible for detecting and preventing cheating in the online poker space? Poker sites? Government regulators? Poker training software developers? This is a question that several prominent poker players and training site owners debated this week in the latest controversy over the future of online poker in the age of artificial intelligence.

The discussion surrounded the decision by poker training software Odin Poker to remove its 20-second delay, something that critics warned encourages cheating by allowing users to see outputs in real-time to make optimal decisions.

Odin and Prometheus Poker founder Rory Young pushed back on this criticism by pointing out that other prominent poker training tools have always operated without a delay (albeit with other RTA-prevention methods in place) and claiming that these sites were unwilling to agree “on having the same delay on our respective products.”

Among those to weigh in on the RTA controversy were Run It Once founder Phil Galfond, RangeTrainerPro founder Kenneth “K.L.” Cleeton and DTO Poker Trainer owner Dominik Nitsche.

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Hammer Dropped on Odin

Odin is a poker training software similar to tools like GTOTrainer, GTO Wizard and DTO Poker. Using unique simulations, the software helps players analyze hundreds of spots and looks at different flop bet sizes and preflop actions using PioSolver Analysis Tools, according to the Odin website.

The poker training software launched in July 2021 at a time when solver outputs were largely only accessible to high-stakes pros who “needed expert knowledge to be able to configure these solvers,” Young told PokerNews in a March 9 interview.

“The idea was to bring this technology at scale to as many people as possible, obviously for profit, but (also) so people could have access to the same information that the best players in the world had,” said Young.

Odin had a large marketing presence at the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and even picked up a high-profile ambassador in poker wunderkind Fedor Holz. As of earlier this year, Holz is no longer affiliated with the company.

In its first nearly two years on the market, Odin operated with a 20-second delay to prevent RTA, a timeframe Young noted was “more than enough time to make sure that it can’t be abused.”

According to Young, he reached out to other major poker training software providers “to negotiate a gentleman’s agreement where the one thing we never compete on is the delay, for the sake of the future of online poker.”

“No one got back to me,” he said. “People responded, but they basically said, ‘No, not interested.’ And then despite this, I still chose to keep on the delay for nearly two years, obviously to the detriment of revenue and customer (user experience) and everything.”

On Feb. 28, Odin removed the 20-second delay and advertised on its website that it now offered “instant solutions” with “no delay.” A few days later, Odin sent an email to users promoting the delay and announcing a sale.

“Solving poker has never been faster,” reads a banner on the Odin website.

Young told PokerNews he opted to remove the delay “because it was causing such (user experience) problems for our users; there were lots of complaints, lots of competitors who had no delays.”

A banner on the Odin website advertising the delay removal

Removing the delay didn’t bode well with several poker players and fellow training site operators, including LearnProPoker co-founder Ryan Laplante.

“Unfortunate to see you want to profit from not having a delay, and don’t want to help the industry as a whole,” tweeted Laplante.

Young defended his decision to remove the delay in a Twitter thread, where he noted he contacted other training companies about agreeing to a delay and “NONE of them were willing.”

Laplante, who helped build and owns a part of RangeTrainerPro that launched in 2019, disagreed with this reasoning.

This response also didn’t satisfy poker streamer Vanessa Kade, who wrote that “I think you’re all equally the problem” and “that doesn’t absolve you though just because others are doing it.”

“It’s important to act ethically regardless of what everyone else is doing,” tweeted Kade. “That’s why people have so much respect for people and companies who consistently make an effort to do the right thing – when it’s not just lip service it often has a real personal cost and the reason it’s hard is *because* it puts the welfare of the community above your own self-interest.”

Poker Training Operators Put on Defensive

The decision by Young to drop its 20-second delay put Odin and other poker training sites on the defensive as the community debated how best to counter RTA in the face of rapidly changing technology.

Young, a WSOP bracelet winner from Australia, acknowledged that it was a “big mistake doing a big sale and sending out a promotion saying we removed it (the 20-second delay) where we didn’t clearly communicate.”

“That’s on me,” he said. “I suck at marketing, to be honest. I didn’t really think it through. It should have been like, ‘Hey, due to our competitors not having delays and so many people kind of leaving us for them, we decided we had to remove the delay. We didn’t want to.’ I think that kind of messaging would have been smarter.”

Rory Young
Rory Young

He also acknowledged that removing the delay could be problematic. Might doing so enable Odin customers to use it as an RTA tool?

“The short answer is yes; the longer answer is yes, but you will be caught,” said Young. “Either directly through Odin or through the poker sites catching you.”

Without disclosing specifics, Young noted that “we have two or three measures internally that we take to prevent RTA,” adding that “the delay is the only very obvious, measurable, user-facing measure that you can take to prevent people from using it.”

Other poker training software operators weighed in on social media. Galfond defended RIO’s Vision GTO Trainer in a Twitter thread, while DTO Poker Trainer founder Nitsche pointed to other poker training tools like GTO Wizard that operate “with 0 delay,” noting that “tools capable of displaying solver solutions in real time have been around for a long time now.”

“Odin did not cross any lines that had previously not been crossed by other big players in the space,” said Nitsche. “Don’t hate on Odin for following the trend.”

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Who’s Responsible for Policing RTA?

Like many of poker’s most controversial issues, the subject was taken up on the Solve For Why Only Friends podcast, where Matt Berkey called removing the delay “optically poor from a marketing standpoint” while also noting he was “very much of the mindset that this is not the software development team’s duty to police any longer.”

“The issue is that even if you could get every single operator on board right now … it doesn’t prevent somebody tomorrow from launching a new product that says ‘f*** you. We’ll do it better and we’ll do it more efficiently. And you being ethical is what’s going to cost you bottom line and allows us to win market share,'” said Berkey.

His position deviated from that of Kleeton, who argued that software developers and poker training sites have an obligation to create ethical products that don’t enable RTA.

“It takes zero effort on our parts in order to be good actors,” the RangeTrainerPro founder said. “The only effort that it takes is a willingness to look beyond the bottom line and realize that in the long term all we’re doing is … making a quick dollar in the short term but killing online poker in the long term.”

Both agreed that regulatory bodies need to play an active role in detecting RTA and preventing cheating.

“Maybe if we could go beyond the operators altogether because that’s what’s lacking is oversight be a greater governing body,” said Berkey.

“That’s exactly the point,” said Kleeton. “We don’t have an oversight governing body.”

KL Cleeton
KL Cleeton

In his interview with PokerNews, Young pushed back on notions that he was a bad-faith actor in the poker community and noted that he has been at the forefront of RTA prevention.

“If I was this bad-faith actor, my team of developers are ex-Google, ex-Facebook developers. We can augment the Odin system in maybe like a couple of weeks to be a fully-fledged RTA selling directly to the public where it can read your screen and tell you exactly what to do in real time. Never have we ever had any kind of productization that would point in that direction. Quite the opposite.”

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Russians Are Hacking US Casino Companies to Fund War in Ukraine, Says UK Cyber Expert

Hacker in front of Russian flag

A worrying increase

A UK cyber expert believes that Russian-state hackers are behind a recent increase in cyber attacks around the world, with US casinos often taking much of the damage. David Rees, executive director, cyber at Howden Insurance Brokers, made the comments at the Cyber Security Summit on Thursday.

helping to fund Russia’s war effort in Ukraine

The total number of cyberattacks dropped off last year and in the early weeks of 2023. They are now on the rise once more, however, and Rees believe that the resulting ransom money is helping to fund Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. 

During his talk, Rees emphasized that he does not claim every ransomware attack originates in Russia, but that a lot of them do. The cyber expert highlighted that Russia appears to need more funds now that it is one year on from the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine. He blamed this for the increase in hacking attacks originating from the country.

Issues for US tribes

Kimi Gordy is a partner in the BakerHostetler law firm focused partly on cybersecurity breach response. She confirmed that “ransomware has gotten crazy in the last three weeks” and that these attacks have been more aggressive and creative.

While hackers go after a wide range of industries, tribal casinos in the US are a common target. In recent years, attacks on these operations have led to property closures and substantial ransomware payouts. Hackers are not just seeking a quick windfall from tribal casinos, but also targeting other organizations in these communities, such as hospitals, government, and schools. Hackers have even accessed tribal cyber insurance policies to see how much coverage they have in the event of an attack.

In a typical ransomware attack, hackers lock down a system and encrypt all of the data. They then demand payment in return for giving back the data.

Much for casinos to consider

Rees wasn’t the only one commenting on the issue this week. A former spy for the US military warned that casino-surveillance executives will have a lot of cyber attacks to deal with in the coming years.

Speaking at the World Game Protection Conference at the Tropicana Las Vegas, Vaillance Group CEO Shawnee Delaney, formerly a Defense Intelligence Agency clandestine officer, detailed some of the vulnerabilities that are completely unique to the casino sector.

at least half of all US gambling companies have experienced some sort of data breach

He mentioned that casinos rely on various third-party services and hackers often successfully access casino networks through these service providers. Delaney estimates that at least half of all US gambling companies have experienced some sort of data breach as a result of a third-party issue.

Delaney also has concerns that cameras, mobile hotel check-ins, and trackable casino chips all utilize internet connections. He noted one instance in which a casino suffered a hack through its fish tank. The thermometer in the tank was connected to the internet through which the hackers gained access to the casino’s network.

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The Most Expensive Casinos in the World 2023

The view of Las Vegas at night

The Mirage in Las Vegas is considered to be the world’s first casino mega resort. When it opened in 1989, at a cost of $630 million, it became the most expensive casino to design and build in the world as well as one of the biggest hotels ever built. The Mirage was an incredible success, showing that casino operators could diversify their revenue streams through hotels, entertainment and fine dining to keep the money flowing. The Mirage’s competitors took note, and soon they were building their own mega-resorts. Each new mega resort was trying to out-do their rivals by being bigger, better and, of course, more expensive.

The race to being seen as the biggest and the best was not be confined to Las Vegas, with operators in Asia following suit as the 21st century began. Our list of the ten most expensive casinos to design and build in the world has entries from Macau, Singapore and, of course, Las Vegas.

#1 Aria Campus, Las Vegas (cost $8.5 billion)

Previously known as CityCenter Las Vegas, the Aria Campus in Las Vegas is the most expensive casino to design and build in the world. MGM Resorts footed the $8.5 billion bill to build this “city within a city” on the Vegas strip. In fact, not only is this project the most expensive casino in the world, but it was also the largest privately funded construction project in the history of the USA. So, what does £8.5billion get you in Vegas? Well, quite a lot!

The mammoth, 1.7 million square meter complex comprises both the Vdara and Aria hotels. The gaming space is mostly located at the Aria Casino. Here you are going to find almost 2,000 slot machines, 145 table games and one of the best Poker experiences in Vegas. There are 24 different tables set aside for different types of poker action. Limits, no limits, Omaha and 7-card are all accounted for here. While the high limit games may be too costly for most, some of the entertainment on offer on this casino floor has a minimum bet of just one cent, allowing all budgets to get a taste of the action!

Outside of the gaming area you are going to find upmarket boutique shopping, over 4,000 hotel rooms, 19 different dining options and 215,000 square feet dedicated to the all-important pool area. All this is amongst the usual Vegas fare of high profile residencies, concerts and luxury spas. The Vdara even offers a boutique doggy hotel for those who can’t leave their pampered pooch behind!

#2 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (cost $6.8 billion)

Over the last decade, Singapore has emerged as a leading tourist destination. This is in no small part thanks to the Marina Bay Sands development. The iconic resort ushered in a new era of tourism in the city-state, with around nineteen million people visiting it annually to gamble, relax or simply to gawk at the splendour.

The Marina Bay Sands is the most expensive casino in Asia, and hosts a spectacular, four level gaming area covering 15,000 square meters. Across the gaming floor you are going to find more than 2,300 slot machines offering both classic and progressive jackpots. Added to that are over 600 table games, with different varieties of poker, baccarat, blackjack and poker. In addition to the casino, the resort also offers 2,500 hotel rooms, a convention center, rooftop swimming pools and other entertainment options. The revenue of the resort is thought to be around $2 billion a year – almost making the $6.8 billion invested sound like a bargain!

#3 Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore (cost $5.2 billion)

The second most expensive casino in Singapore, and the third most expensive casino to design and build in the world, is the Resorts World Sentosa. Owners, Genting, have been growing rapidly since they opened in the only casino in Malaysia in 1971, and the Singapore addition to their line-up is nothing short of spectacular. As one may expect from Genting, Resorts World Sentosa offers more than just casino floors. Present here on the 49-hectare site are Universal Studios, Hard Rock Hotel, beach villas, Michelin star dining, theatres and one of the biggest aquariums in the world!

That’s not to say the casino has been neglected – far from it! In fact, the gaming area here measures up to anything else on this list! The gaming floor manages to packs in an impressive 2,400 slot machines and 500 table games across its 15,000 square metres.

#4 Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort (cost $5 billion)

Wynn Las Vegas, known as The Wynn, opened in 2005 and immediately became the most expensive casino hotel ever built at $2.7 billion. Not only that, its 45-storey hotel tower became the tallest building in the entire state of Nevada! The casino floor is impressive here, as its 10,000 sq. meter space is occupied by 1,000 slot machines and 128 table games.

The Wynn was already huge (and expensive), but the developers decided that it wasn’t quite grand enough so they added the Encore to the resort at a cost of $2.3billion. This took the total cost of the “mega resort” to $5 billion. The addition of The Encore also added 6,700 sq. meters of gaming space to the development, along with an additional 850 slots and 110 table games.

The Wynn is also the only resort in Vegas to offer a full, 18-hole golf course. “Golf at The Wynn” was designed with the extravagance that you may expect when it comes to Vegas, with the 18th hole even having a 36-foot-tall waterfall!

#5 Resorts World, Las Vegas (cost $4.3 billion)

A daytime shot of the outside of the Resorts World in Las Vegas

When Resorts World Vegas opened its doors in 2021 it immediately became the second most expensive casino to ever be built in Las Vegas. Perhaps more important than that is the fact that it also became the first new resort to be built on the Vegas strip for over a decade! The construction industry in Sin City has suffered since the Great Recession of 2008, and many projects have fallen by the wayside. There is a hope that if Genting make a success out of their massive investment, then more investment could follow.

The resort itself has everything that we have come to expect from a Resorts World destination, including three different tiers of accommodation, incredible entertainment spaces and a vast casino floor. What makes this casino interesting is that it may well be the very first “smart” casino in the country. Cashless betting is available by loading deposits on to the resort’s app, which dealers can scan to give you chips. Given that Resorts World stands on the site of the iconic Stardust, there is a sense that this state-of-the-art development is ushering in a new era on the strip.

#6 Wynn Palace, Macau (cost $4.1 billion)

Following on from the success of their Wynn Macau project, Wynn resorts opened the Wynn Palace in 2016. Coming in at $4.1 billion, the Wynn Palace remains the most expensive casino building in Macau. At the heart of the luxury resort is a mammoth casino floor measuring some 39,400 sq. metres! Spread out over this vast space are over 500 gaming tables, 375 slots and a selection of shops and eateries.

While the building already boasts a 28-floor hotel with 1,706 rooms, there are plans to grow! In 2019 plans were approved for a further two hotel towers complete with 650 rooms each. This expansion is expected to cost more than $2 billion, which would make the resort the second most expensive resort on our list when it completes.

#7 The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (cost $3.9 billion)

The fountains of The Bellagio in the foreground and The Cosmopolitan in the background

Nestled between the Aria Campus and The Bellagio is the seventh most expensive casino in the world, The Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan, or The Cosmo as it has come to be known, is one of the most stylish destinations in Las Vegas. The Chandelier Bar is the best example of this. The stunning lounge, shaped like a huge, 3 storey high chandelier has become a Las Vegas icon. This, coupled with outside terraces that offer some of the best views in Vegas, means that the visitors here are often more inclined to soak in the atmosphere of their surroundings than hit the casino floor.

This is Vegas though, and of course there is still a large gaming area! Measuring around 9,000 sq. metres and hosting 1500 slots and 83 table games, the casino here is smaller than other resorts on this list. However, it is packaged with a style that is perhaps unmatched by any of its contemporaries.

#8 The Venetian, Macau (cost $2.4 billion)

The second biggest casino in the world, built by the most profitable casino company in the world, is also the eighth most expensive casino ever built. The investment was an almost immediate success as more than 3.9 million visitors flocked to the resort in its first eight weeks! Now The Venetian Macau, and its sister resort in Las Vegas, are undoubtedly two of the most iconic casino destinations in the world. With luxury shopping, fine dining and indoor gondoliers, the Macau resort is a tourist hotspot as well as a gaming haven.

With 51,000 sq. metres of gaming space, the casino floor is the biggest on our list and it comes well stocked! There are 3,400 slot machines, 340 table games and, perhaps most intriguingly, four distinctly themed gambling areas. The themes are Golden Fish, Phoenix, Imperial House and Red Dragon, and the influence of Chinese culture and mythology can be observed throughout.

#9 City of Dreams, Macau (cost $2.1 billion)

A view of the City of Dreams in Macau from below with an ornamental golden dragon in the foreground

At the entrance to the entertainment area of Macau, the City of Dreams complex greats you. This behemoth development holds three casinos, four hotels and five hotel towers. It seems to have been built with one philosophy in mind; bigger is always better! This a true icon of Macau, and its success has begun something of a franchise as a City of Dreams has also opened in Manila, and another will soon open in Cyprus.

The gambling action takes place on a massive gaming area of more than 39,000 sq. meters, which hosts 1,514 slot machines and 450 table games. This is supplemented by Alain Ducasse restaurants, regular concerts and the stunning Sky Bridge on the 21st floor.

#10 The Bellagio, Las Vegas (cost $1.6 billion)

The Bellagio, the grandfather of our list, has a claim to be being one of the most recognisable buildings on the Vegas-strip, which is no mean feat! The distinctive building, and its famous fountains, are another entry on this list developed by Steve Wynn. Construction began back in 1996, a more innocent time when billion-dollar hotel projects were practically unheard of. Indeed, the $1.6 billion bill made The Bellagio the most expensive building in the world when it was completed – a title it held until The Wynn Vegas opened in 2005.

Cheaper Than Twitter!

The ten most expensive casinos in the world offer world-class gaming, superstar concerts, Michelin-star dining, luxury hotels and plenty of opportunity to gamble. In total, the ten projects cost $43.9 billion to build. This may seem like a lot, but it is $100,000 less than what one eccentric South African billionaire splurged on Twitter. Ten mega casinos or one blue bird? We know which we would prefer!

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LCB.org completes official purchase of Foxbonus.com

LCB.org completes official purchase of Foxbonus.com

We all know that responsible and safe gambling should be a priority for every gambling operator, but we also know that safety when it comes to gambling is never completely certain. However, this is why there are sites that offer all verified information about every gambling operator in various countries and such sites are extremely important for existing players and especially for first-time gamblers.

In this regard, we are very pleased to announce the recently acquired newest addition to our directory, the Foxbonus.com online casino comparison solution site that has all the necessary qualifications and licenses to be a third party advisor.

Impartial advisor:

The site offers information about online casino operators in an objective and transparent manner. In doing so, it helps protect players from illegal gambling operators and introduces new players to responsible and safe gambling.

But that’s not all; as the site is multilingual and pushes to provide a responsible online gambling environment and the latest news about casino operators in available countries.

The countries covered by the site are: Canada, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, France, Poland, India and Argentina.

The information it provides about gambling is:

  • free online slot machines and detailed research list of each online slots casino;
  • information on free spins, no deposit bonuses, free cash bonuses and more, but also information on the latest offering no deposit bonuses for free spins in every available country;
  • information about casinos that offer welcome bonuses;
  • information about the latest casinos in every available country

However, in addition, some of the highlights of the information provided for new interested players are:

  • which casino gives the best bonus;
  • the difference between new and established casinos of each available country;
  • how to find the best new casino;
  • what to look for in a casino bonus;
  • the best casino bonuses and which casino gives the best casino bonus;
  • casino bonus guide;
  • how do slot machines work in an online casino;
  • general information about video slots;
  • how RNG works on online slots;
  • the best online slot machines with the highest RTP;
  • free online slots with the biggest wins.

Safe Gambling Guide:

The website also offers information on safe gambling and tips on how players can always gamble responsibly.

In this regard, with this acquisition, we can provide our existing and new users with additional information about their safety when they enter the world of gambling.

One of the tips that stood out the most was – “The gambling isn’t a career” – which most newcomers do not understand and is not talked about enough.

“You should never start gambling if you are looking for an easy way to make money, because instead of money, it can lead you to bankruptcy.”

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Casa Vernescu Casino ✅ Bucharest’s Top Gambling Establishment

Gaming Floor

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu also offers a VIP lounge, a bar, and a restaurant that serves international cuisine. The casino is known for its exceptional customer service and its commitment to responsible gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a first-time visitor, the casino at Casa Vernescu will surely provide you with a memorable experience.

What Does the Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu Pack?

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu is in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. It’s owned by Yaniv Cohen, and it opens 24/7. The casino’s playground features 100 slots and more than 20 live tables. Among the table games, you will find popular roulette variants and blackjack. Moreover, poker fans will love the several variations available to compete against each other.

Although the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu is not the only casino in Bucharest, it’s probably the best one. Firstly, its unique history and elegant interior design create a luxurious atmosphere. Secondly, you can find the latest games along with the classics. The icing on the cake is the excellent dining and drinking facilities available. Furthermore, the casino is conveniently located near the city centre.

The Gaming Floor in Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu, Bucharest

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu, Bucharest, has a playground with 100 slots and over 20 table games. You’ll be able to test your skills and luck on a wide range of jackpots, diverse roulettes, blackjack and poker tables. Have a look at the following short overview of the game catalogue at Vernescu:

As usually happens, slot machines are a main attraction at Casa Vernescu Casino. Even though the table games are not so numerous, they’ll most likely satisfy players due to their diversity. There are also poker games that can be played at the best casino sites in Romania, such as Ultimate Texas, Caribbean Stud, and Dracula.

Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu received the CLBM award for the best live casino in 2019. It also has a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor. The casino is not only popular for its excellent games and top game-related service delivered but also for having top amenities and dining facilities. In the following extracts, we will precisely address these aspects.

VIP Chips

The casino offers special treatment to its loyal guests by providing them with a private space to run their live table games more quietly. This is done in the elegant VIP rooms, where the casino has higher game limits that allow a more exciting experience. On the other hand, the slot area rewards VIP clients with other attractive bonuses.

Amenities at the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu

If you’re seeking an unforgettable casino experience, look no further than the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest. Situated inside the historical monument Casa Vernescu, this luxurious establishment caters to discerning guests who appreciate the finest quality, premium service, and a sumptuous atmosphere.

Amenities at the Casino

The Casa Vernescu Casino is a gathering place for individuals from diverse backgrounds who come together to create a thriving destination. Conveniently located in the heart of Bucharest, the Palace Casino is part of the Casa Vernescu landmark. Keep in mind that parking is never a concern as the casino offers a 2000 square meter space dedicated to this purpose.

Dining and Bar Experience

The Casa Vernescu Casino is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a thrilling and memorable experience. However, the entertainment does not end there; the casino also boasts an exceptional restaurant where visitors can indulge in delicious cuisine created by a passionate head chef and his talented team.

Dining Couple

The bar and lounge area are also not to be missed out. They offer a comfortable atmosphere to unwind after a busy day. Visitors will be able to enjoy a drink and socialise with friends while taking in the stunning surroundings. Not to mention the party you could end up having dancing to the DJ’s music.

With all of these amazing amenities and facilities, it’s no surprise that the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu never ceases to amaze its visitors. So why not come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Stay tuned for the latest events. Celebrations such as costume parties, storytelling, music and dance shows, diverse activities, and lotteries, are the norm.

Other Casinos Closeby

Bucharest has a total of 160 casinos; therefore, we can say that you can have a thrilling gambling adventure in this city and its surroundings. We have prepared two different casino alternatives near Casa Vernescu Casino. This way, you’ll have more options to enjoy a remarkable gambling experience in Bucharest. Here are the other two great casinos of the city:

Grand Casino

Grand Casino is located just half an hour’s walk from Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu. It provides a variety of popular new and classic slot machines. On the playground, you’ll also find American Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, blackjack, and more. With 159 slot machines, among which you’ll find some amazing jackpots, this casino assures plenty of fun.

🗺️ Location: Bucharest, RO
📍 Address: Calea 13 Septembrie nr 90, inside JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest, 061165, Romania
🃏 Casino Gaming: Slots, Table Games
🎰 Slots: 159
♠️ Table Games: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker
🩱 Amenities: Restaurants, Events, Clubs, Shopping
☏ Reach via Phone: +40 723 155 555

This remarkable land-based casino does not only offer great gaming facilities, but it also provides the finest events that include private parties, Halloween and New Year’s Eve celebrations, Body Painting Workshops, and much more. Moreover, there is Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Turkish, and, of course, Romanian exquisite food available at the casino’s luxurious restaurant.

Fortuna Palace

The Fortuna Palace casino in Bucharest has 116 slot machines and two roulettes. It features a beautiful and luxurious casino with fashionable gaming rooms, a top-notch restaurant, entertainment, and more surprises. This casino provides a unique experience, offers top-quality amenities, and a golden opportunity for you to enjoy with friends or colleagues.

🗺️ State Location: Bucharest, RO
📍 Address: Promenada, Calea Floreasca 246B, Bucharest 014476, Romania
🃏 Casino Gaming: Slots, Table Games
🎰 Slots: 116
♠️ Table Games: Roulette
🩱 Amenities: Restaurants, Bar, Events, Shopping
☏ Reach via Phone: +40 725 112 987

The casino offers a rewards card to loyal players. It consists of four different tiers: Red, Silver, Gold, and VIP. Red is for new players, and VIP is for the most loyal of players. No matter what your level is, you will earn points while you play, which can be exchanged for cash and other prizes.

The Constanta Casino

In case you’re travelling to the Romanian Black Sea coast, it’s highly recommendable to visit the Constanta Casino. This casino, built at the end of the XIX century, is impressive in more than one way, from its history to its architecture. However, it has been in disuse and served as an astonishing landmark for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

This article about the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest has now ended. However, we have taken some time to prepare a few frequently asked questions that will possibly clarify any doubts you may have. Keep in mind that they’ll jump to the paragraph of your interest. We hope that you find them helpful. See them below:

Who owns Casa Vernescu Casino?

If you want to enjoy 100 slots and more than 20 live tables, you’re at the right place. As our Casa Vernescu Casino overview indicates , the gambling establishment is owned by Yaniv Cohen. At the Gaming floor you will find popular slots, roulette, blackjack, and several poker variations. On the other hand, the casino’s history and luxurious interior design are unique.

How many slots does Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu have?

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu has 100 slots and over 20 table games, more than enough for having fun. Therefore, at the casino’s gaming facilities, you’ll be able to test your luck on a wide diversity of slot jackpots, roulettes, and remarkable blackjack, and poker tables, games that will surely satisfy players.

What are the amenities at Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest?

If you’re looking for an astonishing casino experience, the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest is the right place. The amenities in Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu are top-quality. Besides, parking is not a subject of concern because there’s a 2000-square-meter parking space. Visiting this casino located in the heart of Bucharest is a good idea.

Can you eat at the casino in Casa Vernescu?

The casino in Casa Vernescu is a great destination for anyone looking for a memorable gambling experience. Nonetheless, the entertainment does not end there. The casino in Casa Vernescu has one restaurant where visitors can taste the delicious cuisine prepared by a remarkable head chef and his talented team.

Are there any alternatives to Casa Vernescu Casino?

If you want to expand your gambling experience in Bucharest, Romania, keep in mind that there are 160 casinos in the city. We’ve gathered some relevant information about two alternatives to Casa Vernescu Casino, which are really close by. At these places, you’ll be able to gamble, dine like a king, and enjoy many entertainment events.

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PN Podcast: Global Poker Award Winners & Guest Preston McEwen Talks WSOPC Success


On the latest PokerNews Podcast episode of 2023, Chad Holloway, Jesse Fullen, and Connor Richards breakdown all the Global Poker Award winners, reveal that the PokerNews Cup will be returning to the Golden Nugget’s 2023 Grand Poker Series, and offer some highlights from the 2023 Wynn Millions.

They also welcome guest Preston McEwen to the show. He’s been a force to be reckoned with on the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit having won five gold rings in the past two years. He’s also fresh off making four final tables in four days at the WSOPC Harrah’s Cherokee stop. Find out what’s led to all his success here.

Finally, they recap two RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) stops and get into the recently-revealed PokerStars USA SCOOP schedule for players in New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Listen to those stories and more on the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast!

PokerNews is hiring for the 2023 WSOP! Click here for details.

Time Stamps

Tell us who you want to hear from. Let us know what you think of the show — tweet about the podcast using #PNPod, and be sure to follow Chad Holloway, Jesse Fullen, and Connor Richards on Twitter.

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Name Surname
Chad Holloway

Executive Editor U.S.

Executive Editor US, PokerNews Podcast co-host & 2013 WSOP Bracelet Winner.

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PN Podcast: Three Clocks, One Hand + Hear from Rising Content Star Caitlin Comeskey

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Ex-Wrestler Lance Storm Slams Idea of Betting on WWE Matches

WWE match

Lance Storm rebukes WWE betting

Ex-professional wrestler Lance Storm believes that states will be making a grave mistake if they allow bettors to wager on the outcome of WWE matches.

“It would destroy the creative process,” Storm said in part of a response to a tweet that said WWE’s creative team would not know the outcome of matches until they happened. “You’d have to go back to a single Booker who everyone trusts and will keep his mouth shut.”

WWE recently contacted regulators in Michigan and Colorado to discuss the possibility of legalizing betting on matches, which have scripted outcomes. In other words, bettors would be predicting outcomes of events that are already known by several parties.

The wrestling company plans to retain the services of a renowned accounting firm that helps tabulate and seal results in prominent award shows such as The Academy Awards. They believe that if they can properly lock down the results, WWE will become no different than these shows that people can legally bet on in some states, even though the results are already determined.

combatants would likely not know the result of their upcoming bout until hours before the match

That plan, if agreed upon, will send wrestlers into the dark. Since they would have the potential to leak results, combatants would likely not know the result of their upcoming bout until hours before the match.

WWE was put up for sale with the help of recently-reinstated executive chairman Vince McMahon. It will meet with potential buyers for first-round bids over the next month.

The post Ex-Wrestler Lance Storm Slams Idea of Betting on WWE Matches appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Century Casinos Registered Double-Digit Revenue Growth in 2022

Century Casinos Registered Double-Digit Revenue Growth in 2022

Gaming and hospitality operator Century Casinos released today its fourth quarter and full year 2022 financial report, posting increases in revenue and EBITDA despite the decline from US operations.

Net Operating Revenue, Adjusted EBITDA

Net operating revenue for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $103.75 million, down 3% from $107.3 million registered in the fourth quarter of 2021, mainly due to the decline of 9% in revenue from US operations that could not be offset by the increase in Poland. Revenue from operations in Canada remained almost unchanged.

For the full-year 2022, net operating revenue posted an increase of 11% to $430.53 million ($388.5 million in 2021) due to the significant increase in Canada (54%, to $71.57 million) and Poland (55% to $58.23 million) was more than enough to offset the 5% decrease in the US to $268.58 million.

“We finished 2022 with record net operating revenue and Adjusted EBITDA despite disruptions and temporary closures at our Caruthersville property due to low water levels in the Mississippi River,” wrote co-chief executive officers of Century Casinos, Erwin Haitzmann and Peter Hoetzinger.

Century Casinos reported a 16% decrease in earnings from operations for the quarter and a 1% decrease for the full year. In both readings, the consolidated result was driven down by the company’s US performance which recorded decreases of 31% in Q4 and 21% for the year. Earnings from operations in Canada and Poland increased by 20% and 22% in the quarter, and 153% and 2178% for the year but nominally these results were too small compared to the US.

Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter was down 13%, to $21.67 million, and up 6%, to $103.34 million, for the year. The main component influencing both results was the operations in the US but the increases in Canada and Poland, together with the significant drop in the company’s Corporate division, were more than enough to lead to a positive full-year EBITDA reading.

Developments in Missouri and Nevada

“In December 2022, we completed the relocation of the Caruthersville casino from the riverboat and barge to the land-based pavilion where we will operate the casino until the casino and hotel development project is complete,” continued Haitzmann and Hoetzinger in their comments.

Experiential real estate investment trust (REIT) VICI Properties agreed to provide the funds for the new casino project comprising a casino and 38-room hotel tower in Caruthersville, Missouri, in exchange for ownership of the real estate improvements and rent increase under the master lease once the property is operational.

Another important development mentioned by the co-CEOs was the unanimous recommendation of the Nevada Gaming Control Board to the Nevada Gaming Commission to approve the company’s application for the acquisition of the Nugget Casino Resort.

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Proposed Bill to Redefine Poker Laws Could Save Texas Card Rooms

Proposed Bill to Redefine Poker Laws Could Save Texas Card Rooms

A proposed bill to redefine a controversial gambling law could serve as some much needed protection for Texas poker clubs if it passes.

The Lone Star State has some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. As such, the dozens of poker rooms across America’s second most populous state have faced scrutiny from local politicians, and sometimes even legal action.

Card rooms in Texas operate differently than most places due to gambling being illegal in the state. Instead of collecting rake, they charge membership and seat fees for access to the club. But some lawmakers still believe that business model is against the law.

Four prominent poker rooms in the state — The Lodge Card Club near Austin, Texas Card House (five locations), Champions Club in Houston, and San Antonio Card House — are backing a bill that would change how the Texas gambling law is worded, eliminating any doubt as to the legality of poker clubs.

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How Proposed Poker Bill Could Benefit Texas

The main objection certain politicians who oppose the poker club model is they are often stuck on two parts of Texas Penal Code 47.04. One area of debate is the law clearly states that the gambling must occur in a “private place.” The other refers to the “economic benefit” received from the games, which can only be from “personal winnings.”

At present, there’s debate as to if “private place” includes a membership-based club and if facilitating the games constitutes receiving “economic benefit” from the games even if rake isn’t taken out of the pots.

The debate may soon come to an end if the group Texans For Hold’em, organized by the four aforementioned card rooms, has its way. House Bill 2345, a partisan bill sponsored by Rep. Ryan Guillen (D), was filed Feb. 15 and referred to the Licensing & Administrative Procedures committee on March 9.

HB 2345’s Texas Senate companion bill, SB 1681, was filed March 6 by Rep. Jose Menendez (D). In that pro-poker piece of legislation that could serve as a game-changer for poker rooms across the state, the definition of “private place” and “economic benefit” would be amended to clear up any confusion as to the legality of poker.

In Chapter 47 of Texas Penal Code, SB 1681 would add subdivision 2-a, which if passed would read: “‘Economic benefit’ means direct winnings from a game of skill or luck. The term does not include a benefit received before a game commences or after payment of the direct winnings from the game.”

As for the “private place’ term, that would be redefined in subdivision 8 and the proposed measure amends that to read: “‘Private place” means a place to which the public does not have access without a valid membership, special invitation, or prior grant of permission[,] and excludes, among other places, streets, highways, restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, schools, hospitals, and the common areas of apartment houses, hotels, motels, office buildings, transportation facilities, and shops.”

Should this bill pass, there would no longer be any debate as to whether the social poker club model used by card rooms across the state are operating legally. That would then help prevent against local authorities cracking down on the poker rooms so long as they are operating within the law.

The bill does not, however, legalize gambling in Texas. Putting up table games and slots and collecting rake from poker pots would remain a criminal act, but it would still be beneficial to the poker community in the state.

Does Poker Bill Have a Chance of Passing?

texas card house poker

Texas Card House CEO Ryan Crow has been working on putting together a rewording of the state’s gambling laws. Crow’s card room in Dallas has faced legal action the past year despite the city originally approving his business license.

He’s spent countless hours fighting lawsuits and a potential closure following a Certificate of Occupancy revocation in 2022. Although TCH, which operates in five locations statewide, has remained in operation throughout the legal battle, the fight has caused a nuisance for the business.

In December, TCH teamed up with three other prominent poker rooms, including The Lodge in Round Rock, co-owned by poker pros Doug Polk, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme to create the Texans For Hold’em group to promote legal poker in Texas.

Crow told PokerNews he feels confident in the proposed bill to pass and said the Texans For Hold’em organization has “a strong team of about 10 lobbyists working on it.”

A hearing date for HB 2345 hasn’t yet been set. Should the measure pass, it would take effect Sept. 1, 2023.

READ: Texas Card House Dallas Wins Appeal

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Genius Sports Revealed Impressive Full-Year 2022 Performance

Genius Sports Revealed Impressive Full-Year 2022 Performance

Data, technology and broadcast company Genius Sports released today its fourth quarter and full year 2022 financial report, posting an impressive increase in revenue and a significant drop in the group’s net loss.

Quarterly and Full-Year Revenue

Genius Sports generated $105.34 million in revenue in the fourth quarter and $341.03 million in the full year ended December 31, 2022, posting increases across all its divisions both in the quarterly and full-year readings.

Commenting on the results, Mark Locke, co-founder and chief executive officer of Genius Sports, outlined the company’s success in delivering on its forecast in each quarter as a display of its “commitment to executing the financial and strategic plan” set forth at the start of 2022.

We remain relentlessly focused on balancing investment in our highest growth initiatives, while still demonstrating the unique operating leverage of our business model.

Mark Locke, co-founder & CEO, Genius Sports

Mark Locke is convinced that in 2023, the company should be able to capitalize on its global competitive position and “capture the immense opportunity” ahead of it.

Across the divisions, Betting Technology, Content & Services was up 21.5% in the quarter and 18.1% in the full twelve months; Media Technology, Content & Services increased by 50.4% in Q4 and 71.2% in full-year 2022; and, Sports Technology & Services contributed to the total with an increase of 8.6% in Q4 and 31.9% in the year.

Adjusted EBITDA, Net Loss

Adjusted EBITDA in Q4 was $2.66 million, up 121% year-over-year, while for the full year 2022, it was $15.79 million, a nine-fold increase as compared to 2021. Both group revenue and group adjusted EBITDA exceeded Genius Sports’ guidance of $340 million and $15 million, respectively.

Group net loss in Q4 was $127.72 million, up two-and-a-half times from $53.29 million in Q4 2021. For the full year, the group’s net loss fell by 69.4% to $181.64 million ($592.75 million in 2021).

Our expectation of nearly tripling our Group Adj. EBITDA and generating free-cash-flow in the second half of 2023 is the direct result of a cost base that does not need to grow in line with revenues moving forward.

Nick Taylor, CFO, Genius Sports

Based on the 2022 results and current performance, Genius Sports maintained its 2023 revenue and adjusted EBITDA guidance of $391 million and $41 million and expects to generate positive free cash flow in the second half of the year.

“With $159m of total cash on our balance sheet, zero debt financing, and our legacy warrants now removed, our shareholders are well positioned to capture the benefits of profitability and cash flow acceleration,” Taylor concluded.

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