Niaz Nejad Joins Light & Wonder as MD of Gaming for the Americas

Odds On Compliance Europe Welcomes Cheryl Jones as President

Light & Wonder, a leading cross-platform global games company will expand its leadership team with Niaz Nejad as its new managing director of gaming for the Americas. As announced by the supplier, Nejad will be joining its ranks later this year, following the conclusion of her non-compete period.

Nejad brings a whopping 25+ years of experience to the company. Prior to her current appointment, she served as Aristocrat Gaming’s senior vice president and head of marketing for the US and Canada. During her time at Light & Wonder’s competitor, Nejad led Aristocrat’s overall brand and marketing strategy. She was also responsible for inspiring the team to produce more creative and innovative products.

Before joining Aristocrat Gaming, Nejad served as the chief operating officer of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. In that position, she guided the commission’s provincial gaming and cannabis strategic direction, as well as its corporate portfolio, digital transformation and revenue forecasts.

Light & Wonder also noted that as a member of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission, Nejad was responsible for maintaining over $1.4 billion in annual-net revenues from various gambling verticals. The revenue streams included slot machines, video lottery terminals, lottery tickets and electronic bingo – verticals that Nejad had to sustain through the right policies, development and marketing.

Light & Wonder Welcomes Nejad on Board

Light & Wonder is certain that Nejad will be a great addition to the company, thanks to her vast experience in the gambling industry. The company noted that she has an impressive track record of driving double-digit growth.

Siobhan Lane, Light & Wonder’s chief executive officer of gaming, welcomed the new appointee to the company. He noted that this will not be the first time he has worked with her:

I have had the pleasure of working with Niaz within our industry for many years, and I know her values, industry and business experience, as well as her people-centric leadership approach are the perfect fit for our team.

Siobhan Lane, CEO, Light & Wonder

Lane added that Nejad will play a key role in Light & Wonder’s expansion in the Americas and beyond. He said that she is the perfect addition to the team and that he is certain she will steer the company in the right direction.

Earlier this month, Light & Wonder teased that it is considering a second listing in Australia, following its listing on the NASDAQ.

At the beginning of March, the company released its official Q4 2022 results, highlighting the success of its restructuring efforts.

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GeoComply Funds ICRG’s Research on Self-Exclusion Programs

GeoComply Is Building Its Case against Xpoint on Third Party

Geolocation technology and services provider GeoComply announced it has teamed with the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) for a research project on self-exclusion programs.

Is Enhancing These Programs Beneficial?

The two-year research funded by GeoComply will study the long-term effectiveness of voluntary self-exclusion schemes implemented by land-based and online gambling operators to determine whether these programs would be beneficial for the industry.

Arthur B. Paikowski, president of the ICRG, commented on the partnership and the need for additional research on the prolonged efficacy of voluntary self-exclusion programs, explaining why further assessment of these programs is needed.

“There is a necessity to determine whether enhancing these programs would result in more customer participation and whether this would be beneficial,” he said.

The research will seek to provide answers to questions about the most effective long-term form of self-exclusion; the ideal time for a player to utilize a self-exclusion tool – both, online or at a land-based gaming venue; operator or regulator criteria for letting people who have self-excluded back into gaming; the potential stigmatizing effect of self-exclusion blocking people from using these tools; the most suitable way of registering; and others.

Happy to Support the ICRG’s Research

Highlighting the company’s commitment to responsible gambling initiatives since its inception over a decade ago, Anna Sainsbury, co-founder and chief executive officer of GeoComply, outlined the industry need for further evidence about the effectiveness of self-exclusion programs.

“We need more data to support the industry’s actions around RG, and I am really happy that we can support the ICRG’s research in this important area,” Sainsbury stated.

Dedicated to promoting responsible gambling practices worldwide, the ICRG is seeking to prevent people from experiencing problem gambling and reduce the harmful impact of excessive gambling on their lives by working closely with governments, regulators and industry stakeholders to promote responsible gambling policies and industry best practices, as well as engaging in research on gambling behavior and the risks of gambling.

The results of the two-year research on self-exclusion programs funded by GeoComply will be published in October 2025.

Last month, the geolocation technology and services provider announced that Super Bowl LVII registered 100 million geolocation checks, with 7.4 million user accounts accessing the service over the weekend and many bettors choosing to wager from the stadium while watching the game.

Also in February, GeoComply saw its patent infringement case against competitor Xpoint dismissed in court after a federal judge ruled GeoComply’s patent invalid, stating that it sought to patent subject matter that cannot be patented.

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Hank Couture Joined Fanatics Betting & Gaming as COO

Hank Couture Joined Fanatics Betting & Gaming as COO

The betting and gaming arm of US sports merchandise and commerce brand, Fanatics, announced today the appointment of Hank Couture as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

‘Help Build Something that Exceeds Expectations’

The new addition Couture is expected to play an integral role at Fanatics Betting and Gaming (FBG) by developing operations strategies for the firm that is planning to launch the Fanatics Sportsbook across the nation in mid-2023.

Commenting on his new role as COO, Couture outlined the “exciting opportunity” that was presented to him “to build something from the ground up,” eager to leverage his knowledge and experience gained at DoorDash in the sports betting industry to “help build something that exceeds expectations” of Fanatics customers.

Couture, who joined from technology company DoorDash where he spent the past seven years overseeing the company’s US Marketplace and was instrumental in developing its successful pricing, loyalty, promotions, merchandising and growth policies, became a member of the FBG executive team and will report directly to FBG chief executive officer Matt King.

‘Impressive Track Record of Success’

FBG CEO King also commented on the new appointment, excited to welcome Couture to the company’s leadership team and help the business benefit from his experience.

“Hank’s experience in building one of the largest marketplaces in the US is exactly the type of person we are looking for at Fanatics Betting and Gaming, and as our new COO, his impressive track record of success will provide us with valuable insight as we build a sportsbook that is easy to use, trustworthy and more rewarding for sports fans,” he said.

Couture joined DoorDash in 2016 as one of the company’s regional General Managers of US Marketplace and two years later, he started climbing the corporate ladder by assuming the responsibilities of Director, US Marketplace, before being named Senior Director in 2019 and Vice President in 2021, his latest role before joining FBG.

During his time at DoorDash, he helped the e-commerce marketplace grow into a $50 billion industry leader, overseeing critical business lines such as DoorDash’s subscription program, DashPass, and the Caviar marketplace. He was also instrumental in developing the firm’s expansion strategy across the Midwest.

Starting in Investment Banking

Holder of BBA in Finance and Economics from William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, began his professional career on the trading floor of Goldman Sachs in 2013, dealing with cross-asset structured products and over-the-counter derivatives.

The appointment of Couture is the latest high-profile addition to FBG after the appointments of FanDuel veteran Andrew Kleiman as Vice President of Retail Operations and Andrea Ellis as Chief Financial Officer last year.

The launch of the Fanatics Sportsbook was initially expected to materialize in 2022 but was later pushed back to Q1 2023, and in January, the brand made its US debut by launching the first retail sportsbook inside an NFL stadium, FedEx Field, home of the Washington Commanders.

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British Columbia Lottery Corporation Becomes the Latest ULIS Member

Better Collective Names Petra Zackrisson SVP of Growth

The Canadian Crown corporation offering different gambling options and managing commercial gambling on behalf of the Province of British Columbia, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), became the latest organization to join the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS).

ULIS is an organization that has a strategic goal to help lotteries protect the integrity of sports competitions. Initially, the organization was known as Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), but it has undergone a rebranding back in October when it was renamed to ULIS.

As the latest ULIS member, the BCLC will contribute to its goal to safeguard the integrity of sports. Moreover, the corporation will play a key role in the fight against match-fixing and corruption by collaborating with stakeholders in the industry, regulators, law enforcement and other organizations within the sector.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has joined United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS) following the approval of the ULIS Executive Committee on March 17, 2023,

reads a statement released by ULIS

BCLC Is the 3rd Canadian Lottery to Join ULIS

Joining ULIS, BCLC becomes the third Canadian lottery to support the organization. Along with BCLC, other lotteries from the country that have joined ULIS include Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG), as well as Loto Quebec.

BCLC’s membership with ULIS comes as no surprise, considering its extensive experience within the gambling vertical. In fact, since the corporation’s launch back in 1985, it has generated more than CA$28 billion ($20.6 billion) for the Province of British Columbia. Those funds helped support different public initiatives, health care, as well as education programs.

ULIS is delighted to welcome BCLC as a member. BCLC’s commitment to ESG, responsible gambling and community outreach aligns with our values, and we look forward to working with BCLC to promote a culture of integrity in sports,

Ludovico Calvi, president of ULIS

Ludovico Calvi, ULIS’ president, said that the organization is excited to see BCLC join its cause. He pointed out that BCLC and ULIS share similar values when it comes to ESG, as well as responsible gambling. Finally, Calvi said that ULIS is looking forward to the success the collaboration will bring and help boost the integrity of sports.

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I lost my son to a gambling addiction. Firms must change, not pay fines that are dwarfed by profits | Liz Ritchie

My wonderful son Jack took his life in 2017 after he had been drawn into a gambling addiction. Soon afterwards, I visited William Hill’s London office with my husband, Charles. We were more naive back then; they’d just admitted shortcomings and we wanted to warn people and thought they would listen. Jack had started gambling online with William Hill, and did so, on and off, until he died.

We requested a meeting with the chief executive, but instead met with the director of sustainability and our calls for further measures were dismissed.Soon after we were escorted out of the building, quickly and rudely.Yesterday’s news that the company has been fined a record £19.2m for multiple failings did not surprise us. The list of failures is extensive, including allowing obviously addicted customers to lose tens of thousands of pounds in minutes, even after they’d tried to self-exclude.

This is not William Hill’s first big fine – and unless there is a major change in the industry, there will be more. The current business model is built on addiction. Research shows that 86% of the industry’s online profits come from a 5% group of addicted or at-risk customers. It is clear the gambling industry cannot generate its ludicrous profits without causing harm.

This horrific business model explains why online gambling products, such as slots and casino games, are designed to be highly addictive. The sounds, lights and false near-misses are carefully engineered to allow maximum amounts of dopamine to flood the brain to prolong the time spent gambling. The younger the brain, the worse the damage. Hundreds of millions of pounds are also spent yearly on wall-to-wall advertising, to ensure these dangerous products become normalised, both for adults and the next generation. Once you are on their marketing list, you will be inundated with messages and inducements to keep you coming back. Recovering gamblers have told me it’s like being stalked.

It’s more profitable for companies to pay the fines – small in comparison to the profits – and to carry on as usual rather than make products less addictive and advertising less prevalent. So perhaps it’s no surprise that our research, Public Health England and the Office for Health Improvements and Disparities have estimated that on average there is at least one gambling-related suicide every day in the UK. Charles and I co-founded Gambling with Lives, a charity that supports other families who are going through this horror, and our caseload is growing. Behind the statistics are real lives irrevocably changed by loss.

When a gambling firm is fined, they say that these were historical failings, that they’ve learned, and they’ve now improved. And then it happens again. And again. Newly bereaved families contact our charity with alarming frequency, with the same stories about the same companies, so we know there’s nothing historical about it.

Charles often helps the legal teams trawl through a person’s gambling data before inquests. Dozens of pages, each with hundreds of transactions, where you can see someone, line by line, bet by bet, being nudged along to their deaths. It really upsets him to see this, and he wants to shout, “Please stop” – even though he knows it’s too late and they can’t hear him. The people who can stop this, the staff at the gambling company, also see this data; but instead of intervening, they continue with free bets and bonuses.

The industry regulator, the Gambling Commission, has the power to take away licences, but so far has not done so with these big high street firms. We can only speculate that the firms’ ability to take the Gambling Commission to judicial review is intimidating. What needs to happen to make the regulator use its muscle?

It is time for the government to step in. After years of delay, in April we finally expect to see the white paper of the Gambling Act review, and with it a potential raft of measures that could limit the harm. Gambling firms could be forced to conduct checks to ensure people don’t bet more than they can afford. There could be restrictions on the unfettered advertising – and there could be action on the most dangerous products, slowing them down and reducing the massive stake sizes.

There was a gambling-related death yesterday, one today and will be one tomorrow. The government has a duty to prevent these deaths. They owe it to the families who will wake up tomorrow and find that their beautiful, adored child has ended their life, avoidably, because of a company’s greed.

  • Liz Ritchie MBE is co-founder of the charity Gambling with Lives, which supports families bereaved by gambling-related suicide

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Horseshoe Las Vegas to Host the 54th Edition of the World Series of Poker

Horseshoe Las Vegas to Host the 54th Edition of the World Series of Poker

This year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) is expected to build on the momentum of last year’s successful tournament when over 197,000 participants from over 100 countries took their best shot at the mouth-watering total prize pool of $347.9 million which broke all previous records.

This year’s WSOP will mark the 54th edition of the most successful poker event on the planet and it will be held at the freshly rebranded Horseshoe Las Vegas Casino and Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino between May 30 and July 18.

As explained by WSOP’s executive director and senior vice president Ty Stewart, the momentum created by the series making its debut on The Strip in 2022 is expected to generate record-breaking WSOP and World Championship events at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and the Horseshoe Las Vegas.

The latter officially opened its gates to the public on March 24 after a year of multimillion-dollar remodeling.

“This Is the Year to Go to Vegas”

Stewart also added that this would be the perfect year to “get to Vegas” if the Main Event has been on your bucket list for a while. In 2023, the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship will be held between July 3 and July 17.

Besides the freshly added permanent hall of fame poker room built at Horseshoe Las Vegas, the much-anticipated event will also feature the biggest capacity in the history of the series. No less than 608 tables will be spread across the convention space’s 200,000 square feet for nonstop live action.

WSOP 2023 will also host the first-ever $300 price point tournament in the history of the series.

Other exciting events to be looking forward to are the 600 Main Event Seats Guaranteed from GGPoker, where the latter will be providing 500 guaranteed Main Event seats on via global qualifiers along with an extra 100 seats on the subscription site.

The 600 total seats will have a massive prize pool of $6,000,000, representing more than double of GGPoker’s official qualifiers in 2022. The online satellites will be initiated in March.

The Main Event Mania at Casinos Worldwide will introduce the pioneer Global Qualification Weekend held on May 20-May 21 at live poker rooms located on four different continents. Right before the start of the series in Las Vegas, poker rooms from all parts of the world will reunite to offer Guaranteed Seat satellite tournaments, sending players to the 2023 Main Event.

Every poker room will organize step tournaments with buy-ins capped at $140 and a culminating mega of $1,175 that will award a guaranteed seat along with all travel expenses to Las Vegas.

The Horseshoe Casino Held the First WSOP Tournament in 1970

The first-ever Horseshoe Casino opened its gates in 1951. The first WSOP tournament was organized there almost two decades later, in 1970.

The Caesars Entertainment-owned brand is currently responsible for operating and managing 10 different Horseshoe properties spread all across North America.

Caesars announced its intention to purchase Bally’s Las Vegas and turn it into a Horseshoe Casino a year ago, in February 2022.

The property’s general manager and senior vice president Jason Gregorec called the arrival of Horseshoe on The Strip a “significant moment for Caesars Entertainment,” as well as for the Horseshoe brand and the entirety of the city.

Gregorec also expressed excitement for being able to welcome guests to the freshly redesigned resort and its newest additions including the interior and exterior upgrades and renovations and new entertainment and culinary options, while also reintroducing it to Las Vegas.

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BLAST Inks Multi-year Deal with Unikrn

BLAST Inks Multi-year Deal with Unikrn

Esports entertainment giant BLAST has unveiled a new agreement with the esports betting platform unikrn. As a result, BLAST will promote the operator’s brand across its tournaments and fan-centered events.

As announced by the two companies, unikrn will be “deeply embedded” into the BLAST fan experience. The esports betting company’s branding will be thoroughly promoted across BLAST’s fan activations, social giveaways and broadcasts.

Unikrn’s logo will also feature physically and digitally across the BLAST Premier tournament series, including the upcoming Paris Major CS:GO competition.

In addition to that, the multi-year agreement will also see unikrn own the BLAST Picks segment, a series where BLAST’s analysts predict the outcomes of esports matches. The betting brand will also be featured in’s PickEms where the CS:GO community can have its own share of esports predictions.

BLAST promised to share more details of the unikrn integration for the upcoming Major very soon.

Unikrn is an esports betting brand that is currently available to video game aficionados in Brazil and Canada (with the exception of Ontario). The brand offers exciting markets for esports betting, providing the new generation of gamers and esports fans with exciting wagering opportunities.

The operator also allows its users to become a part of the action and bet on their own skills with its UMode and Moneymatch products.

BLAST Is Thrilled to Team up with Unikrn

BLAST’s commercial director, Oliver Clarke, commented on the new agreement. He praised the operator’s tailored esports and gaming offerings and noted that his team is excited to welcome unikrn as its global partner.

Their [unikrn’s] tailored esports and gaming offering means fans of the Paris Major and BLAST Premier tournament series have a safe, secure and dedicated betting platform built for their passions.

Oliver Clarke, commercial director, BLAST

Clarke added that 2023 will be an exciting year for BLAST because of the many events the organizer has planned.

Unikrn’s chief executive officer, Justin Dellario, also voiced his thoughts on the agreement. He applauded BLAST for becoming an epicenter of esports action and being behind some of the best CS:GO events in history.

unikrn is built for these moments when fans are looking for the deepest and best possible experience as they root on their favorite players and teams. We are thrilled to be BLAST’s partner and to bring our world-class insights and betting opportunities to its millions of fans.

Justin Dellario, chief executive officer, unikrn

BLAST is best known for its flagship BLAST Premier series – a line of exciting live CS:GO events that attract tens of thousands of fans each year.

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William Hill’s Failings Reveal an Underlying Regulatory Weakness

William Hill’s Failings Reveal an Underlying Regulatory Weakness

As the effects of the £19.2 million fine continue reverberating across the gaming industry, Williams offers a new perspective on the situation, concluding with a warning to all operators considering investing in the UK. While 888 has agreed to pay up without much hassle and implemented substantial remedial measures, the data implies that William Hill’s disregard for player safety temporarily bolstered customer spending, setting a dangerous precedent.

888’s Commitment to the Purchase Was a Calculated Risk

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)’s record-breaking £19.2 million fine was the biggest in the regulator’s history, significantly souring 888’s recent purchase of the offending operator. At one point in the investigation, William Hill even ostensibly risked losing its license to operate in the island nation, potentially making 888’s investment even riskier.

William Hill recognized its failings and worked with the commission to make improvements, but 888’s willingness to proceed with the purchase despite the ongoing investigation raises some questions. Keystone Law regulatory lawyer Richard Williams shared his take on a situation in an interview with gaming news outlet Gambling Insider, breaking down the finer implications.

When 888 acquired the non-US assets of William Hill…, it would have known about the Gambling Commission’s ongoing investigation.

Richard Williams, regulatory lawyer at Keystone Law

Williams argued that 888 was completely aware of the potential fine when closing the £1.95 billion purchase. However, with William Hill’s license potentially on the line, the prospective buyer must have had an unhealthy risk appetite. 888 likely believed that timely reforms and a change in management would be sufficient to appease the UKGC, giving the operator a relatively clean slate when taking over.

The Case Revealed Deep-Seated Issues

According to Williams, 888’s cooperation was the deciding factor behind the UK regulator’s decision to settle for a fine. He noted that the situation had improved significantly since the takeover as the new management finally took the necessary steps to resolve the systemic issues plaguing the UK operator. However, Williams argued that such measures were not without financial consequences.

Implementing rigorous anti-money laundering and social responsibility procedures is likely to slow down customer spending and ultimately reduce revenue for the combined business.

Richard Williams, regulatory lawyer at Keystone Law

Such statements are dangerous in the context of the wider industry, implying that skirting player safety and AML measures can bolster profits. According to Williams, the entire debacle should alarm everyone looking to invest in UK-facing operators. However, it is also indicative of deep-rooted problems and regulatory impotence.

The £19.2 million fine is just a slap on the wrist for 888, which can earn that back in less than four days. Despite its posturing, the UKGC will likely face a fierce legal battle if it does decide to take the license of a high-profile operator like William Hill. If the regulator continues to shirk its duties, systematic violations will likely continue to be the norm.

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Booming Games Adds New Product Owner and Marketing Manager

Booming Games Adds New Product Owner and Marketing Manager

Booming Games, a rapidly-expanding developer of slots, has unveiled two new additions to its team. The iGaming experts Kaska Pysz and Dorota Gruszka will be joining the company as product owner and marketing manager respectively, the supplier announced.

Booming Games explained that both of its new members boast years of experience in the iGaming sector and will be valuable additions to its team.

Pysz Boasts 15 Years in Gaming

Pysz, for example, is a product and gamification specialist with an impressive track record in gambling. She has more than 15 years of experience in the sector, having worked with both land-based and iGaming companies. Her time at brick-and-mortar casinos helped her learn first-hand about player behavior.

Pysz graduated from the University of Cracow with a Degree in Marketing and Management. She has already leveraged this experience during her time working on gamification tools that enhance customer experience.

The new product owner said that she is very excited to join Booming Games’ amazing team and that she is looking forward to bolstering its pipeline. Pysz added that she is also thrilled to be working with Gruszka whom she considers a friend and a talented marketer.

Gruszka Is Passionate about Marketing

Speaking of Gruszka, Booming Games’ new marketing manager joined the iGaming sector 7 years ago. For the past few years, she has worked in various departments for various operators and providers and has acquired significant experience.

A few years ago, Gruszka discovered her passion for marketing and dedicated her efforts to mastering her marketing skills. She will put these skills into good use, overseeing Booming Games’ marketing department, as well as developing and deploying new campaigns for the studio.

Gruszka praised Booming Games as an innovator that is truly dedicated to diversity. The company’s team has people from more than 40 nationalities, which has proven instrumental in creating varied and engaging slots.

Gruszka said that she is very happy to join the organization and added that she is “super excited” to be teaming up with Pysz once again.

The Leadership Welcomed the New Hires

Moritz Blume, Booming Games’ director of product, welcomed the new hires on board. He said that the company doubled in size over 2022 and is constantly looking for experienced professionals.

I am convinced that Kaska and Dorota will add significant value to our company, and I am delighted to start working with them both.

Moritz Blume, director of product, Booming Games

The company’s chief commercial officer, Frederik Nielsen, also welcomed Pysz and Gruszka to the company. He noted that the company’s hiring spree has helped it bring many talented individuals on board. Nielsen said that he is looking forward to working with all of them.

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Altenar Expands to Bulgaria via BetMarket Content Launch

Altenar Expands to Bulgaria via BetMarket Content Launch

The iGaming software and sportsbook solutions provider, Altenar, announced a new deal, expanding further its European footprint. The company confirmed on Wednesday that via a deal with BetMarket, it expanded further its presence to the regulated gambling market in Bulgaria. The new deal marks an important achievement for Altenar as it continues to expand further into the region and reaches new audiences.

BetMarket is an operator with a rich history in Bulgaria. It was more than two decades ago, in 1997, when the company first launched its services. Although it initially offered slot games and bingo, it has since grown into the sports betting vertical as well. Now, BetMarket offers plenty of wagering options and a variety of betting markets for its players.

Currently, the operator is already live with leading products from Altenar such as virtual sports as well as player props markets. Thanks to the recent deal, the duo is expected to take their business relationship to even greater heights. At the same time, the iGaming collaboration creates new growth opportunities for Altenar, as well as BetMarket.

Partnering with a truly established sportsbook and casino offering such as Altenar’s is a massive step forward for us.

Hristo Markov, product manager at BetMarket

Hristo Markov, BetMarket’s product manager, acknowledged that the partnership with Altenar helps strengthen the company’s casino and sportsbook offering. Moreover, he pointed out that the collaboration represents a major achievement for BetMarket. Finally, Markov predicted that the deal will help boost BetMarket’s presence and deliver thrilling and engaging content for the company’s customers.

The Company Continues to Grow

Currently, Altenar has a presence in 13 different jurisdictions. The company holds certification from the MGA and the UKGC and is continuously growing the reach of its sportsbook products with new partners.

Last year, the company was recognized within the gambling sector after securing multiple awards. Altenar won prizes from the Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards, as well as SBC Latin America, EGR Italy and the MiGEAs.

We are delighted to have expanded our presence in Bulgaria as it is an exciting and vast market for us.

Aggelos Stravelas, account manager at Altenar

Aggelos Stravelas, an account manager at Altenar, explained that the company is excited to boost its presence in the market in Bulgaria via the new deal. He acknowledged that the Balkan region holds significant potential. Finally, Stravelas pointed out that the deal with BetMarket will enable the company to continue growing along with the operator.

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