RunGood Poker Series Returning to Harrah’s Kansas City May 16-21

RunGood Poker Series Returning to Harrah's Kansas City May 16-21

The RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) is returning to Missouri later this month for RGPS Harrah’s Kansas City, the first stop there in over three years, which is scheduled to take place May 16-21.

The latest of the RGPS Checkpoint stops, RGPS Harrah’s Kansas City will culminate with the $200,000 guaranteed $1,100 buy-in Main Event taking place May 19-21. In addition to that, there will be a handful of other ring events with buy-ins ranging from $200 to $500. PokerNews will be on-site provide live updates of the Main Event action.


Plenty of Ring Events

The upcoming RGPS Checkpoint stop will kick off with three events on May 16, including a $250 Seniors Ring Event and a $200 Series Opener No-Limit Hold’em Ring Event. Later in the evening, a $200 Ambassador Bounty Ring Event will take place and will feature special guests holding bounty envelopes containing prizes.

There will be one ring event the next day on May 17, a $400 DeepStack Ring Event that will have two starting flights and a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool up for grabs. There will also be two $60 Turbo Satellites running where players can win a seat into the DeepStack Ring Event.

RGPS Harrah's Kansas City
RGPS Harrah’s Kansas City

Other highlights of the series include a $300 One Day NLH Ring Event, a $250 Double Green Chip Bounty Ring Event and a $500 Pot-Limit Omaha Ring Event.

The biggest draw of the stop is the $200,000 guaranteed Main Event, which will feature three starting flights before players return for Day 2 on May 21 in their quest to become the next RGPS champion.

The series will close out with a $400 Black Chip Bounty NLH Ring Event and a $600 Closer NLH Ring Event, both of which will take place on May 21.

Previous Winner

When the RunGood team was last at Harrah’s Kansas City, the $575 Main Event drew 482 runners for a prize pool of $241,003. At the end of it all, Jacob Seale took home the ring and $40,963 after a three-way deal with Ray Rife (2nd – $37,923), Shawn Privat (3rd – $28,369).

Jacob Seale
Jacob Seale

Other players who ran deep in the event include Joshua Turner (4th – $17,350), Grant Hart (6th – $9,953) and Zachary Carroll (9th – $4,808).

Before his ring-awarding victory, Seale had a career-high $37,428 cash from finishing runner-up in the RGPS Harrah’s North Kansas City Main Event earlier in the year. He also finished 12th in the 2018 World Series of Poker Event #84: $1,500 The Closer for $37,215.

2019 RGPS Harrah’s Kansas City Final Table Results

Place Player Prize (USD)
1 Jacob Seale $40,963*
2 Ray Rife $37,923*
3 Shawn Privat $28,369*
4 Joshua Turner $17,350
5 Chuck Marty $13,048
6 Grant Hart $9,953
7 Andy Ernstein $7,700
8 Jacob Lewis $6,042
9 Zachary Carroll $4,808

*Denotes three-handed deal.

After RGPS Harrah’s Kansas City, the RunGood team will head to Thunder Valley Casino Resort from July 13-31.

The full schedule for the upcoming RGPS Harrah’s Kansas City stop is available in the table below.

  May 16 10:00 AM Seniors Ring Event (Buy-in: $250, Age 50+)
  May 16 12:00 PM Series Opener NLH Ring Event (Buy-in: $200)
  May 16 7:00 PM Ambassador Bounty Ring Event (Buy-in: $200, Special guests will be holding bounty envelopes that contain prizes between $1,000 cash and RG Apparel store credit)
  May 17 9:00 AM Turbo Satellite to the $400 RG DeepStack (Buy-in: $60, 1 in 10 wins a seat)
  May 17 12:00 PM DeepStack Ring Event 1A (Buy-in: $400, $50,000 GTD Prizepool)
  May 17 3:00 PM Turbo Satellite to the $400 RG DeepStack (Buy-in: $100 1 in 5 wins a seat)
  May 17 6:00 PM DeepStack Ring Event 1B (Buy-in: $400, $50,000 GTD Prizepool)
  May 18 9:00 AM Main Event Satellite (Buy-in: $135 1 in 10 wins a seat)
  May 18 1:00 PM DeepStack Ring Event Restart
  May 18 1:00 PM One Day NLH Ring Event (Buy-in: $300)
  May 18 6:00 PM Double Green Chip Bounty Ring Event (Buy-in: $250)
  May 19 9:00 AM Main Event Satellite (Buy-in: $135, 1 in 10 wins a seat)
  May 19 12:00 PM PLO Ring Event (Buy-in: $500)
  May 19 1:00 PM Main Event Satellite (Buy-in: $245, 1 in 5 wins a seat)
  May 19 4:00 PM Main Event 1A (Buy-in: $1,100, $200,000 GTD Prizepool)
  May 20 9:00 AM Turbo Main Event Satellite (Buy-in: $135, 1 in 10 wins a seat)
  May 20 11:00 AM Main Event 1B (Buy-in: $1,100, $200,000 GTD Prizepool)
  May 20 4:00 PM Main Event 1C (Buy-in: $1,100, $200,000 GTD Prizepool)
  May 21 12:00 PM Main Event Restart
  May 21 1:00 PM Black Chip Bounty NLH Ring Event (Buy-in: $400)
  May 21 6:00 PM Closer NLH Ring Event (Buy-in: $250)

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How to Stay Healthy in Las Vegas During the WSOP

How to Stay Healthy in Las Vegas During the WSOP

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the biggest and most prestigious poker event in the world. Every year, thousands of poker players from around the globe descend upon Las Vegas to compete for millions of dollars in prize money. However, with the excitement of the WSOP comes the potential for unhealthy habits, such as drinking, eating junk food, and sitting for long periods of time.

So, PokerNews has penned five top tips on how to stay healthy for the 2023 WSOP.

1. Stay Hydrated

The dry desert climate of Las Vegas can quickly dehydrate you, especially if you’re playing poker for hours on end. Drinking enough water is essential to staying healthy in Las Vegas. Aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration.

You can also drink coconut water or other electrolyte drinks to help replenish the minerals lost through sweating.

Read More: Some of the Best Poker Players Who Haven’t Won a WSOP Bracelet

2. Eat Well

Las Vegas is known for its buffets and unhealthy food options, but that doesn’t mean you have to indulge in them. Opt for healthy meals and snacks that will keep your energy levels up and your mind sharp.

Look for restaurants that offer healthy options like grilled fish, salads, and vegetable dishes. You can also bring your own healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, and protein bars to keep you going during long poker sessions.

2023 Main Event Maynia Could Be Your Best Chance of Playing at the WSOP

3. Exercise

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to back pain, muscle stiffness, and poor circulation. It’s important to take breaks and get some exercise during the WSOP.

You can hit the gym at your hotel or go for a walk outside to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. You can also try doing some yoga or stretching exercises to help loosen up your muscles.

4. Practice Good Hygiene

The WSOP is a crowded event, and with so many people in close proximity, it’s important to practice good hygiene to avoid getting sick.

Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating or touching your face. Use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands. Avoid sharing drinks or food with others, and try to avoid touching your face as much as possible.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Playing poker all day and partying all night may seem like fun, but it can take a toll on your body. Getting enough sleep is crucial to staying healthy and alert during the WSOP. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night to help your body recover and recharge for the next day’s events.

Top Gym Suggestions in Las Vegas

For those staying in hotels, many will be just a few steps away from a gym. However, for players who are staying at AirBnBs or at a friend’s house, you may be at a limb at where to go to exercise.

Las Vegas is home to many high-quality gyms and fitness centers, catering to the needs of locals and visitors alike. Here are some of the best gyms in Las Vegas:

  1. Lifetime Athletic: This premium gym is located in the Green Valley area of Las Vegas and offers state-of-the-art equipment, a wide variety of fitness classes, and luxury amenities like a spa, sauna, and steam rooms.
  2. 24 Hour Fitness: With several locations throughout Las Vegas, 24 Hour Fitness offers 24-hour access to a range of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, free weights, and resistance training equipment. They also offer a variety of group fitness classes and personal training sessions.
  3. LVAC (Las Vegas Athletic Club): LVAC has several locations throughout Las Vegas and is known for its extensive range of equipment and fitness classes, including Pilates, yoga, cycling, and Zumba. They also offer a kids’ club, making it a great option for families.
  4. EOS Fitness: With several locations in the Las Vegas area, EOS Fitness offers affordable membership rates and a variety of fitness equipment, classes, and personal training sessions. They also offer amenities like a sauna, steam room, and tanning beds.
  5. The Gym: This locally owned and operated gym has two locations in Las Vegas and offers a range of equipment and fitness classes, including martial arts, dance, and yoga. They also have personal trainers available for one-on-one sessions.
Name Surname
Calum Grant

Editor & Live Reporter

Calum has been a part of the PokerNews team since September 2021 after working in the UK energy sector. He played his first hand of poker in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the game. Calum’s proudest poker achievement is winning the only tournament he has ever played in Las Vegas, the prestigious $60 Flamingo evening event.

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Poker Video Game Review: Epic Games Freebie Poker Club is a Slog

Poker Club title screen

A little uncanny

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, gives away a game or two for free each week in its store. As it so happens, one of the current free games is called Poker Club, billed as the “most immersive poker simulation ever made.” After taking it for a whirl, I can tell you that of all the poker video games ever made, this is one of them.

Visually, the game is fine. Not much is required graphically from a poker video game and Poker Club looks perfectly decent. The tables, chips, cards, environments, are all crisp.

the game is played from a first-person perspective

One cool aspect of Poker Club is something you get more from poker video games than you do from real-money poker apps: the game is played from a first-person perspective. When you look at your cards, you actually look down and peel them. You can look around the table at your opponents, watch them measure out their bet sizes. It does help with the immersiveness, to take a term from the developer.

He wouldn’t look me in the eye.

Where opinions will differ on the visuals is the look of the players. Poker Club is going for a realistic look, attempting to make the character models look as true to life as possible. You can customize your character by gender, age, hair, etc., and overall, which is fun, but it also edges into uncanny valley territory. Personally, I would have preferred a more cartoony, less realistic graphical approach.

Controls, layout not well-thought out

The gameplay itself is where Poker Club starts to fall apart. Maybe it’s because I’m used to all the detail of real online poker, but the lack of information and non-intuitiveness of the controls can make the games frustrating at times.

The betting controls are arranged vertically on the left side of the screen and it’s just not immediately obvious how to do anything. In fact, I couldn’t even find the controls on my very first hand and had to timeout in order to fold. There’s a menu option for “controls,” but even that doesn’t explain things fully.

Betting is done via slider, which is imprecise, and you cannot type in a custom bet (or at least I haven’t figured out how yet).

you can’t see all of your opponents at the same time like you can in regular online poker

And because the view is first-person, you can’t see all of your opponents at the same time like you can in regular online poker. Thus, there is a player list on the right side of the screen. The problem there is that, for some unknown reason, it’s not always visible. There were times in a Sit-and-Go when the action was on me and I wanted to see stack sizes, what action people ahead of me had taken, and the like, and simply couldn’t.

Where did the information on my opponents go?

I did not get the chance to play in a multi-table tournament, because a) the developer was updating the game over the weekend, making it unplayable, and b) the selection is extremely limited and there were none available when I was online. In Sit-and-Go’s, though, there is no display to tell you anything about blind levels or payouts.

Right idea on gameplay incentives, but misses the mark

My issues with the gameplay lead into my biggest problem with Poker Club: it’s just not fun. Look, poker games that don’t involve real money are always going to have an incentivization problem and therefore most of the poker is going to be terrible. You just have to live with that.

Without real money at stake, games like Poker Club need to incentivize players more. Poker Club fails to do this. There are three main methods it attempts: leaderboards, cosmetic items, and career.

The leaderboards are basically useless. You aren’t going to climb them by playing solid poker. I would bet all my fake chips that the people at the top of the leaderboards got there by buying chips (yes, you can spend real money to buy fake chips) and then playing boom-or-bust poker so they can double-up quickly.

By playing, you can earn XP and level up like in a lot of video games. When leveling up, you get cosmetic items like shirts, hats, and trinkets for the table. But first of all, who cares, and second of all, you still have to buy them with chips. No thanks.

doesn’t make advancing in one’s career particularly satisfying

The career is what I thought would be fun – you start in the backrooms and work your way up to the grand world stage. But it turns out that again, you don’t really need to play good poker to do that, at least in the early stages (I have not played enough to get very far). Only a few venues and game types are available at the beginning. To advance, you have to accumulate stars, which are earned by achieving certain goals. These goals can be something like placing top three in a six-handed Sit-and-Go or getting a three-of-a-kind in a cash game. That’s all fine, but at least at the outset, it doesn’t make advancing in one’s career particularly satisfying.

Two more stars needed to advance in my career!

Through it all, the game moved achingly slowly. Much of this is because of the attempt at realism, as there is animation involved with everything. Every chip move, card muck, winning hand celebration, camera pan…it all takes time. Poker is a slow game normally, but at least in regular online poker you can multi-table. Live poker is social. Poker Club is just plodding, which made me not want to try move up in the career mode. I just didn’t want to keep playing. Frankly, the game was boring and I was just waiting for my matches to be done.

Should you grab Poker Club? It’s free in the Epic Games store until 11am ET on Thursday, May 4, so sure. But at its regular price of $20, there’s no point. Just play a free mobile or VR game instead.

The post Poker Video Game Review: Epic Games Freebie Poker Club is a Slog appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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No Longer World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen Sets Sights On Poker

No Longer World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen Sets Sights On Poker

Five-time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen shocked the public in July 2022 when he announced that he wouldn’t be defending the title he had held for a decade. And while Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren were at St. Regis Hotel in Kazakhstan last month battling to take his place as supreme leader of the chess world, Carlsen was getting ready for a trip to the sunny Mediterranean coast.

Carlsen is one of less than a hundred players remaining out of a field over 1,098 entries in the EPT Monte Carlo €5,300 Main Event as part of 2023 PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®, proving that his analytical genius is far from limited to a 64-square grid.

In his first interview since giving up his World Chess Champion Title, Carlsen sat down with PokerNews and PokerStars for an exclusive look at what the future holds for the 32-year-old Norwegian chess prodigy.

Returning to Monte Carlo

As it turns out, the trip to Monte Carlo was not Carlsen’s first. He came to Monaco 15 years ago, but it was to play a different kind of tournament.

“I came here to this exact location in Monaco in 2007,” Carlsen said, “because I was playing a (chess) tournament here. And I came to watch the European Poker Tour because (Russian chess grandmaster) Alexander Grischuk, who was like back then a top ten (chess) player — (and) is still like a very, very good chess player — he was playing here in the Main Event. So I went to watch him play.”

A decade and a half later, there’s a new grandmaster on the felt.

Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen sits down with PokerNews and PokerStars for his first interview since giving up his World Chess Champion title

Carlsen isn’t the only contemporary chess star who has taken a liking to chess. Popular chess streamer Alexandra Botez is also here at EPT Monte Carlo, as is two-time United States Women’s Champion and PokerStars Pro Jen Shahade.

Are there any other chess players who Carlsen thinks would excel at poker?

“I think the current World Champion Ding (Liren) here should be really strong,” he said. “I know from talking to him, he calculates really quickly in chess is really, really good at math. So I’m sure he could do well.”

“An Interesting Challenge”

Widely considered one of the best chess players of all time, it is tempting to draw parallels between Carlsen’s pivot to poker and Michael Jordan’s infamous (and short-lived) early retirement from professional basketball to play Major League Baseball.

But Carlsen, who cited Rafael Nadal, not Jordan, as his greatest sports influence, said such a comparison would be a mistake.

“I have no ambitions in poker,” Carlsen said. “I like playing, it’s an interesting challenge, but I have no ambitions.”

Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen

Without ambitions to be one of the poker greats, it doesn’t both Carlsen to play under the spotlight with cameras overhead and viewers at home scrutinizing his play.

“I have no ambitions in poker. I like playing, it’s an interesting challenge, but I have no ambitions.”

“I don’t like to take a lot of pride and my poker,” he said. “So I’m trying to, you know, learn a little bit, so it doesn’t bother me that much. But if I do something really stupid, then that’s to be expected. So that’s fine.”

A Natural On the Felt

Despite his lack of ambition to master the game, Carlsen has demonstrated an impressive aptitude and understanding of poker. During his appearance on Hustler Casino Live last month, Carlsen made a heroic call with just bottom pair against content creator Nick Austin to win a pot of $13,775.

Like a seasoned pro, Carlsen assessed, both in the moment and after the fact, that his opponent would be unlikely to triple barrel with many of his value hands given how the hand played out.

“I sort of thought he was the kind of player who showed who would probably show down some weak one pair of hands you had,” he told PokerNews. “So I thought there was a reasonable chance he was bluffing. And, you know, sometimes … you just feel it. And then sometimes you’re right.”

Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen

Even more impressively, Carlsen made these assessments naturally as he admitted that he “(doesn’t) really study.”

“I probably should, but I enjoy, like learning, talking to people about the hand(s) we’re playing.”

Different Games, Similar Strategies

Perhaps Carlsen’s innate abilities at the poker table have to do with the similarities between poker and the game that earned him five World Champion titles.

“I think the similarities between poker and chess are more than people would think,” he said. “Of course, there is perfect information in chess, but still, you make a lot of decisions based on, like, imperfect calculation. So in that sense, it’s a little bit of the same.”

One similarity between tournament poker and some chess formats is the use of shot clocks. As an accomplished blitz player, Carlson has experience making difficult decisions on the fly.

“I played like a little bit (of blitz) with my friends … like during the pandemic,” he said. “And I found it really stressful, really intense.”

Carlsen said he deals with that stress the same way many poker players do: by listening to music.

“I think the similarities between poker and chess are more than people would think. Of course there is perfect information in chess, but still, you make a lot of decisions based on, like, imperfect calculation. So in that sense, it’s it’s a little bit of the same.”

“Usually when I play … blitz chess online or even rapid chess, I like to listen … to music,” said Carlsen. “It sort of helps me calm down and sort of just use my instinct. But here, I’m not sure of that. I feel that I have to think more because I have less knowledge. So I feel that like having some of that noise may just distract me. So I just try to, you know, sit there, follow what’s happening, try and pick up as much as I can.”

Playing on the televised feature table with high-stakes pro Mike Watson to his immediate left and other accomplished players like Mark Teltscher and Oleg Vasylchenko just a few seats over, Carlsen certainly has an uphill battle ahead of him. But if there’s anyone up for the monumental challenge, it may just be the five-time World Chess Champion.

Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen at the feature table

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Kambi Group and Bally’s Corporation sign Long-Term Deal

bally kambi

Kambi Group plc, one of the leading sports betting partners in the world, signed a major long-term deal with Bally’s Corporation. 

Kambi’s technologies to increase Bally’s figures:

This sportsbook partnership is a significant step for both Kambi and Bally’s, which is among the most famous casino-entertainment companies in the world. 

Kambi and Bally’s joint venture has a goal to deliver an outstanding sports betting entertainment experience in both online and retail Bally’s casinos all over the world. Kambi’s duty will be to help in the expansion and increase of Bally’s sportsbooks by adding its awarded sportsbook to Bally’s portfolio. 

Kambi’s sportsbook is famous for its fantastic technology solutions and rapid integration. Also, its capacity to adapt to the fast-changing market will be an amazing help to Bally’s plans for future expansion

Since Bally’s plans to expand across seven US states and four retail casinos before the year ends, Kambi’s solution is a great choice for the company.

Bally’s possesses the proprietary sports betting technology, which will be replaced by Kambi’s sportsbook. It will be incorporated into the company via the in-house data and marketing technology stacks, which will lead to a significant decrease in the company’s fixed costs. It will also help in enhancing additional engagement of its famous Bally Bet brand.

Bally’s will have the option to get included in Kambi’s famous online and retail technology source code. The first metrics will decide if the opportunity will be accepted or not. If Bally’s accepts the offer, the companies will start a new agreement, which will be based on outsourcing Kambi’s various modularized services

Successful partnerships:

Kambi can get significant revenue from this contract if this agreement proves successful.

CEO and Co-founder of Kambi, Kristian Nylen, commented on that: “We are pleased to enter into this long-term partnership with Bally’s to enable the enhancement and expansion of its online and retail sports betting platform and services. Kambi is the proven global leader in sportsbook provision, and I believe this powerful collaboration with Bally’s will deliver its customers the next generation betting entertainment they demand.”

This isn’t the only significant deal Bally’s signed recently. Along with Kambi, the company signed a deal with White Hat Gaming, which will manage the players and provide its solutions to the company. Bally’s team is very satisfied with this collaboration as well. The company’s CEO, Robeson Reeves, said: “We are very excited to have entered into long-term agreements with both Kambi and White Hat, two of the world’s most established and trusted gaming technology companies. Kambi provides an award-winning sportsbook that delivers unrivalled sports betting entertainment. By incorporating that with White Hat’s PAM platform solution, as well as our geographic reach, customer base, and marketing prowess, Bally’s will be optimally positioned to achieve significant scale and capture substantial market share in the global gaming market. This, in turn, will support our vision of becoming the premier, full-service, vertically integrated casinos and resorts, online sports betting, and iGaming company.”

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PokerNews Discord Freerolls Coming to PokerStars US this Sunday, May 7

PokerNews Discord Freerolls Coming to PokerStars US this Sunday, May 7

There’s plenty to be excited about on PokerStars US. Last week’s Million Dollar Sunday proved to be a big hit, and this coming Sunday, May 7, there will be two freerolls exclusive to PokerNews Discord members. The freerolls will be held on both PokerStars Pennsylvania and in the Shared Liquidity pool of PokerStars Michigan and PokerStars New Jersey.

The two tournaments, one in Pennsylvania and the other in Michigan and New Jersey, will offer $400 and $600 prize pools respectively that members of the PokerNews Discord can compete for in the exclusive freerolls. The tournaments will take place at 7:00 p.m. ET and will play as No-Limit Hold’em freezeout events.

The events will be password protected and the password will be displayed in the PokerNews Discord ahead of the tournament.

The rapidly growing PokerNews Discord server is a great place to get caught up on what is happening in poker and to participate in the conversation yourself. Join the PokerNews Discord server and get access to PokerStars freerolls in the process!

Join your fellow PokerNews readers in our Discord server, where you’ll find exclusive offers, special freerolls, and all the latest poker-related news and tournament live updates.

PokerNews Discord

Get a 100% Deposit Match on PokerStars US

It’s a great time to play on PokerStars US as there will be a deposit match bonus running from April 26-May 3. Players can deposit up to $500 and receive a 100% match, an easy way to double your bankroll right off the bat.

For more information about deposit matches and other online poker bonuses, check out this handy PokerNews guide.

There are other promotions surrounding the upcoming Million Dollar Sunday as well. This month, PokerStars is hosting a special April Egg Hunt contest allowing players to compete for daily prizes of up to $500.

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888poker Mystery Bounty Weekend Events Obliterate Guarantees

888poker Mystery Bounty Weekend Events Obliterate Guarantees

There were some people who thought 888poker had set the guarantees for its Mystery Bounty Weekend Main Events too high, with the $60 edition featuring a $100,000 guarantee, and the $22 Mini Main Event boasting a $50,000 prize pool.

Any worries about hitting those ambitious totals were soon dismissed with 2,418 players turning out for the $60 buy-in event, creating a $132,990 prize pool, and 3,372 entrants in the $22 Mini Main Event building a $67,440 pot!

The $60 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed 888poker Mystery Bounty Weekend Main Event paid out eight mystery bounties worth four figures and a jackpot tipping the scales at a cool $10,000.

Twenty-fourth place finisher “Ungulaitis” and eighth-place finisher “Dimitri1111” helped themselves to $3,000 mystery bounties, with the United Kingdom’s “Mouse32” pulling out a $10,000 score from a golden envelope. That huge payment meant Mouse32 won the second-most prize money despite not reaching the eight-handed final table!

$100,000 Main Event MB Weekend Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 keybr Brazil $1,040 $11,462 $12,502
2 Juliangard Sweden $393 $8,365 $8,758
3 Agdchan Kazahkstan $593 $6,149 $6,742
4 LuckmanDie Germany $491 $4,556 $5,047
5 S3ndL0cation Estonia $296 $3,369 $3,666
6 KDS.em Ukraine $344 $2,514 $2,858
7 AlinnC Romania $394 $1,883 $2,278
8 Dimitri1111 Romania $3,196 $1,427 $4,624

The final table shuffled up and dealt at 7:00 p.m. BST on May 2, with “Agdchan” leading the way in terms of chip stacks. it took 20 minutes for the first player to be stacked, and the aforementioned Dimitri1111 was that player.

“S3ndL0cation” min-raised with pocket sixes before calling the eight big blind shove from Dimitri1111, which the Romanian made with ace-four of hearts. The board ran out king-high, and S3ndL0ction raked in the pot and reduced the player count by one.

“AlinnC,” also of Romania, fell in seventh ten minutes after Dimitri1111. “LuckmanDie” raised to 2.2 big blinds from late position, AlinnC three-bet to 5.5 big blinds from the small blind, only for “Juliangard” to four-bet jam for 26.3 big blinds from the big blind. LuckmanDie had seen enough and folded, but AlinnC called off the 10.4 big blinds they had behind.

It was ace-jack for AlinnC but the dominating ace-king for Juliangard. A king on the turn proved more than enough to bust AllinC from the tournament.

Check out this 888poker bounty strategy

Brush up on your bounty strategy.

“KDS.em” was the next to fall after losing all but three big blinds after rivering trip queens and running into the full house of S3ndL0cation. That micro stack went into the middle with ace-jack of clubs from under the gun, and LuckmanDie snap-called from the big blind with pocket nines. LuckmanDie flopped a set and improved to a full house to bust KDS.em.

S3ndL0cation had a 71-big blind stack at the start of five-handed play, but was still the next player heading to the showers. They lost a large percentage of their stack with ace-jack versus Juliangard’s pocket aces in a battle of the blinds, and they never recovered.

They got their last 11 big blinds into the middle with queen-nine on a queen-six-king-nine board, only for Juliangard to snap them off with queen-deuce of clubs having hit a flush on the turn. The river missed S3ndL0cation, and they went from hero to zero, although the $3,666 they bank will go some way to numbing the pain.

Can I Make Money Playing Poker? You can at 888poker

Nothing went right for LuckmanDie after the scheduled break, and they ultimately bowed out in fourth for $5,047. “Agdchan” min-raised under the gun with eight-seven of diamonds, LuckmanDie responded by three-betting all-in for 19 big blinds with pocket fives, only for “keybr” to wake up in the big blind with a pair of kings in the hole. keybr called, the initial raiser folded, and a ten-high board proved no help to the all-in player, leaving only three 888poker players in the hunt for the title.

Those three became two when Agdchan ran into a cooler situation. keybr limped with nine-eight in the mall blind, and Agdchan checked with jack-nine in the big blind. keybr check-raised a one big blind bet to 3.6 big blinds on the four-eight-nine board, and Agdchan called.

The turn was a jack, gifting Agdchan a better two pair. keybr fired a 9.1 big blind bet, and Agdchan called. An eight on the river have keybr a full house, and they bet enough to set their opponent all-in. Agdchan couldn’t find a fold, and called off their 19.8 big blind stack with an expensive second-best hand.

That massive pot left keybr with a colossal 102.6 blind stack against the 18.3 big blinds of Juliangard. Unsurprisingly, it did not take long for the tournament to crown its champion.

The final hand saw keybr open-shove with pocket threes, and Juliangard call off their 13 big blinds with ace-five. A few seconds later, the draw-heavy board had missed Juliangard, leaving keybr to become the 888poker Mystery Bounty Weekend Main Event champion, an accolade that came with $12,502 in cold, hard cash.

Exclusive PokerNews 888poker Freeroll Passwords for May 2023

Brazilians Dominate Mystery Bounty Weekend Mini Main Event

888poker is hugely popular with Brazilian players, and make no wonder when they dominate a tournament as prestigious as the $50,000 Mystery Bounty Weekend Mini Main Event. Some 3,372 entrants created a guarantee-busting $67,440, and a large chunk of that money is now in Brazilian players’ 888poker accounts.

Five of the eight finalists had a Brazilian flag next to their names, including the champion. “marcelowo14” defeated their fellow countryman heads-up to capture a $6,310 prize, with second-place weighing in at $4,661, an impressive score considering the tournament only cost $22 to enter.

Of course, the final two players were not the only ones to win big. British grinder “360F1” may have crashed by the wayside in 357th place and missed out on some main prize pool money, but they eliminated an opponent and pulled out a $1,500 mystery bounty payment!

Twentieth-place finisher “larsu89” also reeled in a $1,500 mystery bounty, while Montenegro’s “ChuckkNorris'” golden envelope contained the $5,000 jackpot bounty payment.

$50,000 Mini Main Event MB Weekend Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 marcelowo14 Brazil $774 $5,535 $6,310
2 DuXOBaLa Brazil $646 $4,014 $4,661
3 jpcervecero Argentina $54 $2,907 $2,962
4 bomraPAZ Brazil $196 $2,122 $2,318
5 UECplayer Brazil $364 $1,561 $1,926
6 m0zzes Ukraine $91 $1,145 $1,237
7 zedonato Brazil $164 $848 $1,013
8 Barns1358 United Kingdom $54 $632 $687

Experience the Thrill of 888poker’s Mystery Bounty Tournaments

888poker is still the only online poker site running daily mystery bounty tournaments, so it is here you need to head to experience the thrill of not knowing what you will win!

Mystery Bounty tournaments with buy-ins from only $1 to $109 run every day, with a massive $100,000 guaranteed affair taking place on Sunday. Your next chance to become that event’s champion is May 7 at 7:00 p.m. BST. Will PokerNews be writing about you in our next 888poker Mystery Bounty recap? Download 888poker via PokerNews to lock-in the best 888poker bonus found anywhere online.

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Epic Comeback Victory for Takashi Ogura in 2023 Poker Dream Manila SHR

Epic Comeback Victory for Takashi Ogura in 2023 Poker Dream Manila SHR

The 2023 Poker Dream Manila stop has crowned another champion in a high-stakes contest in the Grand Wing Casino of the Newport World Resorts Integrated Resort in Metro Manila. Out of a field of 39 entries in the PHP500,000 Super High Roller, Japan’s Takashi Ogura defeated Gary Thompson in heads-up to claim the biggest portion of the PHP18,154,500 ($327,468) prize pool. He did so the hard way after the stack of Ogura was reduced to just half a big blind once the tournament reached the money stages with six players remaining.

Runner-up Thompson recorded his joint-best MTT score on the live poker circuit after a recent victory in the UK Poker Open 2023 £2,000 High Roller back on European soil for £59,530 a few weeks ago in March. His frequent visits to the Philippines have paid off once more as he claimed a consolation prize of PHP4,270,000 ($77,022).

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Malaysia’s Eng Soon Ewe aimed for a repeat victory in this event after he took down the 2022 Poker Dream Vietnam Super High Roller but finished in third place this time. His brother Eng Siang Ewe was the first player in the money, WSOP bracelet winner Danny Tang and cash game player Ajitpal Singh also received cash prizes as well.

Final Result 2023 Poker Dream Manila PHP500,000 Super High Roller

Place Winner Country Prize (in PHP) Prize (in USD)
1 Takashi Ogura Japan 6,170,000 $111,294
2 Gary Thompson Ireland 4,270,000 $77,022
3 Eng Soon Ewe Malaysia 2,720,000 $49,063
4 Ajitpal Singh Singapore 2,090,000 $37,699
5 Danny Tang Hong Kong 1,634,000 $29,474
6 Eng Siang Ewe Malaysia 1,270,000 $22,908
    Prize Pool 18,154,500 $327,468
Final Six Players
Final Six Players

The final day saw 15 players out of 27 entries return to their seats in the grand ballroom, but the late registration remained open for another three levels, after which the field size grew by nearly 50%. It didn’t take long to reduce the field to the final two tables soon after the registration had closed and among those to come up empty during that frantic stage were Paul Fontan Castrillon, Kah Yew Teng, and Wei Hsiang Yeu.

Australia’s William Jia went from chip leader on the live-streamed feature table to the rail and the player to claim all of his chips, William Teoh, suffered the same fate later on as well. Poker Dream founder Winfred Yu, Wai Kiat Lee, and Lester Edoc all came up short of the unofficial final table which then commenced with two bangs. Day 1 chip leader Sriharsha Doddapaneni bowed out in the very first hand before a three-way all-in delivered a one-outer for Ewe to burst the bubble just one hand later.

Danny Tang
Danny Tang

Ogura’s hopes of a victory were reduced to all but zero when he jammed into the aces of Eng Siang Ewe, but he pulled several rabbits out of the hat thereafter to survive the ensuing all-in showdowns. Instead, it was his former nemesis to become the first player in the money followed by Natural8 ambassador Danny Tang. Three-handed play followed after the departure of Ajitpal Singh, after which the action became tenser.

Stack sizes nearly evened out at one point before Ogura pulled way ahead of his two opponents. He then knocked out Ewe in third place and entered heads-up play with a commanding lead. Thompson came from behind to double once, but ultimately got grinded down again before losing with pocket nines to the suited ace of Ogura.

This concludes the PokerNews updates for this high-stakes contest, and the live reporting team will be back on May 4, 2023, for the 2023 Poker Dream Manila Main Event.

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New Leeds Boss Sam Allardyce Averages More Points Than Half of The EPL

Leeds United logo

Sam Allardyce: Leeds savior? 

Leeds United appointed Sam Allardyce as manager Tuesday as they attempt to survive relegation from the English Premier League.

a Leeds team that is level with 18th-place Nottingham Forest at 30 points

Allardyce has never been considered a top-drawer manager, but is a specialist at helping struggling teams avoid the perils of relegation to the lower leagues. He steps into a Leeds team that is level with 18th-place Nottingham Forest at 30 points (seven wins, nine draws, 18 losses), but eight goals ahead in goal difference.

Everton made a similar decision with the appointment of Sean Dyche in January. Although that has not paid off and the Toffees are still in 19th, Allardyce has pulled the rabbit out of the hat before.

All about results

Allardyce, 68, has a win rate of 38.8%. That drops to 33.3% in the EPL, though he averages 1.26 points per match, which would translate to 47.9 points in a 38-game season. That would’ve been good enough for 10th last season and is more points than any team that has been relegated from the EPL scored the year they went down. 

The 20-year player picked up his first managerial gig as a player-manager at Limerick in 1991. He went on to manage a variety of English clubs until he got his big break at Bolton in 1999. He stayed there until 2007 and briefly managed Newcastle United during the 2007-08 season.

Allardyce’s reputation as a team-saver began in 2008 when he was enlisted to save a struggling Blackburn team that was 19th in the EPL in December. Two wins and six unbeaten matches later, the team had been stabilized and went on to finish the year 15th.

pragmatic, unattractive style was only good for saving points at the bottom of the table

“Big Sam” made his next stop at recently-relegated West Ham United in 2011. He rebuked claims that his pragmatic, unattractive style was only good for saving points at the bottom of the table and wouldn’t be enough to get the Irons back into the top flight. 

After a flurry of transfers, he helped West Ham finish third in the EFL Championship and secure promotion to the EPL in a 2-1 playoff victory over Blackpool. He described it as his then “best-ever achievement.”

Recent history

In 2015, the England native was on the move again, this time to Sunderland. The club finished 16th the year previous and was 19th when he entered the fray eight games into the season. He started slowly, but led a couple of important victories near the end of the season that saw Sunderland finish safe in 17th and his former employer, Newcastle, relegated from the EPL.

Big Sam took his next step to the England national team in 2016, where he won his only game in charge, but was sacked just over two months later following accusations of malpractice.

Allardyce stepped down and said that he would only come back to manage internationally

Unperturbed, he joined Crystal Palace in December 2016 after they, too, were threatened with relegation. The Eagles guaranteed their safety with two games left in the season in a 4-0 win over Hull City, but Allardyce stepped down and said that he would only come back to manage internationally. 

Despite that, he once again returned to the Premier League with Everton in November 2017. He joined when they were in 13th and immediately tightened up the defense before eventually finishing the year in eighth. However, fans of the club were upset with his defensive, unattractive style, and he left in the summer.

Allardyce finally fell on the sword in 2021 as the man in charge of West Bromwich Albion. He signed on in December 2020 when the club was 19th in the table, but could not reverse their fortunes. West Brom finished the season 19th, right where they started Allardyce’s tenure, and he was relegated for the first time in 17 seasons. 

Leeds is winless in its last five matches and has scored one goal in every match during that stretch. Fans of the club are hoping Allardyce’s West Brom relegation was just an aberration.

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