GamCare to Host a Chat amid Talk Money Week

GamCare, an independent charity that supports gambling harm victims across Britain, has confirmed its intentions to support Talk Money Week 2022. The charity believes that the event is especially relevant amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

GamCare Understands People Are Struggling with Money

Talk Money Week is an annual event organized by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS). Its goal is to teach people about the benefits of seeking financial advice for their personal finances. The annual campaign is mainly targeted toward people who often experience financial struggles and provides them with better advice on how to handle debts, loans and savings.

GamCare believes that the rising costs of living caused by the uncertain global situation have made Talk Money Week an especially relevant event. Because of that, the charity vowed to support MaPS’ initiative.

The British charity will participate in the event by hosting a group chatroom for Talk Money Week. The chatroom will see GamCare experts from its new Money Guidance Service team discuss the topic. During the planned runtime of the chat, the specialists will talk about budgeting, helping the audience learn to better handle their resources.

The Charity Will Host a Chat to Provide People with Advice

In addition, the finance experts will discuss how problem gambling might affect people amid the ongoing crisis. GamCare promised that its team would provide victims of gambling harm with direct advice on how to get their budgets under control.

With the increasing cost-of-living-related news, money worries are on most people’s minds currently. We understand how hard it can be to talk about money and that gambling, unmanageable debts or reductions in income can make those conversations harder.

GamCare statement

As explained by the charity, audiences will have a dedicated chat where they would be able to type their questions. The experts will take their time to address people whose finances have been hurt by their or someone else’s problem gambling and will provide them with valuable tips.

The chatroom will open at 14:00 on November 8 and will run for two hours and a half. People who have been affected by gambling harm, struggle with their finances or simply wish to broaden their understanding of finance can tune in and listen to what GamCare’s experts have to say during Talk Money Week.

To join GamCare’s Talk Money Week chatroom, one would need to first register as a user. After that, they would need to pick a nickname that may be different than their real name if they prefer to remain anonymous. Registered users will be able to enter the chatroom once it opens on Tuesday, November 8.

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