Oddsmakers Track DeSantis as He Plans Trip to Nevada

Often seen as a tamer alternative to the Grand Old Party’s rowdy heavyweight and former US President Donald Trump, DeSantis has been equivocating about his presidential bid in the upcoming race next year.

DeSantis Keeps Silent on Trump as He Garners Support

He has been similarly cautious not to vex any particular group within the Republican structures, striking a cordial tone with Maga die-hards, the religious right, and the centrist caucus. In the instance of Trump, though, DeSantis has preferred to keep shtum.

Now, the governor is heading to Nevada on Saturday, March 11 where he will take the stump and possibly announce his candidacy. Nevada owes no allegiance to any given party, and it has repeatedly voted for members of both parties in national and presidential races.

DeSantis starting from Nevada is smart, as it is the best way to stake one’s presidential claim as the state does often determine the outcome of the race – or at least historically winning Nevada is the equivalent of winning the White House. Winning over GOP sympathizers in the Silver State is seen as a pathway to generating momentum later in the months closer to the actual event. Now, sportsbooks are similarly keen to see how far DeSantis is willing to push it.

While he has remained non-committal on the matter of Trump and his comments, DeSantis would need to confront the unapologetic former POTUS and challenge him and his loyalists. His job would be to not only prove that Trump is in the wrong on certain matters, but also garner the support of irrational loyalists who ascribe messianic qualities to the man.

Biden Still Most Likely Winner – For Now

Betting platforms and analysts such as PredictIt say that Trump has a 40% chance to be the Republican Party’s nominee. DeSantis is trailing with 38% in a close second, but the two men have never formally butted hands. But as to who may win the 2024 Presidential election, PredictIt still believes this could be the incumbent, President Joe Biden who is expected to run for reelection.

Vice president Kamal Harris is ranked fourth in the overall positioning, behind DeSantis and Trump both. Yet, it’s not clear if Biden intends to run and who a fitting Democratic substitute would be. All the while, the country continues to be divided over core issues such as the economy, abortion, and a perpetual “cultural war” that is polarizing public opinion, often without facts.

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