Podcast - Buddy Frank & G2E 2022

Our guest this week is Rob Pizzola.  Rob is a professional sports bettor, and one of the owners of Betstamp, http://betstamp.com. He also has a podcast called, Circles Off.


[00:00]  Introduction of sports bettor, Rob Pizzola

[00:33]  Rob’s background in advantage play

[03:18]  Transitioning out of radio

[04:43]  Betting sports, tracking results

[09:19]  Gambling losses while in a relationship

[11:56]  Graduating from paper trading, originating bets

[17:17]  Betting hockey and football

[19:50]  Vig-free bets and counterparty risk

[29:45]  BetStamp app

[35:46]  Player advocacy via BetStamp

[37:59]  Does BetStamp sell picks?

[40:28]  The social media aspects and uses of BetStamp

[42:29]  Sorting and tracking bets, due diligence on BetStamp

[44:08]  Public and private profiles

[45:20]  Why would someone want to make their bets public?

[47:53]  Connecting to other people through BetStamp

[48:52]  Indicators of confidence, risk amount

[50:16]  Manipulation of results

[51:44]  Measuring the significance of results, educating users

[53:35]  Anonymity of BetStamp

[54:11]  Contact info for Rob and BetStamp on social media

[55:43]  Recommended:  Alone on The History Channel, Stephen Frey books, The Logic of Sports Betting by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow, Severance on AppleTV

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