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Ronnie O’Sullivan Bio – Long Story Short

📛 Full name: Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan
🚀 Nickname: The Rocket
📅 Date of Birth: 5/12/1975
👴🏻 Age: 47
🌍 Nationality: English
💲 Net Worth: £30+ Million
🏆 World Championship Wins: 7
⭐ All Titles: 39

We shall start with some bits of his personal life and childhood so you get familiar with his background and what formed him into who he is today. The truth is that Ronnie O’Sullivan`s life has been a rollercoaster.

He was born on December 5th, 1975, in the Midlands of England – Wordsley near Birmingham. He is a result of the love between the Englishman Ronald John and the Italian lady Maria Catalano.

In his childhood, he spent a lot of time in Sicily with his relatives from his mother’s side while his father was taking care of a sex shop in the heart of London.

As you can guess, at a young age, he moved to Chigwell, an area on London’s outskirts. His first touch with snooker was thanks to his cousin from his mother’s side – Maria. She is a known English snooker player at that time.

The tribulations in his life began in his teenage years when his father was sent to prison for murder in 1992. Four years late r, in 1996, his mother was sentenced to a year in jail for tax evasion.

This was when his life went sideways because, at 21, Ronnie was supposed to care for his little sister when he was eight years old. On top of that, his first daughter, Taylor-Ann, came into this world in that period.

The good about that time is that he was already a rising star, but after we summarise Ronnie O’Sullivan’s personal life, we will get to his amateur and pro snooker career.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Early Life

For now, we can only tell you that he is one of the youngest players in the sport’s history.

It is not a secret that Ronnie O’Sullivan had a drug-related issue due to the difficulties in his life and troublesome childhood.

The truth is that those issues didn’t obstruct him from becoming one of the best players in the world. His relationship with Jo Langley is considered a turning point for him in a positive way.

  • 2006-2007 – They met in the Narcotics Anonymous rehab centre while fighting their addictions. Later on, in 2006 and 2007, their two children, Lilly and Ronnie Jr., were born.
  • 2012-2013 – Unfortunately, a few years later, they separated, and in 2012, he started dating the famous actress Laila Rouass. One year later, in 2013, they got engaged, but a decade later, in 2022 ended their relationship. The period of their marriage is one the best and most productive ones in the life of Ronnie O’Sullivan. Apart from being a number one snooker player, he released several crime novels, two autobiographies and even a health and fitness book.
  • 2016-2018 – We can’t miss mentioning that in 2016 , he became a part of the Order of the British Empire > by taking the title OBE. 2018, he became a grandfather after his first daughter Taylon-Ann gave birth. This was also when Ronnie O’Sullivan’s net worth went beyond £25 million and continued increasing in the following years. When you complete reading his career story, you will discover his worth today.

This was pretty much everything most important from the Ronnie O’Sullivan bio of his personal life that you should know about.

In the following headings, we will turn more attention to his professional career and achievements, which are many.

Please keep reading to find out why his odds at the best snooker betting sites are always great and why people and other professional players call him an “ambassador of snooker”.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Pro Snooker Career & Achievements

Ronnie O’Sullivan is considered a legend in the snooker sport not only because he is a brilliant player with a stunning winning score but also because he is the youngest and currently the oldest world champion in snooker history.

He started playing the game at 7, while two years later, at 9, he was already participating in amateur tournaments. At the age of 13, he was already a champion in the British Under 16 championship.

Two years later, in 1991, in the English Amateur Championship, Ronnie O’Sullivan became the youngest player that made a maximum break in the tournament. The same year he won another two competitions – IBFS Under-21 and the Junnior pot Black.

All this made him famous before he even started his pro snooker career. In 1992, he finally moved to the professional leagues, and he won 74 of 76 matches that year, and by doing this, he was qualified for the World Championship in 1993.

He lost the game, but it was still a significant achievement for a player under 20 years old. The following year, a few days before his 18th birthday Ronnie O’Sullivan won the 1993 UK Championship.

With this win, Ronnie O’Sullivan set another record for the youngest winner in a ranking event, but this is far from everything. In 1995, he became the youngest winner of Masters.

In the following years, he set up several more personal and global records for diverse things.

At the World Championship in 1997, he achieved his first maximum break in a pro league.

It was completed in less than six minutes, which up to this date stays as a Guinness World Record for the fastest maximum break. Also, in 1997, he won his second UK Championship title.

Scandals were not missing either. In 1996, he attacked a press officer, which cost him a fine of €20,000 and two-year ban from participating in the World Championship.

Another inconvenience happened in 1998 when he was stripped of his Irish Master first-place title due to a positive drug test. However, that was unsurprising because Ronnie O’Sullivan was an honest alcohol and drug abuser.

Nearly a decade after his professional debut, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s cue was still hot. He won his first World Championship in 2001. Still, despite being the first title of this type, it raised him to second place in the world snooker ranking.

That was not for long, because Ronnie O’Sullivan finally became the world’s number one player the following year by winning the UK Championship for a third time. After that, he started working with the famous champion and current trainer Ray Reardon.

Yellow and Red Snooker Balls Touching Next to a Pocket

This is how he secured a second World Championship in 2004. In 2005, he won his second Masters title. Unfortunately, the following two years after that were troublesome for him.

He suddenly shaved his head during the World Championship tournament, which showed his struggle.

The following year, in 2006, at the UK Championship, he left the arena during his match with Stephan Henry, which cost him a fine of £20k.

In Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next match at the UK Championship in 2007, he once again proved that nothing can stop him when he is concentrated. That was not all. Apart from winning the UK Championship for a fourth time, he also took his third Masters title.

The following years were nothing short of success for him. In 2008, he won his third world title by defeating Ali Carter. In 2009, a fourth Masters title became a fact, again putting him first in the global chart of best snooker players.

Ronnies couldn’t keep the same pace in the following two years, but in 2012 he defeated Carted and took the world title for a fourth time. In the next 2013, he defended that title against Barry Hawkins.

The following year, he was defeated in the final round of the World Championship, but he won the Masters title for the fifth time by defeating Ricky Walden. He set a new record for most points without reply in that match.

This is not all. Apart from the Master’s title, in 2014, he took first place at the UK Championship for a fifth time. 2015 was not that successful, but 2016 and 2017 again proved that he is a legend in the sport.

In both years, he got first place at the Master’s Championship, while in 2017 and 2018, he won the UK Championships, which made his total number of top-tier titles 19, more than any other player in our recent history.

In the following period until 2020, he couldn’t win any Masters, World, or UK Championships, but he won the Players, and Tour Championships and made his 1000th century break. He is the first person in history that reached that goal.

In 2020, he triumphed in the World Championship after defeating Kyren Wilson. 2021 was not that successful, but in 2022 he returned to get the world title again.

Latest Achievements

Ronnie O’Sullivan was 46 years old in 2022, which made him the most senior champion in history of snooker. Don’t forget that he was also the youngest player in history, which is impressive.

We missed mentioning that in 2022, he won the Hong Kong Master tournament, which over 9000 spectators observed. Up to this date, this is considered the biggest audience for a snooker match in history.

It is a fact that Ronnie O’Sullivan has spoken of retirement since 2012, but we believe that he is not yet ready to do it and that he has way more to give to the sport.

We assume that in the following years, he will win more titles simply because he is one of the best, or maybe even the best snooker player in the world nowadays.

Only the fact that he owns seven titles of each of the three most reputable tournaments in the world: the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the Master’s Championship is enough to call him e legend.

There isn’t another player like Ronnie, and we don’t even see the chance of someone reaching his achievements in the sport soon. We are thrilled to see what more his potential will reveal until the end of his career.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Net Worth Today

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s net worth nowadays goes above £30 million, more than any other player in the sport of snooker. If he continues to win so rapidly different titles, we expect that sum to grow exponentially.

Net Worth £30+ Million
Sponsorships Earnings £2+ Million
Biggest Season Cash Prizes £922,000 – 2018-2019
Biggest Tournament Prize £500,000 in 2022
Total Cash Prizes £13+ Million

Enough about his past. It is time to discuss what is expected from the future because every next Ronnie O’Sullivan match is an event you shouldn’t miss. Look at the most recent news about the legend in the following heading.

Ronnie O’Sullivan News & Next Matches

We will split this subject into several separate ones, starting with some more relevant Ronnie O’Sullivan news, then moving on to the events he is expected to participate in the nearest feature.

Barry Hearn on Ronnie O’Sullivan Contribution

A Man Preparing to Use Make a Hit

Before we tell you about O’Sullivan’s next matches, we want to share a recent statement from one of the former chairman of the World Snooker Tour – Barry Hearn.

In an interview, he said that he considers Ronnie O’Sullivan, Alex Higgins and Jimmy White as the three players that contributed most to the sport of snooker and its global popularity.

He called Ronnie an ambassador of snooker, but he also mentioned that he could be difficult at times, causing slight issues due to his criticism towards the organisation of the events and the sport in general.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Retirement Plan

Being over 25 years in the game is challenging but still very satisfying for Ronnie O’Sullivan. Those are his words. In one of his recent interviews with “The Mirror”, he said that he probably has not more than a couple of more years before he finally retires from the sport.

But don’t forget that he mentioned retirement in 2012, and he is still in the game, so always expect the unexpected. There is genuinely nothing to prove because, at the moment, there isn’t a player with similar score.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Rivalry with Luca Brecel Could Emerge Again

We hope to see a titans clash in the following Shanghai Masters tournament this September. Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next match is against Ali Carter, which will be an exciting game to watch.

Yes, but Luca Brecel is also participating in the event, which may end up in them both playing against each other for a 24th time. The current score is 13 wins for Ronnie O’Sullivan and 10 for Luca Brecel.

We hope that to happen because it will be a super exciting game, where the number of spectators could exceed the Japanese record of 9000 from 2022. Observing a match between players with such high ranks is always a pleasure.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Next Mathes

In the summer and fall of 2023, Ronnie O’Sullivan is expected to participate in three of the major tournaments across the globe. You can see the dates and his first opponents below.

Tournament: Date: Opponent:
European Masters Qual Tue 22nd August 20:00 Andy Hicks
Shanghai Masters Tue 12th September 13:30 Ali Carter
British Open Qual Mon 25th September Jimmy Robertson

Knowing the fast rate at which Ronnie O’Sullivan’s cue can pot , we expect him to continue playing matches in the future. Maybe he will win his 40th professional title this year.

You can easily track all the recent Ronnie O’Sullivan news online or on our page because we promise to keep you posted about all relevant developments in his career and the sport of snooker.


If you are looking for the most frequently asked questions about Ronnie O’Sullivan and all aspects of his life, you will be glad to hear that we have gathered them for you in the section below. Еach answer leads back to relevant parts of the article, where you will find more info on the subject.

1️⃣ How old is Ronnie O’Sullivan?

If you look at Ronnie O’Sullivan’s bio, you will see that he was born on December 5th 1975, which makes him 47y old in September of 2023. That makes him the oldest World Championship winner in history., but we believe that he will continue to play for at least five more years.

2️⃣ Where does Ronnie O’Sullivan live?

If you study the personal life of Ronnie O’Sullivan, you will find out that he and his entire family moved to Chigwell, located in the London suburbs, in the 90s and up to this date, he is still a resident of the same area.

3️⃣ How much is Ronnie O’Sullivan worth?

You must get familiar with the snooker career to find out Ronnie O’Sullivan’s net worth goes above £30 million, more than any other player in the sport, but remember that it is increasing yearly. He holds over 39 professional titles and many world records in the sport.

4️⃣ When will Ronnie O’Sullivan retire?

It is impossible to tell. Ronnie O’Sullivan spoke of retirement in the distant 2012, but that didn’t stop him from achieving much more after that and still being active over ten years later. In one of his latest interviews, he stated that his retirement plan is to quit the game in the next five years.

5️⃣ When is Ronnie O’Sullivan playing next?

The information on record tells us that Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next match is in mid-summer 2023 at the European Masters Qual. Nearly a month later, in September, he will play in the Shanghai Masters and British Open Qual tournaments. We hope we can see a match between him and Luca Brecel in the further stages of the Shanghai Masters.

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