The Main Blackjack Rules Comparison

By John Grochowski

The game we know as blackjack has been centuries in the making, with influences from Italian, French, Spanish and British games, along with some wrinkles added in the United States.

The result has been a collection of optional rules that are added or subtracted as the proprietor sees fit.

That goes for online blackjack just as much as live blackjack. The game you see at one online casino or live casino is not necessarily the same as the one you’ll see a click away or a street away.

Some basics remain in force. Card values remain the same. The need to beat the dealer without going over 21 remains the same, as does the starting point of two cards from which you can hit, stand, split pairs or double down.

But beyond the basics, there’s a long list of optional blackjack rules. Some are good for players and reduce the house edge. Others are designed to increase the house edge. Those make blackjack tougher on players.


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