ThriveFantasy, GRID, Krafton to Launch Fantasy PUBG Esports

Provider of player prop fantasy sports betting markets ThriveFantasy partnered with esports data firm GRID Esports and the parent of PUBG Studios, Krafton, to offer North American audiences Fantasy PUBG Esports.

Exploring a ‘Potentially Lucrative Avenue’

The new Fantasy PUBG Esports platform will be operated by ThriveFantasy and will launch in November, in time for the PUBG Global Champions tournament, offering exclusively players in North America a new way to experience the action.

Commenting on the collaboration, Adam Weinstein, chief executive officer of ThriveFantasy, outlined the great potential for fantasy sports presented by the esports industry, explaining that the three-entity partnership would be looking to explore the “potentially lucrative avenue” created by the combination of the industry’s dedicated fans and the large North American audience.

“The collaboration between game publishers like Krafton and data providers, such as GRID, opens the doors for unique opportunities within this space,” Weinstein concluded.

To deliver a tried-and-true-entertainment experience, ThriveFantasy will leverage the long-standing partnership between GRID and Krafton to acquire access to in-game PUBG data.

ThriveFantasy will allow players on the Fantasy PUBG Esports platform to combine player props and predict their ideal match-up utilizing the gameplay data provided by GRID Esports, an official data partner of Krafton that has been in charge of all in-game PUBG data services for the past three years.

Earlier in October, GRID Esports received industry recognition by becoming the first esports entity to obtain certification from the International Betting Integrity Association.

Recognition for Values and Technology

Moritz Maurer, chief executive officer of GRID Esports, hailed GRID’s “long-standing partner, Krafton, and the shared vision for the “data-fueled esports ecosystem” between the two parties, outlining GRID’s commitment to “enabling the sustainable growth of the industry [by] ensuring the official data and right holders are at the heart of it.”

“The opportunity to be part of this project and contribute to creating such exceptional esports fans’ experience with our gameplay data infrastructure is a big milestone for our team, and recognition for our values and technology,” he added.

A perfect fit for PUBG Esports, ThriveFantasy will give a unique take on PUBG: Battlegrounds, allowing players to pick the best 10 line-ups for each PUBG Esports match-up based on individual game pointers and promising exceptional outcomes.

Director of Esports & Events at Krafton, Everett Coleman, underlined the essence of the collaboration for Krafton as the developer is looking to expand PUBG Esports audiences and offer “the best possible entertainment experience by finding “innovative ways to engage new and existing fans.”

“By leveraging the experience from ThriveFantasy and GRID, we are able to find fresh and exciting ways for fans to come together and be part of the action,” Coleman concluded.

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