Type of Tournaments

Bob Casino organises several types of tournaments for its players:

  1. Open, in which every player can take part without making any entry fee (buy-in);
  2. Closed, where only specific categories of gamblers are allowed by ticket or invitation;
  3. Paid, in which any casino player can play, but for a specific monetary fee.

However, we hasten to please gamblers by noting that almost all tournaments are open. You can play them and compete for valuable prizes without investing.

How to Participate

To take part in the promotion, the player must fulfill a few simple requirements:

Register on the official website of the casino Bob;

Complete the authorization procedure by e-mail;

Log in to your account using a unique username and password;

Go to the bonus calendar page;

View the conditions for participation and receive your bonus directly from this page;

Make a minimum deposit and start betting on your favorite video slots.

To take a prize-winning place in the standings, you will need to score a certain number of points. The more points, the closer the victory. For every 1 EUR spent on the number of bets in slots, 1 reward point is credited to your bonus account. Spins made with real money for 0.1 EUR or more are included in the overall standings. Winnings received from free spins do not require additional wagering. You can dispose of the earned money at your discretion: continue to place bets or order a payout. For more information about the tournament rules, use the feedback form (These standard terms apply to all slots).

Tournament rules vary depending on each specific online casino. But most often, they look like this:

  1. To participate in the tournament, you must click on the «Participate» button on the competition page (or something similar, depending on the gambling establishment);
  2. Each tournament has its deadlines, after which any bets in qualified games are no longer counted;
  3. Bets are counted only on the specified slots and not less than a certain amount (usually not more than a few tens of cents or euros);
  4. Participating in the same tournament several times is forbidden by creating new casino accounts.

As for the conditions for winning in tournaments, according to this parameter, they can be divided into two large groups: in some competitions, for this, you need to get the highest payout multiplier (depending on luck), and in others, to win, you need to bet as much money as possible on slots ( depends on the size of your bankroll). Of course, participating in tournaments with the first system for determining the winners is much more profitable. Fortunately, these are the most common competitions in online casinos.

Current Ones and Most Popular Ones

Bob’s Live Tournament is held every four days at Bob’s online casino for all fans of games with live dealers. All gambling games presented in the Live Casino section are available to the competition participants. The prize fund of the tournament is 1,500 euros.

All players who have made at least one deposit after registration are allowed to compete. For every 1 euro of the bet, the participant receives 1 tournament point. Bets are summed up, if the participant puts first 0.8 euros and then 1.2 euros, he will receive 2 points. Bets of 0.1 euros offset the tournament.

On the page of the competition, there is a tournament table. It displays the 60 participants with the highest score. The prize fund is distributed among 30 players who have collected the maximum number of points:


The Prize amount in EUR



























All prizes are paid out to the winners in real money and do not require wagering.

Bob has prepared a series of tournaments and contests for those who do not need only bonuses. You can find them in the Tournaments tab on the Bob Casino home page.

For example, there is a free spins contest. The 15 most successful players who made a deposit receive 500 free spins every day. The conditions are simple: you play slots and win. The bigger the win, the bigger the multiplier and the points in the leaderboard. Trust your luck: the points don’t add up. Only your highest multiplier of the day gets into the table. In this tournament, your bet must be at least 0.5 euros.

Free spins won in the promotion must be wagered x10 on The Dog House Megaways or Aztec Magic Bonanza slots. Prizes are drawn daily from 16:00 to 22:00.

Drops and wins. The new promotion started on February 9, 2022, and will last until March 9, 2023. It consists of two parts: slot lovers and live casino players. The prize fund is 13 million euros and is divided into two parts.

€6,500,000 can be won on slot machines and the same on roulette, blackjack and baccarat. See the complete list of slots and games on the tournament page. The minimum bet must be 0.50 euros.

How Often They Happen and How to Monitor It

Regularly, Bob Casino organises tournament competitions in which players compete for the main prize or several wins represented by money and free spins.

Every 7 and 4 days, Bob Casino hosts tournaments with valuable prizes. Anyone can become a member at any time.

Often, Bob Casino does not limit the number of participants in tournaments, but the number of winning places in them is always limited.

In most cases, no more than 50 or 100 players have received the highest payout multipliers or bet the highest amounts on slots. Naturally, payouts are distributed depending on the position of the players, in descending order.

An online casino tournament is an event where players deposit a certain amount of money to compete against other players. There are tournaments where you only play one game, and there are tournaments where you have to play multiple games. The prize fund is determined at the end of each tournament. All winners can see each other on the leaderboard. Tournaments are not only perfect for experienced players but also for new players it is an exciting opportunity to get to know the casino better. In addition, tournaments also encourage great ambition.

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