GamCare Boosts Safer Gaming with New Code of Conduct

The independent charity offering support for people affected by gambling harm in the UK, GamCare, has announced a new Code of Conduct valid for brick-and-mortar gambling operators.

GamCare Issues New Advice for Retail Gambling Businesses

The new Code of Conduct seeks to make it easier for people affected by gambling harm or problem gambling to reach vital treatment and support services. The new Code of Conduct will bring support for those who need it by delivering informative messages inside retail gambling venues. Gamblers that visit land-based locations will be able to see information signs that will also include a special QR code that will bring up GamCare’s website on their smartphones.

Responsible gambling and safe gambling information will also be visible to visitors of land-based gambling locations. Ultimately, the new Code of Conduct seeks to ease access to information and connect with people who need support and treatment services. But this is not an industry’s first, considering that the new Code of Conduct complements GamCare’s Industry Code for the Display of Safer Gambling Information which was published back in March 2021.

The New Code of Conduct Delivers Informative Messages

BGC’s chief executive, Michael Dugher, praised the new Code of Conduct and pointed out that it will bring easy access to information and treatment services via informative messages. He explained that the signage will be available at all of the Council’s members’ retail locations. Finally, Dugher said:” This vital code is concrete evidence of this industry’s determination to drive up safer gambling standards for millions of customers, wherever they bet in the UK, and follows similar work from our online members.”

The BGC is proud to welcome this new GamCare Code, which will guarantee prominent, visible and easily accessible signposting to safer gambling information on help and support in all our members’ land-based gaming venues.

Michael Dugher, chief executive at the Betting and Gaming Council

Matt Burgiss, GamCare’s industry codes project manager, cited data from the National Gambling Helpline saying that gamblers urged for more information and support available for visitors of land-based gambling locations. Last but not least, he said that the new Code of Conduct will help deliver relevant information which can be used by visitors of retail gambling locations.

At GamCare, we know that callers to the National Gambling Helpline regularly cite issues from land-based gambling and that more can be done to support people within the land-based gambling sector.

Matt Burgiss, industry codes project manager at GamCare

Only recently, the BGC welcomed Lloyds Bank’s decision to introduce limits for gambling when using a debit card. The bank unveiled a trial on Friday which implemented limits users can set personally to limit their gambling. The BGC praised the decision outlining it further complements responsible gambling efforts offered by its members.

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