ZEturf Group Becomes the Newest Member of IBIA

The online sports betting and horse racing brand, ZEturf Group, announced Tuesday a new collaboration with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). Under the terms of the latest collaboration, ZEturf Group became IBIA’s newest member.

IBIA Expands Partners’ List Adding ZEturf Group

As an IBIA member, ZEturf Group will tap into its global betting integrity monitoring and alert network. The company will further boost IBIA’s presence, while at the same time strengthening the integrity of its betting operations. Currently, members of IBIA account for approximately 50% of all regulated commercial online betting activities. This translates to approximately $137 billion in betting turnover annually.

IBIA is delighted to welcome ZEturf group to the association’s growing membership.

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA

Khalid Ali, IBIA’s CEO, revealed that the Association is excited to team up with ZEturf Group. He added that the IBIA continues to grow its portfolio of members and thanks to the latest deal, expands its coverage of regulated horseracing and betting markets. Ali added that the latest collaboration further solidifies the IBIA’s position as a global betting integrity leader. Last but not least, he pointed out that ZEturf Group “brings a distinct operational approach and coverage,” which complements the Association’s continuously growing monitoring and alert network around the globe.

As a global leader in integrity and monitoring, the Association’s portfolio of partners continues to grow. Currently, members of the IBIA ensure the integrity of their operations and professional sports as well. The Association’s monitoring and alert network helps detect and flag suspicious betting activities within global markets. Then, the IBIA reports those activities to its partners. The IBIA’s work is vital to regulators and sports leagues around the globe. This is because its monitoring reports and data can help with investigations and help prosecute corruption.

ZEturf Group Is Delighted to Join the Association

Paul Klomp, ZEturf group’s managing director of ZEbetting and gaming, revealed that he is pleased to see the company join leading operators to collaborate on an international level. He outlined that sports integrity is incredibly important when it comes to offering sports betting. Finally, Klomp predicted that the company’s vast coverage and significant experience in the industry will contribute positively to the collaboration with the Association.

I am very pleased that we have entered into this international cooperation between leading operators of sports betting.

Paul Klimp of ZEturf Group

ZEturf group has more than two decades of experience within the industry after it was founded back in 2001. Currently, the company offers sports betting and online horse-racing services via two of its brands, ZEbet and ZEturf. ZEturf group is licensed in strategic European markets such as Spain, France, Malta, Belgium and the Netherlands. What’s more, ZEturf group holds a license in Nigeria as well.

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