French Lawmakers Seek to Block Crypto Promotions

French Lawmakers Seek to Block Crypto Promotions

The French National Assembly’s Economics Committee agreed to a new amendment curtailing influencers from advertising dangerous products. The proposed legislation received strong support and has a good chance of making it through the Assembly and Senate. If the amendment is passed into law, it will severely impact influencers promoting crypto assets.

Crypto Assets Will Be Equated to Gambling

Unregulated promotions of potentially harmful products like crypto assets have become a matter of contention among many European nations. France now plans to join countries like the UK and Belgium as it tightens down on crypto promotions. The movement received support from both sides of the political spectrum as a new amendment received the approval of a legislative committee this Wednesday.

Amendment n°CE48 aims to combat scams and restrict the advertising of pharmaceutical products, gambling, and crypto asset promotions on social media. The text treats digital assets identically to other speculative financial products. Lawmakers seek to limit the proliferation of advertisements posing risks to consumers, such as investments in various digital assets.

The text explicitly bans individuals from using social media to promote crypto assets not licensed by financial regulators. Currently, these are exactly zero. While changing regulations may open ways to circumvent the restrictions, the amendment would effectively ban French influencers from endorsing digital assets. With penalties of up to two years in prison and a €30,000 ($32,000) fine, few would risk the regulator’s ire.

Upcoming Regulatory Changes May Ease Restrictions

French lawmakers appear intent on dealing with the proliferation of scams on social networks and protecting consumers from risks. The proposed legislation coincides with a new wave of crypto promotion controversy as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged eight celebrities with illegal advertisements on social media.

Despite turbulent French politics, the amendment enjoys support from the ruling party and the opposition. Socialist Arthur Delaporte noted that the crypto industry had remained under the radar for most politicians and urged reforms. Strong support from lawmakers means that the proposed legislation has every chance to soon pass into law.

Not all is doom and gloom for crypto influencers, though. France plans to overhaul its crypto firm registration requirements, adhering to the EU’s upcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets regulations. Under the new guidelines, European companies can extend their services through the bloc, once again opening the doors for crypto ads.

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Podcast – Mickey Crimm 3/23/2023

Podcast - Buddy Frank & G2E 2022

Our guest this week is Mickey Crimm. Mickey is a slots pro. We talk about how slot hustling has changed over the years, and his life on the road.

We welcome your questions – send them to us at [email protected], or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter or

Podcast –

Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction of slot hustler, Mickey Crimm

[00:34]  Mickey’s first gambling game

[03:34]  Two Hustlers episode of Risk of Ruin podcast

[05:11]  Living in Montana

[07:25]  Using player’s cards, longevity, comps

[15:45]  How has slot hustling changed in the last 5 to 10 years?[

[23:09]  Analyzing slot games

[29:56]  Commercials

[32:02]  Longevity tips

[35:40]  Information sharing and trolling

[38:21]  Competing for machines

[44:33]  Checking the most popular games, opportunity cost

[47:09]  Sweating other players, waiting for machines

[49:19]  Walking versus using a wheelchair

[53:16]  Recommended:  The Glory on Netflix, The Big Short

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The Glory

The Big Short –

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Pariplay Adds Urgent Games to Fusion Platform

Pariplay Adds Urgent Games to Fusion Platform

Pariplay has penned a new content agreement with Urgent Games, a provider of innovative iGaming titles. As a result, the latter company’s content will become the latest to be integrated into the Pariplay Fusion aggregation platform.

Under the agreement with Urgent Games, the Fusion platform will be enriched with more than a hundred HTML5 games. Some of the new additions include Urgent Games hits such as Wild Cupid, Goddess of Harvest and Gang of Pirates.

Urgent Games is known for its innovative games for mobile and PC devices. In addition to a myriad of slots and fresh crash games, the company also offers a rich selection of traditional casino games, such as baccarat, bingo, craps and roulette, among others.

By joining Pariplay Fusion, Urgent Games will become the latest company to add its content to the aggregation platform. It will, therefore, join an expansive family of iGaming suppliers, including top industry names.

Pariplay is working with some of the most popular games in iGaming and is constantly expanding the richness of its Fusion platform by onboarding new titles from industry-leading suppliers. Some of its latest content deals include agreements with ELYSIUM Studios and Mancala Gaming.

Urgent Games Is Proud to Join the Fusion Platform

Adam Petroli, Urgent Games’ chief executive officer, said that his team is very proud of its portfolio and is excited to integrate its diverse and engaging games into the Fusion platform. He said that this agreement will significantly expand his company’s reach in many key markets, allowing its content to reach many new operators and players.

Meanwhile, Enrico Bradamante, Pariplay’s chief commercial officer, said that his team is always looking for new games to add to the Fusion offering. He added that Urgent games are a “perfect match” for his team’s ambitions.

Our aggregation platform has enjoyed incredible success since its launch, and by adding progressive, successful providers, we’re able to sustain it as a market-leading solution.

Enrico Bradamante, CCO, Pariplay

Pariplay’s Fusion platform currently encompasses a whopping 14,000+ games from over 80 suppliers. In addition to the vast variety of content, the company also offers a comprehensive range of back-office conversion and retention tools.

The supplier leverages the Fusion platform to supply many top-tier operators with iGaming content. Some of Pariplay’s latest agreements with operators include deals with companies such as Betsson and DraftKings.

A few days ago, Pariplay forged a new partnership with Caesars Ontario, agreeing to supply Caesars Entertainment’s Canadian arm with content from the Wizard Games studio.

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The New Paper, Rock, Scissors — Alex Fitzgerald on Nits, Stations, and Maniacs

The New Paper, Rock, Scissors -- Alex Fitzgerald on Nits, Stations, and Maniacs

Alex Fitzgerald

I was talking to a cash game regular the other day. He said something I loved.

“You know, I’ve always noticed something,” said Chris Scott. “Nits beat stations. Stations beat maniacs. Maniacs beat nits. You can see it every time you sit down at the table.”

This is why you have to meet up-and-coming grinders. Sometimes they will say something that makes you wonder, “Why have I never thought of it that way?”

Now, I’m sure someone before Chris said some version of this, but regardless of that, this concept does not come up enough. It’s absolutely true. Nits beat stations. Stations beat maniacs. Maniacs beat nits.

Why Does this Occur?

Nits only play the best starting hands. When the flop comes out, they usually got the best of it. Stations are in the game for another reason. They’re there for rest and relaxation. They call down because it’s exciting. They’re trying to win as many pots as possible because that’s what makes poker fun for them. They’re not thinking about their opponents and their ranges. They are playing to see flops. They are playing to see showdowns.

Stations get obliterated when they play against nits. However, they clobber maniacs. Maniacs are playing poker for the dopamine high of blasting huge bets into the pot. They love the action. They don’t consider the other player. They are more aware of how fun it is to ram and jam post-flop.

“Maniacs are constantly defeated by stations, but they do destroy one type of player: nits, who are under the impression that you need a huge hand to play a huge pot.”

This strategy works poorly against calling stations. Stations don’t even know what they’re doing, but they’re playing so well versus the maniac. If someone just blasts away on every flop then your best bet is to pick a halfway decent hand, put your helmet on, and call down. Calling stations don’t know what a minimum defense frequency is, but they’re much closer to an optimal one versus someone who jacks up their bluffing frequencies.

Maniacs are constantly defeated by stations, but they do destroy one type of player: nits, who are under the impression that you need a huge hand to play a huge pot. If they’re calling three bets post-flop then they’re going to need more than a pair. The maniac takes advantage of this bias beautifully. They fire constantly knowing the vast majority of the time their opponent is going to flop a pair they’re not in love with. That’s if they even hit the flop. They also pick up the money every time the nit misses. The maniac wins so many pots versus the nit that they’re freerolling when they gamble with a draw later versus the nit.

There have been times in poker history when the vast majority of the poker-playing population plays one style. In these eras, specific outlier players have conquered. Early in no-limit hold’em, for example, players liked to play it safe. They folded so much that they all became nits. This opened the door for maniacs to win plenty of money.

There have been other eras, especially in no-limit hold’em tournaments, when pissing for distance wars became all the rage. Nittier players in these skirmishes could make out with more than their fair share of the loot.

The game is about always paying attention to the trends and asking how you can exploit them.

Playing Against a Nit

In today’s day and age, poker players are more experienced. When the boom first happened, many players were playing a basic nittier style they learned from a book. In those days, a maniac style prevailed. Now, players are more nuanced. Many of them have been playing for decades. They’ve settled into their own styles. They’re not all reading from the same book.

When you sit down at the table, your first job is to determine what style each player is playing. Are they a nit, station, or maniac? You can play a more tight aggressive style until you gather this intelligence.

Nits are easy to pick up on. They fold early and they fold often. If you are playing live, you’ll notice they have no problem folding automatically and quickly. They do not sweat decisions. They have been playing this game for a long time. They know what hands they like, thank you very much. They’re going to play them and play them hard. You’ll also notice these players always have the best hand at showdowns.

If you’re playing against the nit, then you’re going to stay the hell out of their way for the most part. You will raise more when they’re to your left because you know they will rarely three-bet you or cold call you. But the second they get involved you’re going to cool your jets.

If the nit is in the big blind, however, this does present an opportunity. The nit will know they’re supposed to call out of the big blind with a wide range, but they will be uncomfortable defending this wide. You’re going to shell them with multiple bets. The nit at some point will decide, “Okay I’m done with this. I hate these hands.” You’ll collect a number of orphan pots nicely.

Alex Fitzgerald
Alex Fitzgerald

Playing Against a Station

If you see a player constantly limping in preflop or calling preflop raises that is far more likely to be a station. This is someone who is playing poker to relax. When the flop comes out there are infinite possibilities for them. They’re not going to fold anything halfway decent.

You will also know who is a station based on how much they hem and haw post-flop. Stations hate folding and they will not hide that fact. They will constantly be hanging around on later streets. When they turn over their hand on the river you’ll constantly wonder, “How the hell did he get so far with that hand?”

With these players, you are going to play good hands and you are going to play them hard. You will take the bluffs out of your game. You are not going to get creative. You won’t need a huge hand to bust the stations, but you’ll need something. Second pair with a top kicker, top pair, something along those lines. Play those hands hard and play them directly. Everyone else at the table will know what you’re doing but it doesn’t matter.

Playing Against a Maniac

How do you spot a maniac? Lucky for you many maniacs want attention. They will announce their presence early and often.
The fastest way to identify a maniac is to see who is reraising the most preflop. Nits don’t reraise much preflop because they’re waiting for huge hands. Stations don’t reraise much preflop because they like to see flops. Maniacs will constantly spam reraises in preflop. They have no problem annoying the other players.

“If you see them constantly putting people to the test on later streets or having to table bluffs, then you’ll know you’re playing against someone who isn’t afraid to move chips around.”

Some maniacs like to see a ton of flops and won’t reraise as much preflop. You’ll know that these post-flop maniacs are in the game because you’ll constantly see them firing multiple shells post-flop. If you see them constantly putting people to the test on later streets or having to table bluffs, then you’ll know you’re playing against someone who isn’t afraid to move chips around.

Versus these players, you’re going to have to pick a halfway decent hand and call down. Don’t raise them off the pot. Let them bluff with all their garbage. You don’t want to discourage them from executing their greatest leak.

What you don’t want to do the next time you sit at the table is play a game that doesn’t morph based on the players you’re playing against. You don’t want people at the table knowing you are a nit, maniac, or station. You don’t want these simple counterstrategies to be available to them.

About Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald is a professional poker player and best-selling author who currently lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a WPT and EPT final tablist. He has WCOOP and SCOOP wins online. His most recent win was for $250,000 online. He currently enjoys blasting bums away in online tournaments while he listens to death metal.

Alex can be reached for private coaching at [email protected]

Learn how to three bet everybody here!


  • In his new strategy column, best-selling author Alex Fitzgerald talks about nits, stations & maniacs.

Name Surname
Alex Fitzgerald

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888 Inks Media Partnership with Wavemaker for UK Brands

QuinnBet and oddschecker Global Media Ink Two-Year Partnership Extension

The gambling industry giant, 888 Holdings, announced a new collaboration with the global media agency Wavemaker. The company joined forces with the media agency in what was lauded as a strategic partnership.

Per the terms of the new deal, 888 Holdings selected Wavemaker as the agency which will be in charge of its multi-million media planning for its UK brands Mr Green, as well as William Hill.

The new collaboration comes after an extensive and competitive selection process. Overall, it has taken seven months for 888 Holdings to select Wavemaker and approve it as the company that will lead the brands’ media strategy in the UK.

The New Collaboration Brings Excitement to Wavemaker

Wavemaker explained in a statement that thanks to the new strategic deal, the company will continue to support the media strategy of the brands. Ultimately, those efforts are expected to help by bringing transformational growth opportunities and keeping 888’s brands at the helm of the market in the UK.

We are thrilled to have retained William Hill and Mr Green, and won 888holdings as a client, following a seven-month competitive pitch process. A big shout out to the team behind this huge win – it wouldn’t be possible without your hard work, dedication and expertise,

reads a statement released by Wavemaker

The media company acknowledged the efforts of its team members that contributed to the process. Finally, Wavemaker thanked its members for the hard work, dedication and expertise that resulted in this strategic collaboration with 888.

Previously, Wavemaker and 72andSynny collaborated with William Hill back in 2019. Now, the new deal builds further that positive momentum and at the same time is expected to boost 888’s operations following the acquisition of William Hill.

The announcement about the strategic deal with 888 comes after only recently, Wavemaker announced the launch of its Media Essentials Certificate. Earlier this week, the company unveiled a brand-new training program that is exclusive for its clients and free. The initiative offers a 12-week course that teaches the participants to better understand how media and marketing works.

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Rovio Turns Down Playtika’s Acquisition Bid

Rovio Turns Down Playtika’s Acquisition Bid

Playtika, an Israel-based digital entertainment company that develops and publishes mobile games and gambling titles, has wrapped up the negotiations for the acquisition of Rovio. While the latter company, best known for its Angry Birds franchise, will not go through with the deal, it will continue the negotiations with other parties.

This news comes in the wake of Playtika’s bid on the Finnish game developer. In January, the Israeli company increased the proposed price of the deal, offering to acquire Rovio for $9.84 per share for a total of around $742 million.

Several weeks following this proposal, Rovio ended a strategic review and commenced preliminary non-binding discussions with potential buyers. At the end of the day, Rovio turned down Playtika’s deal, although it will continue to negotiate a potential sale with other companies, the Finnish developer announced. According to the company, talks still continue.

Rovio to Continue Negotiations with Other Parties

Rovio released a statement on the matter, saying that it is continuing its strategic review, which includes discussions with other potential buyers. The company emphasized that it is seeking to reach the best possible outcome for the company and its shareholders. Rovio did not specify why the talks with Playtika have failed.

The Angry Birds developer noted that the discussions are still non-binding and that it cannot say with certainty whether they will end with a definitive sale offer. It promised to release more details about buyers, offers and potential agreements “at an appropriate time.”

Rovio’s Angry Birds continues to be one of the most influential mobile gaming franchises to this day. The original game was released in 2009 and has grown into a global phenomenon with a variety of sequels, spin-offs and even movies.

Playtika Introduced Changes to Its Team

In other news, Playtika recently expanded its leadership with two new members. The company was joined by Gili Brudno and Darlan Monterisi who will be serving as its new chief human resources officer and global head of communications respectively.

Both new members are experienced in their respective fields and will help Playtika in its ambitious growth plans. They were welcomed by Shlomi Aizenberg, Playtika’s COO, who praised them for their strengths.

The new additions followed a wave of layoffs, which saw the company reduce its headcount by 12-15% in December. This was not the only time in 2022 the company reduced its team either as in June it bid goodbye to around 6% of its workforce.

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PGCB Fines Three Operators $60K, Bans Two Punters from Casinos

KSA Fines Two Illegal Gambling Operators Nearly $2M

Three consent agreements featuring $60,000 of fines to online casino operators were approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) at its latest public meeting. The watchdog also punished two punters for leaving their kids unattended at a casino while gambling.

Presented by PGCB’s Office of Enforcement Counsel (OEC), the consent agreements imposed fines to Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association, LLC, Downs Racing, L.P. and its partner Unibet Interactive, Inc. and Evolution US, LLC, for different breaches of the gambling rules.

The operator of Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association, agreed to pay $45,000 for allowing five individuals enrolled in the iGaming Self-Exclusion program run by the PGCB to participate in online gaming activities with Barstool Sportsbook. The regulator noted that “an interactive gaming certificate must refuse wagers from and deny gaming privileges and benefits to an individual who has placed themselves on the iGaming Self-Exclusion List.”

The operator of Mohegan Pennsylvania casino, Downs Racing, L.P. and its iGaming partner, Unibet Interactive, were jointly fined $7,500 for failing to suspend the gaming account of an individual, who requested a 90-day “cool off” period but the request went unnoticed and substantial gaming activity was continued for 21 more days.

Holder of an iGaming Manufacturer License, Evolution US, was sanctioned with $7,500 for allowing an unlicensed employee to deal several games of blackjack in the operator’s gaming studio for live dealer interactive gaming.

Leaving Children Unattended to Gamble

Acting on OEC petitions, the PGCB banned two individuals, a male and a female, from all casinos in the Commonwealth for leaving their children unattended while engaging in gaming activities. The patrons left their kids, a 12-year-old and a 14-month-old, in running vehicles while placing wagers at the sportsbooks at the Presque Isle Downs & Casino and Valley Forge Casino and Resort, respectively.

In January, the watchdog sanctioned four individuals for similar offenses. On one of the occasions, a man left unattended five children, one of which an infant, for an hour and 12 min while he was playing slots at the Valley Forge Casino and Resort.

The two latest occasions brought the total number of incidents since the start of 2022 in which adults leave their children unattended to gamble at Pennsylvania casinos to 331, involving 522 minors.

The PGCB used the occasion to remind all adults that leaving minors unattended at a Pennsylvania casino is also a criminal offense as it creates a potentially unsafe and dangerous environment for the children.

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Soft2Bet Adds David Yatom as General Counsel

Soft2Bet Adds David Yatom as General Counsel

Soft2Bet, a casino and sportsbook platform provider, has expanded its team with David Yatom as general counsel. The new appointee will be tasked with leading the company’s legal, regulatory and compliance teams.

The provider explained that Yatom is a seasoned worker with years of experience in the legal field. He boasts a rich track record as a corporate, commercial and regulatory legal consultant. In addition, Yatom is familiar with the iGaming industry, which made him a perfect pick for Soft2Bet’s team.

As general counsel of the casino and sportsbook platform provider, Yatom will be responsible for spearheading the company’s legal and compliance initiatives. He will also be tasked with promoting Soft2Bet’s strategy of expanding and focusing on both existing and emerging gambling markets. Finally, the new hire will play a pivotal role in outlining the company’s corporate and commercial strategy.

The company listed some of Yatom’s previous experiences, including his tenure as general counsel for SBTech. During his time with the latter company, Yatom played an integral role in its business combination agreement with Diamond Eagle Acquisition and DraftKings. Following this monumental agreement, Yatom assumed the role of senior director of legal at DraftKings, Soft2Bet noted.

Yatom Is Thrilled to Join Soft2Bet’s Talented Team

David Yatom spoke about his new position, saying that he is very excited to join Soft2Bet. He praised the company for managing to do a lot in a very short time and applauded it for having quickly become a key player in iGaming.

Yatom said that the company is driven by an amazing team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who have the ability to cement Soft2Bet as one of the industry-leading companies in online gaming. He concluded that he trusts Soft2Bet’s vision and is looking forward to working with the company:

I strongly believe in the company’s unique product, technology and innovative capability. Soft2Bet has a highly capable and dynamic management team and I very much look forward to working with them to jointly accomplishSoft2Bet’s long-term strategic goals.

David Yatom, general counsel, Soft2Bet

Uri Poliavich, Soft2Bet’s chief executive officer, welcomed Yatom on board and said that the team truly appreciates the new hire’s experience. The CEO said that he is certain that Yatom will be able to “provide exceptional guidance and insights” that will enhance the company’s existing legal advisory services.

He understands the core values of Soft2Bet and will lead our presence in the industry.

Uri Poliavich, CEO, Soft2Bet

A month ago, Soft2Bet penned a content-oriented agreement with Octoplay.

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PartyPoker Grand Prix Spring Crowns Three Champs as Main Events Begin

PartyPoker Grand Prix Spring Crowns Three Champs as Main Events Begin

PartyPoker players are enjoying the Grand Prix Spring series, with the first three champions of numbered events crowned. The Opener, Mini Opener, and Micro Opener PKO events are all in the bag, and their worthy champions now have ample bankrolls for the remainder of the series.

“running4gunz” came out on top of the $55 buy-in $75,000 guaranteed Opener PKO, outlasting a massive field of 3,224 entrants. All those entries meant the guarantee was not only hit but PartyPoker awarded a cool $96,720, blowing the guarantee out of the water.

All but one of the nine finalists, “PsychFox” saw a prize worth at least four figures hit their accounts. PsychFox, the ninth-place finisher, walked away with $780 to show for their endeavours.

“Sankaku Jime” ($1,108), “Tarekkk_” ($1,013), and “EpicSince92” ($2,012) crashed and burned, leaving only five players in the hunt for the first Grand Prix Spring title of the series. Those five became four when “vixkixkx” busted ($1,810) and then three with the elimination of “SAMURAVI77” ($2,980). The tournament progressed to the heads-up stage once “dust2_killer” was felted ($4,823).

Both running4gunz and “iva76” locked in more than $5,600 from the main prize pool, leaving the substantial final bounties to play for. Iva76 fell at the final hurdle, and walked away with $6,351 in total, leaving running4gunz to scoop a combined prize worth $10,454.

Grand Prix Spring #01 Opener PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 running4gunz $4,840 $5,614 $10,454
2 iva76 $749 $5,602 $6,351
3 dust2_killer $1,233 $3,590 $4,823
4 SAMURAVI77 $623 $2,357 $2,980
5 vixkickx $219 $1,591 $1,810
6 EpicSince92 $820 $1,192 $2,012
7 Tarekkk_ $151 $862 $1,013
8 Sankaku Jime $421 $687 $1,108
9 PsychFox $247 $533 $780

Raven0216 Flies Away With Mini PKO Title

The $5.50 Grand Prix Spring Mini Opener PKO was only mini in name because 3,594 PartyPoker players turned out in force, and created a guarantee-busting $17,970 prize pool. It was “Raven0216” that got their claws into the largest slice of the pie, swooping down and claiming $1,896 in total, made up of $1,041 from the main prize pool plus $855 worth of bounty payments.

A chunk of those bounties came from eliminating “k0rnqka” heads-up, as they not only won their bounty but captured the prize that was on their head. The runner-up headed into the night with $1,127 to show for the epic grind, the only other finalists to bag four figures for their $5.50 initial investment.

Grand Prix Spring #02 Mini Opener PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 Raven0216 $855 $1,041 $1,896
2 k0rnqka $90 $1,037 $1,127
3 sn00ka6677 $148 $664 $812
4 TomaBadToma $99 $436 $535
5 BruXoo. $23 $294 $317
6 Paulera293 $98 $218 $316
7 Moneysniper $129 $157 $286
8 Metalhands $3 $126 $129
9 PtitWinnie $39 $98 $137

PuruRasta Smokes the Opposition in the Micro Opener PKO

A field of 2,446 entrants in the $1.10 buy-in Grand Prix Spring Micro Opener PKO left a small overlay on the $2,500 guarantee, not that “PuruRasta” minded because they finished top of the pile and helped themselves to a $266 prize, including an impressive $111 worth of bounties.

The second and third-place finishers also padded their bankrolls with three-figure scores. Third-place finisher “DonkerKiller” netted $119 while runner-up “Pelegossauro” reeled in a $183 prize.

Grand Prix Spring #03 Micro Opener PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 PuruRasta $111 $155 $266
2 Pelegossauro $29 $154 $183
3 DonkerKiller $20 $99 $119
4 Xerengo14 $14 $65 $79
5 Gimka2L $18 $44 $62
6 r77shark $25 $33 $58
7 the_jungledon $31 $24 $55
8 pokerganja_1 $2 $19 $21
9 EduDuda2022 $5 $14 $19

PartyPoker Launches Round the Clock Freerolls; Gives Away $2,500 Daily!

Dozens of Main Event Flights Remaining

The trio of Grand Prix Spring Main Events make up the final three numbered tournaments on the schedule, and all three are in full swing. Those Main Events come with buy-ins of $55 ($250,000 guaranteed), $11 ($50,000), and $2.20 ($10,000), with each featuring five flights every day up to and including April 3, which is also when Day 2 takes place.

In addition to the three Main Events, there are scores of side events with buy-ins from $0.55 to $109 that run around the clock. If multi-table tournaments are what get you all hot and bothered, PartyPoker is the place to head.

Satellites for all three Grand Prix Spring Main Events can be found in the PartyPoker lobby right now, as can Grand Prix edition SPINS, which make it possible to turn $3 into cash or Grand Prix Spring tickets worth up to $109.

Multiplier Prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $6 cash 707,000
3.67 $11 Grand Prix Spring ticket 229,500
7.34 $22 Grand Prix Spring ticket 50,000
11 $33 Grand Prix Spring ticket 8,000
18.34 $55 Grand Prix Spring ticket 5,000
36.34 $109 Grand Prix Spring ticket 500

Help Yourself to a PartyPoker Welcome Package

Download PartyPoker via PokerNews and deposit at least $10 to receive a 100% match up to $600 welcome bonus in addition to up to $30 worth of free play.

A $10 deposit yields $10 worth of tickets over the course of a week:

  • Day 1: 2x $1 SPINS tickets + 1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 2: 4x $0.25 SPINS tickets
  • Day 4: 1x $3.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 6: 4x $0.25 SPINS tickets

Increase your deposit to at least $20, and the following ticket package is yours:

  • Day 1: 1x $5.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 2: 2x $1 SPINS ticket
  • Day 3: 1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 4: 1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 5: 3x $2.20 MTT tickets
  • Day 6: 2x $3 SPINS tickets + 1x$3.30 MTT ticket

Residents of the United Kingdom enjoy a slightly different welcome from PartyPoker. Their deposit of at least £10 comes with a 100% match up to £400 first deposit bonus plus $10 worth of Party Dollars, which can be used in any of the site’s games every day for six days.

To release the total Deposit Bonus amount, you must accumulate four times the Deposit Bonus amount in loyalty points. Each time the player accumulates 10% of the Total Loyalty Points required, they will receive a 10% increment of the Deposit Bonus

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IGT Adds Gift & GO to ADVANTAGE Management System

IGT Adds Gift & GO to ADVANTAGE Management System

International Game Technology (IGT) has unveiled an agreement with the business-to-business gifting technology platform Gift & Go. Thanks to this agreement, casino partners of IGT’s ADVANTAGE management system will be able to add gifting solutions to their offerings.

Gift & Go allows companies to provide their customers with special gift programs tailored to their needs and receive a variety of goods. It is a fairly new gifting tech platform that leverages the power of Amazon Business to help its partners win customers. What makes it so special is provides customers with the freedom of choosing a reward they truly desire.

IGT’s casino partners will therefore be able to integrate the gifting tech platform into their slots, secondary displays and service windows using IGT’s M5 content management tech. With IGT being one of the biggest gambling companies in the world, many operators will be able to benefit from Gift & Go’s solutions.

IGT has a well-established global presence and is active in over 100 markets around the world. Its team of 10,500 employees helps it create a lot of value for many partners.

IGT Is Happy to Provide Its Clients with a New Solution

Gift & GO’s co-chief executive officer, Jon Reuben, commented on the agreement. He said that the integration with the IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system will allow his team to provide a spectrum of casino operators with solutions to increase customer loyalty. Gifting programs, Reuben noted, can also increase revenue while reducing player walk rate.

The proven Gift & Go platform helps casino operators maximize player retention and replace legacy processes with automation, personalization and convenience that players genuinely appreciate.

Jon Reuben, co-CEO, Gift & GO

Meanwhile, Ryan Reddy, senior vice president of global video poker, VLT, systems and payments at IGT, said that the new agreement will provide IGT ADVANTAGE with “incremental value.” He is sure that players will delight in being able to get items from Amazon Business through casino loyalty club gifting programs.

Reddy noted that his team views the integration as a great way to enhance IGT’s system solutions offering while arming its partners with a new solution to engage players.

We view this as a great way to enhance our systems solutions offering while helping our customers reduce product storage demands, labor requirements and capital allocations through a convenient and modern experience for their guests.

Ryan Reddy, SVP of global video poker, VLT, systems and payments, IGT

In other news, IGT recently signed a new agreement with Graton Resort & Casino, agreeing to provide the operator with state-of-the-art cashless gaming.

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