The Best Countries for Thrillseekers

The best countires for thrilseekers

As the demand for adrenaline-fueled experiences continues to grow, we sought to find out which countries are the best for thrill-seekers.

To do this, we assessed and analysed seven factors across over 60 countries worldwide, including:

  • Casinos
  • Roller Coasters
  • Rock Climbing Trails
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Hiking Trails
  • Off-road trails
  • Highest peak height (m)

To ensure precision in evaluating each country’s abundance (or scarcity) of thrill factors, we calculated a final Adrenaline Index score out of 10, taking into account each country’s population size to increase the accuracy of our data. Let’s dive into the results.

The best countries for adrenaline junkies

1. France (8.86/10)

France is the ultimate thrill-seeker’s paradise, scoring a remarkable 8.86 out of 10 on our adrenaline scale. Iconic mountain ranges, such as the Pyrenees and Alps, offer over 720,000 hiking trails, and the formidable Mont Blanc, towering at 4,810 metres, is a highlight.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Cliff jumping in the Calanques, rock climbing in Provence, and glacier cycling are just a few activities for adrenaline junky daredevils awaiting in France, resulting in the top spot on our list.

2. Mexico (8.56/10)

Mexico comes in second place, with a score of 8.56 out of 10. Beyond its renowned fiestas and refreshing margaritas, Mexico beckons with action-packed activities for thrill seekers. Scale the iconic snow-capped cone of Pico de Orizaba, towering at 5,636 metres above sea level, or conquer one of the world’s largest sport climbing areas at El Potrero Chico.

For a different kind of thrill, indulge in the excitement of gambling at any of Mexico’s 364 casinos.

3. Spain (8.41/10)

Spain closely trails behind Mexico with a score of 8.41 out of 10. Despite having fewer than a quarter of the number of casinos that Mexico has, Spain boasts a secret weapon when it comes to experiences for adrenaline junkies—its outdoor attractions.

With over 10,000 rock climbing trails and more than 6.4 million mountain bike tracks, Spain leads the pack in these key factors. Climbers flock to challenging sites like the limestone cliffs of Montserrat in Catalonia, while Zona Zero in Ainsa shines as a top mountain biking destination, offering an extensive network of trails against the stunning backdrop of the Pyrenees.

4. Argentina (8.34/10)

Argentina is the first South American country in the top 10, clinching fourth place with a score of 8.34 out of 10. With 172 casinos, 308 rock climbing trails, and over 300,000 hiking trails, Argentina’s allure as an adventure destination is undeniable.

A standout feature is Aconcagua, towering nearly 7,000 metres, the highest peak in the Americas and outside Asia. Despite its majestic stature, Aconcagua bears a grim reputation, earning the nickname “Mountain of Death” due to its high mortality rate, claiming an average of three lives per year.

5. United States (8.16/10)

According to our study, the United States ranks as the fifth-best country for adrenaline junkies. With a staggering 2,937 casinos, the US surpasses Italy by 197% for this factor, a fact hardly surprising given the prominence of casino hotspots such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Additionally, the US boasts over 900 rollercoasters and is home to Denali in Alaska, the highest summit in the United States and North America by 702m—the next tallest being Mount Saint Elias on the Yukon and Alaska border.

6. Italy (8.04/10)

Italy is the last in the top 10 to score over eight (8.04/10) on our Adrenaline Index. The country boasts over 1.6 million hiking trails, surpassing the United States in fifth with 753,700 more mountain bike trails and 1,209 more rock climbing trails by comparison.

Via Ferrata, combining scrambling and rock climbing, is among the most popular experiences for adrenaline junkies in Italy. The Dolomites, especially around Cortina d’Ampezzo, offer numerous Via Ferrata routes suitable for various skill levels.

7. Brazil (7.84/10)

Another South American powerhouse for adrenaline enthusiasts is Brazil, ranking seventh in our top 10 with a score of 7.84 out of 10. Brazil’s abundance of outdoor activities makes it an unmissable adventure destination. It boasts over 1.2 million hiking trails and an impressive number of off-road trails (195,000). This surpasses Spain by 80,000, which ranks second for the highest number of off-road trails.

Two of Brazil’s top adrenaline-fueled activities include hang gliding and paragliding in Rio de Janeiro and surfing in Florianopolis, both situated in southern Brazil.

8. Colombia (7.79/10)

Colombia secures eighth position in our ranking of the best countries for thrill-seekers, scoring 7.79 out of 10. Colombia boasts over 230,000 mountain bike trails and over 210,000 hiking trails. The Gateway to South America is also home to an impressive peak, Pico Cristóbal Colón, standing at 5,700 metres and adorned with a permanent snowcap.

Similar to the United States, Colombia is a popular adventure destination for whitewater rafting, especially in San Gil, known as the adventure capital of Colombia. The Suarez and Chicamocha Rivers provide thrilling rapids suitable for beginners and experienced rafters, making it a top destination for adrenaline enthusiasts worldwide.

9. Turkey (7.49/10)

Turkey is ninth on our Adrenaline Index, with a score of 7.49 out of 10. Turkey is a great all-around destination, offering a healthy amount of indoor and outdoor activities. The country boasts 122 rock climbing trails, which is 26 more than the United States and Germany combined. With 282,000 hiking trails, Turkey also has close to twice as many hiking trails as nearby holiday destination Greece.

One of the most exhilarating activities on offer in Turkey is a skydive over the ancient city of Ephesus. In this unique skydive, you drop into the city that was once the site of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

10. Germany (7.17/10)

Germany secures the final spot in our top 10, scoring 7.17 thanks to its 400+ casinos and 283 roller coasters. However, it falls short in outdoor pursuits compared to other contenders. For instance, Germany has almost 236 times fewer rock climbing trails than Spain, with Germany home to just 45 compared to Spain’s 10,600.

Adrenaline enthusiasts seeking thrills should head to the Nürburgring, a renowned racing circuit in Nürburg, Germany. The Nordschleife, or “North Loop” track, provides a distinctive chance to test driving skills and savour the adrenaline rush of navigating its twists, turns, and elevation changes!

UK adrenaline junkies score 6.69/10

Thrisllseekers in UK

The United Kingdom narrowly missed the top 10 and ranked 13th out of the 61 countries analysed in our study. Scoring 6.69 out of 10, the UK stands out for its significant number of casinos (751), 211 roller coasters, and 118,000 hiking trails in our Adrenaline Index.

However, if you’re seeking high peaks, the UK might not be your top choice. Its highest peak, Ben Nevis in Scotland, stands at 1,345 metres—some 5,000 metres smaller than Argentina’s highest peak, Aconcagua.

Coasteering is a popular activity for adrenaline junkies in the UK. It entails navigating a rocky coastline through climbing, swimming, and cliff jumping, and thrill seekers can explore sea caves, leap into the ocean from elevated points, and tackle challenging coastal terrain. With its rugged coastline, the UK offers ideal coasteering conditions, with spots like Pembrokeshire in Wales and the Jurassic Coast in England being favourites.

5 countries not recommended for adrenaline junkies

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have identified some countries that may not be ideal destinations for adrenaline junkies, significantly lagging in all our Adrenaline Index categories. Let’s take a closer look.

not recommended countries for thrill seekers

1. Egypt (1.97/10)

With a score of 1.97 out of 10, Egypt secures the top spot among the countries we wouldn’t recommend for thrill-seeking explorers. Despite having a handful of casinos and roller coasters (28 and 23, respectively), Egypt lacks rock climbing trails (0) and offers around three-and-a-half times fewer hiking trails compared to Thailand (5,890 vs 1,610, respectively).

2. Kenya (2.27/10)

Kenya shares second place with Tanzania, both scoring 2.27 out of 10. While Kenya has 21 fewer rollercoasters and 450 fewer hiking trails than Egypt, it boasts a greater number of off-road trails (509), marking a 102% difference compared with Egypt for this criteria.

Additionally, Kenya stands out for its highest peak, Mount Kenya, reaching 5,199 metres, making it the second-highest peak in Africa after Kilimanjaro.

2. Tanzania (2.27/10)

In our top five countries not recommended for thrill-seekers, Tanzania is next. It boasts 1,720 more hiking trails and 14 more off-road trails compared to Kenya, with has 2,880 and 523, respectively. Additionally, Tanzania’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, surpasses Kenya’s highest peak by over 600 metres.

However, Tanzania only has eight casinos, four roller coasters, and one rock climbing trail. As a result, thrill-seekers might find it challenging to satisfy their adventurous spirit in this spot.

3. Luxembourg (2.38/10)

Luxembourg follows Kenya and Tanzania with a score of 2.38 out of 10. Despite its low scores in various factors (such as having only one casino, no roller coasters, and just one rock climbing trail), Luxembourg compensates with a significant number of mountain bike trails. It boasts over 7,700 mountain bike tracks, exceeding the number available in Thailand, Egypt, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Luxembourg also stands out for its extensive network of hiking trails. With 51,900 trails, it holds the highest number for this criteria among all the countries in the bottom five locations in our Adrenaline Index. To put that into perspective, Thailand has nearly nine times fewer hiking trails (5,890), while Kenya has nearly 45 times fewer (1,160).

4. Thailand (2.38/10)

With a score of only 2.38 out of 10, Thailand ranks as the joint fourth country we wouldn’t recommend for adrenaline junkies. This is primarily due to Thailand’s very low scores in each of the categories analysed in our study, like the number of rock climbing trails (2).

Thailand also offers just 1,160 mountain bike trails and 82 off-road trails. That’s nearly 164 fewer mountain bike trails and 223 fewer off-road trails compared to what can be found in France, the leading country for adrenaline junkies.


  • 1. The experts at compiled a global index ranking the best countries for thrill-seekers by considering seven factors, including:
  • a. Number of casinos
  • b. Number of roller coasters
  • c. Number of rock climbing trails
  • d. Number of mountain bike trails
  • e. Number of hiking trails
  • f.Number of off-road trails
  • g. Highest peak height in each country.
  • *Note: Countries with more than two missing values were omitted, resulting in 61 countries in the final dataset.
  • 2. The experts collected the data from the below sources:
  • 3. After collecting the numbers, the experts logarithmically normalised them to reduce skewness between countries of different sizes.
  • 4. Each country’s final adrenaline score out of 10 was calculated to reveal the top 15 adrenaline hotspots worldwide.
  • 5. All data was collected on 5th February 2024 and is correct as of then.

*Before engaging in gambling activities, it’s important to thoroughly review the rules and regulations governing gambling in various countries.

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Easy Poker Cheat Sheets For Beginners

Poker hands cheat sheet

Use each poker cheat sheet in this guide to ground your game and establish solid fundamentals:

Don’t underestimate their power! When I first started playing poker, I didn’t even know how to hold my cards right. But I studied diligently and three months later, when I entered my first poker tournament, I won first place. The secret? Mastering the fundamentals.

I wasn’t a poker tells guru or mathematical whiz. What I did know was which cards to play and when – that alone was enough to have an extreme edge on my competition.

Poker Hands Cheat Sheet

For starters, remind yourself of the poker hand rankings, so you know what hands you’re trying to make.

But this poker hand cheat sheet alone isn’t enough to make you a great player. As with my story, the first place you really need to start is with what’s called your starting hands.

Poker Starting Hands Cheat Sheet

It may surprise you to know that professional poker players fold close to 80% of their hands… BEFORE the flop! Most hands are bad hands not valuable enough to enter the pot.

As I say in my book “A Girl’s Guide to Poker“, the first peek at your cards provides a mini rush, until you realize most of your hands are destined for the muck – poker’s trash pile.

…Truth is, most poker hands are awful. Statistical miscreants. Mathematical losers. That one D-list celebrity who can just never seem to get it together.

That’s right—the first thing you need to know about poker is that most hands are statistical losers. The fastest and easiest way to get ahead is by playing better cards than your opponents.

In a moment, you’ll see how to adjust which starting hands you play based on your position at the table. But for now, here’s your starting hands cheat sheet separated into three different levels:


  • Only play suited A-K-Q-J-T

Play any two cards that can make a royal flush. Said another way, BOTH of your cards need to be the same suit and either an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, or Ten. Nothing else counts.

If you implement this strategy, you will find yourself folding A LOT. That’s OK. Poker is a game of discipline – good habits start now.


When you’re ready to level-up and take your poker starting hands to the next level, stick to the following three categories: BROADWAYS, PAIRS, SUITED CONNECTORS.

  • Broadway cards are A-K-Q-J-T, but they don’t have to be the same suit. So now you can play a hand like King-Queen even if they’re different suits (like the King of Clubs and Queen of Spades).
  • Pairs are two of the same card, like a pair of nines or a pair of Jacks.
  • Suited connectors are numerically consecutive and the same suit. Hands like a nine and eight of spades or a six and seven of diamonds. What if you’re dealt a nine and ten of different suits? Fold it!

These are card categories you can loosely play in any position.


You really begin to develop your edge when you fine-tune which cards to play based on position. This is a preflop raise first-in guide. These are the hands you raise if no one else has raised ahead of you.

First what you do is determine your position at the table. Then you check this cheat sheet to see which starting hands you should raise.

What if I don’t want to follow these rules? Poker is for you—obviously play the game you want to play. This is just a foundation. As your skill level increases, you can deviate from these norms based on player types, stack sizes, preflop action, and so on.

However, you do want to know the general reasoning behind these tight guidelines.

The Guidelines Explained

Why do you want both cards to be broadways?

Why not just play any starting hand with an Ace? The problem is that you will often find yourself “outkicked” —meaning if you do this, your Ace-Eight will lose to someone else’s Ace-Jack. It is going to cost you significantly because you will hit a good hand that is second-best. Poker doesn’t reward silver medals.

Why do you want to play pairs?

When two of your hole cards match, it’s called a pocket pair. This is great because you already have what’s called a “made hand”—you don’t need to connect with the flop! A pair is a pair and no one can take that away from you. (Not even the government.) It’s also surprisingly hard to flop a pair.

  • You’re only going to connect with the flop around one-third of the time.
  • This also applies to your opponents. A pair provides a nice head start because they’re usually going to miss.

Why do you want to play suited connectors?

Number cards are the hardest to play because they are much less likely to be the best hand at showdown. Flopping a pair of sixes isn’t going to hold up frequently enough… and even if it does, the pot will surely be small. You play suited connectors for their ability to hit straights and flushes.

This is also not a guarantee, which is why you shouldn’t play these starting hands until you’re comfortable bluffing. You need to be confident playing draws.

Let’s say you have 8♠-9♠ and the flop is A♠-K♠-4♥. Sure, another spade will improve you to a flush and most likely give you the winning hand—but what do you do if another spade doesn’t hit? You’re going to need to have a back-up plan.

For all the times your straights and flushes don’t come in, you’re going to need to know when a bluff will be successful vs. when it’s better to give-up (sometimes your opponent just isn’t folding). Suited connector starting hands require more advanced post-flop strategy, unlike a hand like pocket aces which is strong enough to win on its own.

Poker Odds Cheat Sheet

Here’s a beginners cheat sheet for poker odds. You can print this out like a master list or keep reading as I break the most important ones down in more detail.

  • Flopping a pair… 29%
  • Flopping two pair… 2%
  • Flopping a set… 12%
  • Flopping a flush… 0.84%
  • Flopping a straight with two connected hole cards… 1.3%
  • Making a flush by the river… 35%
  • Making an open-ended straight by the river… 32%
  • Making a gutshot straight by the river … 16%
  • Making a full house by the river if you’ve flopped a set… 33%
  • Pocket pair vs two overcards … 51%
  • Lower pocket pair against higher pocket pair … 18%
  • Pair vs one overcard … 70%
  • Kicker pairing … 25%
  • Pairing either overcard after the flop … 25%
  • Backdoor/runner-runner flush … 4%

Even though this is a poker cheat sheet for beginners, you’d be surprised how many regulars don’t know some of these essentials. People chase backdoor flushes all the time – even though they’ll miss with near 95% frequency.

Tip: A backdoor flush is when you need both the turn and river to be the same suit in order to make your flush. For example, if you have K♥J♥ and the flop is 8♠9♠3♥, you need both the turn and river to be a heart in order to complete a flush.

You can also refer to this poker odds cheat sheet featuring common scenarios to help you calculate odds when trying to improve your hand.

These are the 3 most vital poker probabilities for you to know:

  • Making a flush by the river… 35%
  • Making an open-ended straight by the river… 32%
  • Pocket pair vs. two overcards … 51%

Making a flush or straight with one card to come rather than two—ex. You’ve flopped a straight draw and want to know your probability of hitting your straight on the turn—means you just cut the statistic in half. So making a straight is about 16% and a flush is about 17.5%.

The pocket pair vs. two overcards is a scenario commonly referred to as a FLIP… because it’s nearly a coin toss. A hand like pocket tens vs. Ace-King will win just over 50% of the time. Poker players will frequently say, “we’re flipping!” when you’re racing a pair against two higher cards.

What I recommend all beginners do is download a poker odds calculator app on your smartphone (there are many) and plug-in the hands yourself. If you do this enough, you will see the same probabilities appear over and over again. It’s an easy way to begin to recognize standard situations and statistics.

Calculating Outs Cheat Sheet

An alternate way to look at your hand’s chances of winning is calculating “outs.” Think of how many cards are available in the deck to give you the best hand.

If you need to hit an open-ended straight draw for example, then you have eight outs. For example, you hold 7♣6♣. Flop is 9♦8♥3♠. Any 5 or 10 will make you a straight. There are four 5s in the deck and four 10s, meaning you have eight cards to hit for the winner.

  • Multiply your number of outs by four in order to roughly calculate your odds of hitting on the river.
  • Multiply your number of outs by two in order to roughly calculate your odds of hitting on the turn.


Flush draws contain nine outs (there are 13 cards of each suit in the deck, subtract the two in your hand and the two on the flop). Multiply 9 x 4 to calculate your likelihood of hitting your flush by the river (36%) and multiply 9 x 2 to calculate your likelihood of hitting your flush by the turn (18%).

Some people prefer to calculate outs and run these equities in their heads. I can assure you however it’s not necessary—if you follow this poker cheat sheet, then you will see the same odds and statistics pop-up so regularly you’ll naturally store them to memory.

Printable Poker Cheat Sheets

Use the links below to print poker cheat sheet PDFs, or download them to refer to later.

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NBA, Sportradar Add Betting Overlay to NBA League Pass App

NBA logo in 3D

The warm embrace between professional sports leagues and betting continues, as the NBA has announced new odds and wagering integration within NBA League Pass. The feature is powered by Sportradar’s emBET and will display odds right along with live game broadcasts.

viewers can tap on the odds and immediately place a bet

Where it differs significantly from other gambling line displays is that viewers can tap on the odds and immediately place a bet in either the FanDuel or DraftKings app. The two US sports betting market leaders are official betting partners of the NBA.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Sportradar Senior Vice President of Audiovisual Patrick Mostboeck said that the emBET overlay makes “in-play betting more engaging and immersive.”

“Integrating emBET is consistent with the NBA’s vision to create hyper-personalized and customized viewing experiences within NBA games,” added Scott Kaufman-Ross, the NBA’s Executive Vice President of Media and Gaming. “For NBA fans who want to wager on our games during live action, they can now elect to receive contextualized betting information directly on NBA League Pass.”

The betting functionality in the NBA League Pass app is only available in states where sports wagering is legal. It is also opt-in, meaning that users will not see it unless they specifically choose to turn it on.

The post NBA, Sportradar Add Betting Overlay to NBA League Pass App appeared first on Vegas Slots Online News.

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Atlantic City Casinos Brace for Summer Beach Woes Over Sand Delivery

Atlantic City beach

Peak season worries

Three of Atlantic City’s northernmost seafront casinos are bracing for a hit during peak tourism season.

desperately need their beaches replenished

Ocean Casino Resort, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and Resorts Casino Hotel desperately need their beaches replenished, but the US Army Corps of Engineers only expects to deliver the sand in the late summer or fall.  

According to The Independent, prolonged winter storms have gobbled up beaches in the north of Atlantic City, leaving “little if any sand on which to play during all but the lowest tides.”

The beaches are a major summer season draw for Ocean, Hard Rock, and Resorts. So much so that executives from the three casinos are urging the federal and state governments to fast-track a beach replenishment project meant to have happened in 2023.

But the overseer of the project, the Army Corps, stated it will only put out a contract for the work in April or May.

Casino execs raise alarm

Alarm bells are ringing for the three casinos after Army Corps spokesman Stephen Rochette stated the work on replenishing the beaches will only start “sometime this summer or in the fall.”

Atlantic City has long marketed its beaches as a unique selling point over other gambling destinations in the region. Therefore, the three casino resorts most reliant on beaches to attract gamblers and tourists face a hard sell summer.  

Hard Rock casino’s General Manager Mike Sampson stated: “It’s going to be a challenge.”

“One of the highlights of coming to Atlantic City has always been the beaches and the Boardwalk.” Sampson added that Hard Rock’s beach “was totally destroyed” by the winter storms.

By the end of summer, all that sand was gone.”

It’s the same story over at Ocean. Despite spending $600,000 to truck in sand for its beach in 2023, Project Director for the effort Ian Jerome stated: “By the end of summer, all that sand was gone.”

Jerome added that winter storms have left only two out of the 12 casino resorts beach entrances still accessible. The Independent reported the remaining entrances were “just dead-end in mid-air, with treacherous drop-offs that could cause serious injury — or worse.”

Oceans General Manager Bill Callahan summed up the dilemma with: “How do you run a beach resort without a beach?”

Sense of urgency

President of Resorts casino Mark Giannantonio is hoping for at least some of beach replenishment project to happen early summer, what he dubbed a “beach-like” option.

Atlantic City was due for additional sand in the summer of 2023, but Congress failed to green light funding. This year, however, $25m in federal funding is available to offset the $30m beach replenishment price tag, of which the state will pony up a smaller percentage. Despite the funds, time is not on the beach resorts’ side this summer.

Giannantonio, who is also Casino Association of New Jersey President said: “Everyone realizes the importance of getting this sand,” adding, “The sense of urgency is real.”

The post Atlantic City Casinos Brace for Summer Beach Woes Over Sand Delivery appeared first on Vegas Slots Online News.

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Source link Partners with Francesco Totti to Score Italian Market Debut Partners with Francesco Totti to Score Italian Market Debut

A prominent online gambling company, produces casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting entertainment content. Its increasingly popular operations have recently resulted in the company’s decision to launch its unique information and entertainment platform in Italy. As Italy is the home of one of the most exciting football leagues in the world, collaborates with the undisputable football legend Francesco Totti to make the Italian market debut of the operator’s infotainment platform even stronger.

Partnering with Legendary Football Player

In addition to his legendary football achievements, Francesco Totti will be remembered as the player faithful to the Roma club throughout his brilliant career.’s choice of corporate ambassador is therefore set to benefit from Totti’s knowledge and authority, but also his proven loyal personality capable of making the promotion deal a long-term partnership commitment.

Exclusive Market Debut Offerings

At the same time, will use the stunning opportunity to make a strong launch with a wide variety of its exclusive content. For this reason, the operator’s so called ‘’infotainment platform’’ will bring an exhaustive streak of interviews, news, and highlights across a wide range of sports competitions and leagues. One may expect that the Italian Calcio will be extensively covered as seems determined to attract as many Italian sports enthusiasts as possible immediately upon the market debut.

Betsson Sport Club Feature

The reputable operator brings an outstanding content to Italians, but also couples the offering with the initiative ‘Betsson Sport Club’ to invite teams from all sports disciplines to join the club and take advantage of the increased visibility from the national audience. opens the club for both the participants in the renowned leagues and those from the leagues less exposed to public insight to capitalize on the operator’s unique feature now available across the Italian jurisdiction.

National football hero Francesco Totti said:“I am thrilled to be part of this project, which aligns perfectly with my daily commitment to sharing my passion for sports. presents a wonderful opportunity to unite various sports clubs and helping them to realize their full potential.”

Ronni Hartvig, Chief Commercial Officer of Betsson Group, added: “Italy holds significant importance for Betsson, and we are delighted to partner with Francesco Totti, a figure synonymous with excellence in Italian football. We think his story and experiences will help us make the Betsson Sports Club even better, promoting our values of fair play, inclusion, and passion.”

Targeting Leading Market Position commences its Italian story with full confidence in the powerful impact of its innovative offerings and strategic partnerships on the market situation. The inclusion of Totti and the Roma football club in the company’s promotional activities testifies about Betsson’s commitment to starting the Italian journey at a full speed. Such a start announces the exciting journey likely to take the company to a leading position in the lucrative Italian online sports betting market.

Source: “Betsson.Sport Debuts In Italy With Francesco Totti As Ambassador”. European Gaming. March 18, 2024.

The post Partners with Francesco Totti to Score Italian Market Debut appeared first on Casino News Daily.

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2024 March Madness Expected to Handle $2.7Billion in Bets

2024 March Madness Expected to Handle $2.7Billion in Bets

The upcoming March Madness basketball tournament will reportedly feature 136 NCAA teams and 134 games to represent a huge opportunity for bettors and operators to further boost the sports betting handle across 38 states with legalized sports wagering operations. As Associated Press reports, the sports betting handle and the number of states allowing either retail, online, or both forms of betting have been rapidly growing since 2018, when the US Supreme Court ruled to legalize gambling operations in the country.

Post-PASPA Sports Betting Expansion:

The proliferation of sports betting legalization measures in the US has reportedly started from a single state that allowed gambling operations before the 2018 court decision. You could bet it was Nevada, with the ”entertainment capital of the world” tailoring the gambling environment according to the state preferences. Other states seemingly followed the US Supreme Court decision and the Nevada approach to launch sports betting operations according to the state-specific NCAA sports betting environment.

Since 2018, 38 states have launched some form of sports wagering, with 30 states and the Washington D.C. allowing online betting, according to AP. The same source reports that the upcoming March Madness tournament will feature an expanded number of states with legal wagering than the 2023 tournament. North Carolina has recently launched online sports betting operations to facilitate legal bets on the 2024 NCAA games but also to continue the constant wagering expansion across the States.

Actually, since the University of Connecticut won the 2023 men’s March Madness competition, more than 10 states have launched sports betting or expanded the existing wagering operations. As reported by AP, North Carolina was followed by Nebraska, Kentucky, and Florida, where the Seminole Tribe launched online sports betting in December 2023.

NCAA Sports Betting Rules Vary Among the States:

However, the rules for sports betting differ from state to state. As reported by AP, some states do not allow bets on home college teams – such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont  – or individual player’s performance, or so-called proposition bets -such as Maryland and Ohio. As reported, state authorities consider that such a practice could put an extensive pressure on players and affect their mental health. Also, AP reports that the bets on player’s performance including a number of points, rebounds, or assists are allowed in some states, while other states ban these wagers to prevent players from aligning their game performance with some specific bet requirements.

 2024 March Madness Expected to Handle $2.7 billion in Bets:

As reported by AP, the 2024 edition of the NCAA March Madness tournament starts on March 19 with the men’s games, while the women’s competition starts on March 20. The fans are counting hours to hear referee’s whistle blowing the start of the first game and the mind of the college basketball fans for the next two weeks. The operators reasonably expect that the revenue levels will be not less mad than the whole rush and haste around the tournament; The American Gaming Association estimates $2.7 billion in bets will be placed on the NCAA competition through legal sports books, according to AP.

David Forman, the American Gaming Association vice president of research, reportedly commented: “March Madness is the biggest kind of individual event of the year for sports betting.” Indeed, AP reports that 134 games of March Madness tournament are likely to draw much more bets than the Super Bowl being the most important – but a single – sporting event of the year.

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2024 March Madness Betting: Connecticut, Houston Favorites in NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Gampel Pavilion at UConn

Let the madness begin

March Madness is upon us, as the conference tournaments have concluded and the brackets for both the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball national championships tournaments have been revealed. I was sweating it out, as my school, the University of Virginia, was the second-to-last one in the field, but for loads of other schools, it was just an evening of looking forward to finding out who they were playing.

And with March Madness comes betting. The American Gaming Association estimates that people will wager $2.7bn on legal betting platforms and much, much more when one takes into account bracket pools and illegal sportsbooks.

So who are the favorites this year? Let’s take a look at who the bookmakers have installed as the ones to beat. We won’t be offering up any betting advice, as this writer is a terrible bettor – lucky for me it’s not legal in my state…yet – but just examining which schools are the favorites and if it’s all just chalk down the board.

Top four seeds aren’t the top four favorites

It probably comes as no surprise that the top seeds are also the favorites to win the whole kit and kaboodle. While the selection committee sometimes throws some curveballs, they didn’t bounce one in the dirt here (baseball reference in a basketball article). Defending champ Connecticut is both the top overall seed and easily the favorite to cut down the nets at +375, according to ESPN BET.

UConn’s East Region includes 2-seed Iowa State, 3-seed Illinois, and 4-seed Auburn

And that’s even with what experts consider to be the toughest region. UConn’s East Region includes 2-seed Iowa State, 3-seed Illinois, and 4-seed Auburn, all of whom are not just really good, but also won their conference tournaments.

After Connecticut, South Region top seed Houston comes in at +550 and Midwest Region 1-seed Purdue is +700 in what many think is the weakest region.

The other 1-seed, North Carolina, is interestingly NOT the fourth-favorite on ESPN Bet. That slot goes to Arizona, who is the 2-seed in the West, North Carolina’s region. Arizona is at +1,110, while UNC is +1,300. Why is that? Could be a combination of oddsmakers thinking Arizona is better, the regional being out west and therefore favoring Arizona geographically, and perhaps (though I’m not saying this is the case) that Arizona’s side of the bracket is perceived as easier.

Best of the rest

Arizona, though having better odds than North Carolina, was not the selection committee’s top 2-seed. That was Tennessee, which is in Purdue’s bracket and looks to have a favorable path to the Elite Eight, with 3-seed Creighton being the only real threat (of course, anything can happen, just look at Purdue falling to a 16-seed last year).

sportsbooks really like Auburn’s metrics

Tennessee is +1,600 to win the national championship. That ties them with the first real eyebrow raiser in Auburn, which is just a 4-seed in the East and was just 15th on the selection committee’s overall seeding list. Sportsbooks really like Auburn’s metrics, which have them in the top ten in many computer rankings. The committee may have looked at their weak nonconference schedule, favorable conference schedule, and lack of marquee wins to knock them down the bracket a bit.

Iowa State, another 2-seed, is next at +1,700. Kentucky, a 3-seed, is at +2,000, as is 2-seed Marquette. Kentucky has two possible top-five NBA draft picks and crushed some really good teams this year, while Marquette’s star Tyler Kolek is battling an injury, which could explain the parity in odds. They are also in the same region, so if things go to par, they will meet in the Elite Eight.

Rounding out the teams on the four-line or better are 4-seed Alabama and 3-seeds Illinois and Creighton at +2,500, 4-seed Duke at +3,000, and 3-seed Baylor and 4-seed Kansas at +4,000. Kansas is the most intriguing one of the group, as when healthy, they can beat anyone, but the Jayhawks are really banged up going into the tourney. Leading scorer Kevin McCullar Jr. and leading rebounder Hunter Dickinson are both hurt – Coach Bill Self says they will be good for the tournament, but who knows?

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Chinese Embassy Warns Its Citizens in Singapore to Not Engage in Gambling

Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore

The Chinese embassy has warned all of its citizens who are in Singapore to stay away from all types of gambling as engaging in these activities overseas is illegal.

The statement on Monday from the embassy’s official WeChat account “solemnly reminded” people of Chinese laws that forbid people from placing bets even at Singapore’s legal casinos. It underscored that consulates and embassies “may not be able to provide consular protection for violations.”

It also mentioned some of the other risks associated with gambling, such as racking up debt, family issues, kidnapping, and cheating. The embassy urged people who are aware of Chinese citizens overseas who engage in gambling to report them to the police in Singapore or through another official reporting portal.

US$150bn was leaving the country’s shores annually through gaming channels

China has put a lot of work into stopping people from engaging in cross-border gambling since an amendment to its criminal code went into effect in March 2021. An estimated US$150bn was leaving the country’s shores annually through gaming channels.

Chinese embassies in other nearby countries that offer casino gambling, such as South Korea, have issued similar warnings recently.

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What Are Sweepstakes Casinos? A Look at These New Gaming Options

What Are Sweepstakes Casinos? A Look at These New Gaming Options

By Louis Wheeler

Most iGaming players are familiar with traditional online casinos. Licensed online gaming platforms require real money deposits for real money gaming, with real money rewards. However, there are alternative options available to players in the form of sweepstakes casinos and social casinos. There are clear distinctions between various online casinos, which we will examine in this blog post.

Many folks use the terms sweepstakes, lotteries and contests interchangeably. There are nuanced differences between them. Traditionally, sweepstakes refer to a giveaway with a randomly selected winner. With sweepstakes, no money needs to be spent directly upfront – no purchase is necessary for winning – and no skills or strategies are needed to win sweepstakes. But that’s the traditional sense of the word, and it’s slightly different with sweepstakes casinos.

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