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As December ended, PokerNews offered a look back at its Top 10 Stories of 2022. The PokerNews Podcast crew – which lost Sarah Herring a couple months back but welcomed Connor Richards alongside co-hosts Chad Holloway and Jesse Fullen – thought we’d do the same by sharing our six favorite episodes of the year!

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Robbi Jade Lew Addresses Hustler Casino Live Cheating Allegations

In October, we published a a special edition of the PokerNews Podcast in which Chad Holloway sat down with Robbi Jade Lew, who had been accused by Garrett Adelstein of cheating in a highly-publicized hand from the Hustler Casino Live (HCL) live stream.

Lew shared her side of the story and addressed lingering questions such as why she wavered on whether she thought she had jack-three or jack-four, why she gave the money back, what made her chair vibrate, and where things stand now.

She also talked about what she thought would happen and a potential heads-up match against Adelstein. It’s one of the biggest poker stories of the year, and here’s your chance to hear directly from Lew.

Poker Hall of Famer Jack Binion Shares Decades Worth of WSOP Memories

Jack Binion
Jack Binion

In November, Jesse Fullen sat down with Poker Hall of Famer Jack Binion to talk to the living legend. He got him to open up about his favorite memories from decades of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and trust us when we say there are some stories not to be missed!

The crew also offered their thoughts on the Women in Poker Hall of Fame Class of 2022, recapped winners from the WSOP Europe and WSOP Circuit Grand Victoria, how online poker players are being exploited by fraudsters, and more info on the World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas.

Bryn Kenney Addresses Cheating Allegations

Bryn Kenney
Bryn Kenney

In April, we published a special edition of the PokerNews Podcast in which Sarah Herring was joined by Bryn Kenney, who addressed recent cheating allegations leveled by Martin Zamani.

The interview was met with mixed reactions – ok, maybe there was quite a bit more hate than love – but it was Kenney’s first time addressing the allegations, so it did capture the attention of the poker world.

Eugene Katchalov on Escaping Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion

Eugene Katchalov
Eugene Katchalov

Back in March, Chad Holloway chatted with Eugene Katchalov, Ukraine’s all-time money leader, about his harrowing escape from Kyiv as Russia invaded. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner and World Poker Tour (WPT) champ documented his experience in real-time via Twitter, which gave his followers a glimpse into civilian life during war.

“Feels surreal, like being inside of a war movie. Don’t know anyone who expected it to get this bad,” Katchalov tweeted.

He also informed his Twitter followers that he found a few hotel rooms in a local village and “will likely spend at least a few days” there. Later in the day, he decided to change up his plans and head toward the border, which he crossed after being stuck in “massive traffic and hoping there will be gas to fill up along the way.”

Katchalov spoke to PokerNews about what he and his wife experienced, as well as what they’re doing now to help family, friends, and other refugees looking to get out of Ukraine.

Katchalov, who retired from poker in 2018 to switch to E-Sports, is Ukraine’s all-time winningest tournament player with $9.2 million in cashes while Yevgeniy Timoshenko is in second place with just over $7.8 million.

While this is a poker podcast, the topic discussed is much bigger than the game.

Sarah Herring’s Farewell Episode w/ Surprise Guests from the Past

Sarah Herring
Sarah Herring

Back in October, it was the end of an era for the PokerNews Podcast as longtime host Sarah Herring said goodbye. In this “farewell” episode, Sarah joins Chad Holloway and Jesse Fullen to swap stories, share favorite memories, and briefly discuss what’s next.

In addition, Chad and Jesse surprise Sarah with some clips provided by some guests from PokerNews‘ past including Matt Parvis, Donnie Peters, Lynn Gilmartin, Kristy Arnett-Moreno, Brent Harrington, and Jeff Platt.

Join us for this special “farewell episode” as we celebrate all things Sarah Herring!

Guest Antonio Esfandiari on Where He’s Been

Antonio Esfandairi
Antonio Esfandairi

In September, Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway discussed Sam Grafton‘s victory in the $200K Coin Rivet Invitational for $5.5 Million, as well as Ebony Kenney‘s impressive finish that was nearly a poker record!

Other topics discussed include Sergio Aido and Benny Glaser winning PokerStars WCOOP titles, a look at the Gulf Coast Poker Award nominees, and Josh Reichard becoming the 10th player inducted into the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Hall of Fame.

Finally, Chad chatted with the legendary Antonio Esfandiari about Burning Man, life, and leaving the busy poker lifestyle behind to become a devoted family man.

Other PokerNews Podcast Highlights from 2022

PokerNews Podcast

The above was certainly powerhouse episodes, but they were far from the only highlights. On the contrary, there were some very special moments throughout the 50 episodes we released in 2022.

Here’s a look at some other episodes we highly recommend:

Name Surname
Chad Holloway

Executive Editor U.S.

Executive Editor US, PokerNews Podcast co-host & 2013 WSOP Bracelet Winner.

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Jacob Perry Wins MSPT Venetian Main Event After Heads-Up Chop Deal ($99,084)

Jacob Perry Wins MSPT Venetian Main Event After Heads-Up Chop Deal ($99,084)

The final Mid-States Poker Tour(MSPT) Main Event of the year has come to an end at Venetian Las Vegas and Jacob Perry is the champion after cutting a deal with Abhisek Panda in heads-up play.

Perry outlasted a field of 643 runners to win $99,084 from a total prize pool of $620,495. Panda took home $97,612 for second place after an ICM-chop ended play.

MSPT Venetian Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Name Hometown Prize
1 Jacob Perry Branchville, New Jersey $99,084*
2 Abhisek Panda Cupertino, California $97,612*
3 Ezequiel Waigel Argentina $58,016
4 Nipun Java Las Vegas, Nevada $41,573
5 Angela Jordison Crooked River Ranch, Oregon $31,335
6 Kenny Huynh Sewell, New Jersey $23,269
7 Richard Alati Phoenix, Arizona $17,064
8 Tamas Lendvai Las Vegas, Nevada $13,341
9 Peter Mullin Cocoa, Florida $10,548

*-denotes heads-up chop deal

Day 2 Highlights

Josh Reichard finished in 24th place for $4,468, but with no other Player of the Year candidates remaining in the tournament he wrapped up the top spot on the leaderboard for the 2022 season. Reichard crossed $2 million in career earnings with 10 MSPT Main Event cashes in 2022 and three final tables. He also earned his way into the MSPT Hall of Fame in 2022 with his 25th career cash in an MSPT Main Event.

Josh Reichard
2022 MSPT Player of the Year Josh Reichard

The final MSPT event of the season also saw several players with Global Poker Index Player of the Year interests. Jeremy Ausmus and Adam Hendrix both had the opportunity to catch Stephen Song on the leaderboard with final table finishes, but both players failed to make it long enough to take advantage. Angela Jordison also came into the final day with the opportunity to take the lead in the Mid-Major Player of the Year race with a top-two finish, but she fell just short in fifth place after a great run that started from the beginning of Day 2.

Other players that made it to Day 2 but failed to qualify for the final table include Joao Simao, Barry Shulman, Michael Holtz, Ryan Laplante, Mitchell Halverson, Joseph Di Rosa Rojas, and Roland Israelashvili.

Final Table Action

The tournament was down to its final table after seven hours of play and it was Peter Mullin that was first to go when his sixes were defeated by Tamas Lendvai and his two pair.

After Mullin hit the rail, action slowed down and there were no eliminations for several levels until Lendvai hit the rail when his king-queen couldnt beat Panda’s ace-king. Panda was nearly out prior to the hand after Perry left him with just a few big blinds, but after a string of successful double-ups, Panda found himself right back in contention.

Richard Alati was next to go in seventh place after Jordison knocked him out with pocket kings, and Kenny Huynh wasn’t far behind after his king-ten lost to Panda’s ace-queen.

Jordison’s elimination brought the tournament down to four players, and the remaining quartet had plenty of chips to work with—until a short time later when Nipun Java got it in with pocket sevens. Waigel called with ace-queen and flopped a pair that would send Java out in fourth place. The hand gave Waigel a commanding chip lead against Panda and Perry as three-handed play got underway.

Angela Jordison
Angela Jordison

Panda fought back in the early part of the final three with aggressive play against Waigel, including a shove that took down a big pot after a 1,300,000 bet. Perry also picked up a few chips when he got a shove through Waigel, and the stacks were nearly even as Level 30 got started.

Panda continued his aggressive play and took more pots from Waigel until he had the lead. Waigel was next to go when he picked up ace-queen and flopped top pair, but Panda had pocket queens and Waigel was out in third.

Going into heads-up play, Panda held a 2:1 chip lead, but Perry cut into it after he flopped a flush and got maximum value when Panda rivered a straight. Perry soon pulled ahead after he picked up another flush and the players decided to split up the prize pool. Perry took the trophy with a slightly higher chip total.

That wraps up coverage of the final tournament of the 2022 MSPT season. Their next stop will be at Sycuan Casino in San Diego from January 5-15. Be sure to keep it with the PokerNews team for live updates from your favorite tournaments around the world in 2023.

Name Surname
Matt Hansen

Live Reporting Executive

Las Vegas-based PokerNews Live Reporting Executive, originally from Chicago, IL

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Iron Bank: First Look at the new Global Poker Slot

Iron Bank: First Look at the new Global Poker Slot

Being another of the new introductions of the slots which are brought to Global Poker, Iron Bank is a slot with many features.

Taking advantage of these features and additional games presents another way for you to gain even more coins and experience throughout the slotting games.

In this article, you’ll understand further how to play the slot, the rules of the slot, and an understanding of the bonus features and bonuses – including free slots.

Most importantly, you’ll know how you can get involved and play the Iron Bank slot for yourself!

How to Play the Iron Bank Slot?

As you get started on Global Poker, playing through the Iron Bank slot, especially if you’ve never played before, one of the most important questions is how to play the iron bank slot.

Through the different amounts which you choose to play, you need to choose the amount, then press the Spin button to begin play.

In this slot, there is also a use of autoplay, if you want to use it, press the autoplay button and then select the desired number of rounds to be used Autoplay can also be started and stopped by clicking the autoplay icon.

What are the Game Rules of the Iron Bank slot?

Featuring 4,096 different ways to win, the Iron Bank slot consists of 6 reels and 4 rows throughout this slot machine.

From the reel, the Full Reel Wilds can land on reels between 2 and 5 and cover the entire reel. These featured wilds have a multiplier that ranges between 2 and 10 and multiplies each other when one contributes to winning.

According to the winning table, this is what the prizes and winning combinations are made towards – take consideration of these to be able to understand the slot further.

Iron Bank Win Table Global Poker

Throughout the matching symbols which are placed in any position on three or more adjacent reels, this starts from the leftmost reel to the most right constitutes a win.

In the midst of the different combinations, only the longest matching combination for each symbol is awarded and the multiple matching symbols on the reel continue to the winnings.

When you’re playing in the Iron Bank slot, if your balance decreases and becomes lower than the play amount, the play amount will be automatically lowered to the highest applicable play amount.

Iron Bank Game Rules

What are the Random Feature Game Rules?

In the random features, whether this is the bonus symbols, Full Reels Wilds, and random mystery symbols features, they can be awarded at the beginning of any main game spin.

In the midst of your playing within these features, between 1 and 3 random bonus symbols can be applied to the reels, this increases the chance of triggering the free spins or awarding them when 3 lands.

Throughout your playing, there can be mystery symbols that can be added to the reels at the start of each spin, indicated by a dimming of the game area. At the same time, the mystery symbols can be visually seen spinning through the reels before stopping.

Random Bonus Symbols

For the feature of the random bonus symbols, at the start of any spin in the slot, between 1 and 3 bonus symbols may be added to the reels before coming to a stop.

This feature increases the chance of triggering free spins – ensuring your ability to win even more prizes.

Random Mystery Symbols

In the second out of 3 different game features, the random mystery symbols become another way to gain more prizes.

At the start of any spin throughout this reel, mystery symbols can be added to any of the reels. When all the reels come to a stop, any mystery symbols which are placed, these are transformed into the same symbol.

Full Reel Wilds

For the Full Reel Wilds, these can land on reels between 2 and 5 which can also cover the entire reel. Across the reels, these wilds have a multiplier that ranges between 2 and 10 and multiplies each other when more than one contributes to a win.

Iron Wild Full Base Game Features

The Free Spins of Iron Bank Slot

In the Iron Bank slot, for the additional stand and ability to gain even more free spins and prizes which you can gain from this feature.

When you’re landing 3 or more BONUS symbols, this is the first stage that will give you free spins. This is where you’re able to choose between the 3 different free spin modes that are available.

However, when you’re playing 4, 5, or 6 BONUS symbols land, a win of 20 times, 200 times, and 2000 times the play amount is awarded, respectively.

Iron Bank Free Spins Global Poker

What are the Rules of the Free Spins?

For the rules of the free spins, there are 3 free spins modes which are available for selection, these have been described below.

Across the mystery symbols free spins, expanding wilds free spins, and multiplier, these collect free spins.

The Mystery Symbol Free Spins

Being another possible way to gain free spins, this is the ability to have the 8 free spins which are awarded. Through the symbol which is randomly chosen at the start of the round to become the sticky mystery symbol.

Throughout the reels, anytime the symbols land on the marked reels which are between the 2nd and 6th, they convert to a mystery symbol and stick in place, revealing the same symbol on every spin.

For the symbol, if this is selected to become a sticky mystery symbol which is part of a winning combination when initially landing, the win is then awarded prior to the conversion taking place and another win is evaluated which is made after the conversion.

Being able to gain an additional free spin, you need to fill an entire reel with sticky mystery symbols.

Iron Bank Slot

The Expanding Wild Free Spins

Through the expanding wilds feature, this is the opportunity to gain 10 free spins which can be utilized throughout the Iron Bank slot.

In the midst of the wilds landing on the marked reels of 3 and 4, these expand to fill the reel and award a re-spin of which you could win more coins.

For any win which you gain, this increases the multiplier by 1 on each of the expanded wild presents. When both expanding wilds are part of a winning combination, this win is multiplied by each multiplier in view.

In the expanding wilds free spin bonus, these re-spins will continue as long as a win is made or if a second wild lands in the marked areas on the slot.

The Multiplier Collect Free Spins

Being one of the biggest benefits and bonuses throughout the slot, this is the place where you’re able to gain 12 free spins which are awarded.

For the landing coconut crates which are placed across the reels 2 and 5, this progresses the multiplier applied to the wild on the reels they land on.

In this slot, for every two coconuts which are awarded, this increases the multiplier on the wilds on the reel by one. The current multiplier is indicated above each reel and is visible on the wild symbol.

For the wins, including several wilds are multiplied by each wild multiplier included in the win. Each coconut crate that lands, awards between 1 and 3 coconuts to the progress meter above the respective reel.

Every time the red coconut shooter is filled, you will be awarded 3 additional free spins to play!

Free Spins Collective Global Poker

Where Can You Play Iron Wilds?

If you’re wanting to get involved throughout the different games to win free spins and additional coins on this new slot, Global Poker is the place to go!

For your chance to play free slots to win cash prizes, in addition to playing the Iron Bank slot, you can register to Global Poker via PokerNews to play.

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Top Stories of 2022, #1: The Year of Hustler Casino Live

Top Stories of 2022, #1: The Year of Hustler Casino Live

In 2022, Hustler Casino Live exploded with some of the wildest hands, juiciest controversies, and biggest games we’ve ever seen on a livestreamed cash game poker show.

The Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman creation launched in August 2021, and it didn’t take long for the stream to gain some traction. Two months later, the poker show from Hustler Casino in Los Angeles brought on the G.O.A.T., Phil Ivey, for a memorable weekend that drove the HCL YouTube subscriber tally from around 25,000 to over 70,000 in a short period of time.

By March 2022, Hustler Casino Live had cracked the 100,000 subscriber mark, and that was just the beginning. As we close out the year, HCL now has around 205,000 loyal followers, and there’s still plenty of room for growth.

So, what led to the explosion in the show’s popularity? There are a number of reasons, but none more so than the five you’re about to read about.

Robbi-Garrett Alleged Cheating Saga Goes Mainstream

robbi-garrett hustler casino live

On Sept. 29, one of the most controversial and memorable incidents in poker history took place. Garrett Adelstein, the most popular regular on the HCL stream, lost a $269,000 pot bluffing with eight-high against newcomer Robbi Jade Lew, who made a six-figure call on the turn with nothing but jack-high — not even a gut-shot straight draw.

Immediately after seeing his opponent’s exposed cards at showdown, Adelstein accused his opponent of cheating. The two feuded away from the livestream stage inside the casino where Lew refunded him $135,000. But she denied cheating and has since stuck to that story.

Over the following week, mainstream media such as the New York Post, Los Angeles Times, and the BBC picked up the story. Robbi-Garrett, the infamous jack-four off-suit hand, was all over social media, and not the poker segment. People who think a royal flush is a bathroom mishap and the secret to winning at poker is counting cards were even talking about it.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion on if she did or did not cheat, and most expressed confidence one way or the other. It was either “she indisputably cheated” or “she definitely didn’t cheat.” There was very little middle-ground.

But after a two-month long investigation by a third-party company hired by High Stakes Poker Productions, HCL’s production company, no evidence of wrongdoing was found. That doesn’t mean Lew has been fully exonerated, but up to this point, there’s simply no way to prove Adelstein’s accusations.

Not only was the Robbi-Garrett controversy the biggest Hustler Casino Live story in 2022. One could argue it was the biggest story in all of poker since Black Friday in 2011. Neither player has since returned to HCL, although Lew hinted to PokerNews in December that she might be coming back soon, and Adelstein tweeted that he’s also interested in reappearing in 2023.

Twitch, YouTube Streamers Game was Bonkers

alexandra botez poker

On May 2, Hustler Casino Live hosted what quite possibly will still be remembered 10 years from now as the most epic livestreamed game in poker history. On that day, some of the biggest names on Twitch and YouTube such as MrBeast, Ninja, and Alexandra Botez competed against poker pros Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth, and the game was absolutely out of control entertaining.

At one point in the stream, over 100,000 concurrent viewers were tuned in across various YouTube and Twitch channels, a poker record that may never be broken. To put it in perspective, a regular HCL Friday night stream will get anywhere from 10,000-20,000 viewers, on average, far more than any other livestreamed poker show.

Hellmuth took some heat from poker Twitter for buying in short against recreational players who were splashing around. There were more crazy six-figure pots than we can mention. But the most thrilling, at least for those who love to see Hellmuth on tilt, was a hand the “Poker Brat” played against Ninja, one of the most popular Twitch video game streamers ever.

Hellmuth was all in and way ahead preflop with a better pair, and then he improved on the flop hitting a set, leaving his opponent drawing only to runner-runner quads or runner-runner straight for a chop. The turn brought about a card that gave Ninja four outs to a chop, and then he offered up a sexual favor if the dealer would turn over the card he needed on the river. We’ll let you see for yourself exactly how that memorable hand played out below.

Garrett Adelstein Gets Revenge on Slow-roller

garrett adelstein dylan gang

In February, Adelstein was on the receiving end of a slow-roll from Dylan Gang, who had become one of the regulars in the high stakes games. Gang slow-rolled in a $200,000 pot, which brought out the insults from Adelstein’s many fans.

Some may call it karma, others revenge, but one week later, the tables were turned. Adelstein hit top two pair and called an all in bet against the nut flush draw of Gang on the turn. With $390,000 in the pot, the river bricked and Gang lost his stack and left the game. He hasn’t returned to Hustler Casino Live since.

Revenge was on Adelstein’s side, but he didn’t slow-roll his opponent. Instead, he turned over his cards, showed the two pair, and then took down the massive pot like a true professional.

Creation of New Poker Personalities

wes side wesley fei
\”Wes Side\” Wesley

The production quality from High Stakes Poker Productions, which owns and operates HCL, is top-notch in the industry. But what truly makes this show boom is the players at the table.

Over the past year, we’ve seen new stars bust onto the poker scene through Hustler Casino Live. Entertaining players such as crypto millionaire “Wes Side” Wesley, the high VPIP Alan Keating, wealthy high-stakes poker beginner J.R., “Nik Airball,” and the “Max Pain Monday” regulars Billy “DGAF,” Sashimi, and others.

Meet “Wes Side” Wesley

Poker has been in dire need of new characters to root for and against, and that’s exactly what Hustler Casino Live has provided over the past year. But the show also brings on poker royalty and such as Hellmuth, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Phil Ivey.

Largest Pot in US Livestream Poker History ($1.2 Million)

alan keating poker

Just a few weeks ago, Keating was involved in the largest pot in US livestreamed history, and the hand was absolutely bonkers. Here’s how it all played out:

In a $200/$400/$800/$1,600 No-Limit Hold’em cash game, Handz raised to $9,000 on the button with {a-Spades}{7-Hearts}. He was called by Ben Lee in the small blind with {8-Clubs}{5-Clubs}, Eric Persson holding {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} in the first straddle, and Keating with {k-Spades}{2-Spades} in the second straddle.

The flop came out {10-Spades}{6-Spades}{5-Hearts} and was checked to Handz who continued for $25,000 into a pot of $37,200. Keating was the only caller.

Keating then check-called $70,000 on the {4-Diamonds} turn and the pair went heads-up to the river which was the {7-Spades}, completing Keating’s flush.

With $227,000 in the pot, Keating chose to bet $155,000 and Handz then shoved, putting Keating all in, his attempt to turn a small pair into a bluff. He had $309,000 additional behind and spent over two minutes in the tank before calling with his flush, beating the rivered pair and nut-flush blocker of Handz to scoop the $1.15 million pot, the largest in US livestreamed poker history.

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Dutch Schultz Biography – Mobster, How He Died, Treasure & More

Public Enemy Number One: The Violent Life Of Mobster Dutch Schultz

A brutal mobster and ruthless racketeer, Arthur “Dutch Schultz” Flegenheimer was one of the most intimidating figures of the 1930s.

Far from the complex philanthropy of Bumpy Johnson and the staunch activism of Stephanie St. Clair, Dutch Schultz was a stone-cold villain of the 20th century.

Schultz was determined to run New York’s most profitable numbers racket and destroyed anyone and everyone who got in the way of his rise to the top.

Known to pull the trigger without a moment’s hesitation, he instigated gang warfare faster than you could roll a pair of dice.

So, how exactly did this second-generation German immigrant ascend from the Bronx slums to become one of New York’s most infamous mobsters? Read on to find out.

Criminal Beginnings

Like most mobsters in the 1900s, Schultz’s upbringing was far from glamorous.

Arthur Flegenheimer was born on August 6, 1902, the son of two German Jewish immigrants, and grew up in poverty in the Bronx.

His father, a saloon keeper, abandoned the family when Arthur was 14 years old. Forced to assume the role of the breadwinner, Arthur dropped out of school and picked up a few odd – but legal – jobs around the Bronx.

His income wasn’t enough to provide for both him and his mother, so he had to start getting creative. He joined a local gang and began to rob craps games and burgle houses to earn a living.

At age 17, Arthur was caught red-handed. He was sentenced to 17 months in prison, his first – and only – time behind bars.


He was released from prison in December 1920, and it was around then that he started going by the name “Dutch Schultz.”

Some say he was given the name after another local (and equally violent) thug of the same name.

Others claim Arthur himself instigated this rebranding after the name of the company he was working for – Schultz Trucking.

Either way, one thing was clear: Arthur Flegenheimer was out, and Dutch Schultz was in.

Profiting From Prohibition

Prohibition (otherwise known as the Volstead Act) was enacted in 1919 to reduce the crime rate in America. In reality, it was the catalyst for a massive wave of organized crime.

Not one to miss out on a money-making opportunity, Schultz decided to cash in on Prohibition.

While still working at Schultz Trucking, he began “bootlegging” – transporting liquor and beer across the border from Canada.

Schultz spent years working as a bootlegger, not just transporting but making his own beer.

He also picked up work in underground speakeasies, where he lived up to his namesake’s reputation for violence and brutality.

It was this violent streak that caught the attention of Joey Noe, owner of a Bronx speakeasy called the Hub Social Club.

Noe initially hired Schultz as security but ended up making him a partner of the club.


Together, the duo opened dozens of illegal speakeasies and breweries all across Manhattan, including in Yorkville, Washington Heights, and Harlem.

Their bootlegging business was thriving, especially after the pair began using intimidation as a sales tactic and forcing rival club owners to buy their beer.

While this massively increased both Noe’s and Schultz’s bankrolls, it also attracted the unwanted attention of other prominent mobsters.

Jack “Legs” Diamond was one such mobster. By moving their headquarters from the Bronx to Manhattan, Legs believed the pair were encroaching on his turf.

Diamond began hijacking Schultz’s liquor shipments, and soon an all-out war between Schultz and the Irish mobster began.

Jack “Legs” Diamond
Jack “Legs” Diamond. [Image:]

In 1928, an unknown gunman shot Noe in the street. Though he survived the attack, Noe died from his wounds a month later.

Schultz was devastated by the death of his partner in crime and vowed to take revenge.

Confident that Legs was responsible, Schultz ordered his assassination. In October 1929, Legs and his mistress were gunned down at the Hotel Monticello.

Despite sustaining five gunshot wounds, Legs lived to tell the tale. In fact, this was only one of several assassination attempts he would survive during his lifetime.

Certifiably spooked, Legs fled to Albany, where he would migrate most of his operations. Someone eventually found Legs’s Achilles heel, and he was murdered in December 1931.

Though nobody came forward to claim the murder, Schultz reportedly commented that Legs was “just another punk caught with his hands in my pockets.”

Life As A Racketeer

Legs’s departure gave Schultz almost complete domination of the New York speakeasy scene. By this point, the “Beer Baron of the Bronx” had become one of the biggest gangsters in the state.

However, the end of Prohibition meant Schultz had to find new ways to supplement his income.

His solution? The Harlem numbers racket.

Otherwise known as the “numbers game,” “policy game,” or “Italian lottery,” the numbers racket was an illegal lottery played in working-class African American neighborhoods.

Gambling was a lucrative business, particularly in Harlem. Gangsters like Stephanie St. Clair (known affectionately as the “Numbers Queen”) already had a stronghold over Harlem’s underground gambling scene.

Stephanie St. Clair.
Stephanie St. Clair. [Image: Twitter/Essence]

Schultz had already proved he was not afraid of stepping on other mobsters’ toes and started using brute force to overthrow Harlem’s pre-existing rackets.

Illegal bookmakers were known as ‘policy bankers,’ and Schultz gradually became one of the most formidable policy bankers in Harlem.

Since it was played in African-American neighborhoods, New York’s rackets were predominantly Black-owned. So when Schultz started his violent tirade, policy bankers like Stephanie St. Clair saw it as a racially-motivated attack.

He gave his competitors three grim choices: Relinquish their business to him, continue to run it and hand over a share of the profits, or face the brutal consequences of choosing neither option.

When Schultz had used violence to force rival club owners into buying his beer, he had been met with little resistance. However, Stephanie St. Clair was unlike any gangster he had faced.

Instead of backing down, St. Clair fought fire with fire and launched counterattacks against Schultz’s own rackets and storefronts.

Tousling With The Taxman

During this time, Schultz was also dealing with opposition from the law. He was charged with tax evasion in 1933, and when the trial moved to a small town upstate, Schultz moved with it.

He hired a public relations team to smooth over his gangster image and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity in an attempt to win over the public.

Though his scheme worked, it left a considerable dent in his bankroll.

By the time he returned to Harlem, he was in a desperate plight to gain total control of the gambling scene.

But there were two significant obstacles in his way: Stephanie St. Clair and special prosecutor Thomas Dewey (below).

Thomas Dewey - special prosecutor
Image: Eugene Hutchinson/Wikimedia Commons

Dewey had been hired by the mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia, to investigate Schultz and bring him down for good.

Meanwhile, the Numbers Queen was still refusing to back down from Schultz’s threats.

Taking Drastic Measures

Nothing could make St. Clair hand over her numbers empire, so Schultz eventually ordered a hit on her life and forced her into hiding.

Wanting to do the same to Dewey, Schultz scheduled a meeting with the head of the mafia’s Five Families, Charles “Lucky” Luciano (below).

Charles “Lucky” Luciano
Image: Twitter/ddeoluu

Schultz sought permission to assassinate Dewey. Fearing the attention that such a public act of aggression would bring to the underground gambling scene, Lucky prohibited it.

But Schultz – desperate and paranoid – decided to go ahead with his plans anyway.

Dutch Schultz was a powerful man, but if there’s one thing The Godfather has taught us, it’s that you don’t get on the wrong side of the mafia.


While Schultz continued with his scheme to assassinate Dewey, Lucky had come up with his own plan.

On October 23, 1935, Dutch Schultz, his accountant, and two of his bodyguards were dining at the Palace Chophouse in Newark. While Schultz was in the bathroom, two gunmen from the infamous hit squad “Murder, Inc.” slipped past security.

The men opened fire on Schultz and his posse and managed to hit them all.

Schultz's attempted murder

However, Schultz was far from dead and lived almost 30 hours after being shot. He eventually succumbed to his wounds and died in his hospital bed.

What’s The Deal With Schultz’s Treasure?

Before he died, Schultz made several references to a secret stash of treasure.

Rather than naming his killer, he rambled on to the police about his fortune, alluding to stacks of hidden cash that were buried in the woods.

Dutch Schultz on deathbed

Delirious from his injuries, his messages were random and cryptic.

However, rumors about the existence and whereabouts of this so-called treasure are still rife today, with dozens of optimistic conspiracists journeying to the Catskills to uncover it.

Though there has been no actual evidence to support the theory, the Times Union released an article that claimed its value – if it actually exists – could be close to $100 million.


Regardless of his abhorrent behavior, Dutch Schultz’s journey from the Bronx slums to infamous multi-millionaire is nothing short of impressive.

Even from his early days as a Prohibition bootlegger, Schultz’s severe and unsentimental approach to his work allowed him to climb the lawless ladder.

It was this behavior that earned him the admiration of his partner-in-crime, Joey Noe, a collaboration that led to him becoming one of the most influential figures in the Bronx.

It wasn’t long before the “Beer Baron of the Bronx” branched out into the gambling business. In a merciless climb to the top, Schultz eliminated his enemies one by one, either through forced compliance or brutal (and often fatal) beatings.

His legacy as one of New York’s most infamous mobsters was solidified by the way he ran his numbers racket. With hundreds of gunmen at his beck and call, Schultz wasn’t afraid to engage in gang warfare to protect his portfolio of gambling businesses.

However, it was his desperation to become the lynchpin of Harlem’s numbers rackets that ultimately led to his demise.

His attempts to take down his most high-profile enemies – ordering a hit on Stephanie St. Clair and admitting plans to assassinate Thomas Dewey – ultimately caused his own murder.

By the year of his death, he had been named by the director of the FBI as “Public Enemy Number One.”

Despite an account-draining attempt to reconcile his public image, Schultz will forever be remembered as one of the most dangerous and violent gangsters of the era.

Lead image: Twitter/littlesteven_ug

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MGM Grand Detroit Ends Smoking Ban, Allows Smoking in Designated Areas

MGM Grand Detroit

Still not allowed on casino floor

MGM Grand Detroit has lifted its ban on indoor smoking, permitting patrons to light up in designated areas of the property. The casino announced the new policy on Wednesday, effective immediately.

Visitors are still not allowed to spark up a lung dart on the casino floor. The only two indoor areas in which smoking is permitted are labeled “Smoking Slots East and Smoking Slots West.” The casino has installed doors on the two sections of the property to try to minimize smoke drift to adjacent areas. An outdoor smoking patio remains.

originally banned smoking on casino floors in 2020

The Michigan Gaming Control Board originally banned smoking on casino floors in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as smokers would have to remove their masks to smoke.

Hollywood Casino at Greektown has also reinstated smoking, but is restricting it to the second floor. MotorCity Casino, Detroit’s other gambling venue, still bans the activity.

Anti-smoking group hates it

Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, is not happy about the policy change, as one might expect. In a statement, she said that it was the “equivalent of coal in their stockings this week” for employees at the casinos.

“After more than two years of a safe workplace, these workers will now have to choose between their health and a paycheck,” Hallett continued. “This is unacceptable. Efforts to try to separate smoking and non-smoking sections, such as adding doors, have repeatedly proven ineffective at protecting employees and guests from dangerous secondhand smoke.”

Though gambling and smoking have historically been closely associated with one another, according to a June 2022 report by C3 Gaming, non-smoking casinos now tend to outperform those that permit smoking.

“Even though only 12% of people in the United States smoke, some casinos continue to prioritize perceived profits from this dwindling group over the health of their workers,” Hallett added.

Pandemic brought attention to smoking in casinos

The subject of smoking in casinos has garnered more attention during the pandemic. When state governments and regulators put bans in place as casinos began to reopen around the country in 2020, many casinos found that they could get by just fine not allowing smoking.

if they want to work, they have to spend hours unable to avoid second-hand smoke

Twenty states already ban smoking in casinos, while in those that don’t, many major casino operators have kept smoking bans in place. The epicenter of the smoking debate is New Jersey, where legislation has been introduced in the past year to prohibit the practice in gambling venues. Atlantic City casino workers have staged protests, urging casinos and lawmakers to protect their health, particularly because if they want to work, they have to spend hours unable to avoid second-hand smoke.

Casino workers in Rhode Island have also called upon lawmakers to ban smoking in casinos. Members of the Pennsylvania legislature have proposed changes to the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act that would remove exemptions for casinos that currently allow them to skirt restrictions on smoking in public areas.

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Wei Wei Markham – The Rise and Fall of an Ontario Underground Casino

Inside the Wei Wei Markham Mansion

The Wei Wei Markham Mansion and Casino

On July 23, the York Regional Police, with tactical officers from the Ontario Police and Durham Police, descended on the 20,000 square foot $9 million mansion property in Markham, located on Decourcy Court near Warden Avenue and Major Mackenzie Drive East. The secret mansion casino was busted and restrained by the authorities as they found tons of evidence of illegal criminal activities.

But before we continue with what exactly happened on July 23 and why, we’re going to tell you more about the Wei Wei Markham casino, the million-dollar mansion’s history, and its owners. Stay with us to find what we discovered throughout our extensive research on the Wei Wei Markham casino case.

Inside the Wei Wei Markham Mansion and Casino

From the outside, one would never suggest that the opulent Wei Wei Markham home at 5 Decourcy Court could be more than that. Except maybe for the number of cars parked outside, nothing else revealed that it’s actually a fully operational underground casino. Not only that, but the lavish Wei Wei Markjam casino property housed its own restaurant & bar and even a spa facility.

The police reported that the Wei Wei Markham casino in Ontario has been in operation for more than a year as an invite-only high-end underground casino. The basement offered slot machines as well as baccarat and mahjong tables. The well-stocked cash bar had thousands of bottles of premium alcohol and a fine wine selection estimated to be worth over $1.5 million.

The restaurant was on the upper floor, where rooms were also available for the guests. The mansion’s upper floors provided additional VIP tables, spa facilities with employees, as well as a huge chef’s kitchen. Stay tuned to find out what else the police found in their Wei Wei Markham Casino Ontario investigation.

The Wei Wei Markham Mansion History & Owners

The mansion was bought in 2015 by Wei Wei, 52, and his wife – Xing Yue Chen, 32, for $4.7 million. The police claim that the brains behind the whole operation was Wei Wei, who started renovations for the casino about two years after purchasing the property. His objective was to fill in the void caused by the COVID-19 casino and gaming property closings as measures to stop the outbreak of the virus.

Moreover, the authorities report a significant rise in illegal activities of that sort throughout the entire region ever since the Covid-19 shutdown. Online casinos back then were not an option, considering that online gambling was illegal in the country. Of course, now Canada has many high-quality Canadian online casinos, but this wasn’t the case in 2020.
For the curious readers, here is a short statistic on how Canadians coped with the Covid-19 situation and what they did during the epidemic.

Spend more time on the Internet 68%
Spend more time watching TV 63%
Spend more time playing games 22%
Increased alcohol consumption 14%

Back to the topic, not that the organised crime groups weren’t engaging in such illegal affairs before, but these practices have definitely become more common considering the current conditions. In fact, the Wei Wei Markham casino is far from being the first or the last illegal underground casino seized by the police. During Project Endgame, the authorities descended on a series of illegal gambling venues across the region. However, the Wei Wei Markham casino certainly is their biggest hit.

Project Endgame – the Wei Wei Markham Casino Shut Down

In this paragraph, we’ll give you all the details on what the Police found on July 23, 2020, when they broke into the illegal underground casino inside the Wei Wei Markham mansion, so get prepared.

When nearly 100 officers entered the property that night, they could not believe the shocking mix of the opulence and all the crime they encountered at the Wei Wei Markham casino in Ontario. On July 23, 2020, when the Police busted the Wei Wei Markham casino, they seized the following:

  • 💵 1 million in cash
  • 🍸 $1.5 million worth of alcohol
  • 🎰 Gaming machines and tables
  • 🔫 Guns freely accessible at the property

The authorities seized $1 million in cash, $1.5 million worth of alcohol, many gaming machines and tables, two large gun safes in the hallway and lots of guns freely accessible at the property, including a 50-calibre Desert Eagle.

Authorities suspect that human sex trafficking could have also been taking place at the Wei Wei Markham casino, as women might have been exploited as part of the accommodation and spa services that were offered.

As a result, Wei Wei, and Wei Dong, were charged with a number of offences, including keeping a common gaming house and multiple firearms offences. Their daughter, Chen Wei, 25, and Xing Yue Chen, 48, are charged with keeping a common gaming house, possession of proceeds of crime and selling liquor without a license. 15 people were charged with ‘keeping a common gaming or betting house,’ and 9 were charged with being found in an illegal gaming or betting house.

The Resolution – Investigation Delays and Dropped Charges

Now, if you’re wondering how the whole Wei Wei Markham scandal ended, this paragraph is going to answer all your questions on the matter. Months after the Wei Wei Markham massive bust, the charges against Wei Wei – the main figure in the case were dropped. The man and his lawyer have filed a complaint, asking that the Office of the Independent Police Review Director investigate further the Project Endgame practices and intentions.

Wei Wei claims that the police planted evidence and stole expensive watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The authorities report finding a gun holster in the family’s bedroom during the second search on July 24. However, the suspects say the weapon’s been planted so that later on, Wei can be connected to other guns found on the property.

According to the complaint letter, when the Police initially took photos of the main bedroom where Wei Wei was staying, there were two watches that appeared – a Patek Phillippe worth about $300,000 and a Jaeger-LeCoultre, worth around $150,000. But later on, in the exit photos made on the same day, the watches are nowhere to be seen.

The concerns were brought to the Newmarket Crown Attorney’s office, and the case was forwarded to York Regional Police Chief Jim MacSween. The reason behind it was that the Crown office simply wasn’t convinced of the York Regional Police’s objectivity in their investigation, especially in such cases where inappropriate conduct might be involved.

Moreover, the Crown has withdrawn all charges against Wei Wei, who has agreed to a common law peace bond for a period of two years. Under the conditions of the peace bond, Wei has to be of good behaviour; he is not allowed to visit any “common gaming house” or go to any premises in Ontario with present gaming equipment. Additionally, he has agreed to forfeit his interest in the Wei Wei Markham mansion and the $960,000 cash and gaming equipment that were seized.

Ultimately, the York Regional Police marked that the case has not collapsed and noted that charges against five other accused remain. It was also concluded that the authorities are happy with the outcome and how this case has developed so far, as it has forfeited millions of dollars.


We believe our article gave you all the details on the Wei Wei Markham scandal, as well as what happened on July 23rd and why. Still, we have prepared the following FAQ section for a little more info on the subject in case you’ve missed something along the way. Moreover, those who are particularly interested in the subject of gambling in the country can check out our expert guide reviewing the topic of online gambling in Canada and all that’s related to it.

1️⃣ What’s the Wei Wei Markham Scandal about?

The Wei Wei Markham mansion turned out to be one of the illegal underground casinos that had spread throughout Markham in 2020. On July 23, the York Regional Police, with tactical officers, descended on the $9 million mansion and found a fully operational casino that offered a number of other services as well.

2️⃣ How many people were arrested at the Wei Wei Markham casino?

When the authorities bust the Wei Wei Markham casino, the owners, Wei Wei and Wei Dong, were charged with a number of offences. Their daughter, Chen Wei and Xing Yue Chen, were also charged. 15 people were charged with ‘keeping a common gaming or betting house,’ and nine were charged with being found in an illegal gaming house.

3️⃣ What happened with the Wei Wei Markham case?

Months after, the charges against Wei Wei were dropped. However, he did agree to a common law peace bond for a period of two years. The man also forfeited his interest in the Wei Wei Markham mansion, which was sold, as well as the $960,000 cash and gaming equipment that were seized.

4️⃣ What is Project Endgame?

The Project Endgame is an operation that started in May 2020, when investigators along with the York Regional Police started the so-called project after receiving information that a series of illegal casinos have spread throughout Markham – a city north of Toronto.

5️⃣ What did the police find at the Wei Wei Markham mansion?

On July 23, 2020, the Police bust the Wei Wei Markham casino and seized $1 million in cash, $1.5 million worth of alcohol, many gaming machines and tables, two large gun safes in the hallway and lots of guns freely accessible at the property, including a 50-calibre Desert Eagle.

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Delaware’s Harrington Raceway & Casino Closed Since Tuesday Because of “Technical Difficulties”

Delaware’s Harrington Raceway & Casino Closed Since Tuesday Because of “Technical Difficulties”

Didn’t tell the public until Thursday

Harrington Raceway & Casino in Harrington, Delaware, has been closed since Tuesday because of what the casino is simply calling “technical difficulties.” It has not provided an estimate on when it will reopen.

Delaware Online reports that Harrington Raceway CEO Patti Key contacted the Delaware Lottery on Tuesday around noon to let them know that the casino would have to close. Despite this, however, the casino did not inform the public until Thursday afternoon.

causing a temporary disruption to gaming and computer systems”

In a Facebook post, echoed on the Harrington Raceway & Casino’s homepage, the casino said it is “experiencing technical difficulties that are causing a temporary disruption to gaming and computer systems.”

“We are working diligently to investigate the source of the disruption, confirm its impact on our systems, and restore full functionality to our affected systems as quickly as possible,” the statement continued. “We have significant resources, including cyber security specialists, devoted to this process and our work to resolve this issue is ongoing.”

Patrons wasted lots of time, fuel

Needless to say, Harrington Raceway patrons are none too pleased about the closure. The main gripe is that the casino made no announcement until Thursday afternoon, resulting in people making a trip to the casino only to find it closed, like something out of National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Richard Sies told WBOC that he drove from Baltimore on Thursday, an 88-mile trip, only have to make other plans.

When I pulled in here and saw the parking lot was empty, I knew I was in trouble.” 

“When I pulled in here and saw the parking lot was empty, I knew I was in trouble,” said Sies. “I guess now I’m going to go to Delaware Park, which is about two and a half hours from here.”

Vernon Lambert had the same experience, as did Gina Cook and Tonia Cain, who made the 60-mile drive from Annapolis, Maryland. All three decided to head over to Bally’s Dover Casino Resort, which is about 21 miles from Harrington Raceway.

Jerome Fears, a Dover resident, is concerned about a ripple effect, worried that Bally’s will become crowded as would-be Harrington customers head to Dover. That would be good for Bally’s, but could make visitors’ experiences less enjoyable.

Laundry list of unknowns

At this point, about 1pm ET on Friday, the situation is mostly filled with unknowns. What we do know is that Harrington announced in May that it had partnered with International Game Technology to upgrade its systems in order to “further optimize its gaming floor, reward players and elevate excitement through a variety of IGT solutions,” but we do not know if this has anything to do with the problem.

Additionally, Department of Safety and Homeland Security spokesperson Arshon Howard told Delaware Online that the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement “is not investigating any reports of suspicious or criminal activity at Harrington Raceway & Casino.”

But what is unknown at this point, at least publicly, is what the actual technical issues are, if customer data has been breached, why cybersecurity specialists are on the case, if player reward accounts are affected, how the casino will compensate customers who missed out on free play or other promotions, and how New Year’s Eve events will be affected. And, of course, nobody knows when the casino will reopen.

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Wager Score Teams Up with Cincinnati Bengals to Promote Responsible Gaming

Wager Score Teams Up with Cincinnati Bengals to Promote Responsible Gaming

The initiative aims to familiarize people with responsible gaming practices and introduce them to Wager Score’s automated solution.

Users Can Access an Intelligent Spending Solution

Wager Score is a safe gaming solution focusing on user protection through informed betting decisions. The free app automatically monitors the user’s sports betting expenses, assigning them a personalized affordability score and intelligent spending thresholds. Bettors receive emails and text messages whenever their score changes, preventing them from getting carried away and spending more than they can afford.

The platform features a rich library featuring a thoughtful selection of harm prevention resources. The company also partners with organizations like the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network and Gamble Responsible America. Wager Score focuses significantly on parent education, hoping to stem the rise of underage gambling. 

The Platform Relies on Its Network of Partners

Wager Score’s latest collaboration with the Cincinnati Bengals arrives under the slogan Don’t Fumble Your Finances. New signups will get the chance to win four tickets to the Ravens versus Bengals game on 8 January 2022. The awareness campaign is part of Wager Score’s mission to create a more equitable, socially responsible betting industry.

Company co-founder Bo Grey expressed excitement about the initiative. He noted that Wager Score’s state-of-the-art technology and dedicated partners were a great boon to bettors. Grey thanked the Bengals for their support, stating that the team’s efforts would be instrumental in protecting the next generation and mitigating problematic gambling behaviors.

Together, we are a movement ready to empower Gen Z to take responsible gaming into their own hands and make socially responsible sports betting an industry standard.

Company co-founder Bo Grey

Bo Grey, Wager Score co-founder

The Bengals partnership is the most recent of several high-profile collaborations for Wager Score. The platform recently teamed up with operator Betfred. The UK-based sportsbook is the official sports betting partner of the Cincinnati Bengals and pledged to provide Wager Score with gaming data to improve the platform’s affordability updates. The two companies also promised to donate $100,000 to the Charles Oakley Foundation.

Ohio Is at the Forefront of Wager Score’s Efforts

Wager Score’s recent efforts have focused significantly on Ohio as the state prepares to launch its regulated sports betting market on 1 January. Bengals VP and chief marketing officer Brian Sells lauded the company’s responsible gaming and education efforts, reaffirming the team’s dedication to the well-being of their fans and community.

This partnership will empower sports fans with resources that can help protect their financial health and mitigate risks of a problem play.

Bengals VP and chief marketing officer Brian Sells

Brian Sells, Bengals VP, and chief marketing officer
Ohio recently introduced its own responsible gambling campaign, joining the fight to protect consumers. The state administration’s efforts are inspired by an evidence-based approach, placing sports bettors and casino gamblers at the highest risk of developing an addiction. Ohio hopes to start the fight against problem gambling on the right foot, and the efforts of platforms like Wager Score and its partners are a significant cornerstone in these efforts.

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Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Dips in November, but the Industry Remains Robust

Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Dips in November, but the Industry Remains Robust

The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s (NGCB) monthly update revealed that operators in the Silver state won $1.22 billion, extending its billion-dollar streak to 21 months. Despite yearly revenue set to smash 2021’s record-setting profits, the recent slide may signal an end to Nevada’s seemingly unstoppable momentum.

November’s Results Elicited Mixed Emotions

November’s $1.22 billion total gaming revenue marks an impressive achievement for Nevada’s casinos. The state’s gambling industry smashed 2021’s results, easily surpassing them with a month to spare. Nevada casinos already made $13.5 billion, 100 million more than last year’s $13.4 billion. December’s results should push that number past $14 billion, setting a new record for the Silver State.

However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows for Nevada’s casinos. Despite robust November revenue, the number still marks a 7.62% year-on-year decrease. The Las Vegas Strip suffered the most, recording a significant 11% gross gaming revenue (GGR) drop to $669.5 million. NGCB chief economic analyst Michael Lawton remained optimistic, noting that yearly growth was fantastic despite the recent downturn.

Through the first 11 months of the calendar year, every major market in the state is up calendar-year-to-date through November.

Michael Lawton, NGCB chief economic analyst

Despite Lawton’s reassurances, official metrics remain worrying. Sparks, South Lake Tahoe, and Wendover were the only areas experiencing a net year-on-year growth. The Strip, which contributes the most to the state’s gaming market, underperformed. Table games suffered the most, with baccarat plummeting by 37% and blackjack revenue dropping by 26%. The 2% slots increase was not enough to offset these losses.

Nevada’s sportsbook revenue fell woefully short of November 2021’s $72 million, landing at just $37.7 million. The staggering 48% drop is partially the result of Mattress Mack’s $75 million victory, whose aftermath continues to reverberate across several states. Even without the significant payouts, overall metrics remained unimpressive.

Nevada’s Streak May Be Heading to an End

The overall industry slowdown appears to match the analysts’ September forecasts. Hospitality-focused consulting firm B Global predicted that growing pressures like rising inflation and domestic factors would negatively impact the market. However, they estimated that the gambling industry would at least maintain its billion-dollar streak until the end of the year, meaning that the coveted $14 billion yearly revenue target is still safe.

The state’s new $12 minimum hourly wage should provide a safety net for workers but is generally not expected to impact casino revenue. Conventional economic wisdom dictates that profits cannot rise forever. Every boom eventually leads to a bust, meaning Nevada’s casinos should likely take measures to prepare for a potential downturn. December’s results will show whether this month’s drop was a one-off occurrence or the start of a worrying trend.

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