History of Bingo ✔️ Bingo Origin, Present Day & Future

Renaissance Italy and Bingo

The main question we answer in this blog post is where bingo originated. That does not seem to be enough information for our curious readers, so we added other interesting facts. The table below shows the main sections of the article and grants you the freedom to choose which topic to read first. We recommend starting from top to bottom, but whatever you decide, don’t miss the answers to important questions at the end.

What is Bingo?

The shortest answer to this question is – bingo is a simple form of lottery. But this is not just another game of chance. We have already introduced the history of the bingo game, and now we wish to describe what bingo is. Check the table below and some of the bingo-related questions and answers non-players have:

❓ You Ask ✔️ We Answer
🎱 What is a bingo ticket? A paper or digital scorecard with columns and rows containing numbers or images. The size of the grid and the number of rows and columns depends on the type of bingo games and if this is an online or land-based gaming room.
🕞 How long is a bingo game? Bingo is held in sessions – Main Session, National Bingo Game Tickets, Early Session (aka First Chance or Early Bird), Late Sessions, and Special Tickets.
🛑 Does the game ever stop? Usually, a session lasts about 3 or 3 ½ hours with 5 or 10-minute breaks (intermissions). The game also stops when a winner is announced.
➡️ Where can I buy a bingo ticket? Bingo tickets are sold at the book sales desk, cashier desk, or by employees in the bingo room. Online casinos and bingo sites have a section for bingo ticket purchases. Most players buy strips of 6 tickets in the hope of getting all possible numbers.
🎟️ Are bingo tickets expensive? The price varies from one type of game to another, by country, and if you play online or at a brick-and-mortar bingo hall. Usually, the price is £1 – £5, but it could go higher in special or jackpot games.
🧐 Who leads the game? The ‘caller’ or ‘banker’ is the only person near the bingo balls and the only person not being ‘shushed’ during the bingo game. He (or she) announces the prizes before the beginning of the game, turns players’ attention to the tickets by saying ‘Eyes down’, announces the numbers, and validates all winning tickets.
🌀 How is the bingo balls shifter called? All bingo balls are held in a mechanical device called ‘cradle’ that spins, mixes them, and releases only one ball. Older versions were hats, bags, and barrels. The latest version is the electronic random number generator (RNG) used in some land-based casinos and all online bingo games.
🖋️ Do I use a pen? Pens and pencils are not enough when playing on paper tickets. It is best to use a ‘dabber’ or ‘dauber’ – a special marker that makes a huge dot covering most of the numbers. In some games, players use a pawn, chip, or marker to cover the digit.
💯 What are the winning combinations? They also depend on the game, but the standard ‘Bingo’ marks 5 horizontal (row), 5 vertical (column) or 5 diagonal digits. Other winning combinations are Four Corners, Line, Two Lines, Full House, or Blackout.
🙊 Why the caller speaks nonsense? All bingo numbers have funny names given through the years. Most creative are the British bingo nicknames.
💡 Is there a good bingo strategy? Players start with Granville’s or Tippett’s Method and try to find their strategy.
🤔 How do I play bingo? You can purchase a bingo ticket, take a seat in the bingo hallway , or enter the online bingo room if you play at a gambling site. Listen to the Caller and mark the announced numbers if you have them on the card. When you see a winning combination – shout ‘Bingo!!!!’
📣 How to announce I won? Shout ‘Bingo!’, ‘Yes!’, ‘I won!’, or anything else if you get another winning combination like Line or House if you have them on your ticket.
💰 What are the bingo prizes? Depends on the event, the operator, and the type of game. The most standard prizes are money (including a jackpot), but there can be material rewards and symbolic prizes.
🥳 How do I get my prize? The caller or a member of staff checks the ticket. If you win, you can collect the prize immediately or later.
😭 Can I miss my prize? Stop the game when the last number of the winning combination is announced. If you don’t, the next called-out number removes your winning claim, and you can’t get a prize.

The bingo history shows that the only way to learn how to win at bingo is to play. You will have fun, socialise, test your reflexes, and perhaps even get a prize. You will even have a chance to learn the stories behind the origins of bingo calls, and who knows, maybe you will get to use them in daily life like millions of other people.

How Was Bingo Invented?

It is extremely difficult to say who invented bingo, but we know it is a mixture of lottery, keno, and raffle games. Although all variations of those games have a common past, we will focus on bingo and how it evolved through time until it became available at the verified and trusted bingo sites for UK players.

Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia – Bingo During the Renaissance

To answer the question of where did bingo originate from, we need to turn our attention to Italy in the year 1530 (during the Renaissance). Back then, the old name for bingo was Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia (which means The Clearance of The Lot of Italy), and the game had several variations. This is where the basic rules and elements of the game of chance appeared – players picking numbers, the wheel used in the draw, and the prize announcement.

France & Its Le Loto

France has always played a large part in modern trends, and that is where the history of bingo continues. The French people quickly got used to the Italian game, and by 1778s, Le Lotto was the aristocrat’s passion. This is where the French bingo origin took a turn and reshaped into the modern national lottery.

Loto – The German Children Game

While it spread to the west, the bingo also spread to the north. In Germany, lotto, loto or bingo was a children’s game that gained popularity in the late 1770s. This is the point at the origin of bingo, where the scorecards had numbers, letters, images, or words. That is how a wagering game was transformed into an educational tool in many countries.

UK’s 90-Ball Bingo

Bingo Balls Cradle

The greatest evolution in the bingo game history happened in the United Kingdom and its colonies. Not long after its invention, the game arrived in the UK, and by the 18th century, it had a stable fanbase and devoted players. It was the only permitted gambling during World War I in the British armed services. Men and women in uniform could participate in the Royal Navy tombola (1880), House (1900), or Housy Housy.

The history of bingo in the UK expands even more after WWI, and the Housey Housey wagering game spread among the population. Many shady gambling dens became a hotbed for illegal betting, so the government created the first modern gambling laws, and this way stopped illegal gambling. This is also the time when many of the funny bingo calls were invented. This boosted people’s curiosity, and the game spread faster than before.

The UK’s Betting and Gaming Act legalised bingo games in 1968, which led to the creation of the 90-Ball National Bingo Game. In the following decades, everyone wanted to try fun community engaging entertainment. The interest and dedication brought improvements to the scorecards, drawing mechanisms and the invention of the bingo dauber.

The bingo halls where players could buy 90-ball bingo cards and play alongside their friends and strangers will always be a trend, but the busy modern life left less time for fun. That is when the electronic random number generator (RNG) helped with faster games and made easy playing at the top online bingo slots sites.

No matter how times change, bingo is one of the most played games in the UK. The proof is the over £1 billion total prize money won by different players and delivered by the National Bingo Game. The largest bingo prize was won by a single player on the 23rd of March 2008. Soraya Lowell (Motherwell, North Lanarkshire) played bingo at The National Game at Club 3000 (Coatbridge) and collected £1,167,795.

USA’s 75-Ball Bingo

American Bingo

The UK may have the bingo game with the largest number of balls, but the American bingo with 75 balls is just as entertaining. You already know where bingo originates, but the USA is where it got its modern name.

The original game in the Americas was the familiar mixture of keno and lottery. It became popular during the Prohibition Era and the Great Depression (the 1930s) under the name beano, screeno, or keno. People gathered in motion-picture theatres, carnivals, halls, and other rooms big enough to hold the many players and the game’s equipment.

During the 1920s, the announced numbers were marked with beans, which was why people called the game Beano. A player scored a win, and in his excitement, instead of ‘Beano!’ he yelled ‘Bingo!’. Edwin S. Lowe (a New York toy salesman) liked the idea to call the USA game ‘Bingo’ and started manufacturing scorecards with columns labelled B-I-N-G-O.

Since then, many players can confirm that happiness is yelling ‘Bingo!’ because it always brings a nice prize. Players in the USA love the 75-ball bingo so much that National Bingo Day is on the 27th of June. The new easy to pronounce name eased the spreading of the game worldwide.

Variety of Bingo Games

Bingo Ticket and Dabber

We spoke so much about bingo history and who invented bingo that it will be impossible not to mention the bingo versions anyone can try. You can find them at the land-based bingo halls, churches, retirement homes, and online at 5 pound deposit bingo sites. This simple game creates powerful emotions, so we remind you to keep calm when playing bingo:

  • 🎱 90-Ball Bingo (aka traditional UK Bingo)
  • 🎱 80-Ball Bingo (aka Shutter Bingo, Coloured Rows, or Fast Gameplay)
  • 🎱 75-Ball Bingo (aka American Bingo)
  • 🎱 52-Ball Bingo (90-ball and 75-ball bingo mix)
  • 🎱 50-Ball Bingo
  • 🎱 40-Ball Bingo
  • 🎱 36-Ball Bingo
  • 🎱 30-Ball Bingo (aka Speed Bingo because it is the fastest game)

All those variations enter the history of bingo, but there are also many other bingo-based games and bingo variations popular at specific gaming locations or gambling sites. Such splendid examples are Slingo, Bingo Bongo, Bingo Roulette, 5-Line Bingo (Swedish Bingo), jackpot bingo games, VIP bingo games, and more.

The bingo history facts show that the free bingo slots are one of the popular types of wagering games players always choose to diverse their gambling experience. Besides the type of game, bettors need to choose where to play. Online casinos grant easy access, but you can’t learn the history of bingo calls or hear the new bingo number nicknames.

Online Bingo – Play Like Never B-4

Online Bingo Games

The history of bingo has a major turn point registered in the history of online gambling. The first online bingo game was held in 1996 at the Bingo Zone site and is available to players in the USA. The same year Parlay Entertainment (Canada) released Cyber Bingo.

Since the early days of the Internet, the online history of bingo has expanded with lists of games and gambling websites offering them. A major milestone occurred in 2013, with the launch of the online bingo players’ network ’15 Network’. This allowed bingo versions to evolve and enter the mobile gaming market.

From this point on, online bingo’s future became brighter than ever because the gambling industry constantly evolves. Players expect more fun, greater game diversity, and even better prizes.

History of Bingo Q&A

The history of bingo stretches over many centuries, and even though almost everything is known about the game, there are still many interesting questions to be answered. We collected some of them below, so read on and if the brief answer is not enough – click on the link, and it will take you to more information.

Why is bingo so popular?

While exploring the history of bingo, you will inevitably learn a lot about the players, their countries, and their past. Despite the differences in the customs and way of life, the bingo games are popular for their simplicity, affordability, inclusiveness, and entertainment factor. Every bingo variation brings different excitement, and every game has a winner.

When was bingo invented and by whom?

It is hard to tell exactly where bingo originated because the game has been reshaped many times. The familiar game rules were first recorded in Italy in the 16th century, but the bingo history could also begin when the game got its name at the beginning of the 20th century in the USA.

What bingo games are there?

Finding the name of the person who invented bingo might never be possible, but we are deeply grateful for their efforts. Today, there are dozens of bingo variations available at gaming halls and online casinos. The most popular types are the 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, also called American Bingo and UK bingo.

Can I play bingo online?

Since the history of bingo games proves that this is one of the highly preferred wagering games, there is no wonder why operators of online gambling sites added it to their lists. The online bingo games include all classic and new interesting bingo versions like Slingo, jackpot bingo, and other games.

Where does bingo originate from?

The lengthy bingo history points towards Italy’s bingo from 16th century, also called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia to be the origin of the present-day popular game. This was when the mandatory elements of the game were first recognised – scorecards with numbers, shuffling of numbered tokens and drawing the winning numbers.

When did bingo start in the UK?

The history of bingo shows that the game quickly spread throughout Europe, and by the 1770s, a large part of the United Kingdom was into it. The UK bingo games started under the name Housey Housey and evolved along with bingo worldwide. Today, the UK is one of the countries where thousands of people shout ‘Bingo!’ daily.

What was bingo originally called?

We might not know who invented bingo, but we have heard many names given to the game. A combination of the name ‘beano’ used in the USA and an excited winner led to the game’s new name – Bingo! The USA’s bingo has 75 balls and a B-I-N-G-O above the five columns on the scorecards.

Where was bingo first played?

After its creation in Italy, bingo-type games spread all across Europe. The history of bingo games shows that France’s Le Lotto is the ancestor of the present-day national lottery and bingo many French people play. After World War I, the soldiers brought the fun game to their home countries, and bingo spread worldwide.

Is bingo a gambling game?

The bingo history shows that this is one of the most popular money-based games of chance. Even so, the bingo in Germany has an alternative face that is not directed towards enrichment. In the 18th century, bingo-type cards with images, words, and numbers were used as educational tools for children. There are still such games.

What should I know about bingo?

Besides the fascinating bingo history, there is a lot to know about bingo, especially if you intend to play. People who have never tried it usually have a lot of questions and worries that stop them from playing. We answered essential bingo inquiries to help you learn the basics.

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Casino Bad Kötzting ✔️ Bad Kötzting Casino Games, Restaurant & Bar

Casino Players

Below you can see the main sections of this blog post dedicated to the Bad Kötzting Casino. Explore the information, and you will easily decide if this venue meets your gaming standards. Considering the research we made for this article, we can say that the venue deserves attention and will deliver hours of gambling fun. Check out the information, and don’t miss the FAQ section at the end.

What Makes Casino Bad Kötzting Special?

Casino Bad Kötzting is one of the nine casinos in Bavaria, Germany. It is government operated and opened in February 2000. The building is almost 3000 square meters holding the gambling floor, restaurant, and bar. The establishment delivers high-quality entertainment daily, and this way confirms its motto is “Stage. Bar. Restaurant. Casino.”. Here is what else you should know about the casino:

🦁 Name 🌳 Casino Bad Kötzting
⭐ Type Casino, Restaurant & Bar
🎂 Established February 2000
😎 Operator Spielbanken Bayern
State Lottery Administration in Munich
✔️ License State Lottery and Casino Administration in Bavaria
Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Homeland
PCI DSS Compliment
🎰 Casino Slots, Table Games, Electronic Gaming Machines, Sports Events
🥩 Restaurants International Cuisine
🍸 Bars CasinoLounge
🎙️ Entertainments Live Shows, Event Center
🎁 Extras Free self-parking
🐾 Pet Policy Guide Dogs Only
♿ Wheelchairs Wheelchairs accessible
🥴 Intoxication Alcohol is served to people over 18 years old
🚬 Smoking Smoke-Free casino
Designated smoking areas
🗺️ Address Untere Au 2, 93444 Bad Kötzting, Germany
☎️ Telephone +49 9941 94480
💬 Social Media YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram
📧 Email [email protected]
🌐 Website www.spielbanken-bayern-de

The Bad Kötzting Casino is in an area with amazing nature offering multiple relaxation opportunities. Players from far away and tourists can stay at one of the nearby hotels (Hotel Amberger Hof, Hotel Zur Post, Hotel am Steinbachtal) and hit the gambling floor. If you are free outside of the Casino Bad Kötzting opening hours, you can always take a spa day or go for a walk.

The Bad Kötzting Casino’s building has unique architecture shaped as a blue jewel. Visitors remain charmed by the light playing over the building and astonished by the functional internal design. The stylish ambience and the excellent services add to the gambling experience, so take the trip and visit the casino.

Rules for Players & Visitors

The Bad Kötzting Casino welcomes all visitors, but a few requirements must be followed. Don’t worry because it is nothing overdemanding. The rules are meant to make everyone’s stay pleasant and fun. Here is what you need to know before entering the casino:

  • 🎂 Legal Gambling Age: players must be over the age of 21. An exception is made for people over 18 years accompanied by someone over 21 years old. Upon entry, all visitors must show a valid photo ID (EU ID card, EU driving licence, or passport).
  • 👙 Dress Code: there is no Casino Bad Kötzting dress code, but the guests are expected to be neat and wear appropriate clothing. The unspoken casino dress code of professional players is comfortable clothes that will allow them to sit for hours without getting distracted by their appearance.
  • 💸 Tips: it is a custom (not mandatory) for a player to tip the dealer upon winning. The tip size is a chip equal to the initial stake or higher. Say “One piece for the employees”, and the croupier will put the tip in the “Troncbüchse” (the tip box) and give you the rest of the prize.

As you can see, the rules are simple and easy to follow. Another great news about gambling in Germany is that there are no winners taxes from casino prizes. This means that a player should only give a tip (recommended out of courtesy) and collect the rest of the prize upon winning.

Casino Code & Etiquette

The gambling laws in Germany regulate the licences and legal activity of the operators, but there are also many supportive documents and instructions that need to be followed. Furthermore, the casino has rules for etiquette and organisation. Here are some of them:

  • 💳 Payment Options: players in Bavarian casinos can purchase chips upon entry with cash, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro), and e-Wallets (PayPal, Klarna, giropay, V Pay)
  • 🚓 Crimes: any forms of cheating, disturbances of the peace in the casino, using counterfeit banknotes, or any other criminal violations are dealt with by the casino security and the local authorities
  • 🛑 Responsible Gambling: all operators are obligated to assist players in fighting gambling addiction. Bad Kötzting Casino also has a questionnaire for self-evaluation and self-exclusion options, and offers information about the hotline of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) and other organisations

The above procedures aim players’ protection and top-ranking gambling experiences. Following those rules is easy for anyone who intends to have fun and take the best of his time in the casino. Now is the time to check below what games and other entertainments you can enjoy at Bad Kötzting Casino.

Casino Bad Kötzting – Games & Playing Instructions

Players enjoying the best online casinos in Germany are familiar with the abundance of games available to players, but playing online can’t deliver the authentic casino atmosphere and in-person dealers. First, we will introduce this modern casino, created up to the highest technical standards and safety, and then we will introduce the Casino Bad Kötzting restaurant and bar.

Games at Bad Kötzting Casino

Anyone knows that the best German poker players and casual gamblers spend many hours on the gambling floor. The operators know this, which is why there is no Casino Bad Kötzting dress code. Players need to enter during the opening hours and enjoy the following games:

  • 🎰 Slot Machines
  • 🎡 French Roulette
  • 🎡 American Roulette
  • 🎲 Dice52
  • ♠️ Blackjack
  • ♠️ Bavarian Texas Hold’em
  • ♠️ Bavarian Stud Poker
  • ♠️ Texas Hold’em
  • ♠️ Seven Card Stud Poker
  • 🎱 Video Bingo
  • 🏟️ Sporting Events

All those games are available to players over the legal gambling age. There are also many exciting poker tournaments with schedules published on the casino website. If you cannot visit the casino right away, but feel a powerful desire to play, try the best poker sites in Germany to brush up your skills for the next tournament.

Game Rules & Educational Videos

The croupiers, dealers, and the rest of the staff are ready to answer your questions and assist in every possible way. Furthermore, the operator has created instructional videos and guides to help players learn each game’s rules. If you miss the Casino Bad Kötzting opening hours, you can always try the best online casinos in Bavaria for 2023. Test your skills there, and head for the casino when it opens.

Dining & Drinking at Bad Kötzting Casino

Casino Restaurant and Bar

The casino’s multiple games and gambling entertainments can keep players busy for hours, but eventually, the hunger calls. This is when players can choose between a bar or a restaurant in the building or go out and return to play at the casino again. Check below what your options are.

Casino Bad Kötzting Restaurant

The restaurant at Bad Kötzting works 7 days a week and opens at 3 p.m. This is where players and visitors can enjoy international cuisine like at the best restaurants in Las Vegas. Try Italian, American, and Thai cuisine dishes like fish, salads, burgers, BBQ, and desserts. Other dining alternatives are the restaurants nearby with local cuisine – Lindner Bräu, Goggolori, and Gasthof & Brewery Zur Post.

Bad Kötzting CasinoLounge

Besides the Casino Bad Kötzting restaurant, there is a CasinoLounge where you can find some of the best casino drinks you can think of. A wide range of beers, high-quality spirits, cocktails, and non-alcoholic refreshments are available to all guests. Besides, the bar has a stage where various artists perform for the players. We will mention more about this in the next section of the blog post.

Entertainments, Events & Celebrations

Casino Entertainment and Events

Casino Bad Kötzting may be the reason for your visit here, but it may not be the only reason to stay. The restaurant, CasinoLounge, and the outdoor terrace with spectacular panoramic views form a 200 square meter area perfect for all types of event celebrations and gatherings. Here are some of the events and entertainments you can enjoy in a stylish atmosphere:

  • 💃 Casino Events: Ladies’ Night (Monday), Gentlemen Play (Tuesday)
  • 🎙️ Live Shows: live music, cabaret, comedy gags, dance shows
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family & Friends: birthdays, celebrations, parties
  • 👔 Company Events: conferences, gatherings, company parties

The tickets for all poker tournaments and live events are sold in the online shop and at the casino reception. The reception is also where you can book your party date. Don’t worry if there will be enough space because the seating arrangements are individually adjusted before each event. Family and company events can change the standard Casino Bad Kötzting dress code to a costume party.

Other Casinos in Bavaria, Germany

Other Casinos in Bavaria

The Free State of Bavaria is a wonderful place for eco-tourism and a wonderful location for gambling. The State Lottery and Casino Administration in Munich licences and operates all nine casinos in Bavaria, including the Bad Kötzting Casino. Here are the rest of the gambling locations in the province:

  • 🌟 Bad Füssing Casino
  • 🌟 Bad Kissingen Casino
  • 🌟 Bad Kötzting Casino
  • 🌟 Bad Reichenhall Casino
  • 🌟 Bad Steben Casino
  • 🌟 Bad Wiessee Casino
  • 🌟 Feuchtwangen Casino
  • 🌟 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • 🌟 Lindau Casino

If all those excellent gambling locations are not enough, then you can also try the German online roulette sites and other online casinos. But anyone who dedicates time to visit the brick-and-mortar Bavarian casinos will go on an unforgettable adventure and stay at excellent hotels with great food.

The state offers multiple gambling locations and a casino magazine with Bavarian casinos information. The magazine is issued twice yearly and holds news about local gambling venues, fun games, travel specials, lifestyle topics, and more. You can get it free from either one of the nine casinos or download the free “CASINO Magazin” app for iOS and Android devices.

Casino Bad Kötzting FAQ

The Casino Bad Kötzting has all a player needs to have a fun time. The variety of games, tasty food in the restaurant, and quality drinks make players have fun at a gambling venue. Knowing a few essential things before hitting the tables is important, so check the answers to frequently asked questions below.

*️⃣ Is Casino Bad Kötzting in Bavaria, Germany good?

The province of Bavaria in Germany has nine state-owned land-based casinos. In the Casino Bad Kötzting details, you will find essential information about this operator, its licence, the casino games and more. Overall, Bad Kötzting Casino is great for all players because it offers diverse gambling games and poker tournaments and has a restaurant and a bar.

*️⃣ What games can I play at Casino Bad Kötzting?

Every visitor who steps through the gates of Casino Bad Kötzting will find the most popular forms of casino gambling games. There are many slot machines and table games, including roulette, blackjack, and a few poker variations. Players can also enjoy dice games, video bingo, and even watch sports events on the screens.

*️⃣ Where can I eat while playing at Casino Bad Kötzting?

The lack of Casino Bad Kötzting dress code extends to the restaurant and bar. All visitors can drink at the gaming table or the slot machine, but no food is allowed on the gaming floor. Hungry players and guests can enjoy Bad Kötzting restaurant’s international cuisine or get a drink at the bar.

*️⃣ Is there live music at Casino Bad Kötzting?

The Casino Bad Kötzting restaurant and CasinoLaunge are the places where all entertainments and events are held. The guests can enjoy live music, cabaret, comedy nights, and more. The restaurant and bar are also wonderful places for family and friends’ gatherings or to spend quality time with colleagues.

*️⃣ Are there other casinos in Bavaria besides Bad Kötzting Casino?

If you don’t like the Casino Bad Kötzting opening hours or need another gambling location closer to you, then check the list of the other eight casinos in Bavaria. A total of nine casinos are scattered all over the province, so you will find another interesting location with the same high gambling standards.

*️⃣ Is Casino Bad Kötzting smoke-free?

It is good to learn the basic Casino Bad Kötzting information before heading towards this Bavarian gambling venue. For example, the casino is vape and smoke-free, but there are designated smoking areas. It is also important to consider the pet policy and wheelchair accessibility if they apply to you.

*️⃣ What is the legal gambling age at Bad Kötzting, Germany?

Even though Bad Kötzting Casino is extremely liberal, there are some rules for players. The first requirement is to be 21 years old to gamble or 18 years old to enter the casino or drink alcohol. The rest of the rules prohibit any cheating or causing trouble, and are dealt with by security and the police.

*️⃣ Can I play slots at Casino Bad Kötzting?

Boredom is the one thing you cannot experience here. The games at Bad Kötzting Casino cover the same variety of gambling entertainment offered by most brick-and-mortar casinos. Players can try variations of slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and dice or enter a scheduled poker tournament.

*️⃣ Is there a restaurant at Casino Bad Kötzting, Germany?

Like all other casinos in Bavaria, Germany, this one also has a dining option. The Casino Bad Kötzting restaurant offers international cuisine, including salads, BBQ, fish, burgers, pizza, desserts, and more delicious dishes. There is also a fine drinks selection, which is extended by the drinks card of the bar.

*️⃣ Is alcohol served at Casino Bad Kötzting?

Visitors can get a drink any time during the Casino Bad Kötzting opening hours. The CasinoLounge and bar has a variety of beer, non-alcohol drinks, and strong alcohol available to all visitors at legal drinking age. The bar is great for getting a drink with friends and colleagues or watching a live show.

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Bettor Wins 75,000/1 Parlay Thanks to 96th-Minute Goal

Four men celebrating watching soccer

One lucky person won a 75,000/1 parlay bet thanks to a goal in the 96th minute. The parlay, which cost just £0.30 ($0.36), was comprised of 13 soccer game selections, spread across the second, third, and fourth tiers of professional soccer in England. Two selections were for draws, with the rest being game-winner predictions.

Parlay bets are very popular among soccer punters in particular, as they can lead to massive payouts from relatively small stakes.

Carlisle scored a winner in the 96th minute against Swindon to keep the bet alive. Ryan Edmondson was the man to thank for scoring the goal in the dying seconds of the game. The bettor won £22,380 ($26,931) from the bet he placed with William Hill.

The sportsbook operator posted details of the wager on Twitter. It is common for sportsbooks to post details of big wins as it acts as a useful way to promote their offerings and to entice new users to sign up for an account.

The post Bettor Wins 75,000/1 Parlay Thanks to 96th-Minute Goal appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Top 5 Cash Collect Slots by Playtech

Cash Collect: Atlantis online slot machine game by Playtech

The largest game provider in the industry and pioneers of online casino innovation have hit the jackpot once again when it comes to player experience with their eye-catching Cash Collect slot series.

What’s behind the success of Playtech’s latest integration? Why is it so popular? And what every player wants to know; which are the best games to feature it?

Read on to find out as we give you a breakdown of how the mechanic works, along with our Top 5 Cash Collect slot games.

What is the Cash Collect feature in Playtech slots?

The cash collect feature is triggered when a specific symbol lands on the reels. The position where it can typically appear on the reel set and what it can reward varies from game to game but it normally offers a selection of the following when it drops:

  • Instant cash wins
  • Free Spins
  • Fixed and progressive jackpot prizes

The Cash Collect symbol must land on the reels at the same time as the gold coin symbols for the instant cash wins. Similarly, it must drop on to the reel set along with the free spins symbols for a go at everyone’s favourite type of bonus round. Landing a glistening diamond symbol with a Cash Collect will award you with one of the displayed jackpot prizes – often worth up to 1,000x your bet.

To make things more entertaining and potentially lucrative, the Cash Collect feature plays a role during both the base game and bonus rounds, which can lead to an accumulation of extra cash rewards, multipliers, and free spins. Even the fixed jackpots can theoretically be won multiple times in the same session.

It’s this level of engagement and win potential that has made the trademark mechanic so popular with online slot machine players. The number of Playtech slots to incorporate it is ever-growing, and with these excellent games included as the qualifying games in our Casino.com Welcome Package, we felt it was a good idea to share our Top 5 Playtech Cash Collect slots with you before you sign up and claim your Welcome Bonus and Free Spins!

5. Cash Collect: Silver Bullet Bandit

Saddle up for a highly volatile wander into the Wild West with our Number 5 entry in our list of best Cash Collect slots. Silver Bullet Bandit is a slick-looking release that slings bountiful multipliers your way and features a nudge action that classic slot machine lovers will tip their cowboy hats to.

The Cash Collect symbol will appear only on reel 5 in the main game and rewards you instantly with any money values or free spins that may be present on the reels when it lands.

In the free spins round, this special symbol can land anywhere and becomes sticky for up to 10 spins, determined by a spinning bullet chamber.

While the Cash Collect symbol remains in place, an unlimited amount of additional free spins can be triggered if more free spins symbols drop. If a diamond symbol lands, you’ll be galloping off into the sunset with one of the four fixed jackpots!

Year of Release 2022
Game Developer Playtech
RTP 95.44%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 1,000x

4. Cash Collect: Atlantis

The next destination to uncover this special shiny symbol is deep down in the depths of ancient Greek mythology and the famous lost island of Atlantis.

Similar to Silver Bullet Bandit, the Cash Collect symbol lands on the fifth reel in the main game to reward you with any coin values present. The difference here is the free spins round and the four jackpots.

Landing three or four money symbols will activate a free spins game where you can build up a pot, initially set according to the value of the triggering coins, which can be won or reset an unlimited number of times. Additional free spins can also be added throughout the round with no limit.

This entertaining and unpredictable free spins mechanic, along with more lucrative fixed jackpots for landing a diamond, sees this discovery float up to a deserved fourth place in our chart.

Year of Release 2022
Game Developer Playtech
RTP 96.25%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 1,000x

3. Cash Collect: Football

Released by Playtech just in time for the Qatar World Cup in November 2022, Football is the latest title to take on the Cash Collect theme and keep enthusiasts of the unique game mechanic onside.

As big fans of the beautiful game ourselves at Casino.com, it’s the sporty reskin that we particularly like here. The game format remains a familiar one, with the Cash Collect symbol appearing on reel 5 to score you those money-symbol wins and free spins.

This time, the sticky Cash Collect symbols shift from right to left along the reels in the free spins round, with every spin that follows their initial landing, until their pre-determined time is up.

Think it’s all over? Think again. Those diamonds and fixed jackpots are back to make you really feel ‘at home’.

Year of Release 2022
Game Developer Playtech
RTP 94.91%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 500x

2. Cash Collect: Leprechaun’s Luck

We just can’t get enough of Irish-themed slots and such is the popularity of this genre, it’s no surprise that Playtech’s Cash Collect series has taken a trip over to the Emerald Isle to make a pot of gold of its own with its iconic shiny coin symbols.

The free spins game works in the same way that we described earlier in our Football description, with multiple Cash Collect symbols walking across the reels from right to left to increase those accumulative wins.

This time though, we’re swapping the soccer stadium for the more familiar Gaelic green hills. And by now, we probably don’t need to explain how those fixed jackpots work. Feeling lucky?

Year of Release 2022
Game Developer Playtech
RTP 95.38%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 2,100x

1. Cash Collect: Sahara Riches

Cash Collect: Sahara Riches online slot machine game by Playtech

We’re taking a trip out to the desert for our Number 1 pick of the Playtech Cash Collect series, and where it all began for us! Sahara Riches was the first Cash Collect slot to be added to our casino lobby and it remains our favourite.

No major mirages here – everything works in pretty much the same way as the other variations we’ve talked about. However, in this edition, those special symbols in the free spins game lock in place for three spins every time. If a few of them end up on the reels together, you really can gather up some nice wins.

The well-balanced medium volatility, and subtle but shiny animations to complement the atmospheric soundtrack, make this spin through the Saharan sand our overall top choice.

Year of Release 2021
Game Developer Playtech
RTP 95.67%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 500x

Play for Real Money

At Casino.com, you will find a large range of slots and live games available to play, including the very best from Playtech. Simply sign in to start playing real money bets.

And if you are registering for the first time and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Package before using its Bonus and Free Spins on a selection of the superb Cash Collect slots we’ve covered in this article.

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Spanish Lawmakers Approve Tougher Responsible Gambling Measures

Spanish flags

Strengthening protections

Spain’s Council of Ministers has approved a new royal decree that will strengthen responsible gambling measures across the country. The “Royal Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments” will be in place in the 17 autonomous Spanish communities. The main goal of the legislation is to “strengthen the protection of underage and vulnerable consumers, especially those aged 18 to 25.”

licensees must put in place new duty of care rules

Gambling operators in Spain will now have to adhere to the new requirements. All licensees must put in place new duty of care rules, which will include creating risk profiles of customers and closely monitoring certain types of users.

Closer monitoring

Operators will have to closely watch any users whose net loss is €600 ($635) over a three-week period. The net loss threshold drops to €200 ($212) if the user is younger than 25. Anyone who falls into this bracket will need to be treated as an at-risk gambler.

A person who is categorized as at-risk will be sent a warning message and a monthly summary of their gambling activity. Their account will be suspended if they do not reply within 72 hours. These people will also not be allowed to add funds to their accounts with credit cards or join any VIP program.

Some gambling operators have criticized the new measures, believing that they are hyper-restrictive and unnecessary.

Marketing restrictions are also in place with the decree. For example, marketing teams cannot send any promotions to young people if they had no previous interactions with the operator.

Dealing with problem gambling

Most of the new rules will go into effect six months after they are published in the Official State Gazette. Some of the more complex regulations will likely be given a 12-month transition period.

One of the big reasons why Spanish lawmakers have been tightening gambling-related laws in recent years is the growing concern over problem gambling rates in the country, especially among young people. Easy access to online gambling is said to be a factor in rising addiction levels.

problem gambling activity among young people between 14 and 18 years old is 3.4%

A study by an addiction welfare clinic estimated that the level of problem gambling activity among people in Spain between 14 and 18 years old is 3.4%. The Spanish government has committed to increasing expenditure on gambling addiction prevention from €1.1m ($1.16m) to €2.2m ($2.3m).

Significant fines will be handed out to operators that do not fall in line with Spain’s gambling laws. The Ministry of Consumption has the ability to issue fines as high as €50m ($53m) and can strip gaming licenses from operators if the matter is especially serious.

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ASEAN Gaming Summit to be Held in Manila in March 2023

ASEAN Gaming Summit to be Held in Manila in March 2023

Asia Gaming Brief, the organizer of the annual regional gaming conference ASEAN Gaming Summit, has announced that the conference will be held from 21st-23rd March 2023 at the Manila Marriott Hotel in the Philippines.

Prominent attendees:

The conference will reportedly gather leading gaming executives from the Philippines and the entire Asian continent, with more than 50 experts invited to speak about the industry’s insights and trends. The event will also host hundreds of the region’s leading operators, regulatory entities, and suppliers who will present the forthcoming generation of land-based and virtual industry resources.

Largest ASEAN summit to date:

According to the organizer, this year’s event will be the largest ASEAN Gaming Summit to date. Asia Gaming Brief managing director Luis Pereira said: “The AGB team is thrilled about hosting another edition of the ASEAN Gaming Summit in the Philippines, where the whole spectrum of the industry, online and land-based, can come together, to engage, discuss, and showcase their offering.”

Pereira added: “We’re now gearing up to bring the industry its widely anticipated event in Manila after main Asian countries lifted their COVID curbs. All prepared sessions aim at reigniting growth in one of Asia’s biggest gaming jurisdictions. We look forward to welcoming anyone looking to reconnect with the gaming industry in Asia once again.”

Providing market analysis and memorable experience:

The summit will provide a deep insight into the Asian gaming industry, as well as a discussion on the future industry prospects and market trends. It will also include a comprehensive review of the online offering, marketing, and data protection measures, and offer a unique opportunity for connecting the market participants. The complete ASEAN conference program is available here.

“With the industry’s support,” continued Pereira,‘ ASEAN has become the premier gaming conference in Manila since its inception in 2017.”  He also said: “This year, in tandem with industry’s growth across the region, we are delighted to be providing a larger capacity exhibition, as well as a stellar line up of speakers, to provide delegates a memorable experience.”

Expecting strong industry rebound:

Asia Gaming Brief general manager Vicky Chan said: “A strong rebound in the gaming industry is expected to happen this year in Asia, especially after mainland China has lifted COVID curbs. Recovery signals have also been shown in various markets and I am convinced that the ASEAN will deliver true value to all participants.”

An exclusive line-up of speakers:

The ASEAN Gaming Summit will be held on March 21-23, 2023 in Manila to feature speakers from some of the key players in the industry. It will be a chance to hear executives such as Hann Resorts CEO, Daesik Han, and Joe Pisano, founder, and CEO of Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies, as well as guests and experts from the Philippines, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, the UAE, and others covering the crucial gaming markets and market developments.

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Over 8.1m Wagers Were Placed During the Launch Weekend of Massachusetts Online Betting

Fenway Park

More than 400,000 people submitted a combined 8.1m transactions during the first weekend of Massachusetts online sports betting.

The data comes from the geo-tracking company GeoComply, which provides gambling analytics and insights to different entities. The results of opening weekend are highly promising for a New England area that has a growing presence in the country’s gambling ecosystem.

the online arm will add $60m in annual tax revenue

Online sports betting launched in Massachusetts on March 10, pairing with the retail market that started on January 31. Officials estimate that the online arm will add $60m in annual tax revenue to the state kitty.

Of the 8.1m transactions, roughly 5,000 were blocked by GeoComply due to suspicious origin or accounts.

“With the gold standard of geolocation in place and an experienced team of experts, we are uniquely positioned to lead the fight against fraud in all its forms,” said Lindsay Slader, GeoComply’s senior vice president of compliance.

Nearly all of Massachusetts’ neighboring states, including New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York, have legal sports betting markets.

Massachusetts also churned out the fifth-most online bets this past weekend, behind only New York, New Jersey, Ohio (which also launched its online sports betting market this year), and Pennsylvania. Participation is also likely to grow in the immediate future thanks to March Madness tipping off Tuesday afternoon and running through April 3.

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Top 10 Biggest Gambling Myths & Why They’re Not True!

Top 10 Biggest Gambling Myths & Why They’re Not True!

Whether you believe that casinos cheat or you could face prison time if caught card counting, there are tons of gambling myths out there.

We’re going to set the record straight once and for all by explaining the most commonly believed gambling myths – and why they’re not true.

MYTH 1: Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air

Some gamblers believe that casinos secretly add more oxygen to the AC on casino floors to make customers more energetic and therefore more likely to gamble, and some believe they even add pheromones.

This is false and there is a logical reason why.

Oxygen is not pumped into casinos since it would increase the flammability of the air and make it a fire risk. And no casino wants to burn itself to the ground. Think about it.

Oh, and it’s also illegal to tamper with air supplies in many countries. So if you’re playing in a legal, licensed casino, you should be good.

MYTH 2: Casino Games Are Rigged

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Casino games are not rigged.

Are casino games designed to give the house the edge? Of course, that’s how casinos make money.

But this edge plays out over a long period across thousands of players. It doesn’t mean you can’t win.

Many people accept that table games are fair, as they can see what the dealer is doing at all times.

But what about slots? How can you really know what’s going on inside a slot machine?

Every slot game uses a random number generator (RNG) to determine what symbols will land and guarantee random results. You have the same chance of hitting a payout on every spin.

Now you don’t just have to take our word on RNGs. You know when a legal casino describes itself as licensed and regulated? Part of that regulation involves third parties coming and testing the RNGs on slot games.

There is a pinch of salt in this myth, as games are built so the casino will win over time.

But games aren’t rigged, and you have as much a chance as anyone of walking away with a big win.

👉 No, Slot Machines Aren’t Rigged. A Casino Worker Explains Why

MYTH 3: Card Counting Is Illegal

There is nothing illegal about card counting, and you can’t be thrown in jail if you’re caught.

However, most casinos don’t want you to count cards because it reduces the house edge, so won’t take kindly to players doing it.

👉 How Casinos Catch Card Counters And Why You Should Avoid Trying It

The most likely punishment if you get caught is you’ll be asked to leave the casino. At worst, they may also notify other casinos about who you are.

You’re not suddenly going to find a court summons in your mailbox one day if you count cards.

This is a myth supported by casinos because it benefits them if you think there are severe repercussions for card counting.

MYTH 4: Gambling Isn’t Addictive

This one is crucial, as recognizing that gambling is addictive is a significant step towards preventing problem gambling.

You feel good when you hit a win while playing casino games because your brain releases chemicals like dopamine. The more you trigger this reaction, the more you need to activate that same feeling.

As gamblers chase down that buzz, they feel they need to risk and win more and more money, which can result in bad gambling habits.

There is no problem with enjoying gambling, but it’s essential to know when to stop.

Setting limits on how much to spend before you reach a casino, or enforcing time limits on how you play, can protect you from developing a problem.

👉 Top Tips For Responsible Gambling

MYTH 5: There Are Hot And Cold Slot Machines

The idea with this myth is that once a machine starts paying out, you’re more likely to hit wins frequently. This is known as a ‘hot’ slot.

Likewise, slots can go through long periods of not paying out, and they’re known as ‘cold’ slots.

Remember RNGs? Well, they put an end to this myth.

Every spin is equal, and you have just as high as chance of a win on one spin as on another.

Sometimes, slot machines will provide several payouts in quick succession. Other times, slots will go on for long periods without paying out.

It’s 100% random – don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

👉 Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins Of All Time

MYTH 6: You’re Due A Win If You Haven’t Had One In A While

Many gamblers believe that if you stick with the same game, eventually, you’ll get a big payout because you’ll be “due” a win.

This is sometimes called the Gambler’s Fallacy.

For example, if a roulette wheel hasn’t hit any wins on the previous 10 spins, a player might believe that on its 11th spin that a win will occur because it’s time.  

However, this is a myth because each spin should be considered independent – its previous results have zero impact on the future.

Or if a slot has just paid out a big jackpot, players might avoid that machine as they believe it won’t pay out again soon – when really it could pay out an hour later!

It’s important to remember that past events do not have any impact on the present or future.

MYTH 7: Dealers Adjust Games If You’re Winning Too Much

Some gamblers have a lot of suspicions in casinos, and one of the most popular is that dealers will adjust games if you are winning too much.

Again, remember that casino games are designed to give the house the edge.

Dealers don’t need to rig games because they know that eventually the casino will make a profit across all players.

In addition, land-based casinos are regulated by independent bodies which are looking to protect player safety. Along with testing the RNGs of slot machines, regulators will also review the processes that dealers use.

If you don’t want to trust casino regulators, think about it another way.

It would probably cost the casinos far too much money to have to train dealers to rig games without people noticing. It takes years to perfect sleight of hand or other moves.

This training would cost the casino a lot more than just letting the occasional player hit big wins. And if no one ever won big at the casino, they’d soon get a reputation and be out of business.

MYTH 8: Casino Games Are Pure Luck

This myth is kind of true.

There are some games that are based on luck, like slots or roulette, however, there are a number of casino games that require skill and strategy to win, like poker or blackjack.

To use an example we’ve already talked about, if you know how to card count, you’ve theoretically got a better chance of winning in blackjack than someone who doesn’t.

Of course, luck still plays a huge part in the game, but there are ways you can give yourself marginal edges.

MYTH 9: You’re More Likely To Win Slots In A Busy Casino

Many gamblers believe if you visit a busier casino, you’re more likely to win when playing slot machines because more money is being pumped into them.

This is categorically untrue, as the winnings spins on slots are determined by RNGs.

No matter if you’re the only one on the casino floor or you’re struggling to find an available slot machine, the chances of winning are the same.

However, there are benefits to playing in busy casinos, especially if you’re a fan of progressive jackpot games.

Progressive jackpots increase as more players stake on that game. If there are more players in a casino, that prize total will rise faster, so you can hit a bigger jackpot if you land the right spin.

Likewise, land-based casinos often run tournaments on slots for players to enjoy. Busier casinos will have larger prize pools for these competitions. 

MYTH 10: Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

online casino scam

Many people believe that online casinos are scam sites that won’t pay out. If a casino is licensed and regulated, then you will get your winnings (providing you follow the wagering requirements).

One of the reasons that the myth that online casinos don’t pay out is so popular is that many players claim welcome bonuses without understanding what they are.

However, these promotions have terms and conditions to prevent bonus abuse, like wagering requirements, which tell you how many times you need to use your bonuses before withdrawing.

You won’t be able to cash out if you make a transaction request without completing your wagering requirements. Many players don’t understand this and see it as the casino site scamming them.

So let’s make it as simple as possible. If you are using an online casino licensed by a respected regulatory body, accepting players from where you are, you will receive your payouts.

Sure, there are scam online casinos out there, but if you use a regulated platform, your payouts should be safe.

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Adele’s Las Vegas Residency Extension Set to Make Her and Caesars Millions


Multiple sources have reported that pop star Adele is planning to extend her current Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace.

Adele’s residency extension is not just a win for the British singer, but also a massive boost for Caesars. Industry insiders speculate that she could earn up to $1.2m per show and increase her performances to three times a week, the extension bringing in millions for the famed Vegas casino.

one of Las Vegas’ all-time highest paid performers

Lady Gaga’s estimated $1m per show at Park Theater pales in comparison to what her rival songstress’s potential earnings could be. It would make Adele one of Las Vegas’ all-time highest paid performers.

While the mostly British sources didn’t confirm the exact dates for the continuation of her “Weekends With Adele” run of shows, they suggested she may perform at the venue from August through the first week of November, or even as early as June.

According to Vital Las Vegas, Adele’s residency has become an ace up Caesars’ sleeve, drawing “the perfect casino customer, with lots of disposable income.”

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Big Gambler Refuses to Pay Aspinall’s Because He Got Drunk

Big Gambler Refuses to Pay Aspinall’s Because He Got Drunk

Gambling “whale” Lester Hui is defending himself against a claim of almost £600,000 by an exclusive Mayfair casino in London. Hui maintains that Aspinall’s Clubs Ltd helped him get “blackout drunk” in order to help him lose more than half a million Pounds playing double chance baccarat at Aspinall’s casino at Curzon Street.

Hui claims the casino kept bringing him drinks of Moutai, a particular style of baijiu, a distilled Chinese liquor that is crafted in the town of Maotai in China’s Guizhou province and often referred to as “firewater”.

Claims Failure of Club’s Social Responsibility

Under Gambling Commission rules, Hui maintains that the casino failed to fulfill its social responsibility to him when staff failed to intervene in his self-destructive behavior by continuing to serve him the potent liquor so that he would be likely to lose large sums of money to the house edge and Aspinall’s financial benefit at his expense.

Aspinall’s is having none of it if they can help it and are demanding he pays up the money it says he owes through the gambling contract. The casino contends he remained sober enough to make clear game decisions and drove himself home when he was done gambling.

Aspinall’s is a members-only club that has entertained celebrities and various royalty over the years since opening in the 1960s. The purported gambling debt dates back to early 2016. Hui has reportedly been a member since 1996.

As is usually the case with a game like baccarat, his winnings reportedly fluctuated throughout his gambling session but he ended up in the hole after spending £600,000 in pursuit of wins. When he was done playing he wrote a check for £589,724, representing his spend minus a smaller amount the club owed him from earlier.

However, the check didn’t clear the bank.

Attempted to Settle Out of Court

According to a report in the Mirror, the club has tried on several occasions to help Hui settle the debt out of court but has been involved in the court process since late 2019.

According to Hui, he planned to get drunk and informed staff while also asking them to limit his losses to £30,000 and then got too drunk to know what he was doing while the club allowed him to lose five times his self-imposed limit he claims he asked the club to help him enforce. Being in a state of “blackout” drunkenness, Hui claims he was not legally capable of entering a gambling contract to lose money.

Club barrister, Alexander Robson doubts Hui’s claim of asking for limits and forcefully defends against the main notions put forward by the gambler.

If Mr. Hui had made any such formal request to limit his gaming to a particular amount, the request would have been recorded and requested.

“Further, if Mr. Hui had said he was going to get drunk, he would not have been permitted to play at all,” said the barrister.

Providing complimentary drinks, enforcing insufficient breaks from the tables, and continuing to serve drinks after he began gambling are claimed as a breach of Aspinall’s social responsibility to its customer.

Source: High roller claims top Mayfair casino plied him with ‘firewater’ as he gambled away £600k, The Mirror, March 13, 2023

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