Gambling Cards ✔️ Explore Different Playing Card Decks

Playing Cards Colours

The playing cards images in different artistic styles are the most recognisable trait of the different decks. The gambling playing cards have a simple design compared to the collectable and customised decks that are sought out for their beauty and the materials they are made of. Below, you can see the sections of this blog post. We also added a gambling card games list and answers to popular questions at the end.

Gambling Cards Decks & Games

Anyone who has seen cards for gambling can easily tell them apart from the decks used for fun games. The history of cards shows that there are all kinds of decks for all types of players. There are richly decorated and ornamented cards, others with minimalistic designs, and even customised decks.

Despite the variety of packs in the playing cards history, the French-suited 52-card deck (in red and black, 4 suits with 13 cards, and 2 Jokers) is standard worldwide. Other popular designs are the English pattern and the Belgian-Genoese pattern. There are many different unique card packs typical for a specific country or unique decks like the ones in the table below:

🔢 Cards in Deck 💯 Deck Details
🎴 32 Cards Popular in north and central Germany and Austria
🎴 36 Cards Russia and Bavaria prefer the German-suited packs
🎴 40-48 Cards Those decks are popular in Italy (Primiera Bolognese with 40 cards) and Spain. The number of cards in 48 card decks may go up to 50 with the two Jokers
🎴 62 Cards The Italian Tarocco Bolognese set
🎴 68 Cards The Cary-Yale deck has 24 court cards in six ranks: King, queen, knight, lady rider, knave, and damsel (maid)

The playing cards around the world are so different because of the cards gambling games. One unique deck is the Hanafuda card deck (Japan) with 12 suits and only 4 cards in each suit. This is not a gambling deck, and people use it for divination. The next section of this blog post will tell you about popular card games.

Popular Games with Gambling Cards

There is a difference in the design of the cards for gambling, collectable decks, and fun decks. The simple art design in red and black is mandatory for gambling card games for real money. If you are learning how to play cards, get one of the cheapest decks and try some of the most popular casino card games, like poker and blackjack. Here are a few other suggestions:

  • 🃏 Casino Card Games: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Red Dog, Three Cards Rummy, and more
  • 🧸 Children Games: Go Fish!, War, Cheat, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, and more
  • 🔮 Cartomancy: playing cards are also widely used for divination and fortune-telling
  • 🧙‍♂️ Magic Tricks: card manipulations are extremely popular tricks performed by magicians like Juan Tamariz, Shin Lim, David Blaine, and more
  • 😍 Collections: the rarest and oldest playing cards can be found in private collections and museums worldwide

Those are not the only options for playing or gambling with cards, but they are the most popular and accessible. A fantastic way to pass the time that could turn into a profitable endeavour is to learn how to shuffle cards. This is a great party trick and skill of the best dealers. You can even use it to impress your clients when they come for a card reading.

Playing Cards Colours

The gambling playing cards we know today are completely different from the cards used in the past. The most obvious difference is that in the past, there were only four-coloured decks (no-revoke decks) where each suit had a distinguishable colour. People in the Middle Ages assigned status and rank to the cards to make score count easier.

When the playing cards entered the divination and occult practices, each card, suit, and colour gained meaning. Today, we can see that the Tarot cards and cartomancy decks still have different suits colours. Four-coloured gambling decks are used for trick-tracking games like Bridge, Whist, and Jazz.

The colours in the decks were deduced to red and black playing cards out of convenience and spearing expenses. The printing presses made cards available, and the demand among players increased.

The people adjusted their beliefs and assigned attributes and divination meanings to red and black colours. Red is associated with the day, positive events, and positive answers. On the other hand, the black coloured cards signify night, negative things, and rejections.

Playing Cards Suits

Playing Cards Suits

The playing cards meaning is easy to remember and tells a lot about the history of the cards and card games. Different societies left their mark on the cards through the centuries and adapted them to modern games and events. For example, the suits of the playing cards brought by Mamluk Egypt in the 1370s were cups, coins, swords, and polo sticks.

The Italians replaced the polo sticks with rods (batons); later, the French changed them to clovers. Such changes are still made and add to the evolution of gambling games and card decks. Here are some of the meanings of the playing cards suits hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds:

🃏 Suit 🍃 Element 📅 Season 💎 Social Class 🗺️ Symbols by Country
♠️ Spades Air Winter Military; Law Pikes (France), Leaves/Grass/Pikes (Germany), Shields (Switzerland), Swords (Italy and Spain), Pikes/Spades (Russia)
♥️ Hearts Water Spring Arts; Religion Hearts (France), Hearts (Germany), Roses (Switzerland), Cups (Italy and Spain), Hearts/Hooves (Russia)
♦️ Diamonds Fire Summer Merchants; Artisans Diamond/Tile (France), Bells (Germany and Switzerland), Coins (Italy and Spain), Bells/Boots (Russia)
♣️ Clubs Earth Autumn Farmers; Agriculture Clovers (France), Acorns (Germany and Switzerland), Wands/Rods (Italy and Spain), Trefy/Crest/Acorns (Russia)

The playing cards’ names change, and so do the value of the suits from one game to another. It also depends on the country that issued the deck. The most common suit ranking is spades as the strongest suit, followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs with the lowest strength. In other rankings, the clubs and diamonds switch places, but the swords lead in might every time.

Court Cards (Face Cards) & the Joker

Every rich card player wishes to have the most beautiful card decks, and countless artists used their skills to create memorable images. Today, the most expensive playing cards amaze with artistry, and some are even decorated with precious metals and gems.

The face cards, also called Royalty or court cards King, Queen, and Jack, are essential for card gambling. The paragraphs below will tell you more about the playing cards’ names with people symbols.


Playing Cards Four Kings

The King has the highest value from all gambling cards in many gambling card games, and only sometimes is outranked by the Ace. You will usually see the card marked with the letter “K” for “King” in English and Russian cards. You can also see “R” for the French, Spanish, Italian, Swiss, and Latin words for “king”.

The Persians called it “malik” (also meaning King), and this high rank remains until today. When the French created their playing cards, they gave a background to each court card. That is how each of the kings represents a famous person from history:

  • ♠️ King of Spades: David (Biblical figure)
  • ♥️ King of Hearts: Charlemagne, Charles, Suicide King, Man with the Axe
  • ♦️ King of Diamonds: Julius Caesar, One-Eyed King
  • ♣️ King of Clubs: Alexander the Great

The playing cards pictures of the kings are different from each other and show various attributes of power. For example, the King of Spades faces to the left while the other three are turned to the right. The King of Clubs holds a sword and an imperial orb in the English deck, meaning he is the master of the land and the army.

The King of Hearts and the King of Diamonds are called the “suicide kings” because it is not clear if they are holding the weapons or someone else. The King of Diamonds has an axe behind him instead of a sword like the rest. The King of Hearts has no moustache or beard, and both his hands are visible. He is depicted with a sword going through or behind his head (depending on the depiction).


Playing Cards Four Queens

Today, the four Queens are the only feminine figures in the most popular gambling playing cards. One of the most interesting facts about playing cards is that the first face cards were only male. The rank of the queen in the Persian cards was taken by nā’ib malik (viceroy, deputy king). In Swiss decks, it is the Ober (a higher-ranking man), and Spanish and Italian decks have a rider called Cavallo or Caballo (Knight or Cavalier).

The Queens appeared in the French decks to show women’s power in society. Ranked as first after the King, the female figures are marked with “Q” or “R”, meaning queen and Regina (queen in Spanish). In Russian decks, they are marked with a “Д” or “D” (for “дама” or Lady, derivative from the German “damme”). In the playing cards, Queens also represent different women in history:

  • ♠️ Queen of Spades: Black Lady, Black Maria, goddess Athena Pallas
  • ♥️ Queen of Hearts: Helen of Troy, Judith (Biblical figure), Elizabeth of York
  • ♦️ Queen of Diamonds: Rachel
  • ♣️ Queen of Clubs: Argine (an anagram of the Latin word for queen “Regina”)

Cartomancy meanings jumped out of the divination world and into the gamblers’ hands, giving the Queens characters. They are as powerful as the Kings, but represent the passive rulers and symbolise inspiration, hope, power from the shadows, and the feminine principle of receptivity. In most decks, the King and Queen of the same suit face each other.

This may surprise you, but one of the most popular gambling cards tattoos, besides the Ace of Spades, is the Queen of Spades. Many card readers believe that she has magical powers and is feared. Even in the game Hearts, the Queen of Spades must be avoided at all costs.

The Queen of Clubs usually holds a flower, and that is why she is known as the “flower queen”. The queens are depicted holding various flowers or objects with the intended symbolism of the cards.

Even though Kings and Aces are the most powerful cards, there are card games where the Queens are almighty or untouchable. For example, in Trex and French Barbu, the queen brings a penalty to the player who takes it.


Playing Cards Four Jacks

The earliest Jack was called thānī nā’ib (meaning second or under-deputy) in the Mamluk card decks. Through the ages, the lowest of the three court cards has been known as Boy, Bower, Valet, Fishhook, Jackson, Knave, Jake, soldier, lower-class man, and Johnny. In the Sicilian, Mexican, and Portuguese decks, the Jacks are depicted as maids.

The most popular abbreviation you will see when gambling with cards is “J” for Jack, “V” for valet, “Kn” for knight, and “В” (“валет” meaning valet in Russian cards). Just like the Kings and Queens in the French playing cards, the Jacks also represent real people:

  • ♠️ Jack of Spades: Ogier the Dane
  • ♥️ Jack of Hearts: La Hire
  • ♦️ Jack of Diamonds: Hector or Roland
  • ♣️ Jack of Clubs: Lancelot, Pam, or Judas Maccabeus

The “one-eyed Royals” or “one-eyed Jacks” you have heard of are the Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts. All Jacks hold attributes specific to their suit and the symbolism of the country where the deck is made. That is why sometimes they hold weapons, while others are depicted with scrolls, flowers, or other objects.


Playing Cards Joker

Among all those cards for gambling, there is one that stands out completely – the Joker. This card was created in the 19th century for the game Euchre. The meaning of the Joker is a wild card that can improve or bring down your score. The modern decks have 2 Jokers, but some come with up to 6 different fool depictions.

You should have noticed that the gambling cards’ names describe the card’s appearance. The same logic is followed with the Joker, who is depicted as a royal jester in black and red clothes, wearing a hat with bells. Strangely, we couldn’t find gambling and card jokes about this “clown” card, but maybe you will.

Gambling Cards with Numbers (Pip Cards)

Gambling Cards Numbers

The last type of gambling cards we will present is the pips or numbered cards. Each suit has ten cards with numbers, and every card has as many suit depictions as the number on the card. This card design prevents gambling counting cards and especially blackjack card counting. Here are the pips and their popular names:

  • 🎴 A (Ace): Bull, Tuz, Bullet, One Spot, Seed, and Sharp Top; Ace of Spades is Death Card, Spadille, and the Tax Card; Ace of Hearts is the Crispin; Ace of Diamonds is Pig’s Eye; Ace of Clubs is Puppy Foot, Basto, or Clover
  • 🎴 2 (Two): Deuce and Duck; the 2 of Spades is the Little Cassino or the Curse of Mexico
  • 🎴 3 (Three): Crab or Trey
  • 🎴 4 (Four): Sharp Top or Sore Spot; the 4 Clubs is Devil’s Bedpost
  • 🎴 5 (Five): Fever, Nickel, and Pedro
  • 🎴 6 (Six) or Sax
  • 🎴 7 (Seven): Fishhook, Salmon; the 7 of Diamonds is the Beer Card
  • 🎴 8 (Eight): Ocho, Pusher, and Snowman
  • 🎴 9 (Nine): Neener, Nina Ross, Pothook, and Niner; 9 of Diamonds is the Curse of Scotland or the Scourge of Scotland
  • 🎴 10 (Ten): the 10 of Diamonds is the Big Cassino

We recommend practising gambling card games at home until you learn the rules well. When gambling with cards, there is no point in memorising the pips’ names. Those details are important for divination practices because the numbered cards have a specific meaning. For example, the Ace of Spades usually has a depiction of Death and is considered a sudden luck card that leads to amazing things or disasters.

Gambling Cards Interesting Questions

Gambling cards are one of the items every person owns and uses. We already informed you about their most popular version of decks with 52 playing cards and the alternatives. Now, is time to list several interesting questions about card decks. If that is not enough, the answers have links to more details on the matter.

*️⃣ Are there gambling cards decks?

When looking for gambling cards, you will find tons of information about playing cards decks used in gambling games. Those decks usually consist of four suits, each with 13 cards totaling a 52-card deck. This French-suit pack is standard for casinos, children and adult card games, and card readings.

*️⃣ What colours do gambling cards have?

One of the most distinguishable features of gambling playing cards is their plain design and limited colours, red and black. You may not know that, but in the past the playing cards colours were different and each suit had a specific colour. There are still four-coloured decks used in some games.

*️⃣ How many suits the gambling cards have?

The cards for gambling used at most casinos are the French-suit decks. The four suits in this standard card pack are spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Each suit has an Ace, 2-10 numbered cards, and court cards (King, Queen, and Jack) with depictions of the suit and the number in the corner of the card.

*️⃣ Are face cards used in gambling cards games?

Anyone who has been involved with gambling with cards knows that the court cards (Royals, face cards) usually have the highest values. The Royals in the most popular decks are the Kings, Queens, and Jacks. They are always four in a deck and have a specific value in the games and meaning in the cartomancy.

*️⃣ What are pips in gambling cards?

The “pip” is an interesting term in cards gambling, summarising all numbered cards in a pack. Each standard deck of 52 cards has a total of 40 pips (numbered cards) because each of the four suits has an Ace and number cards from 2 to 10. The Jokers are not part of the pips.

*️⃣ How many cards do gambling cards decks have?

There are 52 gambling cards in the casino decks, with the familiar four suits coloured in black and red. This standard applies to most modern gambling games, but some of the older entertainments needed different playing cards decks. You can find card packs with 32 – 68 cards used for different games or divination practices.

*️⃣ What games can I play with gambling cards?

Gambling playing cards are used in wagering games for real money like poker, blackjack, baccarat, Punto Banco, Red Dog, and more. The casino card games are few of the games with playing cards available to adults worldwide. There are also many games for children, like Go Fish!, Donkey, or War. Cards decks are also valuable collectables.

*️⃣ Is the King the most powerful card in the gambling cards?

In the cards for gambling, the spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs’ kings are the strongest cards (with few exceptions where the Aces have the highest value). The French-suited decks the four Kings represent popular rulers from the past. The fans of card readings know that each King is a powerful man.

*️⃣ Do gambling cards have all four Queens?

Among the most desired images to land in your hand when gambling with cards is one of the four Queens. The spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs queens are second in power after the King or third in games where the Ace is the strongest. They are depicted with specific attributes showing their power and purpose in the deck.

*️⃣ Are there Jacks in the gambling cards decks?

The history of the playing card Jack is as old as the court cards images. Through the centuries, the Jack was known under many names, showing its position as valuable, but lowest of face cards. Regarding card gambling, it is impossible to imagine blackjack without the combination Ace of Spades & Jack of Spades.

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Prediction Market Kalshi Wants American Political Betting

Dice on American flag

Strong support

A group of heavy hitters in Washington is urging regulators to legalize American political betting in races such as the upcoming midterm elections and the once-every-four-years presidential election.

Insiders, business moguls, and economists are among those comprising the group. They are asking the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to sign and enact a plan from prediction market provider Kalshi, which would allow for political betting in multiple facets.

concerns that passing such measures would morph important political battles into simple gambling

The CFTC is mulling the proposition this week. There have long been concerns that passing such measures would morph important political battles into simple gambling races. Kalshi is prepared to fight for change, if necessary.

American political betting on the menu?

Political betting has a strong history in other countries despite still being a niche market in America. For example, sportsbooks in the UK provided odds on when former prime minister Liz Truss would step down from office – the answer was only 45 days after her first day.

As US groups aim to move towards this model, Kalshi believes that the American regulator does not have the power to restrict political gambling.

“The law is very clear,” said Kalshi co-founder and CEO Tarek Mansour. “It would be illegal to block these markets.”

Many political wagers made by people in the US are placed with offshore, unregulated sportsbooks, which most states are trying to get rid of. These sites are often unregulated and don’t offer any protection to consumers, leaving them exposed to the possibility of fraud and other criminal acts. Betting exchange PredictIt, which is similar to Kalshi, has gained popularity in recent years, though it may be on its way out.

the CFTC has an inherent responsibility to pursue “responsible innovation”

Kalshi believes that the CFTC has an inherent responsibility to pursue “responsible innovation,” which would mean adding political gambling to the betting market. Market traders can already bet on aspects of the economy such as gas prices and the inflation index.

The proposal has been met with heavy support from influential businessmen. Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the NYSE, said that Kalshi’s proposition does not represent gambling, while Sacramento Kings co-owner Vivek Ranadivé has also voiced support.

Battling precedent

The position that Kalshi is pushing is not one without support or merit. Former Obama White House economist Jason Furman said that he and other teams used political prediction markets to assess the implications of future decisions.

“They have a very good track record of being better than polls and better than political geniuses,” Furman said. “They’re a much purer way for people in business, government and interested parties to understand what might happen.”

concerns that political markets could become a new hub for day traders

However, there are concerns that political markets could become a new hub for day traders. The timing is also questionable, given the exasperated inter-party relations and a fraying relationship between the youth and the establishment. 

Former President Donald Trump also perpetuated the false idea that the election was fraudulent with constant calls for recounts and suggestions that he would refuse to leave office if he lost (and still does spread the “Big Lie” on a daily basis). As a result, Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher said that political betting could “raise further questions about our elections and our Democracy.” 

In 2012, the CFTC denied an application from another company to regulate political event betting on the ground that it was not in the best interest of the public and constituted gambling. However, Kalshi’s advisors believe that the CFTC misinterpreted the laws.

“[Creating political betting] may make some people uncomfortable, but that’s not the basis for failing to follow the law and regulations,” said Jeff Bandman, a former CFTC working with Kalshi.

The post Prediction Market Kalshi Wants American Political Betting appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Hustler Casino Employee Accused of Stealing Robbi Jade Lew’s Poker Chips Evades Arrest

Handcuffs and poker chips

Evading capture

An ex-Hustler Casino Live employee who stands accused of stealing $15,000 worth of chips from poker pro Robbi Jade Lew has evaded arrest in California.

wanted on suspicion of grand theft

Bryan Sagbigsal — the third part of an ongoing debacle involving Lew and top high-stakes pro Garrett Adelstein — eluded Gardena Police Department officers when they attempted to arrest him Wednesday. Lead detective Hugo Gualotuna said the all-day search for Sagbigsal ended with the suspect, wanted on suspicion of grand theft, still at large.

This latest twist in the ongoing drama that has polarized the poker world has also revived the animosity between Lew and Adelstein which began last month when the latter cried cheat.

At each other again

On September 29, Adelstein accused Lew of cheating over an “impossible” Jack-high call on the Hustler Poker Live stream – a call that initially cost him $135,000. Lew ultimately returned the money to Adelstein, but speculation has since arisen of collusion between Lew and Sagbigsal who was seen taking chips from her stack. This was compounded by the fact Lew at first declined to press charges against the theft.

VegasSlotsOnline News writers and poker pros Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin both gave their take on the cheating debate shortly after the news broke, revealing how divisive the fiasco is among the poker community.

Lew has always maintained she didn’t cheat and that she’s never even spoken to Sagbigsal. Adelstein couldn’t resist a pop at Lew over this on Twitter. On Thursday, he used his @GmanPoker account to highlight a quote from the Times stating it had not received any of Lew’s phone logs “despite repeated follow-up requests.”

Lew took to Twitter a bit later that day, however, to share that she’d handed the Times her AT&T login details, while ending with a direct jibe at Adelstein:

No connection

In regards to Sagbigsal, LA County DA’s office is now picking up the case, with Gualotuna stating it could “take months” for prosecutors to resolve whether to file charges. According to an interview he gave Wednesday, Gualotuna stated he did not find a link between Lew and Sagbigsal in his evidence review.

not looking into Adelstein’s cheating allegations

“I don’t have anything that would tie Mr. Bryan and Ms. Lew together, other than just he happened to be working that day,” he said. Gualotuna added his department was “just here for the grand theft,” and that it was not looking into Adelstein’s cheating allegations.

An internal investigation launched by Hustler Casino Live’s parent High Stakes Poker Productions discovered the alleged theft of the three $5,000 chips.

The post Hustler Casino Employee Accused of Stealing Robbi Jade Lew’s Poker Chips Evades Arrest appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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Best New Online Slots of the Week | October 28, 2022

Slots of the Week feature image October 24 2022

Halloween is here and it’s the witching hour for another round of the best new online slots of the week. We have big new slot sequels and the best horror-themed games from some of the best developers in the world.

Stormcraft Studios returns with a sequel to one of the biggest slots franchises on the planet (no pressure then). Thunderstruck Stormchaser reunites slots fans with Thor in a game that packs a real punch.

Next, Bulletproof Games unleashes the beast in Dragon Lore Gigarise. Grow the reels and crack open the dragon’s egg for super wild reels and big bonuses.

You’re in for a big surprise in Red Tiger Gaming’s Tricks and Treats. Hit random cash prizes or random wild multipliers in a game that promises special Halloween spins for lucky players.

We end our look at the best new online slots of the week with Lady Merlin MultiMax from Boomerang Studios. Unlock wilds and build the MultiMax multipliers as you go for the big fixed jackpots.

Don’t forget, you can play all our best new online slots of the week totally free here at VegasSlotsOnline. Just click on the links and play for free through your favorite web browser.

Return to Asgard with Thor and pals in Stormcraft Studios’ new Thunderstruck Stormchaser. Trigger Rolling Reels or spin the free spins wheel for big-prize multipliers!

Thunderstruck has come a long way since those early Microgaming slots that heralded a world of online casino gaming. The Marvel movies have also given characters such as Thor a welcome 21st Century upgrade.

It’s the lush world of Asgard that greets you as you load Thunderstruck Stormchaser. Stormcraft Studios has picked up the mantle (or should that be hammer?) with a game that’s bursting with beautiful graphics and design. It’s a far cry from the basic primary colors of the original Thunderstruck game.

You play Thunderstruck Stormchaser on a set of five reels with 1024 fixed ways to win. Symbols include runes, Odin’s ravens, and Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. The game utilizes the Rolling Reels mechanic, too. Winning symbols disappear after a successful spin. Free symbols drop into the spaces formed following a win.

Look out for multiplier symbols which award prizes worth anywhere from 2x to 20x on top of your win. Those multipliers may also appear during the free spins bonus.

You trigger the free spins wheel with three or more scatters. The wheel determines the number of spins plus your prize multiplier. Multipliers may reach 12x if you trigger the feature with five scatters.

Wildstorm may be our favorite bonus in the game. You trigger the feature at random during the base game or by collecting 12+ Wildstorm tokens during free spins. The Wildstorm turns up to five reels wild, which can certainly add some welcome profit to your session.

Thunderstruck Stormchaser offers enough action to satisfy new players while also keeping the old-school Microgaming fans happy. Play it for free and see what you think.   

Brave the dragon’s lair with Bulletproof Games’ new slot. Grow the reels in Dragon Lore Gigarise and trigger super wild reels and free spins.  

Bullet Proof Games is known for its eclectic mix of casino games, bingo, and slots. Dragon Lore was the first slot to come out of the Bulletproof Games stable. And now, the developer is upping the ante with a new version of the game.

Dragon Lore Gigarise features the same great graphics and animated dragons. This time, though, the game features 100 possible paylines as well as some interesting mystery symbols.

Look out for the golden dragon eggs. Every time one lands on the reels, the height of the reels moves up at random by one, two, or three positions. This creates new paylines and potentially more wins. Best of all, the expanded reels remain in play until you land a reset symbol.

The reels can expand higher than the maximum nine rows. The Super Wild Respins feature triggers if this happens while a dragon egg is on the reel at the same time. The reel converts into a super wild and you activate two respins. Plus, the wild reel locks in place while the respins take place.

Not enough bonus action for you? You may also trigger a free spins bonus in Dragon Lore Gigarise with three or more scatters in any position. You win ten, 15, or 20 free games depending on the number of trigger scatters.

Reset symbols come into play once again. You reset the number of free spins – effectively retriggering them – if you hit three or more Reset symbols during the bonus round. Super wilds also come into play during the feature but come with win multipliers attached.

Love Dragon Lore? Play this hot new sequel for free right here at VegasSlotsOnline.

Finish your Halloween celebrations with the perfect new slot: Tricks and Treats from Red Tiger Gaming. Hit wilds with random multipliers or trigger free spins in the main bonus game.  

Tricks and Treats slot reels by Red Tiger Gaming

The Halloween chills and thrills keep coming with Red Tiger’s new slot, Tricks and Treats. It’s a five-reel slot featuring an array of ghouls and ghosties, as well as a pretty mean-looking cat. Plus, this is the game for you if you love win multipliers that build up during the bonus feature.

Tricks and treats appear in equal measure in this game. The ‘Trick’ is a pumpkin which transforms into wilds that can reveal multipliers worth up to 3x. ‘Treat’ symbols, meanwhile, unlock instant cash prizes.

Trigger Halloween free spins by landing three or more spooky castle scatters. You build up all your multipliers that are revealed by the Trick symbols. These remain active for the entire bonus feature.

Red Tiger has been here before with Halloween-themed slots. Lucky Halloween was an excellent release that featured special reels, mega wilds, and random wild symbols. Tricks and Treats is certainly a more sedate affair but no less recommended for it. Give it a spin for free today and see how the games compare.

The sorceress returns in Lady Merlin MultiMax from Boomerang Studios! Remove low-paying symbols in the Strike Zone or bag free spins with big fixed jackpots.  

Lady Merlin MultiMax slot reels by Boomerang Studios

We end our round-up of the best new online slots with something pretty magical. Lady Merlin MultiMax is the perfect end to Halloween season that should have you playing for months to come.

You play Lady Merlin MultiMax on five reels. Winning combinations explode from view and disappear. This allows symbols to drop into the free spaces below.

Boomerang Studios has overloaded Lady Merlin MultiMax with a bunch of new features. The Strike Zone sits above the reels and may reveal special symbols. The most basic is the 2nd Chance. After any non-winning cascade, the lowest-paying A, K, Q, and J symbols are removed from the reels. A cascade automatically triggers as well.

In addition, the Strike Zone may feature a Lightning Coil which awards prizes worth 1x-500x stake. You collect the prizes by landing a COLLECT symbol anywhere in view.

The MultiMax multiplier increases by one every time you land a wild symbol. You can increase the MultiMax by landing extra symbols in the Strike Zone. The multiplier is applied to any win that you land there and then.

You may also trigger free spins with three or more scatters. You win five free games with the current MultiMax multiplier applied. Scatters only appear on reels one, two, and five.

Big fixed jackpots and a lot of wild multipliers: what’s not to like? Try Lady Merlin MultiMax for free right here and have yourself a magical Halloween!

Enjoyed our best new online slots of the week? For more exciting games, make sure you visit our New Online Slots page!

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German Gaming Regulator Warns Twitch of Gambling Ad Restrictions

Video game streamer

Not quite up to snuff

The German gambling regulator said that it is unsatisfied with updated community guidelines provided by Twitch.

considered criminal offenses under the Fourth Interstate Gambling Treaty

Die Glücksspielbehörde (GGL) said that Twitch is making progress, but it is not quite there yet. Gambling advertisements for operators that are not regulated by German authorities are banned and considered criminal offenses under the Fourth Interstate Gambling Treaty.

The GGL was only recently created, but has already begun acting as an executive arm of the German government. The regulator will assume full control of online gambling regulation on January 1, 2023 and has suggested that Twitch revise its policy again before that day hits.

German gambling stance and Twitch policy

Twitch cannot seem to escape controversy in the gambling world. A community update released on September 20 said that as of October 18, all unregulated gambling streams would be banned from the platform.

Gambling on Twitch took off this year thanks to the influence of high rollers like Trainwreck and celebrities like Drake frequenting the platform. Viewers were able to feel a level of secondary excitement as jaw-dropping sums were put on the line with every spin, pull, and click of the mouse.

“unsafe slots, roulette, and dice gambling sites” from unlicensed operators would all be banned

Caught in the wake of Twitch’s anti-gambling weep were gambling advertisements. According to the community update, “unsafe slots, roulette, and dice gambling sites” from unlicensed operators would all be banned once the October deadline hit. However, little clarity on what constitutes “unregulated,” specifically depending on the market, was provided.

The GGL has taken issue with Twitch’s unclear framework and negligence in surveying the existing laws.

“In Germany, every form of advertisement or bringing attention to illegal gambling websites is forbidden,” said the GGL. “Permissions from European or non-European, for example, American, authorities would not be recognized in Germany. The gambling providers permitted in Germany are listed on the official whitelist.”

Plotting the future

Twitch is in a decisive stage in plotting its relationship with the gambling sector.

For example, Twitch’s recent ban targeted unregulated casino sites and prevented streamers from displaying web addresses. However, it did not directly state that streamers could not gamble in any capacity.

several streamers have continued to host gambling streams

As a result, several streamers have continued to host gambling streams with slight modifications—either they avoid the banned sites, or they enlarge their screens to hide the URL.

German streamer Orangemorange, a verified Twitch partner with 544k followers, is one of those people exploiting the loophole. He went so far as to challenge the platform to stop him and plans to continue his gambling streams.

The direction that Twitch chooses to follow could decide a lot for the company. There is a world in which they use their newfound affluence to partner with online sportsbooks and even collaborate with mainstream sports games, similar to what Amazon Prime did with Thursday Night Football.

However, if Twitch chooses to pursue that path, the GGL has promised that it will face criminal prosecution. The 2021 State Treaty on the New Regulation of Gambling in Germany states that violations of advertising requirements are punishable by up to €500,000 ($499,298).

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Top 10 Weirdest World Traditions Ever

Anne Woods - gurning champion

Our planet is full
of traditions. In fact, every single culture on Earth has them.

But while our planet
is home to a whole host of them, there are a few traditions that are little bit
weirder and more wonderful than the others.

To highlight this
fact, we have created a top 10 list of weird traditions you can find throughout
the world. 

Some were created in
the hopes of bringing good fortune to the local community. Others happened by
accident or were designed as a way of having a bit of fun. 

However, bizarre as they
seem, each has stood the test of time and is still practiced today.

1. The Mari Lwyd

The Mari Lwyd is a
Welsh Christmas tradition that can be traced all the way back to the early 1800s.

It involves decorating
a horse’s skull then mounting it on a broomstick. The person that holds the
stick is covered with a sheet, making the skull appear like the head of some terrifying

This “horse” is then
carried throughout local villages, followed by a large group of people. At each
home the horse and its followers will stop and knock. 

Image: Wikimedia Commons

When a door is answered the people that are gathered around the horse burst into song, asking for entry into the home.

The homeowners must
refuse (also in song), creating a lyrical argument that continues until the
group are sent away, or are invited to enter.

2. La Tomatina

As a country built
from many separate kingdoms, Spain has a lot of old, regional traditions. Among
these is La Tomatina, an annual festival held in the Valencian town of

To put it simply, La Tomatina involves the whole town having an hour-long food fight with overly ripe tomatoes.

Image: Twitter/AdaRealm

The tradition
started because of a genuine fight in 1945, during which some tomatoes were

In the years that
followed more and more people started to recreate the food fight until it
became a yearly tradition.

La Tomatina was
briefly banned by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco in the 1950s but
fortunately, the tradition survived.

These days it’s so
popular that you have to buy a ticket to participate. 

During the 2015 event
it was estimated that over 320,000 pounds of tomatoes were thrown.

Of course, cleaning
up this many tomatoes can be a lot of work, so after the food fight is over the
town get fire trucks in to hose everything down.

As a happy
coincidence the citric acid from the tomatoes leaves the town looking extremely
bright after the cleaning is finished. 

3. Cheese Rolling

Rolling a 7–9-pound
cheese down a 200 yard hill with a group of people chasing it doesn’t instantly
sound like the most exciting tradition.

But, when that hill
has a gradient of nearly 50% and competitors are willing to risk serious injury
for winning, it becomes a very thrilling event. 

The tradition of the
annual cheese roll races at Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester, England is an old one,
being over 600 years old. 

Today, the races
attract competitors from around the world who fling themselves down the hill
with the hopes of catching the cheese or crossing the finishing line

Cheese rolling is
known as being an extremely dangerous tradition, with serious injuries, including
broken bones and concussions being reported nearly every year.

Despite these
dangers, the races remain as popular as ever. 

4. Nenana Ice
Classic (USA)

Advertised as
Alaska’s greatest guessing game, the Nenana Ice Classic is an annual wager
organized by the residents of Nenana.

The aim of the game
is to predict exactly when the ice covering the Tanana River will break. 

The exact melting time of the river is measured by a wooden tripod that is placed on the ice, 300ft from the shore.

A line runs from the top of this tripod and is attached to a nearby clock tower. 

Nenana Ice Classic
Image: Flickr/James Brooks

When the ice melts
and the tripod moves 100ft downstream, the line snaps and the clock stops,
giving the competitors the exact winning time. 

The game began in
1917 when a group of engineers placed a bet.

Today, people all
over Alaska buy tickets to bet on the ice breaking. In fact, the entry is so
big that the jackpot for winning is usually over $200,000! 

As a non-profit
organization the Nenana ice classic donates all excess money to charities.
During the event’s 100+ year history over $10 million has been given away.

5. Polterabend (Germany)

The Friday evening
before a wedding is the usual time for a German tradition, known as
Polterabend, to take place.

The soon-to-be-married
couple meet with family and friends outside the bride’s – or her parents’ –

Once everyone has arrived an assortment of plates, bowls, and other pieces of porcelain and ceramics (sometimes even including toilet bowls) are thrown to the floor by everyone.

Image: Twitter/marcjeanson

Sometimes metal
objects are thrown; however, you won’t see anyone throwing glass or mirrors.
This is because glass represents happiness and breaking mirrors is thought to
bring bad luck. 

Once everything has
been smashed, only the couple are allowed to tidy the shards up.

This long process is
thought to symbolize that, when married, the couple will have to survive difficult
times by working together.

6. Presidential
Turkey Pardon (USA)

The annual Presidential Turkey Pardon
is a well-loved tradition that many Americans will be familiar with.

However, to those outside the United
States, the sight of one of the World’s most powerful leaders pardoning an
innocent turkey is a very strange one. 

The history of giving turkeys to
Presidents is old, beginning in the 1870s. But it was only in 1947 that the
poultry industry began to officially present the President with a turkey. 

Since the 1960s pardoning the gifted
turkey has become common. The birds are often sent to petting zoos and wildlife

President George H. Bush formalized the
pardoning process and since then it has been seen as an opportunity for the
President to show their funny side, cracking a few jokes with family members
and the media. 

However, not all turkeys that have been
offered to Presidents have been pardoned.

In 1948, President Truman famously said
that the two turkeys presented to him would “come in handy” for Christmas

7. The Bathroom Ban

The time before,
during and after a wedding is full of traditions in all cultures.

And it’s easy to
understand why, as everyone wants to set the lucky couple up for a marriage
that’s as long and happy as possible. 

However, in Borneo
the urge to bless a marriage has resulted in an extreme tradition.

For the first three
days and three nights of marriage, couples from the Tidong Tribe are forced to
stay in one room and are not allowed to visit or use the bathroom at all!

This rule is
strictly enforced by family members who watch the couple night and day. They
also make sure that the couple only eat and drink small amounts, for obvious

As with many
marriage traditions, a failure to successfully complete the bathroom ban is
thought to bring bad luck on the couple and to signify that the marriage won’t
last long. 

8. Monkey Buffet Festival

The Monkey Buffet Festival
takes place on the last Sunday in November every year in Lopburi, Thailand.

On this day, all around the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple, beautiful piles of fruits and vegetables are stacked high.

Monkey buffet Thailand
Image: Twitter/festivalinvan

The celebration
begins with dancers dressed as monkeys, performing amongst the ruins.

After this is over,
the 2,000-strong population of local macaques are allowed to feast on the
wonderful array of food – none of which is reserved for humans. 

This tradition is thought
to bring good luck to the local area and its people.

9. Gurning World Championship

Gurning, which means to pull a face,
has a long history in some parts of England, particularly in a north-western
town called Egremont.

This small town’s claim to fame is the Egremont
Crab Fair, an event which has been going since 1267 and is home to the Gurning
World Championship, a competition to see who can pull the world’s ugliest

Those competing put on a horse collar
and try to contort their facial features as much as is humanly possible. 

Some are more successful than others. Tommy
Mattinson, from nearby Aspatria, has won the male competition an impressive 15

Even more incredible is Anne Woods’s record. Before her death in 2015, Anne won the women’s gurning championships an incredible 28 times!

Anne Woods - gurning champion
Image: Twitter/whitehavenphoto

10. Cinnamon Throwing (Denmark)

If you turn 25 and
are still single in Denmark, you need to be on your guard. 

This is because
friends and family will likely pounce on you at some point and most probably
tie you to a lamppost or a tree.

Unfortunately, this isn’t
the worst of it. Next, they will throw heaps and heaps of cinnamon on you until
you are covered from head to toe!

Although the exact reason behind the tradition isn’t known, it’s thought to have originated hundreds of years ago and is likely linked to the fact that spice salesmen were known for being bachelors. 

cinnamon throwing - Denmark tradition
Image: Twitter/DasSabrine

After you have been pelted
with cinnamon you have five years to find yourself a partner.

If you don’t, when your
30th birthday comes around, you’ll get the same treatment – although this time
it’ll be pepper instead of cinnamon! 

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Illinois Eclipses New Jersey as the Second-Largest US Sports Betting Market

Wrigley Field

One step closer to the top

Illinois officially usurped New Jersey as the country’s second-largest sports betting market during August, according to gross gaming revenues.

9% rise in July revenues and a staggering 41% increase from August 2021

Figures released by the Illinois Gaming Board showed a 9% rise from July revenues and a staggering 41% increase from August 2021. New York remained atop the list of US sports betting markets.

As Illinois continues to climb the charts, the midwest betting scene is ready to add another key figure, Ohio, to the mix on January 1, 2023.

Illinois sports betting is a hit

It is no secret that sports betting is the latest entertainment fad to sweep the nation, but while major states such as California, Florida, and Texas are all without sports betting, Illinois has had the chance to create one of the most successful betting markets in the country. 

also passed $1bn in total revenue in August

On top of becoming the country’s second-largest provider of sports betting, Illinois also passed $1bn in total revenue in August just 29 months after the market launched. A whopping 94% of bets were placed online, and only 6% were made at retail locations.

Part of Illinois’ extreme recent growth could be a change in legislation that allowed bettors to register with sportsbooks online, whereas before they had to make a trip to a retail location. The result has been wider acceptance and participation in sports betting, and ultimately, increased revenue.

“People are not willing to drive to a casino or retail sportsbook, in order to sign up for a sports betting account,” said Joe Boozell of after the change was announced. “This change will allow Illinois to reach its full potential as a sports betting state.”

Changes in and around the state

Despite the resounding success of Illinois sports betting, further growth is becoming increasingly likely. 

infrastructure and momentum to legalize online casino games

Several industry experts speaking at the East Coast Gaming Congress last month said that the exploding sports betting market has given Illinois the infrastructure and momentum to legalize online casino games.

Only six states – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Delaware, and Connecticut – have legalized online casino gaming, compared to 36 that have signed off on legal sports betting. From that standpoint, the road ahead is still filled with potholes.

Richard Schwartz, the CEO of casino company Rush Street Interactive, said that states with established sports betting markets would have an easier time getting online casinos up and running than other states.

“They already have regulators in place,” he said. “They have servers in place. It’s quicker to start up a casino addition.”

While those ideas are being tossed around, one of Illinois’ neighbors in the midwest, Ohio, is readying to launch its sports betting market. The Buckeye State ushered in legislation with Governor Mike DeWine in December 2021, but has had a year-plus layover. Ohio sportsbooks are already allowing prospective players to create accounts and download mobile apps, but no bets can be placed until New Year’s Day.

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8 Things You Should Never Do at the Craps Table

8 Things You Should Never Do at the Craps Table

By John Grochowski

There are so many options available to craps players, it should be no surprise that some options are hazardous to your bankroll.

The worst bets fall under the category, “things you should never do at a craps table,” regardless of whether you’re playing in an online casino or at a live table.

At live tables, there also are etiquette matters and procedures that belong in never land. Let’s take a closer look at craps options that are a must to avoid.

#1 – Never Bet on Big 6 or Big 8

In the corners of most craps tables, you’ll find boxes marked with a big numeral 6 and a big numeral 8.

To continue reading this article, please visit:

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Plethora of New Online Slots in the Pipeline and Live Now

Plethora of New Online Slots in the Pipeline and Live Now

Today we’ll take a look at a big batch of games coming out before and after Halloween. A few of them are seasonal with some developers getting a jump on the Christmas season already. Look for blockbuster releases and a few humdingers from Amusnet Interactive, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Habanero, Lady Luck Games, Playson, Push Gaming, Stakelogic, Swintt, Thunderkick, and Yggdrasil in online casinos now or in the immediate and near future.

We got the seeds for the list from an email sent by iGaming Business in association with First Look Games, an iGaming media resource for publishers. Joining the site is free for publishers and supported by fees from game developers.

Other good sources to find new game releases include World Casino News and News. Of course, the New Games page at your favorite online gaming site is a great place to find recently released titles but not many online casinos post icons or descriptions of “coming soon” games.

Let’s take look at the content and explore a few titles more deeply.

The Cast of New Online Slots

Primal Spirits by Quickspin – Live!

This 5×3 American aboriginal-oriented slot has 25 pay lines and great artwork. Look for tumbling reels, symbol upgrades, a buy bonus feature in most jurisdictions, and increasing multipliers.

Three or more scatters will award free spins with retriggers possible. The win multipliers are progressive and just keep building spin after spin.

If available where you play, the bonus buy feature will cost 150x your wager and will produce at least three scatters to trigger free games.

Astro Anna by Lady Luck Games – Live!

This is another five-reel game but it comes to operators with their chosen RTP in a range of 88.4% – 96.1%. Not all developers offer operators a range but you can bet that if your jurisdiction requires payout transparency it will be at the top and in other jurisdictions it’s a crap shoot but most likely low. Malta announced in their fiscal year-end report that the minimum RTP for MGA licensees had been reduced to 85% for all operators.

Look for Lady Luck’s proprietary “pipe mechanics” to augment this space exploration title.

Tricks and Treats by Red Tiger – Live!

Get some Halloween goodies!

100 Bulky Fruits by Amusnet Interactive – Live!

Amusnet’s latest offering features juicy wins and a fruit theme for this 5×4 reel game with 100 paylines and medium volatility.The RTP is locked in at 96.45%.

Some Truly Spectacular releases

Florageddon! DuoMax by Yggdrasil Gaming – Live!

Wow, they finally made a scary slot, not a step away from Armageddon! Look for 243 ways to win on this 5×3 creation of horror along with both-way pays, dropdown wins, free spins, big multipliers and the DuoMax meter offering massive opportunities whenever you log four winning spins in a row. You’ll get Double Wilds, Wild Stacks, an Extra Life, or Boosted Multipliers. This is one of the most advanced games ever produced and is sure to become a cult classic and possibly win “slot of the year”.

Tuk Tuk Thailand by Habanero – Live October 25th!

I simply love many Habanero games, they’re just… awesome. This one has low volatility so you can play a long time on a small bankroll but it offers 243 ways to win with a high hit frequency. The game is supplied to operators in a range of RTP from 92.10% to 97.92%.

Spring Heeled Jack by Blue Guru – Live October 25th!

Space Stacks by Push Gaming – Live October 26th!

Castle of Terror by Big Time Gaming – Live October 26th!

Monster Disco XtraHold by Swintt – Live October 26th!

This is a highly volatile 25-payline game by Swintt with a raucous big-beat soundtrack.

Pirate Sharky by Playson – Live today! October 27th

This fun and engaging title has 5 reels with 4 positions each and 12 paylines with very high volatility and RTP locked in at 96.1%

Multi Joker Popwins by Stakelogic – Live today! October 27th

This is a Popwins game so every win can expand the reels on this 5×4 game to as many as 7 positions each and up to 33,614 ways to win!

Luck of the Irish Big Bonus by Blueprint Gaming – Coming November 2nd

Triple Christmas Gold by Thunderkick – Coming November 23rd

If you haven’t checked out the game line-up at RTG casinos and they are available in your area – be sure to pop into your favorite trusted brand and check out the pace of new games on the platform. Some are revamped titles by the SpinLogic games studio and some have Real Series Random Jackpots as most RTG video slots have since the days of Achilles, Caesar’s Empire, and Cleopatra’s Gold.

Source: New Releases, First Look Games & iGaming Business, October 26, 2022

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British Columbia Gambling Laws ▶️ Can you Gamble Legally in BC

British Columbia Online Gambling Laws

When it comes to gambling, British Columbia is quite liberal. Gamblers have plenty of options. Most importantly, the market is very well regulated, which is crucial for eliminating or at least minimizing the risk of severe potential problems like addiction, fraud, and organized crime. Let’s start with some details about the legal framework of gambling in the area.

History of Gambling Laws in British Columbia

Nowadays, the British Columbia gambling laws may be lenient, but this has not always been the case. In fact, back in 1892, all gambling activities were banned by the Canadian Criminal Code. Somewhat expectedly, however, this did not last long, and gradually, the country started to legalize gambling in all its forms.

Today, gambling in British Columbia is regulated by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, which operates by the Gaming Control Act and Gaming Control Regulations, as well as Canada’s Criminal Code. Furthermore, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch regulates the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), which was established in 1985 to conduct and manage lotteries, bingo halls, and casinos in the province.

The legal gambling age in British Columbia is 19. This is also valid for most other Canadian provinces except for Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta, where you must be 18 to participate in any gambling activity. The penalties for underage gambling are more severe for the operator rather than the player. An operator could be fined thousands of Canadian dollars. In the worst case, its license could be revoked altogether.

As we already established, British Columbia has a straightforward approach as far as gambling is concerned. Instead of applying highly restrictive laws, the province has created a system of regulations and processes to make sure everything is running legally. Therefore, as you will see in the table below, there is pretty much no gambling activity that has been made illegal under the British Columbia gambling laws.

🎰 Gambling Activity ⚖️ Legal Status
Land-Based Casinos Legal
Online Casinos Legal
Lottery Legal
Horse Racing Legal
Sports Betting Legal
Daily Fantasy Sports Legal
Bingo Legal
Poker Rooms Legal
Charitable Gambling Legal

There are over 30 land-based casinos in British Columbia. These are fully licensed venues adhering to the industry’s latest safety and security standards. You can also play at online casino sites, bet on sports, and enjoy bingo, poker, and horse racing. Lottery in British Columbia has been legal since 1969.

You can play many popular games on the official British Columbia Lottery website. Among them are Lotto 6/49, BC/49 Lotto, Poker Lotto, and BC 50/50. In addition, The British Columbia Lottery offers online casino games and sports betting. For the biggest lotto enthusiasts we recommend our suggestions for the top online Canadian lotteries.

British Columbia Online Gambling Laws

Is online gambling legal in British Columbia? That is our next focus, and the short answer is yes. Interestingly, there is only one BC-based online casino. This is the platform regulated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). If you prefer to enjoy your favorite games on the go, you can also choose between the many offshore gambling sites operating for players from British Columbia.

Before proceeding to wager at any offshore casino sites, however, you should make sure they are licensed and regulated by official gambling authorities like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The best online casinos in British Columbia provide a completely safe gambling experience.

Top Land-Based Casinos in British Columbia

Besides the excellent choice of some of the top online casinos in Canada, British Columbian players can also try the land-based gambling venues. There are quite a few options to choose from. As of writing this article, there are more than 30 operators in the province. For starters, you can check the top recommendations listed below:

  • Cascades Casino in Langley, BC
  • River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC
  • Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, BC
  • Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, BC
  • Lake City Casino in Vernon, BC
  • Elements Casino in Surrey, BC
  • Prestige Treasure Cove Resort in Prince George, BC
  • Billy Barker Casino Hotel in Quesnel, BC

These casinos are operated by either the British Columbia Lottery Corporation or one of the two private companies operating in the province – Great Canadian Gaming and Gateway Casino & Entertainment. River Rock Casino Resort, for example, is among the best First Nations casinos in Canada.

You can play more than 1200 slots, including popular titles like Wheel of Fortune, Carnival of Cash, and Race to Win. There are table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and craps. You can also test your luck at the exciting Poker Room or check out the high-quality racebook.

British Columbia Gambling Laws: Conclusion

The BC gambling laws allow players to enjoy pretty much everything the industry has to offer. This includes, but is not limited to, casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, as well as sports betting, poker, lottery, and bingo. The gambling market in this Canadian province is very well regulated by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB), which we consider its most significant advantage.

BC Gambling Laws

After all, safety should be the number one priority for players and online and offline casino operators. This is a great time to remind you to choose only fully licensed operators and to always play responsibly and within limit. If you need any guidance, we recommend you check our article about the Canadian online gambling laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the end of our article about the BC gambling laws. Hopefully, we managed to shed light on the topic. If you have any remaining questions, please have a look at the short FAQ section below. We will keep a close eye on future changes and update this article accordingly.

1️⃣ What are the British Columbia gambling laws?

The different Canadian provinces vary in their legislation on gambling. Most gambling activities are allowed under the gambling laws in British Columbia. Players in the Canadian province have access to online and land-based casino games, sports betting, horse race betting, daily fantasy sports, lottery, bingo, and more.

2️⃣ Who regulates gambling in British Columbia?

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Brand (GPEB) regulates the gambling activities in British Columbia. The regulator operates under the Gaming Control Act, Gaming Control Regulation, and Canada’s Criminal Code. The GPEB also manages the available British Columbia responsible gambling programs.

3️⃣ Is online gambling legal in British Columbia?

Yes, online gambling is legal in British Columbia. There is only one BC-based and owned casino site – In addition, however, many offshore operators accept British Columbian players. The online gambling scene in British Columbia features popular brands with years of experience and top-notch platforms.

4️⃣ Are land-based casinos legal in British Columbia?

Yes, land-based casinos are legal in British Columbia. They are managed by either the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) or the two private companies in the province – Great Canadian Gaming and Gateway Casino & Entertainment. A few excellent land-based casinos in British Columbia are River Rock Casino Resort, Cascades Casino Langley, and Grand Villa Casino.

5️⃣ What is the legal gambling age in British Columbia?

The legal gambling age in British Columbia is 19. This is valid for most Canadian provinces except Alberta, Quebec, and Manitoba, where the legal gambling age requirement is 18. Back in British Columbia, anyone at age 19 and older can enjoy the variety of casino games and other gambling products available in the province.

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