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They say that those who don’t take risks won’t ever be great. Revell was 32 back then, and he was a London man who sold all his possessions in order to risk it all. The Plaza Hotel prepared everything for the event that took place on April 11 after asking themselves: What would happen if a man bets his entire life savings on roulette?

No doubt, this was a tricky situation for both the player and the casino, but it could also bring fame and fortune. This is precisely what happened, both parties were ready to take the risk, and they actually did pretty well after a show that was watched by thousands of people at the casino, live on TV and streaming.

Ashley Revell Before the Bet

Where did the idea of betting all he had come from? This bizarre journey began at a bar while Ashley was drinking with his friends, and they started joking about travelling to Las Vegas to bet all they had on the roulette. Even though at first it sounded like the idea of a drunk, the following day, Ashley thought this could be fulfilled in reality.

Furthermore, if he was going to do a crazy act like this one, there was no better time than then. This is because, at that time, Mr Revell was still single, and he had no family to take care of. Despite his parents trying to talk him out of it, Revell had a good feeling about the whole plan, so he began selling everything he owned.

He auctioned from tremendously expensive items such as a Rolex to cheap objects like cheap clothing. He was left only with the bare necessities to travel to Las Vegas and bet it all. Even a British online bookmaker gave him a significant amount of money to stake on his bet. He then officially changed his name to Ashley Blue Square Revell.

Man Puts Life Savings on Roulette – The Outcome

In six months time after selling all his stuff, Revell had managed to gather $135,300. After flying to Las Vegas from his hometown, he headed to the Plaza Hotel and Casino with the whole amount. The event was exciting, advertised as ‘Man Puts Life Savings on Roulette’. Obviously, this brought the attention of many passers-by and prominent TV channels.

Seven Luck

Wearing a rented tuxedo, he traded the cash for chips. Ashley was ready for a life-changing experience. A crowd, including his mother and father, watched as the wheel spun. The video of the event lasts roughly three minutes, and you can see how Ashley decides to go for the red colour in the last seconds.

Luckily enough, the ball landed on 7 red and he won $270,600 in a double-or-nothing roulette gamble. Now he was a true winner in front of the world, and everybody was cheering. Revell received a champagne bottle and a hotel suite room. The casino didn’t take the man’s luck as something negative since this was a nice promotion for the establishment.

Ashley Revell After the Bet

The whole ‘Man Gambles Life Savings on Roulette’ story was broadcasted on Sky One, a British reality mini-series. In an interview after the bet, Revell said that that was the most amazing experience he had ever had in his entire life. When Revell came back home, he changed his lifestyle completely.

That was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my entire life. Ashley Revell, one-time life gambler

He did not spend lots of money on luxury items. Instead, he focused on things he always wanted to do, like, for example, travelling across Europe on his new motorbike. On this trip, he met his future wife, with whom he is now happily married and has two children.

He has also been featured in a special documentary with Stu Ungar called ‘THS Investigates: Vegas Winners & Losers’, and in ‘Red or Black’, a game show hosted by Simon Cowell. Ashley launched a website called, which helps online gambling enterprises and job applicants to link with each other.

Dreaming is Free

Revell used his winnings to become a businessman by setting up an online poker company called Poker UTD. However, it went out of business over US frozen accounts. In 2022, he founded the URL shortening web service, which enables anybody to make web addresses, whether they are for business, social or any other purposes.

The Video of Ashley’s Bet

The video of the event shows Ashely standing up nervously in the middle of the crowd. The casino’s boss asks him whether he is sure of what he is about to do, to what Ashley answers, almost shaking, that he is. He explains the rules and spins the wheel.

Money Rains

As we have previously said, in the last moment, after kissing the table, he puts all his chips on a red box. Luckily enough, the ball landed on 7 red, and he doubled his amount $135,300, making it $270,600. As exciting as it sounds, the whole crowd cheered of joy.

Responsible Gambling

Carrying out an adventure like Ashley Revell’s is totally unadvisable for any reasonable person. You could end up broke, homeless, and having family and friendship issues. Our advice is to gamble responsibly, just for fun, and if any losses come around, they’re just part of the game, as well as the winnings.

Gambling without control can lead to problems like the ones listed below:

  • Anger.
  • Relationship conflicts.
  • Irritability.
  • Low concentration span.
  • Problems at work and at home.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Feeling shameful and hopeless.
  • Criminal activity.

If you present any of these symptoms, we recommend you talk about your problem with a close person and begin gambling therapy immediately. Many people overcome their gambling addiction with willpower and help. Keep in mind that wanting to quit is an essential first step to fixing the problem.

Gambling Addiction

Something that you might find helpful so as to prevent gambling addiction is learning more about the psychology of gambling. The well-known psychological process called the gambler’s fallacy is the mistaken belief that if an event happens repeatedly, a different outcome will arrive.

The adrenaline rush that provokes a win, along with the high dopamine levels in our brain, is what could hook us up to games of chance. We are not saying that gambling is detrimental by nature, but someone prone to addictive behaviour could face risks that are better to be avoided.

Tips in Order to Gamble Responsibly

After learning the whole story of Ashley Revell, we have gone through some of the issues that could appear if irresponsible gambling is carried out. For this reason, we have created a number of tips in order to gamble the right way and avoid risks at all costs. Have a look at the tips table below and take your time to go through them:

🎰 Gambling Set personal limits, like the time you are going to spend on the gaming floor, the maximum amount you are ready to lose, and the winnings that will make you stop playing. But above all, enjoy.
💻 Online Gambling Play only at regulated casino sites which hold licences by the UKGC. Also, take a look at the responsible gambling organisations partnered with them at the bottom of the pages.
👪 Family and Friends Make family and friends aware of your gambling habits. If you encounter any issues, they should be the first to know.
📱 Call for Help Gambling associations such as GamStop and are always ready to help any gamblers who are in trouble. Get in touch with them via telephone or email and they will guide you.
🥼 Therapy Psychotherapy is recommended for players that have developed an addiction and want to fix their gambling habits.
🧘‍♂️ Health Lead a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise, eating healthy foods, and reducing cigarette and alcohol consumption. You can also find yourself a hobby unrelated to gambling that keeps you entertained.

An important matter to consider is that the legal gambling age in the UK is 18 years old. As per the UK Gambling Commission rules and regulations it is totally prohibited to offer and make use of gambling products under this age. If disobedience is carried out legal action will occur in a harsh way.

If you enjoy playing roulette in a responsible manner, the secure and verified online roulette sites for UK players are a good place to play with all the safety and security guarantees. They all also have responsible gambling partners that are in charge of preventing addiction.

Woman Wins in Roulette

As you have just seen, the story ‘Man Bets Entire Life Savings on Roulette’ is true. Ashley Revell was lucky enough to multiply his money by two. Although he won, there was a 52.6 per cent chance of him losing everything he had. That is why a guy who bets his life savings on roulette should never be considered as a good idea by all people.


This article about a man who bets his entire life savings on roulette has come to an end. However, we have taken some time to create a frequently asked questions section. This way, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and learn everything about this fascinating story that stopped Ashley Revell’s life for a few seconds.

1️⃣ What was Ashley Revell’s life like before betting on roulette?

There was no better time to do it than back then. After a conversation with his pals at a pub, he felt the urge to make a simple joke come true. Ashley Revell was single and led an ordinary life before becoming the popular man who put all his life savings on a 50/50 roulette bet.

2️⃣ What was the outcome of Ashley Revell’s bet?

Ashley was ready for a life-changing experience that would lead to a crazy outcome. A crowd, including his family members, was present watching the roulette spin. Try to watch the video of the event, your heart will skip a beat when Revell decides to go for the red colour in the last seconds.

3️⃣ What did Ashley Revell do after betting his life on roulette?

When Revell came back home to England, he changed his lifestyle completely. In an interview after the event, Revell said that he had just lived the most amazing experience in his entire life. He did not buy many luxury items. Instead, he went on a trip across Europe on his new motorcycle.

4️⃣ What does the video of the event show?

How would you feel if you’re about to bet your entire life on roulette? The video of the event shows Ashley clearly nervous in the middle of a crowd. He is told the rules of the game and asked whether he is sure of what he’s about to do. In the las moment he sets his chips on a red box and what is about to happen is hard to believe.

5️⃣ How much did Ashely Revell bet??

Betting high amounts of money is totally unadvisable, especially for people who are not well-off. Ashley Revell put all his life savings on the roulette event. We recommend players to set personal time and spending limits whether they are playing at the casino or online. If you develop an addiction, you should call for help immediately.

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