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The History of the Mohawk Racetrack in Canada

Established in 1963, the Mohawk Racetrack in Canada is one of Ontario’s oldest harness racing tracks. It is owned by the Woodbine Entertainment Group, formerly the Ontario Jockey Club, which was founded in 1881 to improve the horse racing industry in Toronto. As it is one of the oldest horse racing operators, you can be confident the Mohawk Racetrack is entirely legitimate and safe.

On the 26th of April, the day of its establishment, the Woodbine Mohawk Park had barns for more than 800 horses. More than 4000 people attended races. As the track continued to gain popularity, it would host some of the most significant harness racing events in the world, such as Breeders Crown races, the World Driving Championship and the International Drivers Competition.

📛 Name: Woodbine Mohawk Park
📅 Founded: 26th of April 1963
📍 Location: 9430 Guelph Line Campbellville, Ontario L0P 1B0
🏇 Race Types: Standardbred harness racing
💻 Website: Woodbine Mohawk Park
⏰ Schedule: All year long on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (occasionally on Tuesday and Sunday)
📏 Size: 1.4 km. Circumference, 334 m. homestretch
🍗 Other Amenities: Casino, Restaurant
🐎 Popular Events: Pepsi North America Cup, Canadian Pacing Derby, Maple Leaf Trot, Canadian Trotting Classic, Metro Pace, Mohawk Million, Breeders Crown

In 1999, the racetrack was also equipped with 750 slot machines, establishing a casino based on a program by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. That also came with creating a racebook that allowed for simulcasting racing events across the US. The racetrack was expanded and, in 2018, rebranded to Woodbine Mohawk Park, now hosting all harness racing events.

Starting in 2019, the Mohawk Racetrack in Ontario now hosts events all year long and, in that same year, hosted all 12 Breeders Crown events. Whether you want to relax or gamble on events rivalling the biggest horse races in the world, there is always something fun to enjoy at this track. Remember to gamble responsibly and that the legal gambling age is 19+.

Mohawk Racetrack, Ontario – Race Type and Events

The events at the Woodbine Mohawk Racetrack are all standardbred harness racing. Standardbred horses are an American breed, typically more muscular and heavier than thoroughbreds, designed to participate in harness races. Meanwhile, harness racing involves the horse trotting (moving legs diagonally) or pacing (moving legs laterally) while the driver sits in a small cart called a sulky.

Pacing races are typically the most popular, as the horses are faster and less likely to break stride. The start is also different, as horses trot after a car until a barrier is lifted to signal the beginning. While most famous horses are thoroughbreds, harness racing is still incredibly popular. The Mohawk casino racetrack is also host to many prestigious events, such as the following:

  • 🐴 Pepsi North America Cup (Best Annual Harness Racing Event)
  • 🐴 Canadian Pacing Derby (Oldest Pacing Race in Canada)
  • 🐴 Maple Leaf Trot (Exciting One-Mile Trotting Event)
  • 🐴 Canadian Trotting Classic (Top Annual Trotting Event in Canada)
  • 🐴 Metro Pace (Outstanding Event for New Racehorses)
  • 🐴 Mohawk Million (The Million Dollar Event)
  • 🐴 Breeders Crown (The Greatest Harness Racing Competition)

Mohawk Racetrack’s Signature Races

Aside from the regular races, the Mohawk Racetrack features many annual events that are just as exciting as the plots of the best horse racing movies. Some, such as the Canadian Pacing Derby, a pacing race for 3+-year-old horses, have been held since the 1930s. Its counterpart, the Maple Leaf Trot, has been around since the 50s and occurs on the same day.

Other major events, such as the Canadian Trotting Classic, feature the best horses from all over the US competing in a one-mile trotting event. Meanwhile, the Metro Pace is ideal for those who wish to see two-year-old pacers, the industry’s future stars, compete in their first big event. While most events have free admission, some, such as the North American Cup, may charge a fee.

Interesting fact:

The Mohawk Racetrack features famous horses in its events, such as the Fastest Standardbred in the World for 2022 – Bulldog Hanover. The horse began its career in 2020 and has won 23 times with a record mile of 1:45:00.

The North American Cup is the biggest pacing event in Canada, with a prize of CA$ 1,000,000. While it has been around since 1984, it was first held in the Mohawk Racetrack in Canada in 2007. Two-year-old trotters can also compete for a million dollars through the Mohawk Million race, the track’s latest competition from 2020.

Although most competitors must buy a spot in the race, which can be traded, the winner of the William Wellwood memorial race earns a free spot. The Woodbine Mohawk live racing events are anticipated even by players at the best sports betting sites in Canada. Remember that gambling can be addictive, so please play responsibly.

Breeders Crown – Canada’s Most Famous Harness Racing Event

The Mohawk Racetrack in Ontario also occasionally hosts the Breeders Crown series of races. Breeders Crown features 12 events, covering every possible gender, gait and age in harness racing. The idea behind its creation in 1984 by the Hambletonian Society was to help the industry by making a huge event for every race category. Since then, it has been held annually at random tracks across the US and Canada.

With a more than CA$ 6 million prize pool, it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events for harness racing fans. While the races were previously split across many tracks, in recent years, they are hosted at one track every year. For example, the Mohawk Racetrack hosted only the events for four-year-old horses, but in 2019 and 2022, it hosted all 12 events.

Mohawk Casino Racetrack’s Other Amenities

Whenever you wish to take a break from the exciting Woodbine Mohawk live racing events, there are multiple other ways you can have fun at the Mohawk Racetrack in Canada. For example, you can host a corporate or casual event at one of the many restaurants and VIP Suites, each equipped with a trackside view, TV and gambling facilities. There is also a 24/7 casino and regular restaurants open to everyone.

  • Casino (24/7 Low and High Limit Games)
  • Restaurants (Great Restaurants Near the Track)

Mohawk Casino Racetrack – 24/7 Excitement

The Mohawk Racetrack in Ontario also features a fantastic casino with more than 1200 games. These include slot machines, ranging from casual one-cent slots to various jackpots, similar to the top Canadian slots. Additionally, you can find several e-tables with games such as blackjack and roulette or try the various table games with progressive jackpot titles and PVP poker tables.

Interesting fact:

While the original venue was operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the current provider is Great Canadian Entertainment, part of One Toronto Gaming, which also owns more than 20 casinos across the state.

The casino is open 24/7 and accommodates all types of players. Players can also benefit from a rewards program and participate in sports betting. Remember to prepare a budget in advance and always gamble responsibly.

The Mohawk Racetrack Restaurants – Riding & Dining

Those who wish to enjoy a meal while watching their favourite Woodbine Mohawk live racing competitions can do so at the many excellent bars and restaurants. These range from concession stands for quick snacks to trackside restaurants that let you get close to the action and VIP suites with dedicated TVs and betting terminals. There are also some bars close to the casino.

The Restaurants at Mohawk Racetrack

As mentioned earlier, the Mohawk Casino Racetrack also allows people to host events, and some of the bars even allow guests to sit next to the track itself and get a closer look at the events. Even if you can’t see the track, there are usually monitors to help you watch the race and the food matches some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Remember to check the working hours in advance and make a reservation. Note that some bars are only open during a live race, so you’ll have to make sure you are familiar with the race schedule. Additionally, as some restaurants are in the casino, they can only accessed by 19+ year olds and there may also be a dress code.

Mohawk Racetrack Conclusion and Company Info

The Woodbine mohawk racetrack is owned by the Woodbine Entertainment Group, formerly the Ontario Jockey Club. It operates as a not-for-profit organization without shareholders; all income goes directly to improving its operations. With more than 150 years of experience, it is the biggest horse racing operator in Canada, with 80% of pari-mutuel wagering passing through its network.

Rest assured, some of the most reputable organizations supervise the company in Ontario. These include the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Ontario Racing and the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency. They all ensure that the company abides by the gambling laws in Canada. The company also works with the Responsible Gambling Council and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to help combat gambling addiction.

📛 Name: Woodbine Entertainment Group
📅 Founded: 1881
🏢 Headquarters: 555 Rexdale Boulevard, P.O. Box 156, Toronto, Ontario M9W 5L2, CA
💰 Revenue: $311 million
💻 Website: Woodbine Entertainment Group
🔒 Licenced by: Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
🏁 Other Tracks: Woodbine Racetrack
🖥️ Other Products: HPItv, HorsePlayer Interactive

The Mohawk Racetrack is excellent for horse racing fans to enjoy betting on and watching their favourite events. From regular events to huge championships, this is the best track for harness racing events, and it seems as if it will continue to improve.

We hope you enjoyed our look into the Woodbine Mohawk Park. Aside from horse racing, there are many other ways to enjoy gambling Canada, such as at the best online casinos in Canada and players from Toronto can also try the best casino sites in Ontario. Always remember to play responsibly and be familiar with the relevant laws and authorities in Canada.

Mohawk Racetrack FAQ

Before wrapping up our Mohawk Racetrack overview, we will answer all your pressing questions. You can learn some extra details about the track, such as its location and schedule information. Additionally, we will review some important information on the amenities, including working hours and who owns the Mohawk Casino Racetrack.

1️⃣ Where is the Mohawk Racetrack located?

As mentioned when examining the history of the Mohawk Racetrack, it is located in the city of Campbellville, Ontario. It is named after the Mohawk people, who live primarily around Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The track’s website has directions and a map, so you won’t have trouble getting to it.

2️⃣ When can I watch events at the Mohawk Racetrack in Canada?

The Mohawk Racetrack in Canada has many exciting events that occur throughout the entire year. Typically, these happen from Monday through Saturday except Wednesday and Tuesday. However, from June to October, events can also be held on Tuesdays, and certain races are held on Sundays. Check the schedule for more details.

3️⃣ Which is the biggest event at Mohawk Racetrack in Ontario?

Among the many exciting competitions at the Mohawk Racetrack in Ontario, the Breeders Crown competition is the biggest event. It features 12 races covering every possible category in harness racing, leading to a unique and varied championship. The purse often exceeds CA$ 6 million, so you can be certain it is a heated competition.

4️⃣ What other amenities are there at Mohawk Casino Racetrack?

Gamblers can relax after a thrilling race with the various amenities at the Mohawk Casino Racetrack. The 24/7 casino features many low and high-limit games for all gamblers. Meanwhile, the many restaurants and bars allow guests to watch the races while having a meal. You can even host special events.

5️⃣ Who owns the Woodbine Mohawk Racetrack

When making our conclusion on Woodbine Mohawk Racetrack, we mentioned that the Woodbine Entertainment Group owned the track. The company was formerly known as the Ontario Jockey Club and is a not-for-profit company tasked with improving the horse racing industry in Toronto. It was founded in 1881 by William Hendrie and is the biggest horse racing operator in Canada.

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