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Use the table below to navigate through this blog post. We start with Maya to GCash transfers, then explain the reverse procedure. Then, we will give more details on both payment methods and end the article with answers to interesting questions.

How to Send Money from Maya to GCash in the Philippines?

First, we must clarify that ‘PayMaya to GCash’ and ‘Maya to GCash’ refer to the same transfer. That is so because PayMaya was recently renamed to Maya, and you can find more details on the topic further down the blog post.

It is not news that every player of the best online casinos in the Philippines for 2023 searches for fast, safe, and low-fee payment methods. We explored all options and now would like to share with you how to transfer money from PayMaya to GCash:

  • 📱 Have the Apps: download, install, and log in to Maya and GCash apps.
  • 🏦 Bank Transfer: open the Maya app, select ‘Bank Transfer’, and find GCash.
  • 💸 GCash Details: fill in the required information on the screen and press ‘Continue’.
  • 🆗 Confirm Transfer: check the transaction summary, tap ‘Send’, and enter the one-time PIN you received through SMS.
  • ✔️ Reference ID: once the PayMaya to GCash transfer is complete, you will receive a Reference ID you can save through a screenshot.

As you can see, the process is quite simple and can be completed within minutes. The money transfer is instant between the eWallets and the online casino. The transfer limits vary, so check the Maya Wallet and app overview.

There is a PHP15 Maya to GCash fee per transaction for Filipino players. Long-term users of the app will notice that this was also the PayMaya to GCash transfer fee. This is one of the good sides of the app that remained after the rebranding.

How to Transfer Money from GCash to PayMaya?

Learning how to make a Maya to GCash transfer in PH is a step towards the endless world of online banking. We will show you how to perform the reverse transfer – from GCash to PayMaya with fast, fuss-free, and easy-to-follow process.

This option can also help you fund fyour gaming account in one of the best real money online casinos in the Philippines and join the real money play with or without a bonus. Here is how to make a
GCash to PayMaya transfer:

  • 📱 Log Into the Apps: log into bot GCash and Maya apps.
  • 💰 GCash Balance: ensure that you have enough money in the GCash account.
  • 👀 Find Maya: tap ‘Transfer’ in the main menu, press the three dots, and choose ‘Maya Philippines Inc/Maya Wallet’.
  • 💸 Transfer Money: fill in the details required on the screen and confirm the transfer.
  • 🆗 Verification: check the transfer details, enter the 6-digit code received via SMS, and confirm the transaction again.

You may remember that the PayMaya to GCash money transfers are instant for the Philippines. The GCash transactions are real-time via InstaPay; the funds appear immediately, whether you send money to Maya or your account in a Philippines online casino.

In terms of fees, there is no surprise that Filipinos are charged a small amount. There is a GCash to PayMaya fee of PHP15 for all transactions in the Philippines, whether to gambling sites, other eWallets, banks, etc.

Even though eWallets are modern and offer multiple convenient services, there is still a limit to the maximum transactions. The maximum amount of PHP50,000 applies to a single transfer from GCash to Maya Wallet.

The only limitation to money transactions from GCash to Maya for the Philippines is that it can’t be initiated via the GCash website. Those money transfers are now possible only via the GCash mobile app.

Maya (PayMaya) – All-in-One Money App for Filipinos

The Philippines’ Maya to GCash money transactions are the hottest trend as one of Maya Bank’s services. The rebranding of the digital services platform PayMaya grants Filipinos improved banking services and eWallet.

Online casino players used to make PayMaya to GCash transfers and then to fund their accounts at the best mobile casinos in the Philippines can still do so via the Maya all-in-one money app.

Maya Wallet Information

You can research the new Maya app and banking platform details on the website. Filipino players eager to fund their online casino accounts with this payment method can check the summarized Maya app information below:

💯 Payment Method Maya (formal PayMaya)
👔 Company Maya Philippines, Inc. & Maya Bank, Inc.
⚖️ Regulation Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)
📅 Founded 2013
🏦 Products Maya, Maya Bank, Maya Center, Maya Business, Maya Savings Account, Maya Credit
🎂 Registration 18+ Years Old Filipinos – Two Types of ID Verification

7-17 Years Old Filipinos – Child & Parent/Guardian ID Verification

Foreigners – Valid Passport

💱 Currencies PHP, Cryptocurrencies
💳 Card Maya Card
🛍️ Payment Types Online, QR, @UseYourName, and Maya Card
🤑 Services Banking, Transfers, Payment, Credits, Savings, Cryptocurrency Trade
💰 Cash In Limit Up to PHP500,000 for Super Users
💸 Cash In Fee Free up to PHP8000 per month

2% over PHP8000 per month

👀 Transfer Limits PHP50,000 per Transaction (Maximum of 35 Transactions per Day)
🎁 Bonuses Sign-up Bonus, Cashbacks, Gift Cards, Discounts at 70+ Partner Merchants, Material Prizes, Real Money Prizes
📱 App Download Google Play, App Store, AppGallery
#️⃣ Social Networks Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube
🗺️ Address 6F Launchpad Building, Sheridan Corner Reliance St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines
☎️ Phone (+632) 8845-7788
📧 Email [email protected]

The improved money platform allows Filipinos to manage money faster than before. Despite the innovations, user-favorite options like transactions from PayMaya to GCash remain active.

Maya Wallet’s Fees for Filipino Users

If you intend to top up your account at the best high roller online casinos in the Philippines via connection with Maya or GCash, keep in mind that there might be a transfer fee. For example, Maya to GCash transfer fee is PHP15 for every transfer, regardless of the amount.

One of the great Maya improvements is the free Maya Card for Filipinos. It is perfect for using Maya to GCash transfers for gaming, online purchases, and cash withdrawals from a BancNet ATM. Request the card via the app after depositing and spending at least PHP250.

GCash Wallet in the Philippines

Global Online Payments

Philippines’ online casino players have access to a lengthy list of payment options, and the GCash mobile wallet is one of the preferred options. This money transfer channel is so popular that there are many online casinos using GCash in the Philippines.

The GCash platform allows its players to take advantage of various financial transactions. Filipinos who download the app can transfer money, make payments, and purchase goods and services.

A fast transaction many online casino players in the Philippines transaction method is the Maya to GCash wallet transfers. The money flow can go the other way around, and the GCash to PayMaya transfer fee remains the same.

To learn more about this payment method, check the GCash website or download the app. If you are in a hurry, you can learn how to transfer from GCash to PayMaya by reading the information in this blog post.


Knowing how to transfer cash from PayMaya to GCash in the Philippines is useful to online casino players. If you don’t have time to read lengthy descriptions, check the answers to frequently asked questions below and follow the links to the relevant sections of the article.

How to transfer money from PayMaya to GCash in the Philippines?

Once you register at both money apps, you can transfer money between them. Money transfers from PayMaya to GCash for Filipinos follow a simple procedure, and the funds are available instantly. There is a small transfer fee and certain amount limits, so check the T&Cs of the payment methods.

How to make GCash to PayMaya transfer in the Philippines?

After you learn how Filipinos make Maya to GCash transactions, it is logical to know if GCash to PayMaya transfers are just as easy. If you are playing at Philippines online casinos using GCash, withdraw your winnings to a GCash account, and instantly send money from GCash to Maya.

Is Maya a new Philippine payment method?

Online casino players in the Philippines use PayMaya to GCash transfers when feeding their accounts. They can continue with instant low-fee transfers because PayMaya rebranded to Maya in 2022. You can find more details about the Maya wallet app improvements and innovations in online banking services.

Is GCash good for Filipinos?

Many Filipinos have already tested the GCash wallet for online payments, purchases, and money transfers. This is one of the popular payment options available at the Philippines’ online casinos because of the instant money transfers, low fees, high transaction limits, and more. Learn more about the wallet by installing the GCash app and testing it.

What Filipinos must know about the Maya app?

A few essential things must be learned to ease the Maya to GCash transfer and every other transaction. The Maya app info shows us that this is an all-in-one money app for the Philippines available to all users for over 7 years. Instant transfers let users see their payments and fast-processed purchases.

Does Maya have transfer fees for Filipino players?

Even though many things about the Maya app are free, there are still some Maya Wallet fees for the Philippines to be considered. The standard fee per transaction is good compared to other eWallets, with high transaction limits. The Maya to GCash transfer fees for Filipinos are fixed regardless of the amount.

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