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The Place: Prague, Czech Republic

Starting in 2017, the Prague Gaming Summit has always been held in the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. For those of you loving the place, don’t worry nothing will change in 2023 – the place stays the same. After all, every online casino guide would tell you the best online casinos in the Czech Republic have been making headway the past few years, which builds a strong case why Prague should be the host of an event of such calibre.

Now a few words about the venue – the glass-fronted Vienna House Andel’s Prague. The hotel is in the modern centre of the city, immersing you in a unique vibe that’s a fusion between the old and the new. The conference capacity of the hotel is well capable of accommodating the 300 guests of the gaming summit in Prague. Visitors will enjoy the convenience of flexible moving walls and commodious foyers.

What’s New?

If you’ve been following the events of Hipther, you would know that this one is named differently from the previous editions held in Prague. Previously named ‘Prague Gaming Summit’ (from 2017 to 2021), nothing was hinting at technology advancements. The 2023 edition of the summit makes a strong statement combining the gaming and tech worlds, which cooperate on many levels already.

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The gaming and tech conference in Prague is set up for success. One, because every gaming expert worth their salt would want to hear from speakers like Alexis Wicén and two because the summit will also be about trailblazing technology like artificial intelligence, the blockchain, e-Sports, and virtual reality. Without a doubt, these have more than one touchpoint with gaming companies.

We don’t discard the possibility that this summit may produce ideas and partnerships that may shape the future of the gaming industry. During the summit, attendees will be able to explore the metaverse and talk about this very exciting way to reach new customers. It’s widely believed that the metaverse and virtual reality as a whole are the next steps in the evolution of the gaming industry,

Who Is Going?

The Hipster Agency is really trying to outdo itself this time. Founders, chief executive officers, and even government officials are on the list of confirmed speakers. All top players in the Central and Eastern Europe markets will meet and share their knowledge and previous experiences. A masterclass like this one is not to be missed, indeed. These are just the first six accomplished people to confirm their participation and believe us, there are many more awaited to give confirmation:

  • Alexis Wicén (CEO and Founder of Unibo and Scatters)
  • Amir Mirzaee (COO & Managing Director of Bayes Esports)
  • Deborah Boecha (Founder and CEO at Onit Center)
  • Dimitris Panageas (Group General Counsel of KAIZEN GAMING)
  • Dr. Arthur Stadler (Attorney and Founding Partner at STADLER VÖLKEL Attorneys at Law)
  • Dr. Joerg Hofmann (Partner at MELCHERS LAW)

Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency, reveals that how the event is arranged will give everyone plenty of opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas. He shares there will be another conference in the region that will join forces with the gaming conference in Prague and hopefully make for even more learning and networking opportunities.

The whole goal is to bridge the gap between industries that will likely work in synch in the future and facilitate learning for professionals involved in these industries. Eeach year the event gathers more and more popularity, meaning that Hipther is on the right track.

Get Your Tickets

If you are reading this shortly after the moment of writing, you still have the opportunity to buy an early bird pass. This is a limited offer valid only till the end of 2022 (31 December). The two options you have are a ‘combo pass’ and a ‘delegate pass’ for the prices of 599 EUR and 249 EUR, respectively. Buy the first one if you want access to the conference and a ‘Superior’ classroom at Vienna House Andel’s Prague.

🎫 Pass Combo Pass Delegate Pass
💳 Price 599 EUR 249 EUR
📅 Offer Valid Until 31 December 2022 31 December 2022
🔒 Access to The Conference, Networking Networking, Post-Conference Recordings
🛌🏼 Accomodation Yes No
🍔 Lunch and Refreshments Yes Yes
⭐ Extras Superior Room at the Official Hotel Company Lising on Conference Website

The Delegate Pass will still give you access to the post-conference recordings and the networking events, but if the purpose of your visit is to do business, buying the combo pass sounds like the right call.

In Closing

If you have some time to spare between 28-29 March, Prague will be the place to be. The Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023 promises to be something really special – the panel and speakers will give us many answers. Sadly, the demo for the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023 doesn’t give us the information we don’t know but is a good summary of what we talked about. Take a look.

Judging by the previous editions of the Prague Gaming Summit and the media coverage this one will have, we have our hopes high for 29-30 March 2023. Stick around for updates, and especially if you are not going to show up to the event, because we stay committed to covering the latest iGaming news.


To meet the many questions about the upcoming event of Hipster with proper answers, we researched the matter even further and found what people are asking about. If there’s still something unclear about the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023 please read the following section.

1️⃣ Where will the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023 be held?

To no one’s surprise the venue of the Prague Gaming & tech Summit 2023 is a chic hotel in the centre of Prague. It has the capacity to accommodate all guests and conference rooms to make the chosen conference format possible.

2️⃣ Why the Prague Gaming Conference has a new name?

The goal of Hipther Agency is for people of the tech and gaming industries to come together and make plans for the future. This new goal necessitated the new format of the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit and the new name which had to include the word ‘tech’.

3️⃣ Are there tickets for the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit in 2023?

As we speak, tickets for the event are being sold. There even is an early bird promotion for the two types of tickets to the Prague Gaming Summit. If you want to secure your spot in the event, now would be a good time to do that.

4️⃣ Who will speak at the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023?

People are joining the event, mainly due to the distinguished speakers at Prague Gaming Summite 2023. Many are yet to confirm their attendance, but even as is, the list of speakers is looking great with names like Alexis Wicén and Amir Mirzaee.

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