Sharp App Wins Prize on 2 Minute Drill

Sharp App, an innovative sports betting app, took the top prize on David Meltzer’s “pitch-only” show, 2 Minute Drill. The application was applauded for providing players with thrilling experiences by leveraging AI-powered tools, analytics and educational programming.

Sharp App Won $50,000 in Cash and Prizes

The prize was won thanks to the efforts of Jason Mezrahi, the company’s chief operating officer who pitched the company to 2 Minute Drill. Thanks to his efforts, the company won $50,000 in cash and prizes.

The full episode featuring Sharp App is now available on the panel’s website. The episode in question is the second episode of 2 Minute Drill’s fourth season. For those unfamiliar with David Meltzer’s show, 2 Minute Drill features entrepreneurs from various sectors and each week rewards the one who has pitched the most convincing idea with $50,000 in cash and prizes.

The show is hosted by David Meltzer, who is known as a successful entrepreneur and investor, and is also the author of a few best-selling books. During the episode featuring Sharp App, Meltzer served as a judge, alongside several other notable businesspeople. These included Devin Johnson, chief executive of Kennected, Joe Camberato, founder and chief executive of National Business Capital and Shawne Merriman, chief executive of Lights Out and a former National Football League player.

Sharp App Was Honored to Be the Victor

Last month, Sharp App was announced as a part of HPL Digital Sport and Cardinal Sports Capital Accelerator Program. Furthermore, Sharp has been recording a stellar 80% month-over-month premium subscriber retention rate since 2021. Its Game Center is now a centralized hub for the freshest betting news and trends. In addition, Sharp Academy, a multimedia masterclass led by the knowledgeable John Alessia, is there to teach people everything they should know about sports betting.

Merzahi, who pitched Sharp App to 2 Minute Drill, spoke about the award the company received. He said that being recognized by an esteemed group of successful entrepreneurs feels very good.

While our tech-driven tools and services are second-to-none in the sports betting market, what really separated Sharp App from the other contestants was our commitment to sustainable profitability through our lean operation and meticulous approach to user acquisition and retention.

Jason Merzahi, COO, Sharp App

Merzahi concluded that the company is going to use the prize money to further fuel the evolution of Sharp App.

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