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AC says: Did you ever take a minute to think about all the animal-themed slots out there? Me neither. But there are obviously a lot of them. This article addresses six, providing descriptions that could have benefited from some graphic support, but paints the picture nonetheless. There are no payback numbers or other statistics; however, the descriptions give you a clue as to what to root for, which is getting progressively more difficult to understand with today’s new slots. I don’t have data on return ranges for these games, but the casino advantage at slots are typically between 3% and 14% and they play fast. That means they can dent your bankroll pretty quickly. Of course, they can also yield big jackpots and free-spin bonuses on many versions have proven to be a strong entertainment component. That said, you’re better off learning video poker.

This article was written by John Grochowski in association with 888Casino.

Unleash Your Inner Animal: A Journey through the Best Animal-Themed Slot Games

Sometimes slot players like to go whole hog. Sometimes they want to see the credits raining cats and dogs down onto their meters. Sometimes an elephant stampede is just the order of the day.

Whatever animal metaphor you’d like, there’s a slot machine out there that will fill the bill.

Dozens of slots have animal themes. Graphics can be realistic nature scenes and they can be cartoon fun. Gameplay can be straightforward free spins and it can be quirky and filled with surprises.

Game makers are there to cater to all tastes, and that includes animal-themed slots. Let’s check out a half dozen that rank high in the casino animal kingdom.

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