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Gambling Laws in Yukon – History

Yukon has an interesting take on the gambling industry. It is the smallest of three territories in the north – Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. They are added to the gambling legislations in addition to the provinces. The Federal Government primarily administers each of them, which makes the history of the gambling laws in Yukon similar to the one in Canada.

Before the 1970s, the Canadian Criminal Code was the only law enforcement agency related to gambling overall. After that, that Code was amended, allowing provinces to determine gambling laws on a local level. In 2006, James Allen, the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations chief, wanted to establish a Yukon Gambling Commission – nothing happened. Presently, the Yukon laws on gambling fall under the federal ones, indicating that offshore gambling sites are legal to play at.

Yukon Legislation on Gambling

Considering the connection with Canada’s federal gambling laws, giving provinces and territories the right to legislate and regulate certain forms of gambling, betting activities in Yukon are legal. Anything not defined by decrees falls into the so-called ‘gray area’ of the gambling laws in Yukon. Here is what you can gamble on in Yukon:

💻 Online Gambling in Yukon Place bets legally online at international websites or local ones possessing the needed licenses.
🎰 Three-Days Casinos Permanent casinos are forbidden, but temporary ones may function for no more than three days at a time. They can only be conducted by a religious or charitable not-for-profit organization and require a casino license.
🏒 Sports Betting Available through the best online sportsbooks or a service known as Sport Select.
✔️ Charitable Gaming Only non-profit groups can host such events as a fundraising method. The Registrar must first approve these groups of Lotteries, and they must also obtain a license for a raffle, lottery, or bingo.
✨ Lottery The Western Canada Lottery Association allows Yukon residents to purchase and use lottery tickets.

All gambling games you can play in Yukon are available at the best online casinos for YT players. As we mentioned the restrictions on permanent casinos, one semi-exception is Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall. This landmark in Dawson City, Yukon, is Canada’s oldest casino. It operates from May through September. All proceeds are invested in the town, making it a permanent not-for-profit structure. Available games include roulette, slots, blackjack, and poker.

Typical for bigger countries, the online gambling laws in Canada plus the ones for land-based betting halls differ from one place to another. That is the case with the age section in the Yukon gambling laws related to legal gaming for land-based and online casinos. You must be 19 years old in Yukon or older to participate in such activities.

Yukon Gaming Laws – Online Sports Betting

Yukon gaming laws allow online sports betting offered by legit providers. Taking the size of Yukon, it is only normal to lack any major professional sports teams. Many experts relate it to the volatile weather in the area, plus preventing any opportunities to play traditional sports. Still, many people in Yukon love to bet on their favorite teams and players worldwide. Check out the top sports preferred by players and approved by the Yukon gambling laws:

  • 🏒 Hockey
  • ⛷️ Winter Sports
  • 🏈 Football
  • 🏀 Basketball
  • ⚾ Baseball
  • 🏌️‍♂️ Golf
  • ⚽ Soccer
  • 🥊 MMA

You should pay attention to the law situation in the region you are in – YT sports betting is possible only online, as there are no pari-mutuel or racetracks wagering options in this territory of Canada. Still, you will get diversity, excitement, and betting opportunities with intriguing odds using the best sports betting sites in CA available to all Canadian gamblers, following the Yukon laws on gambling.

Yukon Gaming Laws – E-Sports

E-sports is at the peak of popularity worldwide, and games such as Fortnite and League of Legends are proof of that – they are among the most popular options for bets and thrills. Many video game YT fans can place wagers on different yearly tournaments. By following the gambling laws in Yukon, there is a large number of e-sports options and fans.

Keyboard with E-Sports Button and the Yukon State Flag

Other than sportsbooks and specialized casino sections, YT players can use streaming platforms like Twitch to reach their favorite e-sports event within the Yukon gaming laws. Many fantastic Canadian gambling sites offer e-sports betting, most of which deliver various odds for e-sports players and teams. Leading operators following the Yukon laws on gambling at the moment are Spin Sports and Sports Interactions.

Worldwide Regulators at Yukon Gambling Webites

The gray area related to online gambling can be a safe place for your bets if you follow the Yukon gambling laws and look for active casino licenses. Different lawful authorities can approve online operators and have strict conditions. The UKGC and the MGA are excellent indications for legit gambling platforms. Here we have listed the top reputable regulators worldwide and in Canada:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The last suggestion of our listing is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which headquarters is located in the Mohawk territory. That explains why local and nationwide laws and derivatives cannot ban this organization from issuing gaming licenses to online operators.

Chase the Ace-Style Lotteries Regulations

The YT Government has introduced new regulations known as the Lottery Licensing Act as part of the Yukon gaming laws, which allows eligible charitable organizations to hold Chase the Ace-style lotteries. They are kind of progressive raffles where a jackpot continues to grow with time in balance with the gambling laws in Yukon.

There are two ways to win at every event – the initial ticket draw and the jackpot game. The latter enables a percentage of the day’s ticket sales for the winning ticket. The initial draw winner then plays the jackpot game by selecting a playing card from a deck of cards. The pre-determined winning card can also win the jackpot.

Yukon Lottery Commission – Responsible Gambling

The commission has adopted an international program called GameSense. It is designed to assist lottery players, just like the gambling companies like GamCare and BeGambleAware do with online casinos. GameSense helps Yukon players make informed decisions and create healthy habits by reducing risk. The program provides resources geared toward understanding how lottery games work, which can help adopt healthy play behaviors within the Yukon laws on gambling.

Yukon Gambling Laws – Mobile Usage

You can lawfully play online casinos following the Yukon legislation on gambling, which also involves the platforms’ mobile versions. The quality of features and games on mobile is the same as on desktop versions. In addition, the easy access allows you to make bets on the go from anywhere. You can try some by starting from the best Canadian mobile casinos available in Yukon.

Gambling Laws in Yukon – Conclusion

Even though Yukon is not seen as a land-based gambling hub for Canadians due to the local laws forbidding such institutions, players can still reach many great online casinos. Even though websites fall into the gray area of the Yukon laws on gambling, they are licensed by world-known lawful bodies. Therefore, the majority are legit and safe, providing great wagering options and gaming adventures. Make it a habit to review the licenses and terms before opting in.


We hope our article came in handy with enough information on the Yukon gambling laws related to online and land-based casinos for you to make informed decisions. In case you still have some inquiries on YT legislations and regulations, do not hesitate to go through the following neatly organized informative FAQ section.

1️⃣ Is gambling legal in Yukon?

That is a tricky question when you have a big territory, where each region adjusts the national gambling laws slightly. Still, as the history of the Yukon gambling laws shows, the region follows the national legislation allowing online websites but twisting it a bit and forbidding permanent land-based casinos.

2️⃣ What games are legal by the gambling laws in Yukon?

You can play any title you like as long as it is mentioned in the dedicated section of the decrees issued by the local law authorities. The gambling games by regulation include diverse categories, so players in YT can find their favorite ones. Always check the provider’s legal status prior to your bets.

3️⃣ What is the legal gaming age defined by the Yukon laws on gambling?

Canada is a big country with several regions which are allowed to adjust the gambling laws to fit their requirements. The same goes for the legal age of each player. Most areas follow the national Act, including Yukon, where the legal gambling age for all types of bets is 19.

4️⃣ Is sports betting legal in Yukon?

The territory and harsh conditions in the north of Canada prevent national or any other sports from thriving in that region. Nevertheless, YT players can legally bet on diverse sports at legal online providers. These are licensed and legit platforms providing sports betting opportunities.

5️⃣ Does Yukon legislation on gambling allow mobile bets?

The Yukon gaming laws lack a specific section related to placing bets while out and about using your mobile devices. Still, online gambling platforms are legal, as long as they have active licenses. Most of the legit casino sites have mobile versions, which makes mobile gambling in Yukon legal.

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